oh god the way he's holding her

Suga comes into the room at the exact moment Daichi seems to have realized strapping the baby into the carrier on his chest should have been his last step, not his first. Now he has Katsumi attached to him, a backpack in one hand, Emiko holding the other, and absolutely no way to get his own shoes on.

He looks up at Suga helplessly and Suga does his very best not to laugh, because since Katsumi joined the family they’ve only taken the kids out together, but today Daichi has offered to take them both on his own so Suga can work. Which is amazing. And something Suga is a little afraid of doing himself, because Emiko can run absurdly fast on her tiny chubby legs, and Katsumi cries….pretty much always.

He appreciates this so much, but oh God, Daichi looks so cute and desperate right now, Suga can hardly contain himself.

“I did this wrong,” Daichi says.

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Okay so… this entire last part of the episode is a present to me specifically and I’m in love with it:

- Miles and Lola genuinely working together and showing more of the ways they understand each other
- The way she’s making him happy and how he’s there for her when she’s feeling alone
- The fact that he wrote a play about her and sees only her when he sees ‘Hope’
- They’re so respectful of each other and tender oh my god… and I love how honest they are with each other, they’re addressing these important things and not bothering to hide it.
- She acknowledges his bisexuality and says she’s okay with it immediately to reassure him (TRISTAN COULD NEVER)
- They just want to enjoy each other’s company and whatever they have together it’s good and it makes them happy
- The way he kisses her and how gentle it all was including the lighting and the atmosphere and the chemistry and how they lay together holding hands and her nuzzling his hand
-So much chemistry

So basically I’m deceased it was nice knowing you all.

seriously i just can’t

Tanya was so great they would be lost without her, she is so clever and brave 4 for you Tanya! you go Tanya!

and Matteusz you wonderful creature! loving supportive bit scared cupcake be safe polishgiraffe

and Charlie oh god he walks around with so much guilt for just thinking of the worst wow and now he’s afraid of losing yet another person and he is so in love and feels so alone I can’t

and the panic attack can I just hold him jesus

and Quill! surprised me in the best way I thought she would kill Charlie the moment she could and she saved him yes Quill you go Quill four for you too Quill!!!

Bed Side Manners Ch.3

(Juice x OC Charlie) 

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 Charlie made her way back to the supply closet after leaving Juice. ‘OH MY GOD’ she was breathing heavy. ‘What was that’ she asked herself. When she had her hand on the back of his neck she couldn’t stop herself she had rubbed her thumb gently just behind his ear. What was wrong with her?

 He was a patient one that was going to go back to jail. She should not be doing this. 'Oh but that smile’ ugh shutup Charlie get a hold of yourself. 'But his skin was so soft’ “Stupid brain you turn yourself off right now dammit.” She scolded her own mind.

 The rest of the night went smoothly. When she checked in on him the pain meds had done their job and knocked him right out. She couldn’t help but smile at him when she noticed the cuffs were put back on, and since she hadn’t been scolded she knew he’d done it himself. She decided she would have to find a way to return the favor.

 Her smile stuck with her through the rest of her shift. As she was leaving she noticed the Charming PD officer who stuck around the nurses station was once again chatting up one of the girls. Just then medics rushed though with an elderly man on a gurney. Causing Charlie to bump into the officer. She apologized profusely and left out the door. Smile still spread over her lips.

 The next night when Charlie came in Juice was up and eating his dinner. “Hey how are feeling today?”

 "Mm" he wiped his mouth “great actually, how are you?”

 "I’m good.“ She smiled then they just stood there staring at each other. Juice was smiling at her and she started to blush. “Oh I have a surprise for you.”

 "Really?“ Juice perked up

 "Yeah” Charlie reached into her pocket and pulled out a small thin stick of sliver.

 "Is that the key to the cuffs?“ Juice whisper yelled with the biggest smile she had ever seen. 'How is he both hot and beautiful’ Charlie had to fight hard with her innerself to keep from perving on the poor guy.

 "Well it’s not the exact key but it is from a Charming PD key ring.” She smirked

 "How …?“

 "Shhh” She cut him off with her finger over her lips. “Don’t ask questions. ” She winked at him. Then walked towards him. “I was thinking we could get you out of this bed.” She said as she picked at the lock. “Maybe move around a bit more than your 4 scheduled pee breaks?”

 "Charlie you are a damn angel, I could kiss you I swear to God.“ Juice said this without even hearing himself. And poor Charlie, that sent all sorts of thoughts in her mind like 'please for the love of all that is good in this world do that’.

 Instead she just laughed nervously. "It was nothing really, one of the officers he umm, likes to flirt with the nurses so while he was distracted with one of the girls in the ER, I sorta 'bumped’ into him.”

 A sly smile slowly spread across Juice’s face as he realized the good nurse was a secret criminal herself. “You lifted his keys?” He asked as the cuffs popped open.

 "Shutup.“ Charlie mumbled through a blush and smirk of her own. "Come on let’s get you up.”

 "The good nurse Charlie’s got her self a dark side? Who knew?“ Juice joked with her as she helped him sitting up.

 "Well you didn’t that’s for sure.” Charlie snarked as she held out her arms for him to hold for balance.

 Juice grabbed her forearms and she cradled his as he slowly started to rise. “What else don’t I know about you nurse Charlie?”

 "Everything I guess we’ve only known each other a day.“

 "That’s true,” he grunted taking tentative steps around the room with Charlie as support. It hurt like hell but at the same time it felt amazing to be out of that bed. Plus he got to be up close with the pretty nurse who apparently dabbled in petty theft. “So why don’t you tell me then?”

 "What? About myself?“ Charlie was taken aback by this. Why would he care to know anything about her. He was probably just lonely in her not being allowed visitors. So she decided to cave a bit. "Only if you tell me about yourself.”

 Juice’s lips quirked up in the corner “Deal.” he agreed.

 After a good 15 minutes of walking around the room Juice needed a break. Charlie helped him back in bed and put the cuffs back in place.
As she turned to leave Juice caught her hand in his and she turned back to meet soft pleading warm eyes. “Will you come back?” He asked when she didn’t answer right away he tried again still holing her hand he gave it a gentle squeeze “Please?”

 Charlie just nodded and whispered a soft “Of course.” With a gentle nod. Juice wiped his thumb across her knuckles before letting her go. It sent a tingle up her arm and she felt the loss of his hand instantly at the same time.

 Charlie left Juice taking a slow walk to gather her feelings. 'This is absolutely ridiculous Charlie get it together’

 She checked on her other patients and as promised returned to his room. They sat in the dim room. Talking about nothing of real importance. He told her about being in the club and the guys. She told him how when she was from the south and set out to see something new and hopefully do good along the way. They kept up this light chat until Juice could no longer stay awake and succumbed to the pain medication and fell asleep.

 The next afternoon when Charlie came in for her night shift she made her way down the hall and noticed that instead of an officer there was a man with longer blond hair outside Juice’s door. He had on a ball cap and a kutte. Charlie looked at the reaper on his back until he turned around. He seemed to be waiting for something as he shifted impatiently on his feet. Judging by the solemn look on his face she decided against asking what was wrong and instead gave a tight smile and nod as she passed him.

 She checked in on the other patients then made her way back down the hall noticing now the blond man was walking away from Juice’s room with a second reaper at his side.

 She took this opportunity to slip into Juice’s unguarded door knocking lightly as she entered. Causing Juice to look up and smile. It didn’t however, reach his coffee warm eyes. “Hey, you ok?”

 "Yeah, they say I should be outta here soon.“ He said as if it’d been rehersed.

 "I can read your chart Juice. Now I’m gonna ask again, are you ok?”

 Juice let out a breath he was unaware he’d taken in and had been holding on to. “Just, a couple of the guys stopped by. Had a tough vote.”

 "I understand” She replied. This comment caused Juice to look up at her but at the soft sympathetic expression on her face he decided she was just saying it to be kind.

 "Could you do me a favor. I mean if you can, I don’t wanna get you in trouble…“ Juice started to ramble a bit. He felt bad asking this of her, but he really needed this.

 "Juice it’s fine just ask and I’ll see what I can do.” She wanted to ease the pain on his face so bad it hurt her.

 "My friend he umm he’s somewhere in here, had a bad accident, do you think I could see him? Like could you take me to him?“

 Charlie didn’t even think to say no. “Of course just gotta figure out how to distract captain America out there when he gets back.”

 Juice laughed at her comment. “Shouldn’t be to hard I’m a free man now. We’ll free-ish.” He held up his wrist free of hand cuffs. “Bail got posted this morning.” He supplied as explanation.

 "Congratulations!“ Charlie smiled big "In that case just write down his name. I can look up his room in the system and we can go see him later when we’re officially on skeleton crew.” She said as she fished out a pen from her pocket and a napkin from his tray. “Fewer people, fewer questions.” She explained as he wrote down the name of his friend that was currently laid up somewhere here in St Thomas.

do the 100 viewers not ship rellamy at all?? like are they watching the same show as i am? 

does the way he looks at raven tell you nothing?

or the way he protects her?

or at the way he snapped at murphy for shooting her?

or how he runs when he sees she’s harmed?

or how he holds her while she cries over watching the man she loved get killed?


or what i mean just look at this holy sex scene


“Okay, usually I wouldn’t wanna talk to you about something like this, but…” Sam began.

“Did you see those boobs?” Dean got straight down to the wire. 

“Oh, God, yeah… that bra just made them all the more…” by way of explaining, Sam made a hand gesture as if he was holding up an invisible round object.

“Yeah, I get what you mean.” Dean paused.

“And, her ass” Sam and Dean said in unison, both closing their eyes, as if they were picturing it.

“I had to try so hard not to want to grab that” Dean smiled smugly. “I mean, I wouldn’t dream of it if she didn’t want me to, but Jeeesus, man…”

“She’d so go for me anyway.” 

“Uh, seriously? No. I know she wants me on top of her on the kitchen table.” Dean hit his brother lightly.

“Actually, she’d be so good on top” they spoke simultaneously again, smirking at each other afterwards.

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Hi again, what would be your HC for Negan telling a new girl that she'll eventually beg for him to take her however he is the one who ends up going to her because she has tremendous self control and holds out longer than him. 😁

Oh my god I love this you are a genius

- Negan would start out so motherfukcing cocky, honestly he was thinking that she’d crack within at least a week. Though his cockiness just makes her more determined to prove him wrong. 
- So after a week Negan starts to gt a little frustrated, he’s confused. a guy like him is never kept waiting so this is a new experience for him.
- Now negan begins to try and make her come to him by strategically touching his crotch in a suggestive way when she’s around but the first time she saw this she just look from his crotch to him, he obviously thought he’d won but oh nooo, and she just goes “what a lovely penis you have there, now please, i have work to do.” And she just pushes past him, slapping him on the ass as she goes.
- Negan is well and truly fucked at this point
- So now, the girl knows she’s won and he’s desperate for her so when she’s gardening and she knows Negan’s watching , she’ll lean over and expose her lovely rear and Negan has to get out and recollect himself
- So eventually, late at night, Negan goes to her and is literally on his knee’s begging. And she’s just leaning against her door frame as she cleans her nails as he is just on the floor (again, BEGGING for her to fuck him) and when he’s done she just looks up and goes “Are you done? Honestly, i should probably rethink fucking someone so whiny.”  And then before Negan knows what’s happening he’s pulled into the room
-You know what happens from there ;)

I hope you liked it nonnie!!

does it ever hit you that Bill’s been waiting over one trillion years to take over our dimension. meticulously planning and manipulating and biding his time. carefully watching. always watching. “I’ll be watching you”. So certain that nothing is going to get in his way. but the one thing he wasn’t counting on, the thing that’s going to be his downfall, is Dipper reaching Mabel’s bubble and leaving it with her.

the one thing he wasn’t counting on was Mabel Pines seeing through her perfect world and shattering Bill’s hold on her because there’s no one in reality or fantasy she loves more than her brother.

the one thing he wasn’t counting on was Dipper Pines fighting through literal hell on earth and resisting his every desire because there’s nothing in the entire universe he loves more than his sister.

the one thing Bill Cipher was not counting on was two 12 year old twin siblings loving each other more than anything.

do you ever think about that

MC Today (October 5), Jumin's Bday
  • MC: *patiently waiting for Jumin to arrive at his apartment; laying on his bed <del>possibly wearing lingerie or something</del>
  • Jumin: *sighs as he pulls open the door* "Elizabeth, I'm home! I can't believe it. No one--not even Jaehee--wished me a happy birthday today."
  • MC: *holding in all her might to not run into the living room and greet Jumin*
  • Jumin: *shuffling his feet across the floor* "I guess I'll just sit in bed tonight and watch some dramas and catch up on the stock market..."
  • MC: *best ~demure~ face* "Happy birthday, Jumin!"
  • Jumin: *taken aback (in the good way)* "M-MC! Oh thank god. I went all day without hearing from you and I was starting to worry. You...You remembered it was today."
  • MC: "Jumin, how could I forget a day like this one? Now...come here a-and--"
  • Jumin: "You don't have to tell me twice!"
  • MC: "Happy birthday, my love. To many more."
  • Jumin: "Until the end of time."

Pictures and Love -(inspired by above fan-art which is not mine!)

This is why Frank loves Mrs. Way, she’s always in their face about him and Gerard’s new-found relationship. And while Gerard obviously finds it annoying, Frank is thrilled that his boyfriend’s mom is so into it unlike his own. So when she asks for “couple pictures,” Frank instantly wraps himself around Gerard and holds on tight.
“Oh my God, Mom, stop it,” Gerard tries to pull away a bit without completely disconnecting from him, because that’s definitely something he doesn’t want to do.
“I will not, I am your mother and if I want pictures of you and the boy you’ve pined over for half your life then I will take them.” Mrs. Way holds up her camera and starts snapping pictures of a grumpy (and blushing) Gerard and a love-struck Frank. After a few pictures though, he looks over at his beautiful, smiling boyfriend, and can’t help but smile too. Because yeah, he has been pining over Frank for half his life, and now he finally has him, all to himself. Gerard gets to hold the love of his life every day and most nights, he gets to kiss him whenever the moment comes, which is basically all the time. He gets to have sex with him at least a few times a week, feel him come undone right underneath him. And in the morning he gets to look Frank in the eyes and tell him he loves him, knowing that Frank knows it’s definitely not in the platonic sense. Then he gets to have morning sex. But the best part of finally being able to openly be with Frank, is that he gets to fall in love with him every single day and not have to worry about anyone finding out, including Frank. Because if there’s one thing he wants his boyfriend to know, is how insanely and undeniably loved he is.

{a manner of trust}

The cavern’s flooring had collapsed without so much as a shred of warning.

Rowan was not certain who, or what, had caused the cave-in. His steps had been measured, more than careful, and Caesa had only been trailing behind him, relying on his sharp vision to see them both through the dark. Now, with the way shut from above, it appeared they had been trapped together within an entirely new, unexplored area of the massive cave.

Caesa!” he called out to her once the dust and rubble had settled, head whipping around as his senses reached out to grasp hold of anything that would assure him she was still alive. The rocks… was she buried? He could smell her, but he couldn’t see or hear her. Oh, Gods… “Caesa! Where are you?!” he cried, terror spilling through his voice, already digging desperately through the piles of stones and hurling them away. “Answer me, lass!


how he is with you - il volo - Ignazio Edition

oh my god a relationship with Ignazio is probably nothing but sweet kisses and holding your stomach in laughter that never stops. If you’re dating Ignazio, you are probably the cutest thing he ever did see. you’re probably SO pretty. You either caught his attention right away or way into your friendship he realized ‘wow, i’m in love with her.’ He probably loves just wrapping you in his arms and holding you. He wants nothing more than to hear your beautiful laugh and see you happy, just because he thinks you’re most beautiful when you are, but constantly beautiful nonetheless. you’re probably mega talented in some way, and he tells you it all the time. He loves telling people about you. in interviews he probably gushes about how you make him feel and how happy he is with you. And he always seemed happy before, but not like this. not like this. He probably likes to carry you to the sofa where you’ll lay down to watch movies together. He’ll probably do impressions of the characters to make you laugh. He’s a huge drama queen (drama king?) hahaha. You know what? Half of the stuff he does probably isn’t even meant to be funny. He just does it and it’s too random and weird and silly and embarrassing not to laugh at. He doesn’t get embarrassed though. He just smiles that huge happy smile whenever he sees you laughing. HE PROBABLY LIKES PLAYING WITH YOUR HANDS WHILE STARING AT YOUR FACE. He’ll probably poke your face a lot. And honestly i feel like the most important thing to him is that you’re always safe. From everything. Ignazio would not want you to do anything remotely dangerous. putting up christmas lights? ‘no, honey, you know what? come down from there, i can do it.’ building furniture for your new apartment? ‘you know i can do that for you, hand me that screwdriver.’ and if anyone ever hurt you? He would probably fight them if he had to. If anyone ever talked bad about you, they wouldn’t hear the end of it. He’d go to the ends of the earth to defend you and how amazing you really are. and he would notice the little things about you. Like how pretty you look in that new dress or with your nails painted that color. your favorite drink on a hot day, or your favorite flower. your favorite thing about mornings, your pet peeves and your obsessions, he would remember them all. and if he ever saw you crying, he’d wipe those tears from your eyes and hold you against his chest until you felt alright again. He’d sing to you softly until those tears stopped falling. And then he’d probably cheer you up by telling a stupid joke or doing something weird that makes you giggle through your sniffles. And that would give him more joy than ever, knowing you’re okay. And he’s probably got this look. He’s got this look that he looks at you with, and every time, you lose it. He probably knows what he’s doing, too. And after he gives you that look he probably walks over to you slowly and kisses you hard and slow. a kiss you’re probably not going to ever forget.

Ross: The North star’s not the brightest in the sky!

Demelza: What is?

Me: Oh my god he’s gonna tell her that it’s her someone hold me!

Ross: The Dog star.

Me: ….way to go, Ross, fucken hell you’re as romantic as a piece of mud.

Ross: Which is fitting… Since I found my star in a dog fight.


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canon: Zach is a really great guy, flawed but great, and probably a feminist who holds doors open for ladies and treats them equally because, c’mon, he’s a Gallagher Boy. 

canon: Zach is a boy.

headcanon: Zach was manspreading on a subway exactly once and he was with Cam. She reached over, closed his knees, and shifted slightly to her side so she was primly and sweetly taking up as much space as he was. His mouth gaped open and he was like “OH.” and just like that he understood that aspect of male privilege and he never did it again 


I mean just look at the way this heartless monster carefully holds baby animals. This selfish bastard even dreams epipens and hand lotion for his friends. And don’t forget the way this cruel fucker worries about his already dead friend being attacked. The nerve of this guy to go so far to save his little brother?! Oh god and don’t forget that time he comforted Blue and gave her the only source of light, the prick. Ronan Lynch is a heartless monster and you can’t convince me otherwise I swear you fukcnig c a n t

A Little Bit of a Distraction

Liam was sitting outside with the rest of the pack listening to Scott talk about the new big bad in town when he saw her walking to an empty table. It was the gorgeous new girl he had literally ran into this morning in the hallways. Oh god, that had been so embarrassing.


Liam was running down the stairs because he was a little late to class due to some issues with Stile’s crappy jeep. He was turning the corner and ran straight into another person, bumping his head into theirs. He managed to keep them both standing by grabbing hold of the other person’s arms. A groan made its way to his ears and he looked up at the person, which just so happened to be a very pretty girl.

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A Little Bit of a Distraction Part 2

Part 1

Liam was so caught up with trying to decide how he was supposed to start a conversation with her that he didn’t notice that she had stopped walking in front of him and then they were both falling to the ground. Liam tried to catch them both but he kind of messed up along the way and now he was on top of her. “Uh, it’d be super cool if you got off of me now.”

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