oh god some of these are such bad quality

More fan-art for @thorinsmut and @asparklethatisblue for their collaboration “Orchids and Bells” which you should definetly read -> http://archiveofourown.org/works/5412128/chapters/12504554

(I borrowed bluesparkle’s design on Nori, I hope that’s ok?)

The Aquarium {Jared Kleinman x Reader}

request: anonymous asked:Coughs bruh….. Jared and Reader…. at an aquarium okay…. l ist e n…. u know those cool like wall/ceiling water hallways where the sea creatures swim around? Bam first kiss in there and that s where they tell their love to each other bUT U DIDN T JEAR THIS FROM ME

My entire heart and soul belongs to Jared Kleinman. 

warnings: smut mention (not nsfw), anxiety mention, angst, swearing, but a shit ton of fluff??

word count: 2k

You and Jared had been going out for a while, a few months at least. It was a strange relationship, with all the laughter and adventure of him being your best friend, and all the sex and passion of him being your boyfriend. You still had trouble remembering that you were allowed to kiss him when you wanted to, and if you wanted to make out in the library during study hall, it was sort of expected and accepted. Poor Evan, the number of times he’d walked up to you when Jared had his tongue down your throat and you had your hands down his pants – it was just something no one should be subjected to.

Of course, you went to his house after school some days, when your parents allowed it. Mrs. Kleinman loved having you around (you were a good influence on Jared and a good friend), and you actually listened to Mr. Kleinman babble on and on about anything and everything (it’s been boats the last few times, and you now knew the different parts of a sailboat, inside and out). Jared tried his best to pry you from his parents, but you teased him by staying put and forcing him to spend time with them too. It was a vicious cycle. If he wanted you, he had to sit and endure his parents. It was cute.

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thefairfleming replied to your post : You (a year ago today): “pfffft the SHITE princess…

I love looking at my TWP posts from last year when filming pics were out because I TOO was all, “OH GOD THIS WILL BE BAD BUT THEY’RE PRETTY!” and then I was given A GIFT, pretty much. (There was still some real shit, but we got WAY more than I expected.)

yes! tbh, one year ago, i expected it to be more faithfull to PG’s book (you know, with Lizzie forever in love with Richard or Henry  insulting her on a daily basis -we still have the rape tho *ugh*- or Henry falling deeply in love ith Cathy Gordon) BUT NO!! WE HAD ROYAL HANDJOBS AND BABIES READY TO MURDER FOR EACH OTHER <3<3<3

bc @thesearchingastronaut drew oti art AGAIN, i figured i should share this (terrible quality) video i sent to @soottea of me screaming about the first fanart she drew. it features me screaming and my younger sister being annoyed with my nonsense.

transcript incase you can’t decipher what i’m saying:

me, shrieking: “BRENNA”
brenna: “emily stop yelling you’re going to wake the babies!” (some baby birds we have at work)
me: “BRENNA.”
brenna: “what?”
me: “she drew us aRT”
brenna: “who?”
me, flat out sobbing: “the arTIST ON TUMBLR. AHHHHHH/ SOBS. OH MY GOD”

I’m not sure if its working.. but here is some small fanart i’ve made for you

i’m sorry about the quallity; i had to draw this on my tiny mobile, also its the first time i drew your charakters..

^^; sry it took so long… hope ya enjoy :v

(sry about my bad english ;-;)

i loooove your blog! keep up the good work

-snail ;D


You did such an amazing job on this fanart! The quality is very very good! I think you did a wonderful job with this and you should feel very proud! :>

Thanks for sending in your fanart!

-Mod Shade

every time i hear the movie bambi being used in the context of “a sissy baby movie for babies” by someone i’m just like

how long has it been since you last saw bambi

because seriously, the first half of the movie is all cute and cuddly, and that tends to be what people remember, up until bambi’s mom gets shot.

and dude, that part’s fucked up as heck. but it’s here that the memories seem to just stop. and i’m like… you realize that the first half of the movie was just there to set up the further life of MAYHEM AND HORROR that this fuckin deer experiences.

i’m gonna talk about it in excruciating and probably exaggerated detail but for now have some BAMBI TRIGGER WARNINGS: animal peril, animal suffering, animal death, EVERYTHING GETS PROGRESSIVELY MORE HORRIBLE

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Heyo Umineko-fandom.
So it´s been a time since i posted any edits.
So today I made something special. It´s a gif. Too bad the quality isn´t the best, but oh well… whatever.
If the gif should nto work, please tell me.

I used the PS3 art of Chiru and edited it so that it looks like Kyrie and Rudolf are laughing.
Obviously I also changed the colors for KuroBattler.
So yeah, the gif is made by me.
I also wanted to add the rain effect, but i couldn´t find it, so yeah.

If you want some chills running down your spine, then you could try some multitasking:
Thunderstorm sound
Umineko BGM1 or Umineko BGM2

Oh god so amazing
I just hope the gif works now. Cause you know tumblr is weird sometimes.
Anyway have fun
See ya

anonymous asked:

Hi I missed the AMPAs because I'm backpacking rn and there's no TV where I'm staying. I feel like I'm really missing out. Could you pls summarize what happened? Like what happened with atl and ms? Did Tony Perry win win best guitarist? Srry this is weird. Thanks. :)

okookooko so i missed the first part like atl performing nd stuf bc i was out buying succulents nd a cactus BUT what i did get out of it:

  • bvb went on nd ashley sang waaaaaaay too loud like someone pls turn down his mic pls?????
  • atl threw some shade
  • trace threw some shade
  • tyler carter sANG W PVRIS OHMY GOD
  • the orchestra SLAAAAAAYYYYYYYED
  • more shade
  • tony perry came backakckkcakckkckc
  • vic fuentes is a vampire (explains why he looks so young??)
  • jakc nd alex nd some random dude made sopme dick jokes
  • 5sos won the fandom award???!?!?!?????????????
  • rian was surprised that people knew he was IN TEH FUCKING BAND?!?!?!?! MY BABYYYYYY he won for best drummer
  • a looooooooot of memes about alex nd brendon throwing out ‘the trash’ (trace)
  • bmth had lee nd jordan make this RLY FUCKIN CUTE VIDEO THAT also had some lry lame editing but HTEYRE KITTENS OH MY GOD
  • joel was also drunk god bless
  • more ppl shitting on trace
  • everyone is talking about how shitty these award shows are but no one has stopped watching???????
  • top didnt win anything????
  • 7 ppl unfollowed me???? like cmon i post some quality shit
  • jack kissed that one guy from that one band
  • jack nd alex were kissing all over that other band (im so bad at paying attention oh my god) (((also eachother ;))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • more shade jokes
  • bvb gave away another award (will they ever keep one???)(i mean it was sweet)(but still)

also w atl nd ms: atl made fun of ms i guess so trace was pissed nd he went on stage to call them out nd then everyone was like ://////////////// so for like the rest of the night everyone shit on him and yeah


Supercat Week - Day 5 - Mistaken For A Couple

It had to happen one day.

Kara nearly fell out of her bed when her phone rang insistently one hour before she had to get up, and then she almost smashed her phone when she searched for it a bit forceful on the bedside table. (She could get that dent out of the wood - or just buy a new one - when she wasn’t at work or on Supergirl duty.)

“Yeah?” Kara settled back onto her pillow and closed her eyes, holding the phone to her ear.

“When did you want to tell me that you, sorry, that Supergirl is dating Cat Grant?” Alex’s smug voice sounded from the speaker.

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Fitzsimmons Fans build up to 3.07:  TODAY'S the DAY

UPDATED…again…last one before the show…because you guys are awesome and gave me a new phase!  With less than 8 hours to go my take/personal journey with the upcoming ep. Possible spoilers so keep going if you don’t want to know anything.

Still here? Cool!

Gets Title: Chaos Theory…hm sound like a Hydra thing yet still recovering from 3.05 to have anything really break through the haze.

Someone from show: “It’s all connected”….oh maybe we get some answers as full blown theorizing is running ramped in the aftermath of 3.05.

Gets Description: Blah blah blah Inhumans….Meanwhile, Fitz helps Simmons recover information that could lead them back through the portal….Basically Fandom equivalent of “squirrel!” Look they were actually in a description! That hardly happens! Yay! Followed by rapid speculation of. Are they fighting? Fitzsimmonsing? Kissing? Awkwardly working through issues? Finding out space BF is shadey?  Sandwich, please tell me the sandwich is back!  The phone? Kissing? does he get into the phone? Hear what she said to iFitz? Secret mission together? Please be kissing! We know it’s not but we can dream….

Sees Preview after 3.06: Crap Andrew but…WTH? We only saw them for like .5 seconds…they are in the description but seriously nothing but surprised looks…repeat speculation process from reading description.

Promo Photos: Excitedly scrolls through photos as the slow realization dawns they aren’t in there. Fandom…Again WTH????? Nothing! Nothing? Like 12 of Andrew but not one, not a hint?! Oh look it’s Joey, yay Joeys back…but nothing Fitzsimmons…fandom begins to get suspicious.

Sneak Peek 1: Okay cool New step mom Ros and daughter Daisy break the ice…still no Fitzsimmons…suspicion grows.

Sneak Peek 2: Ah May Andrew oh no!!!! Still no Fitzsimmons hint….suspicion is approaching paranoia levels. Why are they showing us nothing? They only hide it when it’s epic! But is it good epic or bad epic?

Realization of Who Wrote It: Oh God! It’s the person responsible for some of the best and most painful Fitzsimmons moments ever. The person who gave us the sandwich! The person who brought to life some of the biggest plot twists! Fandom realized paranoia is well justified…begins speculation process again…paranoia and panic are the norm…we are restocking supplies of chocolate and booze (where applicable) depleted by 3.05.

Someone points out Chaos Theory AKA 2nd Law of Thermodynamics:  Takes a crash coarse in Physics!   The Second Law of Thermodynamics is about the quality of energy. It states that as energy is transferred or transformed, more and more of it is wasted. The Second Law also states that there is a natural tendency of any isolated system to degenerate into a more disordered state. Now spending the day obsessing over what this could mean AND wallowing in what happened last time Fitzsimmons talked a Law of Thermodynamics…Logical Conclusion:  This is going to be a BIG Fitzsimmons episode!

Sees Spoilers from Nerdist Review that has now been removed: ladfsjal;ksdjflaew;jflawekjfalskjfldasjflkajsdflkajds lk;aeuroawipjfldksjfl;dsjfla jflaksdjfal;skdjf  OMG!!!!   Wait?! Some of those really crazy theories I had might be right….goes back over theories….yeap yeap looks like I might have been right….posts….will have to do lots of posting tonight.  But oh man the feels that are coming!   aldkfjalkejflakjldfadflkajdflk;ajlkajslkfjdlakjlaskjfoaweij  Fangirl down!  I knew they were hiding something epic!!!!   But is there more?  There is more….cue paranoia….does it still go south….eyes writers suspiciously and stockpiles more chocolate and adds a few more blankets to the fort.  Want to see the spoilers for yourself check out @jessiecrimefighter and @shieldsil They were lucky enough to read it before it was taken down.

Okay decided I can’t run the risk of anymore spoilers…so unlike me…but I’m staying off my dash until after the ep!  After which I’ll post my usual breakdown and updates on theories.  Feel free to send input and questions to my ask box. Happy viewing everyone and I’ll see you on the other side!!!

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I feel like Alycia is a little uncomfortable with the romance. Probably not because it's F/F, more likely because of how crazy and creepy people can be sometimes. And then you got Eliza who's like, "Yes! Clexa! I need it! Let me just slip some Clexa in here. Oh and maybe something about Lexa. What this a conversation about what the weathers like in Australia? Well that's very important to Lexa."

God y’all have so much fucking speculation into what the actors are feeling & thinking based on absolutely nothing. Love scenes are awkward for every actor, but it doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable, and they in no way would let being awkward or uncomfortable affect the quality of their work. Alycia obviously isn’t going to do closed mouth kisses if the scene asks for a desperate kiss just bc she’s uncomfortable. Give her some credit, this is the same bad bitch who slays Lexa’s character every week. The reason her mouth is closed in the 0.3 seconds we see is bc ???? who knows! we don’t! bc we have 0.3 seconds of footage!