oh god the mid-season finale


“It was 15 hours to Berkeley, at least that’s what we told each other; really it was 7. But when you drive slow and stop for gas all the time and grab dinner and hit traffic, oh thank God for traffic, the hours add up and the moments slip away. Matty and I still had a lot to figure out, but we knew that somehow we would. We jumped through too many hoops to let a little thing like distance come between us. We wouldn’t let it because deep down we knew that love would conquer all.”

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“… of course that’s not quite what happened.” 

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Mid-season finale of Shadowhunters

I just watched last weeks episode and I have some things to let out.

-Malec “I love you” was the best thing ever!

-Alaric :’(

-Simon is a daylighter!

-Clace sibling thing finally debunked (so glad that charade is over)

-Speaking of siblings, I’m pretty sure that was Sebastian at the end that took the sword!

-I had the biggest ‘oh thank god’ moment when Raphael wasn’t dead.

After they killed off Joecelyn. I was hesitant to continue watching, but I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m excited for 2B and can’t wait for June!

Meanwhile in the underworld
  • Hook : *talking to Liam*
  • Emma : *arrives*
  • Emma : Oh my god killian
  • Hook : Emma??
  • *they hug*
  • Liam : *coughs awkwardly* is this the one you were talking about Killian
  • Hook : Yea, I told you she was hooked on me
  • Emma :
  • Emma :
  • Emma : I come to the underworld, literal hell to save your ass and you thank me with a bad pun
  • Hook : If it's a bad pun why are you laughing
  • Emma : Oh come here you
  • *kissy kissy*

SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 7
Tags: @one-shots-supernatural
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words: 2,973 (my longest one; 5 ½ pages typed)
Warnings: language maybe, some fluff, make out session (I think)
Prompt: “Oh my god, you’re in love!”
A/N: Starts off in Jensen’s POV. Italics mean flashback, thoughts or emphasized words. Bold Italics mean flashback thoughts or prompt. Credit goes to the writers for the lines I used from the episode “O Brother Where Art Thou”.

I sat down, running a hand through my hair. We had finally finished filming the ninth episode for this season, which is going to be the mid-season finale.  After hours of working on getting it right, we finally gave them what they wanted. I still can’t get the scene out of my head, though.

“Action!” Bob called after directing us on what we should do for this scene. I was already in character before he even told us to begin. Y/N was standing in front of me in character as well. “What is it exactly that you want?” I asked, my voice representing Dean and not me. “When you make the world of bliss and peace, what’s in it for you?” “What I deserve,” Y/N replied, her voice representing Amara and not her. “Which is?” I questioned. “Everything,” she said, simply.

“I was the beginning and I will be the end. I will be all that there is.”

“So, you’re it,” I began, turning away from her like the stage directions had said. “That would make you God.” “No, God was the Light. I’m the Dark,” she clarified. I’m surprised I haven’t messed up, I thought as I reached into the jacket I was wearing as part of the costume. I pulled out the silver blade Dean uses, holding onto it. “Then what?” I asked, still acting like Dean. “That’s all you need to know for now,” she replied, still in character. I gripped the handle of the blade and quickly turned to plunge the blade into her, but stopped a few inches from her abdomen.

“Cut! Remove the prop!” I heard Bob call, but didn’t look away from Y/N, knowing I’d have to stay in my current position. The prop person grabbed the prop from me as Bob called, “Action!” as soon as she had walked off camera. I looked at Y/N with a stunned expression as she looked up at me through her lashes like she was told. “You had to know that was pointless,” she said, lifting her head to look me in the eyes. “I know that you’re a warrior and your instinct is to resist. But I can’t be resisted.”

I could feel my heart beating wildly in my chest at the thought of what was to happen very shortly. She walked closer to me and took my face in her hands. Her mouth opens slightly as if Amara was about to take Dean’s soul. My lips parted subconsciously, but I saw the expression on her face as if Amara had changed her mind about taking Dean’s soul. She leans in closer to me and by the time she closed the space between us and our lips connected, my heart stopped. I wasn’t supposed to kiss back right away, but I’m actually surprised I listened this time. All the other times I had a kissing scene, I responded too quickly and we had to redo it.

Without even thinking twice, I kissed her back and fought the urge to pull her closer to me. I’m guessing she sensed it because she deepened the kiss while slightly pulling me closer. I didn’t even hear Bob yell, “Cut!” until she pulled away.
*End of Flashback*

After the scene was done and perfected to how Bob wanted it, Y/N had run off before I could even say anything to her. She was red in the face when she left and I haven’t seen her the rest of the day. Did she run off because of the kiss? No, she couldn’t have. She probably had somewhere to be. But…what if she did run off because of the kiss? I mean, it’s the only kissing scene the two of us have to do. Who knows why she ran off.

Reader’s POV
You rushed out of the costume trailer and found Ruth waiting for you. Ever since you’ve been put on the show, you and her have become great friends. Besides, you’d rather be friends with her now so you two have that chemistry when you work together later on. Even though you don’t have the script for that episode yet, the writers suggested the two of you get to know each other beforehand so you know if the both of you have any problems or not.

“We’re still going out for lunch, yes?” you questioned, running a hand through your (y/h/c) hair. She nodded, gesturing towards the exit of the studio area. “Lead the way,” she said with her thick Scottish accent. You chuckled, walking ahead of her so she could follow you to your car.

You and Ruth sat down in a booth away from the windows, knowing fans would probably spot you. You loved the fans, but some of them were not as great as you thought. To be honest, you had gotten some social media hate from the “Destiel” shippers. You ignore it, however, because you know that it will most likely pass once this season is over. Also, you’ll be working on a movie after this is all over and you don’t have to worry about what people are going to say about you.

You and Ruth ordered drinks and food, patiently waiting for your orders to arrive. “So I heard you were working with Jensen today. How was that?” Ruth questioned, a small smile appearing on her face. You let out a sigh. “Nerve racking, to be honest. I mean, it was my first kissing scene, so of course I was nervous. Other than that, he’s a great actor,” you replied, shrugging as you took a sip of your lemonade.

“I meant the kissing scene, darling,” she said. You put the glass down, letting out another sigh. “I…um…there’s nothing to say about it, really,” you told her. “Did he kiss you back?” she asked. You rolled your eyes. “He had to, Ruth,” you said like it was obvious. “Besides, it ended pretty quickly since Bob called ‘Cut!’ before we could continue with the scene. We had to redo the kiss like twice and then he told Jensen to push me away quicker so we could finish filming.”

You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, looking down at your lap. “Darling, just tell the lad,” she said. You looked up her, knowing automatically what she was telling you to do. You shook your head. “No, I…I can’t do that,” you told her. “And why’s that? Tell him how you feel. Maybe he’ll feel the same,” she said. You were about to tell her the reason why you couldn’t tell him, but the waiter had come back to your table with your meals.

Jensen’s POV
“Jensen, what the hell, man? We were supposed to go to lunch. Where were you?” Jared asked as he walked into my trailer. “Sorry, man. Had to clear my head,” I replied. I was on the roof of my trailer, doing some Tai Chi to help me relax and hopefully clear my mind. I had just gotten done changing back into my normal work clothes when Jared knocked on the door.

“It has to do with your scene with Y/N today, doesn’t it?” he asked with a smirk. I scoffed, walking towards the kitchen area in my trailer. “No, it doesn’t,” I replied, opening the fridge and grabbing a water bottle. “Yes it does. You’ve been working on it with her the past week and you never do that with any woman you’ve had a scene with,” he informed me. I shook my head, turning around and leaning against the counter. “I’m surprised you even paid attention to that,” I said with a chuckle before opening the water bottle and taking a sip.

“Seriously, Jay. You were always asking her to work on your scenes together,” he said. I shrugged, putting the bottle down. “I just wanted to work on our scenes together so I can understand how she acts things out without having the directors and writers breathing down her neck. Is it a crime if I give her some pointers and maybe a little bit of direction?” I said. “No, but-” he started, but I cut him off. “Then don’t worry about it,” I told him. “I’ve also noticed the lingering touches whenever you two are together along with the look in your eyes when you talk about her and…” he trailed off, a look of realization on his face. “Oh my God.” “What?” I questioned, slightly irritated that he brought this up. I took another sip of water. “Oh my God, you’re in love!” he shouted, a small smile appearing on his face.

I coughed, setting down my bottle of water as I started to cough even more. “What?” I choked out, trying to get my breathing under control. “You heard me, Jensen,” he said, not repeating himself. After my coughing fit, I shook my head. “No,” I said. “No, I’m…I’m not…with her?” I stuttered out. “Yes you are. Don’t deny it. What expression did I have when I fell for Gen?” he questioned. “Like the happiest puppy in the world,” I responded. He hit my shoulder. “Jay, I’m serious,” he said. “And I’m not?” I questioned. He gave me the ‘Sam bitch face’, causing me to sigh. “Fine. You looked like you met your soulmate. You had this look of adoration on your face as if Gen was the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world,” I told him. “And that’s what you look like whenever you talk about Y/N or work with her,” he said. “I saw it when you two first started working together.”

I shook my head. “No. No, Jared, I…” I started, but he cut me off. “Just admit it, Jensen. Admit that your palms get clammy and your heart starts beating out of your chest whenever you’re around her. I couldn’t admit it when I first met Gen and look where we are now,” he explained. “So you’re saying that if I admit my feelings, we’ll end up married?” I asked, making sure I heard him right. He shrugged. “I mean, you never know. But I think it’s possible that could happen to the two of you. Besides, you’re almost 40, Jay. You’re not getting any younger,” he replied.

I shoved him. “Thanks for calling me old,” I spat. “Anytime,” he said. I rolled my eyes. “But on a serious note, I think it’d be best if you tell her. Better yet, ask her out. Show her you’re interested. Do it before this season’s over or you’ll never get the chance,” he added. I bit my lip, thinking it through. Am I in love with her?

Reader’s POV
You and Ruth split up when you got back to the studio, her going to her trailer while you headed to Jensen’s. After your talk with Ruth during lunch, she suggested you talk to Jensen about what happened earlier. She thought it would be best if you explained to him why you rushed off when Bob let the two of you go after filming the scene. You told her that you would do that, but not mention the other thing because if he had any interest in you, he would have made a move by now.

You took a deep breath before knocking on his trailer door. You heard some shuffling around before the door opened. Jared stood in the doorway, smiling when he saw you. “Hey, Y/N,” he greeted. “Jensen’s inside.” You nodded, smiling back as he walked past you and down the stairs. You let out a soft sigh before making your way into his trailer. He was leaning against the counter in just a black T-shirt and blue jeans. Your palms started to grow sweaty just looking at him.

A small smile appeared on his face as he looked at you. “Hi,” he greeted. “Hey,” you said, walking further into his trailer. There was silence between the two of you, making it seem hotter in the room than it really was. “So,” he said, pushing himself away from the counter. “I was, um, wondering…uh…” he trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck. Aw, he’s shy, you thought. Wait, why is he acting this way? “I’m guessing you want to know why I ran off earlier,” you told him, hoping your nerves weren’t noticeable in your voice. He nodded. “Yeah,” he agreed.

You let out another sigh. “Well, Ruth and I made plans for lunch, but by the time we were done, it was an hour after we had planned to meet. Also, I was getting kind of hot in that dress,” you told him. “Yeah, I understand. I was getting kind of hot in the suit since this scene was the longest amount of time that I had to wear it,” he said. You nodded, looking down at your feet. You could feel the nerves making it hard to keep your eyes on him and his fitted shirt wasn’t helping either. You glanced at him and saw that he was moving towards you with his hands shoved into his pockets and his steps being slower as he stood in front of you. You looked up at him, trying to focus on anything but his green eyes that always seemed to make your nerves worsen.

“Is there something else you wanted to tell me?” he asked. Your heart had skipped a beat when you looked into his eyes, unable to help yourself any longer. What’s happening to me? This has never happened when we first met, so why is this happening now? You thought. “Uh…I, um, I don’t th-think so,” you stuttered, cursing yourself for doing so. “D-do you have anything to say to me?” you questioned, getting your stuttering under control. “Um, actually, yeah. I was gonna, uh, ask you something, but I…I, um, I…I can’t seem to figure out what I want to say,” he replied.

You moved around him and sat on the couch, trying to control your nerves. “Then act it out,” you told him. He turned around to face you, an expression that you couldn’t quite figure out. It was like a mixture between confusion and astonishment. “What?” he asked. “If you can’t find the words, then act out what you’re trying to say. Like charades, except it’s just me and I’m guessing in my head,” you told him. He nodded, biting his lip as if he was thinking of what to do. You could see it in his face when an idea came to mind.

He walked over to you, sitting down beside you on the couch. You turned to face him, but as soon as you did, he lifted your legs and pulled you onto his lap. Your (y/e/c) eyes widened in shock, your heart beating even faster now. “J-Jensen, what…what are you doing?” you stuttered, looking at him. “I’m acting it out,” he muttered and before you knew it, his lips were on yours and his hand was cupping your cheek. You didn’t kiss back automatically, still surprised at the action.

You could feel him pull away from you, so you kissed back, one of your hands resting on his chest. He deepened the kiss, pulling you closer to him as he began to push you back onto the couch. You pulled away, looking into his eyes as he laid you down on your back and hovered over you. His hand cupped your cheek as he leaned down to kiss you once more. Your hands subconsciously slid up his chest and around his neck, your fingers running through the short strands of his dirty blonde/light brown hair. You gently pulled at the strand, a small groan escaping his lips as you did so. You could feel him slightly bite your bottom lip, but smirked instead of giving him what he wanted. He smirked back against your lips and pulled one of your legs up around his waist, pulling your lower bodies even closer.

You gasped slightly at the gesture, which gave him the opportunity to French kiss you. You returned it, the kiss deepening and the want for him increasing. You knew what would happen if you kept this up, so you pulled away, taking in the air you didn’t realize you weren’t breathing. He noticed this and sat up, pulling you with him. He leaned back onto the other end of the couch and pulled you in between his legs, letting you rest your back against him and your head in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around you, holding you securely as he planted a kiss upon your forehead.

“I, um, I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say,” you said, breaking the silence. “I mean, usually I can figure it out, but with you, that’s kinda impossible.” He let out a chuckle and you could feel it against your back. “I’m saying that I…um…I like you…and I want to take you out sometime,” he said, his shyness coming back. You pushed yourself off of him, turning to face him. “You…you like me?” you questioned, unsure if you heard him correctly. He nodded, placing a hand on your cheek. “I do. And, um, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take you to dinner sometime this week,” he replied. “Unless…you don’t feel the same.”

You smiled at him, brushing your hand along the scruff on his face. “I wouldn’t have kissed back if I didn’t feel the same,” you said. He smiled back, leaning up to kiss you softly. He pulled away, taking one of your hands in his and intertwining your fingers with his. “So…can we go out tonight or are you busy?” he asked. You chuckled softly. “So eager, aren’t you, Ackles?” you teased. “Shut up,” he chuckled before pulling you down for another kiss.










(And we finally got a FitzSimmons hug!)

time won't fly, it's like i'm paralyzed

anonymous asked: Prompt! Bellamy going to clarke and comforting her when she comes back after the mid season finale

mostly unbeta’d..enjoy!

It poured after Finn died—after she killed him—as if the world was weeping for him. The weather was a simple fact, something she could easily process.

The hours after had been simple and mechanical as well. She focused on small tasks, washing the blood from her hands, affirming that a ceasefire had been made, and answering the same question—‘are you okay?’ over and over again. Yes, she would reply, I’m fine.

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