oh god the quality of this video

Next time you feel down, always remember this scene… You’ll probably still feeling blue but at least you’ll be turned on.


i was gonna keep this to myself but I’m in a good mood so enjoy this effing masterpiece. ilu jungbaeri 

i’m out of my head
of my heart and my mind
‘cause you can run but you can’t hide
i’m gonna make you mine
out of my head
of my heart and my mind
'cause I can feel how your flesh now
is crying out for more

i find myself continually thinking that there is not enough Russ (sf pap) content out there, so… i spent a ridiculous amount of time making some.

all i want is some quality russ content where he’s his own individual and not just a doormat for blackberry is that too much to ask TvT

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Howdy! I was wondering if you could do the RFA + the minor trios reaction to a MC that loves to record things just in case something funny happens or always seems to be taking pictures of embarrassing things their S/O is doing. I hope this is explained well enough ✨

don’t worry, this is explained plenty well enough! :)


  • He’s all about it because HE’S TOTALLY LIKE THAT TOO
  • More than anything it turns into a blackmail war
  • Posting embarrassing pictures and videos to the chatroom
  • Placing fake spiders in the bathroom for that reaction money shot
  • Don’t you dare fall asleep in the car, because that picture will be out of your hands before you even know it
  • Phones are always within grabbing distance
  • Because you never know when Saeyoung will sneeze into his food
  • Or fall asleep onto his keyboard
  • And you’d be a fool if you thought Saeyoung would ever play fair
  • You’d better get that picture out quick, and hopefully someone’s there right away to see it
  • Because it’ll be gone the moment he sees it
  • With no traces left and a million CCTV screenshots of you to make up for it


  • Oh man he loves it
  • Did you really expect anything different?
  • Whenever he sees you with your phone out he stops what he’s doing to smile for the camera
  • Even though he still looks good from any angle
  • damn beautiful handsome narcissist
  • “Hey babe no do it again I wasn’t looking”
  • “That’s the point, Hyun”
  • Mr. Selfie King loves snapping a quick one with you while you’re posting it
  • Or even while you’re filming him
  • This post comes to mind immediately LMAO
  • Don’t do it MC you’ll only feed his ego


  • Boy is so embarrassed by it
  • Covers his face and turns bright red whenever he notices that you’re filming/photographing him
  • The infamous “Noooo delete itttt”
  • Honestly though, you keep pretty busy
  • Since everything Yoosung does is either cute or embarrassing or both
  • At the very least you agree not to post it anywhere online
  • Your camera roll is enough to keep you warm
  • But you can’t resist posting pictures to the group chat when his mom comes over
  • and forces him to make kimchi


  • Can you even catch Jumin Han doing anything embarrassing enough to record?
  • “You can certainly try”
  • On the rare occasion that you do he’s not even fazed
  • You find him lying on his stomach in front of Elizabeth the 3rd and imitating the sounds she makes at him
  • He catches you in the act
  • But he’s more shook by the quality of your picture
  • “How did you take that picture, MC?”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • “It’s so… clear.”
  • You spend the next half-hour teaching Jumin Han, Department Director and Chairman-in-Line, how to use his fucking camera phone


  • Like Yoosung, she’s embarrassed by it
  • But she covers it with feigned frustration
  • Exasperated sighs and little eyerolls
  • “Oh, don’t post it”
  • “Pleeeease put your phone away”
  • You can’t help that you want to show the world your cute girlfriend
  • And you are never never ever going to let her know about your album of Jaehee-asleep-on-her-desk photos


  • V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Even if he kind of misunderstands the intent of it at first
  • “I think it’s amazing how you see life as living art, MC”
  • “…Jihyun, I just record everything hoping I’ll catch you doing something embarrassing”
  • He laughs and hugs you
  • “Well, that’s art too.”
  • He’s just so excited to see you having an interest in photography
  • So even though you don’t have a need for anything fancier than your smartphone
  • You indulge him when he tries teaching you about cameras
  • “The Olymbus is better quality if you’re just taking pictures, but a higher-end Sonya will give you great 1080p video, even if you’re sacrificing some of your picture definition”
  • And that’s all before he starts getting into lenses
  • Little does he know that you’re recording his passion rant


  • You have to be sneaky around this guy
  • Because if he catches you in the act
  • He’ll straight-up bat your phone out of your hand
  • To be honest you’re not even trying to get him to do anything embarrassing
  • Even regular pictures and videos of him are fascinating
  • Keep in mind that he’s just as good of a hacker as his brother
  • So you’re pleasantly surprised that he hasn’t deleted your stealthier souvenirs
  • You make the smart decision to avoid bringing it up
  • Really, he loves that you love taking pics of him
  • He just hates knowing that it’s happening while it’s happening


  • Ohhhh boy
  • They are PISSED
  • “Are you dense?! Did you forget that I can’t have any digital records of me?”
  • Grabs your phone and starts deleting the pictures and videos off
  • But once they realize you’re genuinely hurt they soften a bit
  • “Hey… hey look, I didn’t mean it, okay?”
  • They make what is, essentially, a hi-tech disposable camera
  • Still really prickly when you use it, though
  • Vanderwood does not like being made the fool

Oh, i think i kinda ran away with these ^^;; Sorry!!

Got7′s Toronto fan meeting: I made a lot of eye contact with Jaebum!

Hi loves! I have a fan account to tell you when I went to GOT7’s fan meeting in Toronto Canada last year. I was close and I had a lot of eye contact with JB, mostly, I wasn’t the only Black girl close to the stage, there were a few of us close. Either to the back or up close.

JB does this thing where he’s looking at you but then pretend he’s not looking at you and I’m like boy I see you! Even when I smiled at him he smirks and act like he wasn’t looking but smiles back..so you was looking? Ok JB!! There was one moment he was looking at me while licking his lips probably not intentionally but a bitch was shook!!  And guess what dumb ass was trying to record Jackson and Mark and missed this part me? I had my camera on the other members but when I felt JB looking, I look up at him and try to hurry up and catch it on my phone smh but guess who looks away as soon as I do that? yup! Mr. Slick JB! I found the q&a video on HD on the sponsors channel (link below) and I GOT THAT MOMENT IN GREAT QUALITY and watched it over and over and over!

I even noticed the other times he looked at me, like when I was trying to get Mark’s attention by saying “Marky poo” and Mark giggled at me GOD IS GREAT! and JB just looking at me again like “dis chick….” lmao

at the end of the q & a Jackson wanted a fan in the audience to ask a question and he duck and dodged through the fans’ hands to give the mic to the Black girl and Jackson held on to her hand and then put the mic in her hand, all the girl could say was “oh my God” and Bambam teased her saying. ‘that’s a good question’ lmao. I found a better quality than my shit cam thank God, so That’s in the video too at 22:48 it starts. But then her question was, “What do you think about Toronto?”


I know my fan account is late afff since this was last year but they are sooooooo handsome in person! Don’t miss out on seeing them live, it’s the best money spent and all of those eye contacts from JB and Mark, I couldn’t walk straight after the show, literally!

Taekook: Forever

“Taehyung, when did you find the time to film a video?” Jungkook asked. He noticed the new video on their YouTube channel while scrolling through various notifications.

“Oh, that? You’ll find out when you watch it,” was all Taehyung said, before he ran away to somewhere Jungkook assumed he thought he would be able to let him watch the video alone. And so, following his boyfriend’s advise, he clicked on the video. His blood ran cold when he saw the title.

“[V] Something you need to know…”

“Oh god, what the hell did he do..,” Jungkook whispered to himself, cradling his forehead in his palm. When the video loaded he saw the stunning face of Taehyung, sitting at a desk in the BigHit building somewhere. The room was white, as were most rooms in the building, and the bright orange of his hoodie stood out from the room. His hair wasn’t parted, hanging down over his forehead, covering eyes that Jungkook could tell were puffy and red, and that only happened when Tae had been crying. Over what, he didn’t know.

“Hello, TaeTae here,” he started. The sound quality was good, considering it was probably filmed on his phone. He kept biting his lips, even only five seconds into the video.

“So, you guys may have noticed some…. strange things lately. And since our fourth anniversary is coming up, I’m making this video now to clear it up,” he continued, trying to smile. Jungkook watched with intensity, not sure if he was hoping for or dreading if it was what he was thinking of.

“First off, none of us are any less close than we have been for the past six years. I know many people have been thinking that we’re becoming distant, but I can promise, it’s more the opposite.

"I think one thing that has been circulating since debut is things pertaining our relationships with each other, the way we interact. It may be a bit different now than it was four years ago, but that comes with a reason,” he bit his lip again, hard enough to draw blood, and didn’t let go for a few seconds, as if he was trying to figure out if his mouth was able to form the words. Jungkook stared at the screen, emotionless, trying to fathom what was happening before his eyes. Was this really going to happen? Would everything finally be resolved?

“Secondly, we all read your comments. We know what you think about us and what jokes you have about us. Without those comments, there wouldn’t be a need for a video like this. But I’m happy to say that as of this morning, I’ve gotten permission to share a big part of my life with ARMY,” Tae said from the screen. His smile had become more genuine at the mention, showing off a few of his teeth. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile a bit as well.

“Our little Maknae, Jungkookie. He has become something amazing since predebut, and I’ve had the honour of being by his side during that. But Jungkook and I became very close early on, as some of you have observed,” he said. He looked confident, his eyes sparkling, his words clear. But Jungkook could see that he was struggling with his words, thinking about what to say next. He wished he was in the video to be able to help him.

“And I am incredibly happy to be able to share the fact that Jungkookie and I are happily dating.” He went silent, smiling to the ground. The smile he only got when he was proud of something, when he achieved something. He bit his lip again. Jungkook watched with more concentration than ever, smiling much like an idiot to himself as well.

“I know a lot of you have suspected this from the beginning, and you’re all right. Five years ago, he became my precious Bunny, and we’re still as strong today as we were then,” He said with a slight whisper, as if letting people hear the words would make them less personal.

“I hope you’ll still love BTS as much as I love my Kookie, because this won’t change much. That’s all I have for you today, until the next vlog,” he said, then flashed a boxy smile, a finger heart, then covered the camera lens, and it cut off. Jungkook sat there for a moment, debating over watching the video again or not. He eventually decided against for the sake of him bawling like a baby, and walked to the room Taehyung was in.

He knocked on the door, and it opened immediately, revealing a Taehyung wearing the same bright orange hoodie, with the same hair style in the video. Jungkook practically flung himself at Tae, wrapping his arms around his waist tightly, and didn’t relax until Taehyung returned the gesture. While sobbing uncontrollably, Taehyung put his hand on Jungkook’s nape, comforting him.

“You did that today?” Jungkook asked through the fabric on Taehyung’s shoulder.

“I did.” The words were all the confirmation he needed before squeezing harder if it was even possible, laughing and crying at the same time.

“And you actually got permission for this? What’s going to happen to the rest of the guys?” Jungkook asked in a rapid fire. He was cut off by a kiss, reminding him that now wasn’t the time for questions. Celebrate now, worry later.

“I guess the managers figured we’d gone through enough already. They said that if we we’re serious enough to want to endure public judgement, then we’re serious enough to make it public in the first place,” Taehyung said into his ear, only loud enough for him to just hear.

“Oh my god, Tae, I love you so much. This is the best thing ever,” Jungkook said, still with tears streaming down his face. He was inevitably soaking Taehyung’s orange hoodie, but he couldn’t bring himself to care as he laughed against his shoulder, feeling his hand rubbing his back. It was the best feeling in the world, to be able to be open, not feel any guilt or fear from being caught by someone who wasn’t supposed to see. It had happened too many times for them to be careless. Granted, it was only visitors to the BigHit Entertainment building, other idols who understood the struggle and promised not to say anything. Although word got around the kpop industry, of course, with their group being one of the biggest internationally, and most influential.

Being able to finally tell people about it was a relief. A weight taken off of their backs, assuring them that they could actually have a future together, be happy. He could feel Taehyung sobbing against his neck as well, and silently thanked every force that allowed them to be happy.

“How long ago did you post it?” He asked.

“About five hours ago. Why?” Tae said as Jungkook let go of him to grab the small Vlive camera from the desk next to them. He wiped the apparent tears out of his eyes, leaving the skin red and raw after attempting to vigorously get rid of the salty tears that wouldn’t stop coming. He was so happy.

“Maybe we can go live?” Jungkook proposed, waving the small camera in his hand. He could feel that his eyes had gotten significantly more puffy, and were probably red and irritated like his cheeks. He sniffled excessively- damn rhinitis -and tried one more swipe at his damp eyes. They were both bare-faced, puffy-eyed, and emotional, but there seemed no better time than that to go live.

“Jungkook and Taehyung, live from the dorms. How many people are there? I don’t want to say anything until there’s enough people,” Jungkook said, eyeing the screen to see comments varying from “OMG FINALLY,” to hateful slurs, to people who just had no idea what the hell was happening. “Yes, I see your comments. It’s true.”

“My Bunny and I are here to answer your questions, ask away,” Taehyung said, his chin resting on Jungkook’s shoulder. He moved to go turn music on, choosing a playlist they had made together of songs that reminded them of each other. The first song that played was Dear No One, a song Jungkook had sang for him a year ago.

“First thing I think people are wondering is how it happened,” Jungkook told him, moving his head out of frame to talk in Taehyung’s direction. He resumed his position on Jungkook’s shoulder, wrapping him up in a back hug, arms around his waist. Jungkook’s hand held Taehyung’s on instinct, and he leaned back into the warmth he provided.

“That’s a story that nobody but us really ever understands when we explain it. But one thing you have to remember is that Jungkook was fourteen, and I was sixteen, so hopefully that will help it make more sense,” Tae said. He buried his head in the crook of Jungkook’s neck, making him shiver at the chills traveling down his spine. “But I also think that they really just want to see us kiss,” he added, puckering his lips.

“If you stay until the end, you can see us kiss,” Jungkook said, eyeing the camera and raising his eyebrow. He smiled as if he’d done something mischievous, and felt Taehyung hit him softy on his side. They laughed, almost forgetting that they were live.

“Okay, so the story pretty much starts from the time we were introduced,” Jungkook said. “It was already after dark and I was just coming out of the shower because I didn’t want to disturb anyone during the day. Well, this guy right here was still awake, and decided to trap me in my dorm room in order to become friends,” he told the camera, eyeing the boy on his shoulder.

“He was wearing nothing but a towel,” Taehyung said, smiling like a devil. A stupid, cute handsome devil.

“Shut up. Anyway, he was so determined to get me to open up that he stayed with me all night, just talking. Sometimes I think that if he hadn’t done that I’d be a little different today,” said Jungkook. He was no longer looking at the camera, his gaze fixed on the boy resting on his shoulder. He pecked Taehyung’s cheek, and leaned his head on his crown, feeling grateful.

“Not even a month after that, we had been doing that almost every night. Staying up later than normal, talking about the day, the past, the future. Really, he doesn’t shut up once you know him well,” Taehyung said, earning a light flick in the head. He giggled.

“It was almost as if after a while we were so comfortable with each each other that it kinda just happened. It was a casual conversation, and then we were dating. I guess that’s why no one really understands it, because it wasn’t this huge thing with confessions and emotion, it was just that we didn’t want to be just friends anymore, and the feeling was mutual,” Jungkook said. He smiled, remembering the late night conversation they had. Taehyung was already more than a friend to him at the time, they just needed to talk and make that official.

“Honestly, we’re really boring. Unless you count the fact that we’ve had to keep it a secret for five years, then it’s actually really exciting. Then again, from all of the evidence of the internet, we seemed to have done a horrible job at it,” Taehyung told the camera. “I’ve seen your videos and fanfiction, it’s hard to hide that stuff from us.”

“Honestly, what do you guys think we do in our free time? Most of the time we’re just sleeping,” Jungkook said toward the camera, addressing the audience.

“Another question is what the date of our anniversary is. We don’t actually know the exact date, so we just celebrate it on April fifth. That seems to be when the internet celebrates it, so we figured it must be a significant date,” Taehyung said.

“The other guys do know, they’ve known since the beginning. We’re the two youngest, so it’s not like we can keep something like that from them, especially while living with them.”

“I think they were honestly not surprised when we told them. It was as if they expected it,” Taehyung said. He kissed Jungkook’s cheek, making him smile wider than he thought was possible.

Then, there was a knock at the door, and a “Hey, are you guys live?” from outside the door. Taehyung walked over to let whoever it was in, when everyone jumped into the room with various congratulations and hugs. Hoseok took the camera from Jungkook when he started laughing and crying at the same time.

Taehyung suddenly wrapped him up in a tight hug, holding him close again as he tried to control his emotions.

“Look at that, they’re so cute,” Jimin said, giggling like a child. Jungkook pulled away to glare at him, wiping his eyes on the heels of his hands, before laughing again. They didn’t have to hide anymore. They could be together in public, not worrying about getting caught by fans and fansites. They could potentially get married soon, like they’d always talked about.

“We’re gonna celebrate the coming out of our and your favourite couple tonight! Go ahead and kiss so you can end your broadcast,” Hoseok cheered, making everyone in the room laugh. Jungkook was sure the comments were going crazy. That news sites were freaking out, already covering their story and showing the video on every television in South Korea.

“Have you been watching the broadcast the entire time?” Taehyung asked, holding onto Jungkook by his shoulders, resting his chin on his shoulder again.

“Of course, we saw the video this morning and didn’t want to interfere if Jungkook hadn’t seen it yet. Now come on, kiss so we can leave,” Namjoon said, checking himself out in the camera. “By the way, these comments are hysterical.” Jungkook rolled his eyes. He vowed to avoid the internet for weeks to come.

Unless he was posting pictures with Taehyung. Now that he could, he’d do it all the time. Finally showing off the pictures he’d kept hidden for five years of their late night dates, avoiding the public eye in places like parks, fields, abandoned buildings.

“Come on, babe, we can always go live again tomorrow,” Taehyung whispered into Jungkook’s ear. He smiled, turning around to face him. He heard gasps and excited laughs when they got closer to them, surely focusing the camera on them. Taehyung smiled at him as he crashed their lips together, Jungkook lifted his hand to cup Taehyung’s cheek as Taehyung’s hands moved to his hips. It was a single kiss, long, and innocent, as if a finalisation for their moving on to a new era in their relationship. Now they could share it with the fans they cared about just as much as each other.

There were cheers in the room when they pulled away, bye’s being said in a flurry of screams and squeals. Jungkook smiled so wide he didn’t think his cheekbones have ever hurt so bad. He and Taehyung waved their goodbyes to the audience as Hoseok turned off the camera.

“Come on, Love Birds, we’re going over to the building to have a party for you guys,” Yoongi said unenthusiastically, though the smile on his face was a giveaway to his emotions.

“Thank you, guys, really,” Taehyung said, looking only at Jungkook, smiling widely with his teeth on show. He let go of Jungkook’s waist to hold onto his shoulders again, pulling him into a kind of side hug, dragging him out of the room behind everyone.

“Thank you, for five years of happiness. I can’t wait for what we still have to come,” Taehyung said quietly, only for him to hear.

“I love you,” Jungkook told him. Even after five years of saying it, he never got tired of it.

“I love you, too, baby. Now let’s go be happy and get free food.” They both laughed on the way out of their dorm, and conversed all the way to their work building. Staff, idols, and friends were waiting for them, congratulating them with a rainbow cake (“We should just eat rainbow food all the time, it’s way better than regular food,” “babe, it still tastes the same,”).

And when they both were in bed that night, about to fall asleep, Taehyung got the brilliant idea to check their twitter.

“There’s a lot of positive comments, Kookie. I haven’t seen a bad one in ages,” Taehyung said, scrolling through.

“Let’s post a picture?” Jungkook proposed. Taehyung nodded.

They chose four pictures from different eras. One from debut, one from the school trilogy, one from HYYH, and one from Wings. Each picture was of them kissing. Showing the timeline of their relationship just seemed fitting, to close one era and begin another. Taehyung captioned the tweet with a heart, and posted. Now they just wait for the comments.

The comments were like watching a train wreck. They knew it could be bad, but they couldn’t look away. They couldn’t bring themselves to turn off their phones and go to sleep, too busy looking at comments on each platform they used.

Before deciding to turn his phone off, Jungkook took a picture of them right there. One of them looking, one of them kissing. He posted it, smiling to himself when it started getting likes and retweets. It was refreshing to be able to share this part of himself, not hide it away in his camera roll. Taehyung deserved better than to hide, and Jungkook was going to make sure that didn’t have to happen anymore. He clicked off his phone, leaving it next to the bed, and turned around to face Taehyung. They smiled at each other.

“I love you, Bunny. Forever.”

“I love you, too. Forever.”