oh god where is kara

I don’t get how Lena Luthor basically saved all the aliens, played her mom, got her arrested, lost any possible hope of maybe having her mother love her just a tiny bit, all to save the alien race, especially Supergirl. AND WE DON’T GET A SCENE WHERE KARA THANKS THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HER AND HUGS HER AND TELLS HER SHE’S PROUD OF HER FOR BEING HER OWN HERO?! IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE

Miss Danvers,

While I didn’t expect to be notified of your every shared byline or chance to edit an obituary below the fold, I did expect these little notes of yours would share all relevant information.

Such as Kara Danvers, cub reporter, landing Supergirl herself as a source. The same Supergirl who can only grudgingly be summoned by James Olsen with his very muscled arm twisted up his back. The same Supergirl you apparently only met under my direction all those months ago.

How interesting, Kara.

How very, very interesting.

I did have a message from Carter about this Martini thing you caught, but I find my mood isn’t much inclined towards sharing. I seem to only remember the part where he said “oh my God, tell Kara she sucks”. So there you go. Your name didn’t come up when I saw Adam.

As you know, I much prefer to quote myself whenever possible, but just this once I’ll defer to Walter Lippman.

There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth”.

For what it’s worth, I consider that the highest law of friendship, too.

I may be out of reach for a while. I’m sure you’ll adjust.