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Oh god you guys are all to sweet q0q!!!
Thank you so very much and I am very happy that so many people enjoyed it !!!!
All the reblogs and tags .. haaah ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

I learned so much while doing this and I know, the next animations I do will be even better! Though I don’t know if i will make another long UT animation qwq;;;;
But i have a few short ones I finally want to finish up!!
Also I really want to start on something original (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Haah so much to do .. so less time aaah

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(Hi, I came here to cry, apparently you're my Dioconfident ??) I've just finished SBR and oh my god I cried like a baby with both deaths. The second one was exactly like his death on the original universe so I had PTSD (?)This time my dear lizarboy deserved happiness, but both Gyro and Johnny were shitbags towards him, and then even Lucy... why, Araki? Why do you enjoy my suffering?

(jjba spoilers/steel ball run spoilers)

omg it’s nice that I’m your dioconfident, thank you.

I didn’t feel the way you did about Diegos’ deaths in SBR but I do want all Dios to be happy so I want to console you. Original universe Diego’s death was pretty sad but it was also pretty spectacular, so I guess you can take comfort in the fact that he found some purpose and redemption. I’m can’t be helpful here though re: alt world Diego since that version never had my sympathy, I mean, he was trying to punch Lucy with his Stand when he exploded.  At that point I was rooting for Lucy.

It’s funny because for me Diego isn’t Dio so much, his personality and his motivations are different enough to make him a very different character.  DIO from the original parts would’ve been really out of place in the SBR universe because Pt.7’s characters are written with more nuance in terms of their alignments (I think there’s a lot of nuance to original Dio but he’s a Villain in all-caps).  It would be like the devil existing in flesh and blood and walking around and doing stuff in our own universe.  Dio’s a truly terrible person, Diego is … forgivable.


Sunday was an unreal, incredible day. Trainspotting 2 Premiere in Edinburgh!

The promised follow-up to my “I FINALLY MET ROBERT CARLYLE” post:

@bettercall-gameoftywinning, a couple friends, and I went to the Trainspotting 2 premiere, arriving at 6am with only 12 others ahead of us. We got tickets to the red carpet event after a long, cold wait! Later, we arrived back in our spots in line and freaked when we got the perfect spot on the rail in a one-sided, small section that basically ensured everyone (except for Jonny who snuck past us haha) would come by. We met Danny Boyle (who was so nice and giddy to be there!), Ewan MacGregor (who was jumping and dancing his way all around to everyone and being adorable and energetic), Ewen Bremner, and the rest who signed our T2 flyers.

But Robert Carlyle. Holy fuck. My favorite actor and one of my favorite people on this earth in general. He was so fucking kind and sweet and even more adorable and amazing in person. I talked with him as he signed my flyer (told him he is my favorite actor and thanking him for what he does, to which he looked up (directly into my eyes, yo) and said how sweet that was of me and thank you so much for that) and we took a photo together. As he continued down the line, I was in disbelief at how amazing that experience had been– my inner monologue consisted heavily of “HOLY FUCK.” (PS: look at the photo of Bobby making the heart symbol, and I’m the blonde directly under his left hand. Also took the photo of him in which he looks like the ‘golden child’ haha.)

We thought that was the end of our amazing adventure, but no. They suddenly announced that wristbands #1-30 were getting into the premiere to watch the movie for free. **“HOLY SHIT!”** We walked along the orange carpet, past Robert Carlyle as he was doing a 2nd interview (the blonde looking out from Bobby’s right shoulder in the photo from his live interview is me!). 

Out of all the theatres to be placed in, we were in the one they were in. Not only that, but I was only a few rows back and across the isle from where Robert Carlyle was sitting. Holy shit again. Unreal that any of this was happening, much less that! Sitting so close to him, sharing in the experience of watching the new film for the first time, and often looking over at him during the movie to gage his reactions (lol) was absolutely incredible. And the film, oh my god. You couldn’t have asked for nor imagined a better sequel. I loved it just as much as the original and can’t wait to see it again.

So yeah, I’m still on cloud nine, still reeling from an unbelievable, unexpected, and utterly incredible day. So thankful, so very very grateful and overjoyed.

“Babe, It’s A Prank” - Derek Luh Imagine

Originally posted by skatesslut

‘It was so awkward when you and Derek left’ My best friend Tessa said. 

‘Really?’ I chuckled. ‘Why?’ 

‘Because we didn’t know what to talk about and you know how I act when I feel uncomfortable.’ She said putting her hand over her face. 

‘Aw, I’m sorry, Tess, but Derek felt really sick because his ass got drunk the night before’ I said rolling my eyes as I opened the door of my car. 

We started driving to the mall and about 4 minutes later, Tessa said ‘Oh my God, y/n’


‘We need to go back to your place’ 

‘Why?’ I asked. 

‘I left my wallet in the living room on the little table.’

‘No, no please tell me you’re lying’ I whined. 

‘I’m sorry’ 

‘Ugh’ I sighed as I we started driving again back to my and Derek’s shared house. 

‘I’ll wait for you in the car, hurry up’ I said as I parked the car in front of the house. 

‘Come with me’ She said. 

‘Why?’ I raised my eyebrow. ‘Like you don’t know how to enter my house.’ I chuckled. ‘You’re like almost every day here’ 

‘I know, but what if Nate is there? I’m not ready to face him yet’ She said. ‘C’mon, y/n’ 

‘Fuck me’ I sighed closing my eyes as I got out of the car. 

I opened the door of my house and the first thing I saw when we walked in were heels which were not mine. 

‘What the fuck?’ I asked. 

‘What-Oh, no..He can’t be-’ Tess said. 

My heart was already breaking at the thought of Derek cheating on me. That has been my biggest fear since we started dating. It’s not that I don’t trust him, but he’s a type of guy who likes to go out and party real hard. And when he gets drunk, he isn’t himself and I’ve always been scared of him might cheating. But he wasn’t drunk today and apparently my biggest nightmare is coming true. 

‘Y/n, you need to calm down-’ Tess said when she saw my chest rising up and down as my breathing got heavier. 

‘Calm down?! I swear I’ll fucking stab him if I find him with another girl in our room’ I said as I started quickly walking upstairs to where our room was. 

I opened the door and it’s like I could feel my heart shatter into a million pieces at the scene in front of me. There was him sitting shirtless on the bed and some blonde was just about to sit in his lap. 

‘Are you fucking serious?!’ 

‘Y/n, wh-what are you doing here?’

‘Derek, what the fuck is this?’ I was so pissed, I honestly was ready to kill both of them. 

‘Babe, I promise, it’s not what it looks like’ He said getting up and coming towards me. He took my hands in his, but I quickly pulled back. ‘I-I swear I can explain everything’ 

‘Oh, really? There is something to explain? Everything is pretty clear to me’

‘I’m so sorry he never told me he had a girlfriend’ The blonde said. 

‘Babe, I-’ 

‘Fuck you, Derek’ I said as I slapped him with all my strength that I had. I turned around quickly walking away. I felt so weak and hurt and I just wanted to run away because I didn’t wanna have a breakdown in front of all of them. 

‘Babe, wait’ I heard Derek running after me. 

‘Leave me alone!’ I yelled opening the front door. 

‘Y/n, wait!’ I was already outside when all of a sudden I heard Sammy’s voice. 

‘Baby, wait’ Derek said as he, Sammy, Tess and the blonde got out laughing and Sammy was videotaping everything.

‘Y/n, it’s a prank!’ Tess, the blonde and Sammy said at the same time.

‘What..? Oh my God..’ I leaned with my back against the wall of the house and slid down. Derek squatted down to me and took my face in his hands. 

‘It’s just a prank, baby’ He said as he kissed my nose.

‘You can’t do shit like this’ 

‘I’m sorry, babe. I’m so sorry, please don’t cry’ He said wiping away the tears under my eyes with his thumbs. 

He pulled me to him and I quietly whispered in his ear ‘Who’s this girl?’

‘That’s Emily, Sammy’s sister’ 

‘Hi, I’m Emily, please dont hate me, it was their idea’ She said pointing at Tess, Derek and Sammy. 

‘I’m sorry, y/n. It was originally my idea and then I talked them into this.’ Sammy said.

‘Tess? You knew about this?’ I asked. 

‘I’m so sorry’ She said laughing as she hugged me. 

‘Oh my God, I hate you all so much’ I said covering my face as Derek pulled me into a hug again.

‘Do you really think I’d cheat on my babygirl?’ He said quietly into my ear. 

‘Well, I don’t know, would you?’

‘Never in a million year. Never ever ever.’ He said leaving kisses all over my face. ‘My eyes are made only for you.’ 

‘They better be.’ I said as a small smile escaped my lips and he kissed me. 

‘Shit, babe, you slapped me really good’ 

‘That’s what you get for messing with me.’ I said. ‘Oh and I almost forgot’ 


‘No sex for a week’ 

‘What?! No, y/n-’ 

‘Oh yes. Thank Sammy for that.’ I smirked. 

‘Sam, you’re a dead man! Fuck you and your stupid pranks!’

A/N: this was so shitty, I’m so sorry :’)


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I just wanna say that!! I really love this blog!! And the whole idea of them waking up!!! Keep up the good work!!

Oh my god?? This is so nice??? This just made my day about 30x better, thank you so much friend! I’m so glad I have followers like you! I have to say, this wasn’t all my idea. I’ve kinda branched off of @ask-danganronpa-students , so I’m really not that original ^^“ I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog, though!

-Mod Ruby (also, if you guys can, please go follow @ask-danganronpa-students! Mod Lili is so nice and handles her blog really well!)

Got a basic outline of a possibility of what she would look costume wise. Without the costume, I somehow see her in glasses, but that is your choice. Please tell me more so I can come up with a better design and sorry for getting this to you late, was prepping for exams where I’m at 😅

Holy fuck I love this so fricking much! I can’t put into words how amazing this is and how much I’m fangirling over the fact that you drew my OC and oH MY GOD I’M JUST SO HAPPY 


~ M ~

GOT7 REACTION To after coming from a long tour their chubby gf lost lots of weight in a healthy way, like for doing exercise and going to the gym, also it made her more confident

Yoooo I’m here again for more updates!



“Oh wow! Is it really you? Oh my god!”


“How did you.. I mean.. You were already perfect but now you’re even more!”


“Jackson approve it! If you’re happy, I’m happy!”


“What do you think? Way better now, huh?” you ask.

“I don’t even know what to say…”


“Omg jagi! Coco-ya won’t even recognize you! But you’re so much more beautiful than before!”


“Daaang! My girl looks so fine! Just like me! C’mom baby, let’s buy some new clothes for you”.


“Jagi… wow! You’re so beautiful!”


Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

Artists on the internet being like

Oh that was just a quick sketch, took me a few minutes at max”

This one? A simple sketch, didn’t take too much of effort.”

THIS ONE? Oh my god no, it is just a sketch, so fugly, seriously, don’t look at it, k?”


“Yeah, that’s Bill, the painting took me a few hours, I put all my effort in it and I’m really proud of it c:”

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OH MY GOD YOU WROTE IT!! IT'S AMAZING AND I LOVE IT AND AND AND.... I'm taken away. Its so amazing just like its author. This was very much needed. Oh but what's gonna happen to our baby Jimin?!?! He better be okay! I'm gonna cry now... T-T

Ahhhh thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I was hoping it did the original hc justice. ;.;

Yeah, and poor Jiminnie… I wonder what’ll happen…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Officially Boyfriends (edited version)

What happens between Kurt and Blaine after the piano interrupts.  And Burt finding out.

1229 words.  Rated PG

Can be found on AO3.

Read the original Officially Boyfriends here.

After they pulled away from the second kiss, Kurt’s cell phone buzzed.  He grabbed it and saw that his dad was wondering when he’d be home that day, so he quickly typed out a text that said, ‘Be home late.  Staying to rehearse,’ sent it to his dad.  The second his phone said the message had been sent, he put his cell phone back into his pocket and began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Blaine asked, smiling since Kurt’s laughter was contagious.

Kurt took a deep breath to calm himself enough to speak.  “This whole situation,” Kurt answered, immediately cracking up again.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I’ve liked you since we met.  You went around oblivious.  You serenaded the assistant manager of the Gap,” Kurt said, causing Blaine to blush.  “You thought you weren’t gay for a week and dated Rachel Berry.  My bird dies and you suddenly realize you like me.  And then I go and lie to my dad and tell him I’m rehearsing when ‘rehearsing’ actually means ‘kissing Blaine.’  It’s just funny how it’s all panned out.”

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Hey ^^ Do you have a plot for your original story yet? If you don't mind me ask about aura, of course

Ahhhh I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply to this I’m terrible!! EReogidrghvhfe I don’t mind at all oh my god thank you so much for asking and being interested??? <3

I do have a basic outline but most of the details keep changing as I develop the world and the characters more.  I mean when I started it was sci-fi and now it’s fantasy, so I mean it really keeps changing haha. 

But I can tell you what some of the themes are, because those mostly stay the same through plot changes????

- institutionalised religion isn’t fun
- imperialism isn’t fun
- r e v o l u t i o n
- whole lot of grey morality
- a little gritty but not without hope
- bunch of misfits end up like family
- kind of an avatar/pocahontas plot at one point but less banging more friendship
- everyone fucks up especially gods
- dragon sibling bitch fight ruins entire world
- what do you mean you’re not dead
- family is the best thing ever
- family is the worst thing ever
- shapeshifting means cuddles or ripping faces off there’s no inbetween
- necromancy brings people together
- I fought for queen and country and all I got was depression and a shiny prosthetic ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
- lesbian assassin enjolras
- making deals with demons for the #aesthetic
- and many more including an entire character based solely off emma thompson because who’s going to stop me?????

IM SORRY that started out serious but I couldn’t help myself :’)

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  • Nickname: Mojo, Avacado, Avacado Mom, 
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Height: uhhh 5′3 last time i checked
  • Last thing you googled: Dairy queen song PWR BTTM
  • Favorite music artist: oh god. Mother Mother or Florence + The Machine at the momment. Kate Nash is real good tho, i like a lot
  • Song stuck in my head: Dairy Queen - PWR BTTM
  • Last movie you watched: idk man, dont watch movies much. I think it was What We Do In The Shadows which is a fucking fantastic film you you havent seen it
  • What are you wearing right now: loose P!ATD tank top and cotton pants.. flowy… things.
  • Why did you choose your URL: cus i wanted a better artist signature with more originality. couldnt decide between coffee or tea so i went with mojo. And most of my life is bittersweet so
  • Do you have any other blogs: Ye. I have a vent blog that anyone can message me for the password for. hit me up yo
  • What did your last relationship teach you?: Stop dating friends you you fuck. its not working.
  • religious or spiritual: Not in the slightest
  • Favorite colour: Purple
  • Average hours of sleep: 6-10 depending
  • Lucky number: 1029
  • Favorite characters: Ah fuck, Dirk Strider, Dave Strider, Taako Taaco, Karkat Vantas, Lup Taaco, and Kravitz to name a few
  • How many blankets do you sleep with: 1. It is very hot rn.
  • Dream job: Storyboarder.

i tag uhhh @splish-splashy. do it if you wanna

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💜💫 MARY CONGRATS ON 4K, you deserve every single one ✨

Oh my god thank you so much Sarah!! 💜💜

element: air / water / earth / fire 
season: spring / summer / autumn / winter 
time: dawn / noon / dusk / midnight 
deity: hecate / eris / peitho / eirene / iris / pasithea / nike / hebe / elpis / macaria / chloris

compliment: honestly your blog is so perfect, I’m not even sure where to start. your theme is so lovely, and your posts are absolute asthetic goals (both reblogs and original edits, which always blow me away with how gorgeous they are). also I love your updates tab, and you seem like such a lovely person? so yeah, everyone go follow this amazing blog okay, it will make your life 1000x better. 

no more please

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*curtsies incredibly deeply to make up for the last ask where I forgot to* I would never have guessed Faramir was one of your favourite characters!!! Now I need you to make one of your fantastic rants about him PRETTY PLEASE

*Curtsies* I mean mini-rant but FARAMIR IS BAE. Like, holy shit. I sort of have to equate him with Hector from the Iliad, because he is such a good fucking dude and has such bad fucking luck. Let’s start with the obvious: Denethor. Denethor is the world’s biggest dick on a stick. He has two sons, Boromir being the elder and Faramir being the younger (Nearamir I’m assuming was a twin who died at birth or something), and they are both beautiful shining examples of noble Gondorian men. But here’s the difference: Denethor loves Boromir, sends him off to do the important jobs and sings his praises, then gives Faramir fucking impossible tasks and shits all over him when he can’t pull them off. Osgiliath is overrun by orcs, the men are hopelessly outnumbered, and what does Farmir do? Does he tell his dear old Dad to suck it? No, he marches straight into the fucking death trap that is Osgiliath and in an effort to defend his men to the last is mortally injured on Pelennor Fields. And this. This bullshit is what it takes for Denethor to realize what a fucking prince his younger son is, even though everybody else knew all along. Let me give you a list of other things that make Faramir awesome:

  • Capable military commander
  • Leads an elite unit of Gondorian guerrilla warriors like an absolute boss
  • Captures Frodo and Sam and the One Ring and does what his brother was too weak to do and lets them go because the fate of Middle Earth is more important than his personal glory. Listen to what he says: “ But fear no more! I would not take this thing, if it lay by the highway. Not were Minas Tirith falling in ruin and I alone could save her, so, using the weapon of the Dark Lord for her good and my glory. No, I do not wish for such triumphs, Frodo son of Drogo .” (Drops mic)
  • Is Pippin’s mentor when he joins the guard and is fucking adorable
  • Does whatever his douchebag of a dad asks without complaining even if every intelligent person in Minas Tirith knows it’s a suicide mission

So, what happens when Faramir is grievously injured and Denethor realizes that because of his poor leadership Minas Tirith is crumbling under him? HE DECIDES TO GO OUT IN A FUCKING BLAZE OF GLORY AND TAKE HIS COMATOSE KID WITH HIM. THAT’S RIGHT, MEN OF THE WEST, YOUR STEWARD IS ABOUT TO BURN HIS SON ALIVE BECAUSE HE CAN’T COPE WITH HIS OWN FAILURE. FUCK YOU, DENETHOR, YOU SELFISH SWINE. 

Fortunately Gandalf arrives in time to put a stop to this nutfuckery, Denethor is burnt to a crisp and Faramir is conveyed to the healers. But this isn’t the end, even though the movies don’t really bother to go into it (even in the extended editions this stuff is kind of sadly curtailed). Guess who else is wandering around the Houses of Healing recovering from grievous battle injuries? Eowyn. She’s frustrated that she can’t get back on the field and die for her cause, her unhappiness compounded by the fact that Aragorn doesn’t love her. And what happens here? Faramir talks to her. He talks and listens and convinces her that she has something to live for. He validates all of her goals and desires and griefs, but persuades her that getting herself killed is not the answer. Instead of sitting around pouting about how he’s missing out on the big battle, he talks to Eowyn, and is humble and gracious and absolutely fucking precious and oh also totally in love with her. And you know what? Eventually she realizes (because she’s not an idiot) that pining for Aragorn is a waste of her awesomeness. And what does she say to Faramir, who has loved her all this time and patiently waited for her to reciprocate his feelings? “I no longer desire to be a queen.” He has taught her to value herself and her own life and at the same time has taught her that humility is so much more important than glory. 

And he goes on to be a way better Steward than his dad and he and Eowyn get married and have a son together and basically live happily ever after and oh my god literally nobody deserves it more. Farawyn forever. These two are my original OTP and Faramir was one of my first fictional crushes and bro I cannot even tell you how much I love this man. Do yourself a favor and read LOTR if you haven’t because this Faramir is my bae and does not get half the love he deserves.

IKON REACTION: Then they found out that you listen to other music styles like pop-punk, rock, metal, power metal apart from Kpop/Khiphop




He’d listen with you, without any problem, but would feel a little jealous, so while you aren’t looking, he’d download some of his favorite songs on your cellphone, just to piss you.


“Nothing, jagi”


“OH! Show me, jagi! This looks very interesting!”


He would ask you what you are listening to every five minutes to annoy you a little bit.

“Do you understand what they say?! I just hear shouts, Y/N!”

“Some problem? Or do you think I understand everything you say when you start rapping very fast?”


He’d like to know more about your tastes, then he would sit next to you to hear the musics. “Ohhh they’re so nice, jagi!”


“How can you like them?”

“Linsten to their voices! They’re absolutely wonderful! And the drum with the electric guitars… Oh god… This is so much perfection for a band!”

“WHAT? My voice is much better than theirs, and I can do all that they do with the guitars!” but internally he would be thinking “Oh god… Why they are so good?”


He’d think that it’s normal then he wouldn’t have much reaction, but he’d like to see you all excited listening to musics so differents from his.

~ADM Misso, Cherry & Pandacchi

GIF Credits to Their Original Owners!

What about Young Avengers, is that the one where most of them are sexually ambiguous, and where does one start reading that?

One of my followers just sent me this ask - possibly with the intent of staying anonymous and receiving a short answer, so I won’t be addressing that person directly - and for my own pleasure I thought I’d put a bit of thought into laying out what each entry into the Young Avengers canon adds to the whole, and where the best place to start might be.

Young Avengers vol.1 (Heinburg/Cheung), 2005

  • What is a sidekick?
  • Why doesn’t Marvel have sidekicks?
  • What is the legacy of the original Avengers?
  • What can we include in this comic and still be considered a child-friendly and wholesome part of this important company?
  • Introduces Patriot, Asgardian (later Wiccan), Hulkling, Iron Lad, a younger and rather different version of the Vision, Speed, Stature (formerly a civilian character dating back to 1975) and Kate-Bishop-Hawkeye-not-female!Hawkeye


  • Helped to usher in the age of TV-friendly ‘uncomicy’ comics, using the talents of a writer not known for comics to create relateable characters with snappy but believable dialogue
  • Pioneered the idea of gay heroes as something other than an adult concept, a throwaway concept, or an unwholesome concept


  • What is clever or unique about this comic has completely collapsed in the last decade. That is to its credit as an important work, but also to its detriment as a readable and unique run.
  • The comic is a lot more fun with a solid knowledge of the history of the Avengers.
  • Started with a disappointingly laddish setup, and only added two female characters during its run.
  • Cheung draws iconically bad faces in the background of crowd scenes, and it’s really funny but sometimes super-distracting.
  • Pacing issues: the first half is fast-paced setup, but the middle suddenly slows down a lot. Both speeds work but they’re a little jarring together.

You should know:

  • The original Avengers, within their first four issues, included Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp. The second wave introduced Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye. The Vision, and Black Widow showed up on and off between these dates. Captain Marvel and Mockingbird were slightly later characters.
  • Scarlet Witch’s character has been bounced around over the years. Introduced as an early mutant, with Romani-Jewish heritage, she was the twin sister of the firey and overprotective Quicksilver. Her powers allow her to manipulate probability. Early in her history it was revealed that she and Quicksilver were the children of Magneto (this is currently being written out of canon for Probably Racist Reasons relating to casting in Age of Ultron but at the time of writing Young Avengers, was a vital part of her story). At one time she gave birth to twin boys, fathered by her husband, the android Vision. These two were eventually reclaimed as parts of the soul of a demon - Vision cannot conceive naturally, and Scarlet Witch had caused them to come into being. She had a breakdown and her friends conspired to keep from her that she had ever had children, fearing the extent of her powers if she should suffer from further mental instability.
  • She found out.
  • In Avengers Disassembled, Scarlet Witch snapped. She reanimated the body of the recently-deceased Jack Of Hearts, sending him into Avengers Mansion and blowing him up. Then the alien Kree attacked. In the ensuing events, Hawkeye and Ant-Man (Scott Lang) were killed, and in her rage, She-Hulk murdered the Vision and injured others.
  • The Avengers were disbanded. Magneto took Scarlet Witch away to try and help her recover. Former Avengers alumni were in two minds about whether to try to help her, or punish her for such a cruel attack.
  • There was now a power vacuum in New York which was not filled by the Fantastic Four alone.
  • Earth is in a place of strategic importance for the warring Kree and Skrull races. The Skrull are shapeshifters obsessed with wiping out the Fantastic Four, because they were routinely outwitted and humiliated by Reed Richards in their early appearances. They created a vicious super-soldier known as the Super Skrull who had all the powers of the Fantastic Four. He was, inevitably, defeated.
  • The Kree are on better terms with humanity in that the original (male) Captain Marvel was actually a Kree from a subclass with a more human appearance than was known to humanity at the time. This was revealed upon his death and when powers were granted to his successor Ms. Marvel (later Captain Marvel).
  • The Kree and Skrull are not usually presented as a massive threat to humanity as a whole, but oh my god, they hate each other so much.
  • Another recurring bad dude with a varying threat level is Kang the Conqueror, a time-travelling douchebag who keeps trying to mess up the current timeline to get his way in the future. In the future he seems to be very powerful.
  • Captain America - an import character from the company which relaunched as Marvel Comics in the 1960s - had had a young sidekick, Bucky. When Young Avengers was written, Bucky was dead. Captain America is deeply traumatised by this. He is also extremely influential. Bucky is why we don’t have sidekicks in Marvel Comics.
  • MGH, or Mutant Growth Hormone, is produced in the bodies of mutants. It has shown up as a street drug used by ordinary humans for some years. It’s a dangerous drug which can cause mutant-like superpowers in the user.
  • Yes, all of this is actually important before you read Young Avengers. You can thank me later.

Young Avengers Presents (Various), 2008

  • What’s it like to be a black American bearing the burden of the name 'Patriot’?
  • How are things going with Speed and Wiccan?
  • There have been sightings of the original Captain Marvel recently. Isn’t that going to be weird for Hulkling?
  • Vision has some very familiar personality traits. How’s that going for Cassie?
  • Is there room for two Hawkeyes in New York?
  • What if your powers could easily hurt the people close to you? How do your responsibilities towards your family rank against your responsibilities towards the general public?


  • This is a series of semi-related single issue stories of varying artistic and literary quality. Some are really excellent but others are content to coast on the back of a good initial idea.
  • Ties up a lot of loose ends brought up by other then-recent storylines in Marvel.
  • Introduces the now-iconic relationship between Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye.
  • Several issues skirt around power balance between male and female characters. Remarkably, I don’t recall any sexism coming out of this.


  • Artistic variation is great fun, but at least one of these issues was particularly ugly, and a disservice to its powerful female characters.
  • Though this seems like a good place to start, the individual questions it asks are already deeply embedded in the backstories of these recently-created characters (and Cassie).
  • These stories are mostly endings, not beginnings. Again, I probably wouldn’t start here.

You should know:

  • Hawkeye is now alive again (this kind of thing happens a lot).
  • Captain America is now dead.
  • Bucky is now alive.
  • Scarlet Witch is still having a bad time. In the House of M event she created an alternate universe for herself, where her family were at the heart of things and her father, Magneto, ruled her world. All mutants present when this illusion was broken were able to protect themselves and retain their powers. All mutants not present when this illusion was broken have lost their powers. No new mutants are being born. 198 mutants remain, and are under threat.
  • Scarlet Witch has now disappeared completely.
  • Depowered mutants include Magneto and Quicksilver. Wiccan and Speed still have their powers.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (Heinburg/Cheung), 2010

  • Where’s Scarlet Witch?
  • Will the mutant population ever recover after what she did to them?
  • Why do Wiccan and Speed resemble each other so closely?
  • Can Magneto ever be the good guy?


  • A more relaxed story from the original creators of the Young Avengers.
  • Does a lot to contextualise and repair the messy storyline of Scarlet Witch.
  • Humanises Magneto without taking anything away from his story.


  • Massively linked to other Avengers stories. Although I started here, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for people who haven’t read House of M and its associated comics.
  • Focus is very much on Wiccan, which seems to happen a lot.
  • Speed’s backstory was ripe for exploration, but this never happens.

You should know:

  • Dr Doom is a despotic ruler in the small fictional European country of Latveria. A scientist of Roma heritage, he suffered terrible injuries in a lab accident at university, which he blames Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four for. His armour is magic, but it’s also there to hide his face, which he was previously quite vain about. For him, there doesn’t seem to be a strong distinction between magic and science.
  • The Avengers are back again. They’re in an awkward position with the Young Avengers, who did a lot to help out while they were in disarray.
  • Rictor of X-Factor has recently attempted suicide. He can’t process how different and terrible he feels without his powers. Quicksilver seems to have a bit of a thing for him. Their relationship is exploitative and a little dangerous.
  • Quicksilver is possibly on the rebound after the mother of his child kicked him out permanently during the events of Son of M, during which he was undoubtedly the bad guy, stealing the Terrigen Crystals which were sacred to the Inhuman people in order to try and regain his own powers and induce new mutations in the human race. (Some of this is possibly a good idea, but he should probably have been talking to people about this stuff.)

Young Avengers vol. 2 (Gillen/McKelvie), 2013

  • What does it feel like to be young?
  • Why does anybody decide to be a superhero?
  • Where’s the dividing line between an adult and a child?
  • What can we do that you can’t?


  • Part of Marvel NOW!, it’s the poster child for the creative flexibility Marvel is now allowing for many creators.
  • It’s got a lot of big ideas, it’s glamorous and it’s fun.
  • McKelvie, who learned to draw as an adult and had formerly drawn with a noticeable stiff quality, is completely on form throughout the run, creating big graphic splashes which are laid out to show you what it is that only comics can do.
  • The phrase 'down with the kids’ should never ever ever be used, but this iteration of the story is noticeably sharper when it comes to the use of technology, music, and language.
  • It is going to date horribly and I love that.
  • The queerest comic ever to come out of the House Of Ideas, with a natural buildup and no focus on the gays.


  • With very little down-time for the characters, it can feel hard to know them as people.
  • One volume is literally titled Style Over Substance, a criticism the creators knew the book was likely to inspire.
  • Even though it’s the most stand-alone of the series so far, it isn’t necessarily a good jumping-on point, as the heart of the characters is something that’s implied, but lacks development.
  • Patriot wasn’t available to be used by the creators; he was supposedly tied up in a different project (my suspicion is that he was a candidate for the black Captain America relaunch, but that Falcon’s increased popularity after the Winter Soldier film swayed the decision in his favour). Unlike Hawkeye, who was also being used elsewhere, and whose author would check in with Gillen to make sure her storyline added up, Gillen clearly didn’t know what Patriot was supposed to be up to. His unexplained absence is jarring and irritating.
  • Fails to pick up any of the loose ends from earlier stories.
  • Characters added to the team still tend to be male. Gillen has his reasons but agrees that the end result is a little unfortunate in that respect.
  • Fan-favourite Wiccan remains at the forefront, though Gillen uses Hulkling to develop the story with a broader focus.
  • The eventual conclusion that everyone’s pretty gay seemed a bit contrived in the way that it played out, but that’s probably just the fact that I was reading the singles so the pacing was off - also I’ve never read anything with so many queer characters, so it stood out as unlikely, despite the fact that many social groups in real life bond over commonalities like this.

You should know:

  • Everything which happened in Young Avengers vol.1 and in Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, ideally.
  • Furthermore, you should know that:
  • Loki is currently a child. In Gillen’s excellent run on Journey Into Mystery, he was dead, and caused himself to be brought back as an innocent child, literally haunted by his original self. The young Loki was feared and distrusted and had a generally unpleasant life. Though his mother supported him, she used him for political ends, and he had very little that was pleasant around him. Leah of Hel was pleasant; a companion obliged to observe him and report to her mistress. Her initial dislike ebbed into genuine friendship of a unique kind.
  • He was forced to betray her to save everything he loved. His original personality now uses the child’s body, and nobody knows this. He has grown through his experiences and still feels quite conflicted about the fact that he’s technically murdered a child in cold blood, even though he was the child in question.
  • Marvel Boy is a Kree with a fairly human appearance and a strong attachment to the people of Earth. He was created with a good deal of cockroach DNA, improving and enhancing various physical qualities. Gillen and McKelvie say that Marvel wouldn’t let them give him two dicks, and I doubt they were joking.
  • Prodigy is a depowered mutant. His power let him store and access the memories of people with whom he came into contact. Though his power is gone, the memories remain.
  • The Avengers have been back for ages, tolerating the existence of the Young Avengers with varying levels of disapproval.

Honorable Mentions

  • The Young Avengers were heavily involved in the Civil War storyline. It was an enormous cross-company story with a somewhat unsatisfying narrative arc, and a bad place to start reading about them unless you were already reading Civil War.
  • They were also involved in Siege. I’ve read quite a lot of Siege without making any sense of the main storyline. It probably isn’t a good place for anybody to start reading anything. Dark Reign is everything which happened after and/or because of the main Siege story.
  • They have a crossover storyline with the Runaways, who were the only other active young team to not be part of a larger organisation. The Runaways were originally created by Brian K. Vaughan, the guy behind Saga, so they’re pretty interesting characters. I would still doubt that this was a good place to start, as this was a part of the Secret Invasion storyline.
  • The Young Avengers were involved in the 2014 story Original Sins, a spinoff of the main Original Sin event story. Over the course of five issues, various peripheral characters appeared for the first half of each issue, the Young Avengers took the second half, and a two-page story had the end. This was a decent little standalone story, with writing from Ryan North, the guy behind the iconic webcomic Dinosaur Comics. It only featured three of the team - Hulkling, Prodigy and Marvel Boy - as they investigated an unusual problem involving The Hood. Good if you’re following Original Sin, great if you know the characters, and even better if you’ve been reading what The Hood was up to in his own comics. Not a terrible place to start reading, but why start at the end?
  • Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye (2012) is just so great. Clint Barton and Kate Bishop fight crime. She is not his sidekick. Not really a Young Avengers comic if it only features one Young Avenger, but I’d be wrong not to mention it here.

So really, where should I start?

  • It depends on whether you want to read all of them, and what you intend to get out of them.
  • YA vol.1 is where it all started. But you have to read it in the context of the time it was written - at the cusp of the beginning of the current more naturalistic comics style.
  • YA vol.2 is what you’ve been hearing about on tumblr. It’s got great art and it’s colourful, fun, and clever. But you won’t feel a lot for the characters if you start here.
  • Children’s Crusade is really a very good halfway point if you make sure you know what the leadup was before you read it.
  • I don’t really recommend Presents out of context.
  • You should probably start with YA vol.1 unless you’re really not sure that you’ll carry on reading. It’s a good place to start, but you might not get what all the fuss is about.
  • Have fun. You are so lucky to be starting to read this series with no knowledge of what’s ahead of you.

Little Gem Monster AU

Tom woke up yawning giving a slight stretch. He smiled hearing a small purring noise. He chuckled seeing the head peaking out from his hoodie. He gave a grin carefully rolling over and standing up.

The only response given by Scrib was an annoyed peep. Tom rolled his eyes moving faster and slipping out of the cave silently muttering. “Thank you” he said to no one in particular. He smiled sniffing the ground before pulling out Scrib from his hoodie.

He sat back on all fours nuzzling the small child unable to control the joy that was going through him. Scrib peeped patting Tom’s face annoyed with his tiny paws that could barely move. Tom smiled turning Scrib around as he began grooming his hair.

He snorted noticing the small spikes Scrib gained. They looked much like his own except a lot fluffier. Scrib huffed trying to push him away. He gave a few angry squeaks whining. “No way Mister we are not going any further until you are clean. I gotta show you off silly” he said walking. Tom sniffed around before thinking and standing up. He smiled cradling Scrib and jogging. “I know I have a bag nearby…I think it’s by the old willow. If I can get it I can give you a clean diaper…and clothes that are probably way too big…maybe just the shirt will work for now” he said smiling.

Tom continued his journey avoiding all the rocks and stones not wanting to trudge through the forest humming before singing softly. “You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey~” he sang sweetly.

He grinned as he heard Scrib happily purring and squeaking. “Oh you like that huh?” He asked laughing. Tom hummed happily running along singing. Scrib added his own input with various squeaks and purrs.

As he rushed along the ground seemed so much more familiar. He smiled rushing ahead spotting the willow before freezing. In front of the tree were two smashed shells. He shivered looking at them before turning away going over to a branch and tugging. He stepped back covering Scrib with a large paw.

He watched as the bag fell sighing in relief it didn’t land on him. He slowly opened it noticing that everything was in before freezing. He reached in pulling out a picture. It was a picture of him and Jon. Tom could only freeze before thinking ‘is…is he even alive?’ He thought.

That night long ago when his eggs were smashed. He gripped the picture tightly letting out a growl. He heard a squeaked looking down frowning. “Sorry baby daddy didn’t mean to scare you” he said  kissing his head.

He sighed putting the picture down worried. “Please…please God let him be okay…I can’t raise Scrib on my own” he whispered. Scrib purred smiling at his father whining as he was being dressed. “Shh you need a diaper and clothes you can’t stay cold ya dork” he teased.

He smiled finishing up nuzzling his baby. “If only you could shift. I could carry you in my jaws but this form doesn’t have enough scruff” he said zipping the bag closed and carrying Scrib.

He smiled holding Scrib on one side and his bag on the other. He continued his walk eyes glazed over with hurt. “Hey Scrib… You love daddy right?” He asked holding Scrib close as he walked. Scrib squeaked nuzzling Tom’s chest. “Heh…you sound like you understand me. That’s good your a smart boy” he said kissing his head.

He continued walking humming before walking faster. Everything was looking so familiar. He began sprinting off in a run. “I’m almost home. We’re almost home baby” he said excitedly.

Tom smiled as he passed familiar areas before laughing as the familiar scent of his friend’s failed territory markings hit him. “Oh my gosh they’ll love you!” He said happily.

Scrib simply stuck out his tongue before nibbling at Tom’s paws with his small gums. As Tom ran he noticed the house making hive laugh happily. “I’m home!  We’re home!” He cheered.

As he went close he could hear Matt and Edd arguing over a show. He rolled his eyes laughing. “Typical….okay sorry if this scares you baby” he said smiling at Scrib before taking a deep breath and kicking his paw at the door. “Hey fuckers guess who’s home!” He said.

Matt fell off the couch screeching holding his heart. “Jesus…wait no…THOMAS!!!!” He screamed rushing over to hug his friend.

Edd shot up eyes wide. He began sniffling tears pricking his eyes. “You alive!” He said running over.

Tom held a paw out stopping them. Scrib held onto him peeping terrified. “Guys please calm down” he said chuckling tearing up.

“Is that your baby?” Matt asked softly looking at the small creature. “Yes it is…his names Scrib” he said softly. He smiled lifting Scrib and handing him to Matt carefully.

“He looks like you a lot and look he has hair spikes!” Matt said happily.

Edd didn’t speak instead he pounced hugging Tom tightly. “You should have come back sooner…we missed you so much…we…I thought…I thought he hurt you” Edd whispered softly.

“I’m okay Edd. I promise” he said sighing.

Edd smiled laughing as he hugged Tom tighter “so what’s with the name Scribs?” He asked. Tom blushed looking away. “I uh…was originally gonna call him Scrubs but Scribs sounded better” he said.

Edd began laughing looking at Tom. “Oh my god Tom why?” He asked falling and rolling around. Tom huffed looking away. “Get up and meet your Nephew you need” he said.

Matt whined looking at Tom “but I wanted to hold him longer” he said. “Matt give Edd a turn” he said chuckling.

Edd smiled eagerly holding his little Nephew. “I love him already. Imma spoil him rotten and you can’t tell me no Tommy!” He purred.

Tom laughed smiling he felt so much better. “I’m so tired and hungry” he said laughing.

Behind them a worried voice sounded. “I..I heard screaming next door and saw the door was down are you guys okay?!” It asked.

Tom froze slowly turning eyes widening at what he saw. Before him stood his mate. Jon’s eyes widened as if seeing a ghost.

They stood their afraid unsure of what to do. “Don’t just stand there say you missed each other!!” Edd huffed shoving Tom.

Tom gasped stumbling forward his hands reaching out to catch himself. He felt arms wrapped around him pulling him close. The scent that his nose made him just do the same. “J-jon?” He asked softly wanting to believe that this was real.

He didn’t want this to be a dream. He didn’t want to wake up to see crushes eggs and a dead mate. He didn’t want anymore nightmares.

“I’m here it’s okay I’m here” Jon said tearing up as he hugged Tom tightly. Tom teared up unable to help himself as he began sobbing clinging to the other tightly. “I missed you so much” he cried.

“I know. I know and I’m so sorry I left. I just couldn’t let him get away with crushing them. I just couldn’t!” He said moving to kiss at Tom’s face.

Tom smiled softly kissing him back. “I know…God I love you so much please don’t let go” he begged nuzzling Jon.

Tom shot away remembering something as he heard a soft peep. Edd handed him the baby gently smiling widely.

“Look Jon! Look he hatched!” He said excitedly showing Scrib to Jon. He gave a gasp tearing up smiling. “He made it…our egg made it” Jon said grabbing the baby and hugging him close listening to his purrs. Scrib smiled nuzzling his father paws reaching to feel at him.

“He’s so beautiful… He’s perfect Tom” Jon said kissing the child’s forehead. He looked up smiling as Tom hugged him and the baby. “What did you name him?” He asked softly.

“Oh…I named him Scrib” he said softly looking at Jon chuckling. “Scrib huh? I like it” Jon said.

They were happy. Everything was okay. Everyone was together once again and tomorrow could only lead to adventure and experience.

Author: me

Creator of these two lil cuties: @gooey-draws-shit

Plot and ideas: me and GooBear.

On Celene I, Empress of Orlais

I suddenly find myself in need of talking about Celene, because she’s a rather shadowy and mysterious figure, yet so fascinating – women of power usually do that to me, lbh. This is probably going to be meta mixed with headcanons, but here goes.

Disclaimer: Spoilers for Asunder, and probably the Masked Empire

Celene was born in 9:04, 2 years after Maric took the throne in Ferelden and the former colony freed herself from Orlais’ clutches. She ascended the throne at 16 – which would place her coronation around 9:20, when Maric was still King – and would make her 27 when the Fifth Blight ends in 9:31. Gaider specified she never married, and she is apparently romantically involved with her handmaiden and spymaster, an elf called Briala.

Her codex entry states that her ascension to power is quite unclear, as she was far from having the stronger claim once Emperor Florian, her uncle, passed away. It is rumored that she had her uncle assassinate, and had then to negotiate –whatever this may mean – with her older cousins and master the maze that is Orlesian politics. At 16, let me emphasize this again. This shows some wicked abilities and an exceptional intelligence. She’s pretty much a political genius.

Keep reading

The Deeper You Go Ch2 - Crispy's lament
The Deeper You Go Ch2 - Crispy's lament

*LAUGHING AND CRYING* I SUNG A SONG ABOUT honeywaspkittenbaby‘s fanfic. Very sorry for the bad singing haahaha- my voice is still weary from all the tears–  I just needed this to feel a bit better hhMM


Heart and soul, 
this fanfic destroyed my 
heart and soul 
This chapter was way too angsty 
There’s no way I’ll survive 

I don’t know 
Why Fiddleford was such  
an asshole
I guess he has all his reasons 
but still that was so messed up   
(Poor Stanford, Jesus-) 

Really though,
this fic was really great
even though
it ripped my heart out of my chest 
*dramatically*oH gOD iT hUuuRtS So mUcH 

Heart and soul,
I trust you with my life and
heart and soul
I need a happy endiiiing nooooowwww
Otherwise I will diiiiiieeeee   

(original song by hoagy carmichael)

Not-so Instant Reactions - 2009 and Dreams Come True

Oh you guys. I was so verklempt last night I could barely string words together. Sobbing my eyes out, but smiling. Heart breaking and soaring at the same time. The pairing of those two episodes was absolutely perfect to bring us full circle. And not only did everyone get their happily-ever-after, but we saw more of it than I could have ever dreamed. I miss them all already, but I feel so at peace about it, because I know they’re all okay. Better than okay. Dreams come true, indeed.

Things that made me cry:

  • Lonely, isolated, possibly-suicidal Kurt. Oh god, it was like the lowest parts of Season 2 but even worse. Except not, because we as the audience know just how much better it’s going to get.
  • Kurt’s internal voice, still so afraid to come out to his dad.
  • All of the talking about Finn. I felt his absence so acutely.
  • When they switched to the original Pilot footage for Don’t Stop Believin’. Ugly, ugly cry.
  • “Teach Your Children Well.” Say what you will about Schuester, this was perfect. And knowing this was the last scene they filmed and watching everyone crying… oh man.
  • MERCEDES. Everything about her scene, from the speech and her voice cracking, to the song and the way it was staged, to “Mercedes Jones has left the building.” Sobbing.
  • The rededication of the auditorium, the joy of “I Lived,” and the final shot on the plaques. Wow.

Things that made me gasp:

  • Terri and the (glue) gun. Way to set the scene and bring us back to the Pilot.
  • Every outfit I recognized from the pilot on every single one of them, the gloves for “Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat,” the whole thing.
  • Blaine in the Lima Bean. Near Misses, indeed.
  • The escalator when they moved Kurt and Blaine from present day to the future. I can’t stop watching it. It is mesmerizing to me.
  • Pregnant surrogate Rachel! Married to Jesse!

Things that made me sigh with fondness, nostalgia, etc.:

  • So many references in 2009 to things that would happen within just a few episodes.
  • Lillian Adler. “Glee, by its very nature, is about opening yourself up to joy.” What a moment.
  • Sam as New Directions coach
  • Kurt and Blaine talking to Sue. That was the kindest, warmest fourth-wall break we’ve ever seen and it was perfect.
  • Sam at Schue’s house while they watched the Tonys.

Things that made me laugh:

  • Rachel talking at hyper-speed in 2009, so intense and crazy. PERFECT.
  • Howard Bamboo, fearing he’d never live his dream of being in a men’s a capella group.
  • Sue’s perfect description of Season 1 Kurt. Oh how droll.
  • Sue and Will’s duet. Never would have wanted it, but it was perfect. Their facial expressions, her refusal to let him have an emotional moment when the song was done, and of course, knocking the bench out from under poor Brad.
  • Emma’s face when Terri and Will hugged.