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climb is kind of not correcting people or giving you credit though... people have sent them asks saying 'oh my god your idea for a white scourge is amazing!!!!' and they just reply with something like thanks or a tiny joke :/

Now, now. I’ve looked into this a little myself, and people are specifically referencing a female Scourge, which I certainly did not come up with. Climb ain’t actually saying “I did the white Scourge thing”, they’re just reblogging art of female Scourge. And so what if she happens to be albino? I never said Scourge was albino here. 

Actually, I don’t think I’ve said he’s anything but completely white-spotted with blue eyes…

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30, 51, 69

30: What’s irritating you right now?
Surprisingly, not too many things atm! Except the hot weather. I’m always irritated at hot weather, can summer end already please oh god

51: Favourite food?
So many! ^q^ I’m partial to anything with rice! Fried potatoes! Actually potatoes in many ways! Milanesas! Avocado!

69: Do you believe in soulmates?
Previously answered here!

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Honest Hour Ask: 45. What makes you get out of bed in the morning? AND 64. Tell us the story of your first kiss?

WHAT GETS ME OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING: to be completely honest I don’t even get out of bed in the morning half the time and if I could get away with it I probably wouldn’t but normally it’s my step mum shouting at me to get up that gets me out of bed ahahah

MY FIRST KISS: and my first kiss oh my God what a story.

It was my first serious girlfriend and we had actually gone out to take her dog for a walk but it was pitch black outside so the only thing you could see was her dog and it’s glow ball and each other.

Now, where I live there is a lot of light pollution so it’s not often that dark but we were in this massive field next to a park and because it was so dark you could see the stars, which is my favourite thing about this story.

And now it gets really cheesy because she was actually playing music from her phone at the time so while we were standing in the field in the dark, this music was also playing in the background and it was one of my favourite songs at the time.

Then we just began dancing but sort of more like holding each other and swaying to the music and I don’t think I had been that relaxed and happy in a while.

So, as we are swaying to the music with her dog is going nuts in the field she sort of just looked at me and said “I really want to kiss you right now” and I said “well then why don’t you” so she did ahaha😳

and holy shit this sounds so cheesy and cringy when I read it back to myself but yeah that was my first kiss

the signs as Parks and Rec quotes
  • Aries: Jogging is the worst! I know it keeps you healthy, but God, at what cost?
  • Taurus: Oh, my God. These dogs are so cute. I WANT TO THROW UP AND KILL MYSELF.
  • Gemini: I think that Comic Sans always screams 'fun'.
  • Cancer: I don't even have time to tell you how wrong you are. Actually, it's gonna bug me if I don't.
  • Leo: I have no idea what I'm doing, but I know I'm doing it really, really well.
  • Virgo: Everything in my life is going wrong right now. Whose fault is this? I demand to know.
  • Libra: I'm not interested in caring about people.
  • Scorpio: Ugh. I hate talking to people about things. This is a nightmare.
  • Sagittarius: No, no. That's too much responsibility for me. I gotta— I gotta find a way out of this.
  • Capricorn: Yes. I am a hunter, and it's 'You' season.
  • Aquarius: My anxiety has kept me up for over fifty hours.
  • Pisces: I'm hungry and my legs are tired. It feels like I just exercised!
Everything is Different Now: Part 6

I’m re-watching Yuri on Ice with an eye for all the things that are re-contextualized based on what we learn at the very end of episode 10.  This blog series chronicles that adventure.  With screencaps!  Very spoilery, obviously. Read on by clicking the jump cut below, or start at part 1 here.

Episode 6: Bringing Sexy Back

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some ren headcanons

- Every single time she meets Taako, she always greets him with “Oh. My. God. TAAKO???” It’s hilarious to both of them and they’re the only ones who don’t find it old yet

- Doesn’t actually drink, despite owning a bar. She just wants to run a nice flirty place and one thing led to another and, what do you know, she owns a bar now

- Calls Kravitz a ‘tall glass of water’

- Is, like, frighteningly strong. Twice she carried Cassidy around town bridal-style; the first time on a dare and the second time on an impiulse

- Says “Bless your heart” with the sweetest smile; anyone who knows her knows that this means that she is This 👌 close to using her wand on someone

- I’ve talked abt this in detail in my other post, but after the events of the Eleventh Hour, Ren more or less adopted June as her apprentice and her daughter

- Has convinced the THB that she uses “yaint” in normal conversation, because it drives them up the fucking wall. One say, she says “you all are not” in front of Merle and he drops everything hes doing like “YOU ASSHOLE YOU HAD US ALL FOOLED!!!!” 

- (despite this, Merle has not told the other boys)

- Though Ren loves Refuge with all her heart, it’s her dream to go out and run a restaurant in a more bustling metropolis. She’s saving up to reach her goal, and the only people who she’s told are June and Taako, who are both super supportive




So here’s the ACTUAL IN-ISSUE version of the episode guide for the season-that-never-was, along with a bonus page on a Sari upgrade with a beloved character, and a bio for her classmates, which includes the cutest little Nightbeat oh my god I need twenty.  As you can see, the episode guide’s pictures do clarify a few things (not that everyone hadn’t already figured out Prowl was in Allsparkalypse Now!).

Other than a not especially great SD SG comic on the back panel and the Marauder Megatron cover (already posted by many other great people!) this was the entirety of the TFA-related content in the issue.  Cheers!

These are all taken from the newest (Oct/Nov 2016) issue of the Transformers Collector’s Club official magazine.  Issue 71.

OK I know this has been brought up a lot already, but since his mother is technically a Disney princess….. does this mean Kylo Ren = actual Disney prince Ben Organa-Solo ?? ?

aand to no-one’s surprise this emo space prince is my most terrible of faves

  • Yoosung: Seven are you seriously messing with me right now we're in the middle of a crowded restaurant and people are staring
  • Seven: *down on one knee, ring out*
  • Seven: ....babe
  • Seven: babe I'm not messing with you
  • Yoosung: whatever can we just do this later I'm not in the mood
  • Seven: babe...Yoosung
  • Yoosung: I gotta say that's a pretty impressive fake ring, you really went all out this time-
  • Yoosung:
  • Yoosung:
  • Yoosung: oh
Louis’ Actual Internal Dialogue

Oh God, it’s Little Things. Okay. Just be cool. Don’t look at Harry…Fuck everyone is sitting down. Just squat. Yeah, like that…Shit this is uncomfortable.

Smooth. Much bet-oh God. Harry’s singing. Don’t look at-

Just don’t look at Ha-for fuck’s sake. Fucking Liam’s huge dome is in the way. Okay, just casually shift up a bit.

Nice. Nailed it. And now jus-holy shit he’s staring right at me. Jesus. Christ. He’s staring right. At me. Be fuckin cool, Harry! Maybe if I blink at him a couple times rapid fire he’ll get the message.

Okay he’s still staring at me. And I think he just winked. Maybe he thought I was trying to wink? May-oh fuck, I have to sing…Just don’t stare at him whil-did he just say HIS LITTLE THINGS?! You fucking little shi-

“I’ve just just let these little things slip out of my mouth,”

Oh my God he looks beauti-FUCK! I’m staring right at him. We are singing and staring. What a right pair of creepers. Look away. Look away now-oh God he’s so beautifullllook. Away. Now.

“-it’s you they add up to.” 

Yeah, look over there at all the people. I think this went well. Just nod to the music, look at the boys…Is Zayn singing to me or Liam? Why does everyone lose their chill to this song?…Harry looks happy. And beauti-FUCK.

True story.

Next Generation HP Things
  • Teddy is “the cool cousin.” 
  • James is “that little bastard who keeps messing up his potions on purpose to see the ‘pretty fireworks’”. 
  • Albus is “oh god, not another one. He’s going to be just like his brother!” (except he’s not just like his brother. He actually tries.)
  • Lily is a sweetheart. Need I say more? She’s obviously a sweetheart. Except… she’s got a bit of her oldest brother’s mischievous streak, so she likes to explode potions, too. 
  • Scorpius and Albus are friends and both in Slytherin, because I like the idea of a Potter being in Slytherin, but I’m not too fond of the “Scorpius HAS to be not Slytherin thing.”
  • Everyone thinks they’re dating. They’re THAT pair of friends that always sits really close together and steals each other’s pumpkin juice and shares books. 
  • They aren’t? They are? Who knows?
  • Lysander and Lorcan are really popular in their houses. One is Ravenclaw and one is Hufflepuff and they’ve got a whole tutoring system set up with Rose.
  • Rose is, in the teachers’ books, “most likely to get out of here alive, just like her mom.”
  • Teddy gets a job at Hogwarts doing Merlin-knows-what because Harry has a life crisis and is like, “I NEED SOMEONE KEEPING AN EYE ON MY CHILDREN SO THEY DON’T DIE LIKE I NEARLY DID!!!!!”
  • Neville offers but Harry’s like, “Neville, you had enough dealing with me.” and Neville’s like, “You’re right. Good plan.”
  • Victoire is a healer. She’s really damn good at it. 
  • George’s kids are banned from having any of their dad’s merchandise on campus. The teachers just aren’t taking the chance. 
  • Draco and Harry are Quidditch Dads who have angry face-offs in the bleachers even though their kids are on the SAME DAMN TEAM. It’s ridiculous. 
  • Headmistress McGonagall gives the two of them detention before remembering they graduated and have jobs and lives. 
  • They’re nice guys (are they?) so they sit through two hours of detention with Aunt Minerva (but don’t call her that if you want to live). 
  • Rose and Hugo are inseparable Hugo’s first year because he’s nervous as hell, but then he makes friends and starts a club devoted to continuing  his uncles’ (Fred and George’s) legacy as pranksters. 
  • Everyone thinks it’s Roxanne and Fred II until Hugo feels guilty and turns himself in. 
  • The teachers are SHOCKED. 
  • He gives them the Sad Weasley Eyes and gets his detention time cut in half. 
  • Scorpius and Albus get too close to each other during Quidditch and Albus knocks Scorpius off his broom. It looks like he could do one of two things: Catch the goddamn snitch or rescue his friend. 
  • He doesn’t think twice before rescuing his friend.
  • Later everyone asks Scorpius if he was scared and he says, “For a second, but then I remembered Al was right there and I wasn’t scared anymore. I knew he’d help me, ‘cause I’d do the same for him.”
  • Cue the chorus of “aaaaaaaawwwwwwww!”
  • I’m done here. It’s midnight and I’m rambling and my sister would be so ashamed. 
  • <b> Rhysand:</b> Feyre kissed me!<p><b>Cassian:</b> Ohmygods ohmygods!!!<p><b>Mor:</b> Ok, all right. We want to hear everything. Cassian, get the wine. Rhysand, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?<p><b>Rhysand:</b> Oh, it ended very well.<p><b>Cassian:</b> [getting the wine] Do not start without me. Do not start without me.<p><b>Mor:</b> Ok, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?<p><b>Rhysand:</b> Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh gods, and then we just sort of sunk into it.<p><b>Mor:</b> Ok, so, were you holding her? Or were her hands like on you?<p><b>Rhysand:</b> No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my wings.<p><b>Cassian/Mor:</b> Ohhhhh.<p><b></b> In the next room [Feyre eating while Amren swirls a goblet of blood]<p><b>feyre:</b> And, uh, and then I kissed him.<p><b>Amren:</b> Tongue?<p><b>feyre:</b> Yeah.<p><b>Amren:</b> Cool.<p>

Oh my god, this is my childhood. It was always blamed on me being short or smart, but I knew there was something else to it.

I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 24/25 (informal, formal). This shit continued into early adulthood.

While it still happens now, it’s much less pronounced. I have a valid excuse for things people don’t like and most leave it at that– some even defending me now.

I wish I had been diagnosed as a girl.

little psychotic things

-ripping up your skin trying to get the bugs out

-heartbreaking hallucinations

-my best friend is staring at me smiling and they wont talk to me or move PLEASE MOVE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING OH GOD

-somethings behind me help

-constantly feeling like you’re being chased

-I Have Started Laughing And I Can’t Seem To Stop

-you thought you just had a lot of imaginary friends but they turn out to be advanced visual and auditory hallucinations

-when theyre tellin you to kill your friends and your just damn man im trying o take a nap chill

-resist the urge to rip out the strangers hair. its made of worms but you must resist

-thinking you did the thing you were supposed to do but actually youve been sitting motionless for a long time and you are now too exhausted to actually do the thing

-why does everyone have really big shoulders?

-sir your eye is changing color please look away

-Everyone Is Staring At Me I Must Run

-hearing the same god damn song all day but no ones playing it its just an auditory hallucination


-all these damn movies relying on the psycho killer trope ://


-There’s bark in my hair. My hair is full of bark

-being sexualized by the media???? what

-that one person you saw the other day had monster feet but shh its a secret

-this paper is breathing the trees not dead

First Time Watching the Gay Pilot

So I finally got around to watching the Sherlock Pilot for the first time last night (on the eve of their anniversary, hngg)! 

It fucked with me so bad that I had to make a list of the actual irl commentary I made:

-Wow this is probably the greatest title sequence ive ever seen

-Bby lestrade my boy

-Mike Stamford the real mvp

-Why the fuck are they at a fancy restaurant

-This music tho

-Damn he’s young

-This is so gay


-Mrs Hudson owns a fuckin bakery?

-Wow what a gay flat

-Hudders ships it in every universe

-Such gay ambiance

-There’s 5 suicides now?

-Could they have made this more gay

-“oh god yes” sounds gayer every time I hear it

-cab rides are a blessing

-who is this Donovan

-why is Sherlock wearing the biohazard suit thing

-such a young, smol, softe bean

-john Watson please stop looking at sherl like that in public

-wow that’s the gayest thing ive ever seen


-You bet your ass john Watson is wired

-He’s wearing jeans?!!?!

-No John I promise Sherlock isn’t the killer




-You bet your ass there’s a fire in the fireplace

-Straight men who just met don’t walk within 3 centimeters of each other dear god

-Haha gay

-Angelo the real mvp


-You know I really never thought things could be any gayer but here we are

-“I wasn’t asking you out” my ass

-John Watson stop sounding so dejected, Sherlock holmes fucking loves you


-Oh this shit is good


-How the fuck did jeff hope haul sherl’s ass up 2 flights of stairs

-O no is this gonna be sexual again like with magnussen

-O shit please don’t rape him


-His gay eyes

-His gay hair

-Wow I love the princess bride

-Please stop licking your teeth


-“good ole doctor Watson” In fucking deed

-do not dry swallow that shit

-john fucking Watson to the rescue

-oh dear god he has his blood on him

-“dreadful business. Dreadful.” I’LL TELL YOU WHATS FUCKING DREADFUL. TFP. THAT’S WHAT.

-John watson’s gay eyes

-“I’ll sleep fine tonight” hmm what’s this weird lump doing in my throat

-“and only a fool argues with his doctor” im sorry, is this gay or is this gay?

-john Hamish Watson did you just purse your lips

-martin freeman and benedict cumberbatch shouldn’t be allowed to smile at the same time while standing so close to each other



the ladies of kimberly’s pull-list - 7/03/13

featuring: carol danvers, jennifer walters, hope summers, monica chang, brunnhilde, jessica drew, misty knight, colleen wing, betty ross, ororo monroe, natasha romanoff, emma frost





“You trynna…. kiss my hand with your hand or something?”

Oh my god Kevin

Has no one given you a handshake in your life?

Actually that’s not surprising.

Okay to be fair that’s a pretty sick burn Stevonnie.

I wish I could make sparkles come out when I burn someone.



these lovebirbs slay me

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Oh, you’re crying.”
  • “You’re so distracted lately.”
  • “Just pretend I’m seducing you.”
  • “I love you, and I’m here to help.”
  • “Oh my god, you are so offensive.”
  • “Who’s the new guy? I don’t trust him.”
  • “I think they’re modern classics. Okay?”
  • “I decided to put happiness before success.”
  • “Every time we talk I’m really just thinking about myself.”
  • “For some reason, you’re now on the top of my ‘to-do’ list.”
  • “Sometimes my body wants things that my mind does not.”
  • “There you go. You happy now? You’ve got something on me.”
  • “I actually think it’s kind of nice. It almost makes you seem human.”
  • “See? There is love in your life. You just have to know where to find it.”
  • “I’ll say it first because I should. I was more wrong. I was the more wronger one.”
  • “I don’t mind being alone with my thoughts. I’m totally fine alone with my thoughts.”
  • “I really want to tell you that I’m sorry, and I really want to tell you that I am the worst.”
  • “Look, I know something’s been up with you lately, and I want to know what it is. Really.”
  • “I don’t like that about myself. When I see it on somebody else, I find it even more repulsive.”

Oh my god they even have the stupid Ginyu Force pose.

This is incredible.



For a second that actually made me jump because I did not see Amethyst walking out at first.

Well… I guess we now know what Jasper would look like with a pallete swap.

Oh yeah, it’s the hair flop that’s gonna convince them.

“Amethyst that’s your worst idea yet and I’m counting that time you tried to eat a beehive by yourself.”