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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to an MC whose an ex porn star ( lmao )

//this is crack because I couldn’t take it seriously oh my god also gif warning!



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- what

- you… did what exactly?

- I mean let’s be honest here Zen hasn’t always done “ the best ” things for money but

- porn?? like actual porn on the Internet?? are you out of your mind??

- ,,, he does watch it

- I mean it’s done and over with but holy shit he’s like … my pure angel .. is no longer pure ..


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- ??

- why would you do this you can never live this down

- how many people have seen this arrest them all

- pays so much money to get that taken down from every site imaginable

- he’s forgiving I mean it was your past but w h y

- “Elizabeth the 3rd would have never done this MC. ”


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- need I say more?


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- he already knew he went deep into the stalking

- has he watched it multiple times? yes

- down w/ it he doesn’t care honestly it’s done and over with now you’re all his ~~

- actually might make some with you but it won’t go up anywhere he can’t have that on him on top of everything else


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- well shit

- he doesn’t really know what to say

- just kinda awkwardly sits there because he’s never met someone who’s done things even near that

- at least that he knows of.. looking at you Seven..

- “ well.. i’m sure god will forgive you MC. ”

- tries to stay positive even though he’s screaming inside oh god he can’t believe he’s in a relationship with a porn star he’s turned on and terrified at the same time


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– ok

- he doesn’t really care just shrugs it off

- you’re not even mad?

- no why would I be

- you show him and he’s like ,, hm ,, interesting..

- MC thats a lot of dicks

- how’d you fit them in there holy shit

- shocked but very impressed. 

Loving Dean -Part 2

by @ravenangel33

Summary: The Reader helps Dean deal with the trauma of being raped.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, mention of Toni Bevell and OFC

Word Count: 1250

Warnings: TRIGGERS- discussion of rape and childhood sexual and physical abuse

A/N: I know this is a very serious topic, and I continue to try and handle it in the most sensitive way possible. It is personal for me. I experienced sexual abuse as a child from one of my older cousins. It’s something I repressed for years and I realize this is one of my ways of dealing with it. I know there are people who have experienced far worse than I have. No one should live in shame or carry around feelings of unworthiness. I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you again @nothin-after-79 for your beta input and listening to me.



Your heart hurt watching Dean cowering on the floor in the corner. He was saying “I won’t do it again” over and over. You climbed out of bed and went to him kneeling on the floor by his side. He looked at you and squinted. “Y/N?”

You made your voice as gentle as possible. “Yes, Dean. I’m here.” He started to shake. “I’m here, Baby. It’s me. I’m with you.” He reached for you, and you took him into your arms. He cried while you held him. You ran your fingers through his hair the way you had in the back seat of the Impala after you and Sam had rescued him from Toni Bevell. He had been naked and tied to a bed. So many thoughts were running through your head, but you didn’t say anything. You just let him cry.

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lightningkitsune  asked:

I know there's already been several, but is it possible to ask for another one of Blackwood, possibly in Coll's perspective again? I'm really excited for Perth Shifters, and I can't get enough of these omg

It’s been fun posting excerpts because the story is quite close to being finished and there’s a lot there to choose from? Though this will probably be my last for now. :D This was the one I nearly put up yesterday before changing my mind at the last moment.

It’s such an Australian book oh my god.


The next morning, Braden stayed inside while Dazza, Marissa and Coll fixed up the fuel pump in Braden’s ute. Mostly, Coll did coffee runs and watched Marissa do her thing, her face marked with oil as she groused about how she’d have to redo her winged eyeliner when she got back to the office. But she got everything organised quickly, smacked Dazza on the shoulder with the words: ‘We’re square,’ and then rumbled off in an old bomb of a Holden that had mismatched doors and shiny hubcaps that looked like they belonged on some sports car.

‘So, this lodger,’ Dazza said, when it was just the two of them. ‘An omega, huh?’

‘I’d appreciate it if you kept that part mum,’ Coll said softly. ‘It’s a secret. He lives as a beta.’

‘That’s no worries at all,’ Dazza said. ‘But you fought for him, Coll. You fought.

‘You wouldn’t have?’ Coll said. ‘Seeing someone treat him like that?’

‘Yeah, okay, point taken,’ Dazza said. ‘But I know there’s something going on between the two of you. You did have his scent on you. This…Braden – is it a thing?’

‘Nah,’ Coll said, and then sighed before he could stop himself. When Dazza caught it and opened his mouth, Coll just shook his head. ‘He’s going back to Perth, mate. It’s over.’

‘What?’ Dazza said, frowning at him. ‘Perth’s just a few hours away. You’ve got like months and months of long service leave packed up in that cushy government job of yours. God knows how much sick leave too.’

‘Yeah, but he’s got his own life, and he’s-’

‘Coll,’ Dazza said, laughing as though Coll was hopeless. ‘Do you like him? If you like him, just ask him out or something. It’s not hard.’

‘Look, I’m not gonna share the story with you, because it’s not mine to share. But you obviously gathered from Justine that he’s been through hell with Hamish. I’m not going to step in on that.’

‘Does he like you?’ Dazza said, tilting his head, blue eyes bright.

‘He’s…admitted to a crush, yeah.’

‘Then ask him out!’ Dazza said, laughing again. ‘No one’s saying you have to propose or make him a member of your Pack or anything. Just…drive up to Perth one day and take him out on a date or something.’

‘I can’t leave the forest, and-’

‘The Callcup crew can both log and do some runs of the service roads in your forest. I’ve got your back there, Coll. That’s no worries.’

‘Yeah, but-’

‘Maybe you just don’t like him, with all these excuses you’re coming up with. But you put your life on the line for him, and I’m not one to tell another alpha what to do or anything, but you should ask him out.’

Coll stared at him, and Dazza winked as he turned back to his own car.

‘I’m just saying,’ Dazza said.

‘What are you, quitting logging to become a bloody matchmaker?’

‘No one said I had to quit the trade to start up another, old wolf,’ Dazza said, as he slid into the front seat of his car. ‘Have a good one. Give me a bell if you need anything.’

‘You too,’ Coll said, waving Dazza off.

Stay The Night: Alternate Ending
  • Featuring: Riku Morimachi from My Last First Kiss
  • Rating: Mature content, smut. 
  • Author’s Note: This is my first smut fanfic as well as any sort of writing in a while. Comments, critiques, tips and likes are welcome. I hope you enjoy! :)

“…Want to do it now, then?”

You freeze the moment Riku whispered those words into your ear, his warm breath sending a shiver down your body. It didn’t do any good to deny that you had thought about it. How could you not? An overnight trip, alone with him… Honestly, you probably thought too much about it. Ever since that time you got champagne all over him at your home and saw his naked torso. Even now, thinking about that and with how close Riku was, your heart starts to pound quicker in your chest. You hear his chuckle and almost immediately, feel your cheeks getting warm. Silently, you curse your face’s ability to become red at the slightest hint of  provocation.

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-Calum Hood Smut-

“Thanks again Jack!” I called from the door of the boys’ London house. He waved and smiled as his car pulled from the gutter and I turned to enter the house. I closed the door behind me and looked up to see Calum, my boyfriend, leaning on the wall of the hallway with a furrowed brow. He looked like a model, muscular arms revealed by his singlet, still tanned from spending the summer back in Australia, and wearing grey track pants. Moving to London from my home town back in Aus had been such a nerve-racking experience, but having met Calum and the other Aussie boys here had been incredible. I’d come here to travel and explore, London being where I based myself and took short trips from, working two waitressing jobs to earn some cash on top of what I’d saved at home.

“Hey babe.” I sighed, relieved to see him after my long, repetitive day at work.

“Who was that?” He questioned, ignoring my greeting. Calum wasn’t usually the jealous type, mostly because I gave him no reason to be, but his clenched jaw and the incessant tapping of his fingers against the wall was indicating otherwise tonight.

“Oh, that’s Jack. He just gave me a lift home from work.” I said reassuringly as I walked over to him. I leant up to kiss him but he pulled back.

“I can pick you up if you need me to. How often does he do that?” Calum asked, still tense. I didn’t see any point in lying.

“He has done a few times while you were out recording. Calum, he’s just a friend.” I said. I honestly saw Jack as nothing more than a friend. I wouldn’t deny that I’d noticed him flirting with me a little, but the free car ride home instead of taking the filthy tube was well worth having to go along with his advances now and again. Calum looked me up and down, reaching forward and tugging skirt so that it covered more of my thighs, subtly implying that it was too short for me to have been wearing it while I was with another man. I felt like a little kid being told off from just his glare and actions, him not speaking another work before he turned away and walked towards the bedroom. I shook my head and decided that trying to explain myself would have been both unnecessary and unhelpful. I stepped out of my shoes and followed him to our room; throwing my handbag and phone to the bed, him ignoring my presence completely. All I needed was a nice long shower. I noticed my phone screen light up as I turned to leave, but didn’t bother checking it. Whatever it was could wait. I walked back down the hall to the kitchen to grab a drink of water, then heading for the bathroom. I suddenly felt Calum’s presence behind me and turned to see him breathing heavily.

“What the fuck does that mean?” He said harshly, holding the phone up to my face. Usually when Calum swore it was when he was joking around with the other boys, usually in light-hearted banter. But he’d used the word with force, as if to scare me into spilling the truth in fear of him. I scanned the message on the screen he was holding up to me, which read ‘We should do that more often. x’. I could see how Calum could have taken it the complete wrong way and was quick to respond.

“Calum I have no idea…” I stopped, unsure of where the sentence was going. I really didn’t have any idea what he meant; other than the carpool chatter, absolutely nothing had happened. That must have been all he was talking about. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a hope in hell that Calum would believe that. He stared into my eyes, searching them for any sign of me breaking. I looked away as he backed me up against the wall, wondering if any of the other boys were home, but soon remembering what they’d said this morning about us having the place to ourselves while they were at some diner. With me having taken my shoes off, he stood much taller than I, and his body which he’d recently been getting into shape and I was usually so excited by, was suddenly very intimidating; frightening almost. Really, I knew that Cal would never hurt me, but that didn’t stop my heart from beating faster and me going a little dizzy as my back pressed against the wall.

“Clearly, Y/N, you’ve forgotten who the only person you should be doing anything with is.” He said, grinding into me and placing the phone on a nearby table. “Need I remind you?” He growled and pinned my hands on either side of me, palms flat against the wall. He leant down to my neck, me instinctively extending it and allowing him better access. He ran his tongue along the skin before placing feather light kisses along my collarbones and neck. His gentleness took me by surprise and I relaxed into his body, closing my eyes. Suddenly his lips were gone and I felt his hand slip into my undies, rough and needy compared to just seconds ago. His fingers rubbed quickly over my clit, causing a gasp to escape my lips and my knees to buckle. I reached for his hand, trying to stop, or at least slow his actions. However he shook his head before grabbing my hand and holding onto it. I had to take every ounce of pleasure he was giving me, and I was soon close to my finish. My breathing was jagged, and though I was still fully dressed, I could tell that my nipples were hard and my chest flushed.

“Cal, fuck.” I moaned. He was completely focused on me, his eyes concentrated on each and every sign of my building climax. Just as I felt the pressure from my centre begin to intensify and my lower region go numb, Calum pulled his hand from me, leaving me trembling and begging his name. I looked up into his eyes, pleading with him to finish me off, to which he simply drew his finger over my entrance and smirked at how wet I was for him. He reached his hand down and wrapped it around the back of my right thigh, just above my knee, before signalling for me to jump. I hooked my feet together behind his back; grinding my hips into his hardening crotch and earning stifled groans from him. He carried me to the bedroom, touching and kissing me the whole way there and distracting me so much that I hadn’t even noticed that we’d stopped moving. He put his hands around my waist as I hoped down and fell back onto the bed. I brought my fingers to massage slowly over my clit as I watched his stare turn dark. He quickly unzipped his jeans and dropped them to the floor, followed by his boxers, exposing to me his length in all its glory and begun stroking himself slowly as I begun to undress. I suddenly stopped what I was doing and crawled over the bed to him.

“Lie down.” I commanded. It was clear that he wanted control as he went to retaliate.

“Y/N, you don’t-”

“Cal, please. I’m sorry I made you jealous. Let me make it up to you?” I asked seductively and batted my eyelids, watching him weaken to my proposal. He stepped out of the clothes that had pooled at his feet, then pulling his shirt off over his head and standing completely naked in front of me. It took all the self-control I had not beg him to fuck me there and then. I walked over to the stereo system, which my iPod was conveniently still plugged into from a few days ago, and selected on of my favourite songs; which I knew had the perfect beat for a striptease, before turning to look at Calum. He was propped up against the bed head, pillows behind his back and his hard cock in his hand. As the music started to flow from the speakers, I dimmed the lights and begun to undress for him, starting with my button up shirt. As I revealed the intricate lingerie beneath my top, Calum pumped himself a little faster, watching me intently. I swayed my hips to the beat of the music, walking towards the bed. Once I’d dropped my shirt to the floor, I unzipped the back of my skirt, letting it fall to my feet before meeting Calum’s gaze once more. His eyes searched my body frantically, his breathing shallowing with arousal as I stepped from my skirt and was left in just my bra and undies. They were a matching set that he’d bought me for my birthday last year, which ensured that he got as much out of them as I did. I reached around my back and undid my bra; letting the straps slip down my arms before it fell to the floor. Even in my opinion, my breasts looked immaculate in the light of our room. They were full and perfectly round, my nipples still hard from Calum’s earlier assault that had left me longing. I finally got to my underwear, hooking my fingers into the fabric over either of my hips and pulling downwards. He surveyed my body hungrily, eyes lingering on my boobs and the area between my legs.

“Come here.” He spoke huskily. By this point I was just as ready as he was. I quickly moved to the side of the bed, him pulling me to rest over him as soon as I was within arms reach. Being with Calum didn’t have to include foreplay. As great as it was when we had the time for it, he could still give me everything I needed, and more, from just sex. He kissed me hard, reaching his hand down to position himself at my entrance before thrusting upwards teasingly.

“Calum.” I breathed.

“Yes?” He smirked, obviously wanting to hear me say it.

“Please.” I begged.

“Please what?” I was growing impatient.

“Please fuck me Cal.” I moaned. He quickly flipped me so that he was on top and entered me with one swift thrust, taking me completely by surprise.

“Oh God…” I whimpered as he stayed inside of me, pressing firmly onto my g-spot. He slowly began to move inside of me, thrusting in and out steadily. I wrapped my hand around the back of his neck, pulling him forwards and attaching his swollen lips to my own. Each time he pushed in particularly hard, his pelvis ground against my clit, causing me to moan and writhe beneath him.

“You feel so fucking good Y/N.” Calum groaned from above me after breaking our kiss, tracing the curve of my breast before running his finger down the centre of my stomach to my clit and rubbing slowly over the sensitive bundle of nerves.

“Cal, I’m getting close…” I breathed out, one hand still on his neck and the other now flat on his back. He picked up his pace, and I could feel a tightening in my stomach and my toes beginning to curl. My nails were now digging into his back and my heels resting on his bum, urging him on faster and harder.

“Shit, Cal I’m gonna-”

“Go baby.” He whispered, rubbing my clit harder. I looked into his eyes as my orgasm swept over me, my muscle spasming around him and setting off his own release. He came inside of me, swearing and saying my name. We rode out our orgasms, kissing and moaning into each other’s mouths.

As I came down from my high, Calum pulled out and lay down next to me, kissing me again. I got lost in the kiss, completely carefree for that moment in time. In my haze, Cal got up and turned off the light and the music, which was still playing in the background, before returning to lie next to me.

“You’re mine.” He whispered into my ear.

“Nothing happened with Jack, Calum.” I said honestly and pouting.

“I know. You wouldn’t do that to me,” He smiled into my neck. We both drifted off to a peaceful sleep, our sweaty, naked bodies pressed against one and other.