oh god such bad quality but what can you do

Okay first, lemme start off by saying how crappy my scanner is! As if the quality of the scan wasn’t bad enough, the paper is too big for it! D: But what can ya do???? 

But most importantly…..HIVESWAP COMES OUT THIS WEEK LIKE WHAAAAAAATTTTTT?????? OH HELL YES DUDES I AM POPPING WITH EXCITEMENT SO YOU BET I DREW SOMETHING DEDICATED TO IT!!!! Because why not???? The characters are adorable like holy fudgsicles! Jude, he has a such a squeezable face!!! Lil Xefros too! Good god seeing his little animation of himself beat-boxing just made me screech like a eagle high on caffeine! And Dammek……..he looks way hella awesome (and hot) oh my gerd!!!! And of course, just for good measure, I just had to draw Jude and Joey’s dog, Tesseract, because no picture is complete without a lil doggo in it! Yep, I can say I’ve done well….

Drawn: September 10th, 2017