oh god what are backgrounds


watch my back so i make sure, you’re right behind me as before
yesterday the night before tomorrow, dry my eyes so you won’t know
dry my eyes so i won’t show, i know you’re right behind me
and don’t you let me go, let me go tonight

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206!!! ^O^

She entered anyways and he buried his face into his hands with a groan.  “I just want to talk,” she said.  “I want to understand.”

“And I want you to leave me the fuck alone!”

“I will after this,” she said, grabbing a chair and sitting across the desk from him.  “I want to see this situation from your point of view.  Please.  You have to understand that I’m very young; I was born only three years ago.  Lord Dominus and our Most Holy are all I’ve known.”

“Even a three year old knows that what happens in this city on a day to day basis is wrong,” he spat.

Dismas and Gabriel had a bit of a rocky start.


Kpop meme wallpapers, requested 😝
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  • Ruby: Hello?
  • Yang, over scroll: Hey Ruby, do you know where Penny is?
  • Ruby: Uhhh... *Looks over at Penny*
  • Penny: *is wearing thigh-highs and not much else*
  • Ruby: I might. Why do you ask?
  • Yang: There's been a mishap at Junior's, and we need-
  • Yang: ...Anyway, we need someone who can turn off their sense of smell to help out. Do you think you could ask her a favor?
  • Ruby: I think I can convince her...

In the next issue, my favorite character seems to be wearing a bucket over their head that is eerily a lot like angry shit doodle, I am going to cry so hard from the amazement. I want to be an amazing artist like this person. -gets self to sketching-


…. I had a strange dream…

i am excited for the christmas special NOT because of river's return, but because of this possibly happening
  • river: hello sweetie~
  • missy: excuse you? who are you calling sweetie?
  • river: why, the doctor, of course—
  • missy: he is MY sweetie. understood?
  • doctor (in the background): oh god
  • river: what exactly are you going on about? doctor, do explain this please.
  • missy: did you give him a birthday gift? i gave him an army for his birthday! what have you gotten him?
  • river: well—
  • missy: HE'S MINE.
  • BONUS:
  • missy: well if you do claim to be his wife, surely he has told you about me before. i'm his greatest adversary. his equal, his best enemy *grins*, his ex.
  • river: *smiles* oh, you are the master aren't you?
  • missy: the mistress now, thankyouverymuch miss song.
  • river: doctor dearest, you never told me that the master was THIS obsessed with you.
  • missy: i aM THe onLY ONe who cALLs him deAR

Okay, so this happened a while ago….

I went on with life, right, because people have said, “Golly gee, you’re right that there should be more diversity and inclusiveness in the media,” but nobody ever does anything about it. Basically, I take everybody as patting me on the head. You know. Placating me. I never thought in a million years thought that Jim Michaels took me seriously.

Fast forward to last night.

I was multitasking, otherwise I would have noticed it right away, but there was a guy in the bar at the beginning. Sitting in a wheelchair. Having a good time with his friends.

Jim started tweeting tonight……


Background character… what on Earth?

…Oh my God…

…Are you ser–


This is where I kinda flipped out.

So then the Twitter user IcarusSPNPig found the background guy in the wheelchair having a good time with his friends. This was the opening scene where the angels were off duty and talking among themselves when the Metatron fanboy joined them. Look behind the angels.

I’m honestly stunned and speechless. This is a clear indication that each thing in each shot is there for a purpose. Last night the background guy was there in a wheelchair making good on a promise Jim Michaels made to a random lady on Twitter way back in November.

You may be thinking, “Well, it’s just an extra. That’s no big deal.” But the context is what was important to me. I’ve talked many times before about how people with disabilities are generally portrayed in fictional storytelling as needing to be fixed, they’re somehow broken, they feel sorry for themselves, etc., and almost none get storylines that don’t involve having that disability. I told Jim that, as a person in a wheelchair, I wanted to see more of us in the media and in fiction simply living our lives without constantly being reminded that we’re different or we need to be fixed. Not all of us need to be cured. A lot of us are living fulfilling lives like everybody else.

That is what Jim Michaels gave me.

This guy chilling in a bar happens to be in a wheelchair but it’s no big deal. It could just as easily be me hanging out with my friends and having a drink, if I drank.

Supernatural gave me a bit of representation that I really needed.

Thank you, Jim and Supernatural.

P.S. My personal headcanon is that the guy in a wheelchair is also an off duty angel. I like to think Cas took him for intelligence work at his spiffy new headquarters.

P.P.S. One of my followers made a gifset of the scene. Check it out here. There’s a big light on the guy, suggesting that we’re meant to see him for a reason.

Honestly??? Symbolism much???? Lukas here is light than Yao??? Cuz Yao is evil and stuff???? And Lukas isn’t evil???? He’s good???

Anywho, I drew A scene in a role play I was doing with a fellow person I know.

Small background information on what happened:

Oh god, he was so close. Why?

Lukas was so close to seeing freedom in the cell he was trapped in. So close. But of course, it had to be a trap. He was able to see the trap and escape from it before it truly captured him, but it was just a fake. Maybe he could find another way out somewhere else. Preferably a place that Lukas didn’t need to crawl in, but he will take whatever. While facing the tunnel, Lukas got up and dusted himself off. He didn’t need to look like he just crawled through that fake tunnel.

He felt like eyes were following his every move. That couldn’t be? Right? Lukas knew that Yao was still upstairs, he just heard his voice. That must be something else, like a rat or something. Maybe it was just his imagination. He sighed. Lukas wanted out of the dusty cell, maybe somewhere else, but he didn’t where. He wanted just to be free. Hell take whatever. Lukas was about to turn around when he felt a hand cover his mouth, while another went over his left shoulder. The thought of who it was mad him pale. He guessed who it was. And his guess was unfortunately correct.


And that’s all y'all get to see Anywho the hand is extra wonky and ugly and the shading is -100000000000/10 but whatever. Also backgrounds are hard to draw. Oh and Yao’s teeth are supposed to be that sharp yes.