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Top 10 anime couples

Once again, thank you @lexinthymia for tagging me, this wa an absolute treat to do. Again, I’m limiting to one per series for fairness and there will be spoilers for some of these series. I admit some of these entries were based on what happened to them in the manga if the anime stopped at a certain point. Also, once again, I probably went into more detail then I needed to with some of these couples, but lets begin!

Honourable mentions that didn’t make the list: Touken (Tokyo Ghoul), Renruki, Ishihime, Ichihime, and Ginran (BLEACH), Victori (Yuri on Ice!!), Levihan (Shingeki no Kyojin), Royai (Fullmetal Alchmist), Tamaharu and Hikaharu (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Banlaine (Nanatsu no Taizai), Haku x Chihiro (Spirited Away), Hideki x Chii (Chobits), Ayame x Mine and Hatsuharu x Rin (Fruits Basket), Cielizzy (Kuroshitsuji), and Tetsuo x Kaori (Akira).

10. Hana x The Wolfman - Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki

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It’s one of the most short-lived romances on the list, but by God it is so heartfelt! It’s the closest thing to the first ten minutes of Up you’ll get in anime form (in terms of how it hits you emotionally). Right off the bat the film made me care about these two so much as a couple and as individuals. The Wolfman is shrouded in mystery, a lonely figure in search of meaning and belonging, and Hana is optimisitic college student, told long ago to always smile in the face of tradegy and sadness. Together they form a quick bond that is genuine, sweet, and heartfelt. The Wolfman’s death was crushing, especially since we are left to piece together the circumstances of his death, and every scene they appear in together afterwards had me sobbing.

9. Kyoru - Fruits Basket

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I have to include this pairing. I watched anime when I was really young, but I didn’t seriously get into it until nine years ago. The anime that threw me beyond the point of no return was Fruits Basket. I originally shipped Tohru with Yuki, but Kyo grew on me as a character and as a result so did his relationship with Tohru. The last few epiodes of the anime pretty much solidified them as one of my firt anime ships; but coupled with the events that happened in the manga and they became an unforgettable ship for me.Their relationship initally brought them joy, pain and uncertainty, but in the end, it healed them in almost everyway possible,allowing them both to move on from Kyoko’s death and find happines together.

8. Rock x Revy - Black Lagoon

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I’ve only just recently got into Black Lagoon, but one of the things I love most about the show is the complex relationship between Rock and Revy. The chemistry between these two is insane! I love the banter and dialouge they share together, and they’re two sides of the same coin in a lot of ways - Revy is nihilistic and cynical, while Rock is calculating and always tries to save those in need, even in a place as chaotic and deathly as Roanapur. Their relationship is based on an ironic twist of the ‘getting a second chance at life’ trope for both of them - Revy gave Rock a second chance at life in a hell-hole of a place, and Rock made Revy realise she has another chance to be more then just a drifter in life. Also, that cigarette kiss is near iconic at this point.

7. Nishikimi - Tokyo Ghoul

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You would not believe how hard it was to choose between Touken and Nishikimi. In the end I went with Nishikimi because I had keep this list more anime-focused (keep in mind I only saw the first season of Tokyo Ghoul and bits of the second season) and my love for Touken has stemmed mainly from later chapters in Tokyo Ghoul: re. The moment Nishiki said he would come back from the dead to kill Tsukiyama if he hurt Kimi, I knew I had a new angsty ship to worship. This couple just hit me in the feels every time they’re on-screen together or when they mention each other when they’re apart. They gave each other a reason to keep living and have shown they will go to the ends of the earth for each other (Nishiki dragging himself, starving and weakened, to Anteiku to search for Kimi, and Kimi willing to give up her flesh to feed Nishiki). Given the events of :Re, I really hope that it ends well for them, I don’t know if my heart could take it otherwise ;_;

6. EdWin - Fullmetal Alchemist

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Edward and Winry are practically made for each other, and it was only a matter of time I started shipping them when I Started watchinG Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. They follow a few of  the tropes I absolutely adore in romantic relationhips (childhood friend-to-lovers, promises to protect, and the fighter-healer dynamic). Winry was Edward’s healer both physically (she gave him an arm and a leg and repairs them for him) and emotionally, and Edward has been a constant in Winry’s life since she was very young, being their for her when he parents were killed and giving her a reason to put her skills to use. As the series went on, I came love every scene they were in together (of particular mention is when Winry almot hot Scar and their not-so-equivalent exchange moment at the end of the series). Also, the fact Ed might have tried to match her height as a child by using his cow-lick is priceless.

5. Rivetra  - Shingeki no Kyojin

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Man I wish this gif was actually a scene from the anime. The couple that will never be. Shingeki no Kyojin made it clear from the start that it wouldn’t be pulling any punches when it came to characters’ mortality, but it really hit me when Petra died…and even more so when I saw Levi’s reaction. There was a lot of potential for a relationship to grow between these two; for me they had a lot of chemitry in the moments they were together. As per the trend with quite a few of the couples on this list, they were opposites in a lot of ways, but their differences complimented each other so well. Petra was mother-hen of sorts for the Survey Corp., while Levi was their steel-bound, stoic leader. However, I always felt Petra could see the other part of him many didn’t - that he actually cares about his comrades a great deal and has been through a lot of loss - and Levi always treated her lightly different from the others. It’s a darn shame we didn’t get more moments of them together or find out Levi’s true feeling towards Petra, but regardless, I still ship them for what could have been.

4. Takeo x Rinko - Ore Monogatari!!

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These two the very definition of ‘sweet’!! I just can’t get over how cute, fluffy, and special their relationhip is. It really helps that they are adorkable people themselves. Rinko is a kind and sweet girl with a love for baking and tall, burly men, while Takeo is biggest goofball with a heart of gold and a strong will to help others.A a result they’re a hugely likeable couple who are so sweet and funny and charming when they’re together. I loved seeing their relationship develop in both the convetional and non-conventional ways of shoujo anime. Also, their character designs just suit each other so, so well!

3. Gutsca - Berserk

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I just…oh God, these two! Their relationship is one of the reasons I loved the Berserk anime and continue to read the manga. I love how a sense of tenderness slowly grew between them, and how they healed each other in small ways when they finally got together. After the Eclipse…oh God, here come the tears again! I don’t want to spoil anything in case anyone of you are reading/watching or want to read/watch Berserk (trust it’s better if you aren’t spoiled for maximum emotional impact), but they’ve been through so much and I desperately want them to have a happy ending together (but this is Berserk, what the chance fo that actually happening? T_T).

2. Tomoya x Nagisa - Clannad & Clannad: After Story

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The heart of Clannad is it’s characters and the little adventures they get up to, but it’s through Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship that this all made possible; it is the thread that binds every event and character in the story, including the parallel world with the girl and the robot. These two are incredibly sweet and endearing together, able to bring the best out of each other, motivate each other when they’re going through strife, and change each other for the better - Tomoya came to believe in second chances and see the goodness within himself because of Nagisa, while Nagisa learned to be more assertive and gain more self-confidence because of Tomoya. They’re such a likeable and relateable couple, to the point where fangirled for their moments of joy and sobbed up rivers when sadness or tragedy struck. I love them so much and always will!

1. HitsuHina - BLEACH

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This is my only OTP. The only couple that has made me inconsolable after one particular event happened to them. The only couple I have been completely rendered speechless by when I see and think about their bond. The only couple that hold a very special place in my heart. I don’t think I will ever love a ship as much as I love HitsuHina. I have done everything for them that I have never done for any other couple in any other fandom: I have written metas about them, am constantly coming up with fanfic and fanart ideas for them, and once literally sung my praises for them from a rooftop. I can not stress enough how powerful and incredible their bond is: it has survived the worst fo trials and I can practically feel the decades of history between them by just watching them interact. The effect they have on each other is also amazing: Toshiro always endevours to become stronger for Momo’s sake and would do anything for her, and Momo’s bond with Toshiro was strong enough to make her doubt the man she dearly admired. I could sit here all day tell you why I love them so much, but if you’re intereted, I have a whole bunch or ramblings and metas on my blog that can do the job for me.

And there you have it! If you guys want to do it, I tag @sakura-warrior, @xxhanabifireworksxx, @salzrand, and @herprettysmile.

when you... hear him say i love you for the first time

pairing: tom holland x reader
request: yes! @randomdancer17
warnings: cursing, mentions of sex


it’s a lazy sunday afternoon. for you anyway. midterm exams had been hell, but now you’re basking in the sweet afterglow of morning after AND morning sex. the sheets are piled around your waist, hiding the ruffled panties you had slipped back on before you fallen asleep and tom had left. you had one of tom’s shirts thrown on too, an older one that was lying in the laundry basket of what you hope was clean laundry.

you were lying in tom’s ridiculously huge bed. tom was… somewhere. he was promoting one of his movies while here in the states. it was good he’s been here on business the last few weeks, with him working and you diving nose first into studying, test, and textbooks, it felt nice to not have that stress of entertaining each other.

lately all the time you had for each other was quick texts and quicker lunches via video chat. you hate to say you missed the little bugger. maybe that’s why last night was so great. you hum at the memory, burrowing deeper in the sheets.

you had gone out for a late lunch. you, tom, and believe it or not because you still couldn’t, robert downey jr. you had met them after a series of interviews. tom had kissed your cheek and asked about the drive, two hours was nothing really. robert himself kissed your cheek and asked why you stayed with this goobert if not for the fame and fortune.

(“is he paying your college fees? because honey, you can do better. he’s just starting out. now chris on the other hand-”)

and that turned into a dinner with the casts themselves. your heart couldn’t take the amount of gorgeous people in one room. and when you told tom such, he laughed.

and then snuck you out. as much as you’d love to get know the actors behind your childhood heroes, the candle lit dinner in the middle of the city’s gardens was just as good. he even pulled out your chair.

you stomach still flips when you think of it after nearly twelve hours. but the absolute best part? even in the face of grandeur, because this was no doubt expensive, the only thing you could focus on was tom. he was in ratted jeans for god’s sake, eating lamb. his hoodie has holes cut in the thumbs and his hair was racked from his hands coming through it all day. he slouched tiredly in the chair in front of you. you weren’t any better really. you wore a nice dress, only because you didn’t have any pants clean.

in that face of this beautifully set table and gardens, neither of you looked your best. it was just dinner with your best friend. you talked about school and work and his recent travels and his parents and his brother’s newest crush. the sex was even a mess.

“so… sex? not if you don’t want, too! but. you look really good today, as always , and i miss you, and-”

“oh god, yes. exams were stressful. let’s have destressing sex.”

“oh thank god.”

it was so perfect.

and now, as you lay in tom’s bed snuggling tom’s sheets you couldn’t be more happy. your phone buzzing disturbs your hazy thoughts. you peak out from the blankets to see your phone light up again.

‘don’t freak out!!!????’

your eyes narrow at both the brightness and tom’s words. you’re throwing on tom’s sweats before you realize it and walking into the kitchen. you want to reply, but lord knows he’s probably in another interview already. you decide to let it be. there’s coffee already made, bless his heart, and you pour a cup. you’re flicking through channels when you find tom and the cast on a morning talk show, pre recorded.

he’s a bit red in the face and smiling nervously. anthony mackie is behind him, right beside robert. pour soul. they’re probably embarrassing him. you smirk and turn the volume up.

“-the paparazzi saw last night?”

tom shifted nervously, “i have no idea what you mean.”

the blonde lady scoffs good naturely, “oh please! the pretty girl that was at the gardens?”

his face gets more red. you sip your coffee as he deflects the question again before she moves on. it’s nearing the end when tom has forgotten all about it and is in full story mode, with mackie breaking in with a comment, and chris evans with a laugh and the boob pat.

“-and anyways, my girl is just watching from my phone and she’s got one hell of an attitude when she’s done with my crap, but my buddy harrison is like, dying and half the set is like,” his voice takes an octave higher, “is he okay, get him an ice pack! and the other half is laughing their arses off.”

“and 'your girl’?” the interviewer slyly asks.

“oh she’s over it. she’s had exams the past few weeks and she’s just done. even through the screen i can feel that she hated me for like a second-”

“regrets ever saying yes to that first date-” sebastian draws out.

“oh! but i’m glad she did.” tom gushes, much to the amusement of everyone’ “i don’t know what i’d do with out her now. i’m absolutely in love with that girl.”

you’re smiling sweetly as the interview finishes. it’s only after you’ve finished your coffee and drawing a giant bath and sipping tea when you realize what that text meant.

'don’t freak out!!!????’

the cup of tea slips from you hands and into the running bath water.

“i’m absolutely in love with that girl.”

you phone buzzes.

'you’re freaking out, i can feel it!!!!’

Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 96 review (+ theories)

On with the pain train!

By pain train I mean Reiner’s life is filled with nothing but hard decisions where he has nothing to lose. The chapter as a whole covers the timeline from aftermath of Marcel’s death to the titan trio’s enrolling in the military and while that chapter was poignant, it was unfortunately the beginning of the descent to hell.

I suspect we’re going for a long series of flashbacks aiming to answers some plot holes here and there while answering questions in Marley in the past. Or at least that we’ll alternate between present time and the flashbacks. Everything is slowly starting to make sense at that point. Why didn’t anybody retrieve Ymir or why the warriors didn’t rush straight to the gates and a very important point, where Annie was by the time Reiner and Bertolt broke the gates.

The content, I think, is a bit less expanded than the content from the previous chapter, but some character finally got some spotlight after a huge lack of focus.

 Follow me under the cut. Thanks to @kaschy for the scans!

  1. The aftermath
  2. The fall of Wall Maria
  3. The settlements’ period
  4. What now?

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A/N : I’m back from dealing w. life 😪 I’ll be making a post later talking about this series. Hope you enjoy ❤

The sun washed through the windows of your Seoul apartment, landing on your sleeping face. When you felt the warmth tickle your nose, you stirred, your eyelids fluttering open. You blinked once. Twice. And looked over at the man beside you. His soft black locks fallen into his eyes, lips slightly parted as he mumbled to himself. A smile graced your face as you watched him. You reached up to caress his face, thinking to yourself about how anyone could be as cute as he was. You layed there for nearly half an hour before you remember today the two of you were to meet your parents for brunch. You hurriedly sat up and glanced at the clock. 9:15. Good, you still had time.

You walked over to the cracked curtains and threw them open. Behind you Yoongi groaned then looked at the time. “God Y/N it’s only a little after 9, close the curtains,”. You giggled at his anger as he threw a pillow at you. “We have to meet my mom for brunch today remember?”. He threw his legs over the side of the bed and stretched, “Crap, that was today wasn’t it,”. You doubled over in laughter suddenly, causing him to look at you in confusion. Between sob-like laughs you told him how ridiculous his bed hair looked. Yoongi pressed his lips into a line and flipped you off. “See, I was about to come kiss you good morning but now I don’t think I want to,”. And then he stalked off to the shower. Whining, you shuffled after him. “Awww, come on~”.

Brunch was pleasant, the conversation very lively and humorous. It always pleased you to witness the way Yoongi got along with your parents so sweetly. He went fishing with your dad quite often and even had enough patience tol learn knitting with your mom, which he now secretly enjoyed.

“By the way,” your mom said distracting you from your thoughts, “your father and I won a free three night stay at a resort in Pocheon. We wanted to give it to you two,”. You loved Pocheon, and your mom knew this. But you thought about Yoongi and how busy he is, so you shook your head. “No mom, you two you should go,”. She waved her hand dismissing your protest. “Your father and I are getting too old to go exploring. Besides, my grandchild could come any moment; I refuse to leave,” she said referring to your oldest brother’s third child, who was due this month.

Turning to Yoongi, she asked, “Will you go?”. You were about to ask your mother to stop when Yoongi shocked you and said, “Sure. Y/N you really want to go don’t you? We don’t have a schedule for the next few weeks anyway, so let’s do it,”. You squealed and threw your arms around his neck, planting a kiss on his cheek. “OH MY GOD THANK YOU YOONGI!”. A blush arose on his cheeks as he tried to hold back a smile, “Yah, stop being so loud we’re not at home,” he quietly scolded you. Remembering where you were, you became embarrassed, looking at your parents who were watching you both sweetly. “You know, you two can make us a grandchild while you’re there,” your mom said in a matter-of-fact tone. “MOM!” you cried earning some glares from nearby tables.

~~~~ A week later ~~~~

Yoongi hummed quitely and drummed his fingers against the steering wheel. You looked at him and blushed, butterflies in your stomach. You couldn’t believe you would have him to yourself for the next 3 days. He made sure to spend time with you, even if it was just coming home early to hold you while you slept. But trips with Yoongi were rare and you usually only accompanied him on trips when he was going somewhere for a filming. So it made you giddy with excitement that he would take off to spend time with you. You made sure to tell him how happy you were and he brushed it off, cooly saying that it was his job to keep you happy.

Now the both of you were driving to Pocheon, listening to music and making conversation. He held your hand telling you about new things he was working on, and you telling him stories from your childhood. The two of you talked so much, the drive was over before you knew it. The moment he entered Pocheon, your face was glued to the window taking in the scenery. A couple ‘ooo’s and ‘ahh’s left your lips as you passed a waterfall and laid your eyes on the extensive forests. He chuckled to himself, finding your excitement so adorable he wanted to cuddle you then and there. But he had to settle for silently holding your hand. When he pulled into the resort parking lot, you looked at it in awe. The resort was huge and beautifully structured and the landscaping made it even more unbelievable.

Grabbing your luggage wasn’t hard seeing how you and Yoongi used one suitcase only full with bathing suits, underwear, and other essentials. You wanted to shop while here so here so you didn’t bother to pack clothes— you’d end up wearing the new ones anyway. After he got the suitcase and closed the trunk, you followed him inside to the front desk. “Checking in?” the woman asked in a friendly voice. Yoongi nodded. “What’s the name on the reservation?”. “Min,”. She nodded then looked up. “3 nights in the Penthouse suite correct?”. “Yes,”. Your eyes widened in shock. When you were walking away, you whispered to Yoongi, “Penthouse suite?! I thought it was just a regular room”. It was supposed to be a regular room, but Yoongi had upgraded your room. He figured if you guys were going to have a trip alone for the first time, he was going to pull out all the stops; besides, he had a mission on this trip.

When he opened the door to the room, you jaw dropped so far you thought you wouldn’t be able to pick it up. It was bigger than most apartments and decorated in an extremely lush manner. The living room was adorned in shades of red, gold, gray, and white. Fluffy white carpet was beneath an expensive looking coffee table, beside a gray suede couch. Red chairs sat on both sides of the couch and a huge sparkling chandelier sat overhead. The room had so much detail you couldn’t imagine how much time an interior decorator had spent doing it all. The color scheme followed through the entire penthouse and you spent the next 15 minutes running around it while Yoongi threw himself on the bed in the bedroom and turned on the TV.

The bedroom was the last place you explored and by time you reached it, he seemed to be fast asleep. You gazed at him before deciding to leave him be and check out the bathroom. It was HUGE and had a hot tub at the far side of it with an enormous lion head faucet. “OH MY GOD THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!”. You jumped when you heard his voice behind you. “I know right. Imagine the things we could do in there,” he whispered in your ear, warm breath sending a chill up your spine. You blushed and your heart sped up a little at the thought of him taking you in so many different places around the suite. He kissed your neck softly and you let your head fall back against him to give him more access. Chuckling against your skin, he slowly pulled away with a smirk. “Sorry sweetheart, but that will have to wait. Don’t you want to look around?”.

Yoongi left you standing there, embarrassed and frustrated, having been turned on just by those few,small touches. When you got outside, Yoongi pulled out a guide he had gotten from the front desk. “Looks like there’s a small neighborhood near. We can take a walk  around there. And then we can go shopping. Let’s not take in all the scenery today, or else we won’t have anything to see the next two days,”. He took your hand and started down a country road that led to the neighborhood. You blushed at how kind he was being. Yoongi wasn’t one to be overly romantic so he settled for subtle actions to show you love but you understood that part of him. It was actually something you found super cute and enjoyed seeing.

While you two walked through the neighborhood, you admired the picturesque little houses painted bright colors with flower beds in front. There was one particular house that was off by itself where the street branched off. It was two stories high and white with an immaculate yard. There was a couple and what seemed to be their 2 children playing with a dog. They were spraying each other with a garden hose, taking turns chasing and running from the dog.

You slowly came to a halt, gazing dreamily at the family. Noticing your lack of movement, Yoongi looked at you, then followed your gaze to the family. Having a family was a big dream of yours and you often discussed it with Yoongi, who wanted a child himself, but felt he wasn’t ready for such a responsibility yet. He moved closer to you. “One day, this will be us.. I promise I won’t make you wait too long,” he said with a soft look in his eyes. You finally decided to tease him about how soft he was being lately.

“As cute as this is, what are you up to Min Yoongi? You haven’t made a single smart mouthed comment or teased me all day. What’s going on?”. A startled look flashed across his before he put up a poker face and dropped your hand. “Fine, if you want me to be mean I will,” Yoongi said walking away. He may act like that but after being with Yoongi for 5 years now, you knew he was just embarrassed. You ran after him and wrapped your hands around his back. “Awwwww no, I take it back~!” you whined.

Later that night, you and Yoongi took a ride on a yacht, just the two of you. The wine you had sipped on had given you a slight buzz. You were sitting on Yoongi’s lap; the conversation had died out and now the two of you sat quitely staring at the moon. The only light was the moonlight that washed over the both of you. The beating of the waves against the boat was slightly louder than the music that played softly from the yacht’s stereo system. Yoongi stroked your thigh absently, admiring the moment. Your relationship had been on his mind lately. He had known years ago that you were the person he was meant to spend the rest of his life with, still he wasn’t ready for marriage then. However, these past few months all he could imagine was forever waking up to you, forever hearing the way you accidently snort when you laugh, forever being dragged into doing things he would never do for anyone else but loving it in the end. He thought about all the small things he loved about you. The way your eyebrows creased and you bit your lip when you focused. The way you tangled your legs with his when you cuddled with him. The way your face lit up when you tasted something delicious. And while he thought about these things, he realized there was no point in waiting anymore — no, he COULDN’T wait anymore. And this trip happened to give him a perfect opportunity.

The song that now came through the speakers brought him back from his thoughts. It was a slow song that you often played at night while you two sat in bed at 3 am just enjoying each other’s presence. The song had become a favorite of yours and when you heard it, you got up and began to dance by yourself. He watched you with a dazed smile, fingering the ring in his pocket. Laughing, hair blowing gently in the wind, you seemed to be the only thing in the world at that moment. Everything else disappeared as he watched you. And when you began to spin, you seemed to move in slow motion. Wind pulling at your hair and clothes, moon light washing over your face. And just like that he knew, he definitely could not wait.

Yoongi strode over to you, pulling you close and kissing you breathless. When he finished, he looked you in the eyes. “For a long time now, I’ve known that you were the one for me. I never want you to look at anyone else the way you look at me, and I want to start a family with you someday. I want to witness all the little things you do, like the way your eyes crinkle when you laugh or the way you hug me from behind after you’ve teased me. I want everything. But I only want it with you. I’m not good at expressing my feelings… I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to say this for a while. (Y/N), please marry me,”. Tears that had formed in your eyes in the middle of his speech had began to fall. Everything he said, and everything he didn’t say; you understood exactly just how deep it was for him. You tried to contain your emotions so that you could speak but to no avail.

Nodding frantically, you sobbed a ‘yes’ and he gave you a gummy smile, beginning to get emotional himself. Although he tried to hold back, a tear silently slipped down his face as he pulled the ring from his pocket and slipped it unto your hand. Gathering you in his arms, Yoongi whispered into your ear “I love you” as the two of you stood there underneath the moonlight.

Magnifigal reviews a movie: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

This was one of the few summer-blockbuster movies I was actually hyping the most for.

Yup. That’s right. Not Guardians of the Galaxy, not Wonderwoman, not Spiderman- to be fair, I’ve grown tired of the fact that we’re getting yet another Spiderman movie- but Valerian… allow me to elaborate:

(more underneath the cut)

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Let’s make a baby part 3 D|H

A/N: Hello everybody like I annouced yesterday I wrote a part 3 to ‘Let’s make a baby’ (Here is pt1 and pt2) I’m sorry that I’m uploading this so late (but hey it’s still Friday) I got a really nice message by an anon yesterday who told me that I should continue this series and it got me thinking. 

SO without further ado I announce that ‘Let’s make a baby’ will continue ! I  hope you are happy with that. 

To celebrate I give you this part that is most probably longer than every other imagine I’ve posted. Enjoy :) 

I looked at the pregnancy test three times before I was able to comprehend what I saw. “A plus” I whispered unbelievingly and pushed the bathroom door open with force. I sprinted to the kitchen were Dan was making dinner while I was crying with relief and happiness. “It’s a plus, Dan” I shouted excitingly. Just like me he didn’t really understand at first,but then I showed him the little plus that meant that there was actually a baby growing inside of me. His whole face lit up and his eyes grew wide. “Fuck” he whispered but seconds later he started shouting. “Oh my god. Finally. I love you so much, Y/N” And with that Dan picked me up and spun me around. I giggled like a little girl and really couldn’t believe our luck. He set me down on the ground again and kissed my whole face. “I’m going to be a dad” he spoke silently and I saw goose bumps appear on his skin and his eyes got watery.

I stood in front of the huge mirror in our room. My t-shirt was lifted up so I could examine my belly. It’s been a month now since I found out that it actually worked and that I’m pregnant. Although my belly most probably hasn’t grown at all after only a month I liked to look at it. Dan liked to look at it too and he’d tell me that he could already see a bump every single time, but I guess he was just too excited. I always imagined that Dan would be the kind of boyfriend that would talk to one’s belly and god was I right. This morning I woke up to him having a conversation with the baby while I was asleep ! He was really supportive and cute and I although I knew that the next 8 months were going to be exhausting I was already looking forward to them.

For this weekend though we had planned to visit Dan’s family in Reading to tell them the news in person. Since they lived quite far away I never got to see his family that often. Only on holidays and his birthday so we weren’t really that close. Dan hadn’t only packed his stuff but also mine because he insisted that I had to relax and not do any work. He is even more protective over me now tahn he was before. When we arrived at his childhood home and rang the door bell I got a bit nervous. A huge bit to be honest. I quickly took Dan’s hand into mine and pressed it hard. “Darling” he laughed. “It’s just my parents”

Before I could answer the door swung open and his mum smiled at her beautiful son that she barely sees. My tall boyfriend hugged his fragile mother before she kindly greeted me with a hug too. “Good evening, Mr Howell” I said as his dad appeared in the door frame next to his wife. The thing about his parents was that they were very nice of course ,but somehow they always seemed a bit distant. They were both business people and Dan always told me that they were never much around when he was younger. We all walked into the dinning room together where Mrs. Howell had prepared a huge fancy dinner for all of us. His grandparents were sitting at the table and after greeting the lovely old people we sat down and his mum brought the food. “Adrian come downstairs, dinner is ready and your brother is here” Mr. Howell shouted and soon Dan’s little teenage brother came down the stairs. He was actually really cute like a mini Dan but still different and interesting. I said my hellos and was glad that he was here. Although me and his parents hadn’t warmed up, me and Adrian actually got along pretty well since he always manages to lighten up the mood. A few minutes into eating our food and telling each other casual things that happened since Christmas when we last saw each other Dan tapped my thigh and I turned my head to look at him.He nodded slightly and my stomach started to turn. ‘Shit’ I thought and swallowed hard.

“We actually have something really important to tell you” Dan started and my heart began to beat enormously fast. But why ? What could happen ? His whole family stared at us and I grabbed my boyfriend’s hand under the table. “Y/N and I are going to have a baby” he announced happily. The whole table gasped and his mother excitingly squealed. “You are such a good boy, Daniel” his grandma said. I smiled and felt the weight fall off my shoulders. I guess it wasn’t such a big deal at all. His family started to ask questions and his mum wanted to know every single detail.She gave me pregnancy tips, told me what I was not allowed to do and all that kind of stuff. It got really late and everybody had finished dessert. “Darling, go rest in the living I’m going to help mum with the dishes” Dan told me. I nodded thankfully and waited for him to be done so we could go to sleep.

As he hadn’t returned from the kitchen after 20 minutes I went to check on him. Before I could open the kitchen door I heard his mother say : “Dan, are you sure you have thought this through. You do not even know each other for that long. You are not even married or anything like that. Don’t you think you rushed into something ?  You two are so different, Dan. It’s like you are the moon and she is the sun or something !”

“Mum stop-” Dan tried to defend himself but got cut off by his mother. “Daniel, I’m just worried. What if she is not the right one. What if you decide you two are too different and you stop getting along. Breaking up is not easy when there is a child involved !”

I just listened and couldn’t believe what his mother was saying. As I couldn’t bear hearing it anymore I ran upstairs, tears streaming down my eyes. I was glad I remembered where Dan’s old room was and pushed the door open. I fell down onto his freshly made bed and started to sob loudly. Although I knew that his mother wasn’t right I couldn’t help but imagine how it would end if she was. I was scared. Scared of being a bad mother and suddenly I was scared of the 8 months ahead of me that I looked forward to this morning. I was a mess and Dan was downstairs and his mum was most probably convincing him that he 'rushed into’ becoming a dad.

My sobs were so loud that I didn’t even hear the door open and my boyfriend step in. “Y/N” Dan whispered worried and my heart sunk. I sat up straight and wiped away the tears that rolled down my red cheeks. The look on his face made my heart break. “What’s wrong, sweetie ? Is it the baby ? Are you okay?” I just nodded but a tear drop escaped my eye at the same time, giving away that I was surely not okay at all.”I heard what your mum said” I simply stated and my voice sounded hoarse. “I’m so sorry” he cried and hugged me hard. I sobbed against his chest while he softly stroke my hair. “She doesn’t know what she is saying, Y/N. I guess she is worried about her grandchild or something, I don’t even know. But baby, I do know that she is definitely not right. God, she is wrong ! I love you and deciding to have this baby was the best thing we have ever done.” he said and kissed me passionately. I placed my hands against his broad and warm chest and gripped his t-shirt. We broke the kiss and I eyed my beautiful boyfriend that I loved dearly. “I actually wanted to have sex with you on my teenage bed but I guess we can just cuddle” he cheekily stated. I sat opposite him, my eyes puffy, my shirt tear stained, and my cheeks red like a cherry but somehow he managed to make me grin with how huge of a lovely idiot he was. “Or maybe both” he then said and I playfully hit his shoulder. 

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 6, which is just on 7x23

Occasionally I run into a piece of media that I decide is part of my personal stash of gifts from the universe, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 7, Episode 23, ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’ is one of those.

So as you can imagine I had a lot of REACTIONS, enough to merit just posting these notes up on their own, ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’-style. ENJOY. I sure as heck did.

7x23 ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’
- if this is remotely like what I expect it’s going to be I already know this one is gonna kiiilll meee
- I can’t wait
- oh bless, it starts with Julian recording his Chief Medical Officer log. wait have we ever gotten any insights into Julian’s personal log? THAT MUST BE A TREASURE TROVE OF HILARITY. someday he’ll probably give it to Ezri to listen to the way he gave Jadzia his old Academy journals, and she’s gonna be like, oh criminy
- Kira’s still wearing the Starfleet uniform Garak made for her, which means my heart still patters happily whenever I see her. well, more than usual I mean.
- Odo calls him Doctor in person but Julian when he’s talking to Nerys, oh Odo
- [breathes out] the way this show deals with pain and dying and loss is always so heartfelt, I’m just!

I don’t think I should have started watching this episode already one drink deep because every beat feels like I’m being hit with a new water balloon of feelings

- Sisko: “is there any other resource I can offer you?”
  Julian: “no I’m good, I’ve got Miles”
  Miles: “…and I’ve got something I think we should tell you”
  Julian: “MILES WHY”

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iamkel14  asked:

I don't understand the hate for Sly 4. Can you explain why you think the game sucked?

Alright. I’ll give you a summary of the major issues I have with Sly 4, and try to keep it brief. Here’s an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements (Sweet Jesus):

-First off, the first half of the game is fucking incredible. (If that sounds like a weird place to start, that’s only because it is.) The opening recaptures the spirit of the games wonderfully - and given I was a returning fan, fresh off an eight-year hiatus, that was amazing - Japan is beautiful and builds well, and Cotton Mouth Bluff is probably my favourite level in the entire damn franchise.
Even leaving aside how I can’t pretend bad installments of my favourite things didn’t happen - that’s just not how my brain works - part of the reason Sly 4 irks me is because it had so much goddamn potential. It’s an updated Sly Cooper game where he and the Gang go on time-adventures. We were so close to something incredible. This should, by rights, be my favourite game in the series, and also of all time.
I’m angry because I care.

-Carmelita’s redesign. She was already a very sexualized character, but she used to have sensible jeans and a sense of vaguely realistic athleticism. Sanzaru insisted on pushing the sexualization further, and since we started at a pretty advanced point, it got taken to frankly disgusting levels. Her waist terrifies me. You can see her ribs. The badass Interpol inspector is now worryingly underweight. It legitimately creeps me out.

-I don’t like the caveman level. This is the least analytical gripe, I admit that. I just… don’t like the caveman aesthetic. Never liked the Flintstones or anything similar. That’s just subjective.
What’s not subjective is how the Gang ending up in just the right place and time to stumble across another of Le Paradox’s lieutenants is a strong contender for the least likely coincidence in all of fiction. But whatevs. Them improvising an escape while falling down a cliff was cool.

-Likewise, as Cooper ancestors go, Bob is very underwhelming. He’s a big ugly block who reuses the Guru’s joke. Instead of Henriette or Slaigh or anybody else in the Vault or Henriette, we got this guy. Great.

-The Grizz. Unfunny character with an awful boss fight. Complete bungling of what a graffiti is or does or sounds like. Unnervingly racist.

-The Penelope twist. Good god in heaven, what even was that? I mean, I was interested. I gave the game the benefit of the doubt, all ears for what the explanation was. Unfortunately, that explanation never came. We’re still not sure what the hell was going through Penelope’s head. She’s just evil now. A lovable character, funny and endearing and not overly sexualized (which in this series is rare), just… twisted. For no real reason.
There’s zero textual information justifying her decisions. Especially because the focus is entirely on Bentley, giving her no room to explain herself. And sure! Bentley’s great, I love him, but I also love Penelope and I also love(d) their in-practice painfully brief relationship. I want Geeks in Love doing Crimes Together, not a half-assed betrayal twist.

-Ms Decibel. Irritating to watch. Retread of both Octavio and the Contessa. Has no reason for having mind control powers. The fact it’s just “ha ha there is a trumpet in her nose” genuinely irritates me. This isn’t hard sci-fi, but it ain’t Looney Tunes either. Try harder.
The Joke Is That She Is Fat And Ugly. Ha Ha Ha.

-The Carmelita belly dance. Sweet CHRIST. If I keep coming back to this, it’s because it’s gotten me progressively angrier ever since the first time I played it and felt an uncomfortable churn in my gut.
This shit is genuinely disturbing. She is coerced. Why did Sanzaru think this was a good idea? Everybody in the writer’s room signed off on this; anyone who may have wanted to stop it didn’t manage to. Then it got animated and designed and Grey DeLisle was called into the booth to voice how beloved strong-willed icon of my childhood Inspector Carmelita Fox was deeply uncomfortable with this sexual act three men she was close to were forcing her to perform. 
I don’t find this shit amusing. Kids play these fucking games, man.

-Carmelita’s (lack of) use in general. She gets some good moments when she’s first dragged along, again making Tennessee’s level the best. Then she storms off during Bob’s. Then, after wandering back and calming down? Next to nothing. She’s barely there.
Bentley shutting down over Penelope’s betrayal was a perfect opportunity for her to take charge and show off her tactical prowess as an officer. What did we get? “Uh… let’s go with Galleth’s plan, then walk forward through Penelope’s front gate. idk guys” Outside of objectifying her, Sanzaru had no idea what to do with her, and it shows.

-The underwhelming climax. The finale of Sly 2 felt earned. The original three all had great final acts, but I bring up the second because it resembles the fourth. In both, there’s a last-minute upset where everything the Gang has accomplished so far is suddenly snatched away.
But Sly 2 built that feeling. From the moment Jean Bison sees through the Gang’s disguises, things get worse and worse. The time they spend in stony silence, hiding in that battery, really creates a sense of encroaching dread. Things are going wrong, but they’re going wrong slowly. And that’s worse.
Sly 4 - perhaps due to a dwindling budget - rockets through where that suspense should be. “Le Paradox showed up and stole Carmelita and then his plan worked and he was king of everything and we were sad but we went to fight him anyway.” wow. my emotions. i’m so invested.
One of the lines I can particularly remember is “I don’t ever remember feeling so defeated.” Oh, you don’t, Sly? Not when you lost every Clockwerk Part at once? Not when Clockwerk was reassembled and Neyla merged with him? Not when you watched your parents be murdered in front of you?
It’s 100% Tell, 0% Show. That’s not how you do a finale.

-Le Paradox. God. Just… god.  Obnoxious in a way that isn’t entertaining. An awful, nasty character who does not receive an adequate level of comeuppance for his overblown, overwrought crimes. Rapey.
He hates Sly for something Conner did; Sly has no agency here, he’s just a victim, pulled into the story because he’s directly threatened over something he had no part in. That’s bad writing. Bad writing which retreads other, more interesting antagonists.
Doesn’t hold a candle to Clockwerk, Arpeggio, Neyla or Dr M. Unlike them, Le Paradox survives his game, which a) feels like too light a punishment if everybody else got a dramatic death and b) creates the worrying prospect they intend to bring him back. Ugh. 
Would work fine as an insignificant filler villain; instead, has means, power level, and (intended) gravitas outstripping Clockwerk. Total disconnect between his persona and his stupid, childishly powerful plan. Bigger =/= better.
Skunks don’t come from France.

And, of course, the grand finale. The last thing to happen to Sly Prime. To this day, four and a half years later, the current state of the original series, and what may well be the overall ending at this point no matter what Sanzaru originally intended long-term. Everybody sing along at home~!

-A terrible cliffhanger ending with no sequel greenlit!

There. That about covers it. For me, anyway. Everybody has their own take.
For the record, every box in that brain meme is a genuine opinion of mine. Sly 4 is most certainly a Sly game. It has amazing art and great moments. It brought in a ton of new fans, and kept the franchise going. That can’t be undervalued.
But it’s the most flawed installment by a wide, wide margin. Sly 1 was rough, but a lot of that feels like beginner’s jitters. 4′s flaws feel more like huge, enthusiastic strides in the wrong goddamn direction, made by well-meaning people who are super excited to bring the franchise to places I do not want it to go.
Like Sexual Objectification Town.

I don’t hate it blindly, but I can’t pretend I love it. I’m not gonna repress my negativity. This is my blog where I talk about Sly Cooper. And when I talk about Sly 4, I won’t skip over its flaws. In the vague hope that maybe, if I explain how and why these things don’t work, there’ll be less of these mistakes in the world. For my own writing, if nothing else. Straightening out my emotions into coherent, rational analysis. Looking toward the future.

…that and because it’s cathartic.

okay so wow? I CAN’T BELIEVE IT????????????? somebody hit me over the head with a frying pan because holy shit

so for context, i haven’t read a captain underpants book since i was a child, but i used to be an avid reader and collector. i think the last novel i read while i was still vaguely a part of the target demographic was bionic booger boy part 2, and in high school i caught myself up all the way to tippy tinkletrousers before i stopped paying attention.

and now pilkey’s on book 12 and it just came out and

holy shit, harold is gay.

i fucking- what? oh my god. holy shit. harold is gay. he made harold gay. harold grows up to be a gay guy with a husband and two kids. holy shit. holy SHIT.

this is big???? THIS IS HUGE????????? i grew up with captain underpants. i wrote book reports about captain underpants. these fucking books inspired me to make my own shitty comic books growing up. they influenced my humor. they gave me laughs. they were HUGE growing up.

and now harold is gay???? this is amazing? holy shit something very old sleeping within me just perked the fuck up. i feel like i was meant to be alive for this moment, to learn that something like this could happen. i was drawing gay pictures of george and harold as a kid. i drew a gay doujinshi. and yeah, even at the time i knew it was hopeless fantasy. because none of the characters i wanted to BE LIKE ME really were, in actuality.

i wish i could go back to kid me and tell myself, “hey, it’ll be fine. you’re not a freak. it’s okay. harold from captain underpants is gay too.” and that would make it seem so NORMAL- because george and harold are normal kids in a funny book series for kids and it’s all fine.


why does this book series suddenly have a liberal agenda? its amazing. i want to meet dave pilkey and shake the guy’s hand.

does anybody realize how big this is for me? i grew up with these books. they were a childhood influence. and now it’s canon. harold is gay.

fucking hallelujah.

anonymous asked:

"ompletely depending on whether my hunch is right and they really are winding down the narrative" don't we already already know that that's not the case? They said the show isn't ending and many years left. Or is this refering to something else can you "wind down the narrative" without ending the show?

Hello lovely Nonny!

Okay, so, when it comes to what they’re saying I think they know and we know that anything can happen. And we know that they know that we know that we should take whatever they say with fistfuls of salt. And they know that we know… oh, my God, why did I start doing that? That’s just confusing. 

They say they want to keep going for years? I say awesome

I say I am in it for the long haul. No matter fucking what I will stand by my faith in the fact that these writers know what they’re doing. So they want to drag this sonofabitch out until doom’s day? FUCK. YES. Bring-it-on. 

But that said, it’s also my absolute faith in them knowing what they’re doing that sort of underlines my belief that they’ve built this peak they’re breaching with the S12 finale and that they’ve built it for a reason.

12x22 and 12x23 provided a huge turning point for the narrative.

Each of our three main characters - and Dean may be our protagonist, but the narrative still circles three main characters - are standing on thresholds here:

Originally posted by 4-ever-destiel

  • The brodependency has lapsed because Dean put his faith in Sam’s individual abilities to lead.
  • Sam has stepped out of Dean’s shadow, out of the role of “follower” and into the role of Leader.
  • Cas is… well, very dead. But is poised for rebirth, for transformation.

And why is this important?? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS MATTER?

Happy you ask. (you asked) (shut up)

The narrative up until 12x22 has been focused on what?

Well, mostly the focal point has been the brodependency, and with good reason, right? The show is about the brothers Winchester.

But let us never forget this —> Dean’s character growth is linked - without question - to his feelings for Cas. 

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garnetquyen  asked:

flower AU thing is up haha ajhfgadkhgh enjoy, my slime!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Q! <3 for those of you just joining us, this is an AU of my and @ikeracity‘s mob boss AU The Associates (here on AO3) where instead of a professor, Charles is a veterinarian. ;)

Part One Art | Part One Ficlet | Part Two Art

Part Two Ficlet:

The bell over the door to the flower shop jingles softly as Erik pushes open the door to the flower shop, greeted by a strong blast of the scent of freshly cut flowers. Every inch of space of the tiny shop is covered by bright blooms in every color, shape, and size, some categorized by species but others carefully displayed in artful arrangements. It’s perfect.

“Welcome to Jubilee’s Fresh Flowers, sir!” the young girl behind the counter chirps as he approaches, the nametag on her apron naming her Jubilee herself. “What can I help you with?”

Erik lets his gaze slide slowly across the bright spools of ribbons on the wall behind her, next to a display of cards with themes ranging from condolences to happy-birthdays to I-love-yous, before finally settling on Jubilee, who waits patiently, still smiling. “Hello. Are you proficient in flower language?”

“Of course,” Jubilee answers, brightening, “definitely. We can arrange a bouquet to take on any special meaning you’d like.”

Erik grins. “Excellent.” He brings his hand out of the pocket of his coat, slapping a crisp $100 bill down on the counter. “I want something that says ‘I want to date you, and I promise endless nights of fucking.’”

“Sir?” Jubilee says, some of her cheer faltering as she’s somewhat taken aback by his directness. Erik is used to that kind of response, and luckily he knows the solution to it.

Still grinning, Erik slides the $100 bill sideways with two fingers, fanning out the other four bills stacked beneath it so Jubilee can see all $500 on the counter in front of her. “Keep the change.”

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anonymous asked:

I'm the almost diagnosed anon. It was the professionals, but she tried to diagnose me as though I was a lot younger (I'm 16 and had the children's questionnaire which is v uncommon) and when I explained that my "social reciprocity" was there because I learnt to do so, and bullying played a part but I also just copied people to make my life either. She said if I were truly autistic I wouldn't have the theory of mind to care about being bullied despite my not understanding being a joke was a

Huge part of my bullying. This was the only part that men’s to didn’t get a diagnosis.

She also said because my special interest in one series of books wasn’t obscure enlightening go it couldn’t be a special interest. I thought that because of the intensity it would be and t actually caused problems (the only thing I’d write about in school) and the fact I wanted to share my special interest meant I also couldn’t be autistic.

Those were the two points against me and she refused to listen when I tried to explain that I was faking we contact, and I had learnt. She said “autistic traits” and anxiety, but the only thing that she didn’t think was “autistic enough” was social reciprocity and as I’m afab that’s really normal.

“You can’t be autistic because you cared about being bullied” Oh my god. That is so unprofessional. I was bullied until high school and I cared, I cared so much !! What does she think bullying feels like ? Does she think autistic people have no emotions ?

“You can’t be autistic because your special interest was a non-obscure book series“ This is an extract from my diagnosis review talking about my special interests. As you can see, I had the most obscure interest ever ! (/sarcasm)

The only part I’m not worried about is the children’s questionnaire. Autism has to show up in early childhood, so questionnaires commonly ask about autistic traits in childhood, and can be filled by adults and/or their parents with what they remember about that time and validated retrospectively. This was the case for me:

Finally, in the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria it says that you must exhibit all of the traits in this category:

A.      Persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts, as manifested by the following, currently or by history (examples are illustrative, not exhaustive, see text):

1.       Deficits in social-emotional reciprocity, ranging, for example, from abnormal social approach and failure of normal back-and-forth conversation; to reduced sharing of interests, emotions, or affect; to failure to initiate or respond to social interactions.

2.       Deficits in nonverbal communicative behaviors used for social interaction, ranging, for example, from poorly integrated verbal and nonverbal communication; to abnormalities in eye contact and body language or deficits in understanding and use of gestures; to a total lack of facial expressions and nonverbal communication.

3.       Deficits in developing, maintaining, and understanding relationships, ranging, for example, from difficulties adjusting behavior to suit various social contexts; to difficulties in sharing imaginative play or in making friends; to absence of interest in peers.

But the criteria also specifies that “Symptoms must be present in the early developmental period (but may not become fully manifest until social demands exceed limited capacities, or may be masked by learned strategies in later life).” If you exhibited these traits earlier in life but you can hide them now, they still count. And that professional should have known that.

- Sister Cat

“FMA03 fridges its women for the sake of male angst” is the most genuinely confusing criticism I’ve read about the series. I just finished a watch with my friends, one of whom had never seen it before, and one of her first reactions was along with lines of “oh my god AND THE WOMEN!” It sure as hell isn’t a masterpiece of feminism, and I’m not going to call it that. It’s still a series that is, predominantly, about two brothers. There are still problems. However, the series features a broad cast of well-rounded female characters far larger than we’re used to seeing in genre-similar series. Characters whose roles fandom either frequently downplays or forgets about entirely.

Bits of individual analyses under the cut. This list isn’t totally exhaustive, because I would end up sitting here typing this far longer than I already have, but… you get the point.

Lastly, I’m keeping the version comparison to an absolute, absolute minimum. This isn’t about which FMA is better to its girls. That’s honestly a discussion I don’t even feel like having because it would be so long and exhausting that it wouldn’t even be worth it. This is only about 03. The comparisons will only come up when I am aiming to refute criticisms built around version differences.

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'Gypsy' creator on potential season 2 and Naomi Watts' dancing

Warning! This article contains major spoilers about Gypsy‘s first season. Read at your own risk.

The first season of Netflix’s psychosexual drama Gypsy posed more questions than it answered — but can you really expect anything else from a show centered around a therapist who secretly meddles in the lives of her patients, who keeps a seedy, secret apartment tucked away in New York City to host tantalizing affairs, and who (potentially) coaxed a former patient to burn a house down?

A nomad of the mind and spirit, Jean Holloway (Naomi Watts) navigated Gypsy‘s inaugural 10-episode stretch as two halves of the same person; the suburban power mom she plays at home and the thrill-seeking, ethically corrupt (but sometimes well-intentioned) Diane, who has a penchant for tank tops, (slightly awkward) dancing, and involving a client’s ex-girlfriend (Sophie Cookson) in a dangerous game of sexuality. Creator Lisa Rubin seems to be most interested in the seed of identity suspended between the two halves of Jean’s personality, the space of uncertainty, fear, pain, and regret that leads her to seek control as a means of coping with a mysterious past.

Now that you’re done binging season 1, Rubin is opening up to EW about the direction season 2 might take Jean on her quest for solace, what the final shot means for Jean and Sidney’s relationship, and how future episodes might lay the foundation for Jean’s strained relationship with her mother, Nancy (Blythe Danner). Read on for our full discussion.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I have to start with the question on everyone’s mind: Was it always your intention to make Naomi Watts dance as much as she did during season 1?
LISA RUBIN: It was scripted for sure that she was going to dance! Naomi’s actually a really good dancer. I saw her dance in real life, as Naomi, and what you see in the show was her choice as to how Jean would dance. That’s how she felt the character would express herself. Naomi’s actually danced in other movies very differently, so I think that was a definitive a choice.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. How has the negative criticism of the show impacted you?
There’s clearly a big disconnect between critics and audiences… I’m so happy with the fan response. I briefly looked at Twitter, and seeing the GIFs and the way it’s affected people… especially women, that’s rewarding. What I’m intrigued by is that a lot of people have binged it, but the critics are saying it’s slow and boring, while viewers are saying it’s addicting. If the show is about an identity crisis, that’s applicable to the reception of the show. Everyone sees something different. The show is a Rorschach test itself.

As the creator and a writer, will you take the criticism into consideration when writing season 2?
Yes and no. I think Netflix’s opinion is they made a show they’re so proud of, and they’re glad fans are connecting. Some people look at it as a thriller, but Naomi looks at it as a character piece. In terms of a season 2, in general, it will become more of a thriller. The last few episodes of season 1 are more intense because our commitment was to it being a slow burn. Those first five episodes are about immersing yourself in Jean’s world… I’m surprised at how many people are with Jean despite what she’s doing, which is part of what I wanted… it sets us up for a season 2. We’re fully in, a lot is happening. Obviously, there’s a lot more escalation. In those ways, it will potentially answer critics.

If episode 10 ends up being the series’ last, so much would be left open.
It was intentionally a huge cliff-hanger. It worked for some, and it won’t work for others. Jean is a mystery, and a lot of those questions about her past will be answered in a second season. We’ll start to understand her foundation and her motivations.

How far along are discussions for season 2?
We’re all excited about the possibility. It’s very much on the table. I’m sure they’ll announce it either way in a few weeks.

Moving on to some burning questions, how the hell did Sidney find the school where Jean was speaking?
If there’s a season 2, it’s possible we’ll do an episode from Sidney’s perspective, and we can see what happened… She sees all these photos in Michael’s office [when she goes there to ask about Alexis’ article]. If Sidney Googled “Michael Holloway,” saw a picture of Jean… maybe she’d come across an ad for Jean’s talk on a website or something, enough that she’s able to connect those pieces. In a weird way, Jean knew she was going to show up… she’s not expecting Sidney, but there’s a relief and excitement for Sidney getting one step closer to figuring her out.

In that moment, they both have satisfied looks on their faces. Sidney looks more intrigued by the revelation that Jean isn’t who she says she is. It’s like, okay, game on.
It’s almost like Jean’s saying, “Okay, your move.” They’re playing a game with each other. In the Bushwick bathroom in episode 2, they sign a contract that they’re both liars, and rules don’t apply… it’s almost a turn-on, realizing how similar they are. I wanted it to be a shared smile instead of a feeling of, “Oh s—, you’re onto me.”

And what about Allison? That’s definitely her in Tom’s car in episode 10?
Yes. In a season 2, that will be a big [thing we explore]. Tom and Allison could pose a threat to Jean… It could be that they’re in it together; it could be that Allison’s taken against her will. It’s ambiguous but could be explored in season 2.

Some people think she’s dead in the back of the car!
It was left open-ended. That’s not a crazy thought, and it’s possible.

Blythe Danner was another fabulous part of this season.
The first person who came to my mind [for the role] was Blythe. I was texting with Naomi way before we started shooting, and Naomi asked who I’d been thinking about for Jean’s mom. I told her my first choice was Blythe Danner, and she said, “Oh my God, that’s my first choice, too!” She had just run into her, and she was thinking about how they’d never played mother-daughter… I find Blythe injects a different kind of energy, like in that dinner scene in episode 9. You understand a lot about Jean through Blythe’s performance. In a twisted way, her mom’s enabling Jean. That’s the person who knows her secrets.

Jean has secrets regarding Nancy, too. How could she have missed collecting that photo of her when she was cleaning the apartment before the detective showed up? Or did she leave it on purpose?
She’s lied and told the detective she doesn’t know where Allison is, and since the apartment is paid for by Nancy, the easiest thing would be to tell him she went to an AA meeting with a patient who had to use the bathroom on the way home, and that she let her use a family apartment that’s only used when her mother comes to town to see a show. She could say her patient knew about the apartment and broke in.

Do we ever get a concrete reason as to why their relationship is so strained?
We never got all the details. Nancy’s the person who might know a lot about Jean and her secrets and is the person who holds her accountable and knows all of her s—… you want to distance yourself from that kind of person because you don’t want to be reminded of your past. Nancy will always have her back. There’s a code of loyalty there, but in a way, Nancy is a reminder of Jean’s true nature. In season 2, we’d be getting into Jean’s backstory and maybe stuff about her childhood, her father, and what happened there. There are skeletons there, and potentially understanding Jean’s patterns will help understand why she’s doing what she’s doing now.

Let’s talk about Melissa, too. We finally saw her in episode 10. Why do you think Jean feels the need to continue to manipulate her?
Jean is in a position where the walls are closing in. She doesn’t need another person casting any blame on her. For Jean, as someone who likes control, she needs to make sure she can keep control of this person who could be a potential problem for her — especially since Allison is missing — if Jean is complicit in some of the things Melissa did, like starting the fire. She wants to get that under control and make Melissa her loyal soldier. She needs to make sure she’s protecting herself so that if Allison becomes an issue, she doesn’t have other problems. I find Naomi’s performance very dark in that scene… she wants to make sure she has this person’s loyalty so there aren’t too many fingers pointed at Jean.

Season 1 of Gypsy is now streaming in full on Netflix.

a by no means exhaustive list of things i loved about trk:

  • there was a lot of weird and unexpected stuff, which is actually true of every book in this series? every book introduced significant characters and plot elements that weren’t present in the previous book, so trk was really just continuing in that series tradition. to me, it feels like an expansion of perspective, like a reminder that the world these characters live in is far richer and bigger than what just a handful of novels can contain.
  • “and gansey kind of wanted to live.”/“he longed to be done with the quest for glendower.” this kid has spent his whole life feeling doomed to die, feeling like he didn’t deserve to live, and now he finally allows himself to want a future, to want life after glendower, to want to live, and it’s that realization that lets his sacrifice have meaning.
  • cabeswater loves them all so damn much. and no, it’s not because ronan dreamed it–he makes it clear that it’s a separate entity from him and all he did was give it form. cabeswater doesn’t understand humans, but it loves them and it wants them to be happy.
  • literally everything about adam. before trk i would have told you i loved all of the gangsey equally, but now adam is my uncontested favorite. he is so, so confident and comfortable in who he is–he’s the magician, he’s gansey’s best friend, he’s in love with ronan lynch, he’s fatherly to opal, he’s going to college, he’s powerful, he’s worthy. he gets to directly call his parents out on their abuse and tell them that he’s open to repairing their relationship, but it’s their responsibility to be better people, not his responsibility to put up with their mistreatment. he gets to go to college and leave henrietta and achieve all his dreams, and he also gets to have a home at the barns and a found family that loves him unconditionally and would quite literally rather die than hurt him. adam’s line in the second book about how he and gansey are on perpendicular paths has always haunted me, and trk did such a beautiful job of illustrating that that’s not true, adam can have the future he wants without giving up his past or his friends.
  • cabeswater borrowed from adam’s humanity to reshape gansey because gansey had always wanted to look more like adam on the inside.
  • henry cheng. oh my god. what a glorious character. everything about him in this book was so well-foreshadowed in bllb, and he brings so much to the story. he provides a glorious little insight into what aglionby is like beyond the gang’s dismissive treatment of it, his personality is this fantastic mixture of blue and gansey’s personality traits that forces both of them to grow and develop, and he’s so KIND. he notices when people are upset or doing badly and instantly tries to help them without smothering them–bringing gansey water to stop a panic attack on raven day, encouraging gansey to address his trauma instead of repressing it, letting blue yell at him to maintain her reputation at school, telling adam they’re not going to sacrifice him, etc. also that bit about feeling like less of himself out loud is so goddamn relatable wow.
  • ptsd has always been such a huge part of gansey and ronan and adam’s characters, and in this book, they’re each able to go back to the places that their trauma occurred and feel safe. they get to heal.
  • NOAH NOAH NOAH. he appeared in so few scenes in this book, yet there were so many scenes about him, and they all did an amazing job of developing him as a character and making it more clear just how tragic noah really is. noah was this amazing, creative, hyper, vibrant kid who was unjustly robbed of the chance to grow up, and even as a ghost, he never got to be that kid again. he had every right to be angry and resentful, and he often was, but in the end, with the last of his strength, he willingly accepted his death so that gansey, and by extension everyone else, could live. (also for the record the theory that noah retroactively erased himself from the gang’s memories makes no sense so yeah, they do remember him even if they don’t mention him in the epilogue because it’s been the better part of a year and they’re back to normal life by that point. fite me.)
  • finally finding out wtf was going on in so many mysterious characters’ heads, like noah and neeve and declan.
  • “make sure ronan was the name of the hero, and not just another spear.” and “[the lynch brothers] all loved cars, themselves, and each other.” i don’t know whether “themselves” or “each other” is destroying me more. both? both is good.
  • persephone saving adam and giving him the same advice she’s been giving him the whole series–that he’s more powerful than he realizes, and he doesn’t have to put up with being mistreated.
  • the scene with all the psychics in the bathroom giving blue advice. blue being horrified at the thought of gansey having been dead long enough that she could fall in love with someone else. orla being her usual no-bullshit self and also trying to braid maura’s hair. jimi pulling blue onto her lap and rubbing her back when she’s upset. that was such an authentic moment, such a real reminder that this is a family.
  • helen asking gansey if he’s sleeping with adam and/or ronan.
  • the emergency room scene when gansey finally stops being mr. conflict avoidance! he gets angry at ronan for being an asshole instead of just trying to soothe ronan’s asshole behavior, and he tells adam and ronan about him and blue dating, and it’s gr8. i would have liked to see a lot more of this side of gansey tbh.
  • blue and ronan being the true bros we all knew they could be.
  • even without labels, the book makes it 100% clear that adam is bisexual, not gay and lying about his attraction to women or straight with an exception for ronan. insert lyrics to “gettin’ bi” from crazy ex-girlfriend here.
  • ronan and adam flirting like hell the whole book. oh yeah, you totally have to touch each other’s hands and faces to talk about magic fuckery. mmhm. adam making cabeswater sound like ronan’s shitty electronic music just to make ronan grin. “are you working after school?” “with a dreamer.” oh my god the flirting did not stop.
  • the entire night at the barns. ronan gently kissing adam in his childhood bedroom on his eighteenth birthday with his family at home! ronan and declan finally reconciling and both realizing that the other really does love them and is trying to do the best thing for the family! the idea of the “night for truth”–everyone being 100% honest and communicative with each other with no judgment! adam asking gansey if he loves blue and how he can tell! gansey saying that blue calms his agitation, that she feels like henrietta, that she feels like the home he’s been searching for! adam telling gansey about him and ronan and gansey’s top priority not being details of the past (since when, but you’re both guys, etc.) but making sure they don’t get hurt! adam and ronan making out for hours, studying tattoos, kissing fingers, speaking latin (i’d fight tooth and nail for you)! adam waking up the next morning realizing he feels the stillness gansey was talking about, that he’s been looking back for months, that this isn’t just an ego trip, that he wants ronan with everything he has, that he’s in this for the long haul!
  • from that point on through the rest of the book, ronan and adam are so protective of each other. the second maura pulls adam back from discovering aurora, his first move is to worry about ronan. he sleeps in the passenger seat of the bmw so ronan won’t have to be alone. when he’s possessed, ronan supports him and restrains him with a hug, and adam says the worst part of being possessed is hearing ronan suffer.
  • they’re so fucking?? domestic?? they literally have an adopted daughter?? and in the epilogue adam’s driving the bmw and either living at or spending a lot of time at the barns and like, oh my god they’re basically married.
  • opal is so so cool, she provides so much information about ronan and about how the magic of the series works, plus she’s just generally wonderful and adorable.
  • aurora was a++ before she died, and i was so fascinated by the little notes and scenes implying she was much more human and passionate when niall was alive–that even cabeswater isn’t as powerful as niall lynch.
  • cabeswater being dreamt into existence was so brilliantly foreshadowed (most overtly by calla and ronan calling it a dream in tdt) and yet i didn’t see it coming, which is the best kind of plot twist.
  • i did see glendower being dead coming, and i loved it. if he’d been alive, it would have been so narratively weird and such a letdown, because even if the favor hadn’t turned out to be magical/useful, his very awakening still would have taken the weight of the climax off the protagonist’s shoulders. plus, it paved the way for gansey being the first sleeper and the true king on the ley line.
  • artemus and gwenllian added so much to the mythology and worldbuilding of the series, and they allow blue to finally be something more, even if it’s not exactly what she’d pictured.
  • the gray man gave up his life in henrietta to protect the town from people like laumonier, which was pretty much the best possible ending for the character from a reader’s perspective.
  • so much was left open to fan speculation–we were given a general roadmap for what their future holds, and then told to fill in the details ourselves. it was the perfect balance of information and open-endedness and i’m overjoyed by it (in case the fact that i’ve written over 10k words and counting of fanfiction about just the months between chapter 67 and the climax didn’t tip you off to that).
  • way back in the very first book, we were told that where there’s a god, there’s always a legion of devils. that legion came out in full force in this book. there’s a literal demon, yes, but devils don’t have to be supernatural–they can be just be people who want to hurt you (adam thinks of his father, ronan thinks of kavinsky, and of course there’s laumonier and piper).
  • henry’s madonna t-shirt.
Quiet Dreams (Part 1)

Summary: After Barry changes the timeline and saves his mother, he discovers a huge aspect of his life has changed, maybe for the better. (Set after the finale of Season 2)

Universe: The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

A/N (IMPORTANT): Thank you so so so much for all the love on the last fic!! So, a few quick notes. This will be a series, not sure how long just yet! Also, because Season 3 is airing in October, we don’t have a lot of things explained yet, so I am making my own interpretations and developments for the sake of the story (For example, we don’t know whether Barry still has the speed force, if he gets stuck in the past or can return to the present, if he has memories of his new timeline.) Based off the episode where Barry ran back to learn from the Reverse Flash how to gain speed, I am assuming he won’t have memories of his new timeline because he didn’t remember that anything changed with Hartley, and this plays a huge role in this fic. Thank you for reading loves!!


Barry looks around the old room of his childhood home, watching The Flash behind the door fade and disappear. Quickly, it clicked that he needed to run back to present time before the speed force faded from his cells. He kissed his mother’s forehead and ran for the life of him, thanking anything out there for the speed force not having escaped from his system yet.

As he ran, he contemplated. What was going to happen? He knew he likely wouldn’t have his speed anymore because he wasn’t sure if the particle accelerator would still be built at the same time. He was worried for changes, because he knew he wouldn’t have a recollection of them. He didn’t- Crash!

Heaving, he found himself in normal clothing, outside his old home. He looked around frantically, and with a deep breath, he walked forward and opened the door, seeing the lights on and hearing laughter from the living room. He came further inside to find his mother and father relaxing on the couch, wine on the table.

“Barry, honey! What are you doing here?” She laughed. Barry felt his heart strain and he smiled a bit, keeping tears from falling.

“I thought I’d drop by.” He says, his voice rough and trying to keep from choking. His mother’s eyes flooded with concern.

“You okay, sweetheart?” She asked, and his father adds,

“Yeah, slugger. You don’t look too good.” Barry lets out a soft laugh, seeing both his parents alive again shook him.

“I’m fine, just don’t feel like myself.” He says softly. His mom ushers him forward, pouring him some wine and beginning a conversation between the three of them.

The hours drag forward, and his mom begins teasing him. “How’s Y/N, sweetie?” And his father winks and lets out a chuckle. Barry was caught off guard, not knowing who they were talking about.

“Y/N?” he stuttered, worry flooding him and not knowing how to play it off. He quickly realized that indeed, he was lost of memories and had no idea who played what role in his life in this timeline.

“Oh honey, I can’t believe you can get so flustered. For God’s sake, you’re marrying the girl in three months, and you still turn into a tomato!” His parents laugh, and he just smiles, looking at his lap.

A fiancee? No way in hell had he expected that. He was more than confused. He was engaged to a girl he had never met before, a girl he was supposed to be in love with and would be spending the rest of his life with. Although he wondered about Iris, he decided maybe he could learn to love whoever this girl must be. His parents seemed to adore her, anyway.

The phone rings, interrupting his thoughts. His father picks up the phone, saying “Hello?” waiting a few seconds and then chuckling before responding, “Hi Y/N! We were just talking about you!”

Barry felt his nerves amp up, and he twiddled his fingers while his father continued to talk.

“Oh Barry? Yeah, he’s here! Didn’t he tell you he was coming? Oh, I’ll let the boy know. Bye Y/N!” His father hung up the phone and smiles. “She’s waiting for you at home, Barr. Go on, now.”

Barry smiles weakly, hugging his parents and exiting his old home. Where was home now? Where the hell was he supposed to go? Taking a leap of faith, he decided to go to his old apartment.

All of a sudden, Barry realized he didn’t have his superspeed anymore. He felt around in his pockets, feeling keys jingling. He took it out and used the button to start his car, looking around to the black one two parking spots away. He had a car, another oddity for him.

He drove to the old address, and soon he was standing in front of the apartment door. He took a deep breath, hoping the key would fit. And thank God, the key clicks and he turns it, slowly opening the door.

“Y/N?” He calls out, walking in and locking the door.

“Barr!” He hears from the bedroom, walking towards it. He enters, and he feels himself lose his breath. “Hey babe, why didn’t you tell me you were visiting your parents! I’ve missed them too, you know?”

And he is so caught off guard, struck by your beauty. Your hair, the way it fell before your kind eyes, framing your gorgeous face. Your skin was glowing in warmth and love, and your aura sucked him right in.

“Barr? You okay?” You coo. And he smiles, running his fingers through his hair, stepping forward.

“Yeah, babe, I’m okay. I just,” he takes a breath, “I still get stunned by how beautiful you are.” He chuckles and sits on the bed. He runs his fingers through your hair, and you beam. “How was your day, love?”

And as you begin to explain your long day, Barry contemplates. He knew that this piece of him already loved you.

‘This was the way it was supposed to be.’ he thinks to himself, letting you wrap your arms around him.

His thoughts continue a bit, fading as he gets lost in you. ‘These are the days I’ve always wished for.’

Type-Moon MC Guide 2015 (Part 1)

Here’s a list of the main characters of each Type-Moon series and subseries. Included in the list are the protagonist, the deuteragonist and the tritagonist of their respective series. The names are in western order (first name-last name).

Note: Due to the sheer number of Fate titles and characters, the list will be divided into two-three separate posts, with this one focusing more on the older Type-Moon works. Fate will be in a separate tab as will the special and more recent titles.

Edited and updated:

Angel Notes or Notes: 

Protagonist: Gun God/Godo

One of the earlier MCs of Type-Moon, Gun God, or Godo, lives in a post-apocalyptic Earth that’s set centuries after the world has ended, and when it was ruled by beings known as the Aristoteles, or the famous Types. Godo, as the last living remnant of humanity, attempts to survive and avenge his deceased family by using his signature weapon Black Barrel, which has the power to kill the Aristoteles.

He is a twisted man who knows neither happiness nor pain, and only fights the Types in his pursuit of revenge and survival, despite having forgotten his memories already.

DDD (Decoration Disorder Decoration):

Protagonist: Arika Ishizue

The main character of DDD, Arika Ishizue is a young man possessed by a demon some time ago and thus has developed a twisted personality over the years. He loses his memories day by day, and by the time he meets and works for Kaie Karyou, his disposition can be described as apathetic. His motto in life is “I want to live as easily as possible”, in short, he’s regularly short on money, much to Kaie’s annoyance.

See how he’s missing an arm there? Yeeahh…his younger sister ate it. He’s the MC, but it seems that Kanata Ishizue, his imouto who is also demon-possessed but has acquired the Agonist’s Syndrome, is much, much more popular than he is. Good reason too (hint: she appeared in Type-Moon’s April Fools Day game in 2013 as the Snake, go check her out).

Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of SInners:

Protagonist: Shiki Ryougi

Deuteragonist: Mikiya Kokutou

The plot follows the lives of Shiki Ryougi and Mikiya Kokutou, two polar opposites who meet on one fateful, snowy night. Working under Touko Aozaki, the two solve the paranormal events and murders going on in the city of Mifune, all the while piecing together the puzzle of the mystery that is Shiki Ryougi.

If you’ve followed the novels, their positions in the story are clearer. While Shiki is consistently the main focus of the series and therefore the one the story follows and the one who primarily moves the story forward, Mikiya is the one who narrates a good chunk of the events in all the novels in first person. Shiki got to narrate too, but not quite as much as Mikiya (she mostly got the 3rd person narrator treatment instead).

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Witch on a Holy Night):

Protagonist: Aoko Aozaki

Deuteragonist/Tritagonist: Alice Kuonji and Shizuki Soujuuro

The story follows Aoko’s exploits in high school and how she deals with her double life as a Magician (not a mage, they’re very different) and as an ordinary (okay, that’s a stretch) high school student. She’s joined by her childhood friend and mentor, Alice (who, incidentally, goes to Azaka’s school, Reien Girls’ Academy from Kara no Kyoukai), a witch who specializes in fairy tale-themed familiars and Shizuki, the new transfer student who came down from the mountains to live in Misaki City. If you know a certain teacher whose name is similar to his, then you should know that he’s more than what he seems. Alice and Shizuki flip-flop between being the deut and the tri in the story, depending on who gets more focus in the chapters, but personally, I think Shizuki’s the deut here since I’ve noticed he’s got more screentime than Alice in Mahoyo.

Tsukihime/ Tsukihime Rebirth:

Protagonist: Shiki Tohno

Heroines (Different from the deuts and trites): Arcueid Brunestud, Ciel, Akiha Tohno, Hisui, Kohaku (and maybe Satsuki Yumizuka if she really is relegated to heroine in the remake.)

Before there was Shirou Emiya, there was the badass known as Shiki Tohno. Of course, if you’ve got almost the exact same powers as the biggest badass MC of the Nasuverse (the other Shiki I mean, see above), then you’re guaranteed to be a badass one way or another. Oh, and see the list of heroines above? Yeah, there’s pretty much a reason why the term “The Tohno Gland” exists. And there’re more of them in the spin-off games and side materials too! 

While there’s no such thing as a canon route in the Nasuverse (all routes are canon, therefore, all heroines are canon), the closest thing we have to a main heroine is the bubbly and ditzy, and sometimes psycho, vampire princess Arcueid for being the main and default choice in the VN, as well as her overall importance in Tsukihime and its other spin-offs (plus, there’s the fact that she was cloned after the being that has the company’s name, so…). Curry-senpai I mean, Ciel, the curry loving executor is the heroine of the 2nd route and while she appears in all the routes unlike Arc, she isn’t that important overall and may or may not play a role in the last 3 routes, unlike Rin in FSN, which I’ll cover later. Akiha, Shiki’s adorable, half-oni, tsundere, younger sister is the heroine of the third route which is very different from the first two routes in terms of plot (this is reflected in the last two routes, both of which follow Akiha’s route’s path but with some deviances and expanded material). She follows Ciel’s trend of appearing in all the routes, but unlike her, while she doesn’t play much of an important role in the first two routes, her significance is stretched in all three of the routes where the Tohno background is elaborated on. Hisui, the quiet, personal maid of Shiki is the 4th route’s heroine and boy her route is one, big, depressing doozy (it’s much, much more depressing than HF, which is saying something, when you get her route’s True End. This is why almost everyone prefers the Good End better). Kohaku, Hisui’s older twin sister and personal maid to Akiha, is the hyperactive (well, she was flanderized in recent installments while in the original, she was much more subdued. But hey, new Kohaku is fun) and a bit (er) psychotic heroine of the 5th route. Elaborating on her without mentioning the heavier elements of her and her sister’s backstories is a huge spoiler. Plus, there’s the remake which they might use to alter or retcon their backstory so for now, all we can do now is wait.

This ends part one. The special series comes next.

Jimin’s Honeymoon

And now it is time for an actual angel, the first half of the Busan line, a total cutie who’s tearing this comeback uP like he just has this energy to him where every stage he steps on is his like I genuinely feel like he has born to perform but he’s doing s o fucking well with this comeback, Park Jimin aka chim

  • This is going to be part of the wedding series, I’ve done Jimin’s proposal (here) an alternate version to that is youtuber!chim’s proposal which you can find here, Jimin’s wedding (here) and husband!chim (here)
  • It isn’t required to read the others, you can v v easily read this without the others but if you want the full story and all the fluffy stuff, you can click any of those links
  • Okay so Jimin is a lil romantic at heart, he gets all tough when he’s on stage and shit but he’s actually just a huge softie
  • Like he’s the type to be all of course you married me I’m the best duh but then at night when it comes to cuddles he just melts and turns into this big pile of oh my god I love you so much I can’t believe you actually married me like I’m a husband now do you know what that means you can’t say I’m your boyfriend anymore my boyfriend days are gone forever
  • Okay so I have such a huge head canon for this like pretty much the second I started thinking about the honeymoons, I knew Jimin’s
  • Jimin would want to go one of the more popular romantic places like Paris or Rome but he’d also want to have some private moments bc even though Jimin is a beast on stage and has so much confidence, he’s actually a smol shy bby who gets blushy when you say you love him
  • You two would go on a lil tour of Italy like you’d start in a smaller city spend a few nights there, go to the next city spend a few nights and then the last place you two go to is Rome
  • The honeymoon would be a bit longer, closer to 4 weeks than just the usual 2 bc he would want to turn it into a vacation too he wouldn’t want to have to rush through all of the sights and be worried about getting to a certain place on time
  • He’s totally cool with extending it even bc he knows the second you to get back home, it’s gonna be packing and moving into the new house and you two are planning on getting a pet when you get back and he’ll have work and you’ll have work and he just knows you two are gonna be so fucking busy
  • So he figures he can stretch the honeymoon out as long as possible so you two can relax and de-stress and just enjoy being married for a while without having to think about what’ll happen tomorrow
  • He would absolutely want to go explore a vineyard, he wouldn’t even care so much about the wine aspect he just wants to look at all of the trees and see how the wine is made
  • I feel like chim is the type to just casually have a childhood friend that lives in Italy and works at a vineyard and he gets all the behind the scenes shit
  • You two stay for a little part of the wine tasting but then you two sneak off to go run through the trees like lil kids bc no matter how old chim gets he’s still a child at heart
  • He’d still make it romantic though bc he’d have his friend set up a lil picnic at the top of a hill that looks over the entire vineyard and there are a ton of lil Italian desserts in the basket (his friend’s favorites bc chim just told him to put in the best desserts in the area)
  • So you two just sit on the blanket and cuddle up and try all of the sweets and you two end up staying there until the sun sets which makes it even cuter
  • At that point, you’re both sprawled out with v v full stomachs from eating so many desserts and chim’s got his head on your chest and you’re both just enjoying the breeze and watching the sunset and it’s one of those moments where neither of you need to talk
  • You just enjoy being near each other and chim’s half asleep bc he’s listening to your heartbeat and your fingers are combing through his hair and he’s trying to stay awake bc you two still have to go back to your lil rented house
  • You two go to city after city, trying all of the food and seeing how each city does something a lil different like there are different sauces different pastas different flavors just everything
  • Okay but cute ass chim would try his best to speak the limited Italian he knows (from his friend attempting to teach him over the phone) and he’d get so shy about it
  • Like you know when chim speaks English and he just gets that shy smile and it’s so fucking cuTE that is exactly what happens whenever he attempts to speak Italian
  • But all of the cashiers and people he speaks to just coo at how cute he is and tell you how lucky you are to have such a cutie pie as your husband, which of course only gets Jimin’s cheeks even redder
  • You two would s o have to go on a gondola ride like that would just be on Jimin’s wish list he’s seen so many couples do it and he’s like that sounds so romantic and cute I ne e D IT
  • So once he finds out how he can set it up, he’s racing to get it done asap bc for as long as chim could remember, he’s wanted to do it
  • He’s super happy when you two first get in like he’s nonstop smiling he’s laughing at everything you say his dimples are just making an appearance
  • He calms down after a bit and holds you super tight and looks at everything he passes by he’s just so fascinated by all of the lights and the buildings and it’s really endearing bc you can just se e how happy he is
  • But honestly let’s just be real here Jimin’s the real view bc sure you have a beautiful city all around you and it’s super fucking romantic but then you have Jimin with his jaw dropped a lil bit and his eyes are all wide and lit up and he’s in so much awe of everything
  • And then he smiles at you and gets all shy when he notices you were looking at him bc even though you two are literally married and have known each other forever, he stills gets the butterflies when you look at him
  • The entire honeymoon is just a mix of playfulness and romance and sweet lil moments that could easily be overlooked but actually mean the world to both of you and it’s just really cute
you again? (part one)

request: “OH GOD! I forgot how to request 😅 sorry! I put it on the submit!! But i was not lying when i said i love your story! If you can! I would love you to make this! Oneshot/series/imagines - whateve you decide – Joker and reader were childhood friend but then they separate to live their life and then they met again but this time they forget each other! Their relationship slowly develops and their memories starts to regain! But Joker will still be insane ( jared ) - if you can make harley jeolous!”

note:: its not going to be exactly like this but i think you’ll like it:) btw for all of you none weed experts; loud is a good type of marijuana while reggie is shitty.

characters: joker x reader

warnings: drug dealing, marijuana, profanity, sex, batsy being cranky, mentions of rape and murder

Everyone knew who you were. They called you the banshee.You were the whisper in the wind. The goosebumps at night. The howl to the wolf. You were the sole reason Gotham was still up and running.

Sure, it wasn’t exactly legal, but any money is good money. You ran the biggest drug cartel in the world. You had weed farms all over the continents. It made people happy, and made you money.

It was shipment night for the weed in Gotham. You had truck loads to deliver and a set time to get it all delivered.

Your heels clacked around the cement building where bricks of pot were stacked up high. You took a deep breath and your eyes fluttered at the sweet smell of the intoxicating plant.

You pulled out a pre-rolled blunt and stuck the stick in between your lips. The sliver lighter in your fingers sparked and the sweet smell of the grape blunt filled your nose. You took a drag of the drug, its warm smoke filling every inch of your lungs.

The mind-numbing happiness is why you did what you did. Why was making other people happy a crime? You didn’t know why, and honestly you didn’t give a fuck to know why.

The last truck was being loaded and your goons walked around, taking a brick each for themselves as a treat. You didn’t mind, of course you were up in the clouds.

The sound of something bursting through the window caught your attention and you sat down on a bench, waiting for the masked hero to appear. “Banshee, nice to see you doing well.” Batman walked towards you slowly, you smiled putting the blunt back in your lips and taking a drag.

“You don’t look half bad yourself batsy.” You laughed and he shook his head, pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

“You know I gotta take you in.” He stated starting to advance towards you.

You held up your hand and laughed. Your hair fell in your face because you couldn’t stop laughing. Batman just sat there confused, what had he said that was so funny?

“You’re gonna arrest me?” You laughed loudly and slapped your hand on your thigh. “You’re gonna arrest me for making people happy?” Your laughter had died down a bit and you tapped the ash off the top of your blunt. Standing up, you placed the blunt back in your mouth and walked up to the caped crusader.

“Don’t your have bigger problems to worry about than drugs? You realize people are getting raped and murdered out there right? Guess what batsy, people ask for drugs. No one asks to get killed or raped.” You blew the smoke held in your lungs onto his face, then you walked your fingers up his chest and pulled him close. “You know why they call me the banshee?”

“No, why do they?” He grumbled out, feeling uncomfortable with how you had him pressed up against you.

“Because my shit is so loud, it got me moving slow-mo.” Then a huge puff of smoke exploded in batman’s face, he felt your arms leave his body, and when the smoke cleared he found himself cuffed to a pole.


Your heels clacked on the side walk as the sky opened up and rain fell in large droplets. You took a mango blunt out of your bra and stuck that between your wet lips. The flame from the lighter lit up your face as you inhaled the smoke once again.

As you kept walking, a car pulled up next to you, driving extremely slow. You turned your head to see a purple lamborghini with tinted windows. You pulled the blunt back to your lips and took another hit. The windows rolled down to reveal none other than the joker.

“Mistah J, how nice to see you.” You smiled, and continued walking as he drove next to you.

The Joker was just another bad guy in Gotham. You had run into him on occasion but it was never anything special. He was just another looney in your opinion.

“Banshee, looking stunning as usual.” He smiled, his silver set of teeth gleaming under the street light.

“Always the flatterer, aren’t ya?” You laughed, blowing smoke out of your nose.

“I found something out earlier. Why you look so damn familiar.” You stopped walking and faced him with a smile, running your tongue across your teeth.

“Oh? Do tell.”

“Lets go for a drive.”

The speeding lamborghini made your cheeks hurt with how much you were smiling. “So, Mistah J, why do I look so damn familiar?” You mocked his voice and smiled as he rolled his eyes playfully.

“We went to school together. You and me, (Y/N).” He laughed loudly and your smile dropped.

“Jack?” He leaned towards you with a smile and winked, before you smiled brightly and grabbed his face, kissing him on the cheek. “You devil! How have you been? I didn’t even reconstruction you with the green hair and bleached skin yanno’?”

“I figured out it was you when i saw the pot leaf tattoo behind your ear.” You laughed loudly and pushed your hair out of the way, revealing your tattoo.

“What the hell happened to you man? After you went to college, you just stopped talking to me. And now… Now you’re like this.” You asked, slightly saddened at the memory of J not calling you back all those times.

“Shit got complicated.” He snapped out, making you jump a little bit as his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. He noticed you get uncomfortable and he sighed, angry because he always lost his temper so quickly. Ironic, really. “What happened to you? You were just some pot head girl who wanted to change the world last time I checked.”

You smiled and looked out the window, glancing at him in the reflection. “I grew up. Obviously, I didn’t grow out of the pot thing, but the dream of changing the world is dead. The world doesn’t change unless it wants to. So I stopped trying.”

It got quiet for awhile until the car stopped, and you noticed you had arrived at what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. “You comin’ in or no?”

part two: http://ohnopuddin.tumblr.com/post/149486451081/you-again-part-two

note: this will be three parts; the third will be smut:)

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My Thoughts on TFP

(after rewatching)

  • Can we all applaud Honor Kneafsey for her amazing acting as the girl on the plane. And also for her spectacular name.
  • Hearing Moriarty on the phone made my heart leap and my stomach drop.
  • Mycroft memorising old films <3
  • Then smiling at his childhood videos MY HEART
  • the bleeding pictures… Sherlock is so extra
  • Why a clown?? That felt a bit too weird
  • His little “help me” MY HEART
  • The theories about Eurus were right :D
  • They kind of threw away the whole ‘shooting John’ bit… it didn’t really make sense and just feels like a cliffhanger for the sake of it. I get that she’d want to get away but still… it was just a bit anticlimactic.
  • Poor scared Mycroft not wanting to be left alone :’(
  • John’s suddenly really spiteful. I guess he’s angry about being shot? Maybe I should watch the series all in one.
  • Mycroft’s disgust at being a client is wonderful.
  • The skull poster looks normal and dull again…??
  • Mycroft is so scientific and so dramatic at the same time, it’s great.
  • So is Eurus the middle child or Sherlock?
  • Mycroft picking up a stone while in his memory, like his younger self ^-^
  • Little Eurus had the same drawing board as me! I’m a bit terrified…
  • Sad Mycroft makes me want to cry.
  • I really want to meet this Uncle Rudi. He sounds interesting.
  • The idea of the patience grenade really freaks me out.
  • I love that Mycroft still cares about his childhood acting ^-^ he’s just great.
  • The explosion looked.. so fake…
  • Why does the radio play “Sherrinford”??
  • I get that it’s all to trick us, but why do they lockdown the prisoners if Eurus is actually in control?
  • How the cheese were they uninjured from the explosion?? And How’s Mrs Hudson?
  • Wait. Did Mycroft get some poor bloke and explode him so that he could sneak onto the island??
  • So Mycroft’s still got his acting skills! :D
  • Why aren’t Mycroft and John suspicious that the Governor doesn’t send out a message to detain Sherlock?
  • I may be in love with Scottish Sherlock.
  • So Sherlock’s suit doesn’t have a single crease or damp patch after taking over a ship in stormy seas??
  • “bottoms aren’t really pretty” I agree mate.
  • Moriarty ships himself with literally everyone he meets.
  • I’m so confused, she says “Redbeard” and then Moriarty starts doing some weird separated making-out thing with her… what??
  • Moriarty’s messages are amazing. End of. I wonder what his brother is/was like…
  • I feel like shooting the Guvernor wouldn’t be hugely hard, but then I guess it’s not something I’d have any idea about.
  • Numpty didn’t read the terms and conditions.
  • Mycroft stop being a dick.
  • The Garridebs bit looks really quite fake, and was fairly predictable, but I still liked it.
  • Of course that wouldn’t be Irene’s coffin, hers would be huge and black and silver, covered with roses.
  • Eurus looks kind of sad right after the phone call. I think she wishes someone would say it to her, that someone would love her like Sherlock loves Molly.
  • Coffins are surprisingly destructible…
  • The “Kill John or Mycroft” bit was really predictable, but I think that’s maybe the point. We knew it was coming so we were scared of it, wishing it wouldn’t happen. It was the same for the characters. I love stuff like that.
  • For the tiny moment that I believed Mycroft actually wanted John to die it shattered my heart. Then when I realised he was baiting Sherlock it pulverised it, and then when John agreed with him it made it into a smoothie.
  • God Moriarty is such a creep… how do we love him so much?
  • Mycroft’s lip wobbling as he realises his brother might be about to die D’:
  • How were they all so perfectly positioned for the darts?
  • Little Eurus playing with a plane… I guess it’s always been something on her mind.
  • Why wouldn’t the police have been called and done a full sweep of the grounds?
  • Soo… how did she help him save John? The water is still pouring in when the police drop the rope down, so she hasn’t stopped it, but that leaves no time for getting to the well, calling the police etc. That bit just makes no sense.
  • Greg! A bit cheesy, but that’s why I love it!
  • Sooo… the grenade didn’t damage the floor at all? Mycroft expected it to, and he’s bought them before.
  • Putting the headphones back on the skull was a wonderful touch.
  • When I saw the MISS YOU disk I got all excited about another plot twist, having had so many this episode. When it came up as Mary, I just felt a bit disappointed, which is a shame because I really loved her character. I think they overdid that idea a bit. Plus it didn’t make a ton of sense in the story.
  • What does she mean “who you are, it doesn’t really matter” ??? The show is so much about their relationship and development. That’s what feels important, more than the cases. The story is a catalyst for the characters’ development, but it is not the main reaction.
  • Putting the smiley back and shooting it is such a lovely touch, I’m glad they included that.
  • What a happy family <3
  • That ending narration feels a bit… off. I don’t really know. It just sounds too much like the end of a series, rather than a realistic message Mary would send. I’m all about cheesiness, but it has to have purpose and make sense in the world of the story.
  • If they had been holding hands as they ran at the end, I would have forgiven the previous point. Like when they were handcuffed together, it’s such a perfect image for them, but instead we got general running which doesn’t really feel personal enough.

Overall, I like the episode. I found myself incredibly tense with fear and excitement the whole way through, the plot twist were delightfully horrific and manipulated my emotions perfectly. Lots were predictable but I think that actually added to the experience. There were quite a few issues, particularly towards the end, which did feel forced and quite disappointing.

When it comes to the whole Johnlock clusterheck, I do ship them, but I was surprised that people were so adamant that they would kiss etc this series. I’m no expert and haven’t watched the thousands of videos on the subtext, but I know that it’s there and have suspected at least Sherlock to love John, but if they do end up being together, I wouldn’t expect it to happen this series. It would just make Mary seem like a throwaway character.

I get that a lot of people didn’t like this episode, and I see why, but I just wish that everyone would be a bit nicer and accept that everyone has different opinions. I’ve seen so much hostility and arrogance from both sides, and it’s things like that that give fandoms bad names. Someone disagreeing with you does not make them wrong or stupid, it just makes them different, which is kind of the point.

Sorry this ended up waaaaaaay longer than I intended, I just love Sherlock so much!