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So to anyone who cares to read about my experience please continue on reading. This will be a showcase of my roller coaster emotions so I apologize in advance if my thoughts are all over the place.

Anyways, I got to the venue around 12pm to get my p2/hitouch wristband. I think this fanmeet is more organized than it was for FlyinATL. Most probably because I went to the venue a day before and saw the signs on the doors on where to get the wristbands. Tbh the line was sorta organized, but towards the opening of the doors people that just arrived cut in front of the people who were there since morning. That kinda angered me a bit, but I wasn’t gonna let it ruin my day since I’ll be seeing my boys again for the 2nd time.

So I stood in the GA standing section on the right side and because I’m short (5′2), I can’t barely see shit HAHA. I had to tiptoe and jump just to see the stage. There was chairs on the stage before Got7 came in, so I immediately knew the first song would be Let Me… and your girl was right. But I wasn’t prepared for the next song which was Prove It. LORDT I WAS GONE. In my fancam, I said “oh my god, Prove It YAAAS” so loud the girl behind me laughed at me XD I don’t blame her though. She could tell I was JB trash. 

So they did their introductions and i was cheering for every member then when it was JB’s turn my screams went from volume 10 to 50 right quick LMAO .I will post the fancam of it soon. During the Parkson and Young & Rich game Jackbum kept hugging each other and 2jae had a moment where jb held youngjae’s head against his… i was gone… my 2jae and Jackbum feels were alive.

Then came the fan x got7 game… I legit was about to get called by JB, but i was a number away from the raffle ticket he said. I was about to have a heart attack lmao. I hated his partner so much, but we ain’t gonna talk about how rude she was to JB because it just angers me so much cause jb deserves better treatment. If I was his partner instead, I would’ve treated him like a king and made him feel loved. Also, during one of the opening songs Yugyeom looked in my direction then I smiled at him then he had the audacity to wink + smile at me. Like ok boo, I know you fine as hell, but I ain’t tryna ruin my bias list, i still love u though. Then during the same song JB went to my side then the light shone on the fans where I was then I sent JB a finger heart then our eyes met then he smiled at me. OK I WAS SHOOK.. RIGHT AFTER I SHOOK MY MOM BY HER SHOULDERS CAUSE I COULDNT BELIEVE PIABUM WAS REAL FOR ONE SECOND. 

Skipping to Home Run encore. There was a line barrier letting us know we can’t stand outside of that line, but your girl was like YOLO I didn’t run towards the stage during encore last time so I’m gonna do it now IDGAF. So i went there and Youngjae was literally two handspans a way from me. I was screaming YOUNGJAE!!!! like bloody murder so he looked my way for a second and we made eye contact. I didn’t know he stared at me until I was trying to screenshot every second of my fancam. Then Jackson came out of no where then started hugging Youngjae! In my head I was like ME TOO JACKSON ME TOO. Then he walked towards me. I started screaming “JACKSEN JACKSEN” then JACKSON LOOKS AT ME AND SMILES… LIKE LEGIT SMILES AT ME /DED/ RIP PIA THEN I WAS REACHING MY HAND OUT TO HIM AND HE HELD IT DBGWYEUEISAJDBSAYDUAHNIJDM GSTYEUHIJDSADASDBUINSDSDTRWYDUSN I AM SO BLESSED??? THEN TO THINK I WAS JUST TRYING TO RECOVER FROM THAT INTERACTION I HAD WITH JACKSON.. BAMBAM COMES AND STANDS IN FRONT OF US HE TOOK THE PHONE OF THE GIRL NEXT TO ME THEN I SAW THE PHONE WENT BLANK SO HE HAD TO RETURN THE PHONE TO THE FAN. SO HE HAD TO GO BACK TO THE CENTER OF THE STAGE THEN HE SENDS US A KISS!!!!! AGAIN RIP PIA!!! then i went back to my original spot cause the security finally saw me outside the line barrier. So I made a run for it LOL i wasn’t tryna get kicked out before hi touch happens. 

So for the highlight of my night. The Hi-touch. After the fanmeet, they asked p2 ticket holders to sit on the seats behind the GA area. So photo op came first and the boys came back out to take pictures with the fans. I was literally singing “that should be me holding your hand” whenever a fan holds jb’s hand for the photo. I was jealous af. In our seats my mom and I were devising a plan on how were are gonna record our experience without getting caught. We ended up not recording anything cause we’re afraid my phone would be confiscated. Anyways so it was time for hi touch. As i was in line, I kept practicing what I was going to say to each one of them… so Jinyoung was first, I just said Hi, Jinyoung then he smiled at me, Yugyeom was next so I said HIT THE STAGE then he smiled at me. THEN IT WAS JB’S TURN. I WAS TRYING NOT TO CREEP HIM OUT BY GIVING HIM A DEATH STARE LIKE I DID FOR ATLANTA SO I POINTED AT MY DEFSOUL HAT AND SAID “JB LOOK!” SO HE LOOKED AT MY HAT THEN HE WAS SHOCKED LIKE THIS GIF

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LIKE YOU KNOW JB IS HAPPY WHEN HIS EYES DISAPPEAR AND HIS EYES DISAPPEARED WHEN I SHOWED HIM MY HAT!!!!! THEN I WAS PROBABLY CHEESING HELLA BRIGHTLY BECAUSE WTF IM JAE FUCKING BUM SMILED AT ME????? WHAT THE FUCK???? THE LOVE OF MY LIFE NOTICED MY FUCKING EXISTENCE??? I WANNA CRY???? LIKE ASDFGHJKUDVFYEWFDQUWBHKWHVGYQWDWQBDW ;_; AS I WAS POINTING AT MY HAT JB’S HAND STILL LINGERS AGAINST MINE AND BRUH I WANTED TO COMBUST THEN AND THERE BUT I HAVE TO GET MYSELF TOGETHER BECAUSE THERE WERE STILL 4 MEMBERS AFTER HIM… BUT ANYWAYS PIABUM IS REAL JB CONFIRMED IT HIMSELF. I HAVE MY MOM AS A WITNESS OF OUR LOVE… OK LET ME STOP:))))  Markeu was next i just said hi, then I said hi youngjae but then i got myself together (sorta but not really) then before i passed by yj i said “you’re so handsome” :) idk if he heard me because I already passed by him when i said it, but atleast i wouldn’t have to regret not telling him how handsome he truly is. Then Bambam was next, then i just heard him shout and point at me and said, “DEFSOUL!!!!” then i made a weird “you know it boo” gesture to Bambam then he just kept smiling and so did I. I felt like I was Kenny or JRE because Bambam made me feel like I was a star/famous person for the amount of time i was on stage. Then last was Jackson, I said Hi Jackson then he shook my hand. I wanted to tell him to go to Brazil like i originally planned on saying, but I was really just way too shook that Piabum rose on January 21st 2017 to remember to say anything. As I was going off stage I literally held my hand to my face in shock because I couldn’t believe it was real. Im Jaebum noticed my existence. He knows i’m his fan. He knows that I love him. I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY YALL DONT EVEN KNOW. I HAVEN’T STOPPED SMILING SINCE IT HAPPENED LIKE THE SMILE ON MY FACE NEVER FADED. I LOVE GOT7 I LOVE IM JAEBUM I LOVE LIFE I LOVE EVERYTHING I’M STILL ON CLOUD NINE.