oh god when i beat her

sometimes I think about how Undyne’s magic was the color of kindness, and what that means for someone who chose to go into the guard and who thinks about her friends and pounds the ground in anger and who loves so fiercely and has undoubtedly taken a life, someone who says, “do you think it’s funny when people don’t come home?” and who teaches you how to cook

undyne who taps into the earth so deeply she can feel the hearts of others beating as one

This week’s TM highlights:

  • Opens with a Very Dramatic nerf fight
  • “We can show someone googling themselves on the internet, right?” “Well, safe search.”
  • “First question is for Matt.” “Oh, god. Hi.”
  • Matt had Raishan’s next few rounds planned before Keyleth cast the spell.
  • If VM hadn’t gotten to Raishan when they did, Matt considered having her leave and just be out in the world, maybe reappearing in the next campaign.
  • Matt on Grog’s version of beat poetry: “You just… literally beat a poet.”
  • Raishan was Matt’s favorite Conclave member to portray because of all the non-combat interactions
  • Travis grills Liam on the Superbowl after learning he spent it at a vegan Mexican restaurant drinking a spicy margarita. Liam eventually manages to pull out the word “Patriots”.
  • “I fucked it up, god damn you, Andrew from Crit Role Stats!”
  • Vax has found his family, and it’s not Syldor. He’s not looking to get closer to his dad; to him, it’s a done deal and he’s moved on.
  • Travis: “Hahaha, I find myself hilarious.”
  • Sam shows up half an hour late. “Sorry I’m late… but it’s kind of my thing.”
  • Liam calls out Sam for making jokes about wanting one of their characters to die… and then constantly moping in the text thread in the week after Scanlan died
  • Sam’s made it through the first hour of 84 so far. “I mean, I watched the part where they were saving my life and crying about me.” He did actually get choked up over Grog’s song while he was watching it at work.
  • Liam points out that Sam is “the worst kind of foodie” and once critiqued a picture of the pancakes Liam made for his kids.
  • Sam: “I think it would be fun for one of us to die. I just don’t want it to be me!”
  • They show an extended scene from the episode (Grog’s offering) and when they cut back Travis is chin-handsing and batting his eyelashes while everyone else pretends to be asleep
  • Travis gave a lot of thought to how Scanlan’s permadeath would’ve affected Grog. “Pike and Scanlan would be the two things that would just crumble him.” He spent the whole week thinking about Grog’s contribution to the ritual and practiced what he’d say whenever he had quiet moments.
  • If it had failed, Grog might’ve tried the deck.
  • Someone asks if Vax would’ve jumped in on the ritual if Kaylie hadn’t: Liam thinks Vex is closer to Scanlan than Vax is, so if Kaylie hadn’t stepped in, much as he cares about him, Vax still likely wouldn’t have stepped in because he didn’t think Scanlan would’ve answered his call.
  • Sam had no complicated list of demands to get Scanlan back, just how he thought it could or should go
  • Travis was prepared for the possibility of losing the knuckles and the belt. “He was my friend before that.”
  • “If the beard is unattuned–” “That is an amazing sentence.”
  • Scanlan will probably rethink his approach to combat, but Sam isn’t quite sure how that’s going to shake out yet
  • Talks Machina: It’s About Scientology
  • Matt re: the ashes: “Some things are just journeys in learning to trust occasionally…”
  • Matt suggests a post-mortem Talks Machina episode on the entire Conclave arc
  • Critical Role is going to WonderCon this year
  • Grog considers himself a talented magician and the cleverest tactician (Liam: “Sometimes that’s true.”)
  • If the group had gone through Scanlan’s stuff: “It would’ve mostly been weird smut.”
  • Everyone points out that they don’t know enough in-character to feel they should do more than just keep an eye on Scanlan for now
  • Travis on Groon v2: “I’M FUCKING STOKED! …I’m really excited.”
  • Sam doesn’t know how Scanlan was left at the end of the episode, and everyone tells him to not watch the rest of the episode so he can just find out live (”…something about pudding? I saw some strange fanart that I don’t know how to…” “Don’t worry about it.”)

After Dark: the site was down again (verrrrrry glad I’m on a free trial here, because that’s two weeks in a row), but @loquaciousquark recorded all but the first few minutes of it live and sent me the video file right after it was done, because she is magical that way.

  • The armor Matt wears in the opening is the armor he wore in Mythica
  • Sam wants to recreate Hot Pepper Gaming with Liam on their podcast. Travis wants to be the live studio audience.
  • Everyone discusses their various and sundry bizarre live-action turns. Expect to see people digging up clips on all social media in the next few weeks.
  • Sam jokes about a political arc following the Chroma Conclave. “Grog could be Speaker of the House.” Brian: “Grog has a higher intelligence than the real Speaker of the House.”
  • Liam’s son ran a little D&D game for him that ended with the reveal that he was making it all up as he went, which Liam figures is pretty much how D&D is supposed to go.
  • Grog was definitely taken aback by Vax’s sincerity—when playing Grog, Travis is constantly trying to find the joke in things, and Vax’s words were so genuine that Travis got emotional and kind of shut down and had nothing to reply with, which he figures is exactly how Grog would respond.
  • Kima and Allura probably would’ve survived, just because Allura had eight hours of water-breathing at her disposal, but it would’ve taken a long time before they managed to get back home (a Gilligan’s Island-type setup).
  • Brian goes around shaking everyone’s hands, but Travis grabs him and yanks him down with him, and then the crew starts firing nerf darts at them to end the episode.
Lin-Manuel Miranda on His Oscar-Nominated 'Moana' Song: 'You Start by Thinking, Don’t Write "Let It Go"'

It’s something that really sets Moana apart from other heroines: She finds herself without running away from her home and culture. In some ways it seems like a bolder choice.

I had a similar thing when I was working on [Miranda’s first Broadway musical] In the Heights. I got a lot of notes from producers, who didn’t end up being involved, being like, “You gotta give Nina stakes! What if she got pregnant at school? What if her boyfriend beat her?”

Oh my God!

Believe me, that’s not the worst of the notes I got. Not from our actual producers, but from people who would see the show in process. And what we were trying to accomplish was so much more subtle, which was, this is a young woman who’s been built up to be the star of her neighborhood all her life, and then she goes to a place where everyone’s the star of their neighborhood. And so she sort of comes home with her tail between her legs. And we fought for that. Even though it was more subtle than a more soap-ish plot line, I can’t tell you how many young Latina and Latino men and women have come up to me saying, “I was the first in my family to go to college, and Nina spoke to me.” Because we reached for the more subtle storyline, the more specific storyline than “some dramatic event happened and I couldn’t hack it.”

[click for the rest of the Moana-heavy interview]

Just date - Jeff Atkins x reader

Request:  Hi :) Can you do a Jeff imagine where the reader is Bestfriends with Clay and Jeff notices that and is jealous at first but then asks clay for advice on how to ask her out and he’s super nervous and scared. Can you make it really fluffy :) :)

He was not jealous. Really. He wasn’t thinking about break Clay’s neck. He was just a little… Fine, he was jealous. He just couldn’t help it. 

He and Clay were at the library, stuying for his history class, it was going well until she showed up with her funny glasses and her stupid perfect smile. She just smiled at him and then started to talk with Clay about some kind of nerd movie. She was so excited, her eyes had that cute sparkle and her voice was so sweet. And then she put his hand in Clay’s shoulders.

Fuck, that feeling in his stomach wasn’t going away. And he was sure he was looking so stupid right now. She talked a little more and then left saying a gentle “Goodbye” to him.

“Jeff?” Clay asked “Are you okey?” Yep. He was still looking at the door. 

“Are you two dating?” The words left his mouth before he had the time to think about it. Clay started to laugh. He asked again “Did I said something funny?”

“Yeah. Me and Y/N… that’s funny. She’s my best friend, since we were kids. I thought you knew” Well, that’s good. So good. The relief should have showed up in his face because Clay looked at him with a smile.


“You like her?” Clay asked. He ignored the question and pretended to look at his book. “C’mon, Jeff. Do you like Y/N?”

“Maybe” Clay raised his eyebrows “Fine. Yes, I like Y/N. Since I was ten, actually. But she’s out of my league” Clay started to laugh really loud “What?”

“Jeff, are you crazy? Oh my god. Y/N talks about you like you are some kind of god. She has the biggest crush on you” His heart started to beat faster. Oh god. Y/N Y/L/N had a crush on him.

“Jensen” he said “If you’re playing with me I swear…”

“Yeah, yeah. You are gonna kick my ass” Clay responded “You have to ask her out, so I can stop listen about your pretty eyes”

“She says I have pretty eyes?” He couldn’t help but smile.

“The prettiest in the whole damn world” Clay said, rolling his eyes. “Now let’s go back to work”


He was walking in the hallway when he noticed her, talking with Hannah Baker. Y/N was laughing with her. Damn, she looked perfect.

Fine, Clay said she was good in Chemistry he just had to ask her for help and then they will start to talk and eventually the will end up dating. Yup. That was the plan. Easy.

Hell, no. That wasn’t easy, he started to walk to them, with his heart going crazy. He was there, standing right next to them, without talking. He just froze.

“Hey, Jeff” Hannah was the first one who noticed. Y/N turned around, confused. She smiled at him.

“Hey, girls” he started. “Hannah, can I burrow your friend for a minute?” Hannah looked at him and then at Y/N.

“Sure” she smiled, walking away.

“How can I help you, Jeff?” Y/N asked, confused. Well, Jeff. It’s your time, he thought.

“Clay said you are good in chemistry and I was wondering if you, mhm, if you can, you know, help me?” Damn, his hands were shacking. 

“Sure” she said gently. “No problem, when do you want to start?” He was screaming inside but trying to keep it cool. 

“Are you free today?” she nodded. “Well, today after school? At Monet’s? I’m tired of the library”

“Yeah, me too. Monet’s then” the bell rang “I have to go, Jeff, but I’ll see you there” she smiled, starting to walk.

“Yeah, fine. It’s a date!” he was not suppose to said that “I mean, a study-date” she laughed in the middle of the hallway.

“Just date is fine for me” and then she entered to her class. 

They had a “just date”.


Let me know if you liked it! English its not my first language so i hope its good

anonymous asked:

Dialogue prompt: "Hushed exclamation of wonder!" "What?" "I said, hushed exclamation of wonder."

HAHAHA oh my god hold on, I got this.


“She tried to drink from the fountain in the quad,” Keisha says as soon as she enters the room. Her hair is sticking wildly out of her braids and there’s a certain desperation in her eyes that’s become rather common the past few days. “Again.”

The three other students gathered in the empty classroom, huddled over coffee cups and half-filled notebooks, groan.

“I’ll add it to the board,” Abir says. There are deep bags under his eyes and he’s got the most coffee cups piled up in front of his chair. He hauls himself out of his seat and to the front of the room. He uncaps the dry erase marker and writes Drinking from fountain to the bottom, right under BROCCOLI AND WHIPPED CREAM ARE NOT HUMAN FOODS.

It’s a long, long list.

“Maybe,” Catherine says carefully, “we should tell her. I think she’d be more aware if she knew we knew. You know?”

“Fuck off,” Gio says. “I’ve been awake for way too long to make sense of that shit.” He puts his hand back down on the table, seemingly uncaring of the coffee puddle his hair falls into.

“She’s worked so hard though,” Keisha says, dropping down into an empty chair. “She’s getting better, really. She doesn’t do the stalker-stare as much anymore!”

“Yes she does,” Gio says, not lifting his head. “She just does it when you’re not looking. Still creepy.”

“I think Catherine is right,” Abir says, dragging himself back to his chair. “She thinks she’s blending in because we haven’t said anything. The suits almost saw her scuttle up that big pine tree yesterday. That doesn’t exactly scream human.”

“Exactly,” Catherine says, slapping the table. “If she knows we know then we can give her more obvious pointers! And stop her from giving herself away to the Men in Black.”

“We don’t know they’re the Men in Black,” Keisha says. “Maybe they really are auditing the university.”

The four friends stare at each other, Gio deigning to lift his head, for a long moment. Then they all burst out laughing.

“Oh my god,” Abir says, wiping tears from under his eyes. “I asked them about their geiger counters. They told me they were calculators.”

Catherine slaps the table again. “Ha ha, holy shit. That beats when they followed me and Georgiana into the ceramics room for some records.”

“I think my favorite part might be their fake ass badges,” Gio says. “I googled an IRS badge and they don’t look anything alike.”

“They’re so bad at their cover,” Keisha says, “it’s sad.”

“They might actually be worse at pretending than Georgiana is,” Gio says, “and she’s, you know.” He raises his eyebrows. “Not from around here.”

That sets them all off again. And if the laughter, at one point, becomes somewhat closer to crying than laughing, no one mentions it.

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The Hybrid Under My Bed [Chapter Three]

Originally posted by apgujeon

WARNING(S): Family abuse in the first few chapters.

Genres: Angsty fluff, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 4.6k words

Sypnosis: You were 7 year old when you met him, Jeon Jungkook, the little boy covered with bruises and dirt hiding under your bed, but little did you know that this encounter would drag you into a new morbid world full of darkness and adventures, but also unexpectedly love. (Not Requested)

BTS Jungkook hybrid!au, fantasy!au

(Third POV)

-> Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three


Chapter Three

*Present Day*

“(Y/N)!!” Your friend Vee shouted, snapping you back to reality. It was such a shock and so sudden that you bumped your head against the locker you were leaning onto.

You groaned, “Ugh! What the hell, Vee?” 

“I’ve been saying your name for the past ten minutes!” 

You rolled your eyes, “Stop exaggerating! You know as much as me that you would have given up within the first two minutes.”

She thought for a second, “Okay. True. You’re right, but still! Why didn’t you told me that I had a test today, huh?”

Your best friend whined, leaning her head against her locker while staring at you with a pout. “You know how much I suck at chemistry.”

“How could I know?” You raised your shoulders up, “We’re not in the same class.”

“We have the same program. You should have known about it.” She glared at you.

You sighed, “Okay, true, but I thought that you already knew that. And even if you didn’t, Jackson tried to text you about it yesterday, but you were too busy making out with Juan, oh yeah, on MY bed.”

You sent her a glare in return, crossing your arms on your chest. Juan was Vee’s boyfriend for now a year and you could see she was very happy with him, which also made you happy. Vee never had good taste in guys. She only dated assholes, bastards, fuck boys and the list goes on…

At least she was with Juan, who proved to be an excellent guy for her.

But making out on your bed? Not so excellent. You couldn’t help but shudder in disgust at the thought. What if they did it on your bed? You didn’t even wash the sheets.

Ignoring your remark, your best friend tapped her manicured nails on the navy-blue book she was holding nervously, her bluish grey eyes watching the other students around while biting her thin bottom lip, “I’m going to fail…”


You laughed when she smacked your arm.

“It’s not funny (Y/N)!”

You shrugged, “Well, if you weren’t busy sticking your mouth with Juan’s yesterday- “


You laughed even more, raising your arms in the air in an innocent posture, “Okay, okay, okay, I get it. You’re nervous. You think you’ll fail. You think you’re dumb, which is not false…” You smiled innocently when she sent you a glare, “… And you think you’ll fail the year. But you’re worrying too much, Vee. It’s just a test. I’m sure you’ll manage to get a decent grade. Alyce will still be proud that you at least tried.”

“Yeah sure, after she’s done beating up my ass that is. Oh God! I’m sorry (Y/N), it slipped!” She quickly added, seeing your body visibly tense at her words.

“It’s okay, Vee. It has been ten years ago anyway.” You shrugged, trying to relax and block away the memories of your childhood.

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Hey guys! This is starts out sorta smutty, and ends a bit smutty too? But the middle is sorta fluffy? Tom learns what the reader’s favorite romantic film of all time is, and he’s very intrigued. (I promise it isn’t 50 shades lmao)

External image


    Tom couldn’t stop looking at her. She wasn’t doing anything special. In fact, she was reading, which is something that she did quite often, but tonight, Tom couldn’t bare it. He’d been riled up since breakfast when someone had asked her what her favorite romantic film of all time was and she, without thinking, responded, “‘Secretary’.”

    There a pause around the table, clearly indicating that nobody had heard of it before, and she quickly tried to take it back, a venomous blush spreading across the length of her cheekbones. “Shoot, I meant something else! I meant to say ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’”

    Tom opened and shut his mouth, beginning to ask what her first choice was about when her friend across the table beat him to it.

    “Oh my god! Oh my god! Look at the cover art!” She flashed her phone screen to the numerous eyes of their friends, who all crowded around, ardently lurching from their chairs. Tom removed his hand from the back of her chair to grasp her friend’s phone and his mouth dropped into a silent ‘o’.

    The film’s poster was red, green and grey and depicted a woman with her arms pinned over her head by some type of contraption, and bent over a desk. A man stood behind her, seemingly prepared to either, spank her, or to take her exceedingly roughly from behind.  Either way, Tom found it painfully titillating.

    He could imagine her spread out, just like that, for him. Fuck, he could imagine her bending over right here for him. To take her, all he’d have to do is shift the short material of her skirt up over her bum and slide her panties to the side and unzip his jeans.

    Tom cursed himself for inviting their friends to breakfast. They could’ve had a go in the bathroom, but instead, Tom would need to pretend to be utterly enticed by his pancakes.

    She, on the other hand, after finally realizing what was being shown of the phone’s screen, covered her face with her hands and tried to giggle away her embarrassment. Shoving her coffee mug to her lips, she took a desperate drink and immediately tried to steer the conversation elsewhere.

    “But, but, you’re so innocent? You asked me how to put on a garter belt not even two days ago? How can you be into this when you don’t even know how to put on lingerie?!?!” Her friend questioned, clearly not keen on dropping the subject anytime soon.

    Finally, he decided to step in, being the doting boyfriend he was, Tom brought up a funny story about the time he’d walked in on a couple going at it at a party. ‘Secretary’ was forgotten by their friends and Tom decided to not tease her about the film until later, when they were alone.

    He tucked her underneath his arm and kissed her temple as the conversation went back to normal, ignoring the urge to trail his kisses down her neck and his fingers up her skirt. When the clock neared 9:30, she leaned into him and pressed a sweet kiss to his mouth and grabbed her schoolbag.

    “Will you pick me up at 5?” She asked him, peering up at him through her lashes.

    Tom wanted to respond, but all he could focus on was the lingering taste of her vanilla lipgloss smeared across the corner of his mouth. He thought of all the other places he’d like her glossy lips.

    “Go back to bed, you seem sleepy. I’ll see you later.” She stood up on her tiptoes to give him a proper kiss and turned around and left.

    “Love you!” Tom called after her and she waved, laughing as Tom began to blow her kisses.

    “Holy fuck,” Tom mumbled and raked a hand through his hair. A strawberry was thrown at him as his friends began to taunt him about his sex life. Shaking his head and shooting profanity their way, goodbyes were shared round the table and everyone left to carry on with their day.

    Tom’s day included laying around the house, anxiously awaiting 5 o'clock and trying to distract himself from the thought of her leaned over a desk, with her thighs open for him.

Flicking on the T.V., he decided that he may as well order ‘Secretary’ on demand, seeing as it was all he was able to coherently think about.

About two hours later, Tom was too turned on to function. The film was hot. When he thought about her watching it, he just became even more bothered. The female lead liked to be spanked, tied up and came on. When Tom thought about it, so did his girlfriend.

When Tom would playfully slap her ass and jokingly demand that she complete some random task, she’d always obediently nod her head and follow his directions. Tom also noted that she liked being told what to do in bed, and she liked it even more when he was in control. Her moans always seem louder when he pinned her hands down while he touched her.

Now, she was home, her classes of the day having finished around an hour and a half ago. She was spread across the couch, laying on her stomach, wearing nothing but one of his button-down shirts and bobby socks. Tom could tell  that she’d tossed her bra the second she had gotten home.

He plopped down next to her and lifted her legs into his lap. They were smooth and soft as he ran his fingers up and down the back of her calf.

“Whatcha reading,” Tom questioned, shamelessly staring at her bum.

Not even turning her head, she replied, “it’s a play by Patrick Marber called ‘Closer.’”

“Is it any good?” Tom asked, slowly moving his hands further up her legs.

“Want me to read it to you?” She said, “I can start from the beginning.”

“No,” Tom whined, “pay attention to me, I’ve missed you all day.”

Rolling onto her side, she propped her head up on an elbow, “Have you now? Just seems like you’re horny.”

Tom snorted and pulled her into a sitting position on his lap. “How could I not be baby? Teased me all fucking day with that stupid film. Couldn’t get it out of my head all day.”

“Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing,” She whimpered, hiding her face in the crook of Tom’s neck. “I promise that I’m not a deranged weirdo, I-”

“Darling, no! How could I think that? You’ve just never told me that you wanted anything like that. I was just surprised.” Tom said, brushing her hair away from her neck to kiss it lovingly. “I adore you, always and forever. I could never think that you’re deranged, you’re much too intelligent, love.”

She stayed silent, but raised her head to give the corner of Tom’s jaw a kiss.

“You know that if you want that, you can say so. All we need to do is figure out a safe word, don’t want you getting hurt.” Tom said, looking down at her.

“Wait, do you, like, want to do,” She paused shyly, “that?”

Throwing his head back, Tom laughed so loud that she could feel his chest rumble from her position, curled into the warmth of his body. “Course I do? Are you fucking kidding? Why do you think I’ve been so needy? I love you and I wanna give you what you want, so what I’m saying is, if you want me to be rougher, than ask me.”

She cocked her head to the side, “But do you? Want to do that?” She asked, fumbling with the hem of Tom’s T-shirt.

“Yes, sweetheart, badly.” Tom assured her, shifting her position on his lap so he could look her directly in the eye. “Ask me.”

“Tom,” She started, a rosy flush consuming her normal skin tone, “could you please be more dominant in bed? I’d really, really like it.” Her voice was soft, barely above a whisper and she pressed her face into Tom’s shoulder once again.

Seizing her waist and throwing her back onto the couch, he moved in between her parted legs. His voice was gruff and deep when he answered her, “Course, baby, all you had to do was ask.” Tom yanked the shirt of his that she had borrowed open, “if I start to hurt you, the safe word is ‘tulip’, alright? Say it back to me so I know that you’ve heard it.”

Tom’s hands curled around the bare skin of her waist as he lightly bit down on her collarbone. “Darling, tell me the word.”

Her eyelashes fluttered against her brow bone as she tried to keep her eyes open, “Tulip.” She gasped out, “Tom, please, more.”

Smirking, Tom did just that.

Crushing On You

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel X Reader 

Word count: 3301 

• you’re a solo idol [ around Jihoon/Woojin’s age ] 

• lowkey gotta ft. SAMUEL AND SOMI I LOVE THEM [ somi pls marry me ] 

• also ft. MAUVE. [ WannaWrite Ent’s created gg I formed in my requested Yuehua scenario ] 

• Kang Daniel likes you hurh hurh ;) 

hello !! [ i need to stop with the !!, ;), hurh hurh ] can i just say how much i love love love idol! au. idk it just really clicks well with me, by far one of my favourite ones to write anyways, tysm for requesting anon i hope you like it :) sorry if it isn’t completely accurate or what you imagined :( 

also i haven’t spent a lot of time on my laptop so everything is being uploaded via mobile which is why they all have the ‘to be edited’ thing

- admin L 

PS: to be edited [ 10/8/2017 ] 

edited: [ 11/8/2017 ]


“Congratulations Y/N! Your album has risen up the charts and is now number three worldwide on iTunes!” Manager unnie announced, embracing you. 

Your jaw was still agape in shock, still unable to comprehend what had happened. After two failed chances of debut, your company - WannaWrite Entertainment - expanded their budget and finally, debuted you as a solo artist. CEO L and N might have mortgaged both their houses to fund your promotions but it didn’t seem to affect them. In fact, your CEOs seemed glad your debut was doing well. 

It might as well have been a miracle. 

You nearly made the final lineup for MAUVE when they debuted but was cut off after you suffered an ankle injury. Your unnies still showered you with their love and support, even telling their fanbase to go support your debut. 

“The company has decided to give you two days off while we sort out your new schedule. Go enjoy yourself but don’t do anything stupid.” You rolled your eyes at your manager’s words but assured her you would be fine. 

The first thing you did was to search for your MAUVE sisters in the building but found out that they were out of the country to promote in Taiwan. You weren’t super close to some of the new trainees in your company but they didn’t seem very welcoming either. Finally, you settled on calling Samuel and Somi, two of your very close dongsaengs. Surprisingly, both of them weren’t occupied in that moment despite their busy schedules. 

“Ahh! Y/N noona, we must go out and celebrate!” Samuel insisted. 

“Y/N! Is it okay if I invite Lee Daewhi? He’s also Samuel’s friend. He’s from Wanna One, he really likes your album,” Somi asked, sugar dripping from her voice and you could almost imagine the batting of her eyelids. Looks like she really wanted Daewhi along…… 

Wanna One? Isn’t that the boy group CEO L really likes? I should accept this offer. 

Giggling, you agreed to meet up with them at a mall nearby all the entertainment companies. Somi was going to treat everyone to lunch. 

It had been the longest time you had seen her and nearly cried when she started being all emotional and deep, talking about her debut and then yours. Samuel didn’t have any words and just kept embracing you while congratulating you. At first, Daewhi was rather shy, he hid behind his two friends a lot, blushing, but once all the introductions had been made, you clicked instantly. You two shared a bucket of popcorn at the movies and Daewhi even took multiple polaroids together. You found the younger boy very likeable. 

“Y/N noona, now that you are an idol, would you want to date anyone?” Samuel suddenly asked before returning to sipping on his soda. Somi nodded eagerly, smirking. Daewhi just smiled, running a hand through his hair. 

You hated to disappoint but shook your head and waved your hand dismissively. “Not really…but we have to see. You never know who comes along.”


Jisung narrowed his eyes at Daewhi when the younger boy entered the house looking more triumphant than ever. “Daewhi-ah, did you do something? What’s up?" 

Daewhi shook his head but couldn’t keep the smile off his face. I mean, he spent nearly the entire afternoon out with another idol he really respected and looked up to no doubt that he was more senior in the industry. Not to mention the fact that Daniel hyung had a tremendous crush on her! Ever since her debut he hadn’t shut up about her! I think he even owns a signed copy of her first single, he may have bought it online. "Ohhh, nothing,” he sang, causing more suspicion to rise from his hyungs. 

Jaewhan, who was sitting on the kitchen counter, shot him a weird look. “Did you…wait- just tell us what you did,” he pushed. Before Daewhi could reply, a loud yell sounded from upstairs. “Yah! What’s happening up there? Stop fighting!” Sungwoon shouted, revealing more of his 'aunty’ side. He looked like he was about to jump from his seat on the sofa and start taking out slippers to hit someone. Jisung grabbed his dongsaeng’s arm, pressing a finger to his lips. “Let them come and explain." 

Speak of the devil, Woojin and Guanlin came running down the staircase, phones in their hands and muttering some gibberish. They seemed terribly flustered and nearly tackled Daewhi on the ground. 

Jaewhan walked over to examine the photo. It was a photo that Samuel had taken of you, Daewhi, himself and Somi out at lunch. Jaewhan swiped right to reveal the next post which happened to be the cute selca you had taken with Samuel. 


fun day out with my best friends. Congratulations on your album Y/N noona! You’re doing so well even if it isn’t long after your debut….i’m jealous. Continue to work hard, proud of you ❤️ tagged: @leedaewhi, @somijeon, @Y/N

He too, nearly screamed. 

"Daewhi was out with Samuel without telling us!" 

"Oh my god, is that Somi?”

“I miss Samuel!" 

"Wait, did you say Y/N?" 

At the mention of your name, Daniel perked up and nearly sprung out from where he had been lying down lazily. He was fully alert now. Jihoon passed him Woojin’s phone which was still on Samuel’s Instagram page. His eyes widened significantly. Firstly, he couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous you were, you were beaming brightly and glowing happily, that made him cheer up a lot more. After that, he frowned when he noticed how comfortable you were with Samuel, kissing his cheek while winking and whatnot. Then, he realised that Daewhi was the one who had rested his head on your shoulder. Daniel gritted his teeth, jaw locked.

"Oh my god, is Daniel hyung jealous?” Jinyoung teased, poking his hyung’s cheek. “Ahh! He is!" 

Daewhi patted his shoulder. "Yah, it’s okay hyung. I can introduce you to her.”

Daniel shrugged nonchalantly but on the inside, his heart was going to beat out of his chest and he suppressed the urge to squeal like a fanboy. 

Y/N knows of Wanna One! She knows about my existence! 

“I wonder if we’ll bump into her at any showcase….since our comeback was pretty close to hers,“ Seongwoo muttered absent-mindedly. That got Daniel’s heart in a mess. 


CONFIRMED: Y/N to perform at MNET Countdown comeback showcase [ send help I still dk what it’s called ] 

The headline were in red, bolded, as if they were a flag to catch Daniel’s attention. The boys were taking a break from practising for their comeback stage and they news had just been confirmed to the world. He clutched his phone to his chest, attempting to regulate his breathing. 

Oh my god….what is she doing to me? Is this how my fans feel? Oh my god, I can’t handle this. 

Using his hand Daniel began to fan his face, which was heating up rapidly. Before any of his friends could make an odd comment, he excused himself and ran to hide in his workroom. "Ah! Daniel-ah, what happened to you? Why are you getting so worked up over a girl?” He scolded himself in a whisper. He had never become so flustered in his entire life. Perhaps it was the fact that due to all his training, he knew relationships were and huge no-no. Maybe this was the only time where he had a chance, both of you were idols and bound to meet somewhere along the line. 

Daniel typed your name into the search bar. 

Y/N reveals the boy group with her favourite visuals 

Y/N set to release Asia tour dates soon, WannaWrite Entertainment confirms

The rising queen of kpop? Y/N has become a global hit, maintaining top spots on world iTunes chart. 

He clicked on the link to the first article. 

'In a recent interview with KBS, 18 year old rising idol Y/N may have let it slip which idols she found attractive. Other than mentioning her love for fans, she didn’t fail to make her adoration for fellow celebrities known. “I really love icons like Big Bang and SHINee, they are real inspirations to me.” She had said…’

Daniel sighed and skipped over that part, he scrolled down more. 

'When asked if she was interested in dating, Y/N simply smiled but shook her head, saying that of course there were people she found attractive but wanted to focus on her career rather than dating. However, Y/N did blush at the mention of celebrity crushes, no one can escape the love bug. She listed popular and established boy groups such as BTS and EXO to be incredibly attractive but not to sleep on smaller groups such as Hotshot or KNK. Additionally, she mentioned her incredible amount of respect for them and would like to work together someday.’

Oh my god, just get on with it. Daniel groaned and searched more. 

 ‘Y/N also talked about her other idol friends. She was seen out with Kim Samuel, Jeon Somi and Wanna One’s Lee Daewhi recently to celebrate the success of her album. Y/N was very grateful for all their constant support and thanks her sisters in MAUVE for paving a better way for her. She hinted at a close collaboration between her and Somi then added she would like to befriend all of Wanna One. 'I think they’re all very handsome too,’ she admitted while giggling. 'I love their visuals but they also have a lot of talent that isn’t to be wasted. It’s sad they won’t last very long, I’d like to see them succeed in their short time together as a group.' 

Daniel felt something stab at his heart, it was the knife of realisation that he wouldn’t be in Wanna One a few years from now and vowed to make the best of everything. Another thing also speared his delicate heart, you knew about Wanna One, you seemed to like them too. He felt special. 

“Yah! Daniel hyung! Are you in here?” Jihoon’s calls accompanied by knocks on the door shattered that feeling. He sighed but went back to practice, his motivation was to impress you on Saturday.


The shouts and cheers of the fans were already loud while you were in the car but once you stepped outside, the roars were nearly deafening. Your bodyguard and security paved the way to the entrance. 

It was chaotic good. 

Camera flashes went off and you pushed your sunglasses higher up the bridge of your nose, forcing a smile on your face even though you almost tripped over your own feet.

Phew. I think this crowd is only a fraction of what MAUVE unnies handle. 

The second you stepped through the glass doors of the venue, you were scooped off by assistants to your dressing room. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry but this was no new scene for you. At least this time you had experience, you messed up so many times during your first showcase it was embarrassing. Your manager broke off from you but promised to meet you in your dressing room after she had settled some paperwork. There was no time for a proper reply other than a small nod. The assistant grabbed your arms and whizzed passed other groups of idols with their assistants, looking just as hurried. Along the way, you recognised other group’s name stickers pasted on different dressing rooms. It was fascinating to see the well established groups in the same area as you, honouring almost.

“Erm, hang on a second,” your assistant muttered shyly, tapping on her phone and whispering frantically into her earpiece. At that time, your phone buzzed.

3.47 pm 

Daewhi: hello noona !! by any chance are you at the venue now ? :) let’s meet

You: hi daewhi, yes but it’s crowded and everyone’s rushing now…maybe after the show or you can text me when your done with hair and makeup :) 

Daewhi: Daniel hyung read that you find us attractive and want to befriend us ;)

You: pshh omg that’s gg to be held against me forever! But yes, it’ll be nice to make friends 

Daewhi: Daniel likes you 

3.49 pm


You: uhhh…okay

Daewhi: but yeah Daniel has had a crush on you since the start, like since your debut 

You: omg….i’m blushing that’s so sweet 

Daewhi: pls dte danel

Daewhi: that was jisung hyung again sorry !! 

You: it’s okay…. You: how abt u introduce us? ;) 

Daewhi: omg okay 

Suddenly, you felt a tug on your arm and your assistant beckoning you to follow her. “Sorry! There was a mix up with the dressing rooms!" 

You slow jogged after your assistant, she rounded the corner faster than you did by abit. Many footsteps and loud chatter seemed to be coming your way so you sped up a little, hoping to catch up with her faster before the crowd came. Unfortunately, you sprung off a second too late and met with something… rather someone’s chest [ cliche! cliche! ] 


Daniel could die happy. There was nothing else he could ever want. His ( life long ) dream had been fulfilled. He couldn’t care less about the strange looks he received, he just wanted to get down on his knees and thank God for creating such a perfect timing, such a perfect first making. The sheepish smile on his face remained plastered there as the stylist began curling his hair. The incident replayed in his head over and over. You had bumped into his chest and at first he too was shocked but the instinct to protect a person was stronger so his strong arms wrapped around your torso and prevented you from falling. Daniel would never forgot the look on your face when you spotted him, he’d never forget the memory of your entire face blushing pink. 

It was so adorable! 

Once you had steadied yourself, he had run his arms over yours, repeatedly asking if you were okay. Your reply was barely above a whisper but he still caught it. Daniel recalled the way his name had rolled of your tongue, causing his knees to turn into jelly, he felt his face turn hot even while he was sitting in his makeup chair. 

Moving on….. 

You had hastily thanked him, bowing slightly before greeting the remainder of the boys, their jaws dropping and some using their hands to suppress their giggles. You wished them good luck before running off after your assistant, wishing you had carried a mask with you to hide your red face. There were shouts and cheers echoing behind you which made you think back to Daewhi… well Jisung and Sungwoon’s confession on Daniel’s behalf. 

But he’s Kang Daniel! Kang Daniel! Everyone loves him! He could have anyone as his significant other! Why me? How am I special? 

You rid your head of the thoughts that only added more confusion and focussed on the task ahead of you. 

Yes, showcase. Comeback stage. That’s all that matters right now.


By the time Wanna One was halfway through their stage, Daniel’s heart had turned into mush and his legs were replaced with jelly. He could see you dancing and singing to their song from his spot on the stage, he was glad you decided to watch some other artists while waiting for your turn. Daniel found your smile captivating, it made him grin and feel giddy like a schoolboy in love again. No matter what, he would definitely be watching your performance. 

There was no lying that Kang Daniel, the man who had saved you just now, was attractive. You loved how he balanced out his sexy, manly side with his playful and more childish antics. Secretly, you had been observing the group from afar and admired how close they were. A part of you longed for that bond, especially if it was in a girl group but for now, you were happy as a soloist. 

"Y/N! It’s almost your performance. Time to suit up,” Manager unnie hissed, grasping your arm and gently tugging you towards the backstage door. As soon as the equipment was placed on properly, stylists swarmed you, retouching your makeup and dusting your clothes. 

“Okay, they’re changing the stage set up for the next act. After that, it’s you. Go prepare yourself.” Abiding by the basic rules, you double checked your sound system and downed half a bottle of water. Just as you were midway through your mental preparation, you felt a tap on your shoulder. 

It was a cheerful looking Daewhi. 

And Daniel. 

“Noona! Did you see me? Was our stage good?” Daewhi bombarded you with questions. “Do you like our concept? Our style? Could you hear me singing?”

“Daewhi-ah, you aren’t even giving her time to reply,” Daniel pointed out, chuckling. His gaze met your own but he quickly cast it on the floor. 

“Hello, I’m Y/N. You must be Kang Daniel. I’m sorry about just now,” you apologised, giving your sweetest smile.

Daewhi stomped his foot, pouting. “Ahh, I get it. Noona likes older men, now she won’t pay attention to me,” he whined but had his lips curved into a telltale smirk.

Sly dongsaeng. 

“That’s right Daewhi. Noona likes people who can pull off the sexy concept,” you played along, purposely resting an arm on Daniel’s 60cm wide shoulders. His face was slowly but surely turning red. 

“Hmph!” Daewhi marched off but turned around and shot you a sly wink. 

“So…..” you started, uncertain of how to break it to him. “Daewhi said he’d introduce me to you. Hi." 

Ew! That was so dumb! Whatever, keep your chill. You’re an idol. 

Daniel just stared at you, shellshocked and entranced by you. Not just your beauty but the way you talked, the way you carried yourself that exuded a confident yet kind and not cocky aura. He was speechless, breath taken away. He was never like this, especially in front of women! You could hear his friends snickering in the back. "Hi, I’m Wanna One’s K-Kang Daniel. Uh, I-I really think you’ll be a great artist. Not that you already aren’t! But I think you will be iconic and I have been supporting you since your debut,” Daniel blurted out, he was so flustered his mind was blank and he couldn’t seem to form a coherent sentence.

How cute. 

“Aww, that’s very sweet of you. I’d love to chat more but it’s almost my slot…so how about I give you my number. Text me when I come off stage." 

He handed you his phone with trembling hands, Daniel couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He let out a shaky breath. "Can you sign my phone case?”

Daniel! That was so stupid! She probably thinks you’re a creep now! 

You paused from punching in your number and giggled, agreeing to do so. He quickly passed you a pen and you signed his clear jelly case, adding a tiny heart at the end unlike your normal signature. Feeling bold, you saved your contact as 'Y/N 😘💍’ and passed the phone back to it’s owner. Daniel’s eyes grew large at your contact name but laughed it off. “Have fun on stage! We’ll be cheering for you!” He waved you off, beaming brightly. 

You had never felt more energised and confident walking onto that stage and assuming your position. It was refreshing. Somi was waving a banner and Samuel was beside her, screaming. You knew Daewhi and… Daniel were watching, you could feel their gaze. The appreciation and love for your fellow idol friends grew. You adored them to pieces. 

Maybe one of them in a more intimate way.

Pick up (Tom x Reader) fluffy drabble

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(A/n): I had no where. No where to take this. At all. I’m sorry

Request:  Hey, i love your account 💕💕💪, i was hoping if you could write about tom and a brazilian actress (😉😉) working together in the new spiderman movie and maybe she could be bestfriend with the whole cast and things like that, thank youu

Warnings: ??? fluff


“Is your name Cinderella? Cause’ I can see those clothes coming off at midnight.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at that one liner. “What was that?”

“You tell me.” Tom chuckled with you.

“I’d say it was a bad excuse for a pickup line.” you commented, a broad smile of pure enjoyment beginning to stretch on your tanned cheeks.

“Hey, that one was pretty good.” Tom fake whined.

The brit reached over your one shoulder to open your trailer door for you, but your hand beat him to it.

“I’m no princess,” you joked, swinging open the door “I can handle opening a door.”

Tom threw you a cheeky grin, stepping out after you.

He was with you in your trailer, helping you with your costume for you next scene together. Though, you hadn’t been here for long, the two of you were stuck together like white on rice.

“Guess what I’m wearing?” he asked you as the two of you walked.

“Your costume?” you replied skeptically, spinning head head to look at Tom.

“No, the smile you gave me!”

“Oh my god..” you breathed, laughing even more.

Tom laughed with you.

“Sheesh,” a voice came from behind you “that sounded lame.”

Pretty quickly you could tell that it was Robert.

“That’s cause’ it was.” you shot back. From next to, the young actor gave you a fake hurt glance.

Rob snickered briskly.

The three of you stood on the tarmac for a second, simply giggling when Zendaya came up on your left. She snaked an arm around you high waist. “(Y/n), if I was an octopus, all my three hearts would beat for you.”

You were surprised at Zendaya’s appearance and also her attempt at a pick up line. You beamed over to Tom afterwards “Looks like someone has a bit of competition.”

Tom groaned inwardly, tossing Zen a playful glare “You’re on.” he declared.

You and Rob took stance off to the side of the battle of the best pick up line. The whole ordeal was laugh inducing, and overall just silly.

Once the pair seemingly got themselves into a knot, they dramatically shook hands and called it a truce.

“Michelle to set, Iron Man to set!” came the quick call of the director.

“Oops.” Robert said, giving you a wink and set off to the main set.

You laughed and turned to give Zendaya a hug.

“Later?” she calls when she runs off.

“For sure!” you reply.

Tom and you were once again left alone.

“So you’ll see her later, but not me?” Tom joked, his puppy dog eyes raking your soft tanned features.

“No no,” you said, turning to walk back the way you came “I hope to see you much later..”

The actor was surprised and even a tad bit impressed. Shaking his head quickly, Tom jolted to chase after you.



(A/n): I am in no way happy with this what the heckkkkkkk. I do otherwise hope to get a bit of stories done today because I have a few requests so we’ll see

  • <b> kit: </b> sophie is so annoying a bit like sansa hahaha sansa is super annoying<p/><b>kit:</b> like man she really irritates jon amirite hahaha lol she's very annoying like her and jon are complete typical siblings because sansa is just so annoying she really annoys jonkit:did I mention sansa is annoying lol<p/><b>jon:</b> *nearly beats ramsay to death knowing what he did to sansa but pulls away at the last moment to let her have the honour, is infuriated when ramsay says he can't wait to have sansa back in his bed, is gentle and caring with sansa (the hug + forehead kiss), reads through the letter from ramsay but has to stop when rape upon sansa is threatened even though he himself is repeatedly called 'bastard' throughout it, tells sansa he'll protect her, tells her there's nothing to forgive her for when she apologises for the way she treated him when they were younger, is delighted when sansa presents him with clothes she made for him and insists that she takes the master chambers in winterfell, looks around at her when the lords start to proclaim him king in the north, tells her she can still question his descions even though he is king, tells her he will protect her-*<p/><b>me:</b> lol okay kit<p/></p>

request: 91x78 pls!

hello loves! this might actually be my favorite thing i’ve written, simply because i live for this shit. anyways, keep sending in requests from this writing list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Harry Styles. Even the name made you want to throw up. Anytime you were in a room with him, he treated you like shit. He would interrupt you, tell you to shut up, he even one time left the room as soon as you walked in. You both had the same friends, so were constantly around one another. He was the sweetest person ever, to other people. It really broke your heart, considering you had the biggest crush on him. 

When you both first met through his percussionist, Clare, he was polite. You didn’t have that much conversation with him that night, but you liked everything about him. His laughter was infectious, he was a careful listener, and was probably the most handsome man you had ever seen. When you hung out again with Alex and Clare, he became snippy.

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Suzanne overhears something she shouldn’t have, but is so glad she did. Takes place over the Madison Fourth of July weekend.  For @lastknownwriter <3

The garage. Yes! Suzanne finally remembered where she put the citronella candles. The garage. After that, she’d be all set for the guests who would be arriving in an hour. She closed the kitchen sink cabinet and headed toward the garage.

As she approached the back screen door, she heard hushed voices coming from the yard.

It must be Jack and Dicky, she thought with a smile and then stopped dead in her tracks when she realized what she was hearing.

“I just… I just want you to hold me, and – and never let me go.”

Suzanne’s eyes grew wide as she heard Dicky’s voice. Oh sweet Mary! No, Dicky. Don’t do it! Suzanne had suspected Dicky was carrying a torch for Jack. Who wouldn’t? And she wanted to talk to Dicky about it for so long, but then that would mean she’d have to tell Dicky she knew he was gay. Or suspected. But every magazine article she’d read said wait for your child to approach you. To tell you. So, she waited. And waited, and waited. And now her poor boy was about to have his heart broken.

“Never. I’ll never let you go.”

Wait… hold on, that was Jack’s voice. He’ll never let him go? What? Suzanne tiptoed closer to the window and peered out. Jack and Bitty were on the swing, which sat alongside the house.

She saw Jack reach out and place his hand on top of Dicky’s. The old swing creaked slowly.

“It’s killing me not being able to just kiss you and hold you tight, every time you’re near me.”

Dicky smiled and looked down at their hands.

“I know. Me too, honey. Every time I see you walk into a room, I just want to jump into your arms. I’ve missed you so much.”

Was this real? Her son and Bad Bob Zimmermann’s son were dating? How long had this been going on? Who pursued whom? Jack wasn’t straight? Her son – her baby – and Jack Zimmermann? And clearly, they were into each other.

“Me too, Bits. Me too. Thank god for the calls and Skype, but nothing beats this,” Jack said as he stroked Bitty’s forearm.

Suzanne wasn’t sure when she had stopped breathing, but her brain kickstarted itself and forced her to take a deep, deep breath. Bits. He called Dicky “Bits.” Oh, that’s sweet. His little Bits. Suzanne pushed in a bit closer; the gauzy curtains stroked her face as they billowed in and out.

“I wish you could come back home with me. Now. This weekend.”

“Sweetheart, you know I want that more than anything but I have camp and then… what would I tell my parents?”

Suzanne, placed her hand over chest and inhaled.

“That I love you. That I want to be with you… always.”

“You… you love me?” Dicky asked wide eyed.

Jack looked adoringly into Dicky’s eyes, and nodded.

“I’ve been wanting to say that for weeks now, Bits, but it just didn’t seem right to do it over Skype.”


“Yes,” Jack said as he pulled in closer.

“I love you, too,” Dicky said softly. “So much.”

“I wish I could kiss you right now,” Jack said leaning in just slightly.

“No… someone might see.”

Suzanne frowned. Oh, these poor boys. Bless their hearts, she wished she could tell them it was okay, but she supposed she was back to the waiting game.

“I guess I’ll have to wait till tonight,” Jack said with a smirk.

Dicky laughed, and playfully slapped Jack on the chest.

“And could you be a little more quiet this time? I swear, you almost woke up the entire house last night sneaking into my room. Lord!”

Suzanne frowned. Okay, what‽ Love was sweet and all, but there would be no hanky panky in her house. No sir.

“Boys!” she called out and watched Jack and Dicky jump apart. Bless. Their. Hearts.

“Can you bring in the citronella candles that are on the shelf next to the window in the garage? And then I need some help with a couple things.”

“Yes, mama!” Dicky replied flustered as he stood.

Jack quickly ran his hand down Dicky’s back. Dicky turned and smiled at Jack who mouthed I love you

Dicky threw a kiss to Jack then pulled him out of the swing and led him toward the garage.

Suzanne shook her head and smiled, in spite of herself. Despite the nighttime shenanigans, she was thrilled for Dicky.

Her son had found love, and clearly it had found him.

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Sleeping Beauty (Pt 4)

Pt 1 (x)

Pt 2 (x)

Pt 3 (x)

Lance was still unconscious, to the point where his dreams faded and all he could see was black nothingness. He was falling into some sort of coma, one that would kill him. Coran panicked. 

He couldn’t possibly lift Lance like this so he stopped the game and called down the rest of the paladins. “What gives Coran?! We were so clo-” Keith stopped in his tracks. “Oh…” ‘Oh’? That’s all Keith had to say?! ‘Oh’?! Coran gritted his teeth.

“Help him! Get him to the med-bay do something!” He barked.

As if they forgot what was before them, they scrambled to get Lance up and move him. Lance woke up on the way there though. He opened his eyes very slowly still dizzy and cold. “Cold…” he whispers and Hunk goes crazy. “Lance! Oh my god what happened to you, man?!” but before he could answer back he was out again. Shiro reached for Lance’s neck and checked for a pulse. He pulled away with fear stricken eyes. 

“I cant feel a pulse…”

They all went deafeningly silent. Lance was dying, if not dead already.

They stuffed his limp body into a suit and put him into the healing pod with worry seemingly permanently stitched onto their faces. They looked to each other for clarity— for knowledge of what happened.

Coran looked himself and he was boiling with rage. They were supposed to take care of each other, help each other and they decided to ignore him! Allura ran through the doors. When her eyes fell upon Lance she stopped and put her hands over her mouth in shock. “Is he…”

“No. No he’s alive. Barely.” Shiro signed and looked to the princess. “What happened to him? Why wasn’t he playing the game?”

“I…. I didn’t know where he was. I thought he was ditching us. I looked for him-” she felt a lump well in the base of her throat.

“No you did not!” Coran shouted. “Princess you glanced at the monitors and stepped a foot into his room. You didn’t care about him. You were glad he was gone!” Throwing her straight under the bus he checked Lance’s vitals on the monitor. “He’s got some low levels of… so… dium? Sodium?”

Pidge’s eyes went wide. “How long has Lance not been eating?!”

“How should we know Pidge?” Keith crossed his arms and looked at the floor. 

“We should know, Keith. He’s our friend and our teammate. We were supposed to look out for him.” Shiro put a hand on Keith’s shoulder. “The last time I saw Lance eat was a week ago but I’m sure he ate after that.”

“No he didn’t. He hasn’t been drinking any water either. His low sodium levels…? Lance is dying of dehydration.” Pidge sunk to the floor.

“I hadn’t seen him sleep either. I mean, look at the bags under his eyes.” Shiro gritted his teeth.

Hunk was beating himself up inside, his best friend. His best friend went around for God-knows-how-long without food, water, or sleep. He was a walking time bomb.

“When he wakes up we’ll have to make him eat something.” Pidge stood up to find the princess standing infront of her looking at Lance.

“I found… some weird red liquid in his room. By his bed. I don’t know what it is but there was a lot of it.” She mumbled and Pidge thought she misheard her.

“Oh my god…” Keith ran out of the room with Shiro and Hunk hot on his heels. No, no, no, no, no! Don’t let it be true! Don’t let it be true! They ran around corners, panting and praying all the same. When they arrived at Lance’s room Keith hesitated infront of the panel. Shiro however, could not wait a second longer and slammed his hand on the panel and watched the door slide open/ They couldn’t find anything from first glance so they walked over the end of the bed and they saw it. They saw the blood on the floor.

“Help me… Help me, please… Somebody help me!”

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"Why are you so annoying?" With Oikawa and his s/o? Soulmate AU with the words on the wrist and those words are on s/o's wrist.

Oikawa Tooru:

Oikawa had always been a bit insecure.
He wasn’t sure if it was due to his superiority complex or being outshined by Kageyama, or what. Although he did know one thing for sure.
Those damned words on his wrist played a huge part in all of his negative feelings. From the very moment he became literate, they haunted him. “Why are you so annoying?” they read, and the word “annoying” became the bane of his existence. As much as Oikawa wanted to meet his soulmate, he didn’t want to be seen as an abomination. The person who he was to be tied to for an eternity’s first impression of him would be “annoying”. He hated that, he hated the very image of anyone he loved deeming him obnoxious. These very words were the foundation of his facade.

As years passed on Oikawa hoped and prayed that maybe, someday, he’d wake up to find that black ink washed away and replaced with something new. Everyone around him had a nice little saying printed on them. Iwaizumi’s said, “I’ve never seen you here before.”, even Hanamaki’s was a cute little message of, “God, you’re hilarious.” No matter how hard he tried to be the image of perfection, by fate, he was always to been seen as annoying. Sometimes, he realized he should be getting a lesson out of this. Not everyone was going to find him perfect at first, not everything is going to go his way. But no, he was stubborn and everyday he enhanced his mask more and more to the point where it was covered in feathers and rhinestones and diamonds alike, fanning out to the point where you couldn’t see his real face at all. It was heavy, it was weighing him down, and god he rues the day he meets his soulmate, because there’s no guaranteeing he won’t slap them for what they’ve done.

Oikawa always stays for an extra hour or two after practice. He used to stay late in the gymnasium to actually practice as intended, but now that there was nothing to train for, his only reason for staying after was so he could finally get some time alone. Once 5:30 came and all his fangirls trickled out and his team soon followed, the coach would toss him the keys, promptly asking him to “lock up when he’s done”, and would shut the heavy titanium doors behind him. The handle would click, then Oikawa would finally be alone. He got seldom alone time at his house, his parents were home a lot more recently, and of course he loved his parents, but he just couldn’t stand them lately. If they were near him, the likelyhood of getting a paper shoved in his face was high. “University of Tokyo! Oxford! Meiji! Harvard!” they’d chant, and all this talk of bills and college and tuition was driving him absolutely mad. He thought that graduating from high school would finally lift the heavy weight off his shoulders, but just the idea of that diploma was pushing him down more. He lied down in the center of the gym, the cold wooden floor a sensation on his skin. Since 95% of the student body and staff was off campus by 5:00, Oikawa always took this chance to scream. He’d inhale, tilt his head back and scream, scream until his frustration dwindled down or his lungs began to burn, whichever came first. So today, per usual, he just screamed, the booming of his voice echoing off the walls of the gymnasium. Although, before he could reach any degree of vocal climax, the heavy titanium doors clicked open. He didn’t even bother sitting up to check who had opened the door, it was either some teacher, who would dismiss his behavior, or Iwaizumi, who would lecture him about it later on. Although, it couldn’t have been either. He heard a feminine snort, then the click of the door.
“Why are you so annoying?”
Oikawa didn’t have anytime to think, the rush of being caught unsettling his nerves.
“Deprecation my dear!” He called back, waving his arms around melodramatically. He sat up to meet his confronter, who was standing still, shocked by the doors.
“Excuse me, what?”
“Repeat what you just said to me?”
“No the other thing!”
“Oh… Deprecation my dear?”
The girl sighed, running a hand through her hair.
“Please be joking.”
“What?” Oikawa repeated for what seemed like the twentieth time today.
“Well…” She sighed. “First of all, I would like to say fuck you for making the last eighteen years of my life a poetic hell.”
Oikawa, who had figured he had sad ‘what’ too many times today opted for cocking his head, his eyes widening when she flashed him her wrist, his heart beating faster as his eyes scanned over the words.
“Oh god…” He mumbled, looking down at his own wrist. “And you… you said… why are you so… annoying…” Oikawa took a deep breath, letting his arm fall back to his side.
“You really wanna talk about hell, missy? Couldn’t you have said ‘hey, why’re you screaming’ or ‘hey, is something wrong’ instead of this?” He forcefully shoved his wrist in her face, his every word dripped with malice. He should be happy, but god, he couldn’t help but feel enraged. “These words turned me into a maniac. These words are why I’m stuck here screaming by myself at 6:00 at night! These words are why I’m… so annoying…” His tantrum slowly decrescendoed as he looked up at her, her eyes wide and bloodshot, her fists taut at her sides.
“Well, I’m sorry. It was really all up to fate. If it were up to me I’d say something completely different but… hey, if it makes you feel any better, every literature teacher I’ve had for the past seven years has used me as an example of poetry because of the words you said.”
“That’s not as bad as depreciation.”
“In my third year of middle school we had to do a writing prompt on my wrist.” She snorted, looking down at the words. “Who would’ve guessed that it was all over some guy screaming in a gym. I thought I’d meet you as an art student in a coffee shop.”
Oikawa couldn’t help but laugh, subconsciously taking her hand into his.
“Well… I’m Oikawa Tooru… you probably already know that…”
“Ooh, narcissist, much?” She grinned, playfully. He had known her for a minute yet he was already growing on to her sarcastic nature. “Well, I’m __ __, it’s nice to finally meet you after all these years.”
“You know, __…”
“I made a promise to myself that I would slap my soulmate once I met them because of all the shit they’ve put me through.”
“I don’t want to slap you, though.”
“Damn, good. You seem like you have a lot of bottled up anger, and I’d rather you scream into the void than use me as a stress ball.”
Oikawa gaped, searching for a counter argument but settling on a sigh.
“Gosh, you’re a mean one, aren’t you?”
“No, it’s just deprecation, my dear!”

Suddenly I See You: Ch. 8

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

A/N: There isn’t much I can say for this, except brace yourself. It almost feels like a filler chapter, but I can promise you it’s not. It’s the nail in the coffin that’s important for the last two chapters and for the final decision. Still silently praying this doesn’t disappoint. Much Love, Jenn

Genre: Mino x Reader, Zico x Reader

Words: 7512

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

For the first time you woke up without fear of running late to class and without panic from a nightmare. The worry of going through your day and disappointing one person or another. A smile stretched across your face as your arms extended back into the pillows. A scent you’d now grown accustom to enveloping you in comfort, as your eyes opened to adjust to the sunlit room.

You glanced over the side of the bed to look for Zico only to find he wasn’t there. His pillow and blankets reminiscent of a body that laid beside you throughout the night.

You moved to sit up and slide off the bed. Your feet carrying you over to the long mirror he’d placed in the corner to catch a glimpse of yourself. It wasn’t the reflection you’d hope to find. Your face puffy and hair a mess. Your hands flew up to try and smooth it down when you heard the door begin to open. You ran back to the bed and jumped on it, grabbing the bed sheet just as Zico walked into the room. His lips in an amused smirk as you wrapped the blanket around yourself like E.T.

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Loosely based on a true story

[FYI, I posted this on Patreon and on Reddit, so if you’ve seen it there this is nothing new. If you haven’t seen this yet, get ready ;)]

I had been living in my sorority house for three days when I met Anna. She was tall, with red hair, freckles and an athletic build. She was friendly to me right away, inviting me to go out to dinner with her. She had a musical laugh and a sense of humor like mine. I could tell we were going to be fast friends.

We pulled into the parking lot at a buffet that served foods from all over the world. I reminded myself not to get too carried away; I didn’t need to walk out of here looking nine months pregnant and freak out my new friend.

We set our stuff down at a table and split up. When Anna sat down, she had a plate in each hand. And they were piled high, too. She saw my eyes widen and said, “What? I gotta fill up this tummy somehow!”

I let out a nervous laugh, self-conscious that she would somehow know how turned on I was by the idea of seeing that beautiful, fit girl with a beach ball stomach.

We talked about our favorite Omega Chi boys and the impending rush season. Before we knew it, we each had downed four plates of food.

“Ugh! I am so freaking stuffed. I’m going to look preggo!” Anna unbuttoned her pants and slid down in the booth.

I decide to push my luck. “Bet you can’t eat another plate…”

“Oh, you’re on!”

We each struggle to stand up around our stuffed bellies. I lead her to the Italian area. The employees stare at us while we each pile up a plate as high as we can with pasta.

We race to finish the pasta. I, a seasoned professional at belly stuffing, beat Anna, but just barely. She can really hold her own. When she finished the plate, she leans back and groans, a hand on each side of her round stomach. I see a sliver of skin and thank God for tight tank tops.

“Ready to go, fatty?” I ask her, and she just laughs. She stands up and I watch her walk out of the restaurant, barely trying to cover her belly that’s poking out, bouncing a little with each step.

That night my stomach had settled, but you could still notice that it’s a little rounder than it was when I woke up in the morning. I head to my room, bringing a big glass of water with me. I stop to chat with my sisters about the importance of hydrating. It’s good for your skin, after all.

I shut my door and get under the covers. I chug the entire glass in under a minute. After watching Anna at that buffet today, I need to stretch my stomach as far as it will go. I think about Anna, growing bigger and bigger, looking like a water balloon. I fall asleep after getting myself off.

“Olivia. OLIVIA.” I feel someone shaking my shoulder. It’s Anna, trying to wake me up without stirring anyone in the rooms next door.

“Oh my God.” I jump. As soon as I realize what is happening, I grab my covers to try to disguise my swollen stomach.

“Sorry. Did I scare you? It’s just that I’m still hungry. I need someone to come get snacks with me. The buddy system, after all. Gotta stay safe on campus!”

“Good Lord, Anna! Heard of knocking?”

“Oh, get over it, you live in the House now. We’re sisters. Now get your ass up, I need pizza!”

I pull myself out of bed and hop in her car.

“You’re just lucky there’s even a place open at this time of night!”

“I’m very aware of the hours of the local restaurants. How do you think I survived the dorms?” Anna smiles mischievously.

We get back to the house and take our pizza to the basement.

“Anna, there’s no way you can eat a large pizza by yourself.” She got one for each of us.

“You don’t know my stomach!” She settles onto the couch and lays a box on her lap.

She demolishes her pizza. She has already unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. She starts to roll her tank top up to her boobs. “Hope you don’t mind, I gotta make room.”

“Anna, this is incredible.” I struggle to keep the arousal out of my voice.

She grabs what’s left of my pizza box (most of it) and starts in on that. At this point we have stopped talking. She is concentrating and I am mesmerized.

She finished off my piece and lays the box on the ground. She sits there for a moment, silent. She’s focusing on her stomach, working to digest nearly two large pizzas. Her hands cradle the bottom of her bulging belly.

“Anna, you look like you’re nine months pregnant.”

She doesn’t reply, she just moans softly.

I decide to do something risky. I slowly reach over and set my hand on the soft skin stretched over her stuffed tummy.

“Please rub my belly, Olivia. It hurts.”

My pussy is soaking wet. I don’t know how I am going to hide my complete adoration of her swollen stomach. But I can’t resist, and she clearly wants me to help…

I rub her stomach. “Ooohhhhh… That feels so good, Olivia…” she whispers.

I scoot closer and grip her belly with both hands. It starts to gurgle and I can feel her stomach under my hands, working to digest her feast. I hesitate.

“Please, Olivia, don’t stop rubbing. I feel like I am going to burst.”

I help her lay down on the couch. I sit on the floor beside her and keep rubbing. She keeps moaning and I notice that her hands have settled inside of her underwear… I decide to take a chance. I lean over and kiss her taut stomach. She gasps.

“I’m so sorry Anna. That was really weird… I’m going to go.”

“Wait! Come back. Do it again.”


“Olivia. I can see how much my antics at dinner had you worked up. I’ve seen you stroking your bloated stomach after a keg stand, which was adorable, by the way. No one else would have noticed that stuff… I did though.”

“So you’re saying that you did this on purpose?”

“You took the bait, didn’t you?”

I crawl up on the couch and get on top of Anna. Her belly is sticking up so far that it brushes against mine. Her fingertips gently caress the underside of my belly - which is pretty stuffed, although not as swollen as hers. I lean down and kiss her stomach again, dipping my tongue into her belly button. She gasps and her hips buck. So this is the real deal. She’s into this too.

Her shorts are already half off, considering how far she had to unzip them to accommodate her protruding stomach. I lean on my side next to her, kissing and nibbling her belly while sliding a hand into her panties. She is soaking wet.

“Geez, Anna. Someone really likes having their belly stuffed full.”

“There’s so much pressure inside of me… I feel so round…”

“You are absolutely huge. You look like you swallowed a basketball.”

I keep circling her clit and talking dirty to her. She comes and I have to cover her mouth with my free hand so we don’t wake anyone up.

“Geez, Anna, shut the hell up! Someone’s going to hear us!”

She tries to catch her breath. She smirks at me. “You’re next,” she pants.

We decided it’d probably be best for us to be roommates. It was quite a year.

there’s nothing you can do;

anonymous requested:

Could you do one where Justin has problems with Seth again and reader is pretty hot headed so she storms into there and Justin tries to stop her but since she’s black belt in taekwondo she beats Seth up and when she turns her back he attacks her? Thanks!! I love your writing so so muchhhh

author’s note: honestly. oh my god. I am sorry it’s a bit late? hopefully it was worth the wait man but it was a real experience writing this one!! AAAAAA i don’t think i will babble much on this note buT THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING THIS! also is this long idk im sorry

Originally posted by itsme-hannahbaker

I knew today wouldn’t be any different. People passing by and greeting others, classes where I can barely keep my eyes a little bit open, and of course, like the past week, Justin not making an appearance even on the last period.

I knew very well where he was. Knowing him like I do, I probably know as well what he is doing currently. The only thing I didn’t know, was the reason behind of the disappearance.

Walking down the hall I noticed the group of people I was aiming at since the start of the day. Not missing a second, I immediately walked over there and saw how Dempsey spotted me right away, the look on his face was a mix of worry and tiredness.

“Where is he?” I asked the whole group and they stared at me, not wanting to expose their friend’s hiding place. Waiting a little while before letting my temper get over me, I clenched my fists and sighed, “Okay, knowing where he is, why is he not here?” Monty was opening his mouth until Bryce shushed him out.

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I Fell In Love Again - Darkiplier Imagine

wc | 1,209

prompt | just some dark fluff. kind of shitty but i like it.

requests | open! drop some down in our inbox and our ask is open.

“You don’t give yourself enough credit.”

Y/N looked up from her laptop, the bright screen light cast upon her confused expression.


Her gaze fell upon the entity leaning against the wall across the room. His black irises piercing into her own, then flickering all over her body. The air felt still and warm, almost as if heat was radiating off of him.

“I said, you don’t give yourself enough credit. You’re beautiful,” he spoke without missing a beat, straightening out his tie to hide the nervous shake. God, he was more powerful than almost anything and a pretty girl was making him nervous. The trembles from his hands spread across his body when a shy smile found its way to her lips.

“Oh… thank you, Dark,” she was blushing. Oh god, she was blushing and she was smiling and making him fall even farther in love with her.

“Anytime,” he choked out, barely able to get a breath in. Dark was running over a million and one things he could’ve said that would’ve made him less nervous. He didn’t have to make himself sound like the love-struck fool he was, but of course he did and now he couldn’t think straight.

“Are you okay?” Y/N’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. No, no he wasn’t okay but he couldn’t say that because then she’d ask why and he just couldn’t bring himself to lie to her. All he did was shake his head side to side, then the air grew heavy with silence again.

It wasn’t the comfortable silence they were both used to, it wasn’t the kind of silence they could spend forever in together. They both seemed to have so many things they wanted to say but neither the motivation nor nerve was there to do so. It was like the first few days they started dating, or when they first met, but it shouldn’t be like that anymore.

They had lived together for a year and a half now, known each other for forever and had been in love since day one. It felt like they were falling love all over again, getting sweaty and nervous around one another; their heads were full words they were far too scared to say.

Suddenly, Dark was there again.

“Anti, if you don’t get your grimy paws off of me, I swear I’m gonna punch the smile off your goddamn face.”

“Empty threats, Dark. Try again next time when your insults don’t suck absolute ass,” the air was thick and there was a loud sound of static that spread for miles. It was deafening and uncomfortable, but neither of them seemed to care about anything else other than throwing shitty insults at one another.

The two were arguing under their breaths in a coffee shop, deciding they needed some fresh air but then Anti got all touchy because he’s an annoying little shit.

“Maybe if you wouldn’t touch me, I wouldn’t have to comment on your stupid face,” Dark mumbled childishly, then Anti stuck his tongue out in retaliation.

“You two still goin’ at it? You’ve been here for like, an hour, in a pissing competition,” a sarcastic tone interrupted their argument. 

Anti and Dark looked at each other before looking at the girl in front of them. While Anti was coming up with something to say, Dark was just taking in the absolute goddess that was standing in front of them. She had a cocky smile painted on her face and playful E/C eyes. Her brow was raised with one hand on her hip as her and Anti bickered like siblings.

Actually, they were talking like old friends.

“Well if it isn’t Y/N L/N,” he clicked his tongue, getting up to pull the girl into a hug. She nodded, a more friendly smile taking the place of the cocky one.

“Alive and in the flesh,” she bowed, tossing over a wink to Dark, “who’s the cutie?”

Dark was blushing furiously now, tugging at the cuffs of his suit with a nervous chuckle. He looked desperately at Anti, non-verbally begging for him to answer the question without making him look like an idiot.

“That, my dear, is my friend Dark. Well, I wouldn’t call him a friend, but I do spend most of my time with him despite him being a major douchebag. Don’t waste you time on him, Y/N/N, he sucks.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” she scoffed, shooing Anti away as she took his seat and stuck out her hand, “Y/N L/N, nice to meet you.”

He had fallen in love with her almost instantaneously, finding nothing other than perfection in the sassy girl. They began talking a lot more and before he knew it, they were dating. It took weeks to get out of the awkward stage where neither of them knew what to say, then they were just like nervous teens in love with everything to say but neither having the time nor place to say it.

Then everything poured out all at once and they told each other how in love they were. It was horribly cheesy and Anti still gagged at the sight of his stone-faced friend turning into a puddle whenever Y/N was around. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“No,” he sighed.

“Why?” she turned off her laptop, setting it down and patting the seat next to her on the couch. Hesitantly, Dark walked over and sat down. He threw his legs over the side, resting his head onto her lap and looking up at her with eyes that reflected everything and nothing all at once.

“I fell in love again.”

Y/N seemed confused, worried, even, “what? With who?”

“Oh, no, sweetheart,” Dark shook his head, realizing how that came out, “I fell in love with you again.”

“What do you mean?” everything that came out of her mouth was uncertain, questioning.

“I fell in love with you again, like before, but… more. I’m realizing that every time I see you I keep falling harder and harder for the girl who brings out the best in me. I love you so much, Y/N, and you deserve a lot more than me, so thank you for caring about me. God, I’m rambling, aren’t I? I just have so much to say, you keep me speechless with your beauty and I’m worried to say anything because I know how smart you are and you’re just gonna make me sound stupid. I’m the biggest idiot around you because all your intelligence and beauty and sassy, compassionate personality make me understand that perfection is real. Perfection is in you, the girl who chose me to love above all other people that could’ve given her a better life.”

There was a beat of silence, Y/N absorbing everything she just heard her beloved pour out. Then her eyes were welling up with tears and she leaned down to press her lips against Dark’s. Her and him stayed there for a while, enjoying the closeness until she pulled away.

“You goof, I love you too. More than all the stars in the sky. I loved you then, I love you now, I’ll love you even more when I fall in love with you all over again.”

Anotha’ Harlivy Fic

hey, look!! i finally got this written!!

Title: Birthday Wishes

Pairing: Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy

Summary: When the Joker forgets her birthday, Harley seeks comfort in the only way she knows how: by going back to Ivy. 

AO3 Link

there are mentions of violence in this, but nothing explicit. 

It was unexpected, the way Harley showed up on her doorstep. Ivy had just changed into her gardening clothes when she heard the bell ring. It rang once, then twice. Ivy was considering just ignoring it, but then the knocking started.

“Red? Are you in there?” A wet little sniffle that was enough to break Ivy’s heart in two. Harley wasn’t supposed to be here today.

She opened the door.

Harley’s bun was fighting against the hair tie and she was still in her pajamas. She had on suede ankle-length UGGs—Ivy was pretty sure that’s what they were called, anyway—that looked misplaced with her pale pink polka dot shorts and the fact that it was June. Her eyes were red, her stomach twitching like she was holding back sobs.

Ivy wanted to touch her, hug her, grab her hands and hold on hard.

Without a word, she pulled Harley inside and looked her over: she was shaking pretty badly, but she didn’t seem to be hurt, at least not externally.

“He forgot. He forgot again, Red. He didn’t remember.” Her voice was terrible, hoarse and breaking. “He forgot my birthday.

“Shhh,” Ivy said. “It’s okay. Shhh.” She put her arms around Harley, pulled her close. Harley’s head went down on her shoulder and she started to sob.

They stayed like that for God knows how long—long enough for the shoulder of Ivy’s sweater to soak up all the snot and tears it could hold. Ivy’s arms were getting tired and her knees were starting to buckle, but she didn’t want to let Harley go. “Let’s go sit down, okay?”  

“Okay,” Harley mumbled into Ivy’s shoulder.

Just looking at Harley made Ivy’s chest feel like it was about to burst open. How could someone be so cruel? She’d always known Joker was deranged, but this bordered on inhumane. Even after seeing all the abuse he’d inflicted, this particular indifference made her sick.

Ivy sat herself down and opened her arms for Harley.

“I just…don’t u-understand.”

“Oh, Harl.”

“Sometimes, I feel like he doesn’t even like me, and it hurts so bad. Oh God, it hurts.” Harley’s hands wrapped around her stomach and her face seized in a grimace like she’d taken a punch to the gut.

“Shhh. I know, baby. I know.” Ivy felt helpless seeing Harley like this. She didn’t know what she was supposed to say, and she sort of felt like she was drowning. She would’ve given an arm and a leg for someone to give her the right words.

“Why doesn’t he love me?”

Because he doesn’t have a soul. Ivy almost said it but decided to bite the inside of her cheek instead.

“I d-dunno why he doesn’t love me.”

Ivy said,  with a touch of impatience, “He’s a blind, ungrateful fool.”

Harley pretended not to hear that. “What’s wrong with me?” She asked it sincerely, like she expected an answer, like she needed one. “Huh? What is it? What’s wrong with me?” The desperate look in her swollen eyes sent strange things fluttering through Ivy’s brain, cold and frail as moth circlings. She shivered. It was times like this that made Ivy doubt that Harley knew what she was doing. She looked so helpless, too helpless to be faking it.

“Nothing.” Ivy rubbed her back in circles and couldn’t help but smile when goose bumps began layering the skin around Harley’s shoulders. “Nothing is wrong with you.”

“That feels….s-so good.” Harley had her eyes closed, but she was still crying. Her face reminded Ivy of a newborn kitten trying to smell out its mother before it could see: she looked so lost. “Please don’t stop.”

They sat in silence for awhile before Ivy finally cleared her throat. “You know, Daffodil,” she swiped her thumb under Harley’s eye to catch the tears, “I think I still have some cake mix in the pantry.”

“I don’t wanna make a cake.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t let that deranged buffoon ruin your day.”

“Too late.”

Ivy rolled her eyes. “It isn’t too late. It isn’t even twelve o’clock yet!”

Harley said nothing, just turned her face away.

“Fine. I’m guessing that means you don’t want your present, either.”

“Present?” Harley said automatically, and Ivy’s heart lifted.

“Yeah. I’m sorry you’re not feeling up to it.”

Harley’s head came up and she stared at Ivy, rubbing her eyes with her fists. She sniffled. “‘No, I’m feelin’ up to a present. I’m always feelin’ up to a present, Red.” 

Ivy laughed, quietly, to herself. “Well, sit up then, so I can go grab it.” Harley moved off of Ivy. “I’ll be right back.”

She stood up and made her way to the master bedroom. The box was sitting neatly on the bottom shelf of her closet, unwrapped and exactly where she’d left it three weeks ago. It was common knowledge by now that there was no taking away Harley’s grief, but Ivy liked to think that she at least helped a bit. She picked up the Three Stooges box set and tried to remember if she had any gift bags, even though she was pretty sure she didn’t. She let out an irritated sigh and went back to the living room.

“I’m sorry it isn’t wrapped. I didn’t know you were coming over today.” Ivy held the box behind her back and gave Harley a wicked grin when she tried to peek.

“Oh, c’mon. Can I see? Pretty please? The suspense is killin’ me.” Harley’s eyes were still swollen, but there weren’t any fresh tears.

Still grinning, Ivy slowly—to Harley’s obvious frustration—moved her arms in front of her and held the box out to her.

Harley’s eyes widened. “Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick! Is that all the seasons?” She leapt off of the couch and snatched the DVDs out of Ivy’s hands fast enough to leave skid marks. Her eyes frantically ran over the description. “Holy shit, it is all of the seasons!”

Ivy brought a hand up to her mouth and giggled.

“Oh, Red! I love it so much!” Setting the DVDs onto the coffee table, she flung her arms around Ivy and gave her a hug that felt more like a choke hold. Then, in a quieter voice, “God, you’re the best. Really, though. I dunno what I’d do without ya’.”

“Die, probably.” Ivy rolled her eyes, but it was benign. Harley giggled.

“True,” she said, placing a kiss on Ivy’s cheek. “By the way…is it too late to ask if we can make that cake?”

“Ooh! I wanna crack the eggs! Can I crack the eggs, Red? Please?” Her voice was high-pitched and loud like she was trying to talk over someone. Usually, that would’ve irritated Ivy, but today it was making her smile.

They had the radio from the living room set up on the counter. It was quiet and crackly and made the 50s and 60s chart toppers wafting through the speakers sound oddly warm. Even the potted plant sitting beside it seemed lulled.

Ivy smiled at her. “All yours.”

The whole kitchen smelled like it was drizzled in vanilla, and each breath was like inhaling sugar without the sting. Ivy had always been more of a salt person, but she loved the way the cake smelled, how it made her feel giddy and twenty years younger. Vegan lasagna was delicious, but it could never pull this off.

Harley leaned across the counter and pulled the carton of eggs towards her. “I’m real good at crackin’ eggs.”

“Are you now?” Ivy said, raising her eyebrows and crossing her arms over her chest.

Harley touched the egg to the edge of the counter and eyeballed it. “It’s all about the form,” Harley explained as she cracked it in one fluid motion and pulled it apart over the mixing bowl. “See? Egg-squisite.”

“That was awful.”

“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that. I couldn’t help myself from crackin’ that joke.” A shit eating grin so wide Ivy could hear it. Harley walked over to the sink and dipped her fingers into the trickle of water.

“Jesus Christ.” Ivy laughed in spite of herself, a real laugh that came from her chest and echoed around the kitchen. Today was turning out to be a good day after all.

Harley shook the water droplets off of her hands and leaned over the cookbook on the counter. “‘Kay, so it says here that,”—she squinted at the frosting recipe—“that, uh… Huh. Actually, I dunno what it says. I forgot to put my contacts in this mornin’, so everything’s a little blurry.”

“Let me see.”

Harley slid the book over to Ivy.

“‘Gradually add 4 cups of sifted powdered sugar, one cup at a time, beating well on medium speed.’ Think we can handle that?”

Harley’s brows pulled together. “What does that even mean?”

“Here,” Ivy said, grabbing the powdered sugar container from the center of the island. “Do you want to be in charge of the mixer or the sugar?”

“The mixer.” She gave Ivy a sneaky, knowing little smile. “I’m real good at mixin’ things.”

“Right.” Ivy removed the lid and pulled out the measuring cup. “I’m  going to be adding a half cup of this every minute or so while you mix. Try to keep it on a low speed, okay?”

“Aye aye, captain.” That sideways, warm flick of a smile again as she turned on the mixer.

Ivy dug the cup into the powdered sugar and ran a butter knife over the top. She dumped it into the mixing bowl.

“Six more scoops of sugar, a little beating, and voilà—we’ll have ourselves butter cream frosting.”

“Can’t wait.”

Ivy dropped in another scoop. Then another.

“Hey, wait! It ain’t all mixed in yet!”

Ivy shook her head. “It’ll be fine.” Another scoop. Then a click. Then—

Harley! Turn the speed down!” White powder was flying out of the bowl and into the air. She shut her eyes tightly until she heard the mixer go off. When she opened them, she saw the sugar had made a white blanket over the counter and had stuck to her shirt, her lips, her hair, her nose. It had even gone down the dip of her sweater. She sneezed.

“Oh, crap! I’m so sorry! I thought if I beat it a lil’ faster, it would help, swear-ta’-God,” Harley said. Then, “You should see ya’self right now, Red. It’s stuck in your eyebrows, and it looks really funny!” She was shaking with half-suppressed laughter as Ivy swatted at the powder on her shirt.

Ivy should’ve been furious, but all she could feel was every muscle loosening like she was six years old again and cartwheeling herself dizzy in her front yard, like she could run around the block fifteen times and never run out of breath. She ran a finger over one of her eyebrows and burst out laughing. “I feel like a yeti.”

“I can help with that.” Harley stood on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on Ivy’s nose, then her cheek, then her lips. “See? Nice and clean now. Well, ‘cept your eyebrows.”

Ivy’s head was spinning, but not at all unpleasantly. “I think my lips may need a little more work.”

Harley grinned. “Yeah?” she said as she went in for another kiss. “You taste good.”

Ivy swept Harley off of her feet and placed her on top of the counter. “As do you, my dear,” she whispered and began playing with the string of Harley’s pajama shorts. She smirked at how quickly the goose bumps began running up and down her bare legs, how her breath was shivering and her cheeks were flushing. Being able to do that to someone she cared for with so little effort…it felt powerful. Ivy took a small step back. “But that’ll have to wait until we finish the frosting.”

“Oh, forget the fuckin’ frosting,” Harley said, wrapping her legs around Ivy and pulling her back. “I’m not waitin’ another second.”

“Fine, then.” They were still close enough that the tip of their noses touched, but nothing else. A swift painful pang went through her then, but she couldn’t figure out why; it was much too complicated, too far away.

She stayed there for a moment, just breathing, before Harley’s hands came up, fingers tangling in her hair, moving down across her cheek, tracing the line of her mouth. The fierceness of her took Ivy’s breath away. When they pulled apart again, Ivy’s heart was running wild.

What happens tomorrow? Ivy thought, with the one clear drop of her mind.

Harley’s mouth, the corners curving in a tiny smile, was very close to hers. Her hands were on Ivy’s shoulders, her thumbs moving in long gentle strokes along the line of her collarbone.

“I think I’ve got at least a half cup a’ sugar up my cooter right now,” Harley told her as she continued tracing patterns on Ivy’s skin. “Sexy, right?” Her hair was standing up in powder-covered cowlicks where her bun had loosened and she had frosting smudged on one cheek and she had no idea how beautiful she looked to Ivy.

A car drove by outside and spun the sunlight coming through the windows, glossy and magic as the lights of a carousel. The radio was whirling with music so sweet Ivy could hardly bear it. To lead a better life, I need my love to be here… In that moment, all Ivy wanted in the world was for Harley to stay. She wanted to skim off the solitude of her life light as a bird and keep Harley for good. Ivy had as much right as anyone else to love, to joy, to a partner, to a life. Here, making each day of the year. Spring naps in the hammock as plum blossoms fell softly onto their legs, tracing constellations with their fingers in the cloudless summer sky, the quiet smell of old books and cinnamon in the fall, warm embers sparkling on frost-crystalled window panes during the holidays—she could see it all so clearly. Changing my life with the wave of her hand.

Ivy carefully hooked a stray lock of hair off of Harley’s face. Nobody can deny that there’s something there.

“I wanna remember today,” Harley said. “I wanna get it tattooed onto my body so I never forget it.”

“We can have a thousand more days like today. We can have all of the time in the world.” Ivy squeezed Harley’s hand. There, running my hands through her hair. “You know, Harl, whenever you’re not here, I miss you. You have no idea how much I miss you.”

Ivy thought she saw a flicker of something in Harley’s eyes, but she couldn’t tell what. “I miss you too, Red.” Both of us thinking how good it can be.

“Then stay. Here. With me.”

“Ivy, ya’ know I can’t do that.” Someone is speaking but she doesn’t know he’s there.

And that’s when Ivy remembered how fragile moments like this were. They were so easily broken, and when they broke, they broke in an instant.

Harley must have read the look on Ivy’s face. “I’m sorry, Red. Ya’ know I can’t leave Mistah J, even for you.” I want her everywhere and if she’s beside me I know I need never care.

“Harl, he hurts you.”

“He doesn’t mean to, really. Ya’ never see all the sweet things he does for me.”

“Like what?” Ivy knew then that she should retire the subject, move on, but the wave of pure frustration was smashing over her so hard she wanted to scream. But to love her is to need her everywhere. 

“Well…I can’t think—”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Harley! When are you going to learn? How many fucking times does he need to hurt you before you realize that he doesn’t love you and that he never will?” She was boiling over, but she hardly cared. “But me, Harley, I care about you. I always have!” Knowing that love is to share.

Harley glanced sharply at her, but Ivy couldn’t stop. The anger was hitting her like speed through her blood, pounding high up in her throat. “I mean, for fuck’s sake! Are you really so dense that you can’t see that? He treats you like garbage. Why do you always pick him when I’m the one that’s here for you? I’m the one that listens to you and laughs with you and wipes away your tears and supports you and cares about you and remembers your fucking birthday. Joker, though? He couldn’t care less. You’re the gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe, and that’s on a good day.”

“My Puddin’ loves me,” Harley said quietly. There was a rough edge to her voice. Each one believing that love never dies. 

“Harley, you said it yourself—he doesn’t love you! He doesn’t care about you the way I do. He can’t even be bothered to remember the day of your birth.” Her voice was rising fast. Beneath the rush, it struck Ivy that she had been waiting a long time to lose her temper like this. “Has he ever taken you out on your anniversary? What about Valentine’s day?” Watching her eyes and hoping I’m always there.

“You dunno what you’re talking about. Mistah J loves me more than you could ever dream  of lovin’ me. He just…makes mistakes sometimes, but he loves me. And ya’ know what? I love him, too. More than you’ll ever know.” I want her everywhere and if she’s beside me I know I need never care. 

“That’s not love. That’s an illness! You’re sick, Harley. Please, just listen to me.”

Harley examined her for a moment. “I know ya’ think you’re angry, Red, but you’re not,” she said. “You’re scared right now, scared shitless.” But to love her is to need her everywhere.

Ivy paused, raised an eyebrow. “And why’s that?”

“Because ya’ know I’ll never choose you.” Knowing that love is to share.

Ivy flinched, but the adrenaline kept her going. “You’re a tool to Joker, a toy, something to play with and break. But to me, you’re my best friend. Don’t you get it? You’re an equal to me. I see you as a person, and believe me when I say that I care deeply for the person I see. I care about you, Harley. You’re not a toy to me.”

Harley shook her head. “I’m not… he doesn’t—” Each one believing that love never dies.

“He does. He does see you as a toy. He sees everyone as a toy, and you want to know why? Because he’s soulless fucking monster who doesn’t have a conscience.

“No, Ivy, you’re the monster. It’s you—”

Ivy slammed both of her hands onto the counter, her face inches from Harley’s. Harley jumped, wild-eyed. She had a hand pressed to her mouth. “Do I really mean so fucking little to you that you’d compare me to that…to that thing?”

Harley shook her head roughly into her palm and started to cry.

“Don’t pretend to be the victim right now. Don’t you fucking dare. First, you tell me you’d never choose me over him, then you call me a fucking monster—”

“I dunno why I said that—” Watching her eyes and hoping I’m always there.

“Because you know that he doesn’t love you. Because you know that I’m right.”

Harley straightened up at that, swiped at her tears. It made Ivy wonder if they were real to begin with. “He does love me! He does!”

Ivy softened as she saw more tears running down Harley’s cheeks. They coming fast now, too fast for her to keep up with. They rolled over her fingers and onto her thighs, down her knees. Ivy had known for years that Harley was sick, but that was the moment when she understood that all of those years had done more than made her sick—they’d broken her heart. Harley had staked everything—her career, her friends, her freedom, her life—on this one, shining love, and she had lost. She’d bet on a shit hand.

Harley must have caught the sorrow off of Ivy’s expression because her eyes lit up with pure fury, like a trapped animal. “He does!”

“Harley, listen to me,” Ivy said, and then her throat closed up; she could hardly breathe. “Please. I can help you.” She didn’t even realize that her hand was gripping Harley’s arm.

Harley slapped her hand over Ivy’s, removed it from her arm, and placed it roughly on the counter. “Lemme down.” I will be there.


“Lemme down.” And everywhere. 

Ivy stepped aside. “Remember how you felt this morning when Joker forgot your birthday?”

Harley slid off of the counter and took a shaky breath. She seemed discombobulated and uneven, like she thought the ground might start rippling under her feet. “Yeah,” she said with a touch of asperity, but it didn’t land right. She wouldn’t meet Ivy’s eyes. Here. 

“That’s how I feel every time you leave me for him. To this day, I’m not always sure whether you genuinely like me or if I’m just something you need to take the edge off.”

Harley turned to look at her then, and there was something in her eyes that went beyond kindness, beyond compassion, beyond sympathy: understanding. Dr. Harleen Quinzel was alive and blazing in front of her. “I love you, Ivy.” There.

“Then why do you always leave?”

Harley thought about that for so long, Ivy thought she’d forgotten the question. “Because I don’t know how to do anything else,” she said finally, and then she walked out the same way she came in.

And everywhere. Something snapped inside of Ivy then. The anger, the despair, the fear—it was all too much. She kicked the counter, hard enough that for a second she thought she’d broken her toe. The lights were too bright. The sugar in the air was too sweet. The music was too loud. It was making her sick. Stop. On a wild impulse, she grabbed the radio and yanked it straight out of the outlet. It wasn’t heavy, but Ivy threw her whole body into it, sent it flying off of the counter. To her horror, it wasn’t the only thing that fell: the cord had somehow slid the potted plant sitting next to it over the edge, and it smashed onto the floor with a horrific crashing noise and an explosion of roots and dirt and shards of glass. The pieces stared up at her, curving and wicked against the tile.

“Oh, God.” Her heart was going ninety and she could hardly see. She knelt down next to the plant, didn’t even flinch when a piece of glass pressed into her knee cap. If anything, she was thankful for the pain. It seared her mind white and empty. “It’s okay, baby. Shhh. I’m sorry.” Hands trembling, she scooped the plant into her palms, gently, like her mother had done with birds that ran into the window when she was little.

The plant was whimpering. Ivy could only think of a handful of times she’d hated herself more.

She stood up, and this time she did flinch when a shard of glass sliced her foot. “God fucking dammit.” She could hear the floor sizzling away as drops of green blood dripped onto the tile. It almost sounded like a bubble bar hitting water, but not quite. There wasn’t another sound in the world that truly came close to the sound of acid melting through solid tile.

She kept walking and tried to ignore the trail of holes following her into the greenhouse, a terrible little road map to ensure she’d never forget today, that she’d never lose her way back.

When she got to the door, Ivy stared down blankly at the mess of roots that demanded both of her hands, watched the pretty pattern the window was casting onto it.

There were times when she wondered how much longer she could keep this up, whether she’d know when she was spent. The thing about Harley others didn’t seem to understand was that she took you places, dark places. She did things to the air when she sometimes, stained it with her lethal colors and let you breathe it in.

At the beginning, Ivy never let Harley take her anywhere. She was immune to toxins, after all. Actually, when it was just starting out, she thought she’d been using Harley—for sex, for company, for something to do. But now…she was completely submerged, and the irony of it? Harley had been the one using her the whole time, and what was worse—Ivy let her do it. Even now, Ivy was letting her do it, free-falling into whatever the hell they had together, full fathom five and sinking deeper. Harley poisoned the air around her, coming and going as she pleased. It broke Ivy’s heart, but she just couldn’t bring herself to fix up an antidote. She couldn’t bring herself to let Harley go.

At the very edges of her mind, she thought she heard a door squeal open—she really needed to oil those hinges—and a pair of vines ushered her inside.

Everything was streaky and too fast to follow, but somewhere in that tangle of time, she repotted her plant, gave it the nicest pot she could find. “I’m so sorry.” She was stroking its leaves, trying to calm it down. She was thinking about painting the pot yellow.

Then, she startled the living hell out of herself by bursting into tears. Ivy hadn’t cried in ages, not for herself, not for Harley, not for her plants, not for anybody, but she cried then. She pressed the sleeve of her sweater over her mouth and bawled her eyes out.

What have I done? The whole incomprehensible scene seemed to be moving in slow, tilting circles all around her, so she dropped her head to her knees until everything was still again. There was no going back now.

Late-afternoon sun was flooding in through an open window and she could hear the wind ruffling the grass, could feel it brushing up against her skin. She thought of Harley laughing into her pillow at four in the morning, sticking her tongue out to catch falling snowflakes. Something felt like it was breaking under her breastbone, and for a moment, she was positive that she was about to be sick.

Sweet Jesus, what have I done?

Ivy lifted her head and wanted to howl but didn’t have the breath. Her insides felt inflamed. Vines were rubbing her back in a soothing, gentle rhythm and singing softly into her ear. After a while, one of them reached into the main house and passed her a box of tissues.

“My head is pounding and I’m so exhausted that I’m seeing double,” she said.

“Then sleep,” the vines whispered, and she did.

Ivy opened her eyes to a pale orange sky. She heard banging, somewhere, but it didn’t seem to have anything to do with her, so she let it go by and drifted off again.

She woke with a start to a crash somewhere in the house. It took Ivy a second to work out where she was: curled up in a pile of vines with her head tilted back at an awkward angle. She was sore. Her shirt was cold and clammy with tears, and she was shivering. Somewhere outside, she could hear dogs barking.

She unfolded herself in stages and stood up. Bad move. Her head lurched into a sickening spin and she had to grab at the ivy to stay upright.

Outside the greenhouse, the world had turned a sweet, ghostly blue-gray, not a cloud in sight. She slapped herself across the cheek to make sure she was grounded and walked over to the door. For a second, she was afraid to step into the house—what if somebody had broken in?—but then she remembered who she was and stepped inside anyway.

She tiptoed down the hall and tried to ignore how fast her heart was beating. The trees outside were casting shadows onto the floor, letting them dance on the walls. Ivy had never believed in ghosts, but in that moment, she wouldn’t have thought twice if one walked straight through her front door.

She passed the dining room and the den, but there was no sign of anything out of the ordinary. That left the kitchen and…

The living room window was smashed, broken glass peeking out in between strings of carpet. She narrowed her eyes and absently wondered who in the hell she’d have to call to get that fixed. It looked amature—nothing she couldn’t handle—but she couldn’t shake the layer of unease building in her chest.

Ivy’s hands curled around the seeds in her back pocket as she forced herself forward. Whatever moron had decided this was the ideal house to rob had a nasty fate awaiting them. The thought was almost enough to put a smile on her face. Her venus fly traps would be absolutely ecstatic: they loved people.

Somewhere in the house, a toilet flushed, and Ivy went cold all over. She immediately pressed herself against the wall so hard she could feel all of the little grooves that her eyes had never caught. In her rational mind, she knew she had no reason to be afraid. She was Poison Ivy for fuck’s sake. Essentially, she was invincible, but her emotions still ran like they did when she had just been Pamela. She pushed her feet down hard into the floor and tried to pull her head together.

She held her breath and clutched the seeds until her knuckles went white. A door opened. “Dammit, Red, I know you’re mad, but that was really mean. Ya’ almost made me water the shrubs!”

Harley’s voice hit her like a breath of pure oxygen. She wanted to laugh so badly she was almost dizzy with it, like a teenager in love. She clapped a hand over her mouth just in time.

“Ya’ knew I had to pee since I got here. I woulda’ opened the door for you, ya’ know.” More footsteps. Ivy could see her walking towards the front door. “C’mere, babies! Yes, hello.” Bud and Lou came hurling through the second she opened the door. Harley sniffled and Ivy realized she was crying.

It was ridiculous, hiding in her own home, but she wasn’t sure what else to do. The part of her that wanted to laugh, that made her chest warm—it was retreating, and fast. In its place, she felt a ripple of something scaldingly hot that felt like it was burning through her insides. She put the seeds back in her pocket.

“Red, I know you’re in here!” For now, Bud and Lou seemed more interested in the powdered sugar on the counter than anything else, but Ivy knew that once they’d licked it all up, they’d find her—she’d worked that much out. What she hadn’t worked out yet was whether or not she cared.

Harley ran a hand through her hair, smoothing it hard. It wasn’t in its bun anymore. “Look, I know I screwed up, bad, but I’ve been here since four o’clock. I’ve been cryin’ my eyes out, but I didn’t leave, not even when I thought I was gonna pee my pants. I’m tired and I’m hungry and I’m real sad and I’m in a lotta’ pain. You can yell and be mad all ya’ want later, I swear, but right now, I just really need a hug.” The note in her voice was weighted, like a deep bell tolling.

Ivy’s nails were cutting into her palms and her heart was hammering out of control. She knew it was wrong, but there was an almost sweet satisfaction in hearing Harley beg like this. This time, Harley was crying over her, not Joker, and something about that felt really, really good. It felt fair.

Harley blew her nose wetly into the top of her shirt. Bud and Lou were pawing at her legs now, licking her knees. “I’m won’t leave again, Red. I know I say that a lot, but I really mean it this time, promise. I decided I’m choosin’ you.”

Ivy stared down at the crooked little hole in the floor next to her toe. I’ll never choose you. In that second, she realized her jaw was clenched so hard it was shaking and that she was absolutely livid.

“That’s shit!” Ivy yelled, banging her fist against the wall. Harley gasped and nearly fell to the floor, but Ivy didn’t care. “That’s such shit I won’t even listen to it.”

“Red, it’s not—”

“No! Stop it!” Ivy’s voice was stern enough to stop her mid sentence. “You don’t just get to keep doing this—breaking my fucking heart and coming back like it’s nothing—because you know what?  It’s not nothing. This is my life and it’s not a fucking game and I hate you so much I can’t even look at you!”

“You don’t hate me, Red. Don’t even say stuff like that.”

“I don’t feed people lies like the fucking gutter bullshit you feed me, Harley. I don’t say things I don’t mean.”

Harley said nothing, just stared like she’d been slapped straight across the face.

“What, you thought I’d just let you keep running this ongoing little fuck fest until the day I dropped dead? You’re unbelievable. And just so we’re clear, there’s no chance I’m continuing to let my life go down the toilet all because some stupid girl is too wrapped up in her own best interests to give a damn about anything or anyone else. Not a chance in hell.”

“But I…I thought you’d be happy.”

“Fuck you,” Ivy said, and the shake in her voice sounded like she was dangerously close to tears. “Fuck you. How stupid do you think I am? Why on earth would I be pleased that you decided to crawl back?”

“I’m so sorry, Red. I…you have no idea how sorry I am. I can change, though. Things can be different now, just like ya’ said before. Remember?”

“‘Change’? Harley, in all the years I’ve known you, I have never seen you change, not once. ’m not buying it, not this time. You had to know that there would come a time when I got sick of being your toy.”

Tears were running down her cheeks too fast to be fake. “Red—”

“I want you out of my house, now.”

Then, in a tiny devastated voice that was just barely above a whisper, “I’m beggin’ ya’ to give me another chance. I love you.” Harley’s mouth was open, one hand trembling inches from it. She sounded as terrified as a kid in the dark, and that’s when Ivy realized she meant it. “I’ve just had one of the worst fuckin’ days of my entire life. All I want is for you to call me Daffodil and rub my back like you always do. I know I’ve got no right askin’ ya’ to do that, but I feel like I’m fallin’ apart and I just really need you right now…” Harley’s hands came up, reaching out; her whole body was moving towards Ivy.

The adrenaline drained from Ivy’s blood and she felt so sad, all of a sudden. She wanted the anger back, wanted to feel that power all over again, but compassion was putting up a good fight. Maybe it was because Harley looked so pathetic, begging for someone who so vehemently claimed to want nothing to do with her, or maybe it was something else entirely, but Ivy felt a piece of herself shift. She remembered the reason why she’d never been able to let Harley go: she was in love. Before she understood that she was doing it, she walked over to Harley and wrapped her in a hug. Harley’s hands grabbed at her like a lost child as she buried her face in Ivy’s chest.

Ivy knew that she shouldn’t be doing this—letting herself fall back into the one person who could hurt her, who had hurt her and may very well continue to hurt her. It was careless, and it was dumb, but she didn’t know how not to do it.

“What are you doing here?” Ivy asked and pulled back to get a good look at Harley’s face. Now that she was closer, Ivy could see that one of her eyes was swollen and maroon, edging in on purple, and her nose was bleeding. “What the hell happened to you?”

Harley tried to smile, winced, and left it alone. “Oh, this?” She wiped at her nose, staring at the streaks of blood that came off onto her hands with a sort of detached disinterest. “It’s nothin’ serious, just hurts a little. That’s all.”

Just like that, Ivy forgot all about being mad at Harley, stashed it in the back of her mind to deal with later. She surrendered herself to compassion. “Does it hurt anywhere else?”

Harley shook her head. “My arms are a little cut up from the window and my stomach kinda hurts, but it’s mostly just my face.” Then, to Ivy’s concerned expression, “I could use a Band-Aid, though. Maybe more than one, actually.”

Ivy led Harley into the kitchen and pulled two glasses out of the cabinet.

“Whatchya doin’?” Harley asked as Ivy dug around in the fridge. She slammed a can of Coke and a bottle of Grey Goose onto the counter. “Have a drink,” she said, pouring a big sloppy vodka and Coke and passing it to Harley. She’d never been a fan of soda, but she always had a fridge full for when Harley stayed over.


Ivy filled up her own glass with three fingers of vodka and took a sip. It was rich and sweet and it burned trails of warmth right down to her fingertips. With a bit of lazy effort, she gave the fridge door a good roundhouse kick shut and opened the drawer where she kept her first aid supplies.

“What plant jizz am I gettin’ this time?”

“Rubbing alcohol. This is going to sting a little, okay?” she told Harley as she prepared a spray bottle.

“Wait you’re…putting it in there?”

“Yes, now hold still.”

Harley flinched harder than Ivy was expecting her to when she started squirting the cuts. “God almighty! Is that stuff burning my skin?”

“Not exactly.” Setting the spray bottle down, she tipped her head back and finished off her drink.

“Ya’ look like you could use another drink.” Harley nudged the Grey Goose towards her. She started to shake her head automatically, but then she changed her mind and took it: what the hell.

“You know, you’re right. I could really use another drink.” God knew she needed it. And really, it was the truth: Ivy did need another drink, badly. She’d had enough of her feelings for the day, maybe even the week.

With a flourish, Ivy topped off both of their glasses.

“Here’s to the end of an absolute fucking trash day.” Harley raised her drink to the ceiling.  

“I’ll drink to that.”

Harley took a long swallow and grimaced. “I feel like my skin is gonna start meltin’ off the bone any second now.”

Ivy rolled her eyes, carefully dabbing at the wounds with a paper towel to soak up the rubbing alcohol. “You think this is painful? Imagine being obligated to have sexual intercourse with Harvey Dent.”

“Ah! A joke!” Harley laughed, a small rough sound.

“I mean, honestly, I would’ve had an easier time climaxing with a bendy straw.”

“Ah! Another one!” Harley said, grinning at Ivy. There was a reckless, risky merriment in her face that almost won out over the puffy leftovers from crying. “Does that mean I’m back in your good graces, Red?”

Ivy’s face went blank at that one. She wasn’t sure how she felt about Harley right now. The anger she’d shelved before was still looming in the back of her mind, but she wasn’t convinced that that was the issue. Anger was hot, and she didn’t feel hot. She felt…hollow.

Instead of responding, she looked down and moved a finger absently around the rim of her glass, watching the vodka bloom and dim as her shadow moved across it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Harley open her mouth, then shut it again and bite her lips. She grabbed the bandages out of the drawer, started wrapping them around Harley’s arms.

After she had finished, Harley cleared her throat. “Could I get some ice, please? For my eye?”

“Sure.” Ivy turned to the freezer. With her back to Harley, she said, almost casually, “So what happened?”

She didn’t have to see Harley to know that she flinched. This was obviously a sore subject. “Well I, uh, told him I was leavin’. For good this time.”

Ivy hated herself for the way her heart jumped at that. She hated herself for how badly she wanted to believe it, too. She turned to look at Harley, only for a moment, before hiding herself in the freezer again.

“Aren’t ya’ gonna say somethin’?” If nothing else, Ivy had learned that Harley didn’t take her life too seriously. She held it as lightly as a wildflower tucked in her hair, just skipped along the road and rolled with whatever came her way. It was always 50/50 when she made a promise: either she’d keep it or she’d break it, and not even Harley knew which she’d do until she’d already done it.

“I don’t think that I have an ice pack, but I could just grab a ZipLoc bag—”

“Not about the ice, Red. About me. About us.”

“If I’m being completely honest with you, I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to say.”

“I mean it this time, ya’ know. I—”

“Why did you come back?” The question had been nagging at her since she first heard Harley’s voice. When Harley had walked out earlier that day, Ivy had thought that would be the last time she’d see her.


“Earlier today, you said you would always choose him, so what are you doing here? Did he hit you? Did he kick you out? Did he hurt Bud and Lou?” Ivy knew she was being a bitch, but a part of her thought Harley deserved it.

“I regretted leavin’ the second I walked out that door, but I was too scared to walk back in.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

Harley’s eyes clouded over a bit and she looked at the floor. When her head came up, she seemed sturdier, more present. “I was lookin’ at the flowers ya’ have out front—ya’ know, the perennials?—and I just got to thinkin’ about how little time there is in this world. Those flowers have such a short time to bloom, but ya’ know what? They really make the most of it. They’re beautiful ‘cause they spend what little time they have soakin’ up sun and bein’ the best they can be,” she said. Her head went back and she took a breath.

“I know ya’ said we could have all the time, but what does that even mean when there’s hardly any in the first place? There are some mornings where I open my eyes and I just can’t believe how much time I’ve let slip by. I mean really, though: I’m thirty now. Thirty! Can you believe it, Red? Time goes by so fast, whether you’re enjoyin’ it or not, and, well, I’m not. I’m…I’m not happy. Did ya’ know that? I’m really unhappy, actually. Miserable, even. I feel like I spend most of my time chasin’ after somebody who doesn’t wanna be caught, who’s not even runnin’. I’m on a schedule for gettin’ torn apart and eaten alive. I may be alive, but I can’t breathe,” she said. There was a high, precarious wobble in her voice.

“I’ve had so many days that I thought were my last, and ya’ know what? Every time I think I’m outta’ time, I don’t think about Joker. I don’t think about Ma or Da or Bud or Lou. Whenever I feel like I’m gonna die, the last thing I think about is you.” Harley was white and as wide-eyed as she could manage. She looked as stunned as Ivy was. “I think about your garden and the way ya’ play with your hair when you’re lost in thought. I think about how ya’ went on the Ferris wheel with me at the carnival last year, even though ya’ don’t like heights. I think about your perennials and how lucky they are to be in bloom. The last thing outta’ my mouth is your name, every damn time.

“You’re my one mercy in this sicko world. And ya’ know what? I’m tired a’ bein’ ripped to shreds. I don’t wanna waste what little time I have bein’ miserable. I wanna breathe. I need to breathe. Truth is, the clock is always tickin’ and the sand is always fallin’, and there’s nothin’ I can do about it. But here’s the thing: I don’t have to fight it. Those perennials…they’ve surrendered. Time is kind to them, and I think it could be kind to me, too. When I was walkin’ down your sidewalk, I realized that time doesn’t have to be my downfall. It could be my—our—friend, if only I’d let it.” Her eyes were clear and unfaltering on Ivy’s.

Our friend. Ivy let the words fill her up, leave her buzzing, and laid a hand on Harley’s cheek.

“So when I got home, I decided I was givin’ myself a present this year, for all the birthdays he forgot. I grabbed Bud and Lou, but when I was tryin’ to pack a duffel, he found me. That’s why I don’t have any clothes.” Harley winced, like she could feel the blows all over again. “So… I guess this is me sayin’ I’m sorry. I’m askin’ for forgiveness, for today and for every other day, too. But it’s more than that: I’m askin’ for another chance. I’ll get down on my knees and grovel if that’s what it takes. Seriously.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” As much as Ivy would’ve loved to make Harley do that, she didn’t want her accidentally kneeling on a piece of glass.

“Look, we both know that I’m a slow learner when it comes to this stuff, but I’m gonna try. God damn am I ever gonna try. I’ll try with all the time I have left if you’ll let me, because Pamela Lillian Isley, I am so in love with you it’s hard to breathe sometimes.”

“Good,” Ivy said on a sigh, and her hand came up to cup the back of Harley’s head. “I’m glad to hear it.” Harley’s eyes were closing before the sentence was finished. “But don’t think this means I’m not pissed about my window.” Ivy grinned and flicked the end of Harley’s nose with her finger.

“Hey! The pipes were about to burst and you wouldn’t come to the door!”

“First of all, I was asleep. Second of all, that’s still not a good reason.”

“What, like you wouldn’t a’ done the exact same thing.”

“Actually, yes, that’s exactly what it’s like. I would not have done the same thing,” Ivy said with a signature touch of arrogance. She felt like herself again. “Honestly, Harl, I would’ve done literally anything but break through someone’s window.”

“I didn’t have another choice!”

Ivy thought about that for a minute, twisting a finger delicately through one of Harley’s curls. “You could’ve gone outside or something. Why are we still talking about this?”

“But if I just went outside, what would I wipe with?”


Harley made a face like she was insulted Ivy would even suggest something so vulgar. “No offense, but the only poison ivy I want touching my puff pillow is you.”

“You know what? On second thought, you need to leave.”

“Not a chance.” Harley lunged at her then, wrapped her legs sloppily around her waist, and started kissing her.

Ivy held her neck out at an undignified angle to avoid her. “Guards! Guards, come quickly!” She could feel Harley laughing against her neck, and soon she was laughing, too.

When Harley finally caught her breath, her eyes opened wide. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! What happened to the radio?”

Ivy hadn’t prepared an answer for that one. “Oh, I was angry.”

“So lemme get this straight: you’re judging me for breakin’ your window while you’re in here smashin’ your radio?”

Ivy grabbed a Ziploc bag out of the cabinet and turned to the freezer. “Touché”

“I think it’s the universe tellin’ us we belong together.”

“Maybe,” she said, and held the bag of ice out to Harley.

“I think it is, though.” Harley hopped up onto the counter and swung her legs.

Ivy waved a hand at her. “Don’t get too comfortable. We have a lot of cleaning up to do.”

“Aw, Red. I don’t wanna.”

“Aw! Well, ya’ gotta!” Ivy said in a nasally voice that sounded impressively similar to Harley’s.

“The real reason ya’ want me is for my cleaning services. Well use me, use me ‘cause you ain’t that average groupie!” The corners of Harley’s mouth twisted into a smirk. She dropped her feet to the floor and nuzzled into Ivy’s upper arm.

Ivy let out a snort. “A little accountability would be nice, Harl. The mess is yours, too.”

“I know, Red. Cool your jets. I just wanted an excuse to tell ya’ that you ain’t that average groupie.”

“Oh, God. Please stop,” Ivy said, but she was smiling at Harley, a mischievous flash of a grin.

“I wanna get you home and ugh, double-up, ugh, ugh.” That sent Ivy into a round of helpless, undignified giggles that made her stomach hurt.

“I ain’t talkin’ bout Playboy ‘cause silicone parts are made for toys!”

She had to stick her fingers in her ears until she could get her breath back. When she finally did, she looked up to see Harley staring at her with a goofy smile on her face. “I’m glad I came back.”

The words were warm and shining, bouncing off of the shattered glass cut-free. “I am, too.”

Later that night, they were cocooned in the duvet in the master bedroom, her arm wrapped around Harley’s middle. She was just barely awake, swerving in and out of sleep. They’d vacuumed the kitchen and the living room, and placed a piece of cardboard over the broken window that Ivy thought really brought out her home’s potential as a crack den.


Ivy said nothing, just kept her eyes closed and pretended to be asleep. She had reached the peak of exhaustion, both physically and emotionally, and she couldn’t handle a conversation.


She felt Harley squirming to face her. Again, Ivy played dead.

Ivy.” This time, Harley pinched Ivy’s cheek and gave it a wiggle.

“Oh my God, what is it?” Ivy said with an edge that was dulled by sleepiness.

“Oh, cheer up, buttercup. You’re gonna think this is pretty funny—I know ya’ are—so guess what?”


“I’ve gotta pee again,” Harley said with a hint of a grin.  

Ivy laughed, a little burst of air that bumped a piece of her hair up. She shut her eyes again. “Oh for fuck’s sake.”

“Told ya’ you’d think it was funny.”

“You are quite the catch, my dear.” She gave Harley’s nose a quick little peck.

“Well, now I don’t wanna get up.” Harley’s grin had grown wider. “I’d rather just stay and collect my sleepy-Ivy kisses while you’re still awake.”

“Harleen Quinzel, if you wet this bed, I will personally drag your ass back to Arkham.”

Harley giggled. “Oh, Red. I love you,” she said, pressing a kiss to Ivy’s forehead. She watched Ivy expectantly for a moment, hoping she’d say it back, before sighing and getting out of bed.

When she heard the bathroom door close, Ivy rolled onto her back. “I love you, too,” she whispered to the ceiling and wondered if one day she’d have the guts to say it out loud. Even though it wasn’t a question she had the answer to, she felt satisfied to leave the future question marked. If she’d learned anything, it was this: time would give you answers, whether they were the ones you wanted or the ones you feared. Ivy figured it was best to surrender herself to this, to the whims of the little time she had, so she could soak up every drop of light while the sun was still out.

The bathroom door opened and Harley snuck back under the duvet. “Miss me?”

Ivy took a shallow breath. Her heart was slamming against her chest at a force that was knocking the wind out of her. In that moment, she decided to be the best she could be. “I love you, too, Harley.” Saying that out loud went against every instinct she had, and it was oddly exhilarating.

Harley smiled and her eyes filled up with sleepy tears. “You’ve never said that before.”

Ivy looked at Harley’s smile and felt like she’d known it by heart her entire life. She wanted to keep free-falling into whatever it was she had with Harley, to trust blindly and enjoy their bloom while it was still in season.

“I really hope  you stay this time,” Ivy said.

“I will. I promise,” said Harley, and Ivy made a choice to believe her.