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the foxes: a slightly exaggerated height chart


I saw one of these powerpoints in the sp tag but i wasn’t satisfied with it so i got inspired. what year is it

i wanted to go into more detail especially about craig and those guys but i spent WAY too much time on this already so WHATEVER HERE IT IS

How to be a genderist


* tag post: #terf safe #terf positivity #gender critical #radfem safe


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Hey could you please recommend some PotO blogs for me to follow? I'm new to this whole tumblr thing. You're awesome, by the way😘😘

Awww, thanks pal!

For Art;

My queen always now and forever is @drawnby27emilys

But there are lots of out of this world amazing artists on here! I can’t possibly tag them all, but here’s a good start- @muirin007 @alvadee @embergeist @phantoonsoftheopera @rumpelstiltskinned @your-obedient-phantom and @rosyhoursofphangirlishtrashtalk

For writing;

Oh my god there are so many and I know I’m going to forget some people and feel awful but anyway

@rienerose @littlelonghairedoutlaw @chris–daae @rue-scribe-siren @spooky-mormon-hell-dream @serafimo @pagesofangelsand not @ me, pls don’t it’s awful you’ll suffer in a bad way not a good way

For phantom knowledge, the best scholars are;

@glassprism @rjdaae @operafantomet 

And here are some people you should follow as well;

@phantoms-pseudonym @iheartphantomoftheopera @phantomofthevenue @vl-blackswan @wanderingchcld @goodphantomoftheoperaposts @apollos–lyre @musique-de-la-nuit @asklefantome @cinema-phantom @grace-eatsfood @the-phantom-of-the-blog

Honestly there are so so so so many wonderful people to follow on here but I hope this is a good start for you!

                     1OO+ FOLLOWER FOLLOW FOREVER !!!

Before I dive right in to the lists that will consist of as many blogs I could list, since I love all of you and can never choose favorites easily, I’d like to start off my follow forever with a thank you. Writing has always been a therapy of mine, and Tumblr RP has been my route to therapy. The RP world can have its moments, but honestly, the community among the roleplay world are beyond accepting, loving, and down right understanding. I am in love with all of my followers, and the fact I could earn 100 dedicated followers in just one month is just mind blowing! The compliments I get, the love I receive, and the comfort I get when I’m down is just fantastic. This follow forever consists of the many blogs I have found on here to be one in a million. If you’re not on this list, do not feel disappointed nor discouraged. It’s only because I can get easily overwhelmed trying to put everyone I can within this! There are different categories below, and I hope they are well organized and make their statement clear!

                                                                       - vik 

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Not cause I'm a perv or anything, but I always found artists's different interpretation/style to Sans bone structure really interesting and I was wondering, if you want I'd like to see your interpretation/style to drawing sans.

i’m not even going to lie, i never really think too much about that when i draw him. when i got into undertale and realized i was going to draw a lot of skeletons, i decided that 1) i wasn’t going to stress too much about it, and 2) i was going to simplify stuff A LOT. like, i decided i wasn’t even going to try to draw realistic hands and feet and spines, mostly just to spare me some grief but also because i figured that since they’re pretty unrealistic-looking skeletons to begin with (sans especially) it would be okay

that being said! something like this maybe?

he smol and all of his roundness comes from his big clothes (and magic and whoopie cushions). also the whole thing could and probably should be simplified even further but it’s my first go at it so it’ll do

…why do i feel so dirty it’s just a skeleton oh my god what do i even tag this as? nudity? nsfw? save me

plan bb

on ao3

a little something i wrote inspired by a tumblr ask :)

for mlflufffiction, which you should totally check the tag for because everything is super cute!!! thank you so so so much for everyone who’s participated. you’re all super lovely. 

shoutout the @mlfanfiction​ fam for helping me out. you’re all the best <3

i did write this all in like two day oh god why so it isn’t my best work but it’s the most productive i’ve been in weeks. to make this as clear as possible, i uploaded it in chapters on ao3, but seeing that some chapters are literally 20 words, it didn’t make sense to post them all here. click the link at the end of this part to be brought to the next part! 


Alya shuts the door with her foot, dumping her bag on the the desk. “Alright, let’s do this people.”

Kim raises a sandwich in the air, chiming in with “Here here!”

Chloé rolls her eyes and goes back to filing her nails.

“Did you really need your laptop for this?” Nino asks, joining Alya on her bench.

“Yes,” she says seriously. “I have documents and color coding. Do not doubt my abilities.” She pulls everything up on her computer before standing up on the top of the desk.

Alix bangs her water bottle against a desk on Alya’s cue.

“The fourth meeting of ‘Get Adrien and Marinette Together Before We Die Goddammit’ is now in session.”

Chloé scoffs. “ This is ridiculous. The fact that we’ve had four meetings is ridiculous. I say we give up,” she says with a shrug. “It’s taking up too much time.”

“And desperately needed brain cells,” Kim whispers to Alix.

Alix snickers as Chloé gives Kim the middle finger.

“We don’t even meet every week,” Mylène points out.

“We don’t even meet every other week,” Juleka mutters. “Just whenever Alya has an idea.”

“And only during lunch,” Nino adds motioning to his bag of chips.

“An idea!” Rose rests her chin in her hands. “Oooooo, Alya do tell!”

Nathanael joins Sabrina and sits on top of a desk. “But what are the chances of it actually working?”

Everyone looks back to Max.

He adjusts his glasses. “Probably higher than when we were leaving them to their own devices.”

“So…” Nino drawls.

Max shrugs. “More than zero.”

Alya claps her hands together. “Good enough for me.” She jumps down from the desk and starts pacing. “Ideas?”

Slowly, all heads turn to Chloé. Surprisingly, she’s often the one to offer up the most ideas.

She scowls and puts down her nail file. “Listen, I don’t spend all my time watching rom coms. You have to look to Rose for that. I’m out of cliches, just lock them in the fucking closet again, why do I care?”

“I still say the closet worked,” Mylène says.

Ivan nods in agreement.

“Yeaahhhh,” Alix says with a smirk. “Cause we have no idea what went on in there.” She wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh my god.” Nino twists around and throws a chip at her.

She easily catches it in her mouth, telling him to go fuck himself as she chews.

“Can I leave?” Nathanael asks.

“Bring me with you,” Chloé demands.

“No one is leaving,” Alya says firmly. “You all came out of your own free will and we’re going to stay here until lunch break ends. No one is required to be here, you all wanted to be here.” Chloé opens her mouth and Alya points at her. “Say another word and you’ll regret it, blondie. Now. Ideas.”

“What have we already done?” Juleka asks. “It’s just been…”

Forever ,” Kim says dramatically.

Alya nods to Nino. “Babe?”

“Plan A was ‘tell them to just ask each other out already’,” Nino reads.

Alix scoffs. “Who the fuck had that idea?”

“To be fair,” Nino says quickly, “that was before Al and I got anyone else involved. We put it down because we honestly didn’t know where to start.”

“Can I see that?” Max asks.

Nino lifts Alya’s laptop so the rest of the room can see.

Rose tilts her head. “Is that…color coded?”

“It is. It’s very important.” Alya walks up to the chalkboard. “So we failed on the straightforward method because neither would do it . What was Plan B?”

Sabrina squints at the computer screen. “That was getting them to work together on a project.”
Alya taps her finger against her lip. “Check my date. Was that before or after the Gamer.”

Max shrinks backwards in his seat.

“…after,” Nino says slowly. “A little bit before we asked everyone for help because we were getting frustrated. I think might’ve been after Volpina, actually.”

Kim let out a whistle. “It took you that long to realize the two need some help?”

Alya shrugs. “I had faith. Then the faith ran out.”

“How did Plan B work anyway?” Nathanael asks.

Alya and Nino exchange a look.

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Hi! I love your whole little series with Spike beyond measure, it makes me squeal like an idiot. I just had to share with you, as I reblogged and tagged each one with 'Kageyama's Spike', I suddenly thought of someone saying they wanted to see Kageyama spike the ball, Hinata relaying to him "He wants to see your spike.", and Kageyama happily rushing off to the clubroom or something an returning with his little friend. It made me all happy, so I thought I'd share. XD sorry, it's not a question...

I think I know who you are! (because I stalk all the tags haha) I remember going through your tags on my drawings and thinking something like “oh my this lovely little human bean really loves my comics I’m so touched eep I should really send them a message”

but I didn’t because I was using mobile

and then you sent me this before I could find your blog again haha

Oh my god that’s adorable. Kageyama is so infatuated with his little friend that it wouldn’t even be a surprise if he did something like that. (Luckily the entire team loves Spike so taking Spike to the practice is not a problem haha)

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can you give us more on demon!dave pls?;) like, what is the funniest thing he's ever done?? ((i know the strilondes are old demon badasses, but this is still dave we're talking about here. he must have fallen flat on his face in the midst of an intense battle at /least/ once))

okay omg I need you to understand that demon dave is like the original hoe don’t do it/ oh my god combo out of all of them. He did so many things just because he could that there were a few times that he didn’t ask whether he should that more often the result was inside jokes for centuries at his expense. The most prominent of these jokes is the fucking ‘vive la france’ incident. 

imagine the most badass of moments. a haggard battlefield. a world war. a muddy abandoned trench post battle and a little friendly banter with Rose who had tagged along in the dark of the night to observe Dave and make sure his magnetic need for battle didn’t go on unchecked. And also because she missed being near russia just as much as Dave occasionally missed being near Europe in general. dave had every intention of scaling the side of the abandoned trench and surprise a small group of soldiers passing by and for some ungodly Dave reason decided to shout Vive La France heroically as he made for the wall right after giving a very confident speech to rose about the grace of battle and he was going to show her how to really-

really get his boot stuck in the thick of the mud mid step and slam his face right into the mud wall.

even in modern day, rose will wait months just for the right moment whenever dave’s least expecting it and preparing to do something important, rambling confidently without pause to slip in a soft, “Yes of course. Vive la France, right Dave?”

“ok no fuck you rose”

[FIC RECS] Hannibal - Hannigram Post-Finale

I have no idea how I got sucked into this fandom. I don’t even go here.

All previous recs can be found under my recs tag, or check out my rec tag masterlist.

Everything recced is complete unless otherwise noted.

FIC RECS: Hannibal: Post-Finale
Pairing: Hannibal/Will

Sea Change by xzombiexkittenx
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 4375 words
Will Graham is in love with Hannibal. He is also straight. This is the story of Will coming to terms with the fact that he’s in a relationship with a man. It’s less difficult than he thought it would be.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

Death and Transparency by ataraxistence
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 5646 words
Will and Hannibal survive the fall, and so Will has lost his last chance of refusing to succumb to Hannibal. This is the immediate aftermath of his realisation.
In no particular order of importance, there are: sweet omelettes, cannibalism, sex, and a Houdan hen which Will immediately subconsciously adopts. The hen’s name is Brunhild.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

Fall From Grace by objectlesson
Hannibal/Will | R | 2916 words
Hannibal and Will survive the fall.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

loose ends by the score by coloredink
Hannibal/Will | R | 4238 words
“It’s not a condition,” said Will. “It’s a test. I can touch you, but you can’t touch me.”
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: This isn’t technically post-finale, but it’s kind of an alternate timeline post-S3. I love the premise and the author executes it so well.

Here With Me by shotgunsinlace
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 3522 words
Words have been scarce since crawling out of the Atlantic and making the trip to Europe. Not a lot has happened since then, although a lot has to. In the end, Will decides on closing the space after all.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

Vorspiel by KareliaSweet
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 5015 words
After the fall, Will tries to deal with the repercussions of living. Hannibal helps him by being a fluffy lovesick cannibal.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: Angry Will. Also this author has done a bunch of different post-finale fics, you should definitely read them all.

All I Need Is A Stream by toffeecape
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 8622 words
Will reveals an extraordinary secret. Hannibal is still the weird one.
Tagged as: Post-Finale, Magical Realism
My notes: Oh my god yes? Yes. I’ve reread this one three times and will definitely do so again.

Mon Petit by toffeecape
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 1854 words
Will is smol. Hannibal loves it. Will knows it.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: I’m usually neutral toward size differences, but I really liked this fic. It’s part of a series if that’s your thing.

A Wood Not Marked by Any Path by arboretum
Hannibal/Will | R | 6958 words
The beast was his, whether he wanted it or not. And he did, he found, want it. He did.
Life after death: Will navigates his way through whatever mess he’s gotten himself into.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

Safe Home by falls_the_shadow
Hannibal/Will | R | 12,253 words
In other moments, Bedelia sits across from him, face poised in the typical mix of curiosity and resignation he is sure she reserves only for him and for Hannibal. “What would you say this is,” she asks, “the place where you stand now? Is it the gates of hell? Or the mouth?”
Will’s mouth is dry, and the morning breeze moves through him as if totally unhindered by his individual atoms, and he does not know the answer to that question.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: This one really stuck with me for a while.

Morning-star by KareliaSweet
Hannibal/Will | R | 2562 words
Prompt from measure-of-a-man:
So I had this idea-what if Hannibal actually IS Lucifer,he just got bored in Hell and is chilling on Earth,appreciating art and cannibalizing people;so when Will finally dies (in whatever way), he just finds himself in Hell as a King alongside Hannibal and basically they are together forever and no one is fucking leaving no one and my heart is in one piece yay
Inspired very loosely by Lucifer Morningstar from the Sandman comic series.
Tagged as: Post-Finale, Magical Realism, kinda?
My notes: This one had me at ‘inspired by Lucifer from the Sandman comics,’ ngl. Hannibal as actual ruler of hell. Bestill my heart.

A Short Rendezvous by LazyBaker
Hannibal/Will | G | 1904 words
“You brought me to your wife’s bed?”
The amusement rolling off Hannibal was physical, tangible in the way it touched Will.
“A proper affair must have one element of taboo to be at all proper.”
Tagged as: Post-Finale

How the Fisherman Hunts by DarkFairytale
Hannibal/Will | PG-13 | 2978 words
“Do you ever hunt?” Abigail had asked Will, once.
“I fish.”
“It’s the same thing isn’t it? One you stalk, the other you lure.”
Garret Jacob Hobbs had hunted. Abigail Hobbs had fished.
Will had not been able to comprehend it at first. But it made sense now.
Because Hannibal Lecter hunted, and Will Graham fished.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

What’s Left by damnslippyplanet
Hannibal/Will | R | 9767 words
They were on the run together for a long time, and then they weren’t. After a long silence, Hannibal starts trying to reopen lines of communication in his Hannibal way.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: Magical Memory Murder Tour.

in the truly gruesome do we trust by sidnihoudini
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 9473 words
Hannibal and Will have murder husbands mind palace sex, and Alana watches obsessively.
A slow, sneaky grin slides its way across Will’s face as he looks up at Hannibal and teases, “You enjoy being watched.”
“Does a lion eat its prey while it is still alive?” Hannibal asks rhetorically, an amused quirk to his lips. He drags his elbows against the silk sheets, letting himself rest his weight on them so he can comfortably brush his fingers through Will’s curls. After a pause, he drops his head, and presses his open mouth to Will’s. He pulls back a fraction, and breathes, “Yes.”
Fully smiling now, sharp and uncontrolled, Will arches up against Hannibal’s body, and asks, “Does that make me the lion, or the prey?”
“You are simply part of the pride,” Hannibal murmurs.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: Partial Alana POV and it’s so good.

I might end up doing more Hannibal recs. I’ve certainly read enough. Like, an embarrassing amount. I don’t want to talk about it. I DON’T EVEN GO HERE.

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okay but considering this. the scooby gang having a mario kart tournament. who'd win?

i love this ask i’m going to go into detail with this ask

-buffy has no mario kart skills whatsoever and it frustrates her because she was expecting to be really good, but she can’t figure out how to steer for the first two hours especially since everyone else is doing better than her and it’s hard to pay attention to the game when that’s going down. 

-when she Finally gets a handle on it, she’s bumped off the road by xander. xander has literally never won any mario kart game because he’s too busy trying to sabotage everyone else. sort of an “i know i can’t do this so i’m taking you all down with me” kind of strategy

-willow is pretty good!! usually if it’s just the three of them she wins, because buffy and xander are getting fiercely competitive and trying to bump each other off of the road and meanwhile she pulls neatly into first place

-they drag giles into it and they’re all expecting him to be really bad, but he gets the hang of it unnervingly quickly and suddenly he’s destroyed all of them and won first place five times in a row. he still doesn’t get what’s going on. it’s just a fun little driving game why are buffy and xander so upset

-cordelia likes to pretend she’s too cool for video games but she’s really, really not and usually she and xander get caught up in trying to sabotage each other. these are the few games that buffy actually wins

-oz just watches and provides taciturn commentary

-jenny is very strategic. she doesn’t say a word about how far ahead she is and she lets the kids distract themselves while she pulls ahead of them. really it’s a competition between her and willow

-faith plays for fun and actually isn’t very competitive about it. she really enjoys messing with buffy and xander, and sometimes giles. she’s the only one who ever ran him off the course and he was so taken aback that he had to stop playing for a while 

-tara only really wants to play with willow because she knows how competitive the scoobies get, so usually she’s the one making snacks and giggling when buffy and xander yell at each other

-oh my god. anya. anya fucking dominates mario kart. they had to stop her from playing with all of them because she’s so good and she’s so competitive. she fights dirty. one time she tried to tickle xander while still steering her own car so she could distract him. anya doesn’t play to “have fun,” anya plays to Win


Hello friends, it is I, Cameron, and I have once again risen from the depths of hell to present you with yet another guide! Now, most of you are probably looking at this guide like “Cameron, you idiot, why are you making a guide about this? I’ve been roleplaying for a while now, I know how to find a good roleplay.” BUT WAIT, INTERNET! Finding a good roleplay isn’t nearly as easy as you have led yourself to believe. Over my years of roleplaying I have found that the best roleplays have some pretty similar traits and the worst? Well, those lack said traits. So, I have decided to compile a guide on what to look for when joining a roleplay in the hopes that it saves you from a terrible experience.

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Could you pls show how Exo would react to your tumblr? (Hope this is not to difficult but I just think that this would be funny, lol)

oh god imagine them reading my tags, dude i’m dead

much me. much awesome. but what’s a hubby, is this a fruit or

why should i park on you wot

so my neck is a … penis


*reads ‘things jongin would say’ tag* … i would NOT say this and can somebody finally tell me who anal is

nice video 

YES I AM MANLY AND- wait… why am… i… everywhere..? *runs away with dramatic anime music in the back aka me crying’


*opens urban dictionary* *reads all definions of daddy-o* OHHHHHHH

okay bitch if you want to turn this crap into an actual aesthetic high quality blog you should better reblog more me

i don’t want to be a father ye- oh

*the only one who can actually speak english* …

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I love the 'Oops, I sent my text to wrong person' trope so much. Imagine drunk Dean sending a sweet message intended for Cas to Charlie. Dean becomes super embarassed and relived because at least he didn't send it to Cas. Charlie is like "You.. are NOT dating yet? How is that possible?? We're fixing it."

It’s a good thing Charlie was up at 2am anyway with the new World of Warcraft expansion and a rogue that needed her attention - thankfully an easy class to level because she was still buzzed from the crazy college party she’d been at until a few hours ago with friends from her dorm… And then she got a text from Dean. 

She was expecting some snarky comment about a goods exchange to swap back two thirds of her Princess Leia costume for the Batman mask she was still wearing, and maybe proof of the photos being deleted too (it was okay, they were for private blackmail purposes only - she’d never post them on Facebook unless Dean really gave her a reason). Instead, she seemed to have a wall of text to read:

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 your prince is here. 
  • Snow: Look at them.
  • Charming: Who?
  • Snow: Emma and -
  • Charming: Let me guess Regina.
  • Henry: How did you know?
  • Ruby: Please.
  • Granny: Where one is the other is sure to be.
  • Henry: They even went undercover together.
  • Snow: We were only going to send Regina.
  • Charming: We should have known Emma would tag along.
  • *They all turn to look at Emma and Regina who spot them looking and frown*
  • Emma: What?
  • Snow: Are you two together yet?
  • Regina: We're together right now.
  • Charming: Yes we know you're always together. We meant are you together together yet?
  • Regina: What do they mean dear?
  • Emma: I think they're asking if we're going out.
  • Regina: Well we're going to lunch.
  • Henry *groaning*: Oh god. Why can't you two just admit you love each other already?
  • Snow: It's okay. We all know and accept it.
  • Emma: ....
  • Regina: You did say you were all in.
  • Emma *smiles*: I did.
  • *She turns and gives Regina a long loving kiss before taking her hand as everyone cheers*
  • Emma: At least they're happy.
  • Regina: And so are we. Do you think we can go back to our lunch now?