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Could you do prompt #6 with Monty? Please

part two of this request (I really didn’t wanna make this a depressing imagine so as you can tell I went in a different direction!)

from this prompt post

Originally posted by chriswoods

6: “ I lost the baby. ”

“Monty!” You yelled as you rushed into his house, panicked, your face flushed red as you slammed the door behind you. He looked up from his math homework, the sheets falling on the floor as he shot up and immediately cupped your face with his hands.

“What’s wrong?” His eyes were concerned as they searched yours, his eyebrows raised.

“I…I lost the baby!” You raised your hands to your temples as your broke away from his grip. “Monty, I had gone from your baseball practice and was just sitting in the cafeteria, and then I got distracted and then I went to talk to my math teacher and then I went to my car and drove here and then and then I just…I just realized I didn’t have the baby and oh my god Monty the baby is gone!”

“Y/N…” Monty began to speak, a smile spreading across his face.

“Shut up. I’m not done ranting. This baby oh my god stupid Timothy is worth 50% of our grade and if I lose the kid that’s an automatic fail for both of us and if I fail and if you fail then you can’t play baseball and then you can’t go to college and then I won’t go to college either and oh my god Timothy where are you?!” You sat on the kitchen chair, rubbing your temples as you stared at the ground.


“Oh, my god. How the fuck am I ever going to be a parent if I can’t even watch a single baby doll for a 24 hour period without losing it? Like, it’s not even like I accidentally forgot to feed it for a little bit or dropped it, I lost the whole entire fucking child.”

“Y/N!” Monty’s loud voice cut you off. You looked up to see Monty sitting there with Timothy in his arms, shaking his head and smiling as he gently rocked Timothy, feeding him a bottle. “You gave him to me after practice was done.”


“Jeez, Timothy is fine. Calm yourself, Y/N.”

You smiled sheepishly, turning red as you looked at your shirtless boyfriend, standing there smirking with the baby doll.

“You know, Monty…I made a promise to you during practice….And jeez. Guys with babies are… damn.” You smiled coyly as you walked up to Monty, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Upstairs. Now.” You whispered in his ear.

Monty dropped Timothy on the linoleum and sprinted around the corner, skidding on the ground as he turned the corner to the steps.
You just laughed as you picked up the babydoll and put him in the high chair.

“Y/N! Where are you?!”


Inktober #5

Request of the day was for something baseball related. Let’s call it a Pitch AU where Lexa plays for the Giants.

[Other inktober drawings]

Finding Lucille

This is for “Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge.” My prompt was “Negan x OC x Lucille.”

Negan x Reader (y/n)

Warnings ~ Negan language

2000 words

I am tagging my usuals. If you want on or off my list, please let me know!

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Vogle finds a stray kitten with an injury. He attempts to bring it back to the van to nurse it back to health. Amanda and The Rowdies react.

((Okay this is short and I altered the prompt a little because I didn’t want the kitty to be hurt but I hope you enjoy it.))

“He’s mine, I found him,” Vogel said, apropos of nothing as he stood in the doorway of the van, his right arm held just so against his ribcage. Amanda’s head bobbed up from where she has been picking at the remaining flecks of neon pink nail polish.

“He what and you what?”

“I found him,” he repeated, unmoving.

Martin grunted from the driver’s seat of the van, glancing back over his shoulder with only moderate interest. Cross and Gripps did not even seem to find the statement interesting enough to acknowledge. Cross had consented to having his hair French braided and Gripps was not going to lose the opportunity because of Vogel.

“No more possums,” Martin said blandly. Amanda instinctively pulled her knees to her chest, half expecting to see one skittering over her feet.

“It’s not a possum,” Vogel said indignantly, sticking out his chin. His jacket meowed. Amanda felt her eyebrows creeping towards her hairline. Cross and Gripps looked up, finally interested. Martin whirled in his seat.

With the literal cat out of the metaphorical bag, Vogel finally stepped into the van, his posture relaxing. He reached into his jacket and pulled out the kitten he has been holding clutched at his side. It was tiny and entirely black, and it meowed again at the indignity it was suffering, held up now for observation.

“Oh my God,” Amanda breathed. She scrambled to her feet and stepped over empty beer cans and two baseball bats, holding out her hands eagerly for the little ball of fur. Vogel glanced back and forth between the kitten and Amanda.

“He’s mine,” he warned once more, very seriously.

“I know. Can I–just let me see him?” She requested. At last he handed the kitten over. “Where did you find him?”

Vogel’s face darkened. “There were boys with rocks,” he said, tone grim. Cross growled in response, and Gripps snapped his teeth in anger.

“I got ‘em, though,” Vogel said proudly. “I–and I found him,” he bounced on the balls of his feet.

Amanda, who has been examining the kitten with interest, laughed. “I’m not sure you found HIM.”

“I found her,” Vogel said without missing a beat.

The kitten appeared rattled but otherwise unscathed. Amanda stroked its ears and it purred.

Martin unfolded from the driver’s seat and followed the same path Amanda had taken to the back of the van. He looked down over his glasses at the kitten and Amanda geared up for a speech about the usefulness of cats. Most of it was recycled from a similar speech presented to her parents some fifteen odd years ago. Before she could open her mouth, however, Martin held out his hands for the little ball of fluff. Amanda glanced at Vogel, who nodded uncertainly. She handed the cat over.

Martin stroked her coal black fur and grinned. “What’s her name?”

“CHAINSAW!” Cross blurted out before Vogel had the chance to respond. Luckily, his eyes lit up and he bobbed his head in mad agreement.


Amanda didn’t have the heart to suggest anything else.

“Chainsaw,” Martin mused, bringing the newly christened pet to eye level and staring at it. “Welcome home,” he tucked her a pocket of his jacket and headed back to the front of the van.

Vogel hollered, delighted that his new addition to the family had been accepted. He clambered the rest of the way into the van and Martin threw it into gear.

As they drove, the souped up engine sounds almost covered the sounds of contented purring coming from Martin’s jacket pocket.


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FMA au where everything is the same but instead of destruction, Scar's right arm throws basketballs with deadly speed, force, and precision. After finding out that he is Ishvallan, all official reports refer to him as "(the) Ishballin'"


Game Plan (Part 6 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by showandwrite

Author’s Note: Yay, the next chapter is here! I will say, @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales wrote like 99% of this part! I wrote only a couple lines in here haha! It is an emotional roller coasted, so beware!!! Enjoy c;

As always, a HUGE thank you to my co-creator, co-author, editor, and dear friend @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales​ for putting so much effort and love into this story! Wouldn’t be possible without you :)

Warnings: Language; feels

Catch Up Here

*******************************************************************************************Tossing my phone on my bed, I grabbed my bathroom bag and headed to the bathroom down the hall.

Smiling as I recounted my day, I let the hot water wash away the embarrassment, leaving only memories of laughter and good times.

My mind drifted back to the start of the day, the comment about my shoes, and against my will, I was suddenly going on a trip down memory lane.

Allison was more than just a cousin. She was a sister.

After everything that happened with dad, Chris practically became my stand in father, which to be honest, wasn’t much of a change from his role of doting uncle.

He had rolled his eyes good naturedly when Allison and I had come running up to him, matching sets of black converse in our hands.

“I know they’re expensive-” Allison started, her voice going into a somewhat guilty, yet begging tone.

“But they are buy one, get one half off-” I finished for her, mimicking her tone to a t.

“And we thought, ‘waste not, want not’-”

“And we definitely want these-”

“So we came up with a solution.”

Chris must have had whiplash from snapping his head back and forth between the two of us. “And that would be….” It was more of a question than anything, but he sounded resigned, as if he already knew where it was going, which he probably did.

Allison and I looked at each other before looking back to him, grinning madly. “We buy them!”

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I was wondering if there are any fics out there with Stiles/Jackson friendship? Thanks so much! love your blog

There are! We even have a tag for it. But here’s more. - Anastasia

Originally posted by mason-hewitt

That’s what friends do by grimmfairy

(1/1 I 1,637 I Not Rated I No Pairing I Trans!Stiles)

Stiles was rushing to his next class when a heavy, familiar hand descended onto his shoulder.

“Um…Stiles, you’re um-” Jackson leaned forward and whispered into Stiles ear, his warm breath ghosting over his ear. “You’re bleeding through your jeans and people are starting to notice.”

Stiles backed away, blood draining from his face. Jackson reached out as if to grab him again and Stiles bolted. When he came back to himself, he was sitting in the locked bathroom stall in the locker room.

The one where Stiles has a bad day and surprisingly Jackson is the one that helps him through it.

What Would You Do? by grimmfairy

(2/? I 3,023 I Not Rated I Sterek I What Would You Do AU)

Domestic abuse: everybody knows the story of the battered girlfriend, the beaten wife, the scared child. Not long ago, we conducted a social experiment to see what strangers in a cafe would do when confronted with a battered woman being harassed by her abusive boyfriend. The responses were incredible, showing compassion, bravery, and even common ground. However, a lesser known issue of domestic abuse involves yet another controversial topic: male domestic abuse victims with male abusers.

Today we have Stiles, an actor, playing the part of Sam, a homosexual young man meeting his boyfriend in this public mall food court. His face is bruised, and his body language screams fear. This is Jackson, another actor, playing Stiles’s abusive boyfriend. When these two meet, what will strangers around them do? Will they stand up for Stiles like the strangers in our last experiment stood up for the women, or will they turn a blind eye?

Watch and find out! This is What Would You Do?.

Escaping The Demons by Hariana

(3/? I 4,813 I Mature I Sterek, Berica, Scallison I Slow Build)

Scott growled as he lunged for Jackson, ignoring the rest of the student body.

Jackson stepped back as Scott threw a punch at him. Jackson just kept dodging until he had enough. He caught the next punch Scott was about to throw and twisted his wrist back. He heard as it snapped, and listened as Scott whimpered, keeping the scream in.

“I don’t know what you did, McCall, but you will leave her alone. She doesn’t need any of your crap.” He hissed out, a bit of a growl peaking through his words.

Jackson squeezed his wrist one last time before getting in his car and driving off.

Scott just watched as the car disappeared.

He growled to himself.

Hurricane Stiles by orphan_account

(1/1 I 6,254 I General I Sterek I Mermaid!Stiles)

Derek finds a very sassy, very tempermental mermaid trapped in his fishing nets.

Dirt Lots & Backstops by Onlymystory

(3/3 I 8,653 I Teen I Sterek, Danny/Isaac I Weddings)

From the sidelines, Derek waved a hand. “You sure you want to pitch, Stiles? It doesn’t seem like your position.”

“I’m pretty flexible actually,” smirked Stiles. “But, I mean, as fun as catching can be, I’d rather pitch as a general rule.”

“Are we still talking about baseball?” Isaac rolled his eyes.

Stiles flashed him a grin. “Everyone handles balls a little differently, pup.”

“Oh my god,” muttered Erica.

7 Isn’t My Lucky Number (It’s Yours) by thegirlgrey

(1/1 I 10,254 I Teen I Sterek I Oblivious!Stiles)

Stiles is the reliable one. He has the plans and the ideas. He is the fixer of problems and the finder of solutions. He’s the one that is always there for everyone else. He is at the very top of the werewolf phone tree okay? Sometimes though, sometimes he just needs a break.

Or the story where Derek is a big faking faker. (And Stiles is kind of in love with him.)

You Are The Solution by ferretbaby

(2/2 I 12,849 I Teen I Sterek I ABO)

Jackson hates being an omega (Scott keeps bragging about his beta-status, Derek keeps trying to get him to submit (which he’ll *eventually* do) and Stiles seems to be the only one who isn’t a total ass about it).

if brokenness is a work of art (surely this must be my masterpiece) by demonicweirdo

(1/1 I 18,431 I Mature I Sterek I Post-Nogitsune)

Stiles glared at him. “Well, I didn’t know that!” he protested. “You’re the asshole who gave me a flower like we were on a first date in a fifties movie and then left without any explanation. I thought it was just a metaphorical thing.”

Derek raised his eyebrows. “Metaphorical? How-”

Stiles threw his hands up in exasperation. “I don’t know! Just- Jesus, Derek, don’t tell me the flower is fucking magic.” Derek stayed silent, and Stiles whipped his head around to look at him. “Oh my god, you gave me a magical flower.”

Won’t You Be My Solid Ground? by scarlettletterr

(10/10 I 18,524 I General I Sterek I HS AU)

Your typical High School AU. There’s a jock, there’s a nerd, there’s a bet, and there’s feelings.

(Nerd) Derek Hale is not a chicken, and when Erica bets that he’d never have the courage to date (Jock) Stiles Stilinski for more than two weeks, Derek accepts the challenge, because he’s stupidly attracted to Stiles, and also maybe crushing on him a tiny bit too much. And maybe Stiles has been crushing on Derek for years. And maybe somewhere along the line they fall in love. And then ruin it.

Our Kind of Nuts by ericaismeg

(1/1 22,553 I General I Sterek I College AU)

Stiles doesn’t know that reaching out to Erica, a girl from his Psych class, is going to change his entire life. All he wanted was a quiet place to study. Suddenly, he’s becoming best friends with Erica, getting a tutor from Boyd, going crazy over this guy who is quite passionate about Pride and Prejudice named Derek, being supportive to Lydia, finding some weird peace treaty with Jackson, and inviting Erica’s best friend to live with him, Scott, and Jackson for a bit.

He didn’t expect things to turn out like this, but hell, he’s not complaining one bit.

Over the Moon by i_kinda_like_writing

(1/1 I 32,814 I Sterek, Jydia, Berica, Scallison, Cora/Isaac, Melissa/Sheriff I Mpreg)

Stiles and Derek spend a night together, and Derek, thinking he’s protecting Stiles, tells him it was a mistake.

Stiles leaves Beacon Hills. He also leaves behind 6 letters to say goodbye to the pack.

From his letters, the pack thinks he’s killed himself.

Meanwhile, Stiles is in NYC, living with Jackson, going to Columbia, oh, and he’s pregnant.

The Strength of the Wolf by tolieawake

(17/? I 47,546 I Teen I Pre-Slash I Time Travel)

In the end, it’s only Lydia and Stiles left. Alone and desperate, oh so desperate. Desperate times and desperate measures and all that, but emphasis on the times.

With nothing else left to lose, they find a way to change it all. And Stiles may just figure out the key to stopping everything that ever went wrong - well, from Peter onwards.

Because he’s older and wiser (sort-of) and beginning to understand in a way that he never did before.

After all, the strength of the wolf is the pack, right?

I’ll hunt you down by ButterflyBones

(28/? I 59,611 I Explicit I Sterek I Kid Fic)

Only dayes after they defeat the nogitsune Stiles suddenly disappears. The smell of strange men in his room. But where ever they look, Stiles stays missing. Until two years later, when he just stands infront of his house, a six year old werewolf-girl by his side. And while everyone is simply happy to have Stiles back, Derek realise that the boy knows a lot more about his kidnappers then he tells. Or why the passing omega is terrified of ‘little Red’ - Stiles.

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HOTCHNISS (Or Hotly whatever...) but yea!

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave
THAT WOULD SO BE EMILY. Hotch tells her not to do it because they will fuckin explode, which only makes her want to do it more. SO, Prentiss shoves like 20 of them in the microwave and laughs uncontrollably as they blow the fuck up and Hotch is just sitting there shaking his head thinking jfc WHY IS THIS MY LIFE? EMILY U ARE A FUCKIN 6 YEAR OLD JACK IS MORE MATURE THAN THIS why the fuck…? BUT he’s smiling because even tho she’s an immature lil shit, she’s his immature lil shit!

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex
Em. She refuses to “imprision” her precious Sergie-pie and the cat often wanders into the bedroom at the wrong time. Prentiss doesn’t care, but Hotch is convinced the little black SATAN is out for his blood. Emily finds it hilarious that Aaron Hotchner, who is fearless when it comes to crazy ass psycho murderers, is afraid of a TINY LITTLE KITTY CAT. “Emily put the fucking demon away” “Hotch its a CAT what’s he possibly gonna do to you?” “Oh, i dunno, KILL ME IN MY SLEEP!” “Right.

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit
Emily. You’d never guess it, but when Hotch gets drunk he gets FUCKING WILD. And giggles. Like a schoolgirl.

who breaks the most phones
They both break a fuck ton of phones because of their job (and the fact that both are super accident prone). Prentiss has even made a tally to try and keep track of the expenses (‘ALRIGHT Aaron u are at 5 this year already what the fuck?’ ‘Emily don’t even get started u broke so many phones last year’ ‘excuse you i was hiT BY A TRUCK MR.’ ‘BUT-’ ‘I ALSO KICKED SOME MAJOR UNSUB ASS FOR YOUR INFORMATION’ ‘EM, HI HELLO you haven’t broken any phones at work sweetie. You are literally just clumsy.’ ‘Well yea…’)

who dies first
ahahahaahAHAHAHA FUCK ME. Prentiss does (like for real this time tho, I mean the woman nearly dies every other episode getting in car accidents, shot, stabbed, held hostage and whatnot. One of those disasters is bound to kill her eventually). If Em really did die, you know Hotch would be devastated. AND he would probably become reckless and take huge risks because Emily dying doesn’t make sense. She was one of the best people he ever had the pleasure of knowing, and if there was a God, or shit, even just karma, Prentiss would not be dead. It’s just not fair. (HAHAHA NO NOBODY DIES WHAT? NO WHAT IS DEATH EVEN HEHEHE no.)

which one I could see as being lactose intollerant
Hotch (I mean how could Emily be, like i can picture her putting cheese on literally everything) AARON IS, but he doesn’t like to admit it which bugs Emily. “hon, you are allergic to tht DONT EAT IT” “NO IM NOT, ITS FINE EM. NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS. “JESUS CHrist Aaron, its a dairy allergy not a missing limb what the fuck”

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t
Emily thinks she is the fucking shit when it comes to sports. Don’t get me wrong, she is extremely fit and athletic due to being in the FBI, but playing Children’s level sports? Forget about it! Something about having the gracefulness of a drunk chicken really doesn’t mix well with that, but it doesn’t stop her from trying. Hotch thought it was adorable, until the FBI baseball game where the dork managed to hit Morgan in the balls with a baseball bat! Prentiss apologized (while laughing her ass off) and decided sports weren’t really her thing…

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed
Hotch, although it’s not for reasons you’d think. When he’s not working, Aaron is actually super goofy and he and Em usually end up in prank wars. Sometimes those pranks involve putting huge fake spiders under the blanket to scare the living shit out of Prentiss (‘JESUS MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE FCUKISTHATKILL IT- oh my god AARON U FUCKING ASSHOLE’) It’s hard for her to stay mad, though, and she usually ends up joining him on the couch.

who uses the computer most
Em totally has a Tumblr (@imwearingagunbitch) She posts pictures of Sergio, and is responsible for a lot of strange/drunken nightblogging posts (‘What if lawnmowers are so loud because they cover the screams of grass being massacred?’ ‘Dude imagine if boobs were square’) Hotch thinks it’s cute that Em runs a blog, but also thinks that half the people on tht deranged website are probable unsubs.

Falling For You

Author: mad-madam-m
Type of Work:
Title: Falling For You
Word Count:
Summary: From this list: i live below you and i was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW


Derek sighed and settled against the back of his couch, his living room lit only by two lamps and the electric fireplace his sister had given him as a housewarming gift. He’d rolled his eyes at first, but it was great at warming the apartment and made the whole room feel cozy.

He pulled the giant fleece blanket off the back of the couch, took a sip of his hot chocolate, and set his book in his lap. He’d start reading in a minute, but right now, he was enjoying the sight of snow falling outside the window. The sky had been heavy and grey all day long, but it had only started snowing in earnest a few hours ago.

Derek tucked the blanket tighter around himself and relished the warmth of his mug. He was so glad he didn’t have any plans to leave for the rest of the night or tomorrow. It was going to be—


He jerked at the noise from his upstairs neighbor. What the—


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Monster Factory - My 2 Dads² Sentence Starters
  • “It’s like you can see the inside of his eyeballs!”
  • “You look like a cool guy I can be friends with.”
  • “Oh, wait a second; you’re a sunfish.”
  • “I come for you in the dreaming hours.”
  • “Hi, I’m Dark Vader, and I’m a Star Wars!”
  • “Uhhh, a garden party?”
  • “It’s baseball time, boyos.”
  • “Little juicy butt-meat.”
  • “[Character], this is our child we’re talking about.”
  • “Oh my God, his chin goes inside him!”
  • “Play your cards right and it’ll go inside you, too!”
  • “Why would anybody want that?!”
  • “This is my son, Random Boy!”
  • “I feel like his son has a job.”
  • “Let me see that suit!”
  • “Hey dad, I’m headed out to Wall Street.”
  • *laughing* “Look at that beast of a man!”
  • “But I do wanna make him gigantic.”
  • “Why are you wearing sunglasses to sleep, sir?”
  • “New Chinsburg: the country where everyone’s chin is gigantic.”
  • “Oh my God, what have we done?”
  • “Look at these two monstrosities, how could they ever hate each other?”
  • “If you think about it he has a third dad, and it’s you.”
  • “Because two squared is three.”
  • “I forgot that we were gonna watch everyone use the bathroom.”
  • “It’s my favorite breakfast time treat!”
  • “I’m going to snarf this down and play a beautiful concerto.”
  • “And I think [character]’s just going to keep eating burgers until he dies.”
  • “What do you want? Go chat with your kids!”
  • “Go do a kid chat!”
  • “We’re monitoring your internet activity.”
  • “What would really help cement this relationship is a foil-stamped Charizard from Series 3.”
  • “How’s my burger boy doing?”
  • “You’ve been alive for one day, I think you’ve earned it!”
  • *singing* “Here I go to school, I got my face cream on! And I vanish like a ghost!”
  • *singing* “Amber is the color of your energy!”
  • “No, you have not earned bathroom privileges.”
  • *singing* “You just call on me brother, I’ll mop up your piss!”
  • “Ah, piss!”
  • “Hey, mind if I tickle the ivories for the first time in my life?”
  • “Just walk home, you can’t afford the Uber.”
  • “Oh, I hate kids!”
  • “[Character], did you happen to watch Drake & Josh this week?”
  • “It’s been a while, old friend.”
  • “What is going on in this house?”
  • “If he dies, I’ll delete my computer.”
  • “Oh, no, don’t piss your pants here.”
  • “He’s crying as he pumps!”
  • “I give this family two out of two dads.”

anonymous asked:

best friends when we were young and then you moved and now we meet again at college AU

“Sorry, man,” Stiles straightens up still laughing at the joke Scott had told that had gotten him throwing his head back and jerking into someone behind him. He claps down on a nice, broad shoulder, and then feels his eyes widen as the figure turns around. 



“Dude!” Stiles laughs delightedly as Derek Hale frowns across at him. “It’s been too long!”

Ten years, maybe, since Derek’s parents upped and moved Stiles’ best friend across the country. He’d been inconsolable for months, written to Derek often for a couple of years, until Derek’s letters had started sounding distracted and distant. They haven’t spoken since. They’re not even Facebook friends— which is a damn shame because Jesus, Derek’s grown up hot

“You look good,” he tells Derek, flicks at one of Derek’s ears fondly, “Grew into these I see.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write a scenario about what you and GD would do if both of your plans for tonight got canceled and so you two spend the evening (and night) together? Thank you!

Sorry that this took so long to get to! Hope you’re still around to read it!

If you want to read the Rated M continuation of this scenario: CLICK!


The whole elevator ride up, you couldn’t help but keep checking your reflection in the mirrored walls. Your hair was down and still slightly wet from showering earlier but was covered with the beanie Jiyong had given you sometime ago. You wearing a simple black t-shirt with washed out ripped jeans and converse shoes. Unfortunately, despite taking almost an hour to decide what to wear, this was what you came up with in the end.

‘It doesn’t matter! It’s not like there’s anything I should be dressing up for!’You try and convince yourself while subconsciously glancing at the bag slung on your shoulder carrying your (nicer) pajamas and a change of clothes for tomorrow.

Tonight was a rare occasion. First, your boss let you get off work early. Second, Jiyong’s schedule for the evening freed up. And third, when discussing what we should do tonight, he invited you over to his place… to stay over.

‘What’s so bad with sleeping over at your boyfriend’s place?' Nothing. But your nerves couldn’t stop getting to you since this would be the first night you two spent together as a couple… and… may be the first time you’d sleep with each other

The ping of the elevator woke you up just in time for the doors to open revealing the entrance to Jiyong’s apartment. The moment you step out, his front door opened abruptly, making you jump.

“Yah, what took you so long? Even the food got here before you.” Jiyong complained. You gulped ignoring his question, as you felt instantly hotter when you saw that he was wearing a sleeveless black top, showing the muscles on his arms, with black skinny jeans.

“S-Sorry…” You mutter, diverting your eyes from his body and hastily took your shoes off.

He moved to the side to let you pass as you quickly scurry into the apartment.

“Did you have any trouble finding the place?” He asked while closing the door.

With the change of topic, you were able to settle your nerves. “Nope! It was actually quite easy. It’s surprising an idol lives in such an accessible plac—” 

As you turned to face him, your blood pressure rose again when you realized he was standing right in front of you with a sly grin. You could feel the heat emanating off of his body, making your hair stand on end.

“You still wear my beanie.” That’s when you realized his eyes were at the top of your head. Slowly, his hands move to where he was looking at and began to adjust your beanie so that the brand was facing towards the side. You were so sensitive to the warmth of his fingers and could feel them through your hair. 

Satisfied, he pulls back and gives you a once look over before smiling, “I think it looks better on you than it did on me.”

“O-O-Of course!” You blush and gaze straight ahead at his chest, which was an even worse idea since you could see the way his neck merged with his collarbones and suddenly had the urge to lick—

You hear a smirk and slowly look up at his face that screamed ‘I know what you’re thinking’. “Is there… something you want?” He said with a playful tone.

The temperature of your body just keeps rising as your short-circuited brain tries to think of something witty to say back. But eventually, you just find yourself nodding. You see his face flicker with surprise but then quickly replace with that same cocky grin, “What is it?” 

You notice the dryness of your lips before speaking, “Food.” You say quickly and immediately turn towards the direction of the dining room, escaping successfully. You breathe a sigh of relief but don’t dare to turn around to look at him as you hear him stifle a laugh. 


“Omo!” You gasp and place both hands over your mouth as you stare in awe at the TV screen. Your eyes were glued to the little boy wearing a puffy white jacket and a cap slightly tilted on his head. “You are so young here!!”

After dinner and cleaning up, you were now sitting on the floor of the living room going through the random DVD collections Jiyong had stashed away. Right now, it was a music video of a tiny G-Dragon rapping “My Age is 13” and you couldn’t help but be amazed by how young he had started out. 

“You wrote this yourself?!” You asked while listening carefully to the lyrics.

“Yeah.” He says almost nervously, “Pretty bad, huh?”

You shake your head, “No! It’s really good! For someone so young, you were able to come up with something like this! It’s amazing!” You look at him with complete enthusiasm. For a second, you think you can see his cheeks flush but he turns his attention back to the screen and awkwardly coughs before you can confirm it.

“It’s alright,” He smiles softly as you see the reflection of the screen move in his eyes, “I can write much better stuff now.” The expression on his face was soft and seemed almost relaxed.

Your thoughts are interrupted when you realize that he’s staring back at you now and the video had ended. Quickly, you divert your attention back to the rows of CDs where you pulled the last video from. Your eyes catch on one that has ‘Ggo Ma Roora’ written on it. 

“What about this one?” You pick it up and show it to him. You watch him read the writing and then wince. 

“Oh that…” He says with a sigh, “I think I was six years old? We had to dance and sing to that song ‘The Angel Who Lost Wings’ by Roo’ra.”

“Six?!” You exclaim with excitement, “We HAVE to watch this one. Can we?” You look at him with pleading eyes, which he just sighs and nods in response. 

You squeal happily while replacing the previous CD with the one you were holding into the DVD player. You sit back and hug your knees to your chest as you wait for the video to load. Finally, the screen shows a small background as four small children run to the center of it.

“Oh god…” You hear Jiyong mutter with dread. You glance to Jiyong who you notice is already covering his face with his hands before returning your attention back to the screen.

The music starts without zooming in on the kids’ faces but the voice already sounds a little too familiar. The camera zooms in closer and you can see that there are two boys and two girls jumping and dancing with all their energy. A wide smile was already spread onto your face as a close up on one of the boys appeared. He was wearing a baggy grey-ish black suit jacket with a matching baggy pants and a striped beanie. Once you saw that baby face of his, you couldn’t help it. 

“KYAAAAAAAAAAAH!” You squealed almost to the point of laughing as you pointed at the little Jiyong. “That’s you!!” Now you were definitely laughing but tried hard to keep your eyes open and on the little dragon at all times.

Just when you thought you had control of your giddiness, you let out another squeal when little Jiyong began to sing along with his little hand gestures and his mini ‘swag’.

“You haven’t changed at all!!” You tap repeatedly on Jiyong’s arm while still keeping your eyes on the screen.

“I should’ve never let you watch this… YAH, you’re hurting my ears!” He tries to brush away your excessive tapping while you squeal every time little Jiyong had a close up.

“Do you still remember this song and dance?” Your cheeks were getting sore from all the smiling but the more you watched the video, the harder it was to NOT smile.

“Sort of. I mean watching it now makes me remember most of it.” He says with a bored tone.

Your eyes pull away from the screen towards him with an idea. If it were possible, your smile grew even bigger just thinking about what you were about to ask him.


“What?” He looks back at you. At first, he’s completely oblivious but soon realization hits him as he shakes his head. “No. Absolutely not.”

“Pleeeassseeee!” You whine and turn to face him, “I want to see it live!”

“No. There is no way I’m doing it.” He crosses his arms in a huge ‘X’, “Forget about it.”

You pout and try your best attempt of puppy-dog eyes but it has no affect on him.  

“No.” He repeats, “Doing that will be pure torture!”

“Fine. Don’t do it then.” You say before turning your body completely around so that your back was facing him and putting on your best possible poker face.

 “Hey…” He mumbles as you feel him inch closer to you. “______-ah…” He places a hand on your shoulder but you brush it off immediately. “I just can’t do it… it will completely strip the man out of me.”

You remain silent and cross your arms in front of your chest. “Babe…” He gets even closer spreading out both of his legs on either side of you and about to wrap his arms around you. “Don’t be mad.”

Things were silent for a while as you can feel your plan working. But just as you think he was going to crack, he speaks, “Fine. If you’re going to be like this…” And just like that he gets up and walks towards his bedroom, slamming the door shut.

You wait for a bit longer, not sure what that “fine” meant, but just as you started worrying that you took it too far, you hear a familiar song spreading throughout the apartment. You glance over at the TV in the living room and see that it was still paused. You focus more on where the music is coming from and notice that it’s coming from down the hall.

Placing your bags back down, you move towards the hall to get a better view and see speakers that were placed on the floor at the very end next to Jiyong’s room. ‘Oh my god… he’s really…?’

Before you could break into a smile, Jiyong suddenly slides out of his room now wearing a puffy black jacket and a baseball cap tilted to the side, just like when he was younger. You cover your gaping mouth with your hands as you watch this 25 year-old man dance like when he was six years old.

[[A/N: If you haven’t seen this yet, you are about to witness an explosion of cuteness. WATCH IT HERE.]]

He kept his eyes towards the ground the whole time as he danced and sung to the song, his matured voice mixing with the voice of his younger self. You could feel a squeal trying to crawl out of your throat but tried to suppress it as best as you could, afraid you might miss something from this rare sight.

You eyes couldn’t help but roam all over his body as he danced, moving his hips side to side. It was absolutely ridiculous… but surprisingly hot. When six year-old Jiyong danced, it was adorable but now watching the older version of him dance he was still able to make such simple moves so cool.

As he started rapping, his voice cracked a little as he tried to rap along with the higher pitched voices. Your eyes met as he continued but he quickly used his free hand to cover his face making you laugh. Soon, you found yourself completely entranced by his performance that you were clapping and smiling goofily at him. 

Finally, the song came to an end and he hit the last beat by punching his fist into the air before sinking into a squat and hiding his face in his hands. You quickly rushed to his side and bent down to his level, still with your goofy and completely satisfied smile.

“Jiyongie~” You chuckle happily while placing your hand on his arm. He tries to nudge it away and waddles away from you, his hands still covering his face. “Jiyong, look at me. Come on.” You say while rubbing his back.

He slowly turns back around to you. Taking this chance, you grab his hands and pull it away from his face and am welcomed by the reddest face you’ve ever seen Jiyong have.

You bite your bottom lip to suppress your laugh as you see him frown at you, “Happy now?” He asks obviously annoyed with a hurt pride. You giggle while nodding your head one too many times. “Extremely happy.”

As thanks, you lean in and press your lips to his but keep it there for a good second or two. When you pull back, his eyes were wide and you think he might have gone a darker shade of red. “Your reward.” You explain not bothering to hide your own redness in your cheeks.

The dazed look on his face fades away as the corner of his lip slightly curves up. “You drive me crazy.”


'I think HE is the one that is making me crazy.’ You think to yourself as you stand nervously at the edge of his bed. Finally, it was the moment you’ve been dreading since you got here.

“What are you doing just standing there?” He says with a knowing smirk while lying on one side of the bed. He was changed into a white shirt and pajama pants and his blonde hair almost dry now. “Get in bed.”

Your heart jumps at the word ‘bed’ as uneasiness flows through your blood. You shake your head, “A-A-Actually, I think I’ll just sleep on the couch.” You say while taking a step back. But before you could fully turn around and retreat, you feel his hand around your wrist as he tugs you off center and fall onto the bed.

When your brain finally catches up to what just happened, you realize that you were on your side and fully pressed up against him and his arm was resting over your body. The heat from his arm burning against your own bare skin made you suddenly aware of how little the pajamas you was wearing covered your body. Usually, you wore a shirt and shorts to sleep, but for some (dumb) reason, you decided to bring nicer pajamas: matching baby blue spaghetti strap top and shorts.

“Comfy?” You feel his breath tickle your ear making you jolt and push him away.

“Y-Yah!” You manage to sit up and cover your still tingling ear with your hand, “Don’t do that!” 

“Don’t do what?” He leans on his elbow, elevating his upper body while looking at you. 

“You know…” You are cut off as you watch his eyes begin to run over your body, as if taking in every little bit of you. It was so intense that you could feel the heat from his stare. You quickly grab the blankets and wrap yourself up into a ball, not caring if you were using the whole thing. “Don’t do that either! If you keep this up, I’m really sleeping on the couch and taking this blanket with me!”

He chuckles as he tries to pull the blanket away from you, “Okay, okay. I’ll stop.” The more he tugged the more you resisted, “Come on, I’m getting cold.”

Hearing that, you pout and ease your grip on the blankets allowing him to take just enough to cover himself with. “Now lie down.” He pats the space next to him invitingly. “I promise I won’t do anything.”

You hesitate for just a moment but eventually give in to the craving of wanting to be beside him. You keep your eyes on him to make sure he wasn’t planning anything sneaky as you lower yourself down onto your side so that you could see him clearly.

He also turned to his side to face me while wearing a smile. “Good girl. Now stay.”

Your brows furrow and you were about to say that you aren’t a pet but he had already edged in closer to you, closing the gap that was between the two of you. Your words and breath caught in your throat as you felt how close he was, but you couldn’t move. His eyes slowly closed and his face began to relax.

“Don’t move away,” he says quietly making your heart skip a beat, “I can’t sleep without you near me.”

You blush and weakly nod even though he couldn’t see you since his eyes were still shut. But you see him smile meaning that he probably felt it. As you laid there in silence facing each other, you couldn’t help but gaze at his face, trying to memorize every curve and line.

It surprised you how flawless and smooth his skin was but you guess it’s required to have such good skin being an idol in the public eye. You let your eyes wander from his forehead down to his eyes, noticing his short but thick set of eyelashes, making it appear as if he was wearing eyeliner. You also never noticed before the small crows feet at the corner of his eyes, it made you smile knowing that it’s forms whenever he smiles. But, along with those signs of happiness there were also the bags and dark circles under his eyes. Before you could stop yourself, your fingers were already lightly tracing the space underneath his eyes. You stopped abruptly, worried that he might be awake but he doesn’t budge to your touch. You watched his chest move up and down in even movements before deeming it safe to say he was asleep. 

You pull your hand back as you continue your adventure down his face. Your eyes land at the space between his nose and lips where you see one or two little stubbles of hair. “Omo…” You whisper to yourself and smile. You lean back to take in the whole view of his face and try to imagine him with a mustache and beard but an image doesn’t come to mind. Regardless, he was still undeniably handsome making you sigh with wonder. Finally, your eyes come down to his lips and observe how pink and soft they looked.

Unconsciously, you lick your lips as you continued to stare and can’t help but think back to moments when those lips were on yours. Just as they looked, they were incredibly soft and warm as if it could spread that same warmth through the entirety of your body. As a result the sudden craving hit you, making you want to feel that warmth again. 

You glance up at his eyes, double-checking to see that they are closed, before inching yourself closer and closer to him. You stop when you feel both of your body heats merging with one another and gaze up at his lips again. The closer they were, the more inviting it was.

Slowly and cautiously, you strain your neck and pucker your lips to reach his. You check his eyes again before bridging that last little bit of space and are finally welcomed by his warmth. You felt your heart and body completely melt into a little puddle of goo just at the feeling. You couldn’t seem to get enough of it. Since all good things have to come to an end, you pull yourself away and see that he was still fast asleep. A small giggle escapes your lips at the thought of being able to steal a kiss from him.

'Geez he is really aslee—’

In a flash, your heart leaps in surprise as you find yourself on your back staring up at the “used-to-be” sleeping figure that was now hovering dangerously close above you, trapping you between his arms and legs. His eyes now open and giving that intense and hungry stare from before.

“Sneaky girl.” He says with a sexy smirk, “Taking advantage of me while I’m trying to sleep.” He leans in closer making you feel his hot breath brush your skin, “What do you have to say for yourself?”

You didn’t know if it was from the kiss, the position you bother were in, or the sexiness of his voice but an immense feeling of warmth was bubbling up from the pit of your stomach, pushing out the word from your throat in a whisper, “Oops.”

“’Oops’ is right.” He says before crashing his lips onto yours blowing all of your senses and the ability to think away into the night. 


Here is a Rated M continuation of this: CLICK!

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So one day I was innocently scrolling through Tumblr when this gorgeous piece of amazing art popped up and I just couldn’t not write it because I love fanboy!Stiles!!!! So @benaya-trash and constilesations - who isn’t on Tumblr right now so I won’t tag her - this one’s for you ^^

Title: Get the Ball Rolling

Stiles has had his fair share of celebrity crushes. More than his fair share maybe, considering his long-time obsession with Ryan Gosling and Bonnie Wright – though he’s fairly certain the last one’s just because she reminded him of Lydia.

So yeah, celebrity crushes; a totally awesome and valid thing. None of them came even close to the ridiculously large crush he has on Derek Hale.

Derek Hale is a six foot tall, gorgeous piece of baseball player. And Stiles doesn’t even like baseball that much, but when Derek Hale’s on the field, you can bet your ass Stiles is watching. There’s just something about him that has Stiles mesmerized.

(Mostly his bright eyes, dark hair, perfect muscle definition, obscene hands and ridiculously soft voice. So, basically everything.)

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daziy  asked:

Wait what happened with Rowan?

Oh my God she didn’t go to a stupid baseball game to see Sabrina but the rest of the cast did so some assholes where like “OMG!!! CONFIRMED!!!! Rowan and Sabrina are just pretending to be friends for the camera, they actually hate each other!!! Rowan hates the entire cast and has no real friends on set!!!!!” because YEAH SURE BULLY A 14 YEAR OLD JUST BECAUSE SHE COULDN’T MAKE A STUPID BASEBALL GAME TO SEE SABRINA SING A 3 MINUTE SONG???? Ugh there have been other rumors implying similar things and someone brought them to Rowan’s attention today so she posted a long note on Twitter saying she cried for half an hour, she loves everyone so much, and she’s deleting the Twitter App off her phone. The week has been very stressful for her and the rest of the cast because they don’t have confirmation that they’re getting renewed yet so this on top of everything was a bit much for her. Also, everyone needs to stop attacking actors they are PEOPLE. Also, she’s 14 like guys I know she’s tall and mature about social issues and all but she’s still a little kid???? Why is anyone okay bullying a little kid???? Let this poor angel girl live oh my God

anonymous asked:

Ty, isn't your team the Braves? Why do you care about the DH rule if you root for an NL team? Unless you like the O's too

Ty: Oh my god.

Nick: Ty, no.

Ty: No no no.

Zane: Ty, no!


Nick: Fuck it, Garrett, we lost this one.

Ty: Because the motherfucking National League plays baseball the way it’s supposed to be played, understand? We play where talent and strategy are at  premium, where you don’t get paid to sit around on your ass and swing a bat, you have to play defense and you have to manage and you have to bunt and sacrifice and pitch and hit and you have to fucking figure out whether you want to pinch-hit for you pitcher who’s throwing a shut out in order to gamble for a hit or if you want to leave him in there and decide which player on your bench can hit a 98 mile an hour slider after sitting through 8 2/3 innings YOU HAVE TO THINK.

Zane: I don’t know whether to be turned on or not.

Ty: But the fucking American League? No, they just toss a DH up there and swing away fuck that pitcher, let him sit there and relax between innings instead of going up there to hit like a real fucking baseball player and those lazyass AL teams THEY COME INTO MY CITY WITH THEIR INTERLEAGUE PLAY and you play all fucking year without a DH and you stack your team to be able to win in your league and play NL ball and then the World Series comes along and the fucking DH FUCKS UP YOUR ENTIRE LINEUP BECAUSE NOW YOU HAVE TO REARRANGE EVERYTHING and there the AL sits with it’s 20 million dollar DH on the bench, spitting sunflower seeds and scratching his ass!

Nick: Holy shit.

Ty: Why do I care about the DH if I like the Braves.

Zane: That was … that was … .impassioned.

Ty: Why do I care.

Nick: Don’t forget the All-Star game.


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deancas hs!au with nerd!cas and jock!dean meeting for the first time because i am hs!au trash

He doesn’t turn around after the crumpled sheet of paper hitsthe back of his head the first time, or the second, or the third. He’s certainly not going to turn for the forth.

There are half-whispered mutterings of “Cas” and “C’mon, look angel-face” that he’s studiously ignoring as he works through the equation sheet and fixes unbalanced equations. Already he’s been subject to Jo Harvelle asking him to give Dean Winchester a chance, and stop giving him the cold shoulder.

The cold shoulder, it would seem, is an apt response to being accused of giving the cold shoulder.

Chemistry is Castiel’s favorite subject. He likes working out realistic problems, and likes learning how reactions happen that will have an effect on life and reveal more and more information regarding biology, physics, even mechanics. It’s clear, complicit, and easy to understand, but beautifully elegant in its execution and decoding. Castiel equates it to classic art, in terms of its preciousness.

Others don’t seem to share his view.

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Alternate Titles for X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • Thank God They Didn’t Fuck Up the Sentinels
  • Hey Winter Soldier! How’d You Get In This Movie?
  • Oh No Wait That’s Warpath My Bad
  • Shadowcat: Still Owning After All These Years
  • Hugh Jackman’s Glorious Ass
  • Wolverine Manages to Not Take Over the Entire Movie For Once
  • Let’s All Save the Guy From Game of Thrones
  • Get Your Shit Together Charles
  • I DO WHAT I WANT: The Mystique Story
  • Everyone Loves Quicksilver
  • I Want to Give Beast a Big Blue Hairy Hug
  • Magneto Where Are You Going With That Baseball Stadium

grumpyeeveelady  asked:

Steve's Brooklyn accent.

steve says he doesn’t have an accent anymore. and it’s true.


it only comes out when he’s exhausted and ready to collapse into his bed, or when he’s just woken up and is still a little hazy from sleep… and you can hear it when he’s legitimately upset and angry at something, when the words are pouring out of his mouth in a stream of consciousness, his r’s mysteriously disappearing while he rants. the accent slips back in when he talks about his life pre-serum and when bucky comes back, the accent is ever-present in their conversations.

sometimes, tony finds out, the accent will come out when steve is… otherwise overwhelmed. tony doesn’t tell anyone about that, though. that’s just for him.

and when he talks about baseball? there’s not a person in the world who wouldn’t recognize where steve rogers was from.

steve says he doesn’t have an accent anymore. and sometimes he’s even right.