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prompt: polyfrogs at Pride!! ((love love love all your art btw))

Nursey: I guess you could say we’re a PANwich
Everyone within a two block radius: oh mY GOD


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“We gotta print the internet,” she says, staring up into the sky. The light pollution from the city isn’t so bad out here–but it’s not so great either. Half the Big Dipper is missing and the Little Dipper is more imagination than anything. “Before it goes down. Before we go.”

The other woman watches bugs pass in front of the moon. “Should be a few days, I think. People will do their jobs for as long as denial will let them. So a few days before the infrastructure collapses.” She looks at her friend. “It’s going to be hard to be an alcoholic then, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll bury all the alcohol I can find and come back for it. So they don’t drink it all.”

“Shit,” the first woman hisses. She sits up, holding her head in her hands, long, brown hair sliding over her shoulders. “I don’t know anything. Not a goddamn thing about surviving out there.”

“Or here.”

Instead of rolling her eyes, the first woman begins to rock back and forth. “Or here! Shit, I want to know one thing, just one thing.”

The second woman takes her mind away from good cache spots and thinks about walking out into the woods. No cellphone, no food, no Britta filter– “Oh my god, we’re like babies. There’ll be nothing to do but die.” Her lips purse. “Fuck, I gotta get to California. No way I make it, but I gotta try.”

“You family,” the first woman says understandingly. The despair seems to have eased somewhat and she slumps back into her slouch, legs crossed in front of her. “I’d go to the woods in Canada. We could take a survival course. Something. The others would probably be down for it.”

“We gotta print it all out,” the second woman says. She puts the idea of traveling across the country–alone– out of her mind. “Before the internet goes.”

The first woman sighs. “Yeah. Before the internet goes.”

Why this

I’m obviously a precious cinnamon roll minor who must be protected uwu

as such i should not be allowed to view lgbt+ media/fanart/etc on tumblr as it is ‘sensitive content’

this is complete bullshit

why the fuck would you implement this at all, and DURING PRIDE MONTH of all times?

it’s not gonna fuckin kill a minor if they see two dudes kissing or holding hands or ANYTHING OF THE SORT.


by putting in a ‘sensitive content’ filter you’re denying people the right to be themselves online and express themselves publicly-

not to mention blocking a lot of wonderful fanart for no reason whatsoever

i’m so outraged and hjkjgaKDSAG -

why you gotta do this tumblr

Never Again (part 3)

 Pairings: Dean x sister!winchester, Sam x sister!winchester

 Warnings: arguing, being drunk, ANGST

 Summary~ With Sam having just left the family business to go to college, the Winchester family is a bit shaken. Dean, Y/N, and John deal with this difficult situation the best they can, but can the family business really go on without one of the esteemed members, Sam Winchester?

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You couldn’t believe it. Sam Winchester, your big brother, was standing in front of you; he was right there! You almost started laughing.

Y/N?” Sam asked in disbelief.

You sunk further into the couch. “Sam! I didn’t know you liked bars,” you were noticeably slurring your words, and Sam started to worry. Why were you in California, and why were you absolutely wasted?

“Hey Sam,” joy glinted in your Y/E/C eyes, “Did you know that cucumbers are fruit?”

“Uh, no, I didn’t- Y/N, What are you doing here?” he asked, a tinge of annoyance entering his stance.

Your bubbly drunk persona melted away. “No offence, Sam, but it’s not really your problem. I came here to get away from family, not to find another branch of it. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to my car,” you stumbled away from Sam and almost immediately fell flat on your face. “Urgh…”

“Y/N, you can’t drive in this state!” Sam instantly ran to your side, helping you up.

“Supposedly, I can’t do anything at all, because I’m too young and weak!” you cried.

Sam helped you to your feet. “What? Y/N, what are you talking about?”

You snorted. “Nothing bad.” The argument you’d had with Dean suddenly dropped all it’s weight onto your shoulders, and your features twisted in sadness immediately. “Well, nothing life-threatening.”

And of course Sam, being your ex-best friend/brother, understood instantly. “Oh. You had another fight with Dean, huh?”

“Yeah,” you mumbled, averting your gaze.

“Alright,” Sam announced, standing to his full, intimidating height, “Come on, bug. I’ll take you to my apartment, and I’ll call De-”

“No!” you stood suddenly, panic rushing through your veins. “You can’t- Don’t call Dean.”

Sam raised his eyebrows and folded his arms. “So, you still shy away from any conflict like it’s a disease, huh?”

“That’s not true,” you murmured and fell back into your seat on the comfy couch, “I just… I don’t want to talk to Dean.”

“Uh, huh.” Sam clicked his tongue. “Well, I was gonna let you come crash at my apartment until morning anyway, how does that sound?”

“Yeah, alright.” you stared at Sam, noticing something strange. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it. Your head tilted and your eyebrows furrowed as you fell deeper into thought.

“What is it? Y/N?”

Your face shifted from confusion to mischievousness comically fast. “I forgot how tall you were, Sammy,” you began to giggle, “You’re like a giant moose! Moo!”

Sam sighed. “Yeah, I forgot how difficult you got when you were drunk,” he picked you up, “Come on, bug. Let’s go.”

As soon as Sam held you, your eyes started to droop with drowsiness. Sam secured you as you rested your heavy head on his chest. He stepped outside into the cold. Sam thought about how complicated his entire life was, and how much pain it caused him and his family just so he could leave. He knew that he had most likely ruined his relationships with Y/N and Dean- He wasn’t too worried about dad- John was never much of a father, anyway. He walked towards his car, then placed you in the passenger seat. “Just wait here a second, Y/N, I have to go lock up, okay?”

You yawned, sleep’s gentle arms pulling you into dreamland. “Okay, Sammy.”

You saw him smile bitterly as he closed the car door, and then you were out cold.

Eventually, you came to, but not in a room you recognised. The bed was not yours, and it smelt nothing like Dean or the crappy motel rooms you spent eternities in. Why couldn’t you remember anything from last night? Oh God, you didn’t get kidnapped, did you? A bright light filtered through the blinds, burning your eyes. You looked around the bedroom to find pictures of Sam with people you didn’t recognise. Was this Sam’s room? Were you… in Stanford? Your memories began to return to you, like a trickling stream finding it’s way back to the ocean.

So you’d slept through the entire night, since Sam had found you in the bar. A digital clock on a bed stand was brought to your attention, informing you that it was almost 5pm, and you’d slept the entire day away. You groaned lowly as a throbbing sensation grew stronger, emanating from your skull. You brought your fingers to your temples, trying to massage away the pounding above your ears.

“Regretting last night’s decisions already?” Sam appeared in the doorway, with a mug in his hands.

“Don’t make me hit you, Sam,” you muttered.

He chuckled, a sound that made you feel happy and whole, as if nothing was wrong. As if he’d never left.

“Here, take this,” Sam handed you a few pills and a steaming hot coffee. He set the tray down on the bed stand and pushed a few of your stray hairs behind your ear. You smiled at him in thanks and drank your mixture of medicine and caffeine.

“So, what’s going on? Why did you run away?” concern flooded into Sam’s features.

“Dean was being a pig.” you stated.

“Like always, then?” Sam raised an eyebrow.

“More than usual, big brother,” you took a sip of your coffee. “I really missed you, Sammy. Things have been… tough without you.”

Sam looked away. “I’m sure you’ve all been dealing fine. After all, I was always the weakest link. Dad was probably glad I left so easily.”

You shot Sam a dirty look. “You know that’s not true, Sam. You’ve been gone a year, but it feels like a hundred. We need you back, Sammy. Helping people.”

Sam shook his head. “It’s not what I want to do,”

“It’s what you’re meant to do, Sam,” you murmured.

“This is exactly why I stopped talking to you all. You’ll just try and drag me back into the life! Well, guess what, I don’t want to hunt anymore. Get that through your thick skull,” he growled.

Anger started to bubble in your stomach. “So, what, you just wanna live some white fence, 2 and a half kids, apple pie life? You want to abandon your family? You want to leave innocent people to monsters? That’s not you, Sam.”

“You don’t know anything about me.” Sam snarled.

“Right. It’s not like I lived with you for 17 years!” you shrieked. Tears clawed their way down your face, leaving permanent stains on your soul. “You shouldn’t have brought me here.”

Sam’s shoulders tensed. “I’ll go call Dean.” He walked away.

You just couldn’t do anything right. First, you pushed away your eldest brother, who’d always looked after you. Now, you pushed away your second brother, simply because you held onto your past memories too tightly. The only thing you could do properly was hunting and hurting others. You stood from the bed, wiped your tears away, and collected all your things. Sam and Dean were only going to make you feel worse. 

Staying with Dean was a bad idea; you couldn’t stay with Sam unless you were drunk, and dad would already be angry enough. The only option was to be alone. You wrote a quick note to ensure Sam and Dean would leave you alone. Quietly, you sneaked out of Sam’s room to his living room, where you heard his muffled voice from a different room. You shot out of his apartment, running out to the car park. Just as you got into a car, Sam appeared at the front entrance, looking around frantically for you. With fear fuelling you, you started to hot-wire the car. Finally, it started up, and that was when Sam noticed you.

“Y/N! Wait, please!” he yelled after you.

You accelerated. That was what you did best, after all. Run. You looked in your mirror, Sam’s lonely figure standing there. And suddenly you knew that you’d made a terrible mistake by ever leaving.

Dad, Sam, and Dean were some of the best hunters in America. How were you going to outrun these talented trackers? How were you going to outrun your family?

How were you going to outrun your past?

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Imagine Anthony teasing Chris about you.

You stood at a distance while a reporter from ET interviewed Chris and Anthony; they were the first pair to be interviewed in-between filming. You’d just finish your scene with Sebastian and decided to crash their interview. You could’ve waited for yours, but your interview buddy- Sebastian was still busy going over the scene you’d just filmed with Anthony and Joe; he was going to be a while.

ET reps had actually encouraged the cast to crash each others’ interviews as they wanted to portray the candid relationships and chemistry between cast members; Marvel casts had a lot of that. They particularly wanted you to crash Chris’ interview as all your fans enjoyed seeing the two of you together; as the only married co-stars on set, everyone loved your chemistry.

“Uh uh,” Anthony spotted you walking over and a cheeky grin spread across his face. Chris turned around and smiled when he saw you; you immediately smiled back. “You can just stop the interview right now, no way my boy is going to be able to concentrate with his pretty lady around.”

“Shut up,” Chris chuckled, wrapping an arm around you as you joined his side. “How’d it go?” He asked you and you nodded, smiling. “Nailed it as always?” He smirked, making you laugh. “That’s my girl,” he pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head.

“See what I mean?” Anthony gestured to the two of you; you’d both completely forgotten you were in the presence of others and a camera. “I mean-” he winked at the both of you and you both smiled. “They’re super cute, don’t get me wrong. But we can never get any work done when they’re in the room together, very distracting couple.”

Chris scoffed then chuckled, “that’s rich coming from you, Mackie.”

“Yeah,” you agreed with a giggle, making Anthony roll his eyes. “You’re the one known for dropping the productivity rate by ten percent.” Everyone laughed when you childishly stuck your tongue out at Anthony, who was doing the same back at you.

“Boom, take that to the bank,” Chris egged on, pulling you closer to him.

“See what I have to put up with?” Anthony addressed the reporter, trying not to laugh. “Now that they’re married, they’re constantly backing each other up. You can’t get away with anything anymore, not around them anyway.” You and Chris laughed, nodding when the reporter turned to the both of you for confirmation. “I can’t even play pranks on them anymore, ‘cause one is always giving the other a heads up.”

“Aw,” you pouted mockingly and laughter increased. “Poor Mackie.” He shook his head at you, biting back his smile. “Tell you what, the next time you want to play a prank on Chris- I promise I won’t stand in the way.” Chris scoffed and chuckled simultaneously. “Sorry, baby,” you turned to him and patted his cheek. “But sometimes you gotta take one for the team.”

“Yes!” Anthony fist pumped. “I got a good one on the back burner, Seb and I have been planning it for months now.” Chris shook his head with a soft chuckle whereas you laughed. “I promise it’s nothing that will ruin your husband’s good looks.”

“It better not be,” you warned playfully. “Other than his good looks, what does he have?” You teased him, poking his side. “Stop,” you laughed and squirmed when Chris nuzzled his face into your neck, pretending to bite you.

“Oh God,” Anthony groaned, feigning annoyance though he loved seeing how happy his two best friends were together. “Both of you stop, this is a professional interview.” You and Chris both laughed softly, turning back to the reporter who looked perfectly fine with the candidness of your interaction. “You have no idea how much Chris loves Y/N, he has been all smiles and heart eyes since the day she walked into his life. We all thought things would simmer once they got married, but we were so wrong.”

“The two of you are very cute together,” the reporter told you and Chris; you both smiled. “I’m sure the fans will be very happy with this interview. Probably not the ones who want to be with either of you, but- majority of them will be.”

“I’ll tell you what will make the fans happy, me included,” Anthony gestured to himself with his thumbs, his cheeky grin had returned. “The two of them having children.” He said and both you and Chris shook your head at him with wide eyes. The last time he brought up babies, the two of you were placed under baby watch and bombarded with a thousand questions on when it would happen; it was not fun. “I mean how cute would a little Evans/Y/L/N baby be? With Chris’ eyes and Y/N’s cheekbones, that baby will come out with a modeling contract.”

“Seriously, Mackie?” You chuckled. “Did you not learn from the last time?”

“Oops,” he pressed his lips together, not a hint of guilt or regret in his eyes.

“Get out of here,” Chris waved him off, laughing. “Go have babies of your own.”

“In all seriousness,” the reporter saw it as an opportunity to ask the question many have been wanting an answer to for a while now. “Are the two of you planning to have children any time soon?” You and Chris looked at each other, sharing a smile. “You’ve both spoken about how family is important to you, is a child on the way?”

“Oh God, please yes.” Anthony muttered under his breath; you and Chris laughed. “Sorry,” he looked at both of you, acting a lot more innocent than he actually was. “Did I say that out loud? How embarrassing,” he said with a small smirk.

“We’re definitely thinking about kids, yes,” you answered with a nod. “We both agreed we’d wait until our contracts with Marvel are over so we can take some time off and um-” You trailed off, chuckling; there was no way you were going to say what you almost said on live TV. Anthony, of course, had no filter.

“Have at it?” Anthony smirked.

“Oh my God,” you laughed. “Mackie!”

“I’m going to kill you,” Chris laughed, shoving him from the frame.

“That’s Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Y/N Y/L/N,” the reporter addressed the camera, trying not to laugh at the three of you play fighting in the background. “We’ll be back later with Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, and Jeremy Renner.”

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I have this hate/love relation with Kyo: firstly i don’t think his art is as good as his minions and kyo himself think, actually i think it’s pretty mediocre “i’m gonna take a picture of myself in a public bathroom in front of a lot of urinals with a black and white filter” OH MY GOD SO ARTSY

Art is supposed to convey a message, a book of beautiful and nice edited SELFIES are not conveying anything to me.

I also have to admit i rarely bother to read Kyo’s lyrics or read his shitty poetry because most of the time is nothing but that pretentious 3deep5u bullshit from someone who didn’t even graduate at junior high school.

If you want to read beautiful poetry go for the second/third generation of Portuguese realism and simbolism, also look to the artistic movements from 19th to 20th century. Modern art in general is terrible.

Wildest Dreams Live at the GRAMMY Museum
Taylor Swift
Wildest Dreams Live at the GRAMMY Museum

Taylor Swift performs Wildest Dreams on electric guitar live at the GRAMMY Museum.


Can’t believe you made so many hours on the train so beautiful and funny.