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A Yangarang idea I had like 6 months ago but only in these week I got the time to actually do it ;;
I’ll definitely do a redraw in the future but for now I’ll go with this version

Why didn’t B.A.P win any shows for Wake Me Up?

my thoughts on a question nobody asked me but have them anyway lmao


  • not enough people streaming on melon. literally this is the main one
  • maybe could stream a bit more on youtube?
  • needed more people voting live and for pre-votes
  • I can’t think of any more hmm did I mention melon streaming??


  • very rushed promotions to squeeze it in before the tour: only 2-3 weeks instead of the usual 4 (and usually groups don’t/can’t win in the first week of promotions anyway, so that only left around one week of being on shows in which we had a chance of winning)
  • I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s TS’s fault, but generally, fewer people tend to buy physical single albums than full or mini albums because they’re essentially paying the same price for less (eg rose was the first time I bought a B.A.P single album), but actually rose is so far their second highest-selling single album, which is pretty impressive 

things out of our control:

  • tough competition: comeback at the same time as other groups with better melon streaming / larger korean fanbases
  • music bank and music core being cancelled during the first week of promotions. mucore doesn’t have a winner anymore, but mubank was arguably our best chance at winning after the show, and because the first ep was cancelled, that was shown during the second week (whereas if that ep was a new one from the 2nd week then we could have possibly had a chance of winning), and then that was it, promotions over…
  • changes to how winners are chosen on the show: no more tudou streaming and I think no more laifeng votes? still not exactly sure what they are, but before we could collect our strength and buy them points on the show (as dumb as it sounds) and spend ages doing extra streaming on a website that kept crashing and deleting views, but now the show cares more about melon streaming too (like the other music shows) (do u see how important digital streaming is)

but don’t let that make you sad! from what I’ve personally seen, the general reaction (both fans and not) to wake me up / rose has been more hyped and impressed than it has probably since matrix. B.A.P have said they have more comebacks scheduled for this year, so hopefully we’ll be able to get them what they deserve next time.

PS: people sometimes compare B.A.P’s youtube views to other groups, where we usually don’t do as well. then there’s the usual topic of some fans leaving and moving to other groups during the hiatus etc etc etc……. well actually, our youtube views aren’t really that different from pre-hiatus? I remember when 1004 (their main breakthrough and at the height of their career back then) was released on the 3rd of february, jongup’s wish was for the mv to reach 1 million views by his birthday on the 6th - 3 days later and it still didn’t reach 1 million. on the other hand, wake me up reached 2.25 million views in around 5 and a half days. with the explosion of kpop in the last couple of years, some groups enjoy immense success on a whole new scale. our achievements only seem inferior if we compare them to others - let’s focus on ourselves and see how far both B.A.P and we as fans have come, and think about how we can continue to go forward!

PPS: nice things I’ve noticed recently (last few months since noir/skydive): 

  • more content creators in the fandom making things: more gifsets, graphics, fics etc
  • said content getting more recognition
  • a sense of humour! crack blogs, more people making funny videos and text posts and funny edits
  • honestly I keep finding new B.A.P blogs to follow - more people joining the fandom or existing fans choosing to take more part in the fandom on tumblr!
  • fans on tumblr interacting more with each other! through networks or just starting to talk to each other on here :D
  • B.A.P trended on tumblr for yongguk and himchan’s birthdays!
  • himchan and youngjae gaining more recognition in general these days
  • keep it up guys I love you all
Olicity Fic Rec (Part 1)

Hey everybody! I have been wanting to do a fic rec for a while, but I haven’t been able to find the time to do it. Luckily now that school and finals are over, I finally can! I kinda tried to organize this fic rec by categories and stuff and I got really carried away lol, but I hope you enjoy!

SOME OF MY FAVORITE FICS (Not necessarily recent fics, just fics I LOVE (not all of my favorites bc we’d be here for days), and for the recent fics that are also my favorites, I put them in the recent section):


Sportsmanlike Conduct by @mogirl97: Overall one of my favorite sports AU’s! It has both fluff and angst, and I literally couldn’t stop reading it! I originally read it when it first came out, and each update made me so happy! Not to mention, hockey is literally my favorite sport (and I may or may not be a Flyers super fan) so this fic was especially fun to read! It all begins in college, when Felicity meets Oliver Queen, a handsome and talented hockey player! They hit it off immediately, and their relationship is so good, but of course, things get in the way! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Such an amazing fic!!

Times Like These by @anthfan: I REREAD THIS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING (i literally just re-read it and finished it before I started making this post)! If you have free time, go read this fic, and if you don’t have free time, drop what you’re doing, make time, and go read this fic! This fic is so good, and all of Oliver and Felicity’s interactions are so well done. I actually only came across this story a few months ago, and I am so mad I didn’t find it sooner, but now that I have read it, I can’t stop reading it over and over! It begins with Felicity’s stalker and cousin, Nate, coming back into her life, and of course, Oliver and Dig doing everything they can to protect her. SO GOOD. SO SO SO SO GOOD. I’m not gonna lie, this fic made me cry, and I rarely ever cry, so that should tell you how AMAZING this fic is!

The Firebird by @supersillyanddorky06: Am I gonna rec every single one of Matty’s fics? Yes. And the Firebird is NO EXCEPTION! This fic was recently finished (ending was super amazing) and if you’re looking for an amazing, riveting fic to read, go READ IT RIGHT NOW! I literally would not put this fic down when I first read it, and everytime I go back and re-read it, I read it from start to finish because its SO GOOD(lol the amount of HW i’ve been able to complete has gone way down since I started reading matty’s fics). This fic is an Al-Sahim story, but has Oliver in Felicity’s house every night, not saying a word, and watching Tv with her, after Felicity finds Oliver about to kill someone one night. Basically, Oliver starts seeking Felicity after that night, and you’ll have to see what happens! Honestly tho, I don’t know how to describe this fic (it’s too amazing to put into words), so just go READ IT!

Forever is Composed of Nows by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated: I’m pretty sure everyone has read this fic, but that’s because it’s only the best thing to ever exist! I read this fic a while ago, but lost it, and when I found it again, not only was it completed, but there was a SEQUEL and I SCREAMED OUT LOUD BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY! Such a good fic, and as a person who doesn’t even like children, I fell in love with Ellie Queen (believe me that is saying a lot, like i hate kids, but this story made me absolutely love Ellie) ! This fic has so much amazing fluff, and good angst, and just a wonderful wonderful plot. I love having the Queen fam in it, and every single chapter is just so good. It begins with Ellie Queen, Oliver and Felicity’s daughter, being brought into the past to escape Zoom, when Felicity and Oliver are not together, and haven’t even accepted their feelings for each other. SO GOOD. Such a great idea for a fic, that was made into a beautiful story, and I love it so much!

With our Backs to the Wall (Darkness will Fall) by @theirhappystory: ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES LIKE I CAN’T EXPLAIN GUYS ITS SO SO GOOD!! I am the biggest sucker for Army AU’s and age differences and this fic touches upon both of those and does it so well. Every single moment in this fic I absolutely love, and I really can’t put into words how good it is. You have to read it. You just have to. It starts with Oliver returning from war, coming back to a home with Felicity, who is looking much different and more mature then when he lost saw her. Oliver struggles with keeping his feelings and thoughts in check, and it is GLORIOUS! GO READ IT! I LOVE THIS FIC SO SO SO MUCH!

Or Forever Hold Your Peace by @katanabaabe: Such an incredibly angsty and beautiful fic, that you won’t be able to put down! I came across this fic a long time ago, and I am still just as obsessed with it now as I was then. I loved how this story was done, and I loved the way that Oliver and Felicity’s relationship plays out. I LOVE ANGST, and this fic had such well done angst it was impossible to put down. It begins with Oliver comforting Felicity after she is very upset over what happened with her fiancé, Ray Palmer, and things escalate. Such a good fic!

Where There’s Smoak There’s Fire by FelOllie @littlered-sourwolf: THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING FIC! I have re read this story countless times, and I think it gets better each time. I love, love, love, the way Felicity and Oliver’s friendship plays out, with tons of sexual tension and teasing, and the angst (oh my god the angst is so good guys) all just is written together so beautifully you have to go read it! It begins with Oliver and Felicity, five years after the count took her, being the best of friends. I don’t want to spoil too much, but all I can say is READ IT because you will not regret it! Amazing amazing story!


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You sigh, glaring at the most recent message on your phone. This is the exact opposite of what you want, and yet fate has this pretty little way of popping in at the most inconvenient of times.

It’s not that you dislike them, of course not. You love the seven idiotic boys. However, so do most people who have any recognition of BTS. Meaning the spotlight will be taken from the dance to them, leaving you slightly irritated and having to force large crowds of teenagers away.

It’s only a few minutes before they arrive, and suddenly the entire population of the school is pouring through the doors, giving you nothing to do but follow. There are confused murmurs upon seeing the black van, some with excitement and others concern until everything drowns out into an ear splitting screech. You see Namjoon exit the vehicle with the bit of grace he has, eyes going wide at the crowd. He flounders slightly, appearing nervous as he greets the eager fans who are now pressing in closer to the van. 

The others pop out one by one, each person pleasantly surprised by the outcome. You start making your way towards the front of the crowd when they spot you, and it’s Jungkook who starts calling your name first. The others catch on quickly, and suddenly all eyes are on you. Some of them are glares, others are filled with curiousity, while the rest look calculating and envious. Now, you wouldn’t say your concieted, but you’ve always liked being in the spotlight. Whether it be from praise or pettiness, attention is something you lowkey thrive off of. So of course you’re smug, making your way through the crowd that suddenly parts for you, and into the huddle of rowdy boys.

It’s Jin who initiates the group hug, and the others only join in, laughing, and you can’t stay mad after that. 

“Our Y/N is finally growing up,” Jin says, finally pulling away from the hug to shed fake tears. “Going to dances, dressing killer, slaying the entire Korean population.” The others follow in his lead, with Taehyung and Jimin pretending to cry over you while the others murmur words of nostalgia.

You push the grown men from your shoulders with an eye roll. “Shut the hell up, all of you. I told you not to come.”

“Yeah, and we didn’t listen,” Hoseok chimes in, his signature grin on his face. “Besides, you were preening under the attention back there. Don’t think we didn’t see it.”

Namjoon nods solemnly, “I didn’t know your name was Narcissus.” 

You scoff, though a knowing smile spreads across your face. “Whatever. You guys planning on sticking around?”

“Of course!” Jimin gives you a look of disbelief. “Why wouldn’t we? We gotta make this night memorable for you.”

There’s a chorus of hums and agreements, and you suprisingly aren’t as annoyed as you should have been in that moment. Instead, you beckon for them to follow you, and the eight of you head back into the dance venue, the murmurs of calls and fans starting up again as everyone follows in your lead.

The rest of the night is enjoyable, though you’d never tell the boys that. You dance with all of them, showing off in the middle of the dance floor as your favorite pop songs are blared from the speakers. You got down, doing things you know your mom would either kill you or award you for. It’s great, as Yoongi and Hoseok are the first to join in on your foolishness, and soon everyone is gyrating and dropping in the middle of the floor, practically forgetting you’re in public.

For your slowdance, you’re passed off from member to member, each placing a kiss on your forehead and telling you how proud they are. It gets harder to hold back your tears, yet you manage. Some of your classmates come to talk to you, most of them being people you either dislike or have never noticed before, and it’s hilarious how people change the second they discover what connections you have. Eventually, the boys are up there suggesting their own songs, and the night ends with Cypher pt. 3 booming in your skull. 

It’s safe to say that your absolutely smashed, even if you can’t remember whether you drank anything or not. Possible, but not your biggest concern. The boys take you back to their dorm, and the last thing you remember before falling asleep is a vague snapchat and laughter. A very memorable night indeed.

GOT7 reaction to crush confessing thinking they were asleep


but again I’m sorry this took so long to get up my wifi keeps leaving and I’m upset


Mark would try to act like he hadn’t heard you so he could ask you out the next day and surprise you, but he would break out in a blush and wouldn’t be able to control the grin tugging at the corners of his mouth real subtle which would let you know pretty quickly that he’d heard everything. He’d probably stand up at pull you into a hug, giggling nonstop and smiling wider and wider as time goes on. Finally, he’d pull away and ask, “So, dinner tomorrow?” 


Jaebum would perk his head up and look at you immediately, asking if you meant it. When you nodded your head, yes, he’d smile his big gummy smile and would probably pull you onto the bed/couch/whatever beside him and would hold you, telling you he loves you, too. But he’d definitely tease you about the whole situation for the rest of the relationship. If he tripped and you laughed at him, he’d bring it up just to embarrass you


Jackson is shook. He’d been planning to confess to you only a few days later but this is a good opportunity but he wanted to be the one to confess but- it goes on. He’d finally snap out of his dilemma right before you left the room, leaping up and dashing to you in record speed, blurting out a sincere confession: “I love you so much and you really startled me because I wanted to be the one to ask you out but I’m really happy and will you go on a date with me?” help him


Shooketh #2. He’s the only one who would pretend to be asleep until you left, when his eyes would open as wide as they possibly could and he’d just sort of stare at the wall while his heart raced. I think he’d try to make himself wait until the next day to tell you he returned your feelings, but would eventually lose self control and show up at your door really late at night, getting shy when you opened it but moving past and just stating, “I love you, too.” 


Youngjae would have a breakdown. On one hand, he felt intrusive for having heard you say something you obviously didn’t mean to hear and he wanted to respect your privacy and move past it, but on the other hand, he’s rejoicing because yes yes yes he loves you so much and ahhhhhhhhhhhh. He wouldn’t exactly be subtle about this, because while he was freaking out, his eyes would widen and he’d stare right at you. If you took it the wrong way and tried to leave, he’d grab your hand and stutter out a confession. “Yah, you surprised me! How am I supposed to tell you I love you when I’m in shock?”


So I don’t want to say that BamBam would scream after you confessed, but… I think he’d shriek. Not like a long, drawn-out screech, just a short little squawk ok I’m having too much fun. He’d probably grab your hand or something and ask, “You love me? Oh my god!” and would watch with a huge smile as you nodded before latching himself on you in a hug that honestly felt more like an attack but hey you love him so it’s no big deal. He’d be so happy and would be blushing and sputtering nonsense the rest of the day, but would definitely tease you about this in the future. 


Yugyeom is so happy that he melts into a smiling, fluffy, giggling, blushing mess. He’d probably fall off whatever he was “sleeping” on, tbh, but would quickly stand up and tackle-hug you while confessing he loved you, too. He’d also tease you, though, so get ready to deal with that. He’d also tell literally everyone he saw about how he got a girlfriend- like, even the barista and you’d have to pull him away before he could imitate how you’d said it goddamn it yugyeom

Idle Rogue One and Rebel Alliance thoughts –

Man, the aftermath of the battle of Scarif must have been a logistical nightmare, because here’s the thing – the Rogue One team left without authorization, which means Command probably had no idea who actually went with Cassian and Jyn.  A pretty good guess, undoubtedly; they probably do not know exactly who.  And that’s just the individuals.

Then the fleet – which had to leave Yavin in a hurry, and which may have already been in the process of scattering (and also didn’t represent the entire Rebel forces, either; I think it’s been said somewhere that that didn’t come about until Endor?).  A lot of warships and starfighters died at Scarif (what about that one ship that tried to jump to hyperspace just as a star destroyer came out of hyperspace in its path and was pulverized?); at least one capital ship was captured, and it was probably not the only one.  A lot of people just didn’t return to Yavin, which does seem to have already been in the process of packing up by the time of ANH, going by how few people are there then as opposed to Rogue One.  And then in the Princess Leia comics, they are actually actively packing up, but my guess is that they started breaking everything down immediately after Scarif.  People got captured; someone’s going to break and reveal the location of the base sooner or later, and the Rebels have to bet it’s going to be sooner rather than later.  (And then Leia vanishes and Alderaan blows up and it’s clear everything’s gone to hell in a handbasket, but even before then.)

But what I was getting at, in a long-winded kind of way, is that a lot of the Rebel warships and people didn’t come back, and given the utter chaos that was the end of the battle, it is probably not clear what ships were destroyed, which were captured, which took the opportunity to run, because I bet no matter how fervent of believers they were before, there were a lot of people who saw the Death Star turn up and went “oh god, I have to rethink my life choices.”  The Imperials were probably scooping up escape pods for a while after the battle too.  So for months after Scarif, the Rebels were probably trying to figure out who was actually at the battle and where they are now.  And a bunch of those people – the vast majority – are undoubtedly dead, or have to be assumed dead.  But if you’re not sure who was actually there – what a logistical nightmare.

Not to mention that for months afterwards, ships and individuals were probably limping back to Rebel rendezvous points or other bases.  Their ships were damaged and they took a wrong hyperspace turn; they had to escape from Imperial custody; they had to take a long galactic tour and really think about whether they wanted to go up against the Death Star, sure, they heard it was destroyed, but the Empire will just build another one! They built one in the first place! Who does that! Palpatine disbanded the Senate, man, he’s not fucking around anymore and stuff is real now! They destroyed Alderaan – ALDERAAN! Who does that!

Not a bad way to sneak an Imperial spy into the Rebel Alliance, is what I’m saying here.

Cried Wolf: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

(This gif has nothing to do with the imagine, It’s just so hard to find Remus gifs)

A/N: This took way too long to get out, and I’m sorry. I’ve been wanting to just sit and write but so much has been going on. I’ve been sick for the past two weeks, just had my ACT’s, I’ll be going to Florida soon, I have a music solo this weekend in front of a judge…OH MY GOD, SO MUCH IS GOING ON! Please send help.


I was planning to write a smut for James, so I started writing it and somehow it just turned into a fluffy Remus imagine, so…ops? (Thanks to the anon that lett me know of my stupid embarrassing mistake…ha.) 

This is longer than I had anticipated, so I hope that’s alright. I personally think I wrote this really well, I’m quite proud of it for some reason, soz…

Enjoy! ♥

Word Count: 1961

Warnings: Fluff, FEELS

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Advice [Jason Todd x Reader]

Anon requested: “Can you do a imagine where Jason falls for a OC member of young justice? (Congrats on hitting 500 followers🎉)”

A/N: Back from the dead and super slow updates on the requests. Anyways, it’s meant to say ‘reader’

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 885

[S/H/N] : Superhero Name



Being the next Robin was difficult as there was a lot to follow. Since Robin was a ‘founding member’ of the Young Justice team there were expectations, and sometimes Jason couldn’t meet those expectations. He wasn’t a carbon copy of Dick–now going by the hero name ‘Nightwing’. He was his own hero.

It was true he wasn’t an acrobat like Dick, meaning he couldn’t be as flexible or perform some of the moves Dick had, but he tried. He really did. He tried incredibly hard to live up to those expectations.

There was one member of the team that he wanted to impress the most; [F/N], also known as [S/H/N].

From the very first day Batman introduced him to the team, she had welcomed him. She was the newest member of the team before he came so she understood well how difficult it may be to adjust. Of course, she was the one who was truly alone. Jason had Dick but she didn’t know any other vigilante, yet she still managed to make her own place in the team.

Her effort for the team was something he admired greatly. She was funny, kind of clumsy and a little bit of a dork, and she certainly wasn’t the best fighter but she made up for it with her determination and immense loyalty. She was a wonderful person to be with, and the more time he spent with her, the more Jason realized he may have… developed feelings for her.

Currently, they were sparring in the training room. [F/N] always complained about how she could never beat him, which he found funny. Not many could beat him, not when he was trained by the Batman of Gotham City.

After their fifth round, which ended in her miserable defeat… again, [F/N] groaned and exclaimed, “what’s the point of doing this? I know I’m going to lose.”

Jason chuckled as he helped her up. “What can I say, I’m just that good.”

“You weren’t that good when we were training with Black Canary.” [F/N] scoffed, smirking slightly. Jason gasped and glared at her.

“Hey! I was just not on my best game yesterday!” he protested, pointing at her accusingly.

Sure, keep telling yourself that.” she laughed. “Anyways, I’m hungry. Wanna grab a bite?”

“Wally destroyed the kitchen two days ago–”

“No, not here, out in town.” she corrected, already heading to the showers. A blush made its way up to Jason’s cheeks.

“Town?” he repeated, feeling flustered. As in… a date?

“Yeah.” [F/N] stopped walking and turned to him with a frown, oblivious to the full meaning of her words. “So, are you in or out?”

“S-Sure!” Jason answered. smiling.

“Cool! Meet me in an hour.”

As soon as she was out of sight, Jason began to panic. He didn’t know if she meant the outing as a simple, friendly outing or a date. He couldn’t deny he would like the latter much better. It was hard to ignore the rapid beating of his heart whenever she was around. He was shocked he managed to still be her closest friend even with all these feelings, but he couldn’t imagine not seeing her smile or hearing her laugh ever again.

With a sigh, he decided to get ready for his… he didn’t even know what to call it, but first, he needed advice, and he knew just the person to go to.

“So, let me get this straight; you like [F/N] but you’re not sure if she likes you back?” Dick summarized, his grin widening when Jason nodded. “I am so proud of you!”

“W-What?” Jason stammered, shocked at the reaction.

“You like someone! This is amazing, you’re growing up so fast–”

“Seriously?” Jason rolled his eyes and glared at Dick. “Look, if you don’t have any advice, then I’m leaving!”

“Woah, woah okay, calm down Rob.” Dick said, raising his hands. “Okay… let’s see… if you’re not sure, why don’t you charm her?”

Jason frowned. “Charm her? How do you charm her?”

Dick smirked. “Here’s how…”

Jason checked his watch for the tenth time in the last minute and adjusted his sunglasses again. Any minute now, [F/N] would arrive.

“Hey Rob!”

Jason’s jaw dropped when he saw her. He had never seen her in a dress before but god did she look good. More than just good, in fact. Way more than that.

“Sorry, did you wait too long?” she apologized, playing with her hair nervously. “The girls wouldn’t let me leave, I had to go through a dozen outfits before they deemed one appropriate.”

“It’s fine.” Jason said, gulping.

[F/N] smiled gratefully and took a step back to eye him. “You cleaned up well.”

“Thanks.” Jason uttered, then he remembered Dick’s words and added, “you look… uh… beautiful, as always.”

He swore he saw her blush before she glanced down at her feet and said, “oh, thank you!”

Seeing her reaction, Jason smiled proudly. “Should we go?” he suggested, gaining a lot more confidence.

“Of course!” [F/N] stated, her cheeks still red. Before he could talk himself out of it, he grasp her hand tightly and led her towards the diner they both planned to go to.

It was time to put Dick’s advice to the test.

anonymous asked:

Where should you start getting into the PC-98 Touhou games, when you already play the modern games?

mmm that’s kind of hard to say? my first touhou game ever was lotus land story and i don’t think that’s a bad way to get into it, especially since the final boss is a familiar face from the windows games, buuut there’s pros and cons to all the games, so since i am Very Passionate about the pc-98s here’s like, a proper guide. i’ve put it under the cut since it’s very long (oops).

to summarize, though, lotus land story and mystic square will be most familiar to you if you’ve played the windows games, so starting there isn’t a bad idea, unless you you want a challenge, or something more unfamiliar. or both.

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mother-of-all-monsters  asked:

Mitjo prompt: Childhood friends au, where Mitch didn't fuck up, and they make a hide out together to get away from eachothers shitty parents, and go through pre-teen crushes on eachother, lots of hand holding

Oh god this took so long, I am so sorry… Suffice to say, life got in the way but I actually really like this so I hope you do too and you can forgive me for how long it took?

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Breaking Things (Cap/Thor Quick Fic)

So, lol, I am all about Tony trying to set up Thor and Steve, and Bucky just rolling his eyes and going along with Tony’s shenanigans.. All about a nervous Steve who can’t handle being attracted to Thor, and a goofy, not-as-oblivious-as-he-pretends to be Thor.
This is my new favorite thing and I can wait to write a whole fic with this dynamic.
As always, for the darling @werewolfbuckybarnes because without you I never would have discovered these two. And the anon who sent me “Thunder Thighs” for Thor because I lol’d at that.

Enjoy :)

“Hey, come here for a minute.” Tony wrapped an arm around Bucky’s waist and started pushing him towards the living room.

“What’s up, sweet thing?” Bucky asked, blue eyes lighting mischievously. “Want to do it over the couch again?”

Tony pulled away and stared at his boyfriend for a full minute. “Buck. No, I don’t want to do it over the couch. What are we, twelve? You can say sex..”

“Kay.” Bucky shrugged. “Want to sex over the couch again?”

“Some days I don’t know why I love you.” Tony huffed. “Would you just go look?

“Fine.” Bucky bopped him on the nose and Tony swatted his hand away.

“I swear to God, Bucky you will sleep on the couch if you keep doing that.”

But Bucky wasn’t listening, staring wide eyed into the living room. “Hey. Why isn’t Thor wearing anything?”

“Oh, he is. But the guy sleeps like he’s dead so I pulled his pants off after he passed out on the couch.” Tony said nonchalantly, and Bucky grinned, plopping onto a stool at the kitchen bar to wait.

“So when are we expecting Steve? Because this must be something you did for Steve.”

Of course it’s for Steve. It’s been a few days since he ran into a wall or broke a coffee cup while staring at Thunder Thighs out there, so he’s due.

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“Do you know why the Gods demand blood?”
“Because we can’t bleed.”

HECK This took WAY too long but it was soooo worth it. I present to you - Necromercy! So yeah. Her caduceus was fun to design considering that it’s pretty much just a foldable scythe… I’m here guessing it works, too. And her eyes

God her eyes
Psst I do commissions! Hit me up with a DM y’all!

Grocery Store

Genre: Fluff.
Pairing: Taeyong x Reader Summary: For some reason, you always hated going to the groceries. But one guy changed it all.

A/N: This is based on a true story that’s been going around in Twitter, though I tweaked a little parts in it. But I hope you like it!

“Y/N! Can you please go to the market and buy the ingredients that I’ll be needing to bake this cake?” Your mom said, earning a groan from you but you were left with no choice but to comply. You always hated going to the groceries for some reason, it takes time for you to find the things to buy. You hated the long line when it comes to paying. After you slipped on your jeans and oversized t-shirt, you didn’t bothered combing your hair.

You left after your mom gave you the money to shop, reminding you once again to be careful. You only gave her a nod and left to the market while you slipped your earphones on. It didn’t took you long enough to arrive as you headed inside the grocery store and went to the push-cart section to get a small one. You were busy going around in the store that you didn’t noticed a guy was following you, or so you thought.

Taeyong’s POV :

I felt really flustered when my mom asked me to buy her pads, it’s such a shame for guy to be seen buying out pads. A sigh escaped my lips knowing that I can’t decline my mother’s offer, she gave me a grateful smile and blabbered things like how she was lucky to have a son like me. I only gave her a smile and nodded as I headed off to the market.

Once I got inside the market, I almost bumped into a girl who seemed to be in a hurry. I only looked at her before grabbing a basket and tried to find where the pads sections are. As I was looking around the market, the same girl kept running into me.

I grew curious of her suddenly, then a thought came into my mind. I decided to finally follow her. Feeling quite uneasy of what I’m doing but I’m just about to ask something to her. When I saw her walking to the napkins section I gathered up my courage and walked towards her as I tapped her shoulder.

“Excuse me?” Taeyong said, making you jolt up a little. Your breath getting caught in your throat as you were mentally squealing inside when this cute guy approaches you “Y-yes…?” You almost stuttered but tried to get yourself together. Taeyong smiled and you melted, he cleared his throat “I need help, it’s my first time buying napkins and I dont know what to buy” He said looking confused and cute. You giggled at his cuteness and nodded so you helped him out and told him the different kinds of napkins.

“Who is this for again?” You asked as the both of you headed towards the cashier “Ah.. it’s for my girlfriend.” Taeyong said, of course. You thought, feeling sad but who wouldn’t have a girlfriend for a guy like him? He’s so handsome and cute, you thought as you managed to smile at him

He offered to carry the bags for you when you both paid “Oh, no it’s okay” You said, smiling at him but Taeyong being the stubborn guy he is insisted, which eventually you gave up and let him carry your bags.

As the both of you walked together, you notice he wanted to say something. And when he finally looked at you and grabbed your arm, he cleared his throat and started off “Actually… these aren’t for my girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend, and they’re actually for my mom. I lied because I was nervous and I thought you’re really cute..” Taeyong said, as he feels like his cheeks are already tinted pink by now. You couldn’t help but explode in happiness as you smiled, He took your grocery receipt and wrote his number “I’m Taeyong, by the way. Make sure to give me a call, okay?” He said winking at you. Which made you blush and shy of course. “No pressure, only if you want to.” He said, winking again making you die inside as you gave him a nod “And when you text me, just say cute girl from the groceries then I’ll remember.” He said as he smiled at you, before the both of you parted ways.

As soon as you got home, you dropped the bags on the kitchen and ran inside your room screaming “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!” You said, as you try to calm yourself. Your hands were shaky when you took out your phone. You saved his number first before giving him a message.

You: Hi, I’m home!
- Cute girl from the grocery store.
Taeyong: Oh hi! You never really told me your name, so I’ll just call you cute girl with the groceries. ;)
Taeyong: But it’s too long so I’ll just call you cute girl. ;)
You: Oh, my name is actually “Y/N!”

And suddenly you thought maybe going to the groceries store wasn’t so bad after all.

A/N: This is my first time writing off a fanfic which based on a true story. If you’d like to know the story, this is the link! ( https://twitter.com/goldencircie/status/879280588401684481 )

Now enjoy. ;)

Mere Speculation

Part Six

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: Mild swearing

Summary: Jughead feels guilty for digging into the new girl’s past, and wants to make things right

Part One

The diner was empty as the four friends discussed (Y/N). They had ordered milkshakes, but each one sat abandoned on the table as Jughead to recounted the information he had found about Pop’s prodigal daughter.

“That’s horrible,” Betty said, wide-eyed.

The others nodded in quiet agreement. They sat in stunned silence until Archie quietly asked, “Why did her mom file restraining orders against Pop? What did he do?”

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Let Her Go (Part Two)

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader (sort of)

Word Count: 2250

Warnings: ANGSTY AF.

Notes: There is going to be a part three because I am enjoying writing this too much. I hope you guys like it! Also, thank you so, so much for all the love on the first part!! xox

Part One Part Three

Reader’s POV:

The two of you rode in silence the entire way back to the bunker, tears falling silently down your cheeks. Sam had wrapped an arm around you the instant you slid into Baby and pulled you close to him, holding you the whole drive. You were glad he wasn’t asking questions; Sam had known you long enough now to know that you would talk when you were ready. He was tense and you could tell by his furrowed brow that he was furious with Mick, even if the two of them were friends. The Winchester’s viewed you as family and no one hurts family and gets away with.

“You okay?” he finally asked as he pulled into the garage, putting the Impala in park and gazing down at you in worry.

All you could do was shake your head; the tears weren’t subsiding and you were too afraid to speak, not trusting your emotions. He gave your shoulder a hard squeeze before pulling away, the two of you making your way into the bunker. Dean was waiting at the bottom of the steps with a generous amount of whiskey in a tumbler. Handing it to you, you gulped the entire thing down in one go, appreciating the burn as it hit your throat. Sighing, you handed him back the glass and he frowned, pulling you in for the tightest of hugs.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart,” he said sadly as he let you go, guiding you into one of the chairs around the war room table. “How are you feeling?”

“Like trash, Dean,” you snapped, instantly feeling guilty. “Like I’ve been used and tossed away without a care.” You paused. “I loved him, Dean.” Your bottom lip trembled as you said the words.

Dean wrapped you in his arms once more and you felt Sam stroke your hair gently. God, you were lucky to have them. You weren’t quite sure what kind of situation you’d be in right now, otherwise.

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Lost in Marvel  (Part 5/?)

Avengers x Reader, Tony x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: 1,200+ 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 (Coming Soon)

(Not my gifs)

“Is there something wrong (Last Name)?” Nick asks as he turns towards you ‘Didn’t Pietro…’.

“No it’s…it’s nothing” You answer quietly. You could feel Tony watching you, he knew something was up and was probably going to ask you about it later.

“Do you really think speedy is a good choice? He’s just a kid” Steve asks crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yes, he’s about the same age as (Last Name), I’m sure they’ll get along just fine” Nick answers.“Well that settles this meeting” Fury says picking up his papers and tablet and leaving the room

“See ya later” Steve says as he follows Nick.

“You wanna tell me what that was about?” Tony asks as you pull out of your chair to get up.

“On my Earth Pietro…died” His eyes widen as you answer.

“Do want me to have a word with Nick?” He says getting up from his seat.

“No I’m actually really happy, I’m glad this world isn’t like how I’d thought it’d be” You gave Tony a small smile before walking out the meeting room with him following you not that far behind. “So what do I do now? Go see Bruce about my Healing factor?”

“No, what you need to do is have a bath, eat dinner and get straight to bed, you need your rest after what happened today”

“Pffft Okay Dad” The two of you giggle and your terrible comeback.

“Don’t tempt me I can adopt you” You look up at him slightly shocked but he continues to laugh. “And as for where you’ll be staying, you’ll be moving into Avengers Tower, with the rest of the team”

“Really? But I’m not even an Avenger? You sure it’s okay?” You ask a bit surprised that they’ve taken you in so quickly.

“It was my decision” you were taken aback by his response.

“Thank you, Tony, you’ve done so much for me an-“ You could feel your eyes slowly tear up and before you could even finish Tony had cut you off and pulled you into an warm hug.

“Hey, shhh, It’s no problem kiddo” He says whilst rubbing you back.

“Sorry I didn’t think I’d get so emotional” You take a step back whilst wiping away your tears from your cheek.        

“There’s nothing wrong with that, now why don’t we head home?” He says wrapping an arm around your shoulder.


After a great ride on Tony ’s helicopter to the Avengers tower (You felt like throwing up about 5 times) and seeing New York from above which was awesome, you slowly get out of the helicopter trying your best not to fall, the strong gust of wind pushed your (Colour) hair strands over your face making it hard for you to see.

And here you finally were at the Avengers Tower, home to all Avengers. It was a lot better than you expected ‘The other are probably in this building!’ You could feel the goosebumps start to appear on your arms as you followed Tony into the building.

“Welcome home Mr. Stark and Ms (Name)” F.R.I.D.A.Y says as the two of you make your way through the facility.

“Hey Friday, wheres everyone else? I specifically told them to be here for dinner” Tony asks.

“Ms. Romanoff is returning soon from her mission while Mr. Barton is away with his family and Mr. Rogers, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Barnes are on their way-“ Tony’s AI continued to talk as you stopped in what seemed like a living room.

“What about the Maximoff twins?”

“Ms. Maximoff is training with vision in the training room and as for Mr. Maxi-“ before F.R.I.D.A.Y. could finish a strong gust off wind rushed passed you resulting pushing you back slightly.

“Pietro! What have I told you about-“ You quietly watch from behind Tony as he scolds Pietro.

“-Running? Sorry couldn’t help myself” unable to hold yourself you let out a few giggle catching Pietro’s attention. “So your (Name) the new girl?” You give him a shy smile ‘Two words, MIND BLOWN!’

“Yeah that’s me”

“Heard your not from around here, that true?” He asks taking a step closer looking intensely at you.

“Yeah I’m from another Earth, parallel, not really sure ” You

“Cool, I’m Pietro, Fury assigned me to be your-“

“-Babysitter” You cut him off making him laugh ‘Oh my god his laugh is adorable as f***’.

“Hey guys we got the food!” You turned around to see Sam Wilson AKA Falcon walking beside Steve and Bucky ‘Calm down (Name) two avengers at the same time, no big deal’

“You guys took way too long” Tony says taking the pizza boxes  from Sam and making his way towards the large table.

“(Name) right?” Sam says standing next to you.

“Yeah that’s me and your Sam” the two of you shake hands and get to know each other.

“Go to see you doing okay (Name), heard about what happened today” Bucky says handing you a plate with two pizza slices “Grabbed you some before that speedster ate them all”

“You should’ve seen the other guy and thanks Bucky” You say whilst taking the plate.

“Why didn’t you grab any for me Buck?” Sam asks as he tries to take a slice off Bucky’s plate only to get it slapped away.

“Get your own food” Bucky replied making you giggle as the two continued to argue.

“I hope those two aren’t causing too much trouble for you?” You turn to see Natasha Romanoff casually standing next to you and taking a bite out of her pizza ‘How did I not notice her!!’

“N-no, not at all” You give her a nervous smile and try your best not scream ‘It’s only Natasha Romanoff one of the best spies and assassins in the world!’ “Erm did your mission go well Ms. Romanoff?”

“Call me Natasha and yeah, It’s nice to finally the person who came from an another world, (Name) right?”

“Yeah, it’s nice to finally nice to meet you too, I’m a big fan”

“I can tell, don’t be so nervous we’re all friends here” She says before patting your back and walking off towards the others. As the others continued to catch up amongst themselves you felt as if you were an anomaly, which was completely true this wasn’t your world, you didn’t belong here, not with them.

Without being noticed you made your way out of the room and made your way through the hallway maybe a walk would help clear your depressing mood.

“Good evening Ms. (Name), do you require any assistance?”  F.R.I.D.A.Y. asks as you wander around.

“Yeah actually, could you tell me where my room is? I think I’m gonna call it a night"

“Of course”

Most of the Avengers had all said their goodbyes and left, the only two that remained where Natasha and Tony. Natasha took this opportunity to finally talk to Tony after setting her book on the coffee table she made her way towards him.

“Tony, we need to talk” He looks up at Nat from his tablet.

“About what?”


“Had a feeling you’d say that”

“She’s good, escaped HYDRA twice, and with practice could become a great member of our team”

“You think I don’t already know that? Let the kid settle in before making future plans, she may know us but we don’t know much about her” He says running a hand through his hair.

“What does that mean?” She says folding her arms over her chest.

“Never mind, can we talk about it some other time?” Tony says getting up from his seat and making his way out of the room.

“Sure” Natasha says to herself.

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted any parts in a while but I hope this makes up for it, let me know if you enjoyed it or if you’d liked to be tagged in upcoming parts! Peace out!

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Crash into Me (Ch.4)

(Juice x OC Janna) 😘😘 @juiceboxxortiz & @chaosmieu


Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

‘Holy fuck’ she thought to herself. Seeing him wrapped in just the towel she could tell he was still having difficulty keeping his excitement to a minimum and it was causing her excitement to level up as well. ‘God how long has it been since I got laid?’ Quickly she walked to the kitchen and grabbed her cup of ice water and took a few large gulps.

Using the crutches Juice made his way down the hall looking for Janna. He found her in the kitchen leaning against the counter top over the sink. “Hey you ok?”

“Hmm? Oh yeah yeah I’m fine.” She tried to calm her flustered state, but when she turned around Juice was in just a pair of basketball shorts. ‘Damn him’ “I umm… I should take a shower too.” She rushed past him and back to the bathroom.

Quickly she shut and locked the door stripping off her clothes and turning the taps. Hopping in she felt the cool water do nothing for her hot skin. She rushed to lather up but jumped when there was a banging on the door.

“Janna are you ok?” She didn’t respond she just rinsed off quickly then started to shampoo her hair. “Janna if this is about what happend earlier  I’m sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen. It’s just ya know … shit..” She listened to him stumble for words as she rinsed her hair. “It’s just you’re smart and funny and and well I don’t know too much about you except your clumsy and good… God Janna you are such a good person I know that I don’t deserve it … you don’t know that yet but I don’t.. and fuck you’re gorgeous.. and… ” during his speech he never heard the water shut off but suddenly the door swung open and Janna was there hair dripping wet with just a towel on.

He was sweet and funny and gorgeous as well and everything he was saying about her she had been thinking about him. What the hell was her hang up then was it just that they hadn’t known each other long? That was stupid she’d had a one night stand or two. Hell, at least she knew his name. They were adults right? Fuck it.

She wrapped the towel around herself and opened the door to find him standing right in front of her. Before he start with another round of apologies she grabbed his face and kissed him. Juice quickly grabbed the back of her head and pulled to deepen the kiss. Janna opened up to him immediately and slipped her toung into his mouth. Juice returned the favor and with each passing milli second they became hotter and more desperate.

Juice hopped backwards on one foot to the bed and dropped down to its edge. Janna climbed to straddle his lap never breaking their kiss. She knew him being as sweet as he was he’d never get to the good part so she moved and started kissing down his jaw and neck. “Fuck baby.” He groaned out when she bit lightly onto the spot where his neck met his shoulder.

Juice still didn’t take the bait though, keeping his hands at her waist. Janna went for the go big or go home approach and leaned back away from him and opened the towel.

Juice’s jaw dropped at the sight of her completely naked in his lap and how ever hard he was before it was 10 times worse now. “Jesus baby.” He said grabbing his hands full of her tits. “You sure?”

Taking one of his hands from her breast dhe lowered it to her heat where he instinctively ran his finger through her wet folds, hissing at the feel of her. “Very sure.”

Juice let out an almost primal growl and pushed two fingers into her while pulling her in for another kiss. Juice thrust his hips upward rubbing himself against the back of his own hand in time with each pump of his fingers.

It only took a few pumps before Janna was shamelessly riding his hand and moaning louder and louder. Juice couldn’t take it any more he wanted this girl and he wanted her now. Feeling her getting close, he pulled his hand away. Janna startled at the loss but nearly came anyway to the sight of Juice licking one of his fingers clean. He leaned in and whispered “Do you have any idea how good you taste?”

She just bit her lip and shook her head no only to have Juice shove his other finger into her mouth. Janna swirled her toung around the digit and hollowed out her cheeks never breaking eye contact.

Juice’s control snapped at that. He ripped his finger from her mouth and wrapped one arm around her lifting her enough to pull himself free from the basketball shorts he had tossed on.

He locked eyes with Janna as he lined up and shoved her down onto his length. Janna sucked in a gasp at the feel of him filling her up so suddenly. Grabbing her hips he set a brusing pace slamming her down as he thrust up. Laying back he watched her ride him, determined to hold out until she came first.

Janna felt white hot all over her body. No one had ever riled her up as bad a Juice had and she loved it. With each slam of flesh on flesh she felt shock waves pulling her closer and closer to the edge.

Feeling the tightening of her walls around him Juice was realised he wasn’t going to make it until she came. He had to push her though, something in him needed to see her come undone above him. Letting go of one hip he reached between them and started rubbing tight circles into her clit.

“That’s it baby. Come for me. Shit Janna you’re so fucking tight baby!” His voice was rough and ragged and out of breath.

“AAHH FUCK” Janna cried and clamped her eyes shut.  She held on digging her nails in his chest as wave after wave of pleasure crashed into her.

Watching her come apart above and around him Juice finally let go as well. “Aahh shit Janna!” He rasped out over her moans. Pulling her down and burying himself as deep inside her as he could reach he let go following her off and over the edge.

Collapsing on top of him, Janna panted as he pulled her closer kissing the top of her head as he panted trying to catch his breath. “Holy shit” He breathed out.

“Is that a good holy shit or…” Janna asked nervously not picking her head up from his chest afraid to look him in the eye. “Cause well.. it’s been a while.”

Laughing he squeezed her tighter. “That was a holy shit HOLY SHIT!” He continued to laugh.

Looking up at him she saw his smile and laughed “What does that even mean?”

“I don’t know.” He laughed harder pulling her in for another kiss. Thinking he hadn’t been this happy in a long time.

Janna got up after another few minutes of cuddles, and jumped back onto the shower to clean up. Coming out she found Juice on the phone. “Alright… yeah… ok brother see you then.” Closing the phone he turned around to find Janna digging through her bag in the living room. “Some of the guys are coming by in a bit.” Janna cave a humm that indicated she’d heard him. Watching her dig through the bag he got an idea. “Baby why dont you put those in the bed room?”

Standing she looked to him. “Are you sure?” She didn’t want to intrude on his personal space.

“Baby” He sighed and limped over to her on one crutch. Slipping his hand into the towel he wrapped a large warm hand around her hip and pulled her in for a deep slow kiss. Pulling back he mumbled against her lips. “Very sure.” Janna giggled at her words coming from him.

A while later Janna pulled Gemma’s lasagna from the oven just as there was a knock at the door. Looking at Juice who had been sitting at the table on his lap top he nodded that it was all good to open the door. When she did she was caught off guard by Jax then Chibs coming in to hug her and each man gave her a kiss on the cheek in greeting. “Hi doll, you must be Janna?”

The blue eyed man with wild hair threw her off guard when he pushed himself a little to close to her. “Umm yeah.” She took a step back and held her hand out. “And you are?”

“Tig.” He smiled taking her hand. But rather than shake it he bought it to his lips and gave a gentle kiss to her knuckles, never breaking eye contact he gave her a flirtatious wink.

“Rriiigght.” Janna drawled out pulling her hand from his grasp.

“Down Tiggy.” Chibs warned with a pointed look in the other man’s direction. Placing a gentle hand on her shoulder Chibs steered Janna back into the kitchen.

“Well he’s friendly.” She mumbled under her breath so only Chibs could hear.

“Aye.” He agreed. “Just so long as ya 'aven’t any Latin blood in ya, you ought to be fine.”

At Janna’s look of worry he laughed. “You’ll be fine love.” And he contiued to steer her twards the kitchen. “Supper smells lovely darlin. What are we 'aven tonight?”

“Gemma made lasagna.” She ground out with an off putting tone.

“Aye she mentioned that she’d stopped by this mornin. Hope she didn’ give ta too much trouble.” He winced remembering Gemma’s through interrogation earlier that day. “She gave us quite tha ear full abou tha’”

“What do you mean?” She asked pulling lettuce from the fridge to make salad. She chopped more and more furiously as Chibs explained how Gemma had asked things about what kind of person she was and how could they just leave her at Juice’s place how she could clean him out and take off. She nearly saw red when she heard Gemma had insinuated that she’d already fucked Juice and was just there to get with a kutte. “Bitch!” Janna blurted out.

“Who?” Came a voice Chibs and Janna looked up to see Juice, Tig, and Jax looking at them. Before Chibs could stop her Janna went off like a Roman candle. “Gemma! That bitch didn’t say more than a mumbled threat to me and she’s already starting off on my shit list.” She blurted out.

“What happened?” Juice asked the guys. Already getting a headache from this.

“Oh man ..” Tig laughed and began to fill Juice in on everything.

“It’ll be fine though.” Jax cut in when he saw Janna turning red again and Juice rubbing his temples. “Gemma has taken it on to remodel my house, and she’s been staying up at the hospital so she won’t be at the shop when Janna starts tomorrow.”

“What? You’re working at the shop?” Juice looked to Janna.

“Yeah Jax said I could make up for y'all being down a mechanic and take care of you since it is my fault you’re down.” She looked up to him. “I hope that’s okay? I didn’t exactly say yes but..”

“Well we didn’t give her much choice.” Jax chuckled cutting in.

“No its fine.” He assured her. Janna just smiled and went back to finishing supper.

“Oh and we’re gonna need you at the shop too.” Jax said to Juice.

“Yeah Gem wants you to run the office something about you’re the only one of us with the ability to keep shit organized.” Tig finished.

“Yeah Yeah no problem.” Juice said smiling as Janna set his plate infront of him.

They all settled into eat and talked about how Janna was gonna be starting at the shop. They talked about Abel and how he was getting stronger and Janna said if he ever needed anything to let her know. Janna loved kids and had worked at a daycare while attending trade school, working specifically with infants.

Soon supper was done and with Tig and Chibs’ help Janna had left overs packed away and the dishes cleared and cleaned. Sensing they needed to discuss something private Janna excused herself. “I’m gonna go get changed and head to bed.” She said to Juice quietly.

“Ok babe.” He pulled her down and gave her a quick kiss. “We won’t be much longer.” Janna smiled at him and mumbled an okay before giving one more kiss and heading to bed telling the others goodnight and going down the hall.

“Juicyyyy?” Tig ribbed him. “You hittin that?” At Juice’s blush he lost it. “OH MY GOD YOU ARE!” He exclaimed laughing.

“Shh” Juice tried to calm Tig not wanting Janna to over hear. “Yeah we hooked up, Jesus.”

“Oh tha’s all eh? A hook up?” Chibs raised his eyebrows at him.

“No.” He sighed “That’s not all it is.”

“Bro it’s been like a day.” Jax said.

“Look I’m not sayin I’m in love with her or that she’s gettin a crow from me tomorrow….but..” he shook his head.

“Bbbuuuutttt????” Tig prompted.

“But in our line of work there aint a whole lotta time to waste and I really do like this chick.” He smiled at his brothers.

“Good for you Juice.” Jax patted his shoulder and with that they got down to business. They talked about the info Juice had worked on that day and soon the three guests were heading out.

Juice finally crawled into bed at just past midnight. “Did you take your medicine?” Janna mumbled being stirred awake by his climbing into bed.

He took a moment to appreciate some one asking after his well being even when they were half asleep. “Just the antibiotics the pain is more of an ache now.”

Janna rolled over and curled into his good side. “If you change your mind wake me up and I’ll go get it for you.”

Juice smiled taking a deep breath, he had a sudden wave of emotion. 'So this is what it is to have someone’ he thought “I will baby.” He mumbled kissing her hair and holding her close.