oh god the scene! context!!!


And I didn’t understand
When you reached down to take my hand
And if you have something to say
You better say it now

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i really wanna start talking to you but im so unsure what to talk about with you!!! and you intimidate me but i really wanna start talking to you!

im literally crying over this picture rn

look at him….. he looks like a character straight out of speed racer… oh my god he’s just praying…. like in context it’s  a touching scene but with this screenshot he’s a dude w a mullet and a tracksuit just praying oh ym god it’s 1am i can’t handle this right now

tldr i’m literally a peanut i can and will talk about anything with anyone and i intimidate to show my love

Frozen Fever sneak peek trailer best of - aka a summary of HOW I WILL DIE

Elsa showing the cake to Anna (or maybe to Kristoff) and look at how proud and sassy she is oh my god

‘yeah you know what we’re cute on this top but that would be better if we look like we have fun, isn’t it ?’ and bam you and i sliding, sis. HAHA BYE WORLD THIS IS TOO PERFECT.

Elsa asking her sister to follow her in the clock tower ASGHGAKJHK (also sorry for the spider-man hand sign screencap, that was too epic not to share)

climbing up in the tower while obviously singing, which makes me think they have a duet while going up ang up !! SNOW SISTERS DUET BITCHES

annnnd the final line on the top of the tower, in front of the clock. but it’ll not be like the one with Hans. this time it’s Anna and Elsa hand in hand, guys. AND IM DYING.

Elsa gently chiding Olaf to stop eating like he’s her son awww - wait technically he is. oh my god.

pssst… Anna ! with the exact same way to appear behind the bed… bye world this is such a fanfiction perf thing

'ride our bike’ !! okay then i’ll die in peace, they are biking together again and also look at the way they both look at each other ommmggg ahfzjkhahg


Elsa …hardening (??) Anna’s dress …probably… idk but that looks so great

what the fuckity fuck is even happening in that scene oh my god i need a context but i’m in love with this scene already

an army of BABY SNOWMEN with Olaf giggling in the middle and Sven on top with Kristoff on his antlers with the cake in his hands like oh my god perfect cutest dorks

and Anna fangirling about it… and that derp face Elsa does makes me theorize she has no idea what’s going on -  like i’m pretty sure she is for nothing in that little show and Kristoff probably improvised and i’m already dead laughing