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Tagging Game!

Oh my god @scrabblezard i am so sorry this is extremely late i saw it and i said i would do it later and when i meant later my mind took it as do it weeks from now i am so sorry

oh yeah btw Scarabs tagged me so here I go!

Rules: Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better!

Name: Online I’m Animika! But mah real name is Mika hello there!

Nickname: apparently everyone who I become friends with seem to bestow the nickname Mikachu, so yeah I guess that’s my nick name irl my nickname is just pronouncing my name super long and super weirdly like “MEEEEEEKKKAAAAHHHHHH” 

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aries!

Height: I am 5′ 1″ and a half, and i will fite you if you say the half does not count :D

Age: 16

Sexual Orientation: I’m a Lithromantic (yes it’s a thing, it’s not common but it’s like on the aromantic scale) Asexual

Hobbies: SINGING!!!! Reading (fan fiction mostly), watching anime, watching netflix, watching anime on netflix, sleeping, pokemon go

Favorite Color: GREEN!!!!

Time Right Now: 12:10 am and I really should sleep, but who does that anymore?

Lucky Number: 7! I don’t know why! I think it’s lucky because 7 reminds me of leprechauns for some reason. 

Last thing I googled: “Akagami no Shirayuki hime opening” (To work on my latest cover thingy! Which is on this link here –> link)

Favorite Fictional Character: Right now it’s Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender honestly Pidge is so #relatable and I want to protect them forever but at the same time I also want them to kick ass and take names while I hold their glasses for them

Blankets I sleep with: Only one comforter, I get hot too easily

Favorite Bands/Artists: Owl City! And Lin Manuel-Miranda!!! These two are my only constant favorites right now, I basically just listen to whatever pleases my ears so I never really had a favorite musician

Dream Trip: this might sound super weeb-ish, but I really honestly and truly want to go to Japan. Their culture is really cool and I want to see all their cool technology! I also want to see cherry blossoms and try their vending machines.

Job: I don’t really work, but I volunteer at museums and other places a lot

When did you make this blog: 2012 is when I made this. I was a naive child. I witnessed the mishapocalypse and didn’t know what was going on. Yes, I was one of those “I’m 12.9″ kids on this site, I’m sorry okay

Follower Count: 486!!! OMG I HAVE THAT MANY NOW?? ALMOST 500 MAN WOW this is an achievement I’m telling my mom

Posts: I was not aware that I have made 89,735 posts and it kinda amazes me wow that is a lot of posts man

Your most active followers according to the biggest fan (in order) as of now:

1. @foreversinninghoe

2. @normality-is-unnecessary (AAAYYYY WHATS UP KETURA)

3. @scarlett-dragon

4. @thetwinklingapple

When did your blog reach it’s peak: I remember it well. It was like 2 am during Thanksgiving break when I posted my first soundcloud audio song thingy during the days of undertone’s extreme popularity and i had made lyrics to the UTAU song “Drop Pop Candy” that was covered using Sans and Papyrus’ voice beeps. I literally went from 200 followers to 450 like that was my moment right there. I had @thelostmoongazer and @zarla-s notice me and they were some of the top undertale posters during that time and I knew I had made it. 

Because I have to do some shameless plugging, this was the original post. 

Why did you get a tumblr: My friend showed me and told me to make one. She regrets it a lot now. I’m the one more into tumblr than she is now. Yeah I’m looking at you @hijitamyfajita but I know your not even gonna see this tag because you rarely ever go online anymore

Do you get asked on a daily basis: I’ll reblog like one ask meme and get like one  anon and one actual user ask me a question but that is the extent of it. During my time of glory during undertale’s glory days I got more than 4 on a weekly basis which freaked me the frick out but yeah, that’s stopped so haha

Why did you choose your URL: I’ve explained this so many times before, but here again for those in the back, when I got a wii for the first time I was contemplating what I would call my mii, and when I saw how I customized it to look like me (or a much better looking me considering my child imagination) I thought, “Oh hey it’s like an animated me!” Hence, Animika because I was an animated Mika. And i’ve kinda kept the username since. And the “123″ is just an added list of numbers that I felt needed to be added when I joined this godforsaken website.

Alrighty that was hella long, so here are mah tags!

I tag @pyuly @normality-is-unnecessary @quantumbisexual @zachary-agricola @journey-tan @p4nd4-chu @leija832 @weremouse @mazeltuff @krazycat6167 @redcat921 @thehibiscusthief @ghosts-flowers-queens @lonestorm @thelastpilot @thelostmoongazer @juliaoliveirasilva @hirata-s @rowantreeisme @theleesup @magic-soul-knight

I think I tagged more than 20 people, I lost count

My life felt so strange when he wasn’t close to me, my life felt weird. Like it wasn’t real, like it was some bad dream. I did have a piece of me a bug piece of me close and things were becoming distorted. I just felt off. He was still there but the distance, oh god the distance. If anyone wanted to torture me they could just take him away from me and that’s it. I’d give it all up, anything they wanted it was there’s because nothing mattered, I love him so much. He’s more than what I’d expected him to be to me. All I know is that I don’t ever ever want to lose him. I’m glad we met before I could.

anonymous asked:

Oh my god. I wish I could hunt down that anon and tell the tales of my own struggle with depression and anxiety. I see so much of myself in Lexa and your story fills me with hope that things will get better. The Writing on the Wall has become my favorite fan fiction ever since I've started reading because the emotions are so real. That fic has helped me so much. You're an amazing talented writer and I thank you for all that you've written.

Thank you so much! Hearing that it helped is truly the most amazing thing I could ask for as an author. I suposse there will always be people who don’t understand and don’t want to try, and I’m starting to see that now and be okay with it. Thank you for this ask, really.  xx