oh god where is my tinfoil hat

anonymous asked:

Hello Anja! First, I'll compliment your tumblr because it's simply amazing and you're awesome. Now I'm wondering, that AHBL con on which Misha bends Jared and Jensen gets all pissy, I always get confused because some people say it's J2 and others say it's Cockles and I'm a cockles shipper but I wonder what it could exactly be, you know? Anyways, I dunno if that jealousy is towards Mish or Jared :c

(for anyone confused, we’re speaking about this)

Well if I speak completely objectively and remove my cockles goggles, my answer is: it’s neither. Jensen just saw Misha&Jared fooling around and played up the “oh god you two are embarrassing, I’m gonna leave you to your antics, I don’t want to be a part of that” :’D

But if I put my tinfoil hat back on, AHBL 2009 was indeed a specifically interesting period in Jensen&Misha timeline:

First there was the “I didn’t see you for a while I got a little nervous” moment:

Then, these two interviews where Jensen really is trying his best to compliment/impress/tease Misha, and Misha keeps responding with those sweet smiles and blushy giggling!

Now, I might be biased here as I am speaking as a shipper, but in my opinion Jensen was being extremely flirty during that con, so maybe there was some subconscious feeling of jealousy/posessiveness over Misha mixed in ther eas well. :p

Also, lets not forget that during next con, Jensen wore THE RING, which then Misha wore as well. (ring timeline)

P.S. Thanks for the blog compliments, that’s very sweet of you! <3