oh god thank goodness no one recognized it


So, the UMBC mascot, True Grit, has basically looked like this for most of its history.

OK, you get it. Oh here’s a fucking dog, an angry chesapeake Bay Retriever, look at him dance and do push ups and pump up the fifty parents who came out for the basketball team tonight. Fairly normal looking mascot though right? In fact, it’s a great looking mascot. I’d follow that thing into hell. 

Anyway, when I first went to school, the mascot looked similar. I think it was light brown, not dark brown. I thought it looked good. Not as sleek as the current dog, but if a stranger saw it, they’d be able to connect the dots and say “Oh, I recognize what that mascot is supposed to represent. 

BUT THEN, for one awful year, they changed the mascot. They changed it into something HORRIFYING. It looked like the type of creature you meet at the end of a maze. 

It hung around for a year, and then they brought “Angry dog” back, thank GOD. Not only that, it was almost impossible to find a picture of it. Like the AD gave a specific order to eliminate all traces of it from the record. Nobody remembers it either! “hey guys did you remember that ugly UMBC mascot” and they’d say “No, I never went to a single sporting event on that shithole of a campus.” 

For ten years I’ve been searching in vain for a picture of this fucking creature. I’d almost given up. But fortune favors the persistent and my friends

I present to you. 

Where to start? The half horse half dog mask? The gigantic hips? The FUCKING TALONS. Look at those nails! I wonder how many cheerleaders got lacerated by that thing. That’s some alpha predator shit, don’t let the “smile?” fool you. The Athletic Director had to feed that thing chunks of human flesh every night, lest it break it’s chains and start devouring Information Systems majors. 

Are U Coming? 

Ok y'all buckle the fuck in

I know I said I would do this yesterday morning but I’ve been busy af and this shit it still plaguing my every thought

But ANYWAYS I met aether, fire, and the mastermind himself TF and I’M STILL SHOOK like fire is the most beautiful person I have ever seen with my own two eyes and he was so sweet like when he came up to me I basically just word vomited about how much I love him and he did this vaudeville ass animated little bow and it was so fucking CUTE I wanted to scream into the void and then I told him he was the ultimate hype man and that he stole the show (because he TOtally does) and when he signed my ticket he asked my name and put wrote “hype man” which I’m TATTOOING ON MY FOREHEAD FOR SURE and then we talked about the Fresno show and he was like “that was such a weird show” lmao and then he gave me a hug and I thought for sure I would die in his muscular arms tbh I’m 100% sure I will never love somebody the way I’ve fallen in love with fire

And I met aether after the Fresno show and he recognized me after the SF one and he also said that it was a weird show lmao but I told him I love his album and he thought I was talking about meliora but i was like no YOUR album life is often brilliant (which you should check out bc it’s really good) and he was like “my album?!??!?” and I was like yeah and his eyes lit up and he looked soooo happy and he said “oh my god thank you so much that’s so nice to hear in california of all places” and then he told me to listen to some of his other bands lmao

Air came out too (which I was surprised about) but he didn’t really seem interested in spending time talking to people like fire and aether were so he just went around signing things and then left (prob bc his wife and daughter were there)

But oh lord in heaven papa himself Ticonderoga Fog came walking down the sidewalk with his skinny ass legs and his daughter in tow and without even trying he now owns my soul forever but it was honestly so weird seeing his face and hearing his voice at the same time lmao he was sooooo nice though and he seemed genuinely happy to meet everybody and to talk to them and everybody that met him just showered him with compliments and praise (LIKE HE DESERVES) and he was so grateful like I got so emotional before he even came over to me just watching him interact with other people (which sounds lame af but idc lmao) but when he came up to me he signed my ticket and I forgot that I wanted him to sign my infestissumam booklet bc I was dying inside (in a good way though) so then he asked me if I wanted him to sign that too and of course I said yes then I told him that I had so much fun at the Fresno show that on the way home I had bought a ticket for that night and BOY LET ME TELL YOU HE LOOKED RIGHT INTO MY EYES VERY INTENSELY AND THANKED ME and I will literally never be the same but then he also said the Fresno show was weird (idk why they all thought it was weird I asked all of them why and I never got an answer)

THEN some homeless guy started yelling at us from across the street and TF was like “what is that” and I was like it’s market st there are lots of homeless people here and he was like “yeah there’s been lots of yelling all day” and then I was like yeah they tend to do that and he laughed and then I asked him if I could get a hug and he was like “of COURSE you can” (he does smell really nice oops)


MY DAY WITH SIMON PEGG–by ur good pal Katie Cumberpegg

okay so I’m doing this on mobile so I can’t do a read more, so I’m really sorry if u hate this and want to scroll past it and it’s hella long…so apologies in advance.

I was gonna name this My Night With Simon Pegg because that’s more accurate but I didn’t want it to sound sexual lmao but yeah. So a couple weeks ago I got an email from Simon’s assistant inviting me to the Mission: Impossible premiere; as some of you may know, a couple years ago I met Simon outside of Jimmy Fallon’s show, and gave him a letter, which he read, and then found me on Twitter and followed me and thanked me and all that. So now I get the occasional invite to premieres and screenings, and he calls me his FRIEND ASDFGHJKL

So on Monday, I went to the premiere with my boyfriend (I originally didn’t get a +1, but then I ended up getting one THANK GOD), and we sat and watched the movie. Simon was there with his family, but just at the beginning when he was introduced, and then they left. I watched the movie and had a good time but then I was kinda sad cause I didn’t think I would get to say hi to Simon! But as my bf and I were leaving the theater, I saw Simon’s assistant, and went up to her to say hello, and she was like “oh my god I didn’t even recognize you with your new hair and glasses and your dress!!!” and I was like 😏 cause I look better now. So then she was like “we’re all heading to the Four Seasons for drinks with Simon, he wants to say hello to you, come with us!” so…I did LMAO.

when I got to the bar, Simon wasn’t there, so I was making small-talk with the other folks; there were like 8 of us??? and everyone was really nice!! But then I saw Simon walk in and I was like 😍👋🏻 and he was like “hey!” and was giving everyone hugs and shaking hands, and then my turn came around, and he hugged me really tight and we were both like “it’s so nice to see you again!!!” and he pulls away from the hug and says “my, how far you’ve come from the girl who I met outside of NBC!! You’re looking so well!” which was the GREATEST THING HE BASICALLY CALLED ME PRETTY??????

So then he sat down across from me and everyone was chatting away, and he starts talking to me and the woman next to me about Star Wars, and he was like “I can’t tell you who I’m playing tho!” and I jokingly said “It’s Darth Vader” and he LAUGHED (I MADE MY HERO SIMON PEGG LAUGH???) and he was showing me pics of him doing Star Trek stuff on his phone, and then I was asking him about how he felt about writing it and I was telling him how happy and proud I was!!!

Then a lil while later he turned to me, and was like “So I’m doing Fallon tomorrow, and I’m doing Drunk Ron Weasley!” and I was like “ah, where it all began” (referring to our friendship) and he laughed AGAIN!! And then he was like “yeah they want me to do it again and I said yes because it was popular” and I was like “oh yeah dude it was all over my Facebook newsfeed and I was all like ‘I met that guy today’” and I did finger guns and he laughed AGAIN LMAO and like through the night we kept making eye contact and smiling and he was so NICE AND HANDSOME AND FUNNY

So then he had to leave, and he shook my boyfriend’s hand and was like “take care of her, she’s very special.” and then I went to shake his hand and he was like “no I’ll come over and hug you!” and as he came over I was like “I wrote you this dumb little thank you note because I feel bad that I haven’t really done anything for you hehe” and he was like “a letter is how our friendship began :)” and we hugged again and said goodbyes and then I left!!!!!!!!

So yeah. He’s still my tru angel and I am the luckiest girl alive??

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hc request: what if mc didn't like what RFA liked? (jumin: mc doesnt like cats, zen: mc doesnt like musicals, yoosung:mc doesnt like lolol?) :D hehe


  • when Yoosung first talks about LOLOL and MC says they think video games are childish, he literally pretends he doesnt play them
  • after he talked to them for the first time, he announced that he was leaving to “play games”
  • “what kind of games? i hope not video games. i think those video game addicts are so childish, lololol!”
  • childish???
  • he’s not a child he’S A MAN
  • alright Yoosung dont panic
  • “um i, uh, was actually talking about soccer! yea, games of soccer with my college buddies”
  • lies, it was all lies. Yoosung doesnt have college buddies
  • oh yea, the soccer thing was bullshit too
  • “oh, how fun! i’ll be cheering for you!”
  • “haha…yea…lets talk again soon, MC”
  • Yoosung has left the chatroom
  • the next time him and MC talked in the chatroom everything was going great till Seven showed up
  • 707 has entered the chatroom
  • “LOLOL? whats that, Yoosung?” -MC
  • “i have absoloutly no idea! what are you talking about, Seven?!” -Yoo
  • “i’m talk about league of loneliness of life, dude. yknow, the reason you had to take college algebra twice?” -707
  • “isnt that an online game?” -MC
  • why does Seven have to ruin everything in Yoosungs life
  • “yea…it’s an online game that i play all the time…i didnt want to say anything cause i know you dont like gamers T_T” -Yoo
  • “i know i said i dont like gamers, but you’re more than just a game junkie, Yoosung! you’re sweet, thoughtful, and capable. i realize that now after talking to you for a few days” -MC
  • Yoosung felt his heart flutter and his cheeks heat up
  • his phone buzzes with another message
  • “lol they still called you a game junkie tho” -707
  • once again, Seven is ruining everything for Yoosung T_T


  • Zen decides to bring up his glory high school days in the chat
  • bragging about how he basically ran the theatre program for four years
  • “no way, you were a theatre kid?!” -MC
  • “um, yea. that was me” -Zen
  • “i used to hate those kids when i was in high school! they were always so obnoxious LOL” -MC
  • those kids??
  • but he cant fight someone with such an innocent soul as MC…
  • “haha, yea. we are pretty obnoxious” -Zen
  • “obnoxiously HANDSOME” -Zen
  • MC is just kind of like welp i cant fight you on that one
  • he goes on to basically school MC, saying that acting is one of the highest paying jobs and that all the hot actors they’re probably in love with were “theatre kids” in high school
  • Zen liked MC, but he will defend what he loves until the day he dies
  • “you’re right, Zen! i was such a jerk in high school but now i think i might even have a crush on a theater kid…” -MC
  • what the hell? one second MC was saying the they hated theatre kids and the next second they’re apparently drooling over some-
  • oh…oh wait
  • it’s him


  • MC is one of those people who is like, normal
  • and doesnt drink 5 cups of coffee a day
  • every time Jaehee tells MC she’s drinking coffee they get all
  • “Jaehee that’s really unhealthy”
  • “you have a caffeine addiction”
  • and Jaehee really appreciates the gesture but honestly she’s like just let me live my addicted-to-coffee life T_T
  • one time Jaehee and MC went out for lunch and she hid her coffee inside this big ass thermos
  • “i see you brought your own drink, Jaehee! what is it?”
  • “um, just some water. i keep it in here to keep it cold!”
  • Jaehee goes to take a sip of her “water”
  • but she brewed to coffee right before she left the house, so it was still really hot
  • the burning liquid spills into Jaehee’s mouth and she instinctively spits it back into the thermos
  • MC smirks at her
  • “is your, um, water too cold to drink right now, Jaehee?”
  • she sighs
  • “alright, you caught me. it’s coffee”
  • MC motions for Jaehee to hand over the thermos
  • “you’re really so cruel, MC”
  • “whats cruel about looking after your health?”
  • Jaehee crosses her arms and pouts, mumbling
  • “meanie…”


  • he really just doesnt understand
  • whats not to love about cats?
  • they are beautiful and gentle and graceful and ADORABLE
  • he ends up like showing MC the cutest pics of elly he has on his phone
  • “MC, look at this, Elizabeth 3rd was sleeping on her belly today. it’s it just so precious?”
  • “um yea, i guess”
  • YOU GUESS????
  • after a bunch of failed attempts to make MC like Elly, he starts sending them pics of cats in dog costumes
  • cause like, wont they like cats then?
  • and it kind of works
  • “look at this photograph i found today”
  • “alright, i guess that is pretty cute”
  • Jumin is happy, but Jaehee is so frustrated that she had to pick up Jumin’s slack at work while he spent all day google searching “cat in dog costume”


  • MC cant use a computer for their life
  • “Seven, can you help me out with something? my computer is running super slow today”
  • “yea, sure thing”
  • he’s on their computer for like two seconds before he wants to scream
  • its so slow
  • there’s so much just….shit
  • clearly MC has fallen for some click bait more than a few times
  • at least a million times
  • he straight up buys MC a new laptop after being on their old one for five minutes
  • “alright, MC. i’m going to teach you how to use this”
  • he shows them how to bookmark things and how to recognize things that are, yknow, like OBVIOUSLY VIRUSES
  • lots of
  • “you dont have to double click”
  • “oh..my god you type so slow”
  • he literally just takes the computer away from them
  • “its a good thing you’re so darn cute”


Chapter 4- Beginnings.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

“I have a date tonight.”

“WHAT? Lydia! Oh my GOSH, that’s so exciting! With who??”

Shortly after the day I gave Kit my number, he called and asked me to go to dinner with him that night. I, of course, said yes, and tonight was that night.

I had invited Zoe over to fill her in.. and also help me pick out what to wear.

“Well…you’re never going to believe it.” I replied with a grin.

Her eyes got wide.

“Oh. My. God. It’s not who I think it is, is it? Lydia Elizabeth Benson tell me right now!”

I smiled wide and paused, letting the suspense grow a little.

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The anon with the weird 'star' friend, I barely talk to her, but it's still ridiculous- she once said she would kill herself if no one got her fake identity right. It's all for attention, and honestly, it annoys the shit out of me. (Thank god I'm switching schools so I don't have to deal with it anymore.)

oh god. that’s actually emotional manipulation lmfao… guys, if someone tells you they’ll kill themself if you leave/don’t do what they want, get the hell out. 

but good that you’re switching schools. at least now you know how to recognize the signs that someone’s full of shit 

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For that fic meme (I'm an anon from a few months ago who suggested little Becca Barnes having a major crush on Steve) well I wish you would write a full fic of that! All of your headcanons were so cute and perfect I would just love to see you expand on that!!

oh my god thank you so much for that, my pal. 

little Becca Barnes is kind of my jam. That was SUCH a good one and I still have so many ideas, being an eldest child with several annoying younger siblings:

  • Bucky’s growing annoyance with Becca’s unsubtle attempts at flirting leads to the realization of some Very Queer Feelings he has about his pal Steve
  • poor sweet oblivious Steve not recognizing her flirting for what it is at first and instead takes it as Becca demanding attention of him like another big brother
  • Steve trying to emulate being a good and kind big brother to Becca (and the rest of the little Barneses) because he didn’t have any younger sibs of his own, and he’s seen how Buck will bleed for these kids, he’ll protect his brothers and sisters with his life, and really, how could he do any less? 
  • of course he’s not attracted to her, she’s literally like a sister to him
  • isn’t that what Bucky should be like too? 
  • oh no
  • ohhhhh noooooo
  • cue up the doubling-down of kindnesses to Becca, because there’s NO WAY he’s going to confess to ANYONE his crush is on his best friend since childhood and he wants to be near him but he’s terrified that if he does he’s just going to blurt it out and, nope, noooope, no way
  • Bucky thinking Steve’s falling for Becca because all he ever wants to do anymore is spend time with her
  • Becca Barnes, being a very smart girl for her age, knows about all of this 
  • she stopped having a crush on Steve like six months ago, oh my god
  • she has a crush on Langdon Alger now
  • besides it’s been obvious that Bucky has a crush on Steve, but now they seem to not be speaking to one another?
  • she’s up for playing a tiny matchmaker, this will not stand
  • is this not the best thing tho

Send me an anonymous ask completing the sentence “I wish you would write a fic where…”


SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT EVERYONE T_T all of your messages were too sweet augh. also it looks like the pigeon post has been making its rounds but unfortunately i wasn’t able to answer every bird-related ask. there were a lot of similar questions to sort through so i just added some to the faq!

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Like Father, like Daughter?

Author: perksofbeingabrianna

Original Imagine Link/Request: Anon requested: Could you please do a one shot where Sam and Dean find out you’re somehow Castiel’s daughter. And that makes it even more awkward for Dean because he’s in love with you. Thanks :) This imagine sorta goes with it too. 

Warnings: Dean curses. But seriously, it’s Dean frigging Winchester. Cursing is to be expected. And it’s only like once or twice or something. 

Link to fic/fic: 

(A/N: K so I went all out for this one and I did research. Call me crazy, but I wanted to make sure that I had accurate information about the offspring of angels and humans. Don’t judge. BTWs, Y/A stands for your age. And I keep having the reader or whatever refer to Cas as Castiel because she doesn’t really know much about him, other than the fact that he’s her dad. She’s not as comfortable around him as Sam and Dean are, which is why they call him Cas, and she calls him Castiel until she gets more comfortable around him. Make sense?)

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allofthepretty  asked:

Top 10 favorite Tiva episodes and why?

Oh, fun!  

  1. Under Covers.  Because…I don’t think I have to explain this one.  They are undercover.  They are naked part of the time and in fancy clothes the rest of the time.There’s a fake pregnancy conversation.  They’re sexy, they’re witty, they’re making out, and they’re saving each others’ lives even though they’ve only known each other for eight episodes.  There is legitimately nothing I do not love about this episode.
  2. Boxed In.  Because innuendo.  But also because you get to see Tony and Ziva learning more about each other.  While in Under Covers they’re mostly pretty smooth with each other, even under duress, Boxed In shows them getting their feathers ruffled.  Tony raises his voice and eggs Ziva on when he probably shouldn’t; Ziva overreacts and is quite difficult to deal with for a few bits of the episode.  I feel like they left that box understanding each other better and working together more seamlessly—it’s a significant step towards seeing each other as full people instead of as stock characters (the American playboy, the sexy assassin).
  3. Cloak, Dagger.  Because this arc again shows how well they work together (not just on the war game op, but also when they go to save Lee’s sister), and it also lets you see all the tension that’s underneath their relationship—tension that’s not just sexual.  And although they don’t talk directly about it, all the heavy emotions are closer to being out in the open than usual, what with Ziva’s actions when Tony gets taken out, their fight in the elevator, and even their scene at the end when Tony watches Ziva watching the little girl learn of her sister’s sacrifice.  
  4. Aliyah.  Because, in my opinion, this is the most explosively passionate episode they have in the entire run of the series.  It’s not passion in the bedroom sense, but it’s passion nonetheless, and it’s white hot.  In that scene on the roof, the two of them are actually talking about things—in destructive rather than productive ways, and never as directly as we’d like, but they aren’t ignoring them.  They can’t ignore them.  And it’s disastrous, but it’s the best train wreck I’ve ever seen.
  5. Truth or Consequences.  This is another one that requires no explanation.  He cannot deal with the guilt and pain of her apparent death—which is, after all, related to his own actions—and does literally everything within his power not even to save her, but simply to tip the scales in her name.  Even if you just read it as partnership/friendship, it’s so much.  This episode changed the show, and it changed Tony and Ziva’s relationship, and it is so important to me.
  6. Housekeeping.  Because it’s the first episode I watched that made me think ‘Oh my god, they’re actually going to go there eventually.’  And then, you know, they kinda didn’t.  But they were leading up to it in an unmistakable way.  I mean, between Ziva’s frank comments about “someday” and Tony’s reactions to “she cares”?  I cannot handle it.
  7. A Desperate Man.  Most superficially, because it got rid of Tiva threat Ray Cruz (which I say mostly jokingly—I loathe Ray Cruz, but it has less to do with my desire to see Ziva with Tony than it does with my desire to see Ziva not with any lying, secretive, manipulative jerk).  More importantly, that conversation Tony and Ziva had on the rooftop about Ray not appreciating her was very honest, very emotional, and something that would not have been possible between them a few years prior.  The “Cherish each other” bit at the end is also great, but it’s that rooftop scene that makes this a solid t/z episode for me.
  8. Shell Shock I, Shell Shock II.  Because—*breaks down crying because of The Little Prince and the opera*—because in this arc they are kind to and patient with each other in a new and exciting way.  When Tony’s being quiet because he’s hurting, Ziva gently draws him out, and she asks the questions that he needs to be asked.  And when Ziva gets prickly because she’s hurting, Tony doesn’t rise to the bait.  He works his way to the center of it, instead, and then he offers one of the most thoughtful gestures in television history to make her feel better.  I love the Shell Shock episodes for a lot of reasons, but an important one is that they leave me with the feeling that Tony and Ziva are deeply good for each other.
  9. Shiva.  He lets her stay in his super-private I-don’t-even-like-family-members-here HOME.  He does everything he can possibly do to support her, and she recognizes it and thanks him for it.  She’s so vulnerable, and he cares so much.  I don’t even know what else to say about it.  (Except that the pregnancy photo scene from Shabbat Shalom need to somehow be included in this entry, because OH MY GOD DID THEY REALLY JUST.)
  10. Berlin.  While I wish this episode didn’t lead where it ultimately leads, and I could’ve stood the pacing being different, it all but puts a giant blinking neon sign above them readig “ENDGAME.”  The dancing, the flashbacks to the “man who deserves your love” scene, the sweet but subtle scene in the hotel room, and the nine thousand little scenes where Tony verbally and non-verbally checks to see if she’s okay—it’s pretty amazing.  But the scene in the car when they get back to DC is one of my favorite in the entire show’s run.  It still astounds me how Ziva cracked her shell and unfolded and laid so much emotional history down on the table for Tony to witness.  It still astounds me that they held hands like that.  To be perfectly honest, I think that handholding scene is in some ways far more intimate than their final kissing scene in Past, Present, and Future (although it’s possible that’s the bitterness talking).

There are probably no surprises here; I think most Tiva fans enjoy these episodes.  I do, however, want to give an honorable mention to Double Blind.  Even though its plot brings me pain and I disagree with like half of everything that’s going on, that scene in the warehouse between Tony and Ziva?  Literal, physical goosebumps, every time.  That’s Tony laying his emotions flat out on the table for her to see, and it wounds them both, but it’s honest.  And a little bit beautiful.  I watch the end of season ten and think back to season three and the only word that comes to mind is wow.  They really came so far, in so many ways.





c) I know it’s meant to just be his psychic powers, but part of me likes to think he recognizes on some subconscious level, the touch of one of his Generals’s aura

d) MAMORU THE SMART AS SHIT WHO HAS FIGURED THIS STUFF OUT, where he sees this girl in trouble and so he goes to lure Sailor Moon out, because he’s figured out who she is, but only really uses that information to help Usagi to help people

e) I am really, really here for Mamoru’s actual importance to the story in a way that supports Usagi’s story, that he has always struck me as a strategist, someone who knows the finer points of things, who has a more subtle touch, to Usagi’s powerhouse of love and healing, like, THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE TYPES OF PAIRINGS, but you rarely see a woman being the powerhouse while the man is the fine touch (in m/f instances, that is) and how both are very important, even as this is unquestionably Usagi’s story


one thing I love about the jse community is the sudden explosion of love and excitement when people learn about each other being in the community

I’ve been at a convention this weekend and I’ve had Sam with me because Sam helps me with my anxiety (I tend to freak out in crowded places). I’ve met loads of people and made lots of friends simply because I had Sam with me and people recognized him (and yes he got lots of hugs and pets). I’ve had people walk up to me going “is that a septiceye!?” so many times this weekend, and from a huge range of ages (from like 5 to 50!) and some of them I actually made legit good friends with and exchanged contact info with!

I’ve never been in a community whose members’ first reaction to learning I’m part of the community is “OH MY GOD YOU’RE AWESOME CAN I HUG YOU” before, and it feels amazing.

Thank you for giving people this opportunity, Jack, and for leading one of the most loving and exciteable communities out there.

Adventures (Jungkook x OC) | short drabble

Originally posted by sugutie

[A/N]: kso, Jungkook went strolling around Hongdae all by himself. What makes it so cute is the fact that he went strolling all by himself, it was like he didn’t even have plans on going to a specific destination. It was like he was just planning on walking around the town, look around, it’s literally an unplanned adventure. Which brings me to this short drabble, inspired by this.

Summary: Jungkook just had the need to go out on an adventure in Hongdae, but he didn’t expect seeing her.

Word Count: 1,295

Walk, look around, sight-see, stop, and repeat.

Jungkook was granted a night all by himself, where he could do everything and anything he wanted. The moment those words of freedom spilled out of his manager’s lips, he was out the door in a split second.

He had no exact plan on what to do for the day. He had no exact destination either. But what he knew for sure was that he wanted to go on an adventure, all by himself, and collect his thoughts.

And here he was, in Hongdae, strolling around the crowded streets filled with students.

The streets erupted with karaoke systems, street dancers, and even underground musicians. Each one of them were showcasing their talents in front of everyone right at the curb of the sidewalk.

Jungkook smiled to himself, he felt that same adrenaline that each performer had. He loved the feeling of being able to showcase talent, and seeing others do exactly just that, he felt satisfaction. 

Taking a sip of his coffee that he had just bought, he moved on from the guitarist and continued to stroll around. The skies were getting darker, and the illuminating lights lit up the city for the night.

This was exactly what Jungkook wanted, being able to check his phone to see no notifications. He wanted to walk around like a normal person, not get noticed as the Jungkook from BTS, or that guy who’s talented.

He frowned, sometimes being famous was irritating and annoying. You didn’t get any privacy, you’re always lacking in sleep, almost like a puppet. You’re always forced around. You’re always going out on your own without getting tackled by fans. It’s almost like a battlefield; it’s suffocating.

“Watch out!”

He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a bell ring his way. Right when he turns, it’s almost like his feet are glued to the pavement. He felt a bicycle wheel roll over one of his shoes, and the bicycle came to a stop.

He felt the ends of his lips tug into a smile when his eyes fell upon a girl almost his age, her eyes glued shut. Once she had opened them, she glanced down at his shoes and sighed with relief.

“Thank goodness,” she whispered to herself. Her eyes began trailing up and widen when they meet his. At this point, Jungkook began praying to the heavens that she wouldn’t recognize him. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to - oh my god, I’m so sorry. Are you alright?”

He noticed that he was holding in his breath, and exhaled. His lips pouted, he was confused as heck. Staring at the girl, he noticed that she had a pair of round glasses on. Her hair was at a medium-length, falling right below her shoulders. She was wearing a long beige coat that stopped at her knees, and she was almost his height by a few inches.

He felt himself snort, seeing her pastel blue bike that was still parked on his foot. That was until he heard her clear her throat.

“H-Huh?” He stuttered, and she let out a soft giggle.

“I was asking if you’re alright,” she repeated. She looked down and realized her bike was still crushing his foot. She gasped, pulling her bike back towards her. Giving him an apologetic look, she bowed her head, “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking.. it’s pretty difficult to bike around Hongdae, don’t you think?”

A pout was still on his lips, and he felt his eyebrows furrow. Did she not recognize him? Does she not know who he is?

He didn’t want to be cocky, but after getting noticed by plenty of fans all night, he was surprised. He was surprised that she didn’t notice him as the Jungkook of BTS or that guy who can sing, dance, and rap.

“Right,” she said softly, realizing that he didn’t say a single word after she had bumped into him. “You don’t talk much, do you?”

“I-I, well, uh..” He trailed off, eating his words. He had realized that he was having difficulty trying to talk to her, only her. All night, he was able to have a fluent conversation with the fans that noticed him.

But when it came to this beautiful stranger, he couldn’t choke out a single word. And when he would, he would just stutter like an idiot.

“I see,” she nodded her head, a smile making its way to her lips. She fixed the glasses that were sitting on the bridge of her nose, before gripping on the handles of her bike. Glancing down at her watch, she pursed her lips into a line. “Well, it was nice meeting you, stranger. Sorry for bumping into you, I was quite surprised that you didn’t seem affected by my collision.”

“I-I’m alright, I.. nice meeting you, t-too?” He mumbled, and she chuckled. Getting back onto her bike, she sounded her bell, and she waved at him.

“Good luck studying, stranger.” She smiled, and he grew confused.

“W-What?” He questioned her and she pointed towards his handbag that seemed like it was filled with books. “O-Oh, well, I—”

“See ya!” She exclaimed, pedaling away. 

His eyes followed her figure as it headed towards one specific destination. He smiled, glancing at her huge backpack that was also probably filled with textbooks.

Glancing down at his phone, he read the time. He shrugged his shoulders, he had plenty of time to kill before the night ends. Reaching into his handbag, he opened it to reveal his headphones and laptop.

His eyes trailed back up towards the girl who had stopped in front of the reference library. She locked her bike against one of the parking spots, and made her way inside the library.

Suddenly, his phone began to ring. Looking at it, he sighed.


“Jungkook-ah, it’s time to get back to work. We need to start planning for the photoshoot in two days.” His manager ordered, and Jungkook sighed frustratingly.

He looked back up at the girl who had opened her books, and she was at it with her notes.


Jungkook shut his eyes, and thought of an idea. Hesitatingly, he cleared his throat. “H-Hello? Manager-nim? Are you still there?”

“Yes, why—”

“I can’t hear you, what did you say? It’s getting choppy.” He began to pretend as if the phone line was getting cut off. “Sorry, I haven’t paid the bills.. what did you say?”

“I said get back to the building, we have to work—”

“Sorry, what?” He called out, only to pull away his phone and simply hang up on his manager.

Shoving his phone back into his pocket, he felt his feet pick up and make it’s way to one destination. For once, he had a night that was actually planned. For once, he could finally be on his own without any distractions.. for now.

She was scribbling away her notes onto her lined paper. Scratching the back of her neck, she compared her answer to the answer key, and smiled. Correct again, you got this! She thought to herself, and she continued on with her work.

After answering one of the math questions, she checked the answer key and frowned.

“What did I do wrong, this time?” She mumbled to herself.

Glancing at her work, she began to search for any possible errors. Suddenly, she jumped at the sight of a laptop placed right in front of her.

Glancing up, her eyes widened like saucers when she had noticed who was taking a seat right across her. It was him again, the guy with the handbag and didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that his foot was crushed by her bike.

“I don’t know, I’m not an expert at math, but maybe we could try to find where you made little mistakes?”

[A/N]: And Jungkook’s adventure ends here, or does it? Wink wink, cough cough, nudge nudge ;) Anyway, I hope you guys liked it! More updates are yet to come next week, stay tuned :D

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papofglencoe  asked:

Write one where Katniss is grumpily eating breakfast at Panera, and she keeps shooting side eye at an especially chirpy girl at a table across the room when she realizes it's Delly. And Delly is eating breakfast with Peeta. And Katniss hasn't seen Peeta since that time they...

Here it is! Sorry it took so long but the wait is over!

A special thanks to everybirdfellsilent and bashermvran for proofreading and editing.


                                               Shot through the heart

“Good Morning, what can I get you started off with today?” the waitress with short blonde hair and award winning blue eyes asks me in her generic, preppy waitress voice. Dear Lord, how long has she had that piece of spinach between her teeth, it’s six o’clock in the morning. What did she have for breakfast?

“Yeah, I’ll just get a coffee.” I say, sliding the money across in exchange for a cup, which I fill at the station across from the cashier before heading to a booth in the back.

Although coffee isn’t my drink of choice, I need something to wake me up. Gale planned this weekend-long hunting trip and we’re supposed to meet at his place in an hour. I’m definitely going to need something more than coffee to last this weekend.

I lay my head on the cool table in my booth and simply focus on my breathing. Even this simple task is difficult to do because there is an annoying high-pitched laughter coming from my left. Trying to ignore the laugh that can pierce through walls is pointless so I give the death glare at couple sitting a couple tables away from me. I don’t get much of a look but I see one blonde, curly haired boy and a girl with a much brighter blonde, almost yellow colored hair. Who the fuck goes on a date at six in the morning? I don’t know what’s got me so crabby today but I want to strangle that girl with her laugh.

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I had a blessed evening. #blessed.  I knew when I received the fated phone call at 8:05, two hours before closing, asking me what time I was closed, that I was in for a treat.  That phone call, for those of you who don’t speak “service industry,” means one thing, and one thing only:  

“Hi, I’m a worthless asshole who will be coming in about 10-15 minutes before you close, forcing you to serve me while staying past my welcome, and then making us all uncomfortable because while you want to go home and sleep like a normal human being, I live to suck the soul from your body, much like a dementor. Also, please be aware I have no concept of time.” 

Expecto Patronem motherfuckers, let’s get this show on the road.

The man on the phone is old.  He’s either on his fourth hip replacement or dead and speaking to me from beyond the grave, but at this point we’re not turning back. He’s coming in.

He hands the phone off to a woman whom he calls his “agent.”  I can only assume she is his fellow geriatric for the evening.  She, true to form, begins to ask me a series of questions about the bar. 

“Do you play rap-crap?” 

Strictly Kanye.  Niggas in Paris is on repeat on Wednesday nights.

“Is the television loud?” 

Only if Maury is on.

“What is the ambience?” 

Vampires.  So death, which I’m guessing you’re both familiar with.

“Describe the upstairs.” 

It’s above the bottom.

“Tell me about what shows you play on your television.” 

Porn. Mostly porn.  On a good day, it’s less porn.

When she’s satisfied with her over the phone pop quiz she hands me back to him.

He hacks up a lung and laughs while he asks, “can I bring handcuffs?”

I gag.

He hangs up.

I immediately begin to pray that there’s a fire somewhere that prevents them from arriving, or that the curse allowing the dead to wander from the grave is lifted before 10.

At this point, an atrociously awkward man walks in.  He says nothing and stares blankly at me.  When I ask how he’s doing, he replies with “meeting someone" and runs up the stairs to our lounge.

I am immediately aware of the fact that he doesn’t speak English.  Things are about to get interesting,kids.

His date arrives a minute later, barely able to walk in her heels, and stumbles up the stairs, making jokes like

“If you hear a crash it’s me!”

If you hear me laughing at you, it’s me.

Roughly five minutes later another couple walks in. The man is too loud and thinks he is hilarious.  He is either compensating for an extremely small penis, or he wasn’t hugged much as a child.  Either way, it can’t be a win for anyone involved.  The woman keeps smiling.  At everything.  Including the walls and the floor, and whatever else she makes eye contact with.  It’s disconcerting. 

They decideto also go upstairs. 

Wonderful.  A party.

It’s 9:00 at this point. 

After serving them a couple of glasses of wine and listening to fucktard’s less than fantastic jokes I go back downstairs to try and drown myself in the sanitizing sink.

The following conversation begins.

“How’d you both meet?”


“Oh us too!”

Never would have guessed.

“I’ve heard that online the guys embellish what they do and how much they make and women embellish their looks. Surely not. Most women are shorter or fatter or uglier in real life and most men make less.”

“This is LA for you.”

“Yeah, you have to look people up on Facebook!”

“How do you do that?”

“You ask them, hey can I have your last name. I want to see if we have friends in common.  That way they feel like you’re selective and they think they’re special, (That way they think you’re creepy and probably a serial killer) but you get to see the real them.  It’s all in my book.”



Sidebar…just because you have an opinion and you wrote it down, doesn’t mean you have a book.  This, per se, is not a book, although I am sure it resembles a book much more than whatever she has thrown together. 

“Yeah!  It’s about how to find the perfect man!”

At this point, it’s too much and I walk upstairs. She’s handing out fliers and business cards and hands me one. 

I give her a clever “Oh Thanks!  God knows I need it!” and she smiles eagerly as if she’s done me a favor. 

That’s sarcasm, I’m single by choice.  So I don’t have to date men like the one you’re sitting beside. 

The flier says the following:

“How to be a Man Magnet by the Dating Diva!  Get ready to have your pick of DREAM GUYS COURTING YOU!” 

A few highlights…

-      Learn how to become your best self and the woman men worship.

        Oh good,someone finally figured it out.   

-      Recognize and replace old patterns that scare men away

        Step One, don’t be the woman who writes a book about how to get men to worship you.

-      Be a more confident you! 

        Make it stop.

Hey guys, it’s available on Amazon.  Oh also, she’s single and this is a first date because the other dude she was seeing decided to rekindle things with his ex-wife.

Guys.  That’s like me writing a book on how to become a successful model, when in reality I just have a lot of selfie Saturday posts on Instagram and a couple of pictures of other people’s dogs.  It doesn’t count, it never will.

They stop talking about her book.  She’s done enough marketing.

It gets quiet upstairs.

“I ubered here.”

“Oh.  Me too.  Uber is great.”

That wasn’t product placement guys, that was just my way of letting you know that I wanted to kill myself at multiple points tonight. I made it through.

A couple minutes pass and the girls upstairs are now competing over who is prettier by telling stories of their pasts at Catholic private schools, where they used to get in trouble for hiking up their skirts. Never-been-hugged-tiny-penis asks sheepishly if we “need to get a ruler upstairs for Sister Mary to punish someone” and both men laugh while I try to use a wine key to dig my brain out of my skull.

At this point, the best thing to add into the mix would be…YOU GUESSED IT, Cryptkeepers one and two, who come waltzing into the establishment and decide to join the party.

Jack Skellington or Cryptkeeper one,  goes upstairs and immediately orders a taste of everything we have.  He makes a joke that he’s going to make me walk up and down the stairs all night tonight, and I smile while I strangle him to death in my head.  I walk up the stairs with five glasses, none of which he likes, but decides he’ll keep in front of him to continue to taste.  

I’m onto you, you cheap fuck.

Now they’re talking about “high tea” and how all British people love tea, because it can be paired with so many different foods. The Cryptkeepers begin to suggest that perhaps tea is better paired with food in comparison to wine.  A fine green tea with steak is suggested and slowly I begin to reconsider my career choice. 

Eventually, everyone decides it’s best to go home because the poor bartender was supposed to close an hour ago and oh no we can’t hear her anymore perhaps she finally killed herself.   The two young couples have realized there’s no point in trying to compete anymore, and are exchanging numbers, you know, to be friends.   Realistically, both couples are equally fucked, and each relationship will gradually end disappointingly, much like the 5 wines that Lord Voldemort’s grandfather is continuing to taste and grimace at.

I say that I’m going to close up for the night, and after a few more pointless conversations, everyone closes out.  The two younger couples leave while discussing plans for a group date and the old man tells me he and his “gorgeous date” will be staying upstairs until I’m ready to head out.  Also can he have some food, some bread perhaps.  Sorry, I’m out of bread for the night. Also, I’m lying.  Because no, you can’t have any food, because I decided an hour ago I didn’t like you. 

I go downstairs to polish glasses.  And as I’m polishing I HEAR THE TWO TIPSY FUCKS UPSTAIRS MAKING OUT.  WITH TONGUE.  IT’S GOTTA BE FULL OF DUST IN THERE, BRO WHAT ARE YOU DOING.  I turn up the music as loud as possible, wondering why I never had to go through this with my parents, but now I must go through it with the cryptkeepers. 

They come downstairs to pee and then to sit and wait for their driver, you know the one, the ferryman from the underworld that takes you across the River Styx.   And to pass the time he begins to read me a poem by E.E. Cummings called Effie.  As he finishes each line, he explains it.  Because he’s educated. Thank God.  Don’t know what I would do without him.  She has fallen asleep on the chair and is snoring while slowly falling off to the left side.  (The lucky bitch.)

Before this absurd evening comes to an end, and after I’ve fully listened to the critical analysis of Cummings’ poem, the old man looks at me and says “isn’t it funny how life works out?” 

Fondly now, I look at him, a little warmed at my cynical and sarcastic core and ask how long they’ve been together.

“I met her online.  I’m getting lucky tonight Effie.”

Needless to say my night ended up with me throwing up in my mouth, and driving home to order the Dating Diva’s book off Amazon. With any luck I’ll be dating a man who worships me in a few weeks, albeit with a small penis and a sense of humor just as miniscule, or I’ll find myself at the ripe old age of dead, drunk, and snoring at a wine bar, well beyond closing time.

Stay tuned. 


It feels like the two words “Thank You” won’t ever really be enough for what we want to say to our supporting and attending members.  You took a chance on us, again, and willingly gave us your money, your enthusiasm, your suggestions, your offers of help, your encouragement…just all the things and we cannot tell you what that means to us.  We’ve mentioned that there is a lot of hard work that goes into putting BrittanaCon on and there is.  But, there is also a lot of fun that we have putting things together for everyone.  Wondering what panels and discussion to have, wondering what events to plan, picking out the swag, watching Tumblr and Twitter as you guys start to post and tweet about buying a membership or arranging travel to attend or how excited you are to receive your supporting package.  All those things make every single minute of hard work so entirely worth it.

Since we first mentioned that we were doing this last year, you all have embraced the concept of BrittanaCon and embraced the staff with open arms and so much support that it felt overwhelming, in the best way.  This year’s BrittanaCon was a special one for us because it let us see that the magic we pulled off last year with the inaugural BrittanaCon wasn’t just a fluke.  That we had created something real and something that we hope to keep bringing to the fandom for as long as you’ll have us.  Every single member, supporting or attending, made this Con happen.  Every single one of you is important to us and we are so grateful for you.

This weekend was filled with Brittana and Brittana fandom everywhere you looked and one of our proudest moments was being able to host a BrittanaCon Wedding Reception for our attendees.  There was laughter, dancing, fierce lip sync battles, funny wedding toasts, moving wedding toasts, and a final BrittanaCon dance to “I Want To Dance With Somebody” that we think none of us will ever forget.

For those of you wondering about that amazing cardboard cutout of our married ladies, please head on over to Mama U’s Tumblr or Twitter and thank her for that because that was her surprise and oh my God, was it a good one.  Along with the Queso Por Dos tank tops that she brought, there was almost too much Brittana.

WHO ARE WE KIDDING THO?  There is no such thing as too much Brittana.  Believe me.  We’ve tried to get there and the limit does not exist.

We also like to take a moment and recognize the rest of our amazing staff for all of their contributions, a lot of which is done behind the scenes.  This year we picked up a new webmaster, Talwyn, and they were incredible in getting our official website updated and making everything look amazing and run smoothly.  KiWi came through again spectacularly with our official BrittanaCon program and those we’re-still-weeping-over-it BrittanaCon Wedding Reception invitation.  Adriana is our creative genius when it comes to our logos and swag designs and anything and everything to do with our BrittanaCon brand.  Without these three, organizing BrittanaCon and making it look as awesome as we think it does would be impossible and they deserve all the kudos!  Also, if you like the buttons this year, drop a thank you over to LebaneseToaster who once again helped us organize getting the buttons.  She was even able to make it so that we could pick them up directly in Chicago the day of the Con, bypassing the standard waiting times, and that was amazing.

We also picked up a new DJ this year *DJ record scratch remix sound* who allowed us to jam our faces off during the BrittanaCon Wedding Reception.  It wasn’t just a matter of collecting the songs that you each sent to us.  That would have been fine, of course.  No, she spent hours organizing the music to create a mood and a pace for the event and we love her and wouldn’t have it any other way.  We’re not sure what we’re doing as our big event for next year but what we do know is that she will be our DJ again, if she’ll have us.  So a big thank you and a shimmy shake goes out to NJNic!

We were also lucky enough to have BTrain join our motley crew this year, bringing her love and her experience with tech and video and photography to enhance this year’s Con.  Not only is she an amazing, engaging presence in our fandom, but having her around to help with anything and everything, always with a smile, is one of the best parts of having her on staff.  Her dapper suits are always an added bonus and BrittanaCon would just not feel the same without her amazing array of soccer t-shirts.

For those of you that attended the Con and saw those amazing B&S wreaths at the wedding reception (they are in the picture above) and for all of you enjoying the charm bracelets from this year and last year, you have JJLives to thank for that.  She didn’t just help out with those items, though that would have been enough because they are amazing, she was there for almost every Con chat with suggestions and support and is a big reason this Con turned out the way it did.  She is a sweetheart and we were so very happy to have her on staff again this year.

This year, Jerseyless went all out as a staff member.  There were markers and huge sheets of paper and wires and all the things!  She was incredible at this Con.  Crafting two amazing writing workshops, being our photographer for the whole Con, organizing the media with BTrain, coordinating all the AV that we needed (honestly she deserves so many thank yous for dealing with that particular hotel headache), and generally being a level-headed voice when all the excited and wonderful craziness was going on during the Con.  Her enthusiasm for BrittanaCon is rivaled only by her love of this fandom and that makes for a grateful staff to have her on this journey with us.

Speaking of love for this fandom, in addition to the surprise items mentioned above, Mama U needs a huge fandom thank you, and a huge fandom hug, for everything she did for the Con this year.  She was the driving force behind the BrittanaCon Prompt Project that infused the fandom with so many amazing, brand new fics for an entire month and even we don’t probably know all the time and effort that actually went into organizing that.  She also worked on making sure all the BrittanaCon Author Interviews from last year were published to give each participating author their well-deserved due.  And this year, she ran our BrittanaCon Swag Shop and coordinated to get us autographed copies of two amazing books from two of our incredible fandom authors as well as all the wonderful items from HelpHemoSave for our raffle.  There may not be enough gratitude to give her for all that she does for this Con, though we certainly will try, and we are made better by having her on staff.

We would also like to give a big shout out to Kel for being our mail depot and pony express when it came to all of our swag and other Con-related items.  She allowed us to ship things to her house and fill up her car with boxes, both to and from the Con, and we cannot even express what a huge help that was.  Everything that you’re receiving from the Con this year either passed through her house or her car so make sure you shoot her a quick note and thank her.

(This is Alex and as I’m the one writing this thank you post, I guess I’ll thank myself. LOL  I did some things and stuff for the Con this year. *sheepish grin*)

And to bring it back to you guys, this weekend and this BrittanaCon was made possible because of all you wonderful supporting and attending members and we hope that when you get your supporting packages or your attending media packages, that you will be happy and feel like you are part of this wonderful thing called BrittanaCon.

We are currently working on putting the media together for the thumb drive and arranging to have all the swag and other items shipped from Chicago back to BrittanaCon Staff Central so we can start putting together all the packages.  Our goal is to have everything ready to ship out by early September but we will send out a Tumblr update and email updates once packages have started shipping out.  As always, we ask for your patience and if you have any questions or if your address has changed since the last time you contacted the brittanaconvention@gmail.com email, please let us know.

Also, please keep an eye out for an email this week or next with an opportunity for our members to pick up some really awesome swag items and autographed books from two of our favorite authors, Kelly Quindlen and Lily R. Mason.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support this year!  We are looking forward to seeing what next year’s BrittanaCon may bring!