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Anna Kendrick Appreciation Post

Because all I’ve been doing is Britt’s so here’s for our beloved Anna Kendrick.

Flashback Friday

That moment when I really felt Kendrick’s emotions in the movie The Last Five Years singing Still Hurting.

My heart… I can’t.



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This actually happened to me, US/UF Paps UT Sans and then any skellie of your choice though you can skip it, their S/O is unloading the dishwasher when suddenly they drop one of the glasses and it shatters completely on impact but one of the pieces flew right into one of the S/O's nostrils! They immediately blew it out but it cut them a bit so now they're bleeding! But instead of freaking out the S/O starts laughing as what are the chances that would happen? skellies reactions? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Essy what the fuck. 

Underswap Papyrus

When he sees that you’re not too hurt, Stretch just fucking loses it. Like holy shit, that just happened and you are not dead. Oh my god. He’s rolling on the floor, laughing his ass off, while handing you tissues to clean up the blood. Oh fuck, he’s posting this on the internet. 

Underfell Papyrus

HIGH KEY SCREECHING. WHAT. Fell is fucking amazed that you managed to do that, and that you’re not dead. No offense, but if you did die by that, he’d be so embarrassed, and position your body to make it look like you were attacked or something, but put up a strong fight. He’s not letting you become the datefriend that died because a piece of glass flew up their nose. That’s so dishonorable. Don’t worry, darling, he’s got your back. 

Undertale Sans

Externally, he’s cool and chill, just laughs, make some puns, and give you a tissue to clean up the blood. It would make a great story one day. But he’s internally screaming, oh god, he’s internally screaming. Humans are so fricken fragile and he feels like he’s going to have a mini heart attack. He becomes extra affectionate the next few days because he suddenly remembered that nothing is forever and you can die anytime. 

okay yeah so Falsettos was. so good. holy shit. i think i felt more during those two-and-a-half hours that i have ever in my entire life. it was wonderful and devastating and i’m still trying to process it honestly. just some thoughts (under a cut because oh boy there are a lot of them):

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How would the band members react to their first child being born or just interacting with their new little baby with their S/O and being head over heels in love with their baby? btw I'm in love with all of your imagines )

im in love with u how about them apples

thx btw

Murdoc Niccals:

  • His fears about being a terrible father are washed away when he sees his newborn daughter, swaddled and being held by yours truly.
  • Murdoc has always messed up in life, but when he holds your child, he feels something that he has never felt before.
  • “Mudz, this is your little girl.”
  • “I’ll make sure nothing ever happens to her.”
  • “What?” Looking you straight in the eyes, you see tears start welling up in his as he blinks, looking back down to his daughter.
  • “I will never fuck up again.”
  • “Murdoc, not around the baby.”
  • “Oh, shit-”
  • Murdoc!


  • Throughout the entire birthing process, Stu made more noise than you did.
  • he got freaked out when you started crowning, he screeched, noodle has it on tape
  • When the baby is finally birthed, Stu starts crying when the doctor claims that it’s a girl.
  • “Stu, are you okay?”
  • “S-s-she’s s-so beautiful! She d-doesn’t look like either of us, but maybe o-our next one will!”
  • Next one?
  • yeah ok stu boy u try poppin a melon out of your bagina see how u like it
  • 2D would be very happy for the rest of his days. He loves holding the baby, even if he never supports her head.
  • “Stu, you’re not holding the baby’s head.”
  • *eating chips and guac w/ baby in arms* “Wha’?

Russel Hobbs:

  • He would be completely overjoyed that you and him had your first kid together.
  • When the two of you find out that it’s a boy, Russ is so giddy with excitement but looks pretty calm and collected, nevertheless.
  • He was holding your hand throughout the entire birthing process. He never cared that you squeezed his hand harder than a stress ball, either.
  • When you get to hold the baby for the first time, Noodle takes a quick picture of the two of you and your new son.
  • “Hobbs family +1 new baby boy ❗❗❗ welcome to the world!
  • “Noodle, stop posting pictures on Snapchat–”
  • *close up on russ’s face*  “Noodle, stop posting pictures on Snapchat–” *caption* “make me big boi”
  • help me

Noodle: she gay haha

  • When you birth your first son, you can almost see the highlight in Noodle’s eyes as she bends down besides you to see your son.
  • “Oh my god… He looks so fragile–
  • Noodle would probably be the parent to say up for a whole 2 days, just staring at the baby intently while you fell asleep this was basically my mom i love her so much god bless moms and dads everywhere
  • She would be the one taking pictures and videos when you were having your kiddo, as well as taking pictures of the baby when he’s all bundled up and whatnot.
  • Whatever you needed, she would get it for you. Noodle would take care of the baby when you needed rest, she would go out and get you food if you wanted, and most definitely wouldn’t take a shower until the two of you were home ew.


don’t u mean benis

13 y/o me reading twilight: lmaoooo ok im falling asleep here this entire “she’s too fragile” plot is exhausting whats he gonna do?? fuck her to death???

19 y/o me watching supergirl: oh my god…… kara’s strong 😩 lena’s so fragile 😧 what if kara’s like? afraid to hurt her? so she takes everything really slow 😩😍💀

Run - Will/Hannibal, 1.4k, completely self indulgent pre-finale fic. [ao3]

“Aren’t you going to try and run now, Dr. Lecter?” Will and Hannibal stand across from one another in the dimly lit kitchen, the last hints of the sun’s rays, now dipping down below the horizon, peaking in through the window, painting their features red and gold.

“I did not come here to run, Will. I feared for your life from the Great Red Dragon. It was obvious to me he had faked his death, the Dragon would never turn to suicide.”

“I know…” Will can still feel the recoil of the pistol rattling in his bones. “And I handled him just fine on my own, thanks.” He remains stoic, emotions cowering behind a mask of indifference.

“So you did.” Hannibal smiles softly. “Still, it took me longer to get to you than I had hoped. I am rather conspicuous in this, I’m afraid.” He gestures to his jumpsuit, now yellowing around the cuffs, bottoms frayed and blackened from his journey. “Had to stay off the beaten path.”

“I won’t try and stop you.” Will refuses his gaze, eyes focused instead on the last dregs coffee in his mug.

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*writhing in agony*


Jay is such a good brother and both of them are so adorable like oh my god these precious fragile flowers they must be protected at all costs. Jay is so caring for his bro and Mickey is so tiny and precious and he must be saved from the world <3


precious babies

please don’t break them

hold them gently


i felt the need to immortalise these screen caps in a separate post

daisuke didn’t get incredible scores or anything
but he is so content with his performance
this is his last competition in figure skating
and he promised the best performance that he can give
and he delivered so well

he deserves all the love that his fans from all across the world shower him in
he deserves to be revered as the man in japan men’s figure skating

for me there will never be anyone like daisuke
and i believe that there will never be anyone who will be like daisuke
the one and only, takahashi daisuke

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Cliches you're bored of in YA?

  • “i love you, but i also need/want to kill/harm/betray you… OH GOD MY FRAGILE MALE EMOTIONS I’M SO TORMENTED”
  • i am a misunderstood lonely teenage boy with great taste in music. life is against me and i’m feeling very philosophical- OH WAIT LOOK A BEAUTIFUL QUIRKY GIRL WHO MIGHT GIVE ME A BJ IF WE BECOME FRIENDS
  • i am a boy having an existential crisis. there are no girls in this book apart from the ones i’m having sex with. but i’m not enjoying the sex. i said i was having an existential crisis didn’t i?
  • i’m a perfect popular A-grade girl, my life is perfect, oh no wait everything’s going wrong, oh and here’s a boy that’s going to make me learn some lessons about love and life, everything’s perfect again
  • falling instantly in love with a boy because he’s hot
  • boys who are nasty/abusive to the protagonist but the protagonist still falls in love with them because they’re super hot (i nearly named and shamed with this one lol)
  • a love triangle involving two boys where the reader is supposed to feel sorry for both the boys
  • the words ‘mysterious’, 'cocky’, 'badboy’, or 'cute’ are used to describe the male romantic interest in the blurb
  • you know what, anything where the love interest is extremely attractive. i’m done. just so done with those.
  • boy must save dystopian world. it is his destiny. here is cool sexy fighter girl to help, she’s badass
  • girl must save dystopian world. i am protagonist because i can use weapons and fuck shit up
  • 'chosen one’
  • gay best friend
  • male romantic interest.. what secrets are they hiding!???!?!?!? what deep and horrific past are they keeping inside???!?? so much pain so much inner secretive pain poor poor male
  • romantic interest has mental illness. don’t worry ima cure you with my love
  • “star-crossed”
  • boy next door. girl next door. why are all the romantic interests always next door
  • we meet once and reunite a year later to find that we fucking love each other even though i literally only knew you for a day. who cares because SOUL MATES
  • summer romance. beach romance. holiday romance. anything involving too much sun (ew)
  • road trip. god i’m fucking tired of road trip novels.

well this was fun yeah buy my book and stuff

disclaimer// these are my personal tastes, there’s nothing wrong with reading any of these, i don’t give a shit what other people read, i just don’t like them anymore

Headcanon that when Kristoff and Anna have their first kid Kris is pretty confident and sure of himself all throughout the pregnancy, calming Anna’s fears by reminding her that he’d taken care of baby trolls for all his life, how much harder could their own kid be?

And then the first time he holds his child in his hands he freaks out because children aren’t supposed to be this light what the hell I’m going to break it Anna help

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Vader is probably confused as to how his small child made such a large grandchild. I guess the dark side gives you a growth spurt.

Sometimes I think about how giant tiny, tiny Padme would have been carrying the twins and how much that would have contributed to Anakin’s overall anxiety. OH GOD PADME IM SO SORRY MY GIANT CHILD IS BREAKING YOUR TINY FRAGILE WOMB OH GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME DDDD:

But no Vader absolutely would have set up a punnet square trying to figure this shit out. Like frantically studying peapods in an attempt to figure out if the chromosome that carries the tallness and pouty traits also carried the Fuckup Gene