oh god this gif is so bad

TFP Blooper reel:

Starscream: *moves to get in KO face*

*accidentally stabs his finial Into KO optic*

Knockout: “arrrghhh Fuuuuu #*$^&@^$!!!

Starscream: "Oh my God! Are you okay!? Oh gosh that looks bad I am so so sorry!!”

Knockout: “ow ow ow ow please! somone get me a medic or something?!!”

Breakdown: *laughing looking at director* “Should I give ’m the eyepatch instead?”

Imagine joining the order where you’d meet Sirius and Remus for the first time. They’d both stare at you and immediately try to impress you, acting like some teenage boys who’re fighting for a girl.
Remus: “So.. I’m a teacher what means I’m very intellegent. Like.. VERY INTELLEGENT! And I.. I mean.. Oh god I forgot what to say.. I’ll be just over there. I’m intellegent, I swear it! Ask me anything!” *awkwardly leaves the room*
Sirius: “So.. not that I think you’d like bad boys or anything, nah I didn’t even think about having a relationship or something the last twelve years. Which I spent in Azkaban. The prison, you know.” *winks*

listen bewear, i know that i probably thought some bad things about you like “man what kind of FUCKING creepy ass pokemon is this holy shit” 

but now,,, i take it ALL back just jsust what the FUC K is this it’s so cute oh my god it looks like a lil puppy bear i want to take it home and brush it and feed it lil puppy treats and groom it and i just want oNE SO BADLY and he just looks so happy when he attacks even though he’s probably letting out an evil ass dark pulse or something but he still look s o cuTE when doing so aaaaaa;;;;; i just want to hug it and snuggle it and just want to thank not only god but nintendo itself

Kim Hanbin/BI (of iKon) one shot based on this post by imaginekon! Gif credit goes to owner.
- Essy

“This is so bad.”

“It’s not that bad.”

“No, Hanbin, it’s pretty bad.”

“Look you can barely see that one!”

“Oh, my God, I hate you so much right now.”

“What? I think they’re cute.” Hanbin poked your neck at one of the many ‘love spots’ he seemed to enjoy so much.

You slapped his arm. “I have to go to work, stupid! Do you know how hard it is to cover these up?!”

“Oh, come on, babe.” He hugged you from behind, his reflection smirking at you in the bathroom mirror. “Are you embarrassed?” He kissed your shoulder.

You grunted at his teasing. As much as you thoroughly enjoyed his neck kisses, it came at a price. Every girl knows how difficult it is to cover up even a single hickey. Try five! Seeing as last night was one tipsy blur, you didn’t really have any time to protest before your boyfriend went off on a rampage all over your neck.

“I just really wish you hadn’t done this before a work day.” You sighed, rubbing one mark in particular that was two seconds away from just being a black hole in your neck. “It’s the dinner shift; I’ll be bumping into people all night. And I have to tie my hair up, too!”

“How do you think I feel?” Hanbin feigned discomfort. “I can’t walk around shirtless without seeing–”

“Hanbin, don’t–”

“–your claw marks all over my back!”

You mentally face-palmed yourself. As much as you wanted to put all the blame on him right now, some of this might have been your fault, too. And seeing as he was practically bleeding from where your dominant hand was, the damage on him might be slightly worse than the damage on you.


He stripped off his hoodie and pulled up the back to reveal red streaks going down his skin. “I mean, seriously, it’s like I got mauled by a panther!”

You rolled your eyes. “It’s not that bad.”

He backed into you, pressing his back onto your arm. “Look at that! How is this not that bad?! If Bobby ever saw it, he’d tease me for the rest of my life…”

“Hmph.” You scoffed. “It’s not the same.”

Your boyfriend raised his eyebrows. “Are you serious?”

“At least you can cover those…” You muttered under your breath.

Hanbin simply smiled to himself as he got redressed. He loved it when you had your little tantrums over him. After a year of your antics, he just knew what to expect and how to fix everything.

“So how are you going to cover them?” He followed you into your bedroom.

You rummaged through your makeup bag. “With as much cover up and foundation as possible.”

Hanbin grabbed your hand before you could begin applying.

“What?” You snapped.

“You and I both know that your neck is a little paler than your face. It won’t be the right shade.”

“It’s not like I have any other options–” You started to apply again.

Hanbin grabbed your arm and motioned for you to sit down on the bed. He knelt in front of you with a sincere grin. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

Despite how frustrating he could be, he knew just what to say and when to say it.

He pushed your hair back passed your shoulders. “You know, this is the greatest part about having a girlfriend who always wakes up late.”

“What are you doing?”

“Just close your eyes.” He cooed.

You did just as he said. After a couple of seconds of silence, you felt something cold touch your neck. Taking a peek at Hanbin, you realized that he was putting something on your neck. Your eyes shot open.

“What are you doing?!” You started to panic. What was he doing?! What does he know about makeup?!

“Relax, babe.” He chuckled. “I ran to the store while you were asleep, and grabbed something a shade lighter. Look! It blends perfectly. I even got an expensive one.”

You ran to the mirror to inspect. Low and behold, he was right. He covered up two of the five marks completely much to your surprise.

You felt him hug you from behind once more. He smiled into your neck, kissing you again. “Another one?” You smirked.

“Might as well.” Hanbin shrugged. “I bought expensive concealer for a reason, didn’t I?”


As a graphic designer and college attendee, I’m actually vomiting in my mouth. This is disgusting and not user friendly at all. Now, I put up with the other updates, because they weren’t TOO bad (Now don’t get me wrong, they were bad but this one takes the cake.)

This one? Oh my god. I can’t tell what’s a reblog and what’s the original caption. You’ve made it so easy to lose track of a comment chain.. And frankly, as bad as it was, the pyramid was better. There was a flow to it. This? This has no flow. It feels broken. And the bugs and glitches? C’mon guys.. You’re professionals right? Maybe you should do your job thoroughly huh?

I was so stubborn on getting Xkit.. I wanted to hold out on you Staff. I believed in you. And I’m disappointed. Making it easy for theft and just plain uncomfortable to look at?  As a designer, I say shame on you. On all of you. 

Xkit, here I come. I need your help!

Imagine: Someone asking Dylan about your first date and he gets embarassed

Dylan was sat at a table, water bottle in his hand as he waited for the girl who was interviewing him to start talking. After a while of regular questions about the show (Teen Wolf, duh) and his upcoming movies, the interviewer started asking about more personal stuff.

“So, how’s y/n doing? They still spending time with you on set?” the interviewer asked, wiggling her eyebrows at Dylan.

Dylan laughed and rubbed his chin, setting his cheek in his hand. “They’re really good! They keep bringing muffins after every scene, but I’m not complaining. They’re damn good muffins,” he said, biting the cap of his water bottle.

The interviewer grinned. “So, tell us about the first date.”

“Oh god,” Dyaln droned, shaking his head. “It was so bad. I thought it was a good idea to go to the amusement park that was near the set and I didn’t bother to ask y/n if they were okay with that so we just showed up there and they looked so terrified. So anyway, we went to some of the little booths and I won them a stuffie and stuff but then we got to the roller coaster and they kept trying to get out of it by saying they were tired but I persuaded them into going on the ride before we left. Big mistake.”

The interviewer cringed. “What happened?”

“Well, y/n gets kinda motion sick and I didn’t know that so we got into the roller coaster car and they were gripping my hand, like a freaking death grip. The ride started moving and we got through it okay but as soon as we stepped out of the seats, y/n threw up in the nearest trashcan. I felt so bad, man,” Dylan said, rubbing his face as it grew to a shade of light pink in embarrassment.

The interviewer laughed and pointed over his shoulder at you, who at been standing there since the beginning of the story. Dylan turned and his face got redder. “Y/n! I thought we were meeting at the pier!”

“We were,” you laughed, coming over and wrapping your arms around his neck to rest your head on his shoulder. “But I drove by and decided to stop in.”

“I hope you’re okay with me telling that story or I am so dead.”

You shook your head and kissed his cheek. “It’s good.”

“Good,” he kissed you softly and pulled you to his lap, continuing with the now less embarrassing interview.

 imagine: You and Justin are invited to an event show but Justin has something else in mind.

You: “C’mon Justin, we gotta leave!”

You walk to the living room and find him sitting on the sofa, still wearing jeans and still shirtless. His eyes are examining your body from head to toe while he’s sensually biting his lip. 

Justin: “Let’s stay in t’night, I have other plans with you, babydoll.”

You: “Forreal though? I dressed up and everthing..” 

Justin: “You look gorgeous (y/n), the dress looks beautiful on you, too bad you won’t be wearing it for too long.” his eyes are focussing on yours now and you aren’t able to resist them.

You: “Oh my god, I hate you and your puppy eyes so much right now.”

Justin: “I know that’s not true, you know it too. Now come here, let’s get you out of this needless dress.” You walk up to the couch so you’re standing between his legs. “Turn around, baby.” Slowly hunzips the zipper going down the back of the dress, gently he stripes it down your waist, over your butt to let it fall down to the floor. Kisses go down from your belly button to the highest area of your vagina. Justin’s fingertips find their way in between the border of your panties and your skin, one hand joins the other on. You feel the soft fabric of your underwear sliding down your legs ening up laying on the floor aswell.

Soft lips kiss your labia followed by his tongue carressing your clit. Devotedly you place your hands on his shoulders and step a little closer. With an increasing pace of his tongue you feel the heat building up in your lower stomach. Your moans get more regular by second. Scared for your legs to give into the sensation and make you fall on the knees, you put your fingers on his chin, give him sweet and short smooch.

You: “We’re gonna continue this after the event, I just wanted to give you a little taste of the after-party, honey.”

Justin: “Damn, I love you.”


smart and smooth way to avoid giving speech by choi seunghyun


 East High is a place where teachers encouraged us to break the status quo and define ourselves as we choose. Where a jock can cook up a mean crème brulee, and a brainiac can break it down on the dance floor. It’s a place where one person, if it’s the right person, changes us all. East High is having friends we’ll keep for the rest of our lives, and that means we really are ‘all in this together’. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat !