oh god this movie haha

So a little heads up

I will no longer reblog a lot of one direction stuff (Well maybe just a little hehe cuz u know) but it’s because I’m turning this into a more personal blog!!! It may seem a little dorky because I’m a little excited to show y'all what I can do (oh god insert cheesy movie line here haha) but yeah!!! I’m not sure what my blog will be about probably mostly covers of me singing and me posting opinions about other things and a lot of fandom stuff too can’t leave those out but feel free to ask me questions to get to know me more 👍🏼and ask like really weird questions guys cuz I live for those haha

Imagine coming home late and your big brothers not being too happy about it.

It’s midnight and you’re not home yet.

Requested by: somebody but i didn’t look oops

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