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I had this idea and I thought you might like it so (to the tune of Philips rap in take a break) (Annabeth is hamilton) My name is Percy I am a half blood Cause I'm the son of Poseidon And I almost died But I survived because I've got riptide (what) I learn Ancient Greek and fighting at camp half blood (uh huh) I have my mother and a half brother Tyson (that's right) My daddy is one of the big three MONSTERS TRYING TO KILL ME (oh gods!) I love your blog btw xxx

what an amazing rap!!!!!

thank you so much pal :D


I just watch this video and…
OH MY GOD!! Taka dance is killing me!! He is just perfect!! 😍😍😭

How I look at my phone when I watch k-dramas when I should be working.

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rebelcaptain appreciation week ✩ day four  alternate universe

After her parents are killed in a separatist prison, a six months-old Jyn Erso is rescued by Orson Krennic. He takes the infant girl back to Coruscant, looking for a suitable home for her. Senator Bail Organa and his wife eagerly bring her home, making her Jyn Erso-Organa, Princess of Alderaan.

When she is two years-old, Jyn gains a sister. Her name is Leia.

Jyn is an adventurous young girl, always tumbling through the snow, running around in the forests and trekking through the mountains of Alderaan. But, as a princess, she isn’t always able to do whatever her heart desires. A royal title comes with a lot of royal responsibilities.

When she finds out her father has secretly been a member of the rebel alliance, she wants nothing more than to join him in his fight against the empire. Listening in on one of his holo conferences with the alliance council, she catches wind of an imperial defector, a pilot, on Jedha. In the dead of the night, she slips away with a scarf tightly wrapped around her head.

Upon discovering his daughter has taken one of his ships and disappeared, Bail Organa sends one of the best alliance intelligence officers to try and locate her. Captain Cassian Andor.