oh god the mid-season finale

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We could have female AU Cas AND Misha Cas! (Pitch: Dean refuses to burn or bury Cas's vessel.. insisting he'll need it when he inevitably comes back.. 'Weekend At Bernie's style multidimensional shenanigans ensue! Corpse!Cas (Misha) gets dragged everywhere with Sam and Dean.. lots of scenes featuring Cas strapped to Dean's back, slumped in the back of the impala, "asleep" in the background.. of course AU female Cas donates their grace and Misha Cas is fully revived by the mid season finale.)

oh my god.

Right after the mid-season finale:

Fans: OH MY GOD BETH!!! Why?!
Critics: Everything felt rushed and pointless and sloppy.
Gimple: (manically laughing) I did it! I fooled them! Just wait till February.

Like two days after everyone calmed down (sort of) and started really looking at the episode:

(Some) Fans: BETH LIVES! It’s so clear now! Look at (insert amazingly well thought out theory with a bunch of supportive evidence).
Gimple: Oh no, they’re onto us! Quick everyone just be quiet and don’t mention anything until February. Just be extremely vague and maybe everything will just go away.