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(don't get me started) puppies

OKAY YKNOW WHAT. you know what the FUCK is up with puppies ??? hm??? their fucking silky soft floppy ears!! and their soft silky fur !!! and THEIR BIG BROWN EYES. 

like you just. YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO A PUPPY. NOPE. NO SIRREE. because if u did that the puppy would look at you like you had KICKED it and you would feel like you DID kick it even tho u are perfectly aware that that is not what you did.

but even tho u are AWARE of this factor, they’ll look @ you like that and you’ll BEND to their will!!! you’ll give them whatever the fuck they wanted bc!!! look at those sweet soft brown eyes!

oh and don’t get me started on the fact that puppies will take ADVANTAGE of ur kindness. they will USE you. do you think they really love you?? hell no they just want a damn french fry! you mean NOTHING to them.

and they don’t grow out of that! ever! it stays with them til their death! except when they get older they aren’t as soft and cuddly and shit. nah, they’re old and rickety and have Seen Too Much.

so like tbh we should just not bother with puppies they’re pointless :///

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I left my jacket in my friends truck and when I got it back this was left in the pocket.
You are so beautiful
I wish I could spend
every minute with you
and I miss you every
minute that I’m not
I could spend years
telling you all the
things I like about
So I’m just gonna
say in our solar
system there’s 9
planets, 204 countries,
809 islands, 7 seas,
and I have had
the privilege to meet
You to me are
1 in 7 billion and
theres no one else
Id rather spend time with than you

I’m really sorry for
all the stuff that’s
been happening

The Most Highly Anticipated Battle of Determining Monsta X’s Strongest Thighs


It’s my turn now. I’ll show you how cool and strong I am.

these two are such soulmates I stg

also pls watch dennou coil its some tight shit and the kids are such good characters

Burning Bright [NSFW]

Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona
Ship: HakYona
Rating: Explicit
Notes: Precanon. Yona has some particular dreams for the first time. They do not involve theย โ€œcorrectโ€ person
Hey check it out theyโ€™re not fucking in closets this time.ย 

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BTS reacts to you being really clumsy

Hellooo there sunbeam ^^

I know how it is to be clumsy. I, myself am super clumsy. I have scars and bruises all over my body to prove it lmao. If you are as clumsy as me, please be more careful haha. Oh my god? You love me? Me? Aaaawhh how sweet of you. I love you too and thank you for loving my blog ^^

Hope you like this reaction and stay healthy!


We all know he feels as a mom and so he would be worried as a mom too but he was getting used to it since you would be hurting yourself at least once a day so he eventually had a cupboard full with bandages, bandaids, ice packs and much much more to take care of you. And he was right, today you managed to walk against the door while you two were ready to eat some dinner. Chuckling he dissapeared in the bathroom and came back with the ice pack in his hands, placing it ontop of the soon appearing bruise. 

‘‘Seriously y/n? You know you have to turn the knob and open the door to get out of the house. I mean you’re not some type of ghost who can walk through doors.’’

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He actually would find it funny you being so clumsy eventhough he says he doesn’t. Secretly he does. He will feel proud everytime he fixes something you broke. (Having the experience in bts aswell) However it isn’t always the innocent dropping glass or stubbing your toe. No sometimes you worry him sick as you come falling down the stairs or spilling hot water on your body. So more often than not he would keep a close eye on you, making sure you are not seriously injuring yourself.  Luckily you only broke the blender today, decorating the kitchen, yourself and him with the smoothie you were making as you shot him a nervous smile.

‘‘Gosh sometimes I don’t even know how you can be this clumsy. Not even Namjoon is as clumsy as you. But I guess I love you even more because of it. Don’t even ask me why because I myself can’t give you an answer. Now come here and let’s clean ourselves up first before we get too sticky.’’

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Also already kind of used to it, he doesn’t give it as much as attention, knowing already you always shrug it off and continue with what you were doing. Of course he worries every now and then but most of the times he just laughs along with you but not today. He was working on the laptop, trying to get some of the lyrics done for his new mixtape when he heard you calling his name. Saving the written words, he stood up from the chair and made his way to the laundry room. Seeing you standing there, biting your lip as you held your hands behind your back. He gave you a confused look, asking what was wrong.  Slowly your hands appeared in his vision but what he saw caused him to groan, snatching the shirt out of your hands, he closely inspected the to small shirt. Letting out a big sigh he dropped it in your hands, ran his fingers throug his hair and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek. He could get mad at you but he knew you felt quilty and well it just comes with loving you.

‘‘I know you don’t do it on purpose but honestly sometimes I think you do because it’s the third shirt this week you washed to hot. And for some reason it only are my shirts. But I guess we can use it for our furure son, so it’s okay. BUT.. please no more… otherwise I won’t have any shirts left.’’

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Two people together, both as clumsy as can be. Take today for example. You were visiting Namjoon and the others in their dorm, cooking dinner to let them rest after a long day practicing. Somehow you finished cooking without burning yourself or burning the food however when you served the spaghetti on the plates and asked Namjoon to help you carry it to the table, you both in some way dropped the plates, spilling the italian food on the floor and just stared. Hearing Yoongi mumble that you both were unbelievable and Seokjin whining over the waisted food you both bursted out in laughter because clumsly couple striked again. 

‘‘Why did you drop the food?!’’

‘‘Me?! You dropped it too!’‘

‘‘My heart.. I love you so much y/n. You can say what you want but we’re made for eachother’’

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He had to be careful around you because you had the habit to drag him down with you and he kept sharp things out of you reach since you always, always cut yourself eventhough you knew it was sharp. Anyways it was late in the evening and you and Jimin walked in the park enjoying the chill breeze on your skin after a hot day. You, being easily distracted stopped in your tracks to cutely coo at the hegdehog who seemed to be searching for something to eat. It wasn’t everyday you saw those cute little animals. Jimin however hadn’t noticed that you weren’t by his side anymore until he heard you laughing, calling his name as you ran towards him to catch up, but along the way, you tripped over your own feet, stumbling your way further as you hands reached out to grab his shirt in the hope to steady yourself. Unfortunately it didn’t and pulled Jimin down with you, both crashing to the ground. He instantly whined when he was on the ground, you half laying on top of him. Helping you up, he pulled you into a playful headlock, complaining that you needed to learn to walk properly again. 

‘‘Y/n! Why do you always have to take me with you?! Seriously how do you always manage to trip over your own feet. It’s just..  incredible. I think you’ve found your talent.’’

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He would just sigh as you once again fell over the bathtub. Hearing you yell at him that you were okay, he chuckled and shook his head in disbelief like how the heck do you fell multiple times over the bathtub?? The bathtub doesn’t go anywhere. It just stays there, not moving at all. And when he suddenly heard smashing and crashing noises he literally facepalmed himself, still getting up to check up on you. When he finally arrived at the bathroom, he took a deep breath before going in, not knowing what he would find.. There you were, surrounded by shampoo bottles, as you casually joined them on the floor, playing it off like you planned it.  after making sure you were okay, he joined you on the bathroom floor.

‘‘Is it fun chilling on the ground? It seems it’s nice since you do it a couple of times a day. But I guess you want someone to join you, seeing all these bottles keeping you company. I’m hurt sweets.. You can just ask me, no need to make such a commotion.’’

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This guy would be a little shit. He would totally take advantage of you clumsiness. 

He stared at the dent in the door he had kicked in anger after losing the game against Seokjin. You were certainly getting pissed because how many times had you told him that getting rid of the anger against furniture or doors was not okay but then he just smirked, a great idea popped in his mind and laughed returning to the game he was playing. When you got home, Jungkook would greet you like always, ate dinner and just talked about eachothers day. When the both of you were getting ready for bed, you noticed the little dent, snapping your head to Jungkook he would say:

‘‘Don’t you remember? You hit the door with the vacuum while you were cleaning. It’s okay though.. I love your clumsy side. ‘’

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You probably hear this all the time, I'm sure, but you have the most amazing art I have ever seen! Like no joke, your drawing style gives me life, it is so flipping perfect I can't even believe it. Your Saeran and custom MC? My absolute favorite Mystic Messenger art on tumblr. Please keep drawing for as long as you can, your art makes me so happy! Every time you draw Saeran my heart soars! Your art for the RFA is amazing as well and I'm so happy you exist? Sorry if this is too long but I LOVE U!

Oh my god this is so sweet thank you QvQ❤