oh god why am i doing this again in like a month

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Emilyyyyyy,,, that video was so wholesome HOLY CRAP i cantttt why they so cuuuute💓💓💓💓💓 i melted im officially a pool of softe goo kept warm by the love radiating from these two nerds why is my life so strange and wonderful at the same time💖💖💖

the new video…. i am.. just.. i … can’t even breath -c

ok I KNOW.. i was visiting my grandma and watched it there so i haven’t screamed abt it yet but oh my fuckin god..


i lost my goddamn mind.. i was literally full on sobbing like do u know how long i have wanted that man to wear overalls??????? and the fucking curl in his hair like u guys must know by now how hard i stan pastel!dan like i literally wrote a 14k just so i could put dan in cute clothes hfjkasdhfahhdac

and the flower tattoos like these assholes just know that i’m getting a flower tattoo at the end of the month and they had to go and do it first!!! smh

anyway yes omg i know it was.. a video for the ages.. iconic and legendary….. i was having The Worst Day but now i can’t even rmr what a negative emotion feels like. the overalls have healed me

1. Xiumin


2. Luhan

“Omfg, that’s gosip material for, like, three months.”

3. Kris

“ Do I need to slap you two back to reality?!”

4. Suho

*Why am I in the middle of this shit again…why am I the leader of this fucking group?  Where do I quit?*

5. Lay

“ Oh, it’s love blooming! Let’s celebrate!”

6. Baekhyun

“ Time to tease…”

7. Chen

“ How nice, I shipped you two from the beginning!”

8. Chanyeol

“ Oh my God! …So it’s real…”

9. D.O.

*I’m so done with this fucking group…*

10. Tao

“I knew it! I knew it ever since I read that fanfic where-”

-What? You read fanfics?!

“ Uh…no?! Is that what I said?”

11. Kai

“This is strangely annoying, we live together, but our fans know before us…?”

12. Sehun



Hope you liked it :)