oh god the mid-season finale

anonymous asked:

can u believe that marco is gonna get slapped in the face with the biggest emotional whiplash of his entire life tomorrow. i am so ready god bless


he’s done he’s…rest in pieces. I don’t even wanna IMAGINE how bad he’ll be in Lava Lake Beach. Or the mid-season finale? Like…oh my god.

Right after the mid-season finale:

Fans: OH MY GOD BETH!!! Why?!
Critics: Everything felt rushed and pointless and sloppy.
Gimple: (manically laughing) I did it! I fooled them! Just wait till February.

Like two days after everyone calmed down (sort of) and started really looking at the episode:

(Some) Fans: BETH LIVES! It’s so clear now! Look at (insert amazingly well thought out theory with a bunch of supportive evidence).
Gimple: Oh no, they’re onto us! Quick everyone just be quiet and don’t mention anything until February. Just be extremely vague and maybe everything will just go away.