oh god this is the last time i'm gonna tag him and real madrid at once

Thank you, Mesut.
Thank you for everything, thank you for fighting for us, thank you for defending Real Madrid’s colours and crest, thank you for the beautiful memories, thank you for always being so positive, thank you for believing in this club, thank you for fighting to stay even though they wanted you out. All we could say is that we are so sorry that they let you go.
We’re sorry that all we, Madridistas, can do is cry and sit powerless as you leave, we’re sorry we couldn’t fight for you like you fought for us, we’re sorry we let them treat you this way, we’re sorry you couldn’t stay, we’re sorry for everything but trust that a part of us died yesterday and we will never forgive nor forget what they’ve done.
Good luck in the future and just know that we’re so thankful for you. We will always love and support you no matter where you go and we will always appreciate what you’ve done for us. You’ll always be one of us…a Madridista.
Thank you so much, Mesut.