oh god this is such a funny scene


Jungkook after that guy got Jimin's towel back.
  • Jungkook: *steals Jimin's towel and drops it back into the ocean*
  • Jimin: What the f-
  • Jungkook: *Taking his shirt off and flexing his muscles* OH MY GOD, I'M SO CLUMSY, LET ME GET THAT REAL QUICK

They read 1,000 people for Chidi before seeing William’s tape. And when Mike Schur and Drew Goddard watched William’s tape, they both immediately thought “oh thank god, we found him”.  

Because they “knew how important the character of Chidi is to this show”; “if he doesn’t work, the show doesn’t work.” “he grounds the show”.

There’s like 4 minutes in this commentary of them praising Chidi and William for being able to play the straight man who’s the moral center for the show while also being incredible funny in his own right and “nailing” any comedic scenes they gave him; they call him an “endlessly wonderful gift” to their writing staff and I’m sorry but I’m sitting here like 

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Because yes, I’m so glad they love and appreciate Chidi and William as much as I do.


Summary: Takes place after ‘Fitting In (Hogwarts Houses!)’. Roman and Virgil watch Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban together. Conversations are had and lessons are learned.

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“Alright. Favourite character on three.”

“I can’t choose among my darling babies!”

“Roman, they’re not your- whatever, fine. Favourite… book to movie adaptation.”

“Ooh, fancy schmancy. Okay, one, two, three-”

“Prisoner of Azkaban.”

They answer perfectly in sync, and Roman gasps, clapping his hands in excitement and delight. “I knew it!”

Virgil rolls his eyes. “Oh, please, you probably just like it cause Harry’s hair is at its most accurate.”

“True, it is fabulously disheveled, but I was more going for… I don’t know, it’s more intangible, just the- the atmosphere is portrayed so well and… of course, there’s still issues- like, The Marauders were not given nearly enough time to explore, nor the Animagi concept and-”

“How about we just watch it, then?” Virgil smirks. “I swear, you’re getting nerdier with every passing day.”

Roman scrabbles around for the DVD, shouting back, “Excuse you, I’ve always been passionate about Potterlore.”

No, really? I don’t think anyone’s noticed.”

Roman has already pressed play on the DVD, loudly humming along to the theme tune. The beginning passes pleasantly enough, although Virgil starts to feel a horrible prickle of familiarity when Harry storms out of Number 4, Privet Drive. Things are different now, he reminds himself, and he concentrates on trying to keep his breathing measured.

Roman glances at him out of the corner of his eye. He doesn’t say anything, but subtly taps 1, 2, 3, 4 on a pillow, and it helps, a little. 

They reach The Knight Bus scene and Virgil hears the laughter building in Roman’s voice, even as he tries to say it casually: “Oh, look.” He points as the talking head cracks another pun. “There’s Patton.”

Virgil bursts out into surprised laughter. “D-doesn’t that make Logan Stan Shunpike?!

Roman chuckles. “Wait, wait, hold on!” He snaps his fingers and a replica of Logan’s glasses appear on his face. He adjusts them in an uncanny impression, that shatters as he drawls, “Objectively!” in an appalling cockney accent.

“Oh God, never do that again, Roman, I’ll have nightmares.”

There’s comfortable silence for a while. Virgil finds it oddly endearing how enraptured Roman gets while watching the movie: he mouths along with some lines, and his face goes through a roller-coaster of expressions.

And then, they get to the scene where the Hogwarts Express stops.

And Virgil can feel his uneasiness grow, and he should just be silent, damn it, but he feels like just saying something will make him feel better and, hey, Roman will find it funny, right…?

“Oh, look.” Virgil points as Ron’s hand reaches up to cover the ice forming along the train window. “It’s me.”

Roman’s brow furrows. “…Say what? You’re not Ron.”

Backfired, bad idea, horrible idea! “No, I-” Virgil clears his throat. “I meant-”

The dementor looms onto the screen, and Roman’s face turns white.

“Uh, relax, Roman, it was just a joke.”

He doesn’t need to know it’s a defensive mechanism, ha ha ha, just laugh please-

Roman stares at Virgil. His eyes are wide in absolute horror. “But that’s not true at all!” 

And… wow. He bellows it out with such ferocity that Virgil feels touched.

“It’s fine, Roman. Here.” He nods at the screen. “This means Logan is Lupin, in a way.”

Because isn’t that the truth? he thinks despondently. If not for Logan and that… curve thing, he could never be… managed.

Roman still doesn’t look remotely happy. But, he keeps quiet, brow still furrowed, as if in deep concentration. Eventually, he blessedly breaks the silence by saying, “Perhaps Lupin is a mixture of Logan and Patton.”

“Uh, yeah.” Virgil breathes out, grateful that the subject has been changed. “I can see that. Cute.”

They continue watching, but Roman is still distracted, Virgil can tell. Every so often, he bites his lip.

When they reach the first Divination lesson, Virgil asks, “Hey, um, what house is Trelawney in?” He tries and fails to hide his smirk.

“Hmm.” Roman hums thoughtfully. “Ravenclaw, if memory serves. Why?”

“Oooh. You might need to change Houses.”

Roman gasps, affronted, as Trelawney walks into a table. “I beg your pardon, but I am nothing like her.”

Virgil raises an eyebrow. “Oh, really?” 

And then, he tries it out, this whole teasing thing they seem to have going on. It’s new, but it’s not bad new, and Virgil finds it surprisingly easy to imitate Roman’s booming projection of a voice:

“Are you in the beyond?!

He is stunned that Roman now doesn’t look the least bit offended- he just throws back his head and laughs. 

“An accolade worthy performance, Virgil.”

Virgil smiles. “I just watch and learn from the drama queen.”

They slip into silence again. This time it stretches on for so long that Virgil thinks Roman might have fallen asleep. Maybe he should turn off the-

“A-ha!” Roman exclaims and Virgil jumps.

“Woah, woah, what?”

Roman is smiling, fist punching the air in victory. “I finally figured it out! That is, who you are. In… in this movie, certainly.”

Virgil sighs. “Look, I told you, I’m not bothered about the whole Houses thing-”

But Roman cuts him off, and he points at the screen, as Harry screams, “Expecto Patronum!”

“Why, you’re a Patronus, of course, Virgil! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.”

Virgil blinks, then looks at Roman uncertainly. “I don’t get it.”

“Oh, it’s all in the spell. A lot of them are rooted in Latin words, Logan was telling me. Expecto can mean I wait, and a Patronus is a protector. So Expecto Patronum is like saying, “I wait for a protector.” And, you said it yourself, your goal is to protect. Isn’t it wonderful, Virgil!” Roman claps his hands together. “You’re the Patronus charm!”

Surely he must be mishearing things. It takes Virgil a few attempts until he’s finally able to speak. “You’re… you’re saying that I- that I’m…” Strength? Light? I can drive away darkness? I… protect? 

He feels like his throat is closing up. “That’s… Jesus, Roman.” He sniffs. “That’s… probably the- the nicest thing anyone…”

His voice fails again, but he doesn’t care. He shuffles closer next to Roman on the couch, and Roman just smiles at him, briefly half hugging him with one arm. Then, he’s off waxing lyrical about all the different forms a Patronus can take, and how Virgil’s would probably shapeshift because that would be sweet, and what would everyone else’s be…

Virgil lets his words wash over him. Even if it’s ‘just’ fiction, he knows he’d be able to conjure up a strong Patronus. He already knows what his happy memory would be.

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High☆Speed Free! Starting Days Event Report

The High☆Speed Free! Starting Days event was held at the Ryogoku Kokukigan Sumo Wrestling arena, the exact same location where the Free! Eternal Summer event two years ago was held. The biggest announcements of the event were the three planned Free! continuation movies:

1) Free! Timeless Medley ~絆 Bonds~
This will be a compilation of scenes from Free! Eternal Summer as well as new scenes relating to Makoto, Haruka, Rei, and Nagisa

2) Free! Timeless Medley ~約束 Promises~
This will be a compilation of scenes from Free! Eternal Summer as well as new scenes relating to Sousuke and Rin’s promise to him

3) Free! Take Your Marks
This will be a completely new full-length feature film following Haruka after he graduates from High School

For those interested in what happened during the Afternoon event, here’s a detailed report, so enjoy~

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i’m actually LOVING this origins ep like even though the pacing is rushed straight to hell i’m enjoying myself more than i have all season

things i love:

  • Coran is narrating this episode because he’s the sole survivor of everything while Allura was more there for the After (which I predicted #smarts)
  • Alfor was a wild boy
    • He also had a cute little ponytail awww
  • The implication that the five leaders got together to settle centuries of war
    • With a shot of Blaytz fighting Galra robots. Mermaids vs furries I guess
    • Honestly I was hoping Trigel was going to be the one who’s people are bloodthirsty warriors but pop-off I guess
  • I love how everyone in this group roasts Alfor
  • Alfor: I’m not a soldier!
    Alfor, a few centuries later: fuck
    • Actually on second thought this is kind of sad
  • Red Paladins have always been Like That
  • Alfor: Y’know, like (makes a noncommittal noise)
    Zarkon: … I don’t know what that means.
  • Alfor spending probably like, centuries building these Lions and then having no clue what they actually do is so funny to me
  • Red and Blue Paladins always save each other, that’s cute :’)
  • Red Paladins are always the literal right-hand man which is really funny to me
  • “Am I a leg?”
  • Just. The parallels between the Paladins of Old and the newbie Paladins is kind of heart-warming. Coran must feel so proud and sad around the new Paladins.
  • Everyone’s slightly formal way of talking is pretty nice to listen to
  • I find it super funny that Haggar talks with more emotion in her voice than Honerva like ghskjdghds
  • The Lions have always had a shitty paint job oh my god hskdjsgd
  • The expressions on everyone’s faces as they watch the first dimensional monster or whatever explode is really funny lmfao
  • Zarkon: we gotta protect Daibazzal every second is a waste we must be cautious we ought to spare no expense protecting my people
    Honerva: I want to keep the rift open
    Zarkon: Understandable have a nice day
  • The Galra have always had a vaguely evil aesthetic going on and just. No one commented on it. “Hey Zarkon, wanna maybe stop with the purple and the black and the slightly ominous everything?” “No.” “Understandable have a nice day.”
  • Alfor’s gradual descent into looking like a hobo while everyone else looks the literal same is a #mood
  • Honerva made her cat immortal oh my god #mood
  • It’s tradition to yell “Form x!” which is also really funny to me
  • Where did Zarkon even hide Honerva ghdskjghsdkjgjds
    • Like this scene is kind of touching but where the actual fuck was she. Did Zarkon just like leave her behind his chair or something?? Did he dump her back there
  • What is Zarkon even pissed about?? Yeah, Alfor destroyed Daibazzal, but like. He evacuated the planet. Everyone is alive? Chill.
  • Zarkon, back from the literal dead: we’re evil now
    Galra commander: understandable have a vrepit sa day
HiddleHamlet: A firsthand account (part I)

Okay guys. Here goes. I’m going to try to remember and describe as much of the experience as possible, so you can all feel a little piece of it too. This is your warning… this is going to be a long post.

Disclaimer: this review is going to be very little about the play, and very lots about how mindblowingly gorgeous and excellent Tom was in the play. If you’re not in this to hear a dissertation on that man’s thighs in his tight-ass jeans, don’t read further. I love and deeply appreciate theatre (this is the 14th play I’ve seen since moving to London 10 months ago), but this is tumblr and I’m not really here to be a theatre critic or to dissect various interpretations of Shakespeare. I’m here to drool over sexy men. It’s right there in the title.

So, to get that boring, non-thigh-centred discussion out of the way first - the play was seriously great. I enjoyed it hugely, even apart from the magic of Tom’s Hamlet (and somehow in spite of the distraction that was my brain screaming “HE’S RIGHT THERE!!!” for 3 hours straight). I saw a similarly intimate staging of Hamlet back in January, which I found… overly intense. This one was much better. I especially liked the touches of humour throughout, which helped to break up the heavier moments and moved the story along in a nice rhythm, and brought out the humanity and likability of the characters. The cast were all fantastic, and the sparseness of the stage worked well - the focus was fully on the actors and the words they were saying. 

We were sat in the front row, far stage left…which was basically on the stage. The theatre is teeny, with no raised stage, which meant the actors were walking by us close enough to touch. Being that close to Tom for an extended period of time was full-on exhilarating. When he’d run by us, we’d get a waft of air and could actually smell him. I didn’t get to last time, so I breathed in deep this time…and it was absolutely delicious. I’m sure we were visibly swooning after each inhale.

(I’m really sad that only a limited number of people will get to see this, and I know there’s been much discussion over the supposed “exclusivity” of this show, but I must say, in being one of the lucky ones who got to be there, that it was magical how intimate this was. It was immersive - a unique and beautiful theatre experience. I feel incredibly grateful.) 

Important things must be addressed, so: couch humping. Was SO FUNNY. It wasn’t a full-on dry humping (oh god…I just had to take several minutes to think about what that would be like. I’m back now) but rather a couple of energetic thrusts. Which was enough. This was met with laughter and tons of quietly imploding vaginas, I assume.

In this same scene (a great scene), Hamlet sits on the recently-violated couch with Polonius and laughs loudly with him. It’s rather forced (he’s putting on a show here), but also - seriously adorable. Because Tom. It gifted us with a huge Hiddles grin, which is so damn infectious (as you well know). In the third bout of this laughter, Hamlet dissolves into tears. One of the best things about Tom’s Hamlet was how perfectly and naturally he navigated the quick shifts in his mood - swinging wildly between grief, rage, lunacy, amusement, earnestness - and it all felt incredibly deft and real. Also, that man is gifted when it comes to crying. I think there were real tears in his eyes for about 75% of the performance. At one point, you could see the tears falling, illuminated by the stage lights. It was beautiful. I managed to stay seated and not run to throw myself on him and cover him in kisses, which was obviously what first instinct was telling me to do.

Okay…let us talk about how good he looked. IT IS GROSS, AND MAKES NO SENSE. My brain can’t compute this level of attractiveness, and I have no appropriate words to convey it. It’s even worse in real life. And truly, this is Peak Tom, look-wise. I missed probably large sections of dialogue due to thinking about his hair (I wish this was a joke). I could not stop staring at it. The curls are entrancing. It is perfection. I will cry when he gets a haircut. THIS IS THE HAIR HE WAS BORN TO HAVE. Also, THE JEANS. Holy fucking hell. I could write a Hamlet-length soliloquy about those jeans. Maybe it was because I was on the side, so I spent a good amount of time looking at the back of him, but…I have never appreciated a view more. Those jeans were, um, very tight, and I have zero complaints. I think I could actually see his thigh muscles flexing through them. I was equally entranced by his legs and thighs throughout the whole thing. My stream of consciousness went something like this: hair-legs-thighs-jaw-eyes-voice-words-legs-ass-kill-me-now…!

Yeah… his ass in those jeans. Specifically when he was moving or jumping around a lot. I leave it to your imagination.

Overall, there is truly just something about him. We have not been imagining that. His physical presence is undeniably, overwhelmingly attractive. He’s all legs and cheekbones and curls, and the way he moves is impossible to look away from. He’s so damn FIT. His body, his face, his every movement…it’s all just sex incarnate. I can’t be eloquent about it. What the fuck do you say about this. Just. Ugh. Fuck me up.

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Will you look at this? GOD.

Wardrobe stuff: I love his new peacoat. It’s really nice and looks so soft, so he looks super huggable in it. I will continue to swoon over the upturned collar look on him - it works so well with his long neck and impeccable jawline. I also like how well he rocks the hoodie-and-peacoat combo. Really, is there anything that doesn’t look good on him?! Oh, and…there was no appearance, sadly, of the beloved grey boots (those boots are like a secondary celeb spotting for us by now). He was wearing dark brown boots through the whole thing. But they looked really good too no duh, so, no big loss.

Uh-oh… this post is already very long, and I have at least 26 more things to say about all of this. I’m think I’m gonna stop here for tonight and write a part two tomorrow. Coming up: tummy peeks, dancing, leather gloves and the opinions of the lady sitting next to me on Tom’s ass in those jeans (you didn’t think I was done talking about that yet, did you?)

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wonder woman appreciation

- this movie was is the most empowering thing i’ve ever seen

- the fierce, muscular fighting amazonians 

- steves and dianas relationship was so pure, respectful and supportive, never seen sth like this in film before

- dianas gang was so amazingly diverse and not just a random bunch of muscular dudes withn no backstory whatsoever

- the scottish man terrorized with PTSD

- chief napi telling diana about what happened to his people

- sameer the sassy/cynical moroccan secret agent

-they showed the real cosequences of war and not some glorified propaganda version (captain america *cough*)


- “i’m both aroused and scared” had me cracking up

- the scene with steve and sameer were disguised as germans in the car was HILARIOUS

- the nomansland scene was probably the most badass thing i’ve ever seen

- STEVE AND DIANA DANCING among the villagers felt so organic and beautiful

- the love scene OH GOD WHERE DO I BEGIN

-diana being the godkiller was the coolest plottwist of all times 

- steve saying i love you and sacrificing himself THE FEELS

- diana is such a good, pure and brave character she actually makes me believe in the good in the world

- the confidence with which diana walks into battle gives me life

Bill skarsgard imagine

Bill talks about a picture of you and him on set during an interview.

Bill was sat infront of a studio audience and 6 studio cameras. He was being interviewed by James Corden on The Late Night Show. He was here to talk about his new film IT. He just knew it was only a matter of time before James asked about you, Bills long term girlfriend. A few days ago, a photo of him in full Pennywise costume kissing you, was released. Along with a photo of you looking absolutely terrified after. Pennywise and a famous Hollywood actress kissing was hilarious and very odd to a lot of fans. Both fans of Bill and you.

‘So Bill, did you have many visitors on set?’ James asked with a cheeky grin.

'Umm…yeah. I has a few people. My girlfriend  (Y/N) visited a few times. The kids really wanted to meet her so she surprised us all on set one day’. Bill responded, while he slicked his hands through his hair.

'We do actually have some great photos of (Y/N) and you on set’.

As James mentioned the photos, Bill turned to see the pictures of him in full make-up with his girlfriend.

'Oh my god, I have seen these so many times now. (Y/N) has even put them in a frame in our living room because she finds them so funny’. Bill laughed.

’ Is there much of a story behind them?’
James asked.

’ Yeah… with both of our jobs, we don’t get to see eachother as much as we would like so she decided to surprise me on set. I was in full make-up ready to film a scene. I turned around and saw my beautuful girlfriend looking at me in shock . I completely forgot I had my full clown face on. She’d never seen me in my Pennywise  costume and clowns freak her out a bit. I run towards her, grab her and kiss her full on the lips. I can feel her really tense up under me. I pull away, she has my lipstick on her lips, white paint on her face and she looked absolutely  horrified. She just had a 6 foot 4 clown march up to her and kiss her with quite a bit of force. I felt so bad’. Bill blushed.

'That would have been terrifying’ James agrees.

’ I know and after I just looked at her for what seemed like 20 minutes before she actually said anything.  she just goes “well thanks Bill, I didn’t want to sleep tonight”. I felt so guilty . It took her about half the day to look me in the eyes. I kept apologising to her until she finally pulled me in for a hug’.

'How was she with the kids?’ James enquired.

’ Oh, she was great. They loved her, Jack in particular kept following her around like a lost puppy. He asked if he could date her instead’. Bill exclaimed.

'The cheek.’ James replied laughing.

'I know. But in all seriousness. She was fabulous with them. I am very proud of her and how she is with kids’. Bill responded with a smile.

He just knew that you and him would make a great little family.


Dom+Matt panel funniest moments:

• When did you first meet?

Dom saying that they first met on Tinder and Matt agrees 😂
Dom: No, I think we first met in the car.
Matt: Yeah, and I thought: “Oh God, he is English, would he be able to act?”

• What is the hardest scene to play?

Matt: In season 1 the tracking scene, I didn’t know Dom well and we have to watch in each other eyes.
Dom: We did some funny expressions.

• What is your favorite cartoon?

Matt quoting names of cartoons that no one knows.
Dom: Don’t be surprised, Matt is 50 years old, he’s old. No one ever watched that old cartoons.

• Dom telling a joke that no one understands about the fact that there is no comparison between his acting and Matt’s.

• What is the funniest scene that you played?

Matt: The one we have to go in Magnus’ bedroom and then freeze. The director was saying “Freeze, freeze…” and a cat has to jump out of the bed. It was so funny.
Dom: Yes, it was though.

• To Matt, have you ever listen to Alec’s voice in other languages?

Matt: Yes, Alec has always a very deep voice. *He does an impression of very deep voice*

• To Matt, what is your favorite Jace’s line? And to Dom, Alec’s one?

Matt: “Alec, HELP!”
Dom: “Magnus, I love you.”

heartthrob pt 2 | (M)

Heartthrob (n): One who is considered pleasing to the senses, often resulting in increased respiration, increased circulation to the face, and a noticeable “pounding” in the chest.

genre: fluff, angst, smut, fuckboy!hoseok au, college au.

ahh, finally! this took 5 days omg. shout out to @amazon-bookworm​, my lovely editor :’) also tagging a couple thirsty hoes; @dailydoseofdia​, @lostinbangtan​, @minyooengi​, @jimins-a-twat​, @cutiepiebts​, @jimin-bean​, @war-of-hormoan​, @jiminniemouse​, @onepercenttt​, @we-go-hard-in-the-coffeehouse@pjimns… I think that’s everyone??

part 1 | drabbles

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Give me a scene where Magnus and Alec are just chilling like at dinner or just at the loft or something and Alec randomly makes like a really funny joke and Magnus nearly chokes on his drink and Alecs all worried like “Oh my god, are you okay?” Shooting up to help him and Magnus is just staring at him in shock “you just made a joke” and Alec rolls his eyes with that smile, you know the one.


OH MY GOD I WOULD REALLY PLUCK THE STARS IN THE SKY FOR HIM JUST SO HE COULD USE THEM AS NIGHT LIGHTS I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HE LOOKS SO PURE ND CUTE SJDJSJ MY BABY 😭💘💕💗💓💞💖💝🌈🍭🍯💕💞💝💘💖💗💓💫✨💘💞💓💖💗💝💕🍯💓💖💞💘🍭💘💞💓💖🌈💕💝💗✨💝💗💓💫💓💗💗🍭💝💗💖💓💘🍭💘💖💓🌈💘💓💖💗💗💝💕💫✨💖💖💓💘💞💓🍭🌈💘💓💓💗💗💕💫💘💓💖💗✨💕💝💗💓💓💘💞🍭💘💓💖🌈💘💖💗💗🍯💝💗💖💓💘💞💓💓🌈💘💕💗💓💞💖💝🌈🍭🍯💕💞💝💘💖💗💓💫✨💘💞💓💖💗💝💕🍯💓💖💞💘🍭💘💞💓💖🌈💕💝💗✨💝💗💓💫💓💗💗🍭💝💗💖💓💘🍭💘💖💓🌈💘💓💖💗💗💝💕💫✨💖💖💓💘💞💓🍭🌈💘💓💓💗💗💕💫💘💓💖💗✨💕💝💗💓💓💘💞🍭💘💓💖🌈💘💖💗💗🍯💝💗💖💓💘💞💓💓🌈💘💕💗💓💞💖💝🌈🍭🍯💕💞💝💘💖💗💓💫✨💘💞💓💖💗💝💘💕💗💓💞💖💝🌈🍭🍯💕💞💝💘💖💗💓💫✨💘💞💓💖💗💝💕🍯💓💖💞💘🍭💘💞💓💖🌈💕💝💗✨💝💗💓💫💓💗💗🍭💝💗💖💓💘🍭💘💖💓🌈💘💓💖💗💗💝💕💫✨💖💖💓💘💞💓🍭🌈💘💓💓💗💗💕💫💘💓💖💗✨💕💝💗💓💓💘💞🍭💘💓💖🌈💘💖💗💗🍯💝💗💖💓💘💞💓💓🌈💕🍯💓💖💞💘🍭💘💞💓💖🌈💕💝💗✨💝💗💓💫💓💗💗🍭💝💗💖💓💘🍭💘💖💓🌈💘💓💖💗💗💝💕💫✨💖💖💘💕💗💓💞💘💕💗💓💞💖💝🌈🍭🍯💕💞💝💘💖💗💓💫✨💘💞💓💖💗💝💕🍯💓💖💞💘🍭💘💞💓💖🌈💕💝💗✨💝💗💓💫💓💗💗🍭💝💗💖💓💘🍭💘💖💓🌈💘💓💖💗💗💝💕💫✨💖💖💓💘💞💓🍭🌈💘💓💓💗💗💕💫💘💓💖💗✨💕💝💗💓💓💘💞🍭💘💓💖🌈💘💖💗💗🍯💝💗💖💓💘💞💓💓🌈💖💝🌈🍭🍯💕💞💝💘💖💗💓💫✨💘💞💓💖💗💝💕🍯💓💖💞💘🍭💘💞💓💖🌈💕💝💗✨💝💗💓💫💓💗💗🍭💝💗💖💓💘🍭💘💖💓🌈💘💓💖💗💗💝💕💫✨💖💖💓💘💞💓🍭🌈💘💓💓💗💗💕💫💘💓💖💗✨💕💝💗💓💓💘💞🍭💘💓💖🌈💘💖💗💗🍯💝💗💖💓💘💞💓💓🌈💓💘💞💓🍭🌈💘💓💓💗💗💕💫💘💓💖💗✨💕💝💗💓💓💘💞🍭💘💓💖🌈💘💖💗💗🍯💝💗💖💓💘💞💓💓🌈

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‘Romeo and Juliet of the math and english dept. in school’ AU or I’m a writer and when it gets close to my deadlines I neglect taking care of myself so you’ll pop in my house every so often to make sure I’m doing okay’ AU please !!

Please imagine Steve looking like he does in the second photo of this photoset, please.

– –

“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name,” Mr. Rogers says, and about half the class sighs dreamily. He looks up from his book. “Can anyone tell me what ‘wherefore’ means in this context?” He looks at the array of hands that shoot up in the air. “Wanda?”

“It means ‘why’,” she says.

“Exactly. So she’s asking… anyone?”

“She’s asking why he has to be a Montague, versus any other family,” says a voice from the doorway.

Mr. Rogers looks up and smiles. “Right you are, Mr. Barnes. To what do we owe the honor?” He runs a hand through his thick hair and pushes his thick black glasses up on his nose, and a few members of the class shoot each other knowing looks.

“You forgot your dongle in my classroom last night,” Mr. Barnes says. There’s a chorus of ‘ooooohs’ from the students and Mr. Barnes shoots them a look as Mr. Rogers rolls his eyes. “It’s a computer part,” he says, holding it up for the class to observe.

“Nasty,” Tony Stark says from the back.

“Tony,” Mr. Rogers says, sharp.

“Oooh, you’re in the shit,” Clint whispers to Tony, who just rolls his eyes.

Mr. Rogers walks across the room to Mr. Barnes and takes the dongle with a smile. “Thanks for bringing it back,” he says.

“Not a problem,” Mr. Barnes responds, then gives Mr. Rogers a friendly nudge on the arm. “But maybe keep better track of your stuff, okay? You’re always leaving things in my classroom after practice.”

Mr. Rogers bites his lip and nods. “Sorry about that.”

“Nah, nothing you gotta apologize for. But I should quit interrupting your class and get going.”

“Okay. See you later,” Mr. Rogers says, and watches Mr. Barnes back out of the room and shut the door with such a look of pure, simple longing that it’s almost embarrassing to look.

“Oh. My. God.” Clint says to Tony. “He’s into him?”

“Duh,” Tony says as he picks at the edge of his worksheet. “You should see them during Scholastic Bowl practice. It’s gratuitous and disgusting.”

“Huh,” Clint says, looking up to Mr. Rogers, who is now blushing as he tries to move on with the lecture. “That’s funny.”

“Here,” Tony says, shoving the paper at Clint, “we wrote this after practice yesterday. The syllabic structure’s pretty mediocre but we had some fun.”

Clint reads:

Mr. Barnes & Mr. Rogers: A Nerdy Tragedy

Two departments, both alike in dignity

In fair high school, where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

Where class budgets make tenured staff ill at-ease.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes

A pair of star-cross’d lovers coach the team;

Whose misadventures piteous overthrows

Do with their love bury their departments’ strife.

The fearful passage of their nerd-mark’d love,

And the continuance of their departments’ rage,

Which, but their teacher’s love, nought could remove,

Is now the two hours’ traffic of our Scholastic Bowl meet;

The which if you with patient ears attend,

What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

“Passing notes?” Clint nearly jumps out of his seat and sees Mr. Rogers standing in front of him, eyebrow raised. Before Clint can come up with an answer, Mr. Rogers takes the paper from his hands and starts to read. Clint looks to Tony, who looks at Clint with wide eyes. They both look up at Mr. Rogers who is turning redder by the moment. Mr. Rogers looks up at them, then quickly back down to the paper, and back up at them. He clears his throat. “I’ll be throwing this out,” he says, shoving the paper into the pocket of his blazer and walking away.

“He’s gonna read that to Mr. Barnes tonight while they bang,” Tony whispers into Clint’s ear.

Clint bursts out laughing, and ends up with detention.