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  • Adrian writing ladybug/chat noir fanfics
  • Adrian becoming The Fic Writer of the fandom
  • Readers marveling how amazing his personification is
  • but in reality its more like a diary he pours his hope, wishes, and insecurities into (like in Read It and Weep)
  • Writing fic on his phone while being driven around to all his schedules
  • people drawing fan art for his fics
  • Ladybug making a sly reference to one of his fics mid-battle
  • Chat Noir getting hit because he was so shocked that she totally reads ladynoir oh my god

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Hi! :) Can you help me out? I'm searching for an original prompt for a first kiss. In my novel it's about two teenage guys, but more general would also be okay. Thanks a lot!

1) The kiss is a messy, graceless, eager thing. Fingers tangled in hair, stifled groans because it seemed impossible that something so simple as lips upon lips could feel like this. He shuffled even closer to deepen the kiss. He’d thought a kiss would leave him satisfied, but now he wants more than ever. 

2) The first attempt is so ridiculous that we end up laughing when we bump noses, bumping heads the second time.
“Oh for god’s sake, hold still,” he said. He caught hold of my chin, making sure I stayed put, and then leaned in carefully to press a quick, sweet kiss to my mouth. Eyes dark, and cheeks burning. “There.” 

3) They approached the kiss one might approach a startled deer - move too fast, with anything other than breathless tentativeness, and the moment might skitter away into the night. It was dark. The thump of the party felt suddenly distant, as if the rest of the world could have vanished. All that was left was the sound of breathing, of hearts pounding, of the cold seeping through his jeans where they sat and the seeming-blazing heat of the fingers that cupped the back of his neck by comparison. His lips were even warmer.  

I can’t lose you
I can’t lose the person who lights my soul on fire

I swore to you that I would always protect you
and god, I failed in that oath
but somehow your scars make me feel more worthy of you

like you’ve entered the darkness that resides within me
and given it some of your light

oh yes, you deserve so much more than I can give you
my broken burning heart that beats half in your chest
but I’ll give you all of me and let you make me better

Trouble. (Requested Derek Hale Imagine)

Slowly regaining consciousness, your head was throbbing, and your wrists were burning. The area was pitch black, and all you could manage to feel was the cold, damp area you were sitting in.

“Derek…?” You called out, your voice merely a hoarse whisper, from lack of use.

“Your little guard dog isn’t here, sweetheart” A vaguely familiar voice echoed throughout the room.

"God I wish you’d stay dead.” You said bitterly, flashing your crimson eyes at the bloodthirsty, chaos driven Argent standing in front of you.

"Oh sweetie, you know what’s dead in this town, really doesn’t stay dead…..well, then again I’m hoping you will.” Kate said with a wink, leaning down slightly as she did. Your fangs extruded, and you clenched your jaw around her shoulder, causing a high pitched scream to emit from her, shortly followed by her reacting faster than you had expected, as she brought her elbow down onto your temple, causing you to collapse on the ground, slowly fading away once again on the cold, wet floor. •••

"Y/N hasn’t answered any of my texts or calls…something feels very wrong” Derek muttered to the pack, who gathered in the living room of his loft.

"She’s probably just home sleeping, like usual” Stiles, your younger brother, added. “Ever since we were kids, she’d constantly be sleeping.” He added, beginning to ramble on and on about his older sister.

"Enough!” Derek roared, the loft falling from lively chatter, to dead silence. “Something is wrong. I know it is. I have to check on her…if something really is wrong, I don’t know what I’ll do…”

"Derek…if something is wrong, you call me right away, and all of us will come find her. She’s a part of this pack, and we all love her to death.” Scott smiled, and looked back at the pack, who smiled reassuringly as well, earning a nod from Derek, as he walked out of the door, and down to his Camaro.


As Derek walked up to your house, he was taken aback to have smelt the all too familiar scent of Kate Argent. The woman whom him and his uncle had both killed, more than once.

"People in this town can not stay dead, can they…?” He muttered bitterly, just before running up to your door, and walking in. Everything seemed to be normal in the house, excluding the fact that you weren’t there…

Walking into your bedroom, Derek noticed an abnormal scent submerging from the room…“Fear” he whispered, as he felt the same feeling creeping inside of him. Walking over to the window, which was left ajar, he noticed some strange marks on the wood. Placing his own fingers on the 5 scratch marks, he began to panic…“she’s gone”, he thought, dreading the idea of it all.

"So she’s not home, her room reeked of fear, AND there was claw marks on the window?!” Stiles asked, growing increasingly anxious by the minute, as his sister was now pronounced missing…everyone began to realize that Derek was right. Y/N is in trouble, and they had to find her, before Kate could hurt her.


“Rise and Shine, darling.” Kate called out into the room, in which you still lay tied to a post. “Shall we begin the fun, now?” She smiled, the sound of her voice alone causing your blood to boil.

"Don’t you be flashing your eyes at anyone, dear. We all know who has the upper hand, here.” She said in a singsong voice, whilst twirling a blade in her hands, gracefully.

"You come near me with that, and I swear I’ll rip your throat out again” you said coldly.

"Hmm…we’ll just have to see about that, now won’t we.” Kate responded, walking closer to you. “And you know, you and that boyfriend of yours? You’re quite similar. The all-powerful alpha couple…it’s cute, really. I’m just wondering how long it’ll take for him to come running. If he makes it that far, anyway” She concluded, with a smirk.

"If you go anywhere near him, I swear-

"You swear you’ll what? Kill me?” Kate laughed, “Didn’t you already try that..? Not working out so well for you, now is it?”

"I’ll diminish you. Believe me when I tell you…if you even think about laying a finger on Derek? You’ll be dead before you hit the ground, bitch.” You growled in return.


"This way.” Derek yelled back to the pack, as he led them between a circle of trees. “She’s somewhere around here..” he said quietly, whilst smelling the air, catching onto his mate’s scent once more. “Her scent is much stronger here.” He said, walking to the center of the clearing.

"Do you think Kate is holding her captive under the surface like Jennifer did with the Nemeton?” Lydia asked.

"That could be…” Scott replied thoughtfully. “Worth a shot.” He concluded. “Derek? What do you think?” He asked.

"I think you’re right, Lydia…her scent is much stronger, closer to the ground. Let’s start digging around for an opening.” Derek ordered.


Finally reaching a door, Derek rips it off the hinges with ease. The door led to a dark, dusty hallway, which towards the end had an illuminated steel door with a large symbol carved into the metal.

"If she’s not in there, I’m going to be seriously confused” Stiles whispered. •••

"Well, it sounds like we have some visitors.” Kate smiled, picking up the silver blade and began twirling it once again, inching closer and closer to you every swing.


Lydia’s scream echoed throughout the hallway, and rattled the walls. The wolves winced at the volume, whilst Stiles ran over to Lydia.

"Lydia?! Lydia? What happened?!” He questioned, his eyes wide.

"She’s going to die…” Lydia managed, weakly.

Everyone was taken out of their state of shock by a loud banging noise originating from the end of the hallway. Derek was throwing himself at the large door, in attempt to open it. Scott and Isaac walked over to the door, and retaliated Derek’s actions.

"Get this damn door open” Derek yelled at the pack. “I will not lose the love of my life to some immoral, chaotic bitch.” Derek concluded, throwing himself even harder against the steel.

A horrible creaking sounded throughout the hall, as the door began to collapse underneath the werewolves’ strength. Once the door had fallen, Derek had launched himself inside, only to be thrown back, as he ran directly into a barrier.

"Mountain Ash.” He yelled in agony. “Stiles. Break it.” He yelled, his eyes fuming red.

Running forward, Stiles kneeled in front of the barrier, reaching forward to break it.

"I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” Kate said, stepping into the light of the doorway. “Because if you do..? She’s dead.” Kate smirked, pointing back to y/n who lay unconscious on the floor, with another hunter holding a wolfsbane covered knife at her heart.

"Stiles? Don’t do it.” Kate warned, as he began leaning forward again, intending to separate the ash. “She’s been poisoned already…and if that blade makes contact with her heart? Well I’m sure you can figure that one out-

"Allison! Now.” Derek yelled, and Allison, who was waiting at the other door, bent down and broke the barrier. Running over to Kate, she grabbed her and shoved her against the wall, placing a blade at her throat.

Scott threw the other hunter on the ground, and away from Y/N.

"Y/N? Y/N.” Derek asked, untying you from the post, and carrying you out of the room.

"Der..?” You asked weakly.

"I’m here. I’m here, don’t worry. You’re going to be fine” Derek responded, quickly moving to his car, to drive to Deaton’s clinic.

"Derek! We’ll all meet you there. We’ve got Kate. Go!” Scott yelled.

Reaching Deaton’s after a long drive, you were in pain. The wolfsbane had been traveling throughout your body, and it caused you a great deal of pain. Luckily, Deaton was able to help, alongside Derek, who kept taking away your pain whenever he could. Within a few hours, you were perfectly fine to return home.

"I missed you so much..” Derek mumbled into your shirt. His touch alone comforted you, and eased your thoughts from the previous days. “I missed you too, Der.” You smiled up, at him, staring into his gorgeous eyes. You get lost in his eyes easily…they’re so captivating, and easy to read. For you, at least.

"Alright lovebirds, what’s new?” Stiles asked, while walking into the living room.

"Nice of you to knock, Stiles..not like we were trying to have some alone time here…? But there’s some new shape shifters in town, so be on the lookout for that.” You said nonchalantly, before turning back to Derek, who flashed you one of his rare smiles.

"Ohhhkay then. Details later. Got it.” Stiles stated awkwardly, before turning and leaving the loft, allowing you and Derek to be alone again.

"Now where were we…?” You laughed, only to be silenced by Derek’s lips connecting with yours.

"I love you” he whispered, smiling down at you.

"I love you too, Derek.” You smiled back.


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Sometimes I wonder how you don’t seem to notice that you’ve set my entire soul on fire. How can you not see that I’m head over heels for you? I burn in your presence and suffer without it. How can I possibly be the one who’s “trouble” when you’re the one with soft lips and eyes that pierce my soul? I didn’t ask for any of this but oh my god I don’t think I can live without it either.

Break time

♦Anonymous Request: Smut where you’re an actress and you catch Tom jerking off and decide to help him (blowjob)♦

“Look, I know it’s a small role but do you want it or not?” my agent asked, clearly frustrated. I sighed. I wasn’t big on becoming an actress but I dreamed of dancing on Broadway.

“What movie and what do I do?” I asked.

“You’re a waitress but you and the main actor seem to fancy each other because you’re so mysterious.” Rick said. I chewed my lower lip and contemplated the idea. I agreed and by tomorrow morning at 6, I was escorted to a set where I met Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans.

“Oh my god. H-hi! I’m such a uh big fan.” I stuttered, feeling my face burn.

“Awe look Evans. She’s blushing. It’s okay sweetie. I have that effect on people.” RDJ said winking.

“Cut her some slack Downey. It’s nice having you on set. I know the rumors of small time actors not really meeting the main actors. It’s a lie.” Chris winked. I blushed even harder and nodded.

“Your scene isn’t in until an hour and a half from now so you can relax in your dressing room.” Robert said. I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Dressing room? I thought I was a waitress.” I said.

“You are. But you’re a big help in this scene. We’ll talk later. It’s a few doors down there and then take a left.” Chris said smiling. I nodded and headed towards my room.

He said a few right? I thought. I just opened a door and closed it behind me, facing it and trying to collect my thoughts. I could hear faint moaning and I froze. Was this my room? I slowly turned around and saw the back of someones head, sitting on a couch. I crept closer and saw they were jacking off.

I tore my eyes away but his moans made me swallow and look back. I stepped backwards to leave when I tripped over something and fell down. Hard. I looked up and saw them staring at me, embarrassed.

“I am so sorry. I-I was looking f-for my room and I-” I stuttered while he pulled his boxers back up.

“N-no no. It’s fine.” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. I quickly glanced down and saw that he was still hard. He noticed and smiled.

“You uh… Want to help?” he asked, smiling cheekily. My face burned bright red, but I found myself nodding.

My jaw hurt as I continued blowing him. His hands were tangled in my hair, guiding me up and down his shaft, curse words fluttering out of his lips. Both of our shirts were thrown across the floor leaving us in our bottoms. Well, mostly me.

I swirled my tongue around, making sure to give him small little nips and kisses here and there until finally, he groaned and released a huge load into my mouth. I swallowed him up and he brought me closer, nibbling my neck.

“Who are you?” he asked, breathless and staring into my eyes.

“I’m uh Y/N. I’m in the movie. For a little bit.” I said, smiling down.

“I’m Tom Holland and I’m an actor as well. How about you and I go out for dinner sometime?” he asked, his lips curving into a smile.

“Wow, you move fast. How many times have you pulled that stunt?” I asked, grabbing my shirt from the floor, a little annoyed and hurt. Was this like a one night stand?

“I’ve actually pulled it once if I’m being completely honest with you. And it hasn’t been answered so far.” he said. I looked back at him and just took him in.

He was cute. His eyes sparkled and his smile was contagious. Not to mention his body being an extra bonus. I thought for a while before smiling.


We’ve been dating for two years ever since.

Play the Ace pt 5

{A/N} I know a lot of you have been in pain from this past weeks events. I can’t make you forget, but I hope I can bring you into the world of my story for just a moment. Please hang in there sweeties, and if you need a friend, Harley’s here.

xo Harls

Masterlist | Requests

Warnings: Oh jeeze, such detailed smut, smut and more smut. Light cursing. And some abuse, but it’s not meant that way I swear.

“What do you say to daddy? Hm? How do you let him know that you really need him.” His low growl soaks your center more so than it already was.

His eyes burn into yours as he speaks, “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty..”

You feel desperate, even listless as you wait for his blissfully painful touch.

“Please, daddy..” you beg in a whisper, “Please..”

“God, you’re so good..” He mumbles

His lips meet your neck, soon thereafter his metal grill digs into your delicate {S/C} skin. His bite is so rough, causing your skin to break and an audible moan to leave your lips as you feel his tongue run along the now open wound. He’s hungry for you, his hand letting go of your hands to roughly glide them both along every curve of your body. 

Of course he didn’t think he would need you as much as he does, but the moment you gave into being submissive for him, a fire was lit that had never been lit before. His fingers dig into your waist, and you drag your {F/C} nails down his back, hoping you’ll get to see your own small, personal claim on him once you’re done here. Your temperature rises as J trails one hand down to your ass, lifting you up and tossing you down onto the bed. That low growl leaves his throat again and you clutch your chest in anticipation as he throws his loaded holster off and pops the buttons on his shirt, tearing it off and undoing his pants. His breathing is heavy while brings your hands above your head.

“You’re gonna do just fine for me, aren’t you?” He says while you slide your ankle around his leg.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to, Mister J.”

His blue eyes pierce through you, and you suddenly feel a sharp sting on the side of your face. You leave your cheek pressed against the cool, plush comforter on the bed, a bit shocked from the sudden contact.

“Did I tell you to talk?” He snaps, immediately bringing his hand to your neck.

You blink slowly, turning your face back to him with a smirk on your lips and a small but loud laugh. What is the matter with you? The question that passes your mind is quick. You weren’t sure if that was in the moment or if you had a dark kink deep down that even you didn’t realize.

You realize now more than ever that even after such brief time together, you want him. You want him in every dirty, dark, twisted way you could dream of. You couldn’t help yourself, and your reaction to his abuse ignites that fire in him all over again.

He runs his hands up your thighs now and under your dress, his fingers grabbing at the lacey {F/C} panties you have on, sliding them off of you and dangling them in front of his face. He lets the fingers on one hand circle over your throbbing clit as he inspects them with an amused laugh. Your soft moans could be mistaken for pain to any bystander now. All you can think of is feeling his manhood in between your thighs.

“Oh.. Just look at how wet you are for me..” He tosses them aside, pushing your legs open. He leans down and you automatically close your eyes, pushing your head back against the bed. You hear a groan from him as you feel his tongue running from your navel to the beginning of your folds. The warmth of his tongue now pressed against your clit has you running your fingers back through his green hair. He stands up quickly and pulls you closer to his slender, built frame as he holds your fragile neck under his tattooed hand again, squeezing it gradually.

Keeping your eyes locked on his, you intently watch him lick his blood red smile with a smirk. He leans in closer to your face, putting more pressure around your neck. The feeling of his erection on your slick entrance now drives you insane.

“Please.. Please..” you beg, already knowing how much he likes that. You’re craving him more than you ever thought it was possible to crave a man, and you want to feel every inch of him inside of you. You just need to.

“You gonna use that pretty little voice of yours? The one that got you in so much trouble from the jump?” he teases, popping his lips non the ‘P’ as he prolongs your desire as long as he can just to fire you up. You reach up to grab his shoulders and his hands move quickly to dig into your wrists, pinning you back on the bed. The pain he’s causing hurts too good. You whimper softly in pleasure and pain as he grasps them harder.

“I don’t do touchy-feely, doll. Better learn that now. Unless ya wanna be.. punished.” His eyes light up as he grabs your chin to keep your face in line with his, pushing himself inside of you all at once with a groan.

“Fuck,” he mumbles, his eyes not leaving yours as he slides in and out of your sensitive core, turning you into a moaning mess underneath him. J thought he could tease you- keep you desperate and waiting, but the moment he feels how tight you are, even he can’t control himself. He taps the side of your face again before letting his hand drag down your neck and over your breasts, pulling the top-half of your red dress down to expose your bare chest. You bite your lip as you watch his eyes travel over your nipples, his hand quickly following as he gropes you. The feeling of his fingers pinching and rubbing them only brings you closer to the release you’re dying for. Your eyes begin to close more and more as you find yourself getting lost in the ecstasy he was allowing you.

Your hips rock to match his movement as you wrap your fingers around the hand he’s got on your throat, squeezing them tighter over his grip as he speeds up, grunting at how you fit him just right.

“Mm, daddy.. Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum..”

Somehow, he manages to slow down again, causing your eyes to open back up. A pout forms on your lips as your hands move to grip into the sheets. You’re so close, and his teasing is more than you can handle.

“Now, kitten,” he starts, “Don’t think you’re allowed to just cum whenever the fuck you want to.”

Your chest rises and falls as he picks your legs up, leaning them against his broad shoulders, still slowly thrusting into your wet folds. SLAP. His hand meets the skin now visible on your ass, eliciting an uncontrollable moan from you.

“No..” you groan, not wanting to keep yourself on the edge of ecstasy.

SLAP. This one hurt a little, but god if it didn’t feel good.

“What did you just say?” His eyes are cold, his brow looks to you as though he’s broken a sweat just by keeping himself away from his own climax.

You nip on the end of your finger now as you look up at the tattooed criminal in front of you, whimpering for more.

No.” you repeat, a hint of sass in your voice.

In less than a nanosecond, he’s pulled out and leaned in over you, roughly grabbing your arms and hair to turn you over.

No, huh.. No, huh? No, huh?” He repeats as he does so.

Surprised, you faintly try to resist what he’s doing, which only riles him up further. Once he gets you on your hands and knees on the bed, you feel him tangling your {H/T} locks in between his fingers before roughly pulling on your hair. Your head falls back a bit as he does so, and you can’t help the sigh that escapes your red smeared brims.

“You don’t want daddy’s cock anymore, sweetheart?” He says, rubbing his election against your clit and dripping entrance slowly. You moan, trying to back up against him as he yanks on your hair.

SLAP. “Answer me!” He growls loudly, a sharp yelp leaving you as the pain radiates over the freshly bruised skin. He’s dominant, so much more than you could’ve pegged on him, but still, you’re not surprised. Slight tears form in your eyes from the immense pleasure he’s withholding from you, you shake your head quickly.

“I do, I do want it.. I need you so bad Mister J..” Your last sentence leaves your lips as if it were a small cry for help.

“Oh, you’ll get what you deserve, princess.” His breath is choppy as he speaks, and you can tell he’s watching every move you make as you squirm under him, enjoying every moment of it. His hand meets your hip as he slides into you again, his thrusts growing sloppier by the second as he throbs inside of you. Your moaning grows louder and louder, and the moment you finally slip into your blissful release, you scream his name, causing him to reach his, finishing inside of you.

“Oh, {Y/N}..” he growls loudly, his eyes rolling up towards the mirrored canopy above the lavish bed. Seeing you like that only arouses him more, and another swift slap stings your ass as you ride out your orgasm with his.

You both begin to come down from the immense pleasure, and you collapse onto the bed. For once, your mind is blissfully thoughtless as you try to catch your breath. You can hear his breathing as he walks around the room now, and suddenly you see a wad of cash being tossed onto the bed next to you. What the fuck..? You sit up immediately, pulling your dress back up with a look of pure disgust on your face again. You suddenly feel as though you’ve destroyed everything with not only Bruce but yourself in a moment of extreme weakness. What was I thinking..

“What the fuck is this? I’m not some prostitute you can just fuck and pay!”

You feel tears coming to your eyes and some strange pang of hurt. Hearing your own words cause you to realize even further what you’ve just done. All the thoughts in your mind that he had silenced only moments ago come rushing back like a tidal wave.

He scoffs, putting his clothes back on. His eyes are focused only on the task at hand for him as he stays silent. Wanting a reaction, you take the money and throw it at him. He sighs as he buttons his pants, picking the money back up and walking towards you.

“I didn’t think you’d be such a pain in the ass, {Y/N}.” He says, his smile still caked onto his face.

There’s that pang of hurt again. You slap him across the face. The repercussions not mattering to you at all.

“I cheated on Bruce!” You scream as he turns his face back slowly to yours, “He needed me today more than ever and I let your sick, twisted ways charm me into.. into this!” You stand up, smoothing your dress down and fixing yourself the best you can in the mirror above the bed as you slide back into the stilettos that had fallen off your feet during your rendezvous.

He laughs, the cackle echoing through the room before he takes hold of you, his gaze on yours.

“Bruce, oh, poor Bruce! He’s gonna be so upset when he realizes his lady just got reclaimed by a lunatic!” His shoulders almost seem to jump as he takes pride in his actions, making a joke out of the entire situation.

He lets go of you, reaching for his cellphone in his pocket. He pulls it out and pretends to call Bruce, giving you a scornful look. "I don’t think he’s gonna be very happy.“

“Stop it! You’re sick!” You knock the phone out of his hand and he lifts his barely-there brows, mocking a pout now. He slips the money into the top of your dress, caressing the skin on your breasts as he does so. His expression shifts to that of understanding.

“It’s cab fare. To go to your silly little party.”

You look at him, confusion replacing the anger on your features.

“Wh.. what?” You look down and take it into your hands. “This is hundreds of dollars.”

He pauses, turning around and grabbing his holster off the floor now, slipping back into it. His movements were smooth and calculated. It seemed that’s how he always was. But just the way he carried himself made you never want to leave his side. Regardless of what just happened, you feel the strings of your sanity being tugged at again as you fall back into the affinity you’ve taken with him.

“I don’t know where it is.” He says simply. You stay quiet, acting on your feelings with no qualms. You walk over to him and run your hands over his chest before beginning to help with the buttons on his shirt. He grabs your hands and roughly pushes them away, turning around and finishing it himself.

“Kitten, you’re really gonna have to stop that shit.” He says, his voice annoyed as he grits his teeth.

Though he attracted you like a magnet, you weren’t used to the lack of touch, control and affection. It sounds conceited but, most men love you. They wanted to be with you, to be touched and loved by you. And though you didn’t care much for the attention from other men, - in fact, you usually detested it unless it could help you get your way- you can’t help your ego and your fuse burns out again. In a huff, you walk towards the double doors of the room, fiddling with the locked handle before getting it to open.

“Fine.” You turn his way and say before you exit the room.

He looks up and notices you actually leaving. He rushes out to the staircase, leaning over it and calling out towards the door.

“Frost! Keep tabs on this one.”

Frost stays quiet, giving nothing but a nod in the Jokers direction before keeping his eyes on you as you stomp down the spiral staircase.

You roll your eyes, your mental state returning quickly to what it had been before you let your guard down for the second time. As if. As soon as I’m out of here, I’m never coming back.

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One day Sabo meets the Whitebeard pirates. He tells them that ASLR stands for "Ace Sincerely Loves Riskua." Ace doesn't find out that Sabo's a windman until after he tries to set him on fire.

Actually, make that “Ace Secretly Loves Riskua”, Sabo tells them Ace had the S crossed out after he confessed. (Part 2)

Oh my god, oh my god. I burst out laughing when I read this, this is perfect.

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5+ jimon

5. “Oh my god. I thought you were dead.” 

When the explosion happens, it’s almost as if it happens in slow-motion. Simon stops dead in his tracks, hand flying to his mouth, as he sees the flames engulf the building his boyfriend entered not minutes before.

He hears someone scream, and it takes him a while to realize it’s him. Hands are holding him back, stopping him from running into the burning building, stopping him from running towards a certain dead. He falls against the person holding him, who he distantly registers as Clary, and feels the sobs wracking his body.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, it wasn’t ever supposed to happen. It was just a routine mission, a sighting of some demons that needed to be checked out. They’d called for back-up only minutes ago, but when they got there, it was too late.

It’s not fair, Simon thinks. He never even got the chance to tell Jace he loves him.

He buries his face in Clary’s shoulder, and she rubs his back, her own tears running freely. Simon looks up, however, when he hears yelling. And what he sees makes his heart stop in his chest for the second time that day.

It’s Jace, stumbling out of the building, half carrying Alec with him. People are shouting things, but Simon can’t hear anything. All he sees is Jace, battered and bruised and burned, but alive.

“Oh my god,” he says, and starts running. Jace spots him, just as he hands Alec off to a fretting Magnus, and he opens his arms just in time to catch Simon, wrapping his arms around him like his life depends on it. And for a second there, maybe it did. “Oh my god,” Simon repeats, “Oh my god, I thought you were dead.”

“I’m alive,” Jace mutters into Simon’s hair. “I’m alive, I’m alive.”

Simon pulls away, but only enough so he can take Jace face in his, wipe the hair out of his face. “I love you,” he says, and he’s never been more sure of anything in his life ever.

Jace smiles, soft and fond. “I love you too,” he says, and pulls Simon back in for another hug.

Imagine Sirius threatening anyone who hurts you

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“Hey! Laurens!” Sirius called, ambling down the hallway. “Wait up, I wanna talk to you.”

Laurens, a rather shady Ravenclaw kid in your year, stopped and turned around. “Black? What do you want?”

“Oh, just a warning,” Sirius said, smiling. “About Y/N. Heard you were interested in her.”

The boy frowned. “What about her?”

Sirius leaned in close. “If you hurt her, I swear to God I will break your legs. I’m a Beater on the Quidditch team. Trust me, I can,” he whispered. He patted Laurens on the shoulder. “Better to just stay away, yeah?” Grinning widely, he walked off, satisfied. He didn’t need to turn around to know the Ravenclaw boy was glaring at him. He could practically feel it burning through his skull. 

But you were okay. That’s all that mattered to him.

  • Natsu: So what'd you think?
  • Lucy: I think...
  • Lucy: (feels a burning sensation and looks down) My shirt's on fire!
  • Natsu: Oh my god I'm sorry!
  • Lucy: (panicking and throws off shirt)
  • Sting+Rogue: (walk in to see Lucy shirtless)
  • Rogue: . . .
  • Sting: . . .
  • Natsu: (frozen in place)
  • Lucy: I'm glad I decided not to go braless...
  • Natsu: (awkwardly) You guys remember, Lucy.
  • Sting: I'll always remember this.
  • Rogue: (quickly offers Lucy his cape to cover up)


You had sucked your lips inwards and pressed them together into a thin line. Your eyes were averted towards the ceiling now, but… too late. You had seen… well, everything.

“Umm, Cas–”

“Why are you looking at the ceiling?” Cas craned his neck upwards to search with his eyes.

“I’m not looking–”

He looked back down at you. “You obviously are. And your face is red. Why is your face red? Are you alright?” He started to reach a hand forward to clasp your face, sweetly concerned about how you were feeling.

You laughed and shielded your eyes with a hand, holding another one up to stop him from moving closer. “Cas, oh my god! Close your robe!”

The angel looked down at his stark nakedness and simply said, “Oh.” In another second it changed slightly. “Oh.” Now his cheeks were burning too. “I am–I am so sorry. I forget that humans are very uncomfortable around the naked bodies of others. I-I apologize.” You were awkwardly fidgeting with one foot, tapping the toe on the floor. 

“It’s okay. It’s fine! Just–is–are you–good?”

He cleared his throat awkwardly. “Yes. Sorry.”

You lowered your hand, surprised to see that Cas was blushing just like you. And though you truly were embarrassed and uncomfortable you couldn’t stop your mind from drifting back and thinking about his strong chest and stomach, the V cut of his hips, and… damn. And there you were doing it again; biting your lip. Dammit.

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also for @thenerdbeast & @justpidgance who also sent me plance <3

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who

  • accidentally falls off the bed in the middle of the night: Pidge, poor thing. She’s such a restless sleeper. She moves here, there, everywhere and she eventually lands herself on the floor much to Lance’s concern and amusement. 
  • gives the other piggy back rides: Lance used to give her piggy backs a lot more often but one time his arms gave out and he dropped her. She doesn’t trust him as much now with carrying her but he still does give her piggy backs from time to time.
  • tries to act tough but is really a giant sap: Pidge!!!!! Honestly Lance is a sap but he doesn’t feel the need to hide it. Pidge is still a sap but she’s a lowkey sap, a subtle sap. 
  • almost burns down the kitchen trying to bake: pidge. oh god help her. don’t let her bake. 
  • sings lullabies to their kids: lance !!! he’d sing spanish lullabies that his mom used to sing to him as a kid. honestly he’d probably teach the kids lots of spanish songs he grew up learning. 
  • morning person vs dead until they get their coffee: none of them are really morning people really. though lance is more likely to be in a pleasant mood if he’s up in the morning. if someone wakes pidge before she gets her eight hours in + her cup of coffee she will murder you bring you back to life and murder you again.
  • cries during sappy movies: lance, bless his heart. he’s super in tune with his feelings so he’s bound to cry in those sappy movies. pidge is always ready with tissues though.
  • wears a billion layers because they get cold easily: honestly they’re both prone to being sensitive to cold weather so in the winter time they’re both two snowmen bundled up together.
  • initiates cuddling: lance. he’s very handsy and he likes to cuddle a lot especially when pidge is busy working on her tech. she pretends to be annoyed at him for distracting her but she secretly likes the attention. 
  • hogs the covers: they fight over them actually. pidge always wins though.
  • would fall over their own feet while trying to seduce the other: both! honestly they can never be smooth no matter how hard they try god help them. lance comes closest to looking smooth but pidge always ruins it by laughing at something he says or does.

I was waiting for hajime to run up and kiss and hug or whatever to komaeda… OH GOD WHAT HAS THE YAOI DONE TO ME? XD i still ship it though  ಥ_ಥ


Random sentence fic: sugakookie

Jungkook once said that he thinks there’s something evil inside him. Jungkook thinks that because, everytime their eyes meet, he feels his insides burn like he’s been in hell already; Yoongi, recently, quietly and dangerously, is feeling the same.

May almighty God have mercy on me, because I’ve sinned.

  • Me in Fall: Life is beautiful! Look at all the colors!
  • Me in Winter: Life is gorgeous! Look how it shines!
  • Me in Spring: Life is perfect! Look at it bloom!
Spicy Kisses

Can you please write a one shot where George is dared to eat a habanero pepper and you laugh when he tears up and gets hoarse? Then he grabs you and french kisses you so you feel the burn too as pay back?

  • Warnings: some mild cursing
  • Masterlist here

It was Christmas break, and I was staying back at Hogwarts this year, along with the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione. I was snuggled up in a couch in the farthest corner of the Gryffindor common room with Hermione and Ginny, sipping a mug of hot chocolate. Snow was starting to pile up outside, and the common room was decorated with Christmas decorations, as it was Christmas Eve.

Harry and Ron were in the middle of the room, throwing a snitch around and catching it. Fred and George were gone somewhere, probably sneaking around secret passages in the school, and Percy was of course, up in his room doing whatever he was doing. 

Suddenly, the portrait of the Fat Lady burst open and the twins climbed in, their faces pink.

“Alright, everyone around the fire!” Fred got up and stood on his chair, clapping his hands in excitement.

“What do you want, Fred?” Ginny turned towards her older brother and smiled a little in amusement. 

Fred grinned and George stepped forward with an armful of food.

“We are going to bond by eating and playing truth or dare.” George looked around at all of us with a gleam in his eyes and Ron rolled his eyes. 

“It’s late, Fred. Can’t you just leave us alone to relax?” 

George shook his head vigorously. 

“Ronnie-kins, it’s Christmas eve! Time to have fun with your friends and family! Speaking of family, why don’t you get Percy down here Freddie?” Fred shrugged and started up the stairs. 

“It’s worth a shot.”

No less than a minute later, Percy yelled, “I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU GUYS MAKE ME EAT SLUGS OR WHATEVER AS A DARE!” and slammed his door shut. We heard Fred laughing and he slid down the banister.

“God DAMN. How did he know we were going to make him eat slugs?” I laughed and Fred pulled me, Hermione, and Ginny up to join them next to the fire. 

“Alright everyone! Come on, guys, let’s have some fun!” 

After nearly five minutes of groaning and convincing, everyone finally sat down in a circle. I was seated next to George, my boyfriend, and when his knee brushed against mine, I felt my face get pink. George turned to look at my blushing face and grinned goofily, making me giggle. I loved how he made my entire body go weak even after a year of being with him. 

“Alright. Rock paper scissors and whoever loses has to go first.”

We played a couple of rounds of rock paper scissors until Harry finally lost. He laughed a nervous laugh and George turned towards him.

“Truth or dare, Harry?” 


“Alright Harry. I want you to send a letter to Cho saying this.”

George then proceeded to list a string of very inappropriate things that Harry should owl to Cho. Harry’s face turned beet red, and he cleared his throat. 

“Um, I think I’d rather um, not.” I laughed at Harry’s flustered face and bit into a cookie, snuggling into George’s arm.

“Ah, backing off from a dare, huh? That’s only something a coward would do, Harry.” George smirked at him and Harry rolled his eyes, clearly bothered a little by being called a coward. 

“Whatever, George. Why doesn’t someone dare you and we’ll see if you’ll do it?” George nodded and turned to us. 

“Alright. Come at me with a dare. Somebody! Anybody!” Fred’s face lit up and he reached behind him. 

“I dare you to eat this.” Fred threw George a jar of red things. I looked over and my smile widened when I saw that it was a jar of habanero peppers. George looked up at Fred with a look of horror.

“Fred, you know I can’t eat spicy things!” 

“You could always back out from it.” Harry smiled evilly and George raised his eyebrows. 

“Do you really think that I will?” George twisted the jar open and pulled out a pepper. I held my breath in anticipation as George observed the pepper and scowled.

“Well, here goes nothing!” He opened his mouth and popped the habanero pepper in, and chewed it slowly. We all watched, grinning, for a reaction. 

“Hmmm… it’s not as spicy as I thought it would be.” My face fell with disappointment. 

“Oh, you’re boring George. I’ll do one now. Truth or dare, Fre–” I was about to give Fred a really good dare that I had just thought of, when suddenly, George sprung up, knocking me over, and I lay sprawled on the floor. 

“OH MY GOD THIS IS REALLY HOT.” I looked up at him in part annoyance and part surprise, and to everyone’s amusement, his face was all red and sweaty. 

“SOMEONE GET ME MILK! I NEED MILK!” I tried to push myself off of the ground, but fell back down because of the laughter that was racking my body. I glanced up at the others, and I couldn’t help but laugh even harder at Ron tripping over furniture while doubling up with laughter and trying to find milk for George. 

Ginny was curled up, and like me, she didn’t seem to be able to uncurl herself because she was giggling so hard. Fred was doing nothing to help his twin brother, but Hermione was crying with silent, somewhat-suppressed laughter while shooting streams of water out of her wand at George in an attempt to help. Harry, on the other hand, accidentally let loose his snitch and it was flapping wildly around the room, occasionally knocking against someone’s head.

“Oh, you think this is funny, don’t you?” George stood panting, staring around at all of us. 

“Y-yeah, George I m-mean if you s-s-saw yourself, you would b-be laughing t-too!” I wiped tears from my face and replied to him, giggling. George turned slowly towards me. 

“Is that so?” 

After a second or two, George lunged towards me and I shrieked in surprise. I felt George’s arms wrap around my waist and pull me closer to him. Despite our awkward position (half-lying down and half-sitting), his lips fell onto my still laughing ones.

“George! What’re you–” My eyes widened slightly at George’s sudden gesture of affection. The room fell silent, and everyone turned to stare at us.

George leaned into me and the kiss grew more passionate. I closed my eyes and gave into him. I raised my hands to rest on his shoulders and held back a moan as he bit my lip slightly. My lips parted a little and George slipped his tongue into my mouth. I smiled and we wrestled with our tongues for a few moments until Ron cleared his throat. 

I pushed away from George and sat up straight, patting my warm cheeks in an attempt to cool them down. 

“What was that, George?” Ginny looked with a half-smirk on her face. 

“I don’t know, George, what was that?” Suddenly, I felt a slight tingling sensation in my mouth. I whipped my head around, wide-eyed, to look at George. 

“You wouldn’t have…” My fears were confirmed when my entire face felt like it had caught on fire. 

“GEORGE!” I shrieked and chased him around the room, aiming punches at him.

“Why, what’s happened? What did he do to her?” 

“HE F*CKING SET MY MOUTH ON FIRE! MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE!” Everyone in the room slowly realized what he had done. 

George only kissed me so that the spiciness of the pepper would spread to me, and he was definitely successful in this, as I felt as if my entire face would drop off from the heat.

George turned around and let me fly into his arms, wrapping me so close to him that I couldn’t do anything.

“I’m sorry love, but I couldn’t help it!” George wheezed through his laughs. I could feel tears streaming down my face from the habanero pepper and glared as George laughed even harder at me. He sank down on the couch, clutching his stomach and handed the milk to me. 

“I’m sorry! Here, drink the milk first. It’ll help!” I snatched the glass from his hand and chugged the entire thing. 

“Hey! I need some of that too!” George sat up and advanced towards me. I giggled and rolled away from him. 

“That’s what you get for doing that to me!” George looked like he could kill me and I shot up from the couch and ran away. 

I ran into his room and turned to shut the door, only to see George sliding in and shutting the door behind us both. 

“You owe me.” I smirked at him and crossed my arms. 

“I don’t owe you anything.” I chuckled as George hugged me and pulled me down to cuddle with him on his bed. 

“Just a kiss to help with the spiciness?” He begged with puppy dog eyes, and I could feel my insides melting at his expression. 

“Oh, alright.” I leaned in and gave him a kiss similar to the one we had in the common room, then pulled back to look at his smiling face. 

“Do you want to go back downstairs?” 

“Nah, let’s just stay here.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I nuzzled into the crook to George’s neck, closing my eyes. Lying down, we listened to the others resuming the game downstairs. George slid his hands up and down my back and I sighed with happiness. After a while, he spoke. 

“Do you still love me babe?” 

I laughed and kissed his cheek. 

“Of course, I still love you, you goof.”


As most of you know by now Misha has decided to dramatically enter the Tumblr universe this weekend. (His blog has a countdown, for Chuck’s sake! A bit theatrical, if you ask me. You can if you want…ask me. I mean, I’ve already answered, but I can make it sound fresh and new…)

Now, I know what you’re thinking (all 6 of you, my followers). You’re thinking: AAAUUUGH OH GOD!!!! WHAT IF HE SEES? WHAT IF HE’S ALREADY SEEN?!! I MUST. BURN. EVERYTHING.

But remember, folks. Misha’s been around the interwebs for quite some time now. He’s, no doubt, clicked on things he regrets clicking on. Read things he wishes he could forget. And…I dunno…maybe he really liked some of it and found a weird, new pastime. 

For real, though. Misha Collins may love to fuck with people and push the boundaries of the accepted norm and make ya feel a tad uncomfortable but damn if he ever actually judges anyone, not really. He’s a weirdo. We’re all weirdos. 

So be proud of all those…edited Destiel gifs made to look like they’re kissing. Celebrate all those…Sastiel edits. Wing kinks. Highschool AUs. These are all part of your weirdness that you have the privilege to share amongst the “dark side” of Tumblr. (Screw you, Simba, we don’t need ya!)

We are the weirdos of Tumblr. Normal is an insult! I welcome the Misha Collins with open arms and shamelessness. I do not apologize. I say, sir, YOU ARE WELCOME!! http://mishacollins.tumblr.com/

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