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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “Hey! Can you write a JeffxReader? Where the reader is Clay sister (and have a secret crush on Jeff), someday she was going to sleep in Hanna’s house, but for some reason she didn’t stay to sleep and when she go home she find Jeff slepping in her bed. You can choose how it ends. Thank you! :D”

Words: 1.247

A/N: I am happy that I received a Jeff imagine! Although I didn’t want to leave Hannah alone, because I can imagine the reader being on the tapes after because of it. Yup, I am a little bit paranoid. Sorry. Anyways, I hope you like it and I would be grateful if you send other requests!
Thank you.

- G. x

Link: Part 2

Warning: (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour.

“Oh my God, you seriously like Jeff Atkins?” Hannah exclaimed excitedly and energetically as she knew the secret you’ve been keeping for years.

“Who wouldn’t like him?” You stated as if it was normal to like Jeff. Well, he was good looking, kind and funny. He had the characteristics you were looking for a boy and you knew that he was the one when you met him.

“Aw, I hope he likes you back.” Hannah honestly said as she played with your (Y/H/C) hair while you both sat on her comfortable double bed. You decided to have a sleepover because it has been awhile since you last spent time together. She was one of your close friends and you loved her presence.

“Well, he’s older than me and I am out of his league.” You shrugged your shoulders as you felt a little bit down for what you’ve just said.

“Oh, cut it off! You are beautiful, intelligent and sweet, it is impossible to not fall in love with you.” Hannah comforted you as she praised you with her sincere words.

“Aw, Hannah.” You looked at her with a wide smile and you hugged her. “Thank you.”

“It was the truth.” She hugged you back as a nice friend she was.

“Talking of these boys,” You started as you broke the hug and she hid her face behind her hands as she already knew the next question. “how are you and my older brother, Clay?” You flashed a smirk and you saw her cheeks turned red.

“Oh my God, I knew it.” She laughed, still having her face hidden. “We’re friends, (Y/N). We work at the movie theatre and we talk at school, that’s it.”

“Jesus, Clay never asked you out?” You shook your head for your disappointment because you rooted for them being together. You considered Clay and Hannah as a perfect couple.

“He’s shy.” Hannah shortly answered.

“But it’s not an excuse! I would slap that dork silly, seriously.” You unleashed a long and deep sigh because Hannah seemed disappointed too and her being dismayed was one of the things you wouldn’t want to see. “I’ll talk to him, because I know that he likes you too, a lot!”

“Geez, really?” Hannah smiled widely and you nodded happily as her happiness came back once again.

“You can count on that!” You winked at her and she bit her lower lip. You stared at each other and you both let out some soft giggles for no reason, but it was interrupted as you heard some noise coming from the living room.

There was a discussion happening between Hannah’s parents and you could tell that she felt embarrassed for it. She hated it when they fought and having a friend hearing their complaints wasn’t one of the things that she wanted to happen.

“Are you okay, Hannah?” You worriedly asked and she just shook it off, obviously avoiding herself to ask you some help.

“(Y/N), do you mind if we cancel this sleepover?” She fidgeted with her warm blankets as she was nervous for your possible reaction.

“Oh no, it’s fine for me if you don’t feel comfortable. I mean, I would stay to cheer you up, but I will give you space if you want.” You sympathetically said as you understood her situation.

“I am fine, really.” She assured you. “I will call you if I ever need some help. Thank you.”

“Don’t bother to call me, okay?” You reminded her once again as you got up from her bed. You gathered your things and you put them in your backpack.

“Noted.” She smiled widely at you, not minding her parents anymore. She got up too and you both went outside her room as she led you to the house’s front door. Her parents stopped throwing shit at each other as they saw you going away and you could say that they felt guilty because of it.

“Good night, Hannah.” You sweetly greeted. “Call me or text me, okay? I am always here.”

“I know and I thank you for that.” She hugged you and you responded to it by hugging her back. “Good night.” She then let you go.

“Good night, see you tomorrow.” You said as you unlocked your bike’s chains. You then rode it as you said goodbye to Hannah once again. She watched you as you started to pedal way back home.

During your journey, you thought of Hannah’s family situation and you knew that it wasn’t your business but you wanted to help her. You wanted to help her, because you didn’t want for it to be one of the reasons she would feel sad or disappointed. Her life was already hard and you didn’t want for her to carry another problem on her back.

Once you arrived home, you silently went to your room, not wanting to wake anybody up. You plopped your things on your desk and you let yourself fall on the bed carelessly.

“What the fuck, Clay?!” You heard a deep voice complaining and you were shocked, mostly scared, for a moment. You were afraid to move, but you quickly searched for the lamp that rested on your bedside table and you turned the lights on. “Oh, it’s you (Y/N)!”

“What the hell are you doing in my room, Jeff?” You corrugated your forehead as you wondered why. You liked Jeff, but you knew that you had the right to be furious after what happened.

“Clay said that you were staying at Hannah’s!” Jeff sat up as he covered his shirtless body. “Boys can have sleepover too, duh!”

“Jeez!” You laughed even though you were annoyed. “I am sleeping on the couch downstairs then.”

“No, I am sleeping there. This is your bed and it’s not okay to let a woman sleep uncomfortably.” He ranted as he searched for his shirt and wore it soon after.

“It’s okay, Jeff. Stay here.” You flashed him a smile and you got up from your bed, ready to go out of the room.

“No!” Jeff protested. “We can share! It’s a double bed and I can sleep on one side and you on the other.”

“Hmm?” You raised an eyebrow as you considered his proposal.

“Only if it’s okay with you. If not, I am sleeping on the couch.” He smiled as he scratched his nape.

“Alright, I’ll share my bed with you.” You went back on the bed and you sat on your space. “Only because I don’t want for you to be uncomfortable, okay?”

“Alright, (Y/N).” You could bet that you saw him smirking before you turned the lights off.

“No malice, Jeff!” You slapped his muscular arm and he just let out a laugh. Oh, how much you loved that laughter. “Thank my parents because they taught us that sharing is caring.”

“I’m thanking Lainie and Matt tomorrow, don’t worry.” He jokingly answered and you just giggled because of it. “Good night, (Y/N).”

“Good night, Jeff.” You smiled while you had your eyes closed. You couldn’t believe it, so you had a hard time drifting in your sleep, same for Jeff.

You were happy that you had a chance to share the bed with your ultimate crush and both knew that you would wake up hugging each other, but who cares? You both liked each other, you just had no guts to admit it and this is a great coincidence to show the affection to each other.

Tutor Me? ReggiexReader! Part 3.

Hey guys, as promised, here is part 3 of Tutor Me? This is actually going to be the final part of this mini series, though if anyone would really like it, there is an epilogue that contains the next scene but it does contain smut. like real smut. if you’d like me to upload the epilogue, please send me an ask! don’t worry too much though, I’ll definitely do some more Reggie oneshots! he’s such a cutie lil fluffball. 




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Can you do a list about going to a wedding with Tom??

oh my god okay

  • it’d be like someone really close to you guys that was getting married
  • like harrison okay let’s go with that
  • he’d be so chill at first like “i’ll just wear a suit that i already have”
  • until you’re like “no buddy we’re going shopping”
  • groaning so much about it because he hates shopping
  • but he’d have no choice because it’s his best friend’s wedding and you aren’t exactly gonna let him ruin it

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Request: Hi! I was thinking you could maybe write something like that? Dan and y/n are married for 10 years now and they have lovely kid. And they moved out but Phil lives next door because friendship. And then Dan and y/n organise some meeting with friends at their house to bring back all these cool memories they have. And their son sits with them and listen to these stories not being even able to believe his parents were that crazy sometimes. And its just all fluff? Please and thank you

Word count: 1264

Warnings: Nope

I cried during this…. Didn’t help that Phil noticed me!! Ah, emotions.

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A single knock at the door sent the whole house into chaos.

Michael jumped up from his seat on the sofa, bolting down the corridor. Bernard, the Great Dane, sprinted after him. Dan yelled for Michael not to open the door over Bernard’s barking and the cat skidded past me as it tried to escape, the floors too smooth for a grip. You grinned to myself, making your way to the door, Dan telling Bernard to stay sitting down as he picked up Michael, resting him on his hip. Dan had always been very motherly with Michael, probably due to you being ill after bringing Michael into the world.

You opened the door to be greeted with Phil, his wife Emma and their 10-year-old son, Alex, only two years older than Michael. You beamed, pulling the door open wider as the air was filled with series of ‘Hello’s.

“Come in, come in.” You waved them in, pulling Phil in for a hug after he pecked you on the cheek, the family merging with each other. Phil let you go and you met eyes with Emma, flinging your arms round her. You had been best friends for years, and it felt like you hadn’t meet in forever.

“I’ve missed you!” You laughed as you pulled away, ruffling Alex’s hair as he rushed towards Michael, making him giggle and shout a ‘Hello’ before shooting upstairs to Michaels room, most likely to play on the ancient Playstation 64 Dan insisted he had.

“I haven’t seen you in forever. Babies get in the way!” Emma exclaimed, laughing and glancing at Phil. You followed her actions, watching the exchange between Dan and Phil. They were smiling at each other, not saying anything, but Dan was holding a bag which he wasn’t before.

“You organised this to talk to all of us, right? Don’t go making a YouTube video now!” You joked, making Emma laugh and eventually Dan and Phil. “PJ, Chris and Louise should be arriving soon.” You told them, leading them into the lounge.

“You really managed to get them to come?” Dan raised his eyebrows, settling down next to you.

“It was quite easy actually, it’s just you’re too awkward to ring instead of message them on Tumblr.” You rolled your eyes, everyone laughing.

“You haven’t changed in ten years, have you?” Phil shook his head.

“Stop judging me!” Dan retorted. “Anyways, would you all like a drink?”

Eventually, Louise, PJ and Chris came along with their significant others and children, the alcohol flowing, but not too overly due to the kids. They jumped around and we had a round of karaoke, when I convinced Dan and Phil to have a duet of toxic for old times’ sake, making sure to film it secretly. After we had food (takeaway pizza, of course), Dan told everyone to settle down and gather in the living room. I threw him a confused look, but he just tapped his nose, kissed me on the head and sent me away, Phil staying at his side.

“What is all this about?” I laughed to Emma and Louise as we sat down, the kids being sat down by Chris until they convinced him to sit with them.

“I think you’ll like it.” Emma told me, grinning.

Finally, Dan and Phil came into the room, settling down a large box that I recognised, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Phil also held the bag he gave to Dan earlier.

“Alright everyone. Since this is the first time we have met in forever, we decided to dig up a load of old stuff.” Dan announced, opening the box and pulling out a dress.

“Oh, my god!” You let out, putting your hand over your mouth as you realised it was your wedding dress. Long, silky and plain, but suited you to a T. The adults ‘awed’, the kids asking Chris what it was. Dan smiled gently at you, folding it carefully and placing it on the ground, away from Bernard. He then picked up two colourful books – The Amazing Book is Not on Fire and Dan and Phil Go Outside. You laughed, the kids reaching out to grab them, Dan allowing them to look through them.

“I haven’t seen those in years,” Chris chuckled, everyone nodding in agreement.

Phil then reached in to reveal several awards, making you smile softly. How quickly time had flown.

A few more items were shown – Dan and Phil calendars, fan art and letters from conventions, the two iconic T-Shirts from the tour.

“And lastly…” Dan grabbed the bag, and pulled out a large book.

“Is that… Holy fuck!” You squealed, before slapping your hand over your mouth, Emma whacking you on the arm playfully. Darcy, the oldest of the kids, sneered under her breath. Dan burst out laughing.

Your old scrap book. You had thousands of photos stored in the pages, recounts of stories and diary entries. You could remember when you cried for days after you thought you had lost it.

You jumped up, flying towards Dan and wrapping your arms around him, lifting your feet up as he swung you, nearly dropping the book.

“Thank you!” You shouted. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” When Dan finally let go, you then jumped at Phil, who made a squeak before breaking into laughter.

“Why is Mum/Dad attacking Dad and Uncle Phil?” Michael whispered to Chris, making him laugh.

“They’re just happy.” Chris reassured him, and he giggled. You were gently taking the book from Dan, settling down on the floor and opening it up.

“Look, it’s our first photo!” You pointed out to Dan. It was taken at the Manchester flat, your face pressed to Dan’s. You were sitting in his room, playing truth or dare previous to photo.

“Truth or dare, right?” Dan asked, both of your eyes widening before you shouted.

“Butter bum cheeks!” You both burst out laughing, clutching each other for support. You had been dared to shout ‘butter bum cheeks’ out the window, and of course, you did. It just so happened Phil was coming back from town at around this time, and just saw you poking your head out and shouting the words – that was Phil’s first impression of you.

You moved on through photos of the tour, dates and meeting fans. There were a few diary entries, which you skipped, saving for a more private moment. You eventually came to wedding photos, and the last page contained a large photo of you, Dan and Phil, laying on the bed with your heads falling off the side and your legs leaning on the wall. Underneath it in neat, simple handwriting was one word.


“I want that photo on the wall.” You sighed, eyes tearing up. Dan wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed you on the head.

“Happy tears?” He asked, and you nodded, wiping them away.

A few hours later, you lay curled up against Dan’s chest, the kids in Michaels room, sleeping, your friend’s downstairs.

“Thanks so much for tonight. It was amazing.” You mumbled.

“It was about time.” Dan laughed, making the whole bed shake a little. “I wish we could go back sometimes.”

“Same. I miss being young. I mean, you’re 36 soon… And Phil will be 40.” You shuddered.

“Don’t remind me, love.” He nuzzled into you. “I love you, you know that, right?” You smiled, glancing at the rings on your finger. One from the day you took the last photo for the sketchbook, your engagement ring and your wedding ring.


au where jeongguk decides that the best way to confess his feelings for jimin would be through flowers. it’s a good plan honestly, it’s a safe option. the only thing that jeongguk didn’t account for was the fact that somehow, every time he tries to gift jimin flowers, something happens and he never gets to finish the speech that he painstakingly wrote to let jimin know just how much he adores him. at least jimin seems to be enjoying the flowers.

“gukkie! do i get flowers today?”
“oh my god. you knew??????”
“oh. um. no flowers today though. i’m sorry.”
“aw. it’s okay, i’ve got a flower for you!”

Sky Painted Pretty Colours

summary: you and bucky hate each other, and stages through your relationship

warnings: there are swear words, insults, angst, meh meh

word count: 5,751

requests included:

-> What about if the reader is friends with nat or Wanda and comes by to hangout and says she wants to start working out so bucky volunteers/gets told he has to train her but she comes sporadically when she has time and overtime he likes her and fluffff

->Hey bby! Here’s a request for you: a bucky x reader where the reader is having a little girl conversation (about Bucky) with Wanda and Nat and he overhears :) Idk I find that cute for some reason

A/N: it’s long af and like through the years okay have fun im going to sleep it’s 4:15 am

p.s. read my previous fic

p.p.s. here’s my masterlist

Steve’s grip on the paper he was holding tightened significantly as his ears nearly bled from the constant bickering.

“Shut the fuck up, Bucky.”

“You’re the fuck up. How do I shut you up?” he shot back, making you seethe.

“Says the asshole who can’t even fight properly.” You both circled around the mat.

“That’s rich, coming from you.”

“Wow, how original, Barnes-”

“Oh my God, will you guys shut it already?! Just train and get out of here!” Steve finally lost it. He would have separated you both long ago, but no one could deny you were good for each other. For all the pent up anger you two had, it was good that you relieved it some way because none of the other the Avengers were able to keep up with you.

Both of you glared at each other but agreed silently as you shut up, continuing the training as usual.

Steve swore the tension could break through his shield if it was materialised.


“Hey JARVIS, where is everyone?” you called out, wondering where the hell everyone was since you were alone in the common room.

“They’re all watching a movie in the home theatre Agent [Y/L/N],” he informed you as confusion took over you. Why didn’t they call you?

As you opened the door to the theatre, the light flooding the mini hall, everyone turned to look at you.

“[Y/N]? We thought you were out.” Steve squinted.

“Who on earth told you that? I’ve been in my room the whole time!” you exclaimed, feeling a little hurt, honestly.

“Buck-” Every head turned to him as he smirked at you.

“That’s just cold, man,” Sam commented as Bucky smirked.

“Well, it wasn’t like your presence was missed. Literally nobody cared.” He shrugged. You looked around at everyone as they looked a little guilty.

“We really thought you were out,” Nat tried to convince you but you gave her a tight lipped smile.

“It’s okay,” you offered, walking down the slope to where Bucky was sitting alone in a row. You sat in the seat next to him, obnoxiously picking up your legs and sitting diagonally in such a manner that your feet were propped up on the chair in front of Bucky to obstruct his view.

“What the fuck?” His eyebrows knitted together.

“Don’t mind my feet, Sam.” You nodded at him as he grinned, figuring out what you were doing.

“How am I supposed to see?” He threw his hands up angrily.

“I don’t know, why don’t you sit somewhere else?” you asked innocently, knowing all the seats were taken up by the remaining members who were fighting smiles.

“Fuck off [Y/N],” he growled and went to move your feet.

“You come near my feet and I will not hesitate to kick you in the face. Don’t fucking try me.”

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Homecoming Feelings

Word Count: 2122

    A/N: this was requested by DezzyisFab. This was an adorable request and I had a lot of fun writing it! I hope it’s what you wanted!

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    Homecoming was coming up, and the core five were buzzing with excitement. Well mostly all of them were, the one who wasn’t too excited was Jughead of course. Dances just weren’t Jugheads thing, a ton of sweaty, horny teenagers shoved into a gym with spiked punch and god awful dance moves, yeah no thanks. He would much rather spend his night in Pops and continue to write his novel like he did most nights.

    “So Y/N,” Veronica’s voice snapped Jughead out of his thoughts, and he turned his attention to the (y/h/c) girl sitting beside him. “Who are you going to the dance with?” she asked, raising her eyebrows at the girl, and the rest of the table listened in, including Jughead.

    “Oh, well um… no one. I don’t even think I’m going to go.” she said shyly, stirring her straw around in her milkshake.

    “Awe, why not? You sounded like you were excited just a few days ago.” Betty asked.

    “Well, I don’t exactly want to go without a date and I don’t have anyone to go with. I just might stay in that night, do some homework, read a-”

    “I’ll take you.” Jughead quickly said, and Y/N turned wide eyed and surprised to the boy sitting beside her.

    “You will?” she asked.

    “Yeah, you will?” Archie asked as well, also very surprised by the raven haired boys offer. Jughead looked around the table to find everyone staring at him, and he rolled his eyes.

    “Of course I will, why are you all so surprised?” he asked.

    “I just never took you for a person who liked dances.” Veronica said, sipping her milkshake.

    “I don’t, I hate them.” Jughead stated harshly. “But, if Y/N wants to go then I’ll suck it up for one night.” Y/N leaned her head on Jugheads shoulder and smiled up at him, causing him to tense up. Veronica and Betty looked at eachother and smirked knowingly at Jughead, and he avoided eye contact with them.

    “You’re the sweetest Juggie!” Y/N exclaimed. “But I don’t want to drag you there if you hate dances.”

    “It’s just one night, don’t worry about it.” Jughead assured her, and she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him, and he turned crimson.

    “How’d I ever get so lucky to have you in my life?” she gushed. Before he could answer Y/Ns phone then vibrated, and she picked it up at looked at her messages.

    “Oh fuck…” she mumbled, standing from the booth. “I uh- I gotta go. I just remembered I have a paper due by 11:59 tonight or its late and I can’t get anything below an 80% on this or I’ll most likely jump off a bridge.” she said, taking money out of her wallet and throwing it on the table.

    “What’s that for?” Archie asked as she put her wallet in her backpack.

    “My milkshake.” she answered, and Archie picked up the $5 and tried to hand it back.

    “No, take it. Tonight is my treat to everyone.” he said and she rolled her eyes.

    “Archie, you know I hate when people buy me things, I feel like I’m in their debt. Just take it please.” she begged and he rolled his eyes and set it back down. “Thank you! Okay I’ll catch up with you guys later!” she said, walking toward the door. “Much love!” she called, blowing a kiss to the table as she walked out the door.

    “So.” Veronica said, turning her attention back to Jughead who sat looking out the window, watching Y/N as she disappeared into the darkness outside. “You’re totally into her, aren’t you Juggie?” she asked, causing Jughead to turn his attention to her.

    “What? No, absolutely-”

    “Yeah, he is. He told me.” Archie laughed, and Jughead shot him a look.

    “What the hell man?”

    “I knew it!” Betty squealed. “You have to tell her.”

     "I don’t have to do anything except for live and die, everything else is an option.“ Jughead retorted and Veronica rolled her eyes.

    "Just tell her how you feel Jughead, she obviously feels the same!” Betty and Archie nodded their heads.

    “Tell her during the dance!” Betty exclaimed,and Veronica smiled big.

    “Yes! Do it!” she yelled. “It would be so cute, you two would be slow dancing, her arms wrapped around you neck and yours her waist-” Veronica started to ramble.

     "You looking lovingly down at her and she stared up at you!“ Betty added. "And at the end of the slow song, you can smile down at her and just tell her how you feel!” Jughead collected his things and rolled his eyes.

    “I’m leaving.” he said, and the girls just sighed. Jughead stood up from his seat and started for the door.

    “If you don’t tell her, we will!” Archie called and Jughead turned around.

    “Like hell you will Arch, just remember, me and you share a room and I know where the shavers are.” Archie ran his hand through his hair worryingly, and the girls giggled.

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t actually shave your head.” Betty said.

    “God I hope not, I wouldn’t hear the end of it from you two.” Archie teased. Veronica took a sip from her milkshake and smiled.

     "Damn straight.“ she said.

                                 • • •

    "Y/N! Come down here, we want to see how you look!” Veronica called, sitting with her mother, Betty, Kevin, and Archie.

    “Coming!” she yelled. Y/N rounded the corner and came down the steps. There she was in a simple but beautiful strapless emerald green dress that was tight and glittery up top but fanned out around her waist and ended a little below mid thigh. Her makeup was simple except for her signature cat eye, and her hair was done nicely as well.

    “Oh my god.” Betty whispered as she made her way down the steps.

    “Oh my god is right, Y/N you look amazing!” Veronica yelled, making her way to the (y/h/c) girl. Y/N smiled and blushed.

    “Awe thank you, but not nearly as beautiful as you and Betty.” she gushed.

    “You are seriously slaying me right now!” Kevin said, walking over to her and examining her dress. “Green is most definitely your colour!”

    “Jughead definitely got lucky with you as his date tonight.” Archie said, walking over to Y/N. “just wait until he gets a look at you!”

    “You guys are actually the sweetest!” she blushed, giving them all hugs.

    “Are you guys ready to go?” Hermione asked, and they all nodded their heads.

    “I believe so.” Veronica said. “I love you mom, I’ll see you soon.” She called as they all walked to the door. They all jumped into Archie’s car and drove to the school. The car was filled to the brim and electric with excitement.

    “Jughead said he’d meet us at the entrance of the school.” Betty said, turning off her phone and putting it in her purse. Archie parked the car and they all filed out.

    “Look how pretty her dress sparkles!” Kevin said, and Veronica grabbed his arm and rolled her eyes.

    “I’m your date Kev, spend some time gushing over me.” she laughed.

    “Veronica, you look absolutely stunning as always, my love.” Kevin said and Veronica smiled big.

    “Thank you.” Y/N noticed Jughead standing by the entrance, staring down at his phone. He was in a suit, which she had no idea he even owned and his grey beanie still adorned his head. Butterflies filled her stomach all the sudden, and she continued to walk towards him nervously.

    “Jughead!” Betty yelled.

    “Look at your hot ass date!” Kevin yelled as well, and Jughead looked up at Y/N. He froze in place as she walked up to him, and he swallowed hard.

    “Well aren’t you going to say something?” Veronica asked, and Jughead shook from his trance.

    “I-uh. I mean, you look absolutely beautiful Y/N.” he stammered and she looked at the ground, trying to hide her deep crimson blush.

    “Thank you, you look quite handsome yourself.” she smiled, and it was Jugheads turn to blush.

    “Yeah okay, you guys are hot and all that. Now let’s go inside!” Veronica said, pulling Kevin towards the door. Archie took Betty’s arm, and Jughead held his hand out for Y/N, and she took it. They all made their way to the gym and slowly separated, Kevin and Veronica going straight for the punch, Archie and Betty going right to the dance floor, and Y/N and Jughead towards the side of the gym.

    “Thank you for being my date.” Y/N said and Jughead smiled.

    “It was no problem, honestly.”

    “But you don’t like dances usually, so I don’t want to force you into something you don’t like.” she said.

    “Really, don’t worry about it. I’m actually having fun.” He assured her, and she nodded.

    “Well good.” she smiled. They sat there for awhile, talking and laughing, completely unaware that they were being watched by the rest of the crew.

    “Do you think he’s told her yet?” Veronica asked.

    “No, I don’t think so. They aren’t acting any different.” Archie said.

    “What do you mean?” Betty asked.

    “He isn’t overly happy like one would be if they found out their crush liked them back, and he isn’t completely crushed like one would be if they didn’t.”

    “Makes sense.” Kevin nodded his head, taking a sip of his punch.

    “Well he better tell her soon, the dance is going to be over in an hour.” Betty sighed, watching as Y/N laughed hard at something Jughead said.

    “He’s not that funny, she definitely likes him.” Veronica said, rolling her eyes and earning a laugh from Kevin.

    “Well those two have the same sarcastic, dry sense of humor, so whatever he said was probably funny to her.” Archie commented, and Betty nodded. Just then, a slow dance came on throughout the gym, and they watched as Jughead held his hand out to Y/N.

    “Oh my god, he just asked her to dance!” Betty said excitedly.

    “Finally!” Veronica yelled. The four of them got into their pairs and started dancing, and watched as Jughead and Y/N awkwardly started to as well.

    “Hey Y/N, you’re looking good!” Reggie yelled, and everyone’s attention turned to her and Jughead. “When you want to dance with a real man, you’re always welcome to come dance with me.”

    “Don’t worry about him, Juggie.” Y/N whispered, looking up at him. Jughead rolled his eyes and sighed.

    “He’s probably right, you’d have more fun with him anyways.” he said.

    “Absolutely not!” Y/N said. “There is no one I’d rather be here with.” She smiled up at him, and he smiled back down at her.

    “Y/N, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Jughead said, the words spilling from his mouth before he even had a chance to realize what he was saying.

    “What’s up?” she asked. Jughead took a deep breath, deciding it was now or never.

    “I really like you Y/N, more than a best friend.” he said, looking down at her. He carefully read her facial expressions, and watched as a smile grew on her face and her eyes lit up.

    “I really like you too, Juggie.”

    “You do?” he asked, very surprised.

    “Of course!” she nodded and laughed.

    “Well that’s a relief, I was worried I was going to lose you.” Jughead sighed, and she giggled.

    “You could never lose me, I’m here to stay.” she smiled up at him. Jughead smiled down at her as well, and he slowly leaned down. Y/N met his lips, and smiled in the kiss.

    “Finally!” Veronica yelled, walking up to the two of them. They quickly pulled apart and blushed furiously. “You two were killing us, honestly. We were worried because we thought Jughead wasn’t going to tell you tonight.”

     "Well I’m happy he did.“ Y/N said, smiling.

    "Trust me, we all are. By the way, we were all invited to Cheryl’s place after the dance and we are all going, so be ready.” Veronica said, making her way back to Kevin.

    “I don’t think we have a choice on whether we get to go or not,” Y/N joked and Jughead nodded his head.

    “I think you’re right.”

    “ well maybe we’ll have fun.” Y/ said, trying her best to be optimistic about it.

    “As long as you’re there, I’ll have fun.” Jughead said and Y/N giggled.

    “So cheesy, but cute.” she said.

    “Yeah, but you know you like it.” Jughead said, grabbing her hands. Again they started to dance, enjoying the rest of their night.

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Party Time.

Hello, Love bugs!

 Dan X Reader. Warnings- Smut, Swears, alcohol

 Don’t drink and fuck. Sober consent is important. 

Could you please write a fanfic where you’re at a party dancing with a friend who’s a guy and Dan gets like REALLY fucking jealous and you both leave and stuff? ;)))- anonymous

Finally, a night to let loose and be a hot drunk mess. About a week ago your friend asked you and Dan to come to her birthday party. It started at the bar where everyone got mildly shit faced. After the bar, your friend invited her really close group of friends back to her apartment. There was seven of you that piled into the cab to make your way to the second half of the party. You were sat in the back between Dan and another guy. Your brain was fuzzy but his name was most likely Jack. If it wasn’t Jack it was possibly Ben. Maybe you should know his name as his arm was rested around your shoulders.

 "I’m trying to not be a dick right now but what’s your name again?“ You say to the muscular guy who is much more drunk than yourself.

 "Jack. What’s yours again?” He was looking down at you as he was about as tall as Dan who already towers over yourself.

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Preference: Spending the Summer Together

Harry Potter:

- Bringing him to your favourite places to go in summer, like the lake beside your home.

- Hanging out at the muggle mall 

- And trying on the most ridiculous clothing items

- “Show it to Neville, and he can imagine Snape in it!”

- “Oh pleaseeee, Harry, just use magic to make me feel less hot!” 
  “ No, (Y/n), you know I can’t.”
  “ Fine, try saying this tongue twister. While facing the air-con. Wingardium              leviosa.”
  “ Winga- (Y/n)!”

- Going to the Dursley’s just for entertainment

- “Bringing a filthy friend of yours, Harry?” 

- Then wiping your sweat all over Dudley and saying, “Oopsie, now you’re filthy, too.”

- Having a competition on who can drive the Dursleys insane first

- Might have some help from Hedwig. Dursleys hate Hedwig

- Bringing Hedwig on a picnic

- Even Hedwig ships you two

Ron Weasley:

- Spending the summer at the Weasleys, of course. 

- Mrs Weasley stuffing you with desserts. Pies, cakes, everything.

- “Hey, (Y/n), wanna do some shoppings?”
   “Ginny! She’s my girl friend! Not yours!”

- “ Ron, I think it’s haunted around here.”
   “ Why?”
   “ (Y/n), dear. This is a family of wizards.”
   “ Oh, wait. Yeah.”

- Playing harmless little pranks with the twins

- “(Y/n)! My socks are frogs!”
   “ What, oh, HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Ronald, I did it because I love you.”

- Making Ron flower crowns

- Rides on the enchanted car late at night just around the house, so that no one will see you.

- Answering Mr Weasley’s questions about Muggles

- Family game nights

- “ What that chess always there? George! No cheating!”
   “ It’s Fred!”

Hermione Granger:

- Summer reading lists

- Staying up late at night reading under blankets

- Getting too hot and sweaty inside and immediately going for a swim

- Getting Hermione really into late night swims

- “(Y/n), I read that it’s really good to swim at night. It can -”
   “IT’S FUN!”

- “Hey, I just learnt this new hairstyle. Can I try it on you?”
   “Honey, you look. Stunning.”

- Cooking together

- Mainly making refreshing dished for summer

- Making a bucket list together

- Taking tons of polaroids 

- Turns out the polaroids are moving portraits polaroids

- Making her breakfast

- Failing completely

- Hermione making you a successful, delicious breakfast at last

- Hanging out with Crookshanks 

Draco Malfoy:

- Him getting you accessories, clothing, basically everything you wanted

- Or actually everything you so much as glanced at 

- “Draco, how did you I want these? They go so well with my summer dress!”
  “You looked at it the other day, so I got them.”
  “I can’t thank you enough for it!”
  “Just thank me by wearing those with your summer dress.”

- Dressing him up in your clothes because only you can do it 

- He always looks at you with a lovey-dovey smile which Ron calls ‘the Melt-foy face’

- Him calling Crabbe and Goyle, say, every two hours when you do something cute, or actually just normal things.

- Actual teenage girl that is Draco Malfoy

- “Oh my god, Goyle, (Y/n) made me wear her swim wear today. Adorable, isn’t she?”

- Getting him into Muggle movies

- His favourite movie is the Addams Family

- Getting him to wear bright colours clothes

- Getting drunk together

- Rocking out to Nirvana and having dance parties

George Weasley:

- Also spending the summer at the Weasleys

- Trying out so many sweets that you two got into a sweet coma

- And of course, Mario Cart

- “Aw, dang it, you can’t cheat with magic, can you?”
   “Haha, Weasley, you’re on your own.”

-  Wii-fit

- “Hey, (Y/n), wanna play tennis?”
  “Sure, but it’s raining.”
  “We’ve got Wee.”
  “What? Oh, its Wii.”

- Playing tennis in the rain anyway

- George wanting to cheat at tennis but accidentally set off some fireworks

- “I’ve been wanting to do that.”

- Eating pies that makes you make animal noises

- One of you sounding like an elephant and the other sounding like a duck for the rest of the day 

- Miraculously communicating and on one having any idea on what a duck quack means

Fred Weasley:

- Since he’s so dang tall, you get piggy back rides all the time

- He trips and you two fall into a body of water. Either a pool, a lake or a pond.

- “Fred, you created a pond in your living room.”
   “Mum’s gonna kill you!”
   “Shut up, Ron!”

- Purposely trying to confuse you on which one is George and which is Fred

- You can always being able to tell though

- Looking angelic in front of the Weasley parents and they adore you because they think you can ‘tame’ Fred

- Only the Weasley children know you’re not that ‘tamed’ yourself

- You’re a little trickster just like Fred

- It was actually your idea to levitate the house

- Also the time where all the chairs know how to talk

- Broom stick rides, of course

- Water balloon fights

- Getting him into the youtube world

- Pewdiepie is his favourite 

Neville Longbottom:

- Hiking together

- Picking fruits on the way. Berries, apples, all kinds of fruits

- You’re an expert in climbing trees and it always scares Neville because he’s afraid that you’ll slip and fall 

- He gives you bouquets of wild flowers all the time

- Eating tons of ice creams

- Staying up late conversations

- Counting stars at night to fall asleep

- You dyed your hair (Y/f/c) and change your hairstyle

- Neville loves your new hairstyle so much that he kept touching your hair. 

- Maybe when he puts an arm on your shoulder, he’ll play with it; He’ll twirl the ends of your hair on his finger when he’s not paying attention, etc

- Somedays he’ll be really shy around you and blush at anything you do, and somedays he’ll be really confident, depending on his mood

- Getting him into scuba diving 

- “Oh come on, Neville, it’ll be fun!”
   “There might be sharks, (Y/n).”

- “This is the most fun I’ve ever got! I should’ve done this earlier!” 

- Going to carnivals

- Loving the ferris wheel 

- He got you a large stuff toy from a booth

Exchange Romance - Part 2

Part 1: https://daisy-chain-gardens.tumblr.com/post/162913902685/exchange-romance (sorry for the ugly link, I don’t know how to make it pretty)

A/N: Hi again guys! Here’s part 2 of my fic ‘Exchange Romance’. I’m not sure how many parts there will be but I have ideas for at least three more. They’ll be roughly one for each month of Betty’s exchange but maybe more if I think of something exciting to happen. Sorry if there are some mistakes as I edited this myself. Also a huge thanks for all of the love on the first part <3

Summary: Jughead asks Betty out on their first date, but how will the night end?

Word count: 3528

A week after Betty and Jughead told, or showed, Archie they were together, they found themselves alone at the Lodge’s apartment. They were sitting on opposite sides of the dining table, surrounded by numerous books and sheets of paper. Betty was copying out notes from one of yesterday’s classes while Jughead typed away on his laptop. The sounds of his fingers on the keyboard interrupted only by the occasional flipping of a page or tapping of a pen.

“Betts.” Jughead said. The room was left in perfect silence as his fingers stopped pressing on the keys. He looked up at the girl sitting across from him. Her hair was hastily piled on top of her head and her glasses sat slightly askew on the bridge of her nose. Jughead couldn’t help but think how beautiful she looked, trapped in her own little world and completely oblivious to her surroundings.

“Mhmm.” Mumbled the blonde, eyes trained on the page in front of her until she’d finished her sentence. “What’s up Jug?”

“Um, I was just wondering, I have two tickets to a double feature at the Bijou on Friday. Do you wanna go? With, umm, with me?” He asked, his hand reaching up to grip the back of his neck as he kept his eyes locked on hers.

“Jughead Jones, are you asking me on a date?” Betty’s voice was playful and the way she said his name made his heart pound.
“Only if you’re going to say yes.” He noticed the way her green eyes sparkled when she smiled and before he knew what was happening, she’d leaned across the table and kissed him gently.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Her face remained just inches from his and he kissed her right back, hands reaching up to cup her face and bring her closer. She leant further across the table and ran her fingers through the hair at the back of his neck.

“Why hello there.” Veronica’s voice startled Betty and she leapt away from Jughead, slipping out off her chair in the process and landing on the soft carpet with a loud thud. “Don’t mind me, just passing through.”  She grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl at the end of the table and left with a wink, thoroughly amused by the reaction of her new friend.


The next few days seemed to be never ending, much to Betty’s disappointment. Veronica waltzed into the blonde’s room late on Thursday night and sat down on the large bed without invitation. Betty, who was reading in the comfy chair in the corner, looked up at her friend.

“Everything alright V?” she questioned, closing her book and moving across the room to sit next to the raven haired princess.
“No everything’s not alright B. You have a date with Jughead tomorrow and you didn’t even tell me! I had to find out from Archie. Do you know how embarrassing that was Betty? Totally mortifying.” Ronnie sounded exasperated as she put her hand up to her forehead in mock shame but Betty knew she was playing it up. She pulled her host sister into a tight hug from the side and looked up at her pleadingly.

“Oh V, whatever can I do to make it up to you?” The shorter girl’s eyes sparkled and Betty immediately regretted asking. She was probably going to ask to tag along to take photos or something else equally mortifying.

“I want to help you get ready and no protests because I know this is your first date. I’ll help you knock off beanie boy’s socks. Sound good?” Veronica asked, pulling out of the hug to stare Betty down.

“Ok fine. But, we’ll only have half an hour to get ready because the movie starts at five.” The blonde decided it was easier to give in than to try and argue and make it worse she was getting used to Ronnie’s tactics and decided this was probably as good as it was going to get.

“Yay! He won’t even recognise you once I’m done with you. 30 minutes probably isn’t enough time but I’m sure we can make it work. Sweet dreams B.” She stood up and was out of the room before Betty had time to reply. She went back over to the chair to try and continue reading her book but the butterflies in her stomach were too distracting.


The next school day was agonising slow and Betty found herself unable to focus on anything that her teachers were saying as she absentmindedly drew tiny crowns in the corners of all her books. Ronnie rushed her home and then didn’t waste anytime before sitting her down and applying various creams and powders to her skin. Veronica wouldn’t let her look in the mirror so Betty kept her fingers tightly crossed the whole time.

“Voila! Oh my god, Jughead is going to lose it when he sees you. Even I’m jealous. You look so fab B!” She let out a little squeal before grabbing a small mirror and handing it to Betty.

“Wow.” She let out a awe-filled gasp at the sight of her reflection. Betty had expected Ronnie to overdo the makeup big time with extravagant colours or dark smokey eyes but it almost looked as though she didn’t have any makeup on. Her eyes looked bigger and greener than normal while her lips looked soft and full. Her hair was out of it’s usual ponytail and in soft waves that fell around her shoulders. “Thank you so much V, this is incredible.” She stood up out of her chair and pulled her friend into a hug, squeezing tightly before Ronnie broke away.

“You only have five minutes until Jughead is supposed to get here so go and put this on. Ronnie handed her a long green dress that matched her eyes. She flashed a small smile at Veronica before hurrying out of the room to get changed. The dress fit like a glove and hugged in all the right places without being too flashy for a night at the movies. Betty had severely underestimated Ronnie. She smiled as she looked in the mirror and woke up the butterflies in her stomach again as she thought about what Jughead would think. Just as she turned to walk out of her room and show Veronica, the doorbell rang.


Jughead stood waiting outside the door, one hand in his pocket the the other fiddling with his hair. It felt strange to be without his beanie but he knew Betty would appreciate it. After what felt like an eternity, the door finally opened. He quickly dropped his hand from his hair and shoved it in his other pocket. Jughead’s face fell slightly when it revealed Veronica on the other side but she pretended not to notice and ushered him inside.

“Hey Ron. Have you seen Betts? We need to go soon if we’re gonna catch the start of the first movie.” Jughead said as he sat down on the edge of the couch, his knee bobbing up and down.

“You know that the first half hour is always ads but Betty should be out in a sec. Although I must say, Jug, you clean up well.” His cheeks turned slightly pink as he reached up to fiddle with his hair again. He was just wondering if it was a bad idea leaving his beanie when Betty walked through the door and he forgot how to breathe. She looked gorgeous. The dress, the hair, the makeup, everything. He had a feeling that Ronnie had something to do with it but he certainly wasn’t complaining. He stood up and walked towards her, his hands reaching forward to hold hers.

“You look stunning Betts” he whispered as he leaned forward to kiss her cheek.

“Right back at you Juggie” she replied, copying his tone. Her eyes taking in his white shirt and suspenders which showed off his toned arms in a way she hadn’t noticed before. “What happened to your beanie?”

“I think I can manage without it for one night.” He smiled up at her and the butterflies in stomach started fluttering like never before. Jughead pulled back first and stood beside her, still holding one her hands and suddenly very aware of Veronica, who was pretending that she wasn’t watching them from the couch. “Ok, we’re off Ron. See you at Pop’s after?”

“Yep. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” The black haired girl looked over at the pair with a large smile on her face which Betty knew to mean that she was scheming about something. Every thought of Ronnie escaped her mind as the handsome boy next to her slipped his arm around her waist to lead her out the door.


Ronnie was bored. Her parents were out at yet another event and ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ wasn’t starting for another hour. She reached out her phone a speed dialed Archie, who picked up on the first ring.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” He sounded like he was slightly out of breath so Ronnie figured he was probably out for a run.

“Not much. I’m just bored. Do you want to come over? My parents are out.”
“Yeah sure. Just let me have a shower and then I’ll be over in half an hour. That work for you?”

“Why wouldn’t it? See you soon. Bye.”

“Bye babe.”

Ronnie busied herself by painting her nails until she heard Archie knock on the door. “It’s open!” She yelled out, closing the bottle of polish with her semi-dry nails in a practiced motion. Archie came and sat down next to his girlfriend on the couch, kissing her as a way of greeting. She kissed back but then stopped abruptly and pulled away.

“Everything alright babe?” Archie asked, the worry evident on his face.

“Everything is fine babe. I just wanted to talk about Jug and B.”

“Oh yeah, he’s taking her to the movies tonight right?”

“Yeah, they left just before I called you. Why is he taking her to the movies? They watch movies all the time. They even did it before they were a ‘together’.”

“Wait, what’s the date today?”

“2nd of October. What’s the date got to do with anything?”

“It’s Jughead’s birthday. You know how he always goes to the Bijou to watch double feature today. Normally I go with him but I guess things are a bit different this year.”

“WHAT! But Betty doesn’t even know? She hasn’t gotten him a present or anything! Oh my god she’s going to freak! I have to tell her just gimme a minute to find my phone.” She started to get up off the couch but Archie grabbed her arm and dragged her down to sit on his lap. His thumb drew small circles on the back of her hand as she leaned into him

“You’ve gotta let him tell her Ronnie. You know how he is about his birthday. I get why he didn’t tell her but even the fact that he invited her to the movies with him is a pretty big deal. I knew he liked her but I didn’t realise he liked her this much.”

“I have an idea.” Archie stopped moving his thumb as Ronnie pulled away slightly.

“Ronnie, you know that we’ve talked about your scheming before. Jug asked me to try and make sure you don’t do anything stupid that’ll end up getting in between them.”

“That’s cute that he thinks you can stop me from scheming Archiekins. Don’t worry, there’s no way this plan will backfire. Trust me.”


By the time the final credits rolled in the theater it was dark outside. Jughead and Betty took their time getting out of the theatre, neither of them wanting to join back up with their friends and end their date. They held hands as they walked, arms swaying loosely. A comfortable silence had fallen over them as they made their way to Pop’s. The only interruption the bing of Jughead’s phone. He pulled it out of his pocket and laughed when he read the text on the screen. He handed it over to Betty who read it out loud.

“Hey Jug, Ronnie’s staying over tonight coz Dad’s out. Any chance u could stay with Betty?” She let out a laugh before handing him his phone back. “Now I know why Ronnie was flashing around her scheming smile before we left.”

“She has a scheming smile?”

“Have you even met Ronnie? Of course she has a scheming smile!” She bumped into his side softly and then went quiet as she stared down at her feet. “You can come over if you want.” Her voice was soft as a whisper as she looked up at him, her eyes wide and nervous.

“I would love to Betts.” He stated as he took his hand from hers and moved it around her shoulder before kissing the top of her head. She practically melted into him and found herself wishing she live in this moment forever. Walking aimlessly in the cool autumn air, wrapped up in his arms. She felt safe. She felt at home.

“Should we go to Pop’s or just order in?” She asked, pulling away slightly to look up at him.

“I think Pop’s. We’re almost there anyway.” Jughead pulled her back into his side and they stayed like that until the red glow of the diner lit up their faces.


It was 11pm by the time they got back to the Lodge’s apartment. They were both exhausted but neither of them wanted to admit it and bring their magical evening to an end. Betty unlocked the door and then dragged Jughead to the couch with the intention of watching a movie. Neither of them felt like moving once they’d sat down so instead they stared up at the black screen, making the most of their closeness. She was laying down with her head on his lap as his fingers ran through her hair, just like they were before he’d kissed her for the first time. Even though it was the same, it felt different, more intimate. Her eyelids started to feel heavy and she closed them for what she swore was just a second. After that she was vaguely aware of Jughead picking her up and carrying her to her room before setting her down on her bed. He pulled off her shoes and then tucked her under the covers. Betty found herself wondering if he’d done this before. Jughead then bent down and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Goodnight Betts.” He whispered in her ear before turning to walk out of the room. Betty reached out and grabbed his hand, forcing him to turn and face her.

“Jug, could you stay?” Her words were distorted with sleep but they still made him smile.

“Anything for you Betts.” Jughead took off his shoes and then lay down behind her, his arm falling over her hip to hold her hand. “Thank you for the perfect birthday.” He said into her hair, so softly he wasn’t even sure if he’d said it out loud.

“Happy Birthday Juggie.” Betty replied before falling into a peaceful slumber.


Veronica quietly opened the front door of the apartment in the early hours of the morning. High heels in hand as her stockinged feet padded softly along the expensive wooden floor. The door to Betty’s bedroom was half open so Ronnie took it upon herself to make sure her plan had worked. Sure enough, the two teens were lying under the covers, arms wrapped around each other and bodies pressed together. Ronnie quietly stepped back out of the room, pulling her phone out of her pocket to text Archie what had come of her scheme.


Betty woke up early and rolled over to find herself face to face with Jughead. She smiled and couldn’t help but think that this was what she wanted to wake up to every morning; this tall dark haired boy in front of her with his messy hair and the lazy smile that played on his lips. She kissed him softly and then snuck out of the sheets to get changed.

Jughead woke up in the middle of the morning, the smell of bacon and maple syrup filled the room. The bed seemed empty without a certain blonde lying next to him so he unwrapped himself from the covers in order to search for her. He found her in the kitchen. She’d changed out of her green dress into sweatpants and a large t-shirt. Her hair was back up in it’s usual ponytail. Jughead found her so effortlessly beautiful that it left him speechless. He watched her from the doorway for a few seconds. She was dancing by the stove top, singing loudly to an upbeat song he didn’t recognise.

“Hey there Betts.” He had to yell from his spot by the door to be heard over the music and it made her jump.

“Holy crap Jug! Don’t sneak up on me like that!” He laughed as he walked towards her. She hit his arm playfully when he reached over her to grab some bacon out of the pan.

“What’s all this for?” He asked through a mouthful of bacon.

“Well, you know how you told me last night it was your birthday? We didn’t do anything special so I wanted to make it up to you by making you breakfast.” An absent-minded smile played on her lips as she fiddled with the collar of his crinkled shirt.
“Thanks Betts but you really didn’t have to. Last night was the best thing you could that you could’ve given me. Thank you.” He leaned down and kissed her, softly at first but then with increasing urgency once she responded.

“Ahem, morning lovebirds.” Veronica’s unannounced entrance splitting them apart once again as she sauntered over to the bench to pour herself some coffee. Betty turned around and busied herself with the pancakes while Jughead suddenly became fascinated in the ornate fruit bowl. “Relax you guys I’m only joking, kind of. How was your night?” She fluttered her eyelashes innocently over the top of her coffee mug, taking a long sip whilst somehow maintaining eye contact with both of them at the same time.

“It was really fun thanks V. I would ask you the same but I don’t think I want to know.” Betty replied, turning off the element and she slid the last pancake out of the pan.

“Touche B. Hope you had a nice birthday Jughead with your girlfriend Jughead!” Ronnie called over her shoulder as she walked out of the kitchen, her large coffee mug still grasped between her hands. Betty and Jughead looked at each other and blushed. They ate their pancakes without much conversation and Betty was reminded of the feeling that she had last night. She found herself thinking that more and more when she was with Jughead. How much she would love to just be with him forever and ever. A smile claimed her lips as she got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Suddenly, she realised something; she was falling for Jughead.


Archie found his dad in the kitchen making coffee when he went down for breakfast.

“Hey Dad.” Archie said sleepily as he stretched his arms.

“Hi son. How did you sleep?” The red headed boy froze mid stretch but managed to play it cool, hoping his Dad hadn’t noticed. He turned towards the cupboard to try and find his cereal.
“Pretty uneventful.”

“Glad to hear it. Hey, um, you haven’t seen Jughead around this morning have you?” Archie’s face turned the same colour as his hair as he tried to think of  good excuse. He didn’t have an issue lying to his Dad he was just awful at thinking on the spot.

“He, umm, I think he said something about going to get some milk.”

“Huh. Well that’s interesting since I did the shopping yesterday.” Fred managed to catch his son’s gaze and saw the panic in his eyes. “Come one bud, where was he really?”

“Ok fine. Jughead spent the night at Betty’s house, well, Ronnie’s house I guess.” Fred was a bit taken aback by how quickly his son had cracked. His answer, however, didn’t surprise him at all.

“Oh ok. She seems like a nice girl. Are her and Jughead getting serious or…” He let the question hang open, knowing that his son would supply an answer.

“Well not serious serious. They only had their first date last night but he took her to the Bijou for a double feature and it was his birthday. That’s pretty serious for Jughead. I think he really likes her Dad. She makes him really happy.”

“I’m glad that he’s happy, I really am. Jughead needs something good in his life at the moment so I’m happy that she’s come around. I just, I just don’t want to see him get hurt, that’s all.” And with that he walked out of the kitchen, abandoning his untouched coffee on the counter, leaving Archie to keep searching for his cereal.

some muggle high school au george/draco for the @hprarepairnet​ and @slytherdornet​ summer vacation challenge!

  • draco doesn’t take art until his last year of high school which, by all means, is a very stupid decision, but fuck - his timetable’s a barren wasteland and he’s got to fill it with something and art should be easy enough, right?
  • the only other option was drama and they’re a clique over there
  • art, at least, is not a clique: but the teachers are intimidating and everybody knows everybody else already and he’s just awkwardly outside - pupils stare and watch him like a hawk, and he watches them stubbornly back
  • there are pupils, too, who don’t even seem to ever actually do any classes and just wander around the art department
  • one of them draco recognises easily, because he’s infamous: george weasley, who’s repeating a year to get his grades up and yet still doesn’t seem to be working hard, instead stapling up the little ones’ paintings and sitting away in the unused classroom with a singer sewing machine, working on a dress that’s a terrifyingly bright collage of colours and textures 
  • and, much to draco’s disdain, he’s asked to go and use said classroom to work on his sculpture project
  • george is there, coloured pencils scattered across the desk as he sits sketching, tongue poking out in fierce concentration; he sits back as draco comes in and bids a quiet greeting as he rifles in his bag
  • and produces a handful of nail polish?
  • “what’s that for?” draco frowns
  • “oh, it makes cool textures and colours,” george says cheerily. “they make cool ones like this that are glittery, or ones that are just clear polish with stuff in it…” 
  • “god, that fucking reeks,” draco groans as george starts to paint with them, and george just laughs
  • “didn’t think art was much your subject, malfoy”
  • “it bloody well isn’t; i’m probably going to drop it after the summer,” he grumbles, folding his arms. “i’m fucking awful; how do you people even draw so well?”
  • “practice, mostly,” george replies. “and don’t quit, you’ve got to keep going”
  • “that’s easy for you to say, when you can draw”
  • george rolls his eyes: “look, draco, if you want, come over and see me in the summer holidays and i’ll show you everything i’ve learned, alright? that way, you’re not disadvantaged and you know what everyone else does, and you’ve had some practise”
  • draco clicks his tongue
  • he’ll be fucked if he goes over to bloody weasley’s
  • “come over to my house, instead,” he insists, and george shrugs
  • “sure. i’ll bring my stuff.”
  • and, much to draco’s surprise, when summer rolls around, george does come over when invited with bags full of art supplies and a wide grin on his face; draco resists the urge to roll his eyes and lets him in
  • “hey, are you watching zombieland?”
  • draco blanches - he’s been maintaining the facade that he watches high-class art films for years, and here george weasley has ruined it by finding out draco really loves zombie films. “it’s a good film”
  • “it is,” george replies, pulling out a huge sketchbook and spreading it out on the floor. “okay, kid, listen up. first lesson: proportions. take notes”
  • and, as it so happens, george knows his shit and teaches it well; he understands that draco is new to this art world, and when he name-drops an artist, he pauses to look them up and show draco their works and he always encourages draco to produce drawings based on what he’s learned, and never seems to be disappointed even when draco’s sure they’re shit
  • and after the first few lessons, which drag on for whole days at a time, he starts bringing in sweets, too, and they sit on the floor or at draco’s desk with a bag of drumsticks and parma violets and pencils and pens and paintbrushes scattered everywhere
  • the best part is when draco gets to paint for the first time, and george comes armed with two paint-splattered t-shirts
  • “okay, wear this one, i’m pretty sure all your clothes are too expensive to ruin,” he says, shoving it over to draco, who blushes fiercely: it’s far too big for his slight frame, and it’s one of george’s weird charity shop t-shirts advertising some art gallery in arkansas, and it smells so strongly of george the smell never seems to leave his nose
  • and usually, people just smell gross
  • but george smells kind of nice, almost reassuring
  • “painting time!” george whoops, and god, does he make a mess when he’s painting: his arms, face, and shirt are all covered by the time he’s done, while draco remains entirely pristine 
  • “you’re meant to paint the canvas, not yourself,” he says dryly 
  • “i can paint whatever,” george shrugs
  • “fine, but let’s go get that washed off before you go, your mother’ll have me hanged,” he grumbles, guiding george up to the bathroom, which is beautifully white and the complete opposite of fresco george 
  • draco wets a face cloth and has a good scrub at george’s arms, only realising when he comes to carefully wipe the smudges on his cheeks how close they are, and how close george is, and that he can feel george’s breath on his face and feel the rise and fall of george’s chest so near to his
  • he’s not supposed to feel like this
  • but he does
  • “there we go,” he says, putting the cloth on the side of the sink. “sort of clean”
  • the next time george is over, when they’re working on canvas paintings that are definitely going to take more than one lesson, draco decides to order pizza, because - despite himself - he doesn’t really want to see george go
  • “you know, draco,” george says with a mouthful of pizza, “you’re not so bad”
  • “thank you for the glowing review, weasley,” draco grumbles, “but honestly, i feel the same; you’re a lot less obnoxious than i took you for”
  • “you’re a sweetheart,” george laughs
  • and draco is kind of very smitten, and he leans across, and, without really being aware what he’s doing, presses a kiss to the side of george’s mouth; and george puts a hand at the back of his neck and shifts to kiss him back and better
  • and the way he smiles afterwards is so sweet
  • “bribing me with pizza, huh?”
  • “well, it worked”
  • “pizza and painting. this is the life”
  • george has to leave, eventually, before his mother freaks out that he’s died and is sending texts to assure her he’s fine as a ghost, and as he stands in the doorway, he grins
  • “this time tomorrow?” he asks
  • “with pizza,” draco confirms
Hunk Meets The Original Yellow Paladin

Hunk was nervous, because he knew that today would be the day.

After the previous paladin of the yellow lion had slept for a thousand years, he was finally meeting them. Awake. Happy. Smiling. A person.

Another person who had a bond with the yellow lion. Another person who had sat in the seat of the yellow lion and piloted her. What if things went wrong? What if the yellow lion liked this old paladin better than him?

He had been worrying about this very subject all morning. He paced up and down the castle-ship, ignoring Pidge’s jittering words of how “Them being alive is inhumanly possible.” Hunk didn’t want to hear it. He had once thought that building a mega weapon out of five metal lions was ‘inhumanly possible.’

“There’s no reason to fret, Hunk,” Allura says, walking into the room with Coran trailing behind her. Hunk stopped pacing, though his face was still shining red and his hands were still knotted in front of him. “Y/N is a very nice girl. The yellow lion only wants people who are nice.”

“People who put others first,” Hunk quoted, referring to the criteria he apparently checked off a few months ago. “Right. They’ll be just like me, right?”

Coran laughed. “Y/N? Like you? Oh, heavens no! Y/N has this weird thing to her – she’s jittery. She … She can’t keep still.”

“Coran, you’re scaring him,” Allura scolded. Hunk shook his head, dipping it into his hands and groaning into his palms.

And then the automatic doors opened and you stepped into the room. Hunk looked up, his heart hammering into his ribcage as he felt like his world was about to crumble completely. Maybe he could make a run for it. Maybe he could escape before the conversation started rolling. Maybe this wouldn’t be the last day of his life.

But as soon as his eyes laid themselves upon you, he couldn’t really breathe, let alone move.

Because heavens above, you were just like him. Even from looking at you from afar he could see that. The yellow suit which hung off of your skinny frame, the pale skin and the wide, alert eyes. Your hands were knotted in front of you, your hair wild around your head.

But you still had a smile on your face. Even though you looked like a deer caught in headlights, you still smiled at him as soon as your eyes met.

“Oh, hi!” Pidge exclaims, shooting upwards and knocking Hunk to the side. Hunk grunts, falling into a pile of loud instruments that Coran had insisted added ‘flare’ to a room made of depression. You look at him, not even flinching as the instruments crash and Hunk tumbles to the ground.

“Hm,” you mumble, playing with your bottom lip. “He must be my counter-part.”

“Y/N, it is so lovely to see you again!” Allura howls, throwing herself into your arms. You don’t swing your arms around her – you just let them play with your lip, your other hand messing with the zipper on the suit you had been wearing for a thousand years now.

Allura pulls away awkwardly, allowing you full view of Hunk who is slowly peeling himself off of the ground, his face beetroot red. Where his skin had a tan to it, yours was completely white. Where his face had some structure to it, you just had exposed muscle and sunk in cheeks. Where he was big boned and tall, you were slouched over and overly-skinny.

You knew you looked this way. Your hair was a frizzed mess, sticking out in all directions with no chance of you taming it. Not bed head that had a thousand years to form.

Hunk steps forward once he is stable and reaches out. You look at his hand, your eyes narrowed. Your fingers continue to tug at the skin on your lip – anything that will let you keep your hands moving. Anything to ensure you that you’re not going to fall asleep.

Never once before had you thought you would be scared of falling asleep.

Hunk coughs awkwardly and pulls his hand away upon realisation that you weren’t here to cooperate.

“Not a morning person?” Hunk asks. As soon as the words slip from his mouth, he slaps his hand over his lips and shines an even brighter colour of red than he was before. “Oh, god. That was awful. I’m so sorry. I’m not good at this. I’m Hunk.”

You grunt. “Y/N.”

“Y/N,” Hunk repeats, letting his hands fall to the sides. “What a lovely name. No wonder the yellow lion took a liking to you.”

“Or it’s my incredible personality and show stopping looks,” you add on, knowing full well those two things were not prominent in this moment.

It takes Hunk a moment to realise what you said. He gazes deep into your eyes, and then the words pop in his brain and, to your utter surprise, he starts to laugh. Your own eyes widen even larger than they were before, you recoiling from the boisterous sound which was somehow music to your ears.

You hadn’t heard anybody laugh at your jokes since you had fallen asleep. This was … Strange.

Hunk calms down when Pidge elbows him in the side, though small giggles still escape his lips. “I like you, Y/N. I’m not gonna lie, you frightened me at first. My friend here told me you should be dead after a thousand years and-”

Pidge pales and digs her elbow into Hunks side again. “Hunk! Shut up!”

You smile lightheartedly since the first time you had woken up. “No. It’s quite alright. I am definitely one who can appreciate a smart person, and your facts are most certainly true. I should have at least starved to death by now.”

Hunk raises a brow. “What do you mean? Why haven’t you died, then?”

You smile even brighter, turning your full attention onto Hunk – your counterpart, the man you had a bond with even before you had met. “The yellow lion wouldn’t let me die.”


This is made out of tissue paper!!!! I’m so in awe oh my god. _Skwishee_ gave me permission in the FB papercutting group we’re both in to share this here, because I NEED you all to see it. It’s so lovely and beautiful. All the different weights of the black lines, all the natural-looking colour distortions in the tissue. So much skill and love went into this!! 

I love this so much and I’ve never even played any of the Zelda games. 

If you have a reddit account PLEASE go to their reddit post and leave lots of lovely comments for them to read!! 

elsa: oh my god! you have the same hair colour i do!
me: oh yes i do!
elsa: does this mean you have magical ice powers too?!
me: yeah yeah sure, i do!
elsa: what do you like to do with them?
me: well… build magical ice castles mostly.
elsa: like mine?
me: yes! but well, yours is prettier.
elsa: aw thank you! but well, maybe i could come visit your castle… and then you could come visit mine some time?
me: oh. yes! i could. so it’s a date?
elsa: aw yes!
me: :’)
elsa: :’)


lucy-on-art  asked:

Omg there to much angst! I can't handle the pain anymore!! I need happy Voltron Family. How about where Paige and Hunk make Keith wear a kimono dress by using their puppies dog eyes. ^w^

YES. For happy Voltron Family. Oh my god. THIS IS BRILLIANT.

It was Pidge who found it. They were playing hide and seek and she decided to go inside her daddies’ bedroom and hid in their closet. That was when she saw a pair of Japanese traditional men’s kimono neatly kept inside plastic garment bags. She called Hunk and Lance, again, completely forgetting they were playing.

Hunk: Isn’t that what they wore in that wedding video?
Lance: *gasps* It is! Look, this one have some red lines on the edge. This has to be Daddy Keith’s.
Pidge: *grins* It’s their wedding kimono. *claps her hands* I have an idea.

They went to Keith’s study room and saw him there reading a book. He placed down his book when he saw his kids entering.

Keith: Hey, what’s up? Why are you all grinning at me? *eyes them all suspiciously* Did you break something again?
All Three: *shakes their head but smiles at Keith way too much*
Keith: C’mon. What is it? *squints* 

They all dragged him to the master bedroom and Pidge opened the closet.

Keith: *eyes widens* Oh, that’s our wedding kimono. *smiles* *touches it* 
Lance: *tugs Keith’s shirt* Will you wear it?
Keith: *turns to him* What? No. It’s not meant for casu—
Hunk: Please, Daddy Keith. We want you to wear it.
Keith: Hunk, baby no…
All three: *puppy dog eyes* Pleeeeeeaaaseeeeeeeeee.
Keith: *sighs in defeat* Fine, but I’ll do it quick.

So Keith tried it on. It still fitted like a glove, well, it wasn’t like he actually gained weight or anything. So he was looking at his reflection in the mirror and he looked way too pleased. Red really was his colour. He wore this one (the male’s of course lmao) 

Pidge: *in awe* *touches Keith’s kimono* This is so… beautiful.
Keith: *laughs* I know, it was your Daddy Shiro who chose it for me actually.
Hunk: *blushes* It’s so pretty and you look so handsome, Daddy Keith.
Keith: *smiles* Awww, thanks, Hunk.
Lance: *beams* I wanna wear something like that too when I get married!
Keith: *chuckles* Well, I’m not gonna stop you, Captain.

Then suddenly, they heard something drop on the floor and they all turned towards the door and they saw Shiro with his jaw dropped.

Keith: *blushes* Oh my god. *tries to cover himself* *turns around* Don’t look at me, Shiro. What the hell! Get out of the room.
Shiro: *blushing way too much* I… I… Oh my god.
Lance: *laughs as he looks at Shiro and Keith back and forth*
Keith: *peeks to see if Shiro is gone*
Shiro: *has his phone out and is taking photos* *is still a blushing mess*
Keith: *horrified* *turns around* Shiro! Stop that!
Shiro: *is enjoying this way too much* Oh my god, I never thought I’d see the day you get to wear your wedding kimono again. 
Keith: *flustered* The kids made me do it!
Hunk: *laughs* *joins the photo* Daddy Keith looks so great though!
Shiro: *approaches Keith* *smiles at him*
Keith: *looks back at Shiro* Stop looking at me like that!
Shiro: *looks at Keith’s kimono and then back to Keith’s eyes* You… you’re… you’re still as beautiful as the day I married you.
Keith: *face is heating up* Shut up. You don’t need to say stuff like that to woo me. We’re already marr–
Shiro: *cuts Keith off by kissing him on the lips* *stares into Keith’s eyes* I love you so much, do you know that?

Suddenly Pidge tugged her Daddy Shiro and whispered something in his ears. That was when Shiro wore his wedding kimono too. They took A LOT OF PICTURES but Keith’s favourite would have to be the one wherein the kids joined them wearing their kimono that Grandpa Thace gave them during his last visit. He had the picture framed and hanged in the living room. *wipes tears*

anonymous asked:

Can you draw how Baby!Jr. mistreated Freaky Doodles before she reveled her true form to him?

I am so sorry this is late I’ve been super busy and it slipt my mind! EEK! But I hope these are ok…


anonymous asked:

Hello Bram! Was wondering what you would describe your style as and what your inspirations were?

Heeyaa geeza! hm my art style is basically European Bande Dessinée comics nostalgia hour atm aha. I grew up reading stuff like Asterix, Tin Tin, Spirou, The Beano and Willy the Wimp etc. so it’s small wonder. Sort of caricatured pseudo-realism I suppose :’^)

Oh god I’ve got too many inspirations but I’ll list some of my fav illustrative artists for you! :

Man Arenas - I have his graphic novel Yaxin the Faun. In absolute awe of his panel layout, environments and backgrounds. He has a tumblr @man-arenas so take ye a gander ;)

Yoann’s Spirou - I grew up reading Franquin’s Spirou which is good and all but “Yoann emulating Franquin’s style” is my fav over his personal style (If that makes sense aha). Just energetic with nice colour choices not to mention I love how he draws my wifeyys Zorglub and Zantafio as flamboyant bastards ahaa.

Nicolas de Crecy - Was a character designer on the Triplets of Belleville. I have his graphic novel The Celestial Bibendum which is about the devil trying to stop a seal from winning the Nobel Prize of Love. It’s actual nonsense but the art in the first half is so unsettling I love it!! Also on the subject of Belleville, Sylvain Chomet is my fav animator ;)

Juanjo Guarnido - These are from Blacksad which is a crime noir ft. furries.. I don’t actually own one but every time I go into Gosh comics I stare at it longingly :’^) …reminds me, my uni library has a copy need to go get it out.

Jorge Gonzalez - These are from his graphic novel Fueye. I’m a sucker for sketchiness, Sepia and ballistic schnozzes what can I say :’^)

Also everyone I followed on my defunct ig not that that’s much help aha ;)… Most of my inspiration comes outside of illustration though, my art is just day to day observations and satire tbh xxx <3