oh god what if it really is obito

fanfun56  asked:

What do you think the reactions of The Uchiha men(Madara, Izuna,Shisou, Sasuke,Itachi, Obito, Kagami) fighting over Sakura, until they see her with Tobirama would be?

Madara: Madara would view it as a competition and aim to woo the pinkette, though along the way I know she’d win his heart and he’d get just a little too invested in in. When he sees her with Tobirama, he’d silently seethe and plot on how to get them away from each other.

Izuna: Izuna honestly wouldn’t have a clue on how to win a woman’s affection, but that’d work in his favour. Apparently Sakura has a soft spot for blushing, awkward Uchiha. He’d have a fit when he saw her with Tobirama, and he’d go out of his way to try and make the mans life hell- he’s always hated him after all, and this is just the nail in the coffin.

Shisui: Shisui is rather easy going, so he’d take a more casual approach to wooing the girl, using missions and check ups to get closer to her and warm her to his presence. He’d be very put out by Tobirama’s advance and up his game in response, already planning his next move.

Sasuke: Sasuke would join in because why not? If she’s worth his relatives attention, she’s worth his own. He’d use team missions and training, as well as Naruto’s presence to try and get closer to her. When he sees her with Tobirama he’s very miffed about it, seemingly viewing it as a betrayal.

Itachi: Itachi would have seen her grow up with his younger brother, and would use this to his advantage- tagging along with said brother until she was comfortable with him, then inviting her to dinner with his parents and such. He’d not really know what to think of her involvement with Tobirama, but he’d already have 5 possible ways to split them up planned if the worst came to be.

Obito: Obito would be very forward with his affection, and would take every opportunity he could to be in her presence- be it tagging along to team 7′s training, or commandeering her time after work for dinner. He’d be horrified by Tobirama’s actions and view it as a betrayal against himself, having thought he’d already made his intentions clear. (Oh god it’s another Kakashi all over again…)

Kagami: Kagami would be very proper, and along the way he’d start viewing his clan members silly ‘competition’ as a betrayal of her trust, honestly only assuming he was the only one with honest feelings for her. He’d ask to have her be his medic on missions, and would work to become close with her whenever it was convenient. He wouldn’t know what to think when he saw her with Tobirama, having always trusted the man very much- all he did know, was that he didn’t like the development at all..

Tobirama: Smug as all fuck.