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im just imagining at the end of the game when everyones home and kurama is counting points he gets halfway through the line of kids and "wait. I could have sworn I didn't have this many children a few hours ago" kushina is laughing but also genuinely awed at his ability to just collect children "no really I don't have any uchihas I'm sure... no fuck you kakashi shisui doesn't count idek where they came from"


Oh my god, permission to use this in the fic??? Please. Please

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I couldn’t help but think of your anthro!AU in order: Cat!Tony, Cat!Tony, Doberman!Rhodey, Cat!Tony.

I mean you’re not wrong. And of course cats as a whole don’t care about tact so it almost reads as a bedtime story lmao!

Oh my God imagine an AU where they’re not acquainted (and also maybe Steve is a werewolf so this could be stony or winteriron or even stuckony):

Steve and Bucky chatted at a table, waiting for the rest of their friends to arrive while Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey sat on the other side of the bar. Tony was just blatantly staring because cats.

Rhodey sighed and rolled his eyes. “Okay, I’ll bite. Who are you staring at?”

“I am going to pet the werewolf.”

Rhodey grimaced. “Oh my God.”

Pepper stirred her drink with her straw idly, because she was also a cat and also enjoyed making Rhodey’s blood pressure skyrocket. “No, I wanna hear this. Go on.”

“Then I am going to kiss the werewolf,” Tony continued.

“And then you tuck ‘em into bed to sleep and go away ‘cause your relationship is entirely platonic,” Rhodey cut in, snarling a little.

“And then I fuck the werewolf,” Tony finished brightly.

“Okay but have you ever considered opening the Bible instead of opening your mouth you entity of sin.”

Pepper choked on her drink. “Oh my God, Jim. As if he hasn’t said worse to you before.”

Rhodey gave her a scathing glare. “Of course he’s said worse to me. That doesn’t make it okay. Also they can hear him and I am very tired of him embarrassing me.”

Pepper looked up to find the werewolves staring over at them, both blushing a little but also looking intrigued. “Which one were you talking about, Tony?”

Tony continued to stare at them. “I’m not picky.”

Steve and Bucky both lunged to their feet at the same time and knocked their table over.

“Nice,” Tony said, taking a long sip of his mojito.

“You’re gonna get so much dick tonight,” Pepper agreed.

“OH MY GOD!” Rhodey snarled, and shoved them both out of the booth. “Get away from me!”

nothing against community colleges because that’s where i got my start, but oh my god it’s so WEIRD to be back after having graduated from a 4 yr school with … standards

prof in abnormal psych class: your final is a 3 page paper
class: wtf freaking out panic omg why

i wrote a 100 page thesis for my capstone project? regular papers in my classes were a minimum 12-16 pgs? 

it’s legitimately impossible to pay attention in that class.

on the bright side, my stats course is pretty cool. mostly because i think math is math wherever the fuck you go, but the prof is amazingly fun and witty. and i’m actually doing better in that class than i am in my psych class which is shocking

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holy FUCK I SAW YOU TAGS AND. i fuckin know. there's two in a row and i'm like ?? OH MY GOD AND THE AIRPORT WHERE U PICK UP YOUR LUGGAGE. edmonton. wyd.


literally tho

edmonton,,,,, wyd 

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*whispers* in the spirit of all the beauty and the beast stories recently, would u think about writing a story where Raph gets turned into a person by some kind of magic and his girl is incredibly devastated and wants no part of him like that? Not like "I loved u even tho u were a mutant u didn't need this" I mean like "no I like u because ur weird and I genuinely hate this look on u, where is my big green man?"

Oh my god, I so fucking feel you! 
When I watched Beauty and the Beast (not the new one, though) and the Beast was transformed into a human (God, he looked … urgh), I was so upset. The moral was that beauty comes from within, not that you’d get turned into a “handsome” boy because of reasons! 
So yeah, I may totally consider writing this! 
I just don’t know when I’ll find the time, but this ask is awesome! 

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*CRASHES THRU DOOR* I HEARD ETHAMYPLIER!! I personally like the hc of mark being poly/having an open relationship (so he's dating both but amy & eth are just gud friendos). mark feels guilty about having a crush on eth at first. he loves amy so much, but is starting to find eth rlly cute too, and is just v conflicted & confused. thankfully he talks to amy about it, and she's super understanding. she fills him in on healthy polyamory and even offers to be his wing man (as a joke but,, it works)

Ohhh heck! But I think Ethan and Amy would be more than good friends, they would basically become BFF’s since they’re around each other so much ✨ And they would never get jealous of each other because of that and like imagine them teasing Mark behind his back? Like Amy saying, “oh my god, does he do that thing with you too where he acts all pouty when you don’t kiss him?” And Ethan just goes, “Yes!!” And they burst out laughing and Mark is walking by so he’s like “what’s so funny??” So they stifle their giggling and tell him it’s nothing

Yuri!!! on Ice Levels of Touching

Episode 1: No touching

Episode 2: Chin + Arm + Hand

Episode 3: Chin + Lips + First Hug + Viktor’s arm wrapped around Yuuri’s shoulder

Episode 4: Hands + Wrists + Ankle + Neck +  YUURI’S EXPOSED SKIN + Hand again + Viktor’s hair

Episode 5: Third (???) Hug + THE LIPS + Good-job-pat courtesy of Yuuri + Yuuri’s head + Yuuri’s lips + Another hug + Another Hug + Another hu–

Episode 6: THEY SLEPT SIDE BY SIDE ON THE PLANE + DRUNK VIKTOR HUGGING YUURI + YUURI’S BUTT (it wasn’t Viktor tho) + Viktor’s little hand stroke + Laced fingers + MAJOR FOREHEAD-BUMPING SCENE + Another minor hug during the announcement of Yuuri’s score + ANOTHER FREAKING HUG + ANOTHER FREAKING HUG, THIS TIME FROM THE BACK

I don’t get how Lena Luthor basically saved all the aliens, played her mom, got her arrested, lost any possible hope of maybe having her mother love her just a tiny bit, all to save the alien race, especially Supergirl. AND WE DON’T GET A SCENE WHERE KARA THANKS THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HER AND HUGS HER AND TELLS HER SHE’S PROUD OF HER FOR BEING HER OWN HERO?! IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE