oh god why am i shirtless

GOT7 Reaction #3 - You two get interrupted during a steamy make out session

Requested by the lovely @cloeharrissonasf! Thank you for requesting! (for some reason it wouldn’t let me tag you, I’m so sorry!!)

*In this post, the person interrupting them is either a family member or a band mate

Jaebum (JB): *Inturrupted by BamBam who claimed to have heard “ghostly moans” through the walls* “yAH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU’RE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER! KNOCK!”

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Mark: *interrupted by Jackson wanting to show him a funny youtube video* (he’s blushy and stands up to quickly, making you fall over) “JaCKsoN! WhAt A SupRISe! DidN’T KNOw you WeRE HoME!!!”

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Jackson: *inturrupted by his mom when you go to meet his parents* “Mom…this is y/n. As you can see we’re very passionate.” *laughs*

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Jinyoung: *interrupted by his aunt at a family gathering* “YAH! Why are you here- I mean heyyy! You look so good! Please don’t tell anyone”

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Youngjae: *interrupted by his dad* “OH MY GOD my life is ruined. My dad saw my hands in your pants grabbing your ass he’s so going to kill me”

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Yugyeom: *interrupted by YOUR dad* H-hello sir. There’s a very good reason that I am on top of y/n right now. Y-you see…we tripped? A-and-”

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BamBam: *interrupted by JB, who sees you shirtless* “YOU JUST TOLD ME LAST WEEK TO KNOCK!! WHY DON’T YOU FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE??”

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JB’S response to BamBam: “PAYBACK BITCH!”

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A/N: This was really fun to make rofl

honestly the more I think about it, the less I can believe that before the car scene, Liam was just… naturally doing pushups while shirtless.

yknow, as if that was just a thing people do in the hour of downtime they have in a day.

I think he was sitting on the couch, spread out like the great plains, going to town on a fistful of dry Blast-Ohs and watching old Community episodes, when he heard Ryder’s voice from the cargo bay, and the sheer, undiluted Panic™ just overcame him in a second, like

“Shit. She’s coming. Shit, quick, I need to look hot, while also looking like I’m not -trying- to look hot. I’ll just, uh… I’ll just rip my shirt off, and… and sit here. Kick the cereal under the couch. Oh god, there are crumbs everywhere, I can’t let her see this. Turn this shit off. And I’ll…. uh… I’ll sit here and flex? Yeah, there, that’s… that’s perfectly casual. Hello Ryder, I didn’t hear you come in, how’s it doing. What’s it going. I mean. Uh. Shit, wait, no, what the fuck am I doing. What do I do with my hands. What do people usually do with their hands while shirtless????????? OH GOD HERE SHE COMES OKAY PUSHUPS IT IS”

why else would he have been working out in his single pair of civvies, not even sweaty, just without a shirt on

I love him

SUJU Reaction: When you (their girlfriend) blush because you see a shirtless picture of them.

I’m not sure if this was what you wanted, but hope you enjoy.

Leeteuk: “Jagiya, you’re so cute when you blush.”

Heechul: “Tell me Y/N, is the real one better?”

Yesung: “Do you like what you see?”

Kangin: “Oh My God, you’re cheeks are so red! So Cute!”

Shindong: *He just smiles at you because he knows how embarrassed you are.”

Sungmin: “There’s no need to be embarrassed Y/N, I love you.”

Eunhyuk: *Doesn’t know why you’re blushing so hard*

Donghae: *Won’t stop teasing you* “On a scale of 1-10 how sexy am I?”

Siwon: “Do I still look sexy?”

Ryeowook: “Jagiya thinks Ryeowook is the most attractive Idol on earth.”

Kyuhyun: “Are you blushing Y/N?”

Y/N: “I’m not blushing.”

Kyuhyun: “But I see you.”

Zhou Mi: *Starts mocking you* “OMG Zhou Mi is so hot!”

Henry: “Babe, why are you so red?”


Eyes ::: part three

AN:// Wow guys, sorry this took so long! Thanks for all the lovely feedback on the previous chapters. Feel free to tell me what you think of this part :)

<Part One> <Part Two> … <Part Four>

Word count: 2431

Warnings: cursing

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Cody’s POV

I fucked up. I don’t know how, but I fucked up. And now I’m struggling to keep up with Jane’s vigorous speed walking. Though she obviously doesn’t want me to keep up. This is so incredibly awkward. Things were going so great… and now…. Ugh what did I do?

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happy birthday to the Irish one.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I have put together some gifs.

A little Irish potato. His heritage is so strong and he loves it. 

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Niall knows how luscious Harry’s hair is. He is fulfilling every fangirl’s dream rn.

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my favorite Niall is rock n roll Niall. Just watch his face while he plays. His entire body screams HOT.

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An accurate representation of sunshine.

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Nouis is severely underrated. Side note: hIS ARMS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME.

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Sharp-dressed Niall should be a regular occurrence.

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Fetus Niall.

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Why am I crying

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Can I photoshop my face into this?

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Thank you Liam

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“Oh my god” and clutching his lil chest I neED TO SEE THIS EVERYDAY

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Can you hear my scream?!

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Rocker Niall is my favorite Niall

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The reason why I still exist

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Fetus Niall + Shirtless Niall = my dead body

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How riveting.

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For real, i sing his solo before I go to bed so I feel loved. “Little Things” keeps me alive

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Is this like a routine-ritual he does? If so, can I be apart of it?

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He’s trying so hard i’M LAUGHING

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I cried when I saw this

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He needs to be stopped.

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I need to stop.

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No I don’t.

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Let us end on a good note.

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Oh god.

Last Night (An Ashton Irwin Smut)

Rating: R

Requested?: No

Word Count: 1,730

There’s something about waking up in a bed that isn’t yours that causes an anxiety like none other. Especially when you have a vague memory of the night before. And aren’t wearing your pants.

Holy shit.

A small stream of light bled through the blinds in the bedroom. I noticed the vaguely familiar band poster on the wall across from me, along with a collection of dirty tshirts. The bed beneath me was cushioned, a feathery duvet over me. The room had the slight tinge of male sweat smell, and I wrinkled my nose in discomfort. I was obviously in the dwellings of a boy, but which boy?

A quick scan of myself resulted in these observations.

  1. I was without trousers, but was still in possession of undergarments and a shirt.
  2. My head was splitting open from the axe that is a bad hangover.
  3. There was definitely another person in the bed, if the feet touching mine were any indicator.

I flipped over quickly in the bed, completely freaked by the idea that I was not alone. Sure enough, another head lay upon the other pillow, turned away from me. A collection of honey-coloured curls spread crazily upon the navy fabric. Wait, I know that hair!


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whymeth  asked:

Bts reaction to you being super into skinship and cuddly <3


“Nope, that’s it. I can’t take it anymore. You need to come lay down with me right now and just cuddle.”


“Nope. Right now. Let’s go.”


“Hyung, why are you shirtless?”

“Kookie, you’ll understand when you have a girlfriend like mine,”

“Wait, what? I thought you were just hanging out with (Y/N) and watching a movie. Isn’t that where you just like, ya know, cuddle?”

“Sure, Jungkook. Sure.”

“Oh my god.”


“I don’t remember you being THIS clingy? At least wait until we’re in the bedroom.”


“Omo! You are too much for me. It’s so cute!”


“Hyung…what am I supposed to do? I have no idea how I’m supposed to react to this…”

“Just hug her back. She is your girlfriend after all.”

“Hyung! Wait! Don’t leave me! Hyung! HELP. ME.”


“And here I thought I was the one turning you on.”


“As long as I’m the only one you do this to, you can hug me as much as you want.

**gifs not mine. credit to owners.

“Tell me a secret.”

Request from anon: Can you do any imagine where you’re Emily’s best friend and you have a secret crush on Sammy? Please, I love your imagines. ❤❤ Of course my love! And thank you!


“EM??” I walk into her apartment with the key she gave me once she first moved here. I look at my phone, not knowing where I was going when I ran into something. “OHHFF, shit.” I look up and my heart starts beating fast, crap. “Hey Y/N.” He smiles down at me. “Heeey Sam. Sorry I didn’t see you there.” I blush, looking down at my phone. “No problem. Em is at the store picking up things for dinner. Heard it’s your turn to cook dinner tonight!” He walks past me into the kitchen. “It is my turn tonight.” “Better make a lot of food. This boy is starving!” He says, rubbing his already exposed stomach. “Yeah, why are you shirtless by the way?” “Cause I’m at home? Why does it make you uncomfortable?” He shimmys his shoulder, walking towards me. “No, gross bye.” I tried to act grossed out. 

“Come on, just one kiss.” He puckers his lips towards me. “Gross, you’re my best friend’s baby brother. No way.” I tried pushing his face away, “So what? We are the same age!” “You’re still her baby brother!” I walked away fast into Emily’s room, trying to calm my nerves. But all i could think about was Sam and him being shirtless. After a couple minutes, Emily opens up her room door. “Hey nerd, there you are. Sam said you were here.” I just awkwardly smile at her, “Oh my god, I thought you stopped liking him!” “I don’t!” “Then why are you hiding from him?” “I.. Am not… Hiding.” I say to her confidently. “So go outside and talk to him like a normal FRIEND!” “FINE I still like him.” She gets all giddy, “Why don’t you just tell him!” “Because that’s your brother!” “So! He’s my brother. You’re my best friend! How perfect is that?!” “Just let me be okay Em?” “Fine. Let’s go make dinner!” She links our arms together and pulls me out into the kitchen. 

This is a weekly thing. Everyone who owns a key to Sam and Emily’s apartment we have a dinner together and we take turns on who cooks dinner each time. It’s sort of a family thing. We’ve been doing this for a while now. I met Emily when she first moved to LA. She got lost and I showed her around. She introduced me to all her friends and siblings and happened to find one of her brothers attractive. And it’s been history since then. Haven’t told Sam about my feelings because it’s just too weird. Having a crush on your best friends siblings? What if we try to date and it doesn’t work out? Are me and him still friends? Are Emily and I? Do you see the complications? I’m not willing to risk my friendship with Emily because of a stupid little crush. 

While making dinner, everyone started arriving, Annie and Mac, Ben, Stass, the Jacks, Skate and Swazz. The crew is all back together again now that touring is over. i called out to them to eat dinner. We were all just sitting around, talking, laughing, watching videos, all that. Now that dinner was over, the boys brought over a couple drinks. Everyone was vibing and chilling, drinking whatever drink. I took a glass of wine, and sat out onto the patio. I was looking out into the apartment complex when someone comes to join me, “Hey.” I look at Sammy sitting next to me. “Hey. Thanks for dinner. It was good.” “You’re welcome.” We just sat there in silence. It didn’t feel weird at all. It felt, nice. I heard Sam huff out a sigh, so I turned to him, “What’s with the huffing?”

“Y/N, tell me a secret..” He looks at me with these eyes. “What’s up?” “Do you still have a crush on me?” My eyes went wide, “Y-you knew I had a crush on you?” “Yeah. Because I remember when we first met, and you were talking about how you act when you like someone, that’s exactly how you used to act around me.” “But you didn’t say anything?” “Didn’t want to embarrass you.” He smiles slickly. “Wow, okay, whatever.” I blush hard, rolling my eyes at him, pushing him a little. “So, do you?” I just raised an eye brow at his question. 

“Do you still like me.” I breathed in deeply, “Yeah.. I still do..” “Good.” He smiles and quickly leans in to kiss me. After he kisses me, I sat there, shocked, “I’ve been wanting to do that since the day I met you.” “You-” “I do.” “But you” “Didn’t want to embarrass myself.” He smiles big, teeth and all. “Let’s not tell Em about this.” I whisper to him, leaning my head on his shoulder. “I wouldn’t count on that.” “Huh?” Just then Emily comes out screaming of excitement, jumping on us, with Ben and Annie following her. “FINAAAAALLLLYYYY!!!” 

Fic: Unexpected

Michele crisswifty and I were talking headcanons and then suddenly everyone started making out backstage at Sectionals. No actual sp0ilers - if anything, this is reaction fic for 6x10, featuring Klaine, Kitty, and the head Warbler.
995 words, PG-13/light R? Maybe? Blow jobs come up a couple times.

“Hey, babe, I think I dropped a cufflink backstage,” Blaine whispered, making Kurt start in his seat and nearly clip Blaine in the chin. “Can you come help me look for it? I don’t wanna look sloppy when we win.”

Kurt just nodded, taking Blaine’s hand and following him out the back of the darkened auditorium quietly, not wanting to disturb the other audience members at Sectionals. They managed to get all the way down the hall and past the stage door before Kurt had a realization.

“Wait,” Kurt said, pulling on Blaine’s arm to stop him. “Your shirt has buttons on its cuffs, doesn’t it?” He lifted their entwined hands to check, squinting in the low light of the wings.

“I may have just said that as an excuse,” Blaine said, taking a step closer to Kurt.

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Ten Years Later Part 5

  Part 4

After the dinner, which One Direction was at via Skype, everyone left. You laid in your bed thinking about everything that had happened that day. As you did that Luke was next door doing the same thing. After several hours of not being able to sleep you grabbed your guitar and music book before walking out into the back. You sat down on the hammock and started to play the song that you started writing, “Tattoo.”

 “Mm. Yeah, you burned me again.

 I don’t wanna know where you’ve been.

 Mmm ah. How is your new best friend?

 Do you know I’ll treat you like them. And I                        

 know you’re under my skin. Running in my bloodstream

 These scars are the way that you loved me

 I guess that you had to leave a tattoo on my skin.

 Running in my blood stream. These scars are the way that

 you loved me. I guess that you had to leave a tattoo to remind me.”

 “That’s beautiful,” Luke said walking up to you.

 “What are you doing out here?” You asked closing your music book.

 “Couldn’t sleep same as you. Heard you start playing so I thought I would come join you,” Luke said sitting down next to you. Whenever one of you couldn’t sleep you would go to the hammock and get the other by texting them or tapping on the window. It was a good place to talk when you couldn’t sleep.

 “Luke, what are we doing?” You asked looking at him. “We’ve been best friends since we were ten. Now what are we?”

 “Best friends,” Luke answered. “Being in a relationship is already what we have. We’re there for each other.”

 “Stop quoting That Awkward Moment,” You said smiling. You had seen that movie on the plane on the way back.

 “I love you,” Luke said looking at the ground to you. “I have loved you for years now.”

 “Is that what you were going to tell me earlier?” You asked looking at him.

 “No,” He whispered, not wanting to say anything more.

 “I love you too, Luke,” You said looking at him. Luke turned to you as he started to play with his hands.

 “I was worried that you weren’t going to say it back,” Luke admitted.

 “Of course. We’ve been best friends for ten years. I think I am the only person that has really seen you shirtless. I think I am only of the only people that knows everything about you,” You said putting your guitar on the ground.

 “Then why don’t we take this thing to the next level?” Luke asked leaning back.

 “Because, I’m scared,” You admitted.

 “But you excel in everything you do,” Luke said smiling.

 “Oh my god,” You said covering your face with your hands. You leaned back into Luke’s chest, letting him wrap his arms around you. Luke chuckled and kissed your head. “I thought we agreed to never bring that up again,” You said into his chest.

 “We did, but I love it,” Luke said looking up at the sky. You looked at Luke’s biceps and grabbed one, very shocked.

 “When did you get these?” You asked making Luke blush.

 “Do they impress you?” Luke said, trying to be confident.

 “I’ve seen bigger,” You laughed. Luke looked away hurt that you said that. “I was just kidding Luke. I love your arm muscles,” You said trying to get Luke to look back at you. Luke finally gave in and looked back at you. You froze and ran your thumb up and down his cheek, slowly leaning in. Luke slowly pressed his lips against yours because out of all of the small kisses and the passionate kisses and the heated kissed, this one was his favorite. This kiss was you and Luke being actually you and Luke in one of your favorite places.

 Luke pulled away and opened his eyes at the same time that you did. “What was that for?” You asked.

 “Because I love you,” Luke whispered. You laid your head on his chest, slowly smiling as Luke rubbed your back. You closed your eyes, falling asleep quickly. The next morning you were awoken by the sun. You looked around and saw that you were still in the hammock with Luke holding you.

 “Luke,” You whispered.

 “What?” He mumbled.

 “We are still outside,” You said sitting up. Luke opened his eyes and sat up, groaning at the pain in his back. This wasn’t the first time that you had fallen asleep outside.

 “I don’t want to get up,” Luke whine. You rolled your eyes and grabbed Luke’s hand, pulling him quietly through your house and into your room. You put your guitar down and your music book away before laying with Luke in your bed. You laid your head on Luke’s chest, closing your eyes, and Luke wrapped his arm around you.

 “(Y/N), your father and I are leaving,” Your mom said through the door.

 “Alright,” You mumbled.

 “Luke, keep her safe,” Your dad said as he walked by.

 “I will,” Luke mumbled. After this happened a couple of times, and your parents caught you, they knew that there was no stopping you no matter the punishment. They were just going to have to trust you. After another hour of laying there you got up and took a shower, singing the part of Tattoo that you had written, trying to write more.

 “(Y/N),” Luke said knocking on the door.

 “Coming,” You said getting out and grabbing a towel. You walked out of the bathroom and into the living area as you secured the towel around your body. You found Luke sitting on the sofa with your guitar in hand.

 "A tattoo to remind me, a tattoo to remind me. 

 Apologies for the way I’ve been. I couldn’t wash you off my skin.

  No, I couldn’t live without you, tears and eyes can dry, 

  but I know I’m burning like the wire in my pulse.  

  It could be in the way you bleed me,

  and I know you’re under my skin, running in my bloodstream.

  These scars are the way that you loved me I guess

  that you had to leave a tattoo, on my skin.

  Running in my bloodstream, these scars are the way

  that you loved me I guess that you had to

  leave a tattoo to remind me.“

 When Luke finished he looked up at you. “Sorry, you were sining it and I couldn’t resist,” Luke said as you walked over to him.

 “I love it,” You said smiling at him. “You’re a genius.”

 “Well, i get paid to do this,” Luke cockily said.

 “Shut up,” You laughed. You wrote what Luke sang on a napkin that was let over before you could forget it.

 “What’s this about exactly?” Luke asked leaning back on the sofa.

 “You’ll find out when I finish,” You said looking at him.

 “Do you think maybe you’d what to record this?” Luke asked.

 “What? No,” You said shaking your head.

 “Babe, come on. This would be a good single. You’re a brilliant writer,” Luke said turning to you. “What?” Luke asked when he saw your facial expression.

 “You called me babe,” You pointed out.

 “I’ve called you that before,” Luke said.

 “Yeah, but this time it just felt different,” You said smiling at him.

 “Was it a good feeling?” Luke asked.

 “Definitely,” You nodded. Luke smiled and kissed you before getting up. “Where are you going?” You asked.

 “I have to finish getting ready for our date,” Luke said walking behind the sofa. “But seriously, think about recording it.”

 “I promise,” You said. Luke smiled and leaned down, kissing you once more before walking to the door.

 “I love you,” He said before walking out.

 “I love you too,” You said just before the door closed. Luke didn’t lie. He was going to go make dinner reservations and plan something romantic, but before that he was going to meet the boys at the studio to talk about the tour. He may have just found a way to bring you with him.


I started this story in honor of my favorite band leader’s love story. He met his wife at nine…and some other stuff but that would ruin the story…sorry that it sucked. I have high hopes for this and hope you took the time to read this awful story.

this was my favorite part to write so I hope you liked it. this is not my song. i am not the creative, barely good at writing. this is tattoo by hilary duff. it’s on her new album that just came out. getting into more alternative later on. if you want a specific song let me know and i’ll put it in.