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I have decided that I shall henceforth ignore all the bad stuff associated with Joseph, he was sweet, I love him, and so does Philip


au | during a rough landing, Superman accidentally hits Stiles’ jeep and Stiles fangirls a little too much.

Holy shit Scott, I just met Superman. THE SUPERMAN, are you listening to me??
HE EVEN OFFERED TO PAY FOR THE JEEP’S DAMAGES, oh my GOD I think I’m a little in love right now.


Round 2 Guys. And maybe the last of this kind.
So, after the Stans travelled through Canada, Iceland and Sweden, I would kinda image that maybe…Ford wanted to see the old man’s grave.
So back to New Jersey, the Mystery Twins investigated about the famous Jersey Devil. (the thing was a  anger-issue fellow and Ford lost his favorite gun in the process).
After so many feelings they go to Mexico, in time for Dia de los Muertos celebration. There they encountered La Llorona (thanks @yemiprotector for the infos and the idea <3 )

And then, after a royal hangover, they go back to adventure and met a Selkie (the design is greatly inspired by @fluffy-raccoon awesome Selkie) 

After that. 

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I honestly haven’t think about it. Maybe…I dunno…I’ll do a comics about it-

And then…i drew pages. Again. Of course.

So again, thank you all for the reblogs, the awesome tags (which entertained me more than I could have imagined.) and the love.
This fandom is awesome. You are awesome.

EDIT: omg…I made typos…so many typos…Why oh god why


@hesokuri-wars BOI I DID IT.

It’s fucking 5 am and I almost spent the whole night doing this. I’m sorry mom I sinned. Hope u nerds will enjoy this _(:3」∠)_

-Your screaming piece of bread

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prompt: AU - this has been done before, but I'd love to see your take on Snow's response after getting the Neal bombshell, esp in regards to her perception of Emma/Hook. Maybe an evolution of her observations of them? Whatever tickles your fancy!

i swear to god this was a straightforward response to this prompt when i started

i swear

i’m pretty sure you can see the exact moment that i lost control too

also def. smut too because what is self-control



and my running feet could fly


She shouldn’t have been eavesdropping, but Neal had just pulled Emma aside at Granny’s to discuss their relationship and Snow was a mother and she was curious and maybe Emma was finally going to open herself up to giving love another chance and —

“Is this really the time?” Emma asked shortly. “She’s been quiet for a couple of days, yeah, but those flying monkeys are still around here somewhere and — I don’t know about you — but I don’t wanna get blindsided by one of those things.”

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Pour Some Sugar On Me - Ashton smut

/!\ PSSOM contains some dubcon /!\

Author’s note : This is long, this is not the usual quick one shot, it has a detailed plot that I work a lot on so I really hope you like it and send some reviews :)

I worked with the AMAZING Michaela who runs a twitter called @.textingwith5sos and OMG I am so addicted to her texts edits I am so honoured she made some for me! Go follow her bubs!


Name. Age. Height. Body shape. Occupation. Eye color.Hair color. Language. Location. Children. Oh God no, I don’t have children.Personal description.

What are you looking for? Well that was a tricky question. Should I answer MONEY straight-forward or…? Why was I doing this anyway that was crazy…

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Here (LUCIAN remix)
Alessia Cara
Here (LUCIAN remix)
  • i relate so much to these lyrics i had to write them

I’m sorry if I seem uninterested

Or I’m not listenin’ or I’m indifferent
Truly, I ain’t got no business here
But since my friends are here
I just came to kick it but really
I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room
With people who don’t even care about my well-being

I don’t dance, don’t ask, I don’t need a boyfriend
So you can go back, please enjoy your party
I’ll be here, somewhere in the corner under clouds of marijuana
With this boy who’s hollering I can hardly hear
Over this music I don’t listen to and I don’t wanna get with you
So tell my friends that I’ll be over here

Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here oh oh oh
I ask myself what am I doing here?
Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here
And I can’t wait till we can break up outta here

Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this
An anti-social pessimist but usually I don’t mess with this
And I know you mean only the best and
Your intentions aren’t to bother me
But honestly I’d rather be
Somewhere with my people we can kick it and just listen
To some music with the message
And we’ll discuss our big dreams
How we plan to take over the planet

So pardon my manners, I hope you’ll understand
That I’ll be here
Not there in the kitchen with the girl
Who’s always gossiping about her friends
So tell them I’ll be here
Right next to the boy who’s throwing up cause
He can’t take what’s in his cup no more
Oh God why am I here?

Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here oh oh oh
I ask myself what am I doing here?
Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here
And I can’t wait till we can break up outta here

Founding Members of SHIELD and their successors. x
HQ!! “Daddy”...

Karasuno Edition ♥♥♥

Hinata: He’s the sun. Would probably blush a little bit and get excited. 

Kageyama: {now I am really sorry, but…come on.}



Tsuki: He loves it, but wouldn’t show it. Of course.

Yamaguchi: Help him!

In his mind: “…what should I do now? Should I call them ‘daddy’ back? No. Nooooo, I can’t do that. Ok, just wait what comes next. Yep. Oh god.”


At first:

“Why? I can’t…”

Then: They would have a loooong night.


Asahi: Poor Boy is totally confused how his s/o can be so blunt. Turns into a blushing mess. Save him!


Ennoshita: {nope, not sorry at all}





Ukai in his teen years:

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donniexgrace  asked:

Could you please draw a picture of April's water breaking and donnie freaking out

Okay so this one needs some explanations… I tried to find the best way for Naeta to finaly decide to show herself aaaand of course it’s in the middle of the biggest Kraang fight ever.

Dialog :

Donnie : Leo ?! We have a problem here !

April : The baby’s coming, Donnie’s freaking out.

Donnie : I am NOT freaking out !!!

April : Yes you are !

Leo : Yes he is…


Raph : Shut up Mikey !

Again sorry for the wait !

EDIT : Changed April a bit, she was freaking me out.