oh god this is gorgeous


Here’s some art of mine from advanced drawing, and here’s my face. I a little sick rn. But my name is Blake.


Holy moly Blake you are one handsome fella! I’m sorry you’re sick and I hope you feel better. First off: You. Are. So. Dang. Handsome! Your art is so gorgeous oh my god how do you draw hands? That’s some magic right there. Your hair, I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous. It looks so great! I really like the color! And your glasses! (Okay I might like glasses a little? But they look so great on you! They make your face look super masculine and that’s great!) And your scarf and just… dude, you’re art in and of yourself. I hope you feel better, lots of love Blake! 


I’m so sorry guys I know it’s not food-related but oh my god this too gorgeous not to post.

Imagine: Having to wear a dress for a Job. When Dean sees you he can’t help but stare.

“Oh c’mon Y/N, we need to get going!” Dean all but shouted.

“Aight, I’m coming… Just, don’t laugh at me please” you replied.

“Why would we-” Dean started but was cut off at the sight of you.

The boys asked you, well forced you, to wear a dress, a skin tight one, only to impress the vampire at the bar so that you could allure it and soon enough get out of the bar, where Dean would show up and chop off its head. 

“Oh God this is embarrassing” you mumbled to yourself.

“Woah Y/N, you look gorgeous” Sam told you, smiling at you.

“Uh t- thanks Sammy” you blushed and smiled back.

Then you turned your head towards Dean’s direction, he was staring at you, eyeing you up and down, licking his bottom lip every once in a while.

Thing, that got you blushing even more, you glanced the floor, not daring to look at him.

But soon enough, you found some courage and broke the silence which filled the room a few minutes ago.

“So Dean, what do you think?” you asked, a smirk on your lips.

“I- uh- hot… I mean… fuck uh” he stuttered, fighting for words that somehow, couldn’t be found.

You giggled at his ‘answer’ and instead turn around so that he could have a better view of your… well ass.

At that Dean gasped, his eyes widening.

“I take that as a yes” you answered chuckling.

  • Blake, knocking on the front door: Yang relax, my parents are going to love you.
  • Yang, breathing heavily out of nerves: Okay...okay, if you say so...
  • Ghira, opening the door: Blake!! Hello my dear, and you must be Miss Xiao Long, I've heard so much about you. Please please, come in!
  • Blake, tugging Yang along: Hi dad, it's great to see you again.
  • Yang, nervously and shakily stretches out her prosthetic hand: It - It's great to me-meet you too sir.
  • Ghira, raises an eyebrow and then laugh, grabbing onto Yang's hand and shakes it vigorously: Of course! Of course!!
  • Kali, walking up behind Yang and Blake: And you must be the oh so famous Yang Xiao Long? It's a pleasure.
  • Yang, turning around to greet Blake's mother with a smile: Ah, yeah. It's great to meet you t-OH MY GODS YOU'RE GORGEOUS!!!
  • Kali, jumps a bit and then awkwardly looks over to her husband: Ah...thank you...
  • Blake, facepalming next to Yang, who has her hands over her mouth: Oh for the love of...
  • Ghira, placing a heavy hand on Yang's shoulder, and leaning next to her ears: Miss Xiao Long.
  • Yang, shaking with fear: I-I'm so sorry, I just blurt things out sometimes. I-I...I'm sor-
  • Ghira, hits Yang's back playfully and laughs heartily: That's the same way I first spoke to my wife! Ahaha!!!
  • Kali, chuckles a little: Come on dear, you scared her half to death!
y'all are complaining about tfp here let me give you a list of the things in that episode that were amazing

-Moriarty wearing those sunglasses
-and dancing
-guys we got new moriarty content
-Mycroft character development
-the beautiful skill of Eurus
-the acting talent behind her omfg
-“do you have cannibals here”
-Sherlock considers John family
-that weird thing with the glass that was cool
-Eurus/moriarty glass sex thing what even was that
-“I love you”
-guyyssssss moriarty came back
-Eurus has really pretty teeth
-the fact that Sherlock and Eurus were so similar it was gorgeous
-the acting it was oh my god I can’t
-the scene with John about to kill the dude
-this man was a soldier and he couldn’t even kill a desperate man
-anyways it was aesthetically pleasing
-I’m sorry but moriarty is a FRICKING AMAZING DUDE
-“I want to see you interact with people who are close to you”
-John the gun geek
-Mrs. Hudson being sassy to Mycroft
-John being sassy to Mycroft
-Sherlock being sassy to Mycroft
- “soldiers today”
-Sherlock is willing to die to save his friends
-tumblr was actually right with the Redbeard-is-a-person theory omg
-like when had tumblr been right before
-the ending it was emotionally painful
but super heartwarming
-frickin violin music was beautiful
-Sherlock re-shot the wall
-John and Sherlock being Rosie’s gay dads

feel free to add on I thought it was great