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I’m meeting D&P tomorrow and I still can’t believe that it’s really happening!! Wish me luck guys ‘cause I’m about to die.  (☞゚∀゚)☞

I made a couple of things for Dan & Phil w/ my twin sister @marketakindlova which you can see in the pictures above (sorry for the bad lightning >.<). We printed out our fanarts (I haven’t posted some of them yet!), made an “award” for the crafty corner and created the frame thingy and keychains/charms for them as well.^^ We are giving them also a plushie and Czech spa hazelnut wafers haha.

I’m so so excited!! I’m leaving for Berlin literally in like two hours! If you are going too, you can come and say hi to me! :)) <3


Bad Boy!Woozi x Reader

Genre: ??? 

Word Count: 875

Dt: @leejihoonz this isn’t that great, but hopefully it will satisfy you for now. Also, be prepared for some certain things to come…kekekeke~!

  Red and fuming, Jihoon watches from afar, fists balled and teeth clenched as his eyes focus on the two bodies, close and personal, yet one of them seemingly distance and uncomfortable. Arms shaking, he watches as Seungcheol moves closer to you, pulling one hand leisurely out from his pocket to rest gently on your hip, thumb rubbing against the fabric of your clothes.

  Watching the two, Jihoon wonders many things. He wonders why Seungcheol is hitting on you, wonders why you don’t seem to be pushing him away, wonders why he feels so upset while watching the interaction.

  He reasons with himself that it’s acceptable to feel so angry at Seungcheol. But, although he has never told his friend how he truly feels about you, he assumed that his feelings had been a bit obvious. Maybe his affection for you hadn’t seeped through the cracks of his facade enough to show that he cares for you, because if Seungcheol can’t tell, then you certainly won’t either.

  By now, Jihoon is accustomed to Seungcheol’s flirtatious behavior. After being friends for a certain amount of years, he knows that his friend is the type to toy with the feelings of others—after all, that’s all that people were to him: toys.

   But did he have to toy with you of all people?

   Jihoon thinks that he will be okay. He knows that you don’t always appreciate his erratic and sometimes violent behavior, so he tries his best to contain the beast inside of him, beating and pounding and hammering, demanding to jump out and rip Seungcheol away from you because you’re his and not Seungcheol’s, even if you don’t know it yet.

  Panting and shaking, Jihoon is about to turn around and leave—it’s not like Seungcheol is going to do anything worse to you anyway—until he sees Seungcheol move. He watches Seungcheol place another arm on your hip, bringing his face nearer, shifting his body closer and closer. Jihoon can see the two separate hearts, and as Seungcheol gets closer, he fears that the two hearts will soon merge into one. 

   So, he sprints, fast and furious, grabbing the back of Seungcheol’s shirt and tearing him away from you and the heart that you were dangerously close to giving away.

  Someone gasps—whether it was you or Seungcheol, Jihoon does not care—and he stands in front of you, facing Seungcheol, who is looking at him in shock.

  “What the hell’s your problem?” Seungcheol demands, fist clenched menacingly at his side.

  “You’re my fucking problem!” Jihoon is torn between wanting to shout at Seungcheol and just dragging you away. He chooses the second option when he notices Seungcheol’s eyes flitting towards you.

  Fingers curling around your wrist, Jihoon has a good grip on you as he pulls you away with him. He’s walking fast and doesn’t look like he’s ever going to stop, and you’re worried that he doesn’t even know where he’s going.

  You call out his name, louder and louder each time he doesn’t respond until you finally split the connection between your body and his, pulling your arm away from his grip. Only then does he finally look at you; finally looks into your eyes and sees your look of mixed confusion.

  “What was that?” you ask, voice spilling over your parted lips.

 “That fucking creep was hitting on you!” he yells. Jihoon tries to calm himself down, but every time he thinks back to the way Seungcheol was holding your body close to his, he can only clench his fists and wonder if he should go back there and make sure Seungcheol never sets foot near you again.

  “That was your friend!” You stress the word as if it’s vital to his understanding; vital to him realizing how absurd his crazy behavior is.

  “Friends don’t flirt with other friend’s friends!” The wording of his sentence has you confused, and you spend a good few seconds trying to completely understand it while Jihoon uses the time to try and see if he can calm down. He can’t.

  “What?” is the only word that you can manage to figure out. You understand the sentence now, you understand it clearly, but you don’t understand the meaning behind it. The tone, the sharpness in his voice, it confuses you.

  Groaning, Jihoon runs a hand through his hair before dragging it down his skin, pulling the purple sunsets under his eyes—which you now only notice and suspect he’s been staying up late again—downward. You repeat your simple, one-word question, only to get the same response with the same hair ruffling, and the same pulling of his tired skin.

  “Stay away from Seungcheol,” Jihoon grits through his teeth.


  “Please, just stay away from Seungcheol.”


  Because he’s a major flirt. Because he’s a handsome captain of the basketball team and Jihoon isn’t sure if he can compete with Seungcheol at all.

  “Please,” Jihoon says, voice fragile and shaky. It’s the first time you’ve heard him sound so vulnerable. You’ve never heard him plead and beg for something ever. “Just..please…stay away from Seungcheol.”


Matsukawa strolls down the sidewalk while looking down at his phone, scanning the address in the text message Oikawa sent him a few nights ago.

This is a really bad idea. Why on earth did his parents agree to let him go to a party, to go to someone’s - who he barely knows, mind you - house? Sure, it’s his volleyball captain, but still.

Did they not listen to him after all those times of him telling them about how he felt being around other people? He could’ve been home right now, playing video games, watching his favorite shows, homework, anything, no matter how fucking boring it is, instead of going to this party.

Sometimes he just wished his parents were a little stricter for times like this.

He doesn’t look up to watch where he’s going and his phone is almost knocked out of his hands by a person standing in front of him.

“Oh god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Matsukawa frantically apologizes.

The person whips his head around to glare at him, eyebrows furrowed. “Watch where you’re– oh, sorry,” he says, his expression softening as he fully turns around to look at Matsukawa.

Matsukawa quickly shoves his phone in his pocket when he realizes that this is someone he’d kinda met from the volleyball club. If he recalls, this guy is another first year. He’s got questionably spiky hair, a seemingly permanent grumpy look on his face (even after he’d stopped furrowing his eyebrows) and freckles.

What was his name again? Iwa… something. Iwa… chan. Iwa-chan? That’s all he remembers from the text messages. How did he already forget this guy’s name?

“Its fine, Iwa… chan,” Matsukawa mumbles the last part, but judging from the expression on… Iwa-chan’s face, he doesn’t seem too happy about being called by that name.

Matsukawa flushes, nervously chewing at his lips. Fuck, why is he so awkward? “No, wait, um.” He pauses. “I’m sor—“

“No, no, it’s fine,” he says, scratching the back of his head. “I’m used to it. I’ve heard that name a lot since I started middle school. I hate the name and I’ve wanted Oikawa to stop calling me that since. I’m Iwaizumi Hajime.”

“Oh,” is all Matsukawa replies with. Ughhh.

Sensing his awkwardness, he clears his throat and moves onto a different topic. “You must be Matsukawa Issei from the volleyball club, right?”

Matsukawa simply nods.

“Well it’s good to see you again,” Iwaizumi says with a smile. “Sorry I almost smacked you in the face with a volleyball the other day. I was aiming for Shittykawa.”

Shittykawa? Oh. Oh.

Matsukawa snorts.

Iwaizumi huffs a laugh. “So are you going to the party too?”

Matsukawa nods again, still not saying anything.

“Well then let’s go. I gotta pick up a friend on the way, I hope you don’t mind.” Iwaizumi turns around and begins to walk down the sidewalk, gesturing Matsukawa to walk with him. Iwaizumi shoves his hands in his pockets.

“Did Crappykawa–” Matsukawa stifles another snort, “–drag you out of your own house just to go to the party? Even though you clearly look like you absolutely don’t want to?”

Matsukawa nods, then he quickly opens his mouth to actually respond with a ‘yes’.

Iwaizumi looks straight ahead. “You don’t talk much, do you?”

Matsukawa’s eyes widen in horror. Oh god, he’s gonna call him out, he’s gonna think he’s boring, he probably doesn’t even want to be seen with someone like him–

He suddenly can’t breathe, and he stops walking to stop himself from having a panic attack.

Iwaizumi’s already six feet ahead of him when he noticed that Matsukawa stopped. Eyebrows rising in realization, he holds his hands up. “No, wait, I mean! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Matsukawa’s breathing finally slows down and he swallows. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Iwaizumi replies, “it’s fine. To be honest it’s nice, it’s like a break from listening to Oikawa’s big blabby mouth all the time.”

Matsukawa lets out a quiet chuckle at that. “That’s good to know.”

Iwaizumi smiles at him and he flushes again, turning his head to watch the cars drive up and down the street. They continue down the sidewalk until Iwaizumi stops and Matsukawa brakes behind him, watching him turn and stroll up to a house, knocking on the front door.

Matsukawa’s phone dings in his pocket, and he doesn’t have to guess who it could be texting him.

[Oikawa]: did Iwa-chan find you?

Matsukawa smiles at the screen. Iwa-chan.

[Matsukawa]: yeah

[Oikawa]: good!

[Oikawa]: sorry if he comes off a bit rude :/

Matsukawa tilts his head in confusion.

[Matsukawa]: ?

[Matsukawa]: he isn’t?

[Oikawa]: really?

[Oikawa]: why is he only like that to me then??? o( ˃̣̣̥△˂̣̣̥ )o

Matsukawa’s not sure how to respond to that, so he tucks away his phone, looking back up only to see Iwaizumi coming towards him with another person. Oh no.

He quickly recognizes the other guy from the volleyball club, with his pinkish-brown hair, slim eyebrows and bored-looking eyes. The smile on his face says otherwise.

Oh god no, he’d forgotten this guy’s name too? What’s wrong with him?

“Hanamaki-“ Hanamaki, right. “-this is Matsukawa from the volleyball club, remember?” Iwaizumi says.

He smiles toothily at him, nodding his head. “Hanamaki Takahiro.”

Matsukawa nods his head. “I’m, um, Matsukawa. Issei,” he quickly finishes.

“Nice to meet you again, um-Matsukawa,” Hanamaki jokes, then he turns his head to face Iwaizumi. “So where’s Oikawa?”

Iwaizumi looks up from his phone. “He said he was gonna meet us at the party since he’s helping the captain. He’s wondering where we are right now and he’s gonna start calling me over and over if we don’t get there in… ten minutes.”

“Figured,” Hanamaki sighs, rolling his eyes. “Well, let’s go before he starts calling us. I really don’t have the patience to deal with a whiny Oikawa.”

“I don’t have the patience to deal with any of Oikawa’s shit 24/7.”

“I feel so sorry for you.”

Matsukawa follows behind them, watching them easily interact with each other. Matsukawa really appreciates that neither of them have tried to get him to talk about anything, he wouldn’t know what to say. As they walk the rest of the way it gives him a chance to calm down and to mentally prepare himself for what’s to come at this party.

part one

“Your Sister Calls Me Daddy”

voltron drabble, shiro & matt holt, platonic relationships, misunderstandings, space dad, NO shiro/paladins, shiro & pidge (mentioned), humor/crack

Shiro is lucky enough to catch Matt in the hallway. 

“Matt, can I talk to you for a tick?” he calls out. 

“Sure,” Matt says, stepping through the door into Shiro’s room. “What’s up?”

“Your sister calls me daddy,” Shiro blurts out. Then, he freezes. Blood rushes to his face as his ears catch up with his brain. 

Shiro wonders through the mortification if he can blame this on English being a second language. How could he have messed up this badly?  Quiznak, Shiro negotiated a system-wide treaty last week- the same week, in fact, that they rescued Matt and Commander Holt, who hadn’t seen Pidge since she was twelve. This is bad. 

He know his face is red, but he’s sure it’s nothing compared Matt’s. Matt is livid. His face is quickly approaching purple, and Shiro can see a vein in his tightly clenched jaw. 

Unlike his sister, Matt doesn’t have a hope of winning against Shiro in a fight. Matt looks like he’s prepared to die trying anyway and he’s only holding himself back because he trusts that Shiro’s going to explain himself.  

“Shirogane,” Matt growls out like a Galra, and that’s when Shiro realizes that he still hasn’t explained himself

“Fuck!” he says hurriedly. “Fuck,” he groans again, hiding his face in his hands. “I didn’t mean it like that. I meant she calls me dad, they all call me dad.”

He looks up to Matt, who is still holding himself very still. Shiro is reminded of a lion the moment before it springs for the kill.

“Matt,” he supplicates, “please sit down so we can talk about this.” 

Matt stiffly takes the chair by Shiro’s desk. Shiro sinks down on his bed. He clasps his hands, bracing his forearms against his knees, and takes a breath. He takes a moment try to calm his racing heart and find the words to fix this mess.

“I came up here with four homesick teenage rookie pilots,” he starts. He wonders if that’s adequate to explain how sad and lost they all were at the beginning. 

“Your father used to say that your crew is like your family. I was a mess at the time, to be absolutely honest, but they needed that. Family. It started as a joke, I think. I was just trying get Lance to go to bed, and he looked at me and said ‘Sure thing, Space Dad.’“ Shiro smiles fondly at the memory. “It sort of snowballed from there. Now, they all call me space dad. It’s still a joke, I think, but, I… I just don’t want your father to think that Pidge replaced him with me, or that she forgot you.” 

Matt finally looks like he’s come down from his murderous rage. He laughs. 

“I was going to kill you, Shiro.” 

Shiro chuckles back.  “I know.” 

“Shiro,” Matt says kindly, “you’re our family, too. After we were separated, we were as worried about you as we were about Katie. Dad wouldn’t begrudge you. He’d be as grateful as I am that you were there to look after her.”  

“There’s something else isn’t there,” Matt says. Shiro wonders how Matt knows him so well after two years apart.

“She hasn’t called me dad in two weeks,” he admits. “It’s stupid. I know I’m not your father, but I miss it.” 

Matt moves to sit beside him on the bed. 

“She’ll come around. She’s just trying to merge two families together. You’ll see.” 

Shiro smiles. “When did you get so wise?”

“Shut up, Space Dad,” Matt retorts. 


“Matt, I would never-”

“I know, Shiro.”

“She’s sixteen! She’s eleven years younger than me! She’s under my command! I’m ace-”

I know, Takashi.” 


It was a long weekend for both you and Harry, no plans or anyone to bother the two of you. You had taken up reading a book outside while Harry watched football inside. After about thirty minutes outside reading you were getting distracted by the loud sound of the tv on. Putting the book down and going inside, you decided to sit down with Harry. He was wearing his black workout shorts and no shirt, his hair messy from his hands running through it.

You didn’t pay much attention to the game on tv since it wasn’t really interesting to you. Noticing the way Harry was sitting on the couch, with his legs spread and his hands resting on his thighs dangerously close to his crotch. Watching as he mindlessly scratched at the skin of his thigh, pulling the material of the shorts up higher. It made your mouth water at the sight of his thighs.

They had always been so thick and you loved them. Especially when he was pounding into you and you could feel them against the backs of your own legs, or when you were on your knees sucking him off and had to hold onto them because of how good he was. You’d had countless sleepless nights because of the feeling of his thighs pressed against you.

It wasn’t like a super secret thing you kept from him, he just didn’t know that the past week and a half you’d been having wet dreams about riding his thigh. Just thinking about how it would feel and that fact that he could make you cum, probably really hard by just his thigh, was haunting.


Looking up at his face, you hummed and glanced back down at his thighs again. He got distracted by the whistle on the screen and reached over for your leg, pulling it over his thighs. He didn’t know how in your head you were torturing yourself about how amazing it would feel to be sitting on them.

You could feel the dampness in your panties start to get worse and crawled over to Harry’s lap. Sitting yourself right in his lap, you cupped his cheeks and kissed him deeply. His hands gripped onto your hips tightly as his tongue slipped into your mouth.

“Mmm Harry….” You moaned out and slowly started to rock yourself against him. Since you were dressed in a big shirt and panties it was easy to feel the friction from his shorts against your center. Running your fingers up his chest and around his neck, you grabbed at the short hairs behind his neck.

His hands wrapped around and slipped to your ass, giving it a tight squeeze and throwing you a devilish smile. He pushed your hips down and rocked them against the bulge forming in his shorts, a groan coming from deep in his throat.

“Fuck baby yeh gotten yourself all worked up eh? Can feel yeh basically dripping for me.”

Suddenly two fingers slipped past your panties and started to rub over your clit. A loud gasp left you and you rocked against his thigh. Tingles shot through you as you did it again. The rocking was set by the pace of his fingers working your clit and he was going dangerously slow.

“Harry please fuck! Take them off-oh god yes please….” He ripped your panties off of you and threw them to the floor, running his fingers up your slit and then going back to your clit. “Tell me what yeh want baby girl…” He breathed out and you pulled his mouth to yours in a harsh kiss.

“Thighs please want to ride them!”

Harry stopped for a quick second to catch his breath and then quickly pulled his shorts up. You lowered yourself down onto his skin and started to rock, and then Harry lifted his thigh just a little bit and it made you gasp, clutch at him and the fire in your stomach build.

“Fuck yes baby I can feel how wet yeh are…you like this don’t you baby girl? Hmm you like riding my thigh? Yeh gonna cum just like this aren’t you.” His eyes never left the spot where you were grinding on, a small wet patch forming from yourself. You leaned down at started to kiss his chest, placing a few kisses to his nipples .

You didn’t want to cum so fast and leaned into his neck, latching your lips onto the corner of his jaw. Sucking a nice purple mark into his skin and then a few more along his jaw. Harry’s fingers moved back to rubbing your clit and the knot in your stomach clenched.

“I’m so close Harry please oh god you feel so good!” You whimpered.

“Cum for me baby…let me feel you cum all over my thigh, that’s a good girl.” His fingers sped up on your clit and he attacked his lips to your throat, sucking and kissing just like he knew would completely throw you over the edge.

Your body tensed and you grounded your center into him once more before your orgasm over took your body. “FUCK YES!” You moaned into his ear, and gripped his hair tightly.

“Ugh jesus christ babe look at yeh! Cumin’ just from my thighs and fingers.” He laughed and stuck his fingers pasted his lips to clean them off. Your head was laying on his shoulder while you waited for your breathing to slow down.

“Thank you…you don’t know how much I’ve though about that. You’ve got such pretty thighs.”

Harry raised an eyebrow and then smirked. He made a mental note to start working more on his legs at the gym and to walk around in his underwear or shorts more often.

spasticvocalist  asked:

au where they're all owners of local shops/restaurants with terrible, cheesy slogans and business names like, really, really bad puns everywhere no one is safe bitty owns a bakery called Bakin' Bits shitty owns a small law firm with the slogan "Sometimes when life gets crappy, you need a Knight on your side" dex owns a seafood place "where the lobster's so good, you'll wonder if it's even real"

oh look, what did I find here? is it a fragment of a newspaper from the small town of Samwell, where local businesses place ads to promote their wares and provide subtle commentary on the other businesses? 

In the small town of Samwell, where NHL players Chris Chow and Jack Zimmermann have started a soup restaurant together, and where Johnson’s General Store seems to be wherever you need it, you don’t air your grievances to someone else’s face. Instead, you write a letter to the editor or shill out more money for more words in your classified. 

One question remains: who owns a hair salon, and what pun have they chosen?

 Image description and notes below the cut.

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  • Rose: I looked into the TARDIS and the TARDIS looked into me.
  • Nine: Rose, stop this. You have the entire time vortex in your head!
  • Rose: I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself.
  • Twelve, stumbling out of the TARDIS with Clara: it's almost as if she's...
  • Clara: please stop this Doctor
  • Twelve: A HYBRID
  • Clara: oh my god I'm so sorry about this *takes Twelve's hand* we're leaving now I'm so sorry

aphamericanhero  asked:

Ok ok, but how did Anna get that scar? And Elise (I'm sorry if I spelled their name wrong) I wanna know about them! They're Rory's sibling right? (The leader of Elysium) how does that play into his leadership? Please and thank you

Oh God I’m so sorry I was whisked away by my friend who I said was coming over and was gone for hours please forgive me for not answering soon jfc

Anna got that scar from the night she ran away from Elisium. How exactly it happened is a mystery :)c 

And Elsie is actually Rory’s daughter