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Across The Multiverse, 4.

Genre | Greek Mythology AU.

Pairing | Kim Taehyung / Reader.

Words | 2,529 words.

Conspectus | Not even a God can save her. But oh, does he try his best.

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noorzojustramen  asked:

Consider instead of a Lucretia and Davenport switch, a switch!au where Lucretia runs the fantasy Costco, and keeps VERY detailed ledgers and when the Tres Horny Girls meet the leader of BoB Garfield is just fucking screaming

DKJHGSDKJGS IM………. oh my GOD. oh MY GOD. they never best her in tests of mercantile wit. lup trades her macaroon recipe to get the flaming raging poisoning sword of doom. lucretia is a very capable saleswoman. she would look wonderful in the costco red apron. she looks good in everything.

also: “hot diggity shit, that is a baller deal.”

(the christmas bonuses, rather than envelopes stuffed with gold, the girls receive little sample cups of… something that they very prudently throw away instead of eating whatever is inside them.)

anonymous asked:

You're the 64 colors of the crayola box minus 5 colors, Yellow .Orange, Brown, Pink, Red, White & Rainbow.


Thank you!!!

anonymous asked:

Headcanon that Pidge calls everyone on the team shit that white soccer dads call their kids like Lance is going up to Keith and Pidge like "go get em champ" or hunk talking to shay maybe and Pidge like "you can do it sport!"

pidge, walking up and clapping shiro on the back: nice work out there, kiddo


They really need to get it on know what I’m sayin’?

By the way as a side note, I was mainly hinting at the fact that Sangwoo demonstrated way too many times that he won’t kill Bum and yet Bum is STILL horrendously scared of him. I’m tired of seeing him having that constant anxiety face.

After the whole killing the old man thingie happened Bum should’ve just been dead inside and not continuing to be scared shitless of Sangwoo. I might sound overly dumb about this, I mean it IS about a serial killer and how he fucks up girls in his basement but Bum witnessed all the shit he did so many times already he should eventually grow tired of being scared. (especially when the serial killer pretty much hints that he wants him to be his wife and has no intention of doing any harm to him).