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Carter Reynolds Cute Imagine: Let's Do A YouNow (Request)

“Room 267?” I questioned, yelling at Carter, who was slowly approaching me from along the corridor. I glanced at the gold number, before returning my stare to Carter.

After he nodded in confirmation, I slid the key into the keyhole, and with a swift twist and a push of the wooden door, we were finally inside. 

Today had been beyond fantastic; I was very-kindly invited by Nash to a Magcon event, which I absolutely adored. Sure, I was nervous, but the fans were lovely, and I had a blast. Nash’s dad then treated me, Mahogany, and the boys to dinner in a slightly-classy restaurant, which was literally to-die-for. And after an hour, or four, of shopping, Carter and I had finally made it back to the hotel room. We were both exhausted. 

“You have no idea how happy I am to be able to take these God-damn heels off.” I almost sand, kicking off my black stilettos before climbing onto our king-sized bed. I flopped back, exhaling loudly.

Carter chuckled, before kicking off his own Black Nike’s and joining me on the highly-comfortable mattress. I rolled towards him, and he raised his right arm above his head, allowing me to cuddle into his side. He pulled his black iPhone out of his back pocket, before unlocking it.

“Hey, it’s only six-thirty.” He spoke, as the bright light of his phone glowed on both of our faces.

“Oh yeah, I thought it was later than that.” I replied, comfortably resting my hand on his covered stomach. 

He locked his phone, before placing it on the table located on the right hand side of the bed. “So,” he smirked, as he turned to face me before wrapping his arms tightly around my body. “What do ya wanna do?”

It took me a moment to realise what he was thinking before I playfully slapped his arm.

“Oi.” I laughed, as he began to laugh with me. “Well,” I began, pushing myself up into a sitting position. “firstly, you’re gonna take your shades off, because you don’t need to wear shades inside, Carter.”

I carefully removed the black sunglasses from his face, before laying them gently on the little table, beside his phone.

“Secondly,” I continued, “you’re gonna take off your hat, because you don’t need to wear that inside either.”

I took off his hat, repeating my previous actions, before ruffling his hair.

“And lastly,” I spoke, trying my hardest to maintain a serious expression, “you’re gonna take off your pants.”

Carter’s eyes darted to meet mine, his mouth slightly opened. 

“I’m kidding, please keep those on. Should’ve seen your face though.” I nudged him, giggling.

He rolled his eyes, before pulling me back down, forcing me to return to my original position.

“I’m bored.” I half-whispered, toying around with the buttons on Carter’s shirt.

“Um,” he thought aloud, racking his mind of possibilities that we could attempt, “wanna do a YouNow?”

My face lit up, as a grin began to appear on my face. “Oh my God, can we please?”

I loved doing YouNows. Like I don’t think anyone understood how much I loved doing them, especially with Carter. It was so much fun, and being able to connect with the fans, and seeing the amount of people who were actually interested in watching you just being yourself was overwhelming.

Carter reached for his iPhone, as did I. We both tweeted, announcing the broadcast, before Carter pushed himself up from the bed. I watched him as he progressed towards his un-packed suitcase.

He lifted a small tower of neatly-folded sweatpants, before pulling his silver MacBook out from beneath.

Setting up his computer at the end of the bed, we both sat down on the soft carpet, our backs resting on the bed frame.

“Ready?” He asked, opening up the website.

“Yep.” I replied, fixing my loose curls. I fanned my face, crossing my legs, and positioning myself in front of the camera, making sure the fans could see me.

Carter began the YouNow, sweetly kissing my cheek for the snapshot.

Instantly, the viewers shot up, rising by the second. The comments went crazy, barely giving us a chance to read each one, let alone reply.

After playing around for a bit, and putting on the cute, cliché, ‘couple-act’ for the camera, we decided to do a Q&A.

Carter’s twitter mentions blew up with the hashtag, as did mine. I scrolled through the tweets, searching for some interesting questions.

“Where did you guys meet?” I asked, repeating one of the fans tweets. I looked at Carter, as he glanced at the screen.

Carter spoke directly to the camera which was built into his laptop, “Um, we met at a party in August and we’ve been dating since September. [Y/N] is friends with Mahogany and she came with Mahogany to the party.”

I smiled at the camera, holding my thumb up, before returning my attention to my cellphone.

I faved the tweet that I had read aloud, before following the account who’d tweeted it.

Scrolling through the now-trending hashtag, I locked my iPhone, before letting it fall to the floor. I shifted around, before standing up.

“I’m just going to the toilet, I’ll only be a second.” I told Carter, before making my way over to the en-suite bathroom.

I locked the door behind me, the sound echoing in the hollow, tiled, room. I used the toilet, before washing and drying my hands, and briefly checking myself out in the large mirror.

I reached for the handle, before overhearing Carter from the room.

“What does [Y/N] mean to me?” Carter asked, most-likely repeating a fan’s question.

I let my hand fall, before I gently, but firmly, pressed my ear up against the bathroom wall. Thankfully, the walls were pretty thin, and Carter’s voice was surprisingly clear.

“Um,” He began, clearing his throat, “Well, she means a lot to me. Like, a lot. She’s my girl. I love her almost as much as I love you guys.”

I smiled at this part. 

The love Carter felt for his fans was indescribable, and I was glad that he didn’t put me before them. Hopefully it wouldn’t happen, for obvious reasons, but, if by any chance, me and Carter were no longer together, his fans would always be there for him. The bond they shared was mind-blowing, and I was glad that he didn’t let me ruin that.

“She’s my world, and I don’t know where I’d be without her. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and seeing her smile gives me a feeling that I can’t describe. She’s smart, and she’s funny, and she never fails to make me smile. Sure, I can be a right asshole at times, and sometimes I don’t treat her the way she deserves to be treated, but she deserves to be treated like a princess. She’s my queen, and it’s impossible to put into words how much she really means to me. Her flawless face is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I see before I sleep, and I wouldn’t change that fact for the world. I think about her eighty-five-percent of the day, and I think about you guys for the remaining fifteen, of course. She’s just, you know, perfect, and the day she realises that is the day I’ll die happy. I -”

I opened the door, startling Carter as I did so. I switched off the light, and closed the door behind me.

I re-joined Carted, with the hugest, most-genuine smile plastered across my face.

“Y'alright?” He questioned, obviously hoping that I didn’t overhear his 'speech’.

“Yeah,” I grinned, picking up my cellphone, “I’m fab.”

Seconds passed, before I blurted out the words “I love you”.

“I love you too,” He laughed, holding out his open palm, “very much.”

I smiled, before taking his hand in my own, linking our fingers together.

We concentrated on the feed of comments on the YouNow website. The word 'kiss’ jumped out at both of us; many, many times.

“Oh,” Carter laughed, raising his voice a little. “[Y/N], I think they want us to kiss. Are you allowed -”

I leaned towards him, disallowing him to finish his sentence, before ramming my lips into his. We rocked back and forth for a second, before pulling away. 

“Der ya go.” I laughed, returning my attention to the laptop screen. 

A mixture of ’Awh’s, ’Omg’s, and ’Otp’s filled the comments section, which only made me smile even harder than I already was.

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Someone's Jealous

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“As long as you lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love me ,love me -” “STOP!”
My sister is a big Justin Bieber fan , ever since 2009. She loves all his songs and all his music videos, she has his face all over her room , she even got a tattoo of his face on her neck . When Purpose came out , she ran around the house singing all the songs .

Me , i am not really that big fan , i just love his songs and thats all . Of course besides he’s hot , he has some really good songs. My sister’s birthday was next week , i just couldn’t find that right gift , she has all of his albums , perfumes , books , movies and t-shirts . I just couldn’t find the right gift .

Right now i am on my bed thinking of sth to get her when my phone buzzed . It was Twitter feed . I am not really into twitter , i just made it for fun

“@justinbieber followed you ”

Wtf? Oh my god you gotta be kidding me , i opened it quickly to find that he did follow me for real , omg if sis found out… GOSH perfect present i just hope it works . Omg omg this is not going to work

To justinbieber:
Heyy,! Omg ,!! I am Y/N and i would like you to help me in doing sth .. My sister’s birthday is next week and she will be 18 and she loves you so much .. Like so much .. Um can you attend her birthday party ? Gosh that would be awesome . If you read this plz send back so i can give you details . Thnx

I can’t believe i am doing this , this is crazy !
What if he is busy ?
What if he doesn’t want to ?

From justinbieber:
I would love to ;) Meet me at my hotel and we will discuss everything ;)


Here i am in his hotel , actually shaking , i am so scared i would do sth wrong . I saw him , he was sitting down on his phone texting someone . But dammm ..! He looked so fine . That hair , these tattoos . He looked up seeing but god those beautiful brown eyes full of warmth .
“Hey ,! You must be Y/N ,!” Did he just say my name ? Why am i like this ? I am not my sis . I just like his music. “Hhey .. I am Y/N .”
“Okay so talk i am waiting ”

So i just told him the plan and that he will sing a couple songs and that we will make it on the pool . He turned out to be really excited for it and also a very nice guy . He was so sweet and brought dinner and we ate and chit-chatted a bit about his music .

After that he excused himself to go the studio and he went and i walked back home

Oh god i am so excited..


Oh god it’s the big day ,!!! But Justin hasn’t appeared yet
“He will come i know it ” my mum said to me as the party started, i was always looking back towards the entrance to see if he came or not . Good thing Y/S/N’s friends were distracting her so she wouldn’t notice if he came .
Finally he came , “I am so sorry for being late , i was stuck in traffic jam ” “No No , its okay , here you can change here , and there is the stage , and if you need anything just tell me . Okay? ” he laughed and winked at me saying “Don’t be nervous sweetie ”

I went back to the party and hugged my sis “Happy Birthday ,!!!”
“Ohhh thanks Y/N ,!! , where’s my gift ?”
“Oh yeah so.. Can you look there at the stage ”
Just then , Justin appeared and started sining a couple of songs like What do you mean , Where Are You Now , Love Yourself . They were all amazing songs and Y/S/N kept screaming so hard i bet her throat hurts .
After Justin stopped singing he held the mike and started speaking

“Hey Y/S/N you know I wouldn’t know today was your birthday but you amazing beautiful sister here told me that today was your birthday , i cam here cause i love making my fans happy and i love you too Happy Birthday ,!!”


After Y/S/N left Justin for while , ever since he came she just couldn’t stop hugging him , i went to him

“Hey Justin , i just wanted to say sth , you are truly amazing , thanks for coming here , I don’t know what to do to return the favor ”

“ haha no its okay i really loved performing here and meeting you and meeting your family and your sister i am very happy .. And i know what to do the return the favor ” he winked

“ um.. What ,?”

He came very very near and his breathe was fanning my neck and his hand was on mine

“Would you go on a date with me ?” He whispered in my ear .

“Wtf ? … I mean omg .. The Justin Bieber wants to go on a date with me ,??? Oh my godd yesssss ,,!”

Y/S/N screamed so high I didn’t even noticed she was here i was too focused on the hot guy in front of me .

“ Someone’s Jealous ”

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I enjoyed writing it

Summer Lovin' (final chapter!!!)

I arrived at Hannah’s house at 7:00 on the dot with Olivia, Avery, Eden, Rachel, and Jenna. The warm summer air blew my light pink dress around at my knees and lifted my loosely curled hair. All of my friends looked gorgeous, all in dresses. We walked together to the backyard, which was decorated beautifully. A few tables were scattered about the patio, a large white tent filled with people straight ahead. Lights bulbs were strung all around, in the tent, connecting the trees, and all across the patio. The simplicity of it all was almost breathtaking. Then my wandering eyes caught hold of a real sight. It was Hayes. This was the first time I had seen him since the fourth of July. He was wearing a blue and white polo shirt and khaki shorts, oh he looked so cute, I thought. A pair of  hands pulled me in for a hug. “Oh, hey Hannah.” I laughed hugging her back. Her blonde hair was pulled into a bun and she wore a dress similar to mine, it was a light shade of blue. “Nice dress.” she winked. She proceeded to hugging the rest of my friends. “Ok well if you guys need to sit, we have a few tables and if you get hungry or thirsty, we’ve got snacks in the kitchen! Alright well got to go ladies, see you on the dance floor!” she turned and ran into the tent and I lost her in the sea of people. “Wanna grab a bite to eat?” Rachel asked. We all agreed and headed into the kitchen. Hannah’s house was a little nicer then mine. I grabbed a small cup of punch and a handful of strawberries.

I followed Jenna to the door to see Hayes chatting with Gabby on the patio. My heart sunk at the sight and I could already tell that tonight would include very much of him. “Aw it’s ok.” said Eden stroking my back. “It’s fine, I knew it was going to happen.” We all continued out the door when Hayes eyes locked with mine. He gave me a faint, sad looking grin but all I could manage to pull out was a tight lip smile. “Let’s sit here!” said Olivia pulling out a chair for herself. I obediently sat and pulled out my phone and started scrolling through my twitter feed. My friends all chatted about something I could care less about. Truthfully I didn’t want to be here. More then anything I wanted to go home and go to bed, anywhere but here. “Hey come on!” shouted Jenna. “Wait what?” I turned to her. “Put your phone away and come dance with me!” she squealed. It was hard but I parted from my phone and joined Jenna and the girls on the dance floor. The song All Night by Iccona Pop was currently playing. “This song is old. And cliché.” I shouted to all of my friends. “Oh lighten up a bit! Have fun!” Avery smiled at me. Alright. Just have fun with your friends. Soon enough I was dancing and I actually began to enjoy myself. we all decided to go back to the table and sit for a while. We were laughing wildly at the stupidest things. I even laughed at one of Rachel’s smart people jokes.

I look up briefly from my laughing fit and saw him standing there. He looked so nice tonight. He looked at me but I turned away as fast as humanly possible. I suddenly felt weird on the inside. The sun was setting right before my eyes. Quivering as it dipped beneath the landscape. The laughing of my friends slowly started to die down and then stopped  completely. I shot a look at them but they weren’t looking at me, but slightly above my head. Eden was the only one making eye contact with me. She nodded her head slightly and I turned slowly to see Hayes standing before me with his large hand fairly close to mice. I looked into his eyes and he planted that same goofy grin on his face and in that moment I knew that he only had that grin for me. “Can I have this dance?” he asked. I looked at my friends, then at Hayes, who was getting impatient. I look at my friends one last time who were giving me the go dance with him, stupid look. I just let myself go. I slowly placed my hand on top of his. When he tangled his fingers in mine, they painfully fit perfectly.

I had so many butterflies in my stomach I thought I was going to float away. I stood at his side and released my hand from his grasp. He gently put his hand on my lower back guiding me to the dance floor. Sam Smith’s stay with me came on, the perfect song to dance to. Once we reached the floor, Hayes put his hands around my neck, but I stopped him. I laughed to my self as I took his hands and rested them around my waist, where they belonged. I draped my arms around his neck. He stood there, smiling at me. “Why did you ask me to dance, anyway?” I asked. “Maybe I just really wanted to get you to myself. I had to get you to talk to me, even if that mean tmaking a fool of myself on the dance floor.” I laughed nervously


“Don’t say anything. Just listen. You have every reason in the world to be mad at me, to hate me even. But I am asking you to let me mak up for everyone of those reasons. I am so sorry y/n. But one thing I do want you to know is that when I told you I loved you, I meant it. I meant it with every piece of me.”

“I really wish I could hate you, but I couldn’t hate you even if I tried.” we both smiled at the memory of the pool, which seemed like forever ago.

“That’s good to know.” he smiled crookedly

I nodded my head and looked at my friends were were watching me with excited eyes. “You look really good tonight.” Hayes broke the silence. “So do you. I like your shirt.” I smoothed out his shirt collar. “It’s cute on you.” He blushed and rested his chin on the top of my head. I couldn’t breath. This was all to perfect. It was too good to be true. I slowly slid my hand away from his neck and grabbed one of his hands from my waste. We healed our hands out to the side, my head rested against his chest. I could hear his rapidly beating heart. The song ended followed by some kind of up beat top 40 crap. I felt myself smiling at him as he did some stupid dance move as he lip slinked along with the music. Then I saw Gabby, sitting at a table with Farrah. They both appeared to be sucked deep into social media but I saw her occasional glances at Hayes. I stopped him mid dance and said, “You should go dance with Gabby.” He shook his head.

“Why would I do that?” he continued to dance like an idiot.

“No really, look at her.” Hayes peered over a Gabby who was looking miserable.

“Your right.” he sighed. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“Positive.” he healed me at arms length. “Thanks! I mean, not that I want to- It’s just that, she’s, oh God, I-" 

"Just go already!” I said giving him a playful shove in her direction. “You’re the best!” he said, running to her. I shuffled my feet and stared at my shoes. I glanced over at my friends. Eden stuck out her bottom lip. “It’s ok” Rachel mouthed. All I got from the others were apologetic looks. Suddenly I felt something crash into my lips, another pair of lips, Hayes’s lips to be exact. When I looked up in shock he was already walking away to fetch Gabby. I brought my hands to my lips and brushed them slightly with my fingertips. I turned to walk over to the table with wide eyes. They were all running to my side and “ohmygoshing”, but I was “ohmygoshing” the most, still trying to sort together what had just happened. I took a seat at where I was before. I was being bombarded with questions. “I told you that you two were the cutest couple on the face of the earth!” Olivia teased. I stuck out my tounge at her and we laughed. I looked at my phone. It was already 8:54. “What time does this get over?” I asked. “10:30.” they all said at the same time. “Still like an hour and a half.” I whined. “Why in the world would you want to leave?” Jenna practically yelled at me. “Yea, especially after that kiss!” Avery yelled back. “Never mind.” I shrugged. Hannah ran over to me and bent down at my side. “I heard about your kiss!” she said. “HOW?” I wondered. “Never mind that! How was it?” she urged. “Good, I guess.” I grinned. “Ooo you two are soo getting married!” she said before running off somewhere. I stole a look at Hayes who was talking with his friends and then I saw Gabby who was back at her seat, looking half satisfied. He stole the look right back from me and motioned for me to come over. I excused my self from the table (again) and went over to Hayes. “So I danced with Gabby.” He nodded. “And?” I healed my hands out to the said. “I like you more. Like, a lot more. Theres not enough words in the world o describe how much more I like you” he gulped me up into a big hug, which was perfect, smothering, but perfect.. “Hayes!” I giggled. “What?” he laughed. “Not here!” I half whispered. “Then where?” He smirked. I cocked my head to the side as he gave me a puppy dog face. I put my hands on my hips. “I’ll have you back in 5 minuets.” he pleaded I gave in as he drug me to a more secluded spot. We went through the gate and to the very back corner of the garden. I was expecting him to make out with me, but he just gave me a few light kisses and the rest of the time we just looked at the night sky. The light hum of secedes filled my ears and the sweet smell of flowers filled my lungs. “You know that I like you right? Hayes asked. "Yes, obviously.” I laughed. “Ok good. Because I like you a lot, and for a long time.” I bit my lip. “me too.” He pulled me into a big hug. I felt secure, like I was meant to be here. Like I didn’t have to worry, ever again. “Why do you always do this?” I sighed

“Do what?” he asked with concern

“Make me fall in love with you.”

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”


That night we all went back to Rachel’s house and convinced all of them that we should camp outside. We didn’t even bother to put up a tent, just a few old blankets layed out across the grass. Once everyone was asleep around me, I was the only one awake. I looked up at the sky like Hayes and I did many times before, but what happened tonight was by far my favorite. I’m not a hopeless romantic, although this last part is really going to make me seem like one.I looked deep into the vast sky, knowing that wherever he was, he was looking into it too.

And there you have it! I really wanted it to have a happy ending:) I hope you liked it and I already have another one in progress! This has been so fun! Anyway ilygsm and thank you💘