oh god when he looked at the camera i melted omg

The Interview

Requested By: Anonymous

hii, could u write a tom Holland x reader fic with prompts 5, 53 and 57? I’m in love with your tumblr btw🌸

Based off a prompt list linked here

#5 “I made my baby cry!”, #53 “Sit in my lap”, and #57 “You don’t understand, you never do!”

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: While Tom was away shooting for Spider-Man Homecoming, he did a few interviews. One where they asked about a funny moment between you and him. He decided to tell them the one time you played a prank on him when you two were training.

Warnings: Just cuteness, it’s super dorky aw

Word Count: 1,654

A/N: Yayyyy! First Tom Holland imagine, I think it’s super cute and dorky omg. I think this imagine turned out really well and idk I just love it ahaha. But fr, I could so see him accidently letting a secret like this slip out bc we all know he can’t keep secrets.

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“Well look who it is! It’s Mr. Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland! Welcome!” The interviewer grinned at Tom, making him smile and give a few waves.

“It’s crazy man, to be here surrounded by all these wonderful people.” Tom gushed, looking around in pure bliss.

You were sitting at home, watching his live interview on TV, laughing at how dorky he was.

You and Tom had been dating for about a year now, you were thrilled when you found out he got the role of Spider-Man for Captain America Civil War, and even more ecstatic when you found out he actually became Spider-Man.

Tom had told you many times how he wished he could be that character, and then his dream came true and you couldn’t have been more proud.

He had been gone for a few months now, filming for his new movie Spider-Man Homecoming, which you were going to drag him to, to watch in the theatres together, whether he wanted to or not.

You were unbelievably proud of Tom, he looked so happy, and that’s all that mattered to you, even if you did miss him a ton.

Your head snapped back to the TV, hearing the interviewer mention your name, a smile creeping its way onto your lips.

This had to be good.

“So, how are you and Y/N doing? Is she at home now watching this?” The interviewer asked, making Tom blush lightly and smile bashfully.

“She’s doing great actually, I love her a lot. It means a lot to me that she’s so supportive and happy for me. She’s the best girlfriend you could have honestly. And yes, she is at home right now,” Tom waves into the camera, making you laugh, “I’m pretty positive she’s watching this, mainly because I told her to.” Tom chuckled, making the interviewer laugh.

“I’m glad you guys are still together and that everything is going well between the two of you.” The interviewer added on, making Tom smile and nod along.

“Yeah it’s great, she’s great, everything is just.. great.” He laughed, motioning to the area around him.

“Speaking of Y/N, I know you two have been together for quite the time now.” The interviewer stated, making Tom grow serious for a moment.

“Yeah, Y/N and I have been together for about a year now, she was there with me when I actually got casted as Spider-Man for Cap Civil War.” Tom smiled, making a heart into the camera, which obviously made your heart melt even more.

Tom was that guy, that even if he was miles away, he could still make your heart flutter, even through a television screen.

“She’s super supportive like I said before, and I just couldn’t be happier.” Tom grinned, running his fingers through his hair messily.

“That’s great, I’m happy for you both. Speaking of Y/N, are there any funny moments you to have together that you’re willing to share?” The interviewer gave Tom a smile, making him laugh.

“Man, this is tough, Y/N always makes me laugh.” Tom smiled, placing his fingers on his chin as he thought about all the moments you two have had.

His eyes lit up, as he grinned at the interviewer.

“There was actually this one moment, Y/N and I were training, it was after we found out I was casted as Spider-Man for my new movie, and I wanted to get a head start on training for it.” Tom explained, already laughing as he thought of the memory.

You on the other hand, were dying of laughter already, you remember this day like it happened yesterday.

“So, Y/N and I were training one day, we were doing an exercise where we were practicing punching, since you know Spider-Man does stunts like that.” Tom laughed, crossing his arms as he swayed back and forth.

“So we were doing punching exercises and I went to you know.. ‘punch her’ and when I did she screamed and held her face.” Tom explained, making the interviewer gasp.

“So of course I stopped and was like ’oh shit! are you okay? oh my god, I made my baby cry!and I quickly took off the equipment to make sure she wasn’t really injured.” Tom explained, covering his mouth with his hands before laughing, as he glared into the camera playfully, making you laugh even harder.

“After I removed the gloves, I told her you know.. come here sit in my lap, and so she did, she was still holding her face, she felt like she was crying and I was really worried I had actually hurt her you know?” Tom laughed, licking his bottom lip as he continued on.

“And then, as I was trying to get her to remove her hands from her face, I felt her start to laugh, and I was so confused.” Tom smiled, shaking his head, as the interviewer laughed.

“I eventually pried her hands away to see she was totally fine, and had gotten me worked up over nothing! I was so frustrated, but she found it hysterical, she was laughing so hard. I remember telling her ’you don’t understand,'  I was so scared I actually had hurt her.” Tom laughed, shaking his head as he looked into the camera.

“But she didn’t care, she claimed that I never do, and by that I mean that I never get her pranks until after she’s done them. You see Y/N is that good of a prankster that she really fools you.” Tom explained, biting his lip slightly.

You were sitting on the couch, laughing at the memory, it was all true, Tom had gotten so frustrated with you, but you couldn’t take him seriously.

You were too proud and full of laughter that he fell for another one of your crazy pranks.

“And the thing is, I always fall for them, I never realize I’d been pranked till after it happens.” Tom laughed, making the interviewer laugh with him.

“You two are definitely a match, the fact that she pranks you that well and you still fall for them shows you two have something special.” The interviewer smiled, making Tom blush lightly. 

“Oh don’t worry, I got her back just as good.” Tom grinned, winking into the camera, making you roll your eyes playfully.

“I don’t blame you,” The interviewer laughed, before looking into the camera then at Tom. “Well, that’s about all the time we have for today, congratulations on your new movie, Spider-Man Homecoming.” The interviewer smiled, shaking Tom’s hand who was smiling back at him.

“Thanks! And thanks for having me, it was a blast.” Tom smiled, waving goodbye into the camera before the interview was over.

You laughed, shaking your head at your TV screen, Tom was such a dork.

Within a few minutes, you felt your phone buzz, only to see you had a text message from him already.

SpiderTom: hey baby did u see my interview? ;)

You: u mean the one where u talked about my epic pranking skills? then yes, yes i did, & I’m ngl i was laughing the entire time

SpiderTom: ur evil you know that? but i love u anyways <3

You: yes, yes i do know >:) & i love u too boo <3

You laughed as you read the next text, a smirk creeping up onto your lips as you replied back.

SpiderTom: you’re going to prank me again aren’t you? :o

You: oh 100%, see u soon babe. ;)

And with that, you shut your phone off, and went to bed, the smirk never once leaving your face.

Reverse Idol!AU — Wanna One Fic

i’ve always thought i was good at writing fluff, guess not oml

this was fun to write hahah; you are the same age as 2Park in this fic-

requested by anon!

genre: fluff i think im sorry omg

synopsis(?): where you’re a soloist and you’re on weekly idol with Wanna One and you’re known for your quiet and cold personality, but you slowly warm up to them

“Hey Y/N, I seem to have lost my number. Can I have yours?”

Woah, what’s this? A pick-up line? Why?

Flashback July 23rd

You debuted at age 19 as a soloist a week before Wanna One and came out with your new song “Who I Am.” News came out that you are emotionless and the complete opposite of a chatterbox, making it difficult for you to make friends.

As you were heading back to your dorm, your manager informs you, “Hey Y/N, you have a Weekly Idol filming with Wanna One on the 26th, be prepared to communicate with them. Remember, be friendly.

Ok, it wasn’t that you aren’t friendly, you just have trouble socializing, so you opted to keep the cold image you’ve created.

Back to July 26th, the day of the filming

As Doni and Coni chats about the guests they’ve invited, you look at the pretty faces of the members of Wanna One. During the introductions of each member, you find them aggravatingly adorable as they show off their own unique charms to the camera viewers. ‘Ah, so they are the ones who saved the year. They seem okay.’

When it was your turn to be introduced, you didn’t know how to act in front of a huge group of guys so you forced an awkward smile onto your face;

“And finally our resident Ice Queen, Y/N!” You didn’t know what charm to do, and you couldn’t act cute otherwise that’d just ruin your whole cold concept. You resorted to smiling shyly and waving at the camera, what you didn’t know was your smile was saved in every 11 members heart.

‘Wahh, she’s so cute/pretty.’

Waterpark CF

You watched with a fluttering heart as they all filmed their commercials, occasionally silently laughing at the way Doni introduces the members. ‘Can I swim in your heart? What, why are you doing this, i’m not ready??’ You feel bad for the way they were teasing Minhyun, but couldn’t help but to laugh along.

It was your turn, and you have no idea what to do. You did the breaststroke and ended it with “Can I swim into your heart?” and a failed wink. You felt so embarrassed and hid yourself behind your hands, the members of Wanna One smiling at the very adorable action.

Jeojang and Thigh Sweep Dance

Doni and Coni told you to stay out of this and to judge this segment with them, you don’t think you can handle this part. These boys are starting to, I guess you can say, swim into your heart.

You feel you heart fluttering and melting, you’re squealing so loudly in your head, you’re starting to have a headache.


‘ONG????????? SROP.’

Random Play Dance

You went first, dancing to your new song. You were so nervous to dance in front of these handsome, talented boys, that you fumbled and almost tripped over air. You’re a clumsy person, and that caught their eyes. They felt like they wanted to protect you. When you finished doing your random play dance, they subtly asked if you were okay and if you needed anything.

You feel someone tap you and you turn and see Jinyoung;

“Noona, are you okay?”

“Ah, yes. I’m fine, don’t worry about me (:”

Finally, it was their turn. They looked so cool dancing to their songs, you couldn’t help but to admire them. ‘Awwww, omg Daehwi is so cute. HE’S HOPPING AROUND LIKE A BUNNYY.’ You catch Seongwoo’s mistake but don’t point it out. When they danced to Energetic and Burn It Up, you couldn’t help but notice the slight hip thrusts ehem ehem me too.

You couldn’t help but to dance along yes you know their dances, being pushed to join them by Coni the boys happily made room for you to join. You had fun dancing with them and actually wouldn’t mind doing it again.

When they succeeded the random play dance and won their chicken, you were so happy. You couldn’t help but to join their group hug and celebrate with them. ‘Am I actually hugging these adorable humans right now? Is it my time of death already?? I can die happily now omg.’ 

Rewriting Profiles

Before the cameras rolled to start recording, the boys made sure you were comfortable first before settling down themselves. You sat down next to Daehwi. You had to bite your lips to refrain from smiling and inwardly cooed at how sweet they are towards you.

The whole time Jisung showed off his imitations, you were laughing and simultaneously slapping Daehwi on the shoulder. You have this habit of hitting someone when you laugh when you’re comfortable. When Seongwoo imitated the haegeum (a korean traditional instrument), you found yourself slapping Daehwi’s shoulders, again. poor daehwi

Written on your profile are the words, “I laugh at any and everything, pick-up lines, puns, and jokes are my weaknesses”

Coni and Doni decided to create a new corner where all you say are pick-up lines. ‘Ah, I’m doomed. I don’t think I can handle 11 angels using pick-up lines on me. How am I going to survive??’

sorry not sorry 

Daehwi; “Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?”

Jinyoung; “You shouldn’t wear makeup! It’s messing with perfection!”

Jaehwan; “Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.” your religions minhyun

Sungwoon; “Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.”

Jihoon; “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.”

Guanlin; “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.”

Woojin; “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.”

Seongwoo; “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Jisung; “Is your name Ariel? Because we Mermaid for each other!”

Minhyun; “I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”

Daniel; “You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?” yes please 

‘CAN FILMING END ALREADY MY HEART IS ABOUT TO BURST. FJSKDJASNK’ Your face was as dark as a red apple or maybe even darker. You felt like you were melting, you wanted to squeal so badly but composed yourself. You were stunned and tried to say a pick-up line back but all that passed through your lips were jumbled words. ‘Dear Weekly Idol writers, please edit this embarrassing part of me out.’

As if hearing your wish, they concluded the filming and you have never been so relieved. Once cameras were off, you ran towards the waiting room and hurriedly packed your things, wanting to get out of there to prevent further embarrassing yourself. You found it hard to leave the building as someone was holding onto your arms. Turning, you see Jihoon with the rest of Wanna One behind him;

“Minhyun hyung wasn’t joking when he said he wanted your number. Actually, all of us do.”

‘Ah, scratch my initial thought, they’re not okay. They’re the definition of perfect and illegal. How can someone like them exist?’ 

“Y-yeah! Okay.”

unedited as always! why does fluff seem so hard to write now? omg is this even fluff?

apparently i suck at fluff too, im cryinG-

but i hope you enjoy my failed attempt at fluff! ( ´▽` )ノ❤️

i love pick-up lines, puns, and jokes so i hAD to insert it oOPS.


All the cool kids are doing it, so I wrote my first OMG, Check Please! fic… I blame @wrathofthestag, who sent me a picture that I had to turn into a fic. I also blame @disraeligearsgoestumblin, @victorineb and @wraithsonwingsposts - you all are terrible influences! 

         Bitty was toweling off his hair when he heard his phone buzz. Resigned to the fact that the Georgia humidity was going to ruin any careful sculpting he wanted to do, Bitty huffed a sigh and went to check his phone.

        J-Z: Thank you for the cookies, Bittle.

         Bitty grinned at the text. He paused before typing, wondering if he shouldn’t cover himself up before responding to Jack. He gnawed his lip for a minute and smiled. Well, if he got a little thrill out of texting his crush in the buff – that was between him and the lord, no reason for Jack Zimmermann to worry his pretty little head over it.

        Me: Anytime, honey.

         Bitty sighed and flopped on his bed, phone resting on his chest. Lord, just thinking about that boy made him feel flushed. He gave a little yelp when the phone buzzed again, sending a tingle through his body.

        J-Z: What are you up to?

         “This boy,” Bitty said to Señor Bun, who offered Bitty a sympathetic look.

        Me: Nothing much. Just working out and eating more protein!

        J-Z: Haha.

         “Lord, he puts a period after everything,” Bitty showed the text to Bun.

         Me: I am! I’ve been doing the chest press variations you showed me, I think it’s made a big difference.

         J-Z: Yeah?

         “Yeah?” Bitty looked at Bun. “What the hell does yeah mean?”

         It sounded kind of like flirting, but one never knew with Jack. He could just want Bitty’s new chest measurements to mark off on some sort of Team Workout Progress chart he made in his spare time.

         “He’s not flirting, Jack isn’t programmed to flirt…right?”

         Bun didn’t seem to have a lot of thoughts on the subject. Bitty looked at the text one more time and screwed up his mouth. Well, Jack wanted to know about his progress, maybe Bitty should show him. Just because Jack was a hockey robot didn’t mean Bitty couldn’t have a little harmless fun flirting.

         “He’ll probably just think it’s informative, right?”

         Before Bun could talk him out of it, Bitty hopped up. Running a hand through his hair, Bitty held out the camera, made his signature selfie face, framed the shot to show off his chest and abs, and flexed his pecs. His heart was hammering, so he took one second to check his face in the picture and then immediately sent it to Jack.

         Me: Much better, right?

         Bitty sat his phone down and shivered, the AC finally driving him to put some clothes on. When he was decent, he checked his phone – no new messages.

         Bitty frowned. Not even a haha for his efforts? That was disappointing. On a whim, he checked the conversation – maybe Jack had responded and his phone had just failed to notify him? Bitty looked at the texts, nothing since he sent the picture.

         The picture.

         What was that in the background?

         Bitty pulled up the pic and promptly dropped his phone.

         His mirror. The full-length mirror that Moomaw had given to him on his 14th birthday. Bitty hadn’t even noticed it behind him. Sadly the camera had, offering the viewer a full-length view of Bitty’s completely naked backside.

         “Oh God,” Bitty whispered, wrapping Bun in a panicked hug. “I just sexted Jack Zimmermann.” 

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anonymous asked:

it's my birthday tomorrow (i doubt this matters anyway aaaa) so could you write a lil prince!minhyuk (mx) au

omg ofc it matters, it’s your birthday!!!!
i hope this is ok,,,,,and please consider it as my present to you sweetheart~!!

  • is really cute at all the royal events because lbr he does the peace sign at the cameras and waves to the crowds and probably forgets that he’s supposed to look Serious and Rich in photos for the press but he’s just all eye smiles, big toothy grins
  • is so popular with kids,,,,,tbh if he could he’d just spend every waking moment volunteering at schools, orphanages, after-school sports clubs, like,,,,,,,,,,
  • and it’s cute he’s on posters in schools all around the country advertising like safety and anti-bullying and literally like an icon of positiveness??? 
  • all the younger kids are like “i wanna be like prince minhyuk when i grow up!!!!!” 
  • he once was in a march with the royal family and a little girl ran out into the crowd like right into his arms and instead of getting mad he just picked her up and put his crown on her head and was like “you’re a princess now!!!” and she was giggling
  • and the bodyguards were like pRince,,,,,we need to get her to her mother,,,,,,,and minhyuk was like aww ): but ok!!!! and he gave her over and she took the crown off to return
  • but minhyuk was like keep it!!!
  • (that crown was probably worth 35k like no biggie whatEVER)
  • and you’re just a humble pantry worker at the royal palace like,,,you’re not even a cook or a servant,,,,you just work in the kitchen as a helper to the others
  • and on the downlow you’ve been taking cans of untouched food over to your local orphanage where you know they’ve been tight on money. sometimes if there’s leftovers pastries that no one wants, you take those too
  • and you didn’t think you were doing anything bad but when someone snitches on you, you’re brought before the prince and minhyuk is like “is it true you stole from the royal family?”
  • and you’re like “well,,,,it was food the cooks weren’t using or didn’t want i didn’t think-”
  • and he looks so stern and nothing like his usual happy-go-lucky self and he’s like “still, did anyone give you the right to take what belongs to us?” and you’re bowing your head like no,,,,,and you’re like frick im gonna get fired
  • but suddenly minhyuk calls the guards to leave the room so he can be alone with you to think of a punishment and when they’re gone you hear him sigh and you’re like ???
  • and he’s like “that was close,,,,,they need to think im actually going to punish you so i don’t have to fire you”
  • and you’re like wait what you’re not mad ??? at me??
  • and minhyuk moves closer and takes your hand and he’s like “what you’re doing is great!!! i want to help you from now on, will you let me?”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,omgidshgl,,,,,you’re the prince of course i can’t let you do anything but oh my god???
  • and minhyuk is like “good!!! i think i can get some more people in on it so you can take more food for the kids!!!” and your heart is swelling because,,,,,he’s so sweet he really cares,,,,,,
  • but you also look down to minhyuk’s hand holding yours and you’re like “um-” but he’s excitedly chattering about figuring out a plan to smuggle more food out of the palace
  • and when he’s done you’re red in the face because,,,his hand,,,,,and minhyuk is like “are you ok?? is it hot in here??” and you’re like nO,,,,nothing it’s nothing
  • and he squeezes your hand and is like “let’s meet in the pantry tomorrow and we’ll see what we can take - ok?”
  • and that’s how you end up meeting the prince secretly after the cooks have gone and you get some servants to help get the cans of food out in big bags
  • and every time minhyuk and you are in the dark pantry alone,,,he’s like “be careful - here take this light - can you reach that shelf, ill do it?”
  • and one day after you’ve given the servants all the cans you’re like “well, i need to go with them -” 
  • but minhyuk gently takes your wrist and brings your hand up to kiss the top of your palm and he’s like “be safe,,,” and you’re like WHAt,,,is happening,,,,,,he kisse d my hand??? and minhyuk is like
  • “you’re like an angel to those kids, and now you’re like an angel to me too”
  • and you want to melt right into the floor but you have to go and when you do minhyuk actually does melt into the floor because tHAT Was C O R N Y ,,,,,,,, god why’d he say t hat he just wants you to like him back,,,,,,,,,hehe being a prince doesn’t make you automatically good at flirting he should ask stable worker kihyun for help hehe 
kiho!couple au

coughs happy birthday kihyun + @ my nct followers i still love you and i prOMISE I’LL WRITE SOME NCT STUFF LATER ON </3

also hugehugehugehugehugehugehugehughugehugehughuge thank you to @jeongmini bc dear lord i wouldnt even have finished this without her

-softest couple ever

-like fucking murder me with your softness please

-wonho does dumb things so he can see kihyun’s face squish up when he smiles 

-cotton candy hair duo (as of 20.11.16 ;))))))

-wonho’s contact name is probably hoe honestly kihyun has no time for his bullshit

-kihyun’s contact name is probably something cute like “baby boy” or “kihyunnie”

-wonho calls kihyun “baby” and “baby boy” to make him blush leave me alonE  

-they call each other babe a lot but whenever they’re tired they call each other “wonnie” and “kihyunnie”

-one time kihyun got fucking trashed 

-he was drunk out of his mind smh 

-i mean it was his birthday so iT WAS OK

-wonho had a feeling kihyun was gonna drink way more than he could handle so he decided to be sober that night 

-and when they got home, kihyun could barely stand without wonho’s help

-he was wobbling and shit oh my god this kid

-so wonho managed to get them to their room and he staRTED TO TUCK KIHYUN IN OH MY GOSH

-and the entire time kihyun was mumbling on about something wonho couldn’t quite hear

-and when wonho started to leave to get kihyun a glass of water and aspirin for the morning, kihyun grabbed onto his hand and mumbled something before covering his eyes with his free hand

-“what was that babe? i couldn’t hear you”

-kihyun turns even redder than before but wonho pretends not to notice 

-“i want… i want you to stay with me”

-wonho feels his lil heart burst because kihyun’s voice is so small and timid and aHH

-“i mean… i know i look gross and like im about to throw up any second but please?”

-wonho grins and he just walks over to kihyun to give him a kiss on the forehead before he tells him he’ll be right back 

-when he comes back with water and aspirin, kihyun’s like half asleep and he’s in the same position wonho left him in

-and wonho sits on the edge of the bed and kihyun immediately tries to sit up but wonho makes him lay down

-kihyun mumbles something along the lines of “lay down with me please” and wonho realizes he’s so whipped oh my god 

-wonho lays down with him and kihyun envelops him in a koala hug and he manages to drift off like that but right before he falls asleep wonho whispers “goodnight kihyunnie”


-so you know what this fucker replies with 

-“i love you”

-it’s so quiet and faint but wonho hears it anyway and his heart stops because it’s the first time kihyun’s told him he loves him and aHHH

-“tell me you love me in the morning, baby" 

-wonho says that in the softest voice he’s ever heard himself speak and gosh he realizes how in love he is with kihyun

-kihyun likes sneaking in kisses with wonho during the day

-it’ll be quick, subtle kisses on the cheek or something 

-kihyun never kisses wonho’s lips in public

-he’s learned his lesson smh

-the one time he presses a quick kiss to wonho’s lips, wonho pulled him closer and wouldn’t stop kissing him until kihyun ran out of breath and had to push wonho away

-wonho likes it when kihyun’s cheeks become a dusty pink when he’s embarrassed a lot

-which is one of the reasons he likes kissing kihyun until he can’t breathe :))))))) control him

-honestly kihyun probably sits on wonho’s lap when they makeout 

-wonho insists smh

-"it’s not a proper makeout session until you sit on my lap”

-“im going to bite your lip until it bleeds istg wonho”

-“kinky ;)))))))”

-their makeout sessions are wild y'all istg

-wonho always initiates it 

-kihyun could be sitting on the couch playing something on his phone and wonho’ll slowly drag him onto his lap

-and kihyun’ll be like “lol w/e”

-but then wonho’ll start to kiss the back of kihyun’s neck softly and subtly and make him squirm 

-“if you don’t stop doing that i’ll smack you”

-“make me”

-boom ezpz that’s how all their makeout sessions start 

-kihyun’s legs end up on either side of wonho’s body and wonho holds him still by gripping his waist half heartedly

-wonho’s hands never stay there anyway

-kihyun likes tangling his fingers in wonho’s hair and pulling on it occasionally

-wonho has a hair pulling kink confirmed

-honestly kihyun puts his hands in wonho’s hair because he doesn’t know where else to put them

-shy lil baby omg

-wonho always ends up grabbing kihyun’s thighs bc according to @jeongmini “kihyun’s thicc” sO

-whenever kihyun tries to pull away from the kiss wonho doesnt let him

-kihyun has to tug wonho’s head back by gripping his hair

-and wonho always groans which makes kihyun turn pinker than he already was

-after makeout sessions, kihyun’s cheeks are always dusted with a soft pink and he’s always gasping for air

-wonho finds that so cute goD

-wonho probably likes giving him hickies a lot

-just to make him squirm and whimper

-the amount of times the other boys have walked in on them eating each other’s faces is too mANY

-poor changkyun smh

-after that whenever they makeout on the couch, kihyun always mumbles something about the boys seeing them but wonho doesnt give a fuCK BYE

-kihyun in oversized sweaters makes wonho dIE

-thigh highs too probably bYE I WASNT HERE

-im literally like 13 im going to hell

-kihyun probably steals wonho’s clothes and wonho pretends to be mad

-wonho melts whenever kihyun sings

-honestly wonho is so cheesy kihyun wants to stab himself 24/7

-wonho could open his mouth and he’d have that stupid grin on his face every time he’s about to say something cheesy and kihyun would slap a hand over his mouth so quickly like wow ok sonic has competition

-”if you say some dumb pickup line again im going to lock you out of our room and youre gonna have to sleep on the couch”

-”i’ll just sleep with hyungwon”

-”ok you can fiGHT ME RIGHT NOW”

-their height difference isnt even that big but wonho could probably fling kihyun across the room by accident

-he did it like, once bUT IT WASNT ON PURPOSE


-no one knows how it happens

-kihyun has blocked it from his mind

-the only one who remembers it is wonho and if you ask him about it he gets triggered

-”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP HOE”

-”why do i still love you”

-”lol have u seen my abs kihyun”

-kihyun makes sure wonho eats enough

-like, every time they eat together, kihyun gives wonho a major side eye

-”kihyun why are you staring at me like that”

-”*heavy breathing* *sinks into his seat* *whispers* u need to eat more and stay healthy and im worried for your weight”

-”what was that?”

-”*mr krabs meme* i- i wANT YOUR FOOD”

-”oh here lmaO”

-”*pterodactyl screeches* NO DONT GIVE ME YOUR FOOD EAT IT”

-kihyun just wants wonho to be hEALTHY

-ok we’ve always seen that gif of kihyun sitting on wonho’s thighs while he does sit-ups and i 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% believe it’s just a normal thing that they do

-the first time they did it, wonho said that “it was for motivation”

-kihyun knew it was bullshit but he went with it anyway

-sometimes when wonho gets close enough to kihyun’s face, kihyun’ll kiss him kiLL ME

-”you call that a sit-up my deceased bunny from 5th grade could do a better sit-up than that”

-kihyun is a savage

-”babe dont be like this”

-”my bunny wouldnt use the babe tactic on me, you know why? BECAUSE SHE WASNT A BITCH”

-”ok but your bunny also cant talk”


-wonho ends up kissing kihyun to shut him up


-wonho likes it when kihyun sings for him

-he likes the way kihyun’s voice is airy and light in the morning

-and kihyun likes the way wonho’s voice is so rough and low in the morning

-wonho stares at kihyun way too often but he never realizes

-kihyun likes falling asleep on top of wonho

-he likes when their stomachs press together and how he can hear wonho’s heartbeat

-and he feels so safe with wonho’s arms around him

-wonho likes taking kihyun’s phone so he can spam his camera roll with selfies

-jokes on him kihyun saves them all for blackmail :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

-wonho nibbles on kihyun’s cheeks or bites him in random places

-cue kihyun’s screeching to “sTOoOoOooOoOoOoP”

-kihyun is ticklish and wonho takes advantage of that

-whenever wonho tries to go close to kihyun’s neck, kihyun kicks him and runs away

-”dOnT BreATHe oN MY NEcK”

-whenever kihyun falls asleep on wonho, wonho forgets how to breathe and stops moving bc “iM GONNA WAKE HIM UP IF I BREATHE!11!1!!!1!!1!”

-he ends up scooping kihyun up in his arms and tucking him in bed kill me :((((((((((((((

-kihyun takes care of the boys a lot so wonho likes taking care of him in return

-whenever it snows, kihyun acts like a little kiD AHHH



-”IT’S S N O W I N G”

-whenever the two of them go outside in the winter, kihyun’s cheeks always get red extremely easily

-and whenever it’s really cold, kihyun tends to breathe out from his mouth more often bc his nose is probably stuffy or something

-and it melts wonho’s heart seeing kihyun’s red cheeks and mouth slightly agape like a little kid


-wonho just really likes the feeling of kihyun’s fingers tangling with his own and gosh oh my gosh he loves him so much

-honestly kihyun probably fell in love with wonho during their no.mercy days

-but wonho had had his eye on kihyun for so much longer

-he was passing by the dance practice room and he heard someone singing from the inside

-and at first he was like “wtf why is someone singing in the dance practice room at this hour it’s almost midnight”

-but all he could think about was how fucking pretty the voice singing was

-so he contemplated whether or not he should stay and listen

-spoiler: he stayed and listened!!1!1!!

-he wanted to find out who the voice belonged to but gOD HE’S SO AWKWARD AND IT’S SO WEIRD

-”hey lol i heard u singing and i think im in love”


-he was too busy roasting himself in his head that he didnt notice that the person inside had opened the door

-”um… can i help you…?”


-wonho started mumbling and stuttering

-”no i… i just… nO” AND THEN HE R A N A W A Y

-kihyun didnt even know what the fuck to think so he shrugged it off

-but whenever they crossed paths during their trainee days, wonho would look at him a second longer and blush bye

-when they met during no.mercy kihyun remembered him immediately

-”hey youre that guy that stalked me in the dance practice room!!”


-”well youre lucky i like your face or i probably wouldve called the cops by now”

-wow ok smooth kihyun smh

-and at first they were just good friends but kihyun started noticing how sweet and gentle and precious wonho really was and fuCK HE WAS FALLING IN LOVE SHOVE HIM IN FRONT OF A BUS


-this is getting too long i need to end this but stan monsta x stan talent stan cute babies who dont know how to live properly i love them

RFA + V + Saeran react to child!Mc


  • O M G
  • He couldnt help but blush and coo over her, gushing over how cute and little she is in her oversized sweater and innocent eyes
  • She was so little he just wanted to pick her up and squeeze her so tight! 
  • So precious
  • He wanted to take so many pictures of her, and put cute ribbons in her hair
  • omg piggy back rides, he will act like a space ship travelling the universe with her! 
  • que him running around with child mc on his shoulders, her giggling like crazy.
  • he pretty much acts like a child sometimes anyway so him and mc would have a ball
  • want to play dress up with her! Que him getting all of his outfits out and trying them on her, she looks so cute with kitty ears!!
  • When little Mc tilts her head and meows innocently, he is done! Ded, K.O 


  • Holy shit
  • holy shit how did this happen
  • falls in love the minute he sees her cuteness, her cuteness rivals his good looks when it comes to attention but he doesn’t mind that at all but is even more boastful about her cuteness
  • gushes over her like she’s a sweet little princess
  • so many selfies with her
  • protective zen mode activated
  • wants to take her to get the fish shaped bread and gets all maternal as heck! 
  • loves acting out one of his scenes when he plays with her, she giggles whenever he says his famous lines.
  • so happy he’s just so happy at that, it’s all cuteness


  • Uh oh
  • this man is in trouble
  • Your cuteness is his weakness, his cold demeanor is melting away
  • You have him wrapped under your thumb he is done
  • zen may be protective but que over protective Jumin mode
  • calls that the security guards guard you 24/7 again, and gets rid of any threat, even anything you could trip on
  • you’re his precious bby and he’s your protector
  • seriously if you even get a paper cut this man will get a doctor out of no where and just dote on you with tea and attention
  • like seriously dude its just a paper cut
  • whenever you say his name with that cute voice of your he just melts
  • his puddy in your hands
  • almost afraid to hug you because you’re so smol and delicate, delicate little flower
  • but when he does hug you he now never wants to let you go, seriously he will keep on hugging you and keep you close to you at all times, you’re his precious little angel whom he must protect from the world
  • He will go to work and meetings just holding you, like the employee will be like “Oh sir, whose the little girl?” “She’s my precious angel, any way, please proceed.” goes on with the meeting casually while you sit in his lap, with him petting your hair


  • Oh dear
  • She doesn’t know how to deal with kids

  • but when she sees Mc she just, goes into full on mother mode

  • Mc needs a woman to look after her since the rest of the guys are… well, she’ll feel better looking after her

  • loves playing tea party with her

  • Mc tries to do her hair and ties it up with cute ribbons, Jaehae just smiles as mc does this, cute girl bonding time
  • Makes sure you’re well fed and you’re comfortable 
  • If anyone dare touch child Mc, pray to God seven someone save your soul because she will KICK YOUR ASS
  • oh my god
  • panics
  • how will he look after a child? He is a child
  • But, omg, mc is so… cute??
  • kind of kneels down so he is at her height and nervously says hi to her
  • he’s so sweet to her
  • Mc gets attached like straight on
  • She tries wearing one of his hoodies and plays with his blonde hair
  • Mc shows curiousity toward LOLOL and he’s happy to have her watch him play and show her how to play it herself
  • But monitors that she doesn’t get addicted like him or plays too much, he’s a lost cause
  • plus he doesn’t want her getting dark circles under her eyes like him
  • You know how some little girls have this phase where they look after a baby doll? Yes, that’s him, he’s the baby
  • has to endure little mc’s mothering while trying to feed him food and put him to bed
  • Seven laughs forever 


  • Breaks into the apartment to get mc
  • looks around since the apartment seems empty

  • sees a little lump under the blanket, little mc peers out and looks at him

  • he blinks in confusion

  • wtf a child, why is there a child here

  • feels super awkward now, losses his bad ass composure

  • uh…

  • he also kneels down so he is around her height and gestures her to come towards him

  • little mc is curious so she walks over to him

  • “It’s alright princess, come here.” his wearing his mask so it makes his voice sound weird

  • Mc pauses and starts giggling at that

  • unknown is just like wut

  • “Your voice sounds funny” Mc giggles at him, he looks confused, him?? funny?? No he was bad ass.

  • Little mc’s giggles causes him to soften a little

  • Tries to coax her over telling her how fun paradise will be

  • Nope, little mc decides to play hide and seek, she’s littler so she can find places to hide

  • Omg why unknown was not prepared


  • Can’t fucking see
  • a little lump bumps into him

  • what was that

  • “Oh? Who is this?” looks at the direction of said lump, okay he can see out of his left eye

  • a little girl? Why is there a little girl here? 

  • Sweet as heck to the little mc asking where her mom is

  • so confused when he realizes who she is

  • No this precious angel is on her own

  • Feels guilty of course

  • makes sure to hold her hand all the time and just is so sweet and caring with her

  • gives her some treats and gives her some food

  • seriously he goes into doting dad mode

  • Probably will still take some pictures of little mc and shows her the camera 

  • treasures the pictures little mc took after he gave her a little lesson on how to use the camera

  • oh wow he’s happy for once 

LOL i don’t know guys i tried, some of them might seem OOC but oh well

chenle confessINg

Originally posted by 1aeil

wow looking back at this i rly got carried away :”))))). i love china line so much thank you for requesting this hunty xoxo :-))) i hope you enjoy!!! - admin amy

- ok so you how you met chenle

- in english class you had to go into groups for a project

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Hello!! Sorry to be a nuisance, But are you able to do the RFA reacting to MC being 6'6/198cm tall and finding out she is incredibly insecure about it? Thank you so much + have a lovely day/night!! ^^

A/N: Omg you aren’t being a nuisance please don’t apologize!!! Also I lowkey wish I was 6'6 so I feel really bad if you’re this tall and insecure about it ;A; no one can help what their height is, and that’s okay!!!! Because it doesn’t matter!!! I personally love all heights and don’t understand why others don’t <3ヽ(*>∇<)ノ ~Admin 404


           -Woah MC, that’s amazing!

           -Will yoU PLEASE CARRY ME, MC?!

           - -yoosung, i can show you the world shINING, SHIMMERING, SPLENDOR-

           -He doesn’t understand why you’re insecure because? He’d love to be that tall!

           -Maybe everyone would take him seriously!! ;A;

           -All he knows is that you’re insecure and he isn’t going to have it!!!

           -Cuddles, snuggles, everything! He even tries to make you some comfort food his mum used to make him when he’s sad!!

           -He’s latched himself onto your leg before

           -He refuses to let go until you agree to sit down and talk to him about what’s bothering you

           -Spends hours listening and reassuring you that it’s all okay! Every bad comment you say about yourself is immediately flipped around and disproven. You’re perfect the way you are, MC!!! Absolutely loves you!!


           -Height is but a number, dear MC

           -You’re taller than him? Whatever, doesn’t bother him at all

           -Thinks you’re so precious <3

           -Actually treats you as if you’re shorter than him

           -Makes sure he’s always the big spoon when cuddling though

           -If anyone says anything he will fIGHT THEM TO THE DEATH

           -Forget what others say, MC, he thinks you’re amazing

           -He!! refuses!!! to let you!!! Talk badly about yourself!!!

           -Any time you try and talk badly about yourself, he kisses you until you forget every last thought

           -There’s no such thing as too tall, or too small, and he wants you to know that MC! Why should your height matter?? It’s what’s inside that counts! Trust him MC, he struggles to remember that constantly


           - -can you please get things off the top shelf for me, MC-

           - -i am but a small baehee, pls-

           -She actually loves that you’re so tall because? She can pick you out of a large crowd and never have to worry about losing you

           -Did you know that Gods/Goddesses are usually thought to be giants?

           -She can now confirm that it is true, 100%

           -She just loves the comfort of having someone taller than her

           -You can put your hand on the top of her head with no effort and she meLTS IT IS HER FAVOURITE THING

           -When you get insecure, she’s always right there with a warm drink and cuddles

           -Rant and rave all you want bby, she’ll listen to you

           -At the end of it however, she’s already got thousands of compliments ready for you, and explanations of how others are just jealous of you!!


           -you’RE TALLER THAN HIM

           -THAT’S AMAZING???


           -Don’t worry about it, MC!

           -Wear those heels, rock it

           -Owners of The Tall Squad

           -Do not test him he will woRSHIP YOUR BODY, MC

           -Tries to make you feel as comfortable as possible about your height, he knows what it’s like to be tall, he’s got you

           -Honestly, he’s probably been insecure about being that tall as well, so he tries everything he can think of to lift your spirits- he will not let his MC feel the way he did over something you can’t control

           -Brings you Elizabeth, cuddles for days, any sweet words he can think of are whispered into your ear, makes you strawberry pancakes every time you seem insecure -i don’t care if it’s 3 in the morning if you’re feeling bad, yoU’RE GETTING PANCAKES-


           -You must be an angel MC

           -Because seriously who is that perfect

           - -oh hush saeyoung-

           -Doesn’t look at height, at all

           -He doesn’t even notice honestly, until you say something

           -“Wait, you’re taller than me??”

           - -uuuuhhh yeah-


           -He’ll wear heels just to be taller than you, if it’ll help

           -He does everything he can to make you feel okay about yourself! Refuses to make any jokes about height! He’ll do ridiculous things in public so people won’t even notice your height -saeyoung why are you wearing clown shoes “tO HELP YOU, MC”-


           -He loves your height!

           -The backgrounds he can get when he takes pictures of you are a m a z i n g

           -He loves giving you his camera and seeing what pictures you come up with

           -Love love loVES when you hug him from behind

           -y e s MC rest your chin on my shoulder and look at my pictures plEASE

           -He’s always radiating an aura of warmth so it’s hard to think badly about yourself when he’s around

           -Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, though

           -He’s devastated?? Why would you think bad about yourself? Why are you insecure?? You’re literally an angel??

           -S o m a n y s o f t k i s s e s

           -Seriously, all the kisses to every inch of your face. He listens to you and tries to help you think differently about your height! Always telling you the good things and advantages about it!! He’s very logical about his comforting


           -So you’re tall, so what?

           -He’ll pull you down to him whenever he wants you, whatever

           -Doesn’t bother him at all

           -He’s closer to your heartbeat when the two of you hug and he is A-okay with that

           -Still requires being the big spoon though

           -His death glare stops any one from even THINKING about commenting on your height

           -Isn’t very good with words but, he’s willing to listen to everything you think about yourself

           -A lot of silent kisses to your cheek because?? What does he say

           -He could tell you how amazing and perfect you are to him but he doesn’t have the words

           -So he’ll tell you the only way he can- holding you against his chest and running a hand through your hair until you’ve started to feel better

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Omg 48 hr asks AAHHH COULD I GET A FLUFF OF HOSEOK AND ME PLEASE since I can't cheer him up irl I really WANT his solo vlive he deserves ALL THE LOVE also he lost a shit ton of weight omg I just want to boost his confidence and tell him I love him AAHHHH I'm so loud I'm sorry I just love and appreciate our Hobi sososososoSOSOSO MUCH AHAHAHA THANK YOUU

Dream a little dream of me - Doris Day

You sat in a small little paddle boat, admiring the scenery of the beautiful lake and tree’s, making you feel totally protected from the world. Little did you know, your boyfriend was busy admiring you as he slowly paddled the boat up the lake. You heard his soft laugh from behind you, causing you to turn around.

“Hobi, why are you laughing?” 

You giggled back at him. You saw his face light up even more and it made your heart flutter.

“You’re so easily distracted, but it’s adorable. I wish I had a camera to capture how beautiful you are right now.”

Your stomach flipped at his words. All you could manage towards him was a smile as you felt your face heat up, slowly turning your head back to look at the scenery, biting your lip. You heard his soft laugh again, then the boat shifting. His presence was beside you suddenly and as you turned to look where he was, he surprised you by kissing you quickly, his hands both coming up to cup your face. It was sweet and quick, and made your heart melt. His hands moved down to hold yours as he rested his forehead to yours. 

“Don’t shy away when I compliment you, I want to see how cute you are when you’re embarrassed.”

You hit his shoulder playfully, Rolling your eyes but smiling like crazy. 

“Are you gunna kiss me again?”

You said cockily, playing with his hands as you looked into his eyes. 

“Mm yes but, I have a secret to tell you first.”

“A secret? what kind of secret?”

“Hopefully a good one.”

“Ok what is it?” 

You asked curiously. It couldn’t honestly be bad. He quickly pecked your lips again before looking back at you.

“I love you y/n.” 

Credit to GIF owner

Don’t you dare apologise for being loud about Hobi! I wanna hold this angel in my arms and just care for him. I love him so much I want to cry! writing this, I thought it would be so cute! and then I found that GIF! And I can’t stop watching it he is actually attacking me right now! And the SONG! Just, everything is melting together with this (In my opinion) I wish he was wearing hella vintage clothes in that GIF it would have topped it off but ugh I’m done. I’m dreaming of Hoseok tonight Oh my god… I wanna cry I’m so happy with this scenario like I WANT THIS


prince wonwoo –> (x) 

  • honestly, the nations FAVORITE prince to have ever lived
  • he’s always attentive and pushes to keep the common people in mind during important royal meetings
  • treats all the staff + servants with the utmost respect, is always asking if they need a helping hand in the kitchen after dinner 
  • once he learned that the head cook burned their hand so jeonghan forbid them from trying to cook until it healed and even went down to help the rest of the kitchen cook while the cook was on leave and honestly it just made everyone swoon
  • he’s wasn’t the best cook, but he looked handsome cutting up peppers with his hair tied back in a graceful ponytail 
  • organizes monthly meetings where the people can come to him and complain about something and he’ll put a team of people together to fix every problem, big or small!!!!
  • little kids love him because he smiles and he like glows and they just stare at him in awe and when he ruffles their hair they run to tell the other kids that they were ‘blessed’ by the ‘angelic prince’ of the nation!!!!
  • prince!jeonghan wears like this outfit all the time: 
  • casual white shirt, crisp clean white slacks and …… you guessed it…rolled up sleeves 
  • when it’s like a gala or something though he gets adorned in like royal navy blues or burgundy and it looks so rich and he wears like a cape and a crown and literally like ????? an actual king not even a prince a KING 
  • but then he’ll like giggle against his wrist and it’s so cute his eyes get cute and wrinkle at the sides and literally you catch his glorious soft laugh once and you fall in love
  • you meet him because like you work in the royal garden and 4 some reason prince!jeonghan has this strange affinity for plants (u and the others think it might be because he is a literal flower,,,, but u don’t tell him that)
  • he bumps into you planting new roses for the season and he’s just like “oh….i didn’t mean to interrupt”
  • and you’re like oh no!! prince jeonghan it’s ok!!!! and you’re standing there in like overalls and gloves and a sunhat and this gorgeous prince is smiling at you and you’re like ‘oh my god im going to melt right into this dirt tbh’ 
  • he suddenly sorta gives you this coy smile and you’re like…… and he’s like “if it’s ok to bother you, could you maybe tell me the names of those flowers over there?” and he directs you toward another part of the garden and you two venture over and you get excited you’re like “this is queen ann’s lace!!!!” and you explain to him where the name is from and everything and jeonghan is looking at you so peacefully and he seems so interested in your knowledge of flowers that when you apologize for babbling he’s like “no, i want to know more….”
  • prince!jeonghan starts visiting you in the garden and even asks you to help him learn how to tend to certain plants and tbh like everytime he leans over your shoulder to see what you’re doing you kind of blush because a h he’s so nice and smells so clean because he’s a prince ofc and it’s like you have to stop because HES A PRINCE you’re just a gardener right hasfgfs
  • jeonghan has another friend in the gardens,,,,,,gardener seungcheol and seungcheol is kind of your boss like he’s the head of the garden and seungcheol is a grease ball so he’s always winking at you when jeonghan is around and not looking and tbh when you’re not around he’s like “hey,,,,i know this might be rude,,,,,but when do you plan to marry?” and jeonghan laughs because he’s so causal and he’s like “why?” and seungcheol just sorta mentions your name and is like “they’re single heHE”
  • once you were having trouble with a wheelbarrow full of dirt and jeonghan,,, who was taking his horse back to the stables sees you and calls someone over to take the horse while he himself goes over to help you 
  • you’re like “it’s fine, don’t get your gloves and riding gear dirty!!!” but jeonghan helps you anyway with a soft smile and he’s like “don’t worry about me getting dirty, I just need to make sure you don’t get hurt….”
  • prince jeonghan loves to read so you see him sitting near the fountain in the middle of the garden with book in hand a lot
  • once he fell asleep against this bush and everyone freaked out because they couldn’t find him for hours and then you ended up being the one to find him laying against the leaves and you’re just like omg how do i wake up the prince of my country,,,, and you lean over to tap his shoulder and jeonghan open his eyes righT AT ThAT MOMENT and you’re staring right AT HIM and you turn SO  RED while jeonghan just smiles and asks if you’re not getting sick
  • prince jeonghan goes out into town to talk with some local business owners,, sees a small flowershop and immediately thinks of you
  • he’s hard to read because he always has a lax pokerface or just the same smile about everything and its frustrating because he’ll come up behind you and whisper against the side of your neck to ask how you’re doing while no one else is in the garden and you become a mess but prince jeonghan,,,, composed aS ALWAYS
  • he once did trip over a vine while staring at you but you didn’t see
  • gardener seungcheol saw tho and he had to be bribed by jeonghan to never speak of it
  • he did a public interview when he visited a elementary school and they were like ‘what do you like recently?’ and he looked at the camera, titled his head and was like ‘i really like…..flowers’
  • cute prince jeonghan who just wants to chill in the garden with you and like instead of wearing an actual crown wants you to make him a crown of flowers 
Famous in Love

Hey, everybody! This is for @sdavid09 ‘s What If Writing Challenge, which I am late on because I am literal trash at deadlines and I’ve been at a college program for the last two weeks. Please forgive me, senpai


The tabloids had had a field day when you two started dating.

‘Famous Actress Y/N Falls For Talk Show Host Gabriel Novak!’

'New Power Couple Hits the Streets of LA!’

It was almost funny seeing what they came up with. One even tried to convince people you were pregnant and Gabriel was the father, but it died pretty quickly after you and Gabriel spent a solid minute laughing about it when a journalist asked in an interview.

It was true though, that you were happy for the first time in years. After you had split from your husband Dean when he admitted he and his manager Castiel were in love, you had fell into a slump in your career. It wasn’t Dean’s fault, of course. You had always sort of known, and you knew him and Cas were happy together. That was what you wanted for both of them. Regardless though, you had started to feel a bit lonely, especially when you saw the happy couple together at their wedding a few months later.

You had been standing off to the side, watching couples on the dance floor and feeling sorry for yourself. That was when you met Gabriel.

“Hey, Y/N!”

“Hm? Oh, hi. It’s Gabriel, right?”

He grinned. “Yeah, that’s me.”

You smiled back at him. “I’m a really big fan of your show.”

“Wait, really?” He turned pink. “Thanks! That means a lot coming from you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, nothing. I just… I admire you. You do so much with your influence instead of just flaunting it like some others I’ve met.”

Now it was your turn to blush. “Oh please. What about you? You’re up there every night teaching people about injustice and what’s going on in the world, and you think I’m the influential one?”

“Well, that is true. My incredible looks do help, though.” He winked and you laughed.

“I can’t disagree with that.”

He grinned widely. “So would you mind getting a drink with me?”

“I’d love to.”

You had done a lot more than just go for drinks. You had spent the whole day together, and planned a date afterwards. One date led to another and another, and two weeks later, you had made it official. That had been two years ago today.

Gabriel was your best friend, your greatest ally, and the love of your life. You couldn’t imagine being without him.

Tonight, you had an interview on his show. It wasn’t the first one either. You and Gabriel had great chemistry and both of your fans loved seeing you together. You had about an hour to get ready before the show would start, and you spent most of it messing with Gabriel.

“You know I really do think gold is your color.” You leaned over his shoulder, whispering in his ear. You slid your fingers over his collar where he was wearing a gold bow tie. “Matches your eyes.”

“You know what would look better on me, though?”

You smirked. “What?”

He raised his eyebrows, a mischievous smile on his face. “You.”

You broke out into laughter. “Later, I promise.”

“Alright, alright, fine.” He drew you down for a gentle kiss. “Now go get ready. We start in twenty minutes.”

“Yes, sir.” You winked, then walked off as you saw him flush.


Twenty minutes later, you were dressed and ready. The stage lights came on and a few crew members ran around, making sure everything was in order. The last few got off camera just as the show went live.

“Helllllllo America, and welcome to Annunciation Tonight! I’m your host, Gabriel Novak!” He grinned at the audience and bowed dramatically, always the theatrical type.

Now, tonight we have a special guest, my love, the light of my life, my most beautiful critic, F/N L/N!“

You walked out onstage to loud cheers from the audience, smiling and waving before sitting down in the chair beside Gabriel. He waited for everyone to quiet down again before he spoke again.

"And of course, I would like to wish you a very happy two year anniversary.”

“And to you as well,” you laughed.

“Did you know we’re trending on Twitter?”

“We are?”

“Yep. We even have a ship name. Would you mind if I read some of them?”

Everyone cheered, and you nodded. “Sure, what the hell.”

“Okay, so the first one is from @BeckyWinchester67. Omg you guys are literally precious. Can I pls have a relationship like yours????

“I like her,” you grinned. “Being called precious is pretty nice.”

“Agreed. And Becky, wherever you are, I hope you find your perfect person soon. The next one is from @DeanW. Congrats on the anniversary Y/N! Call me if you ever need me to give him 'the talk

"Thanks, Dean, but as much as I appreciate it, I’m going to decline that offer,” you laughed.

Gabriel faked wiping sweat from his forehead. “Thank you. God have mercy.”
The audience laughed and Gabriel paused for a moment before going on. “Okay, one more. This one’s from @ISunktheTitanic. What, no gift? Don’t you have any idea how to treat a woman, Novak?

“Well, as a matter of fact my friend, I do.” He stood up from the desk and walked around to stand in front of you. “And I intend to remedy the gift situation right now.” He got down on one knee and you gasped.


“F/N L/N, I have thought you were beautiful since the first time I saw you in an awful teen movie at 12 years old. I have been infatuated with you ever since you stepped on my feet while dancing at the wedding where we met. I have been in love with you since you spilled a whiskey on me and almost cried because you were so drunk you thought I was going to melt. I adore every part of you, every atom of your being. And I would like to ask you if you would do me the great honor of becoming my wife.” He looked up at you with hopeful eyes.
Hands over your mouth, eyes brimming with tears, only two words came to mind.

“Hell yes.”

Passionné De Parfum

kyungsoo x reader


word count ; 952

anon said: Can I pls request for a kyungsoo scenario fluff where his s/o has a cute obsession with perfumes so kyungsoo buys her diff perfumes from diff countries whenever he’s on tour? Thank you!!!

authors note: I hope you like this!! As soon as I read the request I started swooning.

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Another world concert. Yes, you loved seeing Kyungsoo do what he loved but you also craved his affection whilst he was away. But that didn’t stop you two from communicating.

You were getting ready to go out with friends, as you were putting on makeup your phone had scared you with the loud ringtone. Reading the caller ID you instantly smiled and answered. You both waved into the cameras. 

“Wow,” Kyungsoo says breathlessly at the sudden beauty that is you. “You look gorgeous.” You blushed and replied with a thank you. “Where are you going? I never gave you permission to look that stunning without me by your side.” Kyungsoo teased as you both let out a cheeky laugh.

“I’m going out with some friends tonight, it’s ___’s birthday today so she wanted to go out somewhere.” You reply as you finish the last few touches of your makeup. You stand up to show Kyungsoo your outfit. 

He was completely breathless. He thought of himself to be the luckiest man walking the earth. You were in every way perfect in his eyes, and he wouldn’t change anything about you. “You look absolutely perfect jagi. I really wish I could see you right now.”

You smiled at him and hung your head, “now you know how I feel when I see fan taken photos of you at concerts.” You tease him. “What perfume should I wear Soo?” You ask as you bring your phone to show him your vast collection of perfumes.

“You have so many,” Kyungsoo exclaims in awe. “Wear the one I got you when we went to Japan.” 

“I bought so many when we went to Japan though Soo.” You reply embarrassed that you are such an enthusiast when it came to perfumes. 

“Uh, that one with the purple top and yellow ribbon! The one I bought you when we went to Osaka.” 

It took you a while to figure out which one he was talking about but it finally clicked. “Oh! The one that smells like daisies!” Kyungsoo nods and a smile grows onto his face.

You set the phone aside and you look through the collection, slowly you pull out the perfume container only for it to be empty. You frown into the phone and Kyungsoo gives a worried face, “what happened?”

“There’s no more, Soo”

“Use another one, you have plenty.”

“But I wanted to use the one you bought me.”

“I’ll try to buy you another one okay?”

“But didn’t you already go to Japan?”

“I’m going back don’t worry okay?” 

“No it’s okay don’t worry about it.” You then hear people knocking on the door and your name being shouted. “Soo I gotta go, I’ll text you when I get back okay?”

“Okay, be safe.”

You both bid your goodbyes and you go out into the world once you finished putting on a random perfume.


“Are you sure you don’t need help with those bags Kyungsoo?” Chanyeol asks the smaller male as they get to the company building.

Kyungsoo shakes his head and smiles, “no I’m good but thanks for the offer.”

He had arrived back in Korea and was excited to see you. He was anticipating your reaction seeing him and the gifts he had bought you. He quickly went to the apartment that you had lived in and unlocked the door. “Jagiya?” He called out, making sure you weren’t home.

And as expected there was no reply, he quickly went into your room and placed all the bags on your bed. He took a note and wrote on it placing it in one of the many bags.

>> hey soo sorry I’m not home right now! I needed to cover a shift for my friend. I’m going home right now. I’ll see you in a bit, i missed you! 

<< ah it’s okay, my plane was delayed and I just got here so you don’t need to rush.

>> omg really? im so sorry soo ): do you want me to go pick you up?

<< no it’s okay, Xiumin is giving us rides, I’ll see you in a bit xoxo

Quickly, he put his phone on silent and hid behind the couch. He knew you’d be home in just a few seconds since you happened to work not that far from where you lived.

You had walked in and threw your sweater and purse on the couch Kyungsoo was hiding behind. Taking a water bottle you open your bedroom door and a loud gasp was heard. “Oh my god, what is this?” You spoke to yourself as you looked through all the bags. Various perfumes from various brands are what filled the bags. Opening the note you read his familiar handwriting.

I could’t find the perfume I got you last time from Osaka, but I made up for it by buying you so many, now you won’t run out of the perfumes that I buy for you anymore. I love you jagi. I missed you too (:

You look back once you hear his voice through the doorway, “I couldn’t help not buying you perfumes since you love them so much.” 

A smile was wide across your face and Kyungsoo was so proud that he was the reason for that smile. He engulfed you in a hug. “Plus you’re running out on almost all of the perfumes you have in there.”

You smile and push away from the hug, playfully you hit his arm. “Thank you so much, Soo. You really didn’t have to.” You reply and embrace him in a hug again.

“You don’t have to thank me. I did it because you mean a lot to me jagi.” 


lmao let’s do it

S. Coups

  • daddy is gonna nut 
  • he would b very shook at first real life mr krabs and then gradually he’d turn into a red hot mush he can’t even talk
  • OR when you start dancing he’s like oohhyeaahh but then you do a step wrong and he’s like hUH gets up himself and 1ups u rip. now u r the mushy hot mess how the tables have TURNED SON
  • tbh afterwards it wouldn’t be a big deal

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i have been SAVING THIS GIF for a request like this lmaooooo i plan ahead B)


  • would do his coil little smile u this little shit probably films it 
  • sometimes he adds the song to a playlist twice when you guys are alone “lets have fun and dance jagiya!11!!1!! oh wow! playboy by exo is playing!!!”
  • lowkey would brag about it to the boys bc lets be real he’s that kind of guy. but only to scoups and joshua bc the others are too young for SEXUAL CONTENT.
  • rip joshua and seungcheol. when they compliment u jeonghan gets mad, when they say they r uncomfortable jeonghan gets mad, when they dont comment at all jeonghan gETS MAD its a catch 22

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  • i know that most people depict him as this holy catholic Jisoos but like! he is a boy! who would really really like! his girlfriend to! dance to playboy by exo! more often!
  • has a really big grin on this face and probably sings or claps along omgthismarshmallow 
  • but like one time it played in the car when you guys were w the other boys and they have never seen joshua move so fast to literally slam down on the radio button lmao you weren’t even doing anything but now this song makes him feel a certain way
  • has daydreams about it

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  • has no idea what’s happening? doesn’t even know that it’s playboy by exo? because he’s too busy looking at u :’)
  • he’s just watching at the start and then his pants get tight and he gets up to pin you against the wall and that’s all folks this is not an nsfw post no no but lowkey would feel you up and get really hot and bothered. do you guys have sex? probably
  • sexy dances all the time no, sexy dancing is your thing u guys r unstoppable no one wants to hang out with you guys anymore
  • but dont worry yall aint ott with the whole dirty dancing classy on the streets, nasty in the sheets

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  • he’s actually so pure he would make the :o face and then he would make the face he makes when he watches other idols perform - you know the one
  • blushes a lot and probably wants to ask you to stop but it’s lowkey not even a sexy dance and he double thinks and then comes to a conclusion that he’s just a pervert like rip hoshi 2kSVT
  • he wouldn’t tell anyone about it bless his heart
  • next time you guys are hyped and dancing he’d probably play a shinee song and hope u dance to it the way you do to exo

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  • leaves the room but comes back but goes to the bathroom and doesn’t come out for a very long time lmao
  • when he’s back your dancing to a different song but still dancing so he puts it back to playboy and youre like what ??? but this boy is like shrugshrug idk i like the song shrugshrugshrug
  • but youre tired so you take a seat and he’s lowkey salty that you’re not dancing
  • because he really wants to see it again but he doesn’t wanna seem like that guy so he holds it in and sheds a tear

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  • stares the whole time kinda shamelessly but then when it’s over he looks away to hide his blush because he is a child inside
  • he probably swears a lot under his breath because he doesn’t want think of having sex w you bc he’s similar to wonwoo in the sense that he doesn’t want to seem like that guy
  • deletes playboy from his phone afterwards but then changes his mind and puts it back
  • considers writing a song with a similar mood because he is now digging this concept self-consciencely

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  • sunshine that doesn’t hide his emotions like thank god we have one son who can express his emotions shamelessly
  • ur number one fan “wooo!!1 shake it!! that’s it! you got this!! damn gguurrrlll!!!”
  • sings along to it but in an exaggerated hyper way although sometimes he’ll sing it in ways that make u melt while your dancing literally turns into some kind of angry memeing cause both of you are hyping each other up rip ur neighbours they just want one quiet night
  • the boys are scared to ride the same car as you two justin case playboy starts playing and that says a lot more than words can

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  • you don’t know what you’re doing to him
  • he’s so excited like omg he’s the same as joshua as in he just wants you to sexy dance sometimes and he claps along
  • watches open mouthed but also a bit sheepishl. loves that it makes him feel scandalous lol
  • that one time someone actually walked in mingyu started screaming and standing and it literally scared the shit out of everyone because he’s a walking lamp post. really embarrassed about it and probably scarred and never wants to hear playboy again

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been saving this gif too


  • rip minghao doesn’t know what hit him so he is in total shock mode this is not a drill you don’t even notice he’s in shock mode
  • My Story: My Girlfriend Was A Sexy Dancer In Her Previous Life???
  • im sorry but i cant see minghao 100% enjoying it because he’s pure and tries to hide behind something, like he’d catch himself enjoying it and just be like ohmygod i have lost touch with Jisoos (im sorry its just such a spendable joke)
  • jun probably tells him its okay to like it bc u look hot and minghao becomes thughao like bro thats my girl you cant say shes hot u pervert

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that camera is the something he hides behind lmao


  • like DK but toned down because he would be half terrified
  • not because it’s too sexy or he’s too turnt but that he immediately thinks HOW DO I TOP THAT because divaboo is just as sexy as u and can sing the song a whole octave higher
  • when he joins in you don’t laugh, i mean you laugh but in a relaly good way that makes him happy and it makes him like youu 100x more because you don’t judge him and you get his humour and at the same time you make him feel happy
  • hhhhhhhh i just want him to be happy and loved

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  • kinda like minghao he doesn’t know what to do
  • might started uncontrollably smiling because he’s kind of flustered and kind of happy and kind of embarrassed
  • mouths the lyrics to the song and doesn’t take his eyes off you + maybe films it
  • uses the video he filmed of you to make a lit edit and you’re waiting to see it but it’s a crack video because we can’t trust this meme i can’t trust him you shouldn’t trust him - with videos of you dancing that is

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  • this might count as nsfw so i won’t do him lmao
  • but im a shit so i’ll leave this because i can really see him saying this “oh my god, waaa, that’s my girl”

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lmao is this nsfw? no it’s not. but is it?
should just leave thesse to mod velvet lmao

mod kimchi!!

Best Friends (Joe Sugg Imagine) - requested

Best friends (requested)

myxolaura said: Hi love! I really liked your imagine 🙈 Could you maybe do one where Joe and Y/N are best friends since their young and they had their first kiss together And then he films a video with her and read their diary and the fans start shipping them and then they come together :) I hope you understand what I mean haha

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I really do apologise. I didn’t mean for it to take this long, but hey, at least it is up now! I hope you enjoy this.


“Hey, guys! So today, my diary is back! I’ll be reading from it in today’s Sugg Sunday! However, I do have a special guest with me to do this. You guys have probably seen her in my vlogs but she’s never been in one of my main channel videos. So, say hello to Y/N Y/L/N!” Joe introduced. You jumped in front of the camera from your position behind it and sat down next to Joe on the bed.

“Hi guys! I’m Y/N! It’s lovely to be in one of these videos,” you said, smiling.

“As you all know, Y/N is my best best best friend that I’ve known for god knows how long,” Joe said as he threw an arm over your shoulder.

“Hey! I’m offended,” Caspar piped up from behind the camera. “I thought I was your best best best friend!” He complained.

“Oh, hush, Casp, you’re not in this video. And anyway, I can have two best best best friends,” Joe said, laughing and taking his arm off your shoulder.

“Well, I better be the number one best friend,” Caspar said.

“Yeah, sure.”

You chuckled at the both of them and said, “guys, enough, we’ve got a video to film.” They both laughed and you guys started the video.


“Oh my god, I remember that day like it was yesterday!” You exclaimed, laughing.

Joe had just read the entry where your family and his family had gone to the beach. You and Joe had gone off to explore and found some massive rocks. You both had climbed up them and were looking around the place.

“Wait, wasn’t that the time where-” you started but Joe cut you off.

“Yes, yes, don’t remind me,” he said, embarrassed.

“I’ll remind the viewers though,” you said, laughing. “Basically, Joe, trying to show off because he thinks he’s hard, had jumped off the rocks and into the water and when he was about to get out, he realised he lost his swim trunks in the water. Thinking back to it, that was probably the most hilarious thing ever. But anyway, he made me run back to our parents for help while he was in the sea naked,” you said into the camera, giggling. Joe blushed hard and looked away.

“You had to tell them, didn’t you, Y/N?” He complained. You laughed and side hugged him.

“Aw, it’s okay, Joey baby,” you cooed. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but I mean, come on, it was funny you have to admit.”

“Ew, don’t call me that,” he grimaced. “But yeah, it was funny I’ll admit,” he then said, chuckling slightly. You let go of him, laughing.


The next entry Joe read was the one where you both had your first kiss.

With each other.

It was only because you both thought it was best. Everyone in your year already had their first kiss and since you both were best friends, you thought it wouldn’t be weird if you two kissed. So you did.

“I still can’t believe we did that. We had to follow the crowd, didn’t we?” Joe said, rolling his eyes.

“Hey, at least we don’t now!” You exclaimed, smiling.

“Yeah, at least we don’t now,” he mumbled. Joe had wanted you two to follow the crowd. The crowd was saying for you both to get together. They were chanting your ship now, saying, ‘get together! You’re the best together!’

Sadly, he didn’t want to ruin your friendship. What if you guys broke up if you got together? Years of friendship down the drain? No, he didn’t want that.

But little did he know, you too wanted to follow the crowd.


“Holy crap, Joe, have you seen the comment on your recent video?” You exclaimed from the living room. Joe was in the kitchen, quickly putting something together for dinner.

“No, I haven’t. Lemme see,” he said as he quickly came to sit next to you on the couch. He wiped his wet hands on the apron he was wearing and took the laptop from your lap. He scrolled through the comments.

“OMG, you two are soooo cute together. OTP!”

“Y/Ship/N! OMFG, my ultimate OTP!”

“You guys would make the most perfect couple! Please get together!”

“I love you two together! You guys make my heart melt. You’re so cute!”

“Oh my god. They really love us together,” Joe said, blushing. You blushed and nodded.

“They do. I’ve just been through Twitter and our 'ship’ name is trending worldwide. Can you believe that?” You gushed.

“Holy crap,” was all Joe said as he set the laptop on the coffee table. You nodded again and kept going through the comments on the video. Everyone loved you two together. Even you wanted to be together. Joe wanted to you two to be together. So why weren’t you?

Oh yeah, because neither of you knew how the other felt.

“Y/N,” Joe said after a minute silence. You hummed in response. “The whole of the Internet want us together,” he started. You turned to look at him and you caught his beautiful blue eyes. “And I just want to say that…even I want us together.” You gasped, not expecting that.

“You-you do?” You asked. He nodded and bit his bottom lip.

“I’ve liked you for quite some time now and seeing the world ship us hurts knowing we’re not together,” he said. Tears started welling up in your eyes.

“I like you too, Joe,” you whispered.

He grabbed your hands and asked, “Y/N…would you do me the greatest honour of being my girlfriend?”

You nodded and jumped into his arms. Your arms wrapped around his neck as his arms wrapped around your waist. You smiled into his neck as he kissed your cheek.

anonymous asked:

how they react when the baby kicks for the first time?


im gonna do 4/4 bc i literally live for dad!5sos no one understands the pain as well as i do i need a moment

also im not even sorry for how long these are bye


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So, I thought, why not ruin make someone’s day with 3 minutes of beautiful devastation? hessofluffyyy, this one’s for you :)

I love this interview of Colin’s by his drama school because: 

(Read more if you dare)

1) It’s black and white, and makes Colin look EVEN BETTER (black hair, white skin? I’m in!) 

2) his accent’s thicker than usual 

3) pretty sweater/jumper 

4) just the right amount of scruff 

5) hair that nearly covers his eyebrows, and his ears (don’t think we don’t know you try to do that, Colin) 

6) flawless skin per usual 

 7) eyes! You can see his every eyelash and they are perfect 

8) he looks so much younger and that’s always awww-worthy 

9) he looks so much less tired than he’s looked of late 

10) should I even mention lips? OK, yes, just stare at them for a second… or two… Or the entire video. And the way he talks… I’m a writer and I still have no words to describe it. Like he’s trying to convince the camera to kiss him? I sound like a bad fanfic now, and I’m stopping all further thoughts of Colin and kissing in the same scenarios stat.

11) OK, should we move on to the actual video? I’ve had it paused at 0:07 all this time. First off, HE’S SO HAPPY to be talking about his old school. Clearly he has fond memories of the place :D 

12) he’s so smiley

13) so much positive attitude (at this point, we take this for granted with Colin, but do you realize how seriously hard it is to be positive and nice for as much of the time as he is??) 

14) all the philosophy on learning, all the philosophy on LIFE (I want to know who taught Colin all of it cos I want a lesson too) 

15) this screenshot of when I paused it to write more things perfectly sums up this entire video and what it does to me 

16) all the head bobs, “mmm’s” and “uhh’s” 

 17) how he pronounces “pond” (what is it with him pronouncing bodies of water in the most adorable way?) 

18) all the enunciating, from Mr. Mumbles himself, good job honey, also his voice is so smooth and low, low, low, low (OK let’s not desecrate Colin with bad song references Helen) 

19) who knew “theme” could be such a sexually frustrating word?? 

20) geeky laugh at “marble Archie,” and talking about the audience shouting at you, OK seriously, I need to come back to this list later while I go scream in a pillow at how cute you are 

21) (I’m back), the way he BLINKS, oh my god, why did I ever think this list would be a good idea? 

22) how he’s soo pleased to now be living his dream :D 


Editor’s note: Helen hopes you enjoyed the show, please gather all belongings on your way out and try to not leave important things like your melted brain behind. She apologizes for this not making it very far elevated above an appreciation of Colin physically, and for thoroughly derailing whatever you were trying to do before. :p