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the foxes: a slightly exaggerated height chart


I saw one of these powerpoints in the sp tag but i wasn’t satisfied with it so i got inspired. what year is it

i wanted to go into more detail especially about craig and those guys but i spent WAY too much time on this already so WHATEVER HERE IT IS

WRITING TIPS: Dialogue tags

OKAY I realize this is a bird blog and not a writing blog, so probably this post will not get a lot of traction (if any). But I am, outside of my bird-blogging life, a professional editor, and I just needed to rant real quick about some of my biggest writing pet peeves, which can translate into TIPS FOR WRITERS, and I have no other venue for this. So here goes.

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How to be a genderist


* tag post: #terf safe #terf positivity #gender critical #radfem safe


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honestly why do u even ship sns its so bad & abusive im glad ur pointing out its flaws for this illiterate fandom but. Why do u ship it

hmm lets stick to my meta habit and break this down.

Is SNS abusive?

No, abuse is:  treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. To exploit for personal gain. 

Sasuke never abused Naruto and vice versa. They got in fights, they argued, insulted each other, were ridiculously petty with each other and had catastrophically different ideologies that almost caused both their deaths. It’s unhealthy and toxic but it is not abuse.  

What’s bad, and should be acknowledged as bad about SNS?

-They both never understood each other and tried to violently enforce their ideas on one another. 

-Sasuke almost killing Naruto (in their mutual fight, thus not abuse) left some very serious trauma on his psyche.

-Naruto’s complete and frankly assholic insensitivity to the Uchiha clan massacre and where Sasuke is coming from. The fact that he knew of the truth yet regarded Sasuke’s mettle for avenging his family as ‘loving too much and being sad’ and that he tried making Sasuke’s want for justice #relatable by playing the ‘i was lonely too!!’ card. He even hid it, people try to pin this on the overall shitty ending but tbh it’s always been that way.

-Naruto had a certain selfishness when it came to Sasuke where the feelings he had towards him (canonic platonic,,in the sns fandom usually considered romantic) made him almost disregard Sasuke and his wishes.

-Their fights..aren’t really that romantic. Nobody wants their ship to cut off each other’s arm. 

-The pettiness they share towards each other is almost..overbearing lmao 

Why do people, including ruby, ship SNS despite all of this (or bc their cognitive dissonance lets them believe all of the above is none existent)?

- Naruto at the end of the day is truly just the story of how two lonely boys who on the surface seem totally different on the surface but actually have a lot in common who’ve come to see the world in very different ways due to their different experiences come to a mutual understanding. It’s the journey of one constantly trying to understand the other, constantly learning to take all what he’s learned and teach it to the other. No matter what he just wants to reach him with the message he’s learned ‘Pain is less when we share it between us.’ ‘Even with our differences we always have something in common. It’s better to unite based on that than to separate because of our differences.’. No matter how many times he is shut down, or trampled by some obstacle he wants that message to reach the person who saved him first. There’s a moral behind their story, if not just the whole unite part then learn to avoid what Naruto’s ass does when trying to unite with a person bc it’s annoying as shit. 

- They literally grew up watching each other! They gave each other hope! I cry. Literally look at this???

- While no one except kagehina can pull off orange/yellow and blue aesthetics (even tho their complimentary they are ugly together lets not fool ourselves, what are you? A mikasa volleyball??)

They manage to make the combo look aesthetically pleasing.

-The bond they share is literally representative of the yin yang energy elements

-Naruto always strove to understand Sasuke

-Naruto always had a profound impact on Sasuke and the way he sees things

-Being apart hurt both of them like hell

-Naruto had a panic attack at the thought of Sasuke dying

-The personality types of these two always work in shipping!!! Specially for me. Some of my similar troped otps:

*My favourite ship ever is Kagehina from haikyuu. They do the trope of energetic ball of sunshine and angsty boy the best imo. So sweet they give me a  toothache, but when it’s angsty I cry my ass to sleep. They have tropes like ‘save me from my loneliness’, ‘rivals help you develop’ and ‘friends that give the feeling of romantic subtext’

*RinHaru is another popular ship in fandom culture, also very similar tropes such as sunny boy w angsty boy

*Tododeku. One of my absolute favourite ships atm. They are like a kagehina 2.0 and its the same damn trope. Innocent energetic boy saves angsty boy and makes him reconsider the way he looks at life.

*Klance. Always arguing, clearly care for each other. Keith is angsty and angry, Lance is a ball of life.

*Zutara. Motherly loud girl and angsty boy in need of getting his shit together. 

The list could go on but roughly speaking some of my fav ships and the respective fandom’s fav ships have these dynamics and tropes that are similar to what Kishimoto was trying to do. I personally can’t say SNS is the best ship out of these. Naruto telling Sasuke ‘you’re my friend’ doesn’t hit me as hard as Hinata’s ‘I’m here!’. Sasuke’s ‘I trained to escape that weakness’ never shocked me as hard as ‘Rin, I know who i’m swimming for!’. Sasuke’s revelation of tears cannot touch the intensity of the second Izuku got to Todoroki with a single line after breaking his bones to get through to him. SNS had an arm but it wasn’t as dynamic, it wasn’t as well done. 

 When they fight it’s hardly as cute as klance having their daily banter and Naruto is not as understanding as Katara. So I will always stand by what I say, SNS is the weakest mxm ship in all of shonen. In an entire genre based on strong bonds between dudes, they manage to become a joke within the fandom. But Naruto in itself is a series with a lot of flaws that is considered a joke, even among its fans. I love SNS for the same reason I am trapped in Naruto hell, anon. The god damn potential of it all.  

My stance:

Rarely any anti content regarding any team 7 ship on this blog. I am pro SS NS and SNS. I don’t ship Kakasaku but i’m also pro that. The only ship I hate in Naruto is Naruhina, the rest have strong bases and are highly compatible so,,they all get a yes from me. It’s no secret that I otp Sasusaku the most tho.

Thanks for the ask, mate. Hope this cleared shit up.

bye KJH...and thanks

I’ve been an absolute mess since summer due the various ways my life has gone to crap but oh god starting from October it’s been nothing but heartbreak month after month with the consecutive deaths of my dear Gutaeng-hyung, a personal friend who I had just found, and the most recent one being Jjongie.

For the longest time, I couldn’t bring myself to read any of the articles surrounding Joohyuk’s passing, or look back at any footage of him from movies/2D1N. His loss was so unexpected and raw that I couldn’t deal with any reminders of it. My heart still breaks for everyone shook by the suddenness of his departure (especially poor Yooyoung and Joon-young). 

It’s been a week and a half, and I’m still haven’t really been able to look at anything connected to our departed dinosaur without just going Q~Q

I think the mix of nostalgia and grief is what causes me to be overwhelmed to the point of feeling pained inside and wanting to just cry it all out. 

Although that’s changed recently.

A couple of days ago, I was able to sit through a memoriam special for Joohyuk–and while I did cry, it was for two reasons. The first being my inability to suck up my delusions and accept real life for what it is and the second being from the knowledge that I’m not alone in my memories.

These same feelings helped me sit through a similar moment with Jonghyun today and I realized that yes, I feel miserable in my own sadness and that my heart bleeds for everyone else (oh god Kibum, Onew, Minho, and Taemin); but at the same time, I am happy to see all these captured tidbits of his life.

There are so many moments when I have smiled and felt nothing but joy thanks to Jonghyun–the same goes for Joohyuk as well and all the times he made me laugh to the point of tears.

And I’m not the only one who’s looking back at these moments with a smile and some pained tears. They’re both gone, but they are living on in our own hearts. Yes, there are so many questions, and maybe even more regrets, but that doesn’t take away from the happiness we’ve shared with/because of them.

This doesn’t mean I about to stop crying anytime soon, but at least I can now find some acceptance in this new reality. 

I hope the both of them are at peace right now and are smiling with the other angels. Heck, I can imagine that both of them are being the ones to make the others smile right now.

Joohyuk, I hope you managed to track down your family, and that you’re still laughing–even if that means it’s really old jokes that probably no one but you are getting. You had a full life, and it’s time for you to take a break. Thank you for all your hard work.

Jonghyun…oh god I’m crying again. You did your best, and you did well.

Remembered forever with love, Kim Ju-hyeok

Kim Jong-hyun, we will remember you


GUYS IT’S COMING SOON OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anybody wants someone to come to their house and urgently explain to them why they should watch this show I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE, guys.

longtalejacinta  asked:

Not cause I'm a perv or anything, but I always found artists's different interpretation/style to Sans bone structure really interesting and I was wondering, if you want I'd like to see your interpretation/style to drawing sans.

i’m not even going to lie, i never really think too much about that when i draw him. when i got into undertale and realized i was going to draw a lot of skeletons, i decided that 1) i wasn’t going to stress too much about it, and 2) i was going to simplify stuff A LOT. like, i decided i wasn’t even going to try to draw realistic hands and feet and spines, mostly just to spare me some grief but also because i figured that since they’re pretty unrealistic-looking skeletons to begin with (sans especially) it would be okay

that being said! something like this maybe?

he smol and all of his roundness comes from his big clothes (and magic and whoopie cushions). also the whole thing could and probably should be simplified even further but it’s my first go at it so it’ll do

…why do i feel so dirty it’s just a skeleton oh my god what do i even tag this as? nudity? nsfw? save me

ok i know it was all of like 6 minutes long but there’s nothing better in the world than seth and dean sitting next to each other in their little swivel chairs on commentary in matching shirts looking cute as hell together with their titles and mocking sheasaro’s thumb gesture thing and dean talking about velociraptors while seth laughs like a dork and seth generally looking so happy just being around dean (oh my god have you ever seen him this happy??) but still being kinda unsure and careful when corey asks if there’s still some uneasiness there and deferring to dean’s response and dean saying it’s all cool now and maybe it’s partly genuine and maybe it’s mostly just to show a united front but you can tell how much he’s enjoying them being back together either way and seth putting over how forgiving dean is like he’s still so grateful for it and dean saying they should steal ‘the bar’ as their own tag team name lmao. i bet he texts seth at all hours of the night with more and more ridiculous tag team name suggestions (and now also entrance ideas, i guess). i just love them, they make me so happy, i don’t care. ambrollins is the greatest thing in my life and in this world.

Phoenix has an announcement:

Okay, so I don’t know how many of you actually watched my video, but I rambled a lot anyway, so read this instead-

I’ve been writing fanfiction for years now. I’ve always enjoyed it because I loved the flexibility of it. I could have one idea in mind, then through someone’s comment or analysis, I come up with something totally different. Writing has been a coping mechanism for me.

I write when I’m overwhelmed, when I’m stressed, when I need a break.

But lately, writing has been more of a stressor than a relaxation method. I find myself getting angry for not being able to make a new chapter. Then I find myself panicking when I post and get no responses. No reactions, no thoughts, nothing but a “like.” And of course the mandatory, “When’s the next update?” ask. I’ve started wondering if I’m even providing decent content for you anymore.

A prime example is One and the Same. I was so invested in it, but then it stopped getting responses. It stopped getting reblogged, people didn’t send in asks with thanks or praise or comments. It was just left there. So I stopped writing to it, assuming people got tired of it.

Over my time writing I’ve had about a handful of extensive, paragraphed responses, nearly analyzing my writing and characters. Those comments made my heart soar! And every single thanks I get is just as meaningful… however they’ve also dwindled.

Fanfiction is free. And yes, I was aware of the fact that I was offering free writing when I started posting. However that doesn’t mean I or any other writer should be expected to keep pumping out chapters and stories without any encouragement. As someone who has tossed and turned until a sudden burst of writing ideas fueled me at 4 A.M or stayed awake until 3 or even 5 in the morning to provide a new chapter, someone who has done extensive research and/or planning for certain stories, I believe I do deserve some sort of payment. That’s not to say it’s supposed to be monetary.

For example, I read tags. I read them all the way through. I read added comments on reblogs. And oh my God I FUCKING LOVE when people make moodboards or fanart of my stories. The messages thanking me or praising the chapter are reassuring as they are encouraging. This is what I mean with payment.

I’ve considered posting my paypal and claiming that people donate a dollar for me to post the next chapter once I reach 20 dollars. But that just doesn’t seem fair. I’m not a professional writer to be demanding money, and it’s online because it’s supposed to be free for leisure entertainment. But I also want to at least know that people actually want more content.

Fanfiction is a complete different interaction than it is to read a published book. You read a published book, you get through it, then give all your comments and analysis. With fanfiction, it’s a conversation between author and reader. Each chapter is an opening for a new conversation. Authors want to know what you think, what you want to see happen, what you think will happen, what you think of characters. And they want to converse with you! I know I do! I love having a conversation with readers, explaining why a character does or doesn’t do something or why I wrote the plot out going one direction instead of another. And I love when readers read into my writing and start telling me all these theories and hypotheses or telling me they relate to a character or something. And this interaction fuels the story! It causes changes, it causes more to be written because it’s so encouraging.

Now…. Like I said, lately my writing hasn’t been getting reactions. It hasn’t been getting responses, comments, or even art/edits, even when I practically beg for it. When I make solitary posts asking what the thoughts on a character are, or what people want to see next. I haven’t written in a long time because I feel like I’ve lost my touch. I feel like everything I write is mediocre and that’s why it’s no longer getting responses.

With school starting back up, I don’t think it’s worth the stress to push homework aside or stay up late writing when I know I won’t even get responses or thank for it. Maybe 1 of every 50+ readers takes the time to say thank you or add tags. And lately, that anxiety has made me lose my passion to write.

I’ve actually been heavily considering no longer posting stories online anymore for the sake of my sanity. I don’t want to add this pressure to myself throughout my sophomore year and then start having self-deprecating thoughts again. I’m not trying to be selfish or self-entitled. But with the amount of effort I put into writing and creating stories, it hurts to know readers don’t even put the little bit of effort it takes to write out a full sentence in an ask. I feel like I deserve recognition for the effort I put into offering this free source of entertainment.

This isn’t to say I’d stop writing. I’d just stop posting. I’ve been thinking about this for the past week and this morning I brought it up to my friends. As a low-income college student, I’d love to get a little cash for my writing of course! But I also know there’s a lot of readers just like me that can’t spare a dollar online. Which is why I’m not trying to force anyone to pay me in money. I want to make that clear. I’d like to receive payment, but in the form of encouragement, in content inspired by my writing, in comments. Not getting that kind of thanks just makes me feel like my efforts are simply unappreciated or taken for granted.

So if you no longer see any content of mine, I thought I’d offer this as an explanation why.

Also, please note I will reblog this periodically to reach people in different timezones. 

                     1OO+ FOLLOWER FOLLOW FOREVER !!!

Before I dive right in to the lists that will consist of as many blogs I could list, since I love all of you and can never choose favorites easily, I’d like to start off my follow forever with a thank you. Writing has always been a therapy of mine, and Tumblr RP has been my route to therapy. The RP world can have its moments, but honestly, the community among the roleplay world are beyond accepting, loving, and down right understanding. I am in love with all of my followers, and the fact I could earn 100 dedicated followers in just one month is just mind blowing! The compliments I get, the love I receive, and the comfort I get when I’m down is just fantastic. This follow forever consists of the many blogs I have found on here to be one in a million. If you’re not on this list, do not feel disappointed nor discouraged. It’s only because I can get easily overwhelmed trying to put everyone I can within this! There are different categories below, and I hope they are well organized and make their statement clear!

                                                                       - vik 

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GODDAMN I love your art and your writing and you're a beautiful person, never stop being so awesome 😍 I wanted to ask you if you'd have some recommendations for fellow destiel-artists in tumblr, I'm always looking forward to be dazzled by amazing art (naughty bits are encouraged too) :D

DUDE THIS COMMENT IS SO SWEET how’m I supposed to get through the rest of the day now that I’m crying????? 


If you want some spot on, funny as hell comic art @consulting-cannibal,  @sketchydean, and @vinnie-cha are worth a follow.

Some of the other more popular destiel artists I follow (and will follow forever) are @bamf-castiel (I absolutely ADORE her art style and she gets bonus points for also doing some nsfw stuff, @purgatory-jar (who also does nsfw destiel art), @armellin (beautiful portraiture), @hellosaidthemoonisafangirl (stunning illustrations), @feredir, oh god there’s more… my brain just flat lined… come back to me on this one. 

I’ll also throw @eliciadonze in there as an artist you should be following if you like art. She’s a staggeringly talented artist who does multi-fandom work. And as if you needed a bonus reason, you can find hundreds of her destiel and supernatural pieces all over the internet and tumblr under her previous url euclase. (I’ve reblogged a number of her pieces over the years using the tag #euclase art, do you can start there, if you want. I don’t know if she’s reposted them under @eliciadonze, but you’re welcome to check.)

And of course I need a moment to pimp some of the badass, but lesser known artists of the fandom who either ship destiel or are multishippers. @trisscar368, @braezenkitty,  @jdragon122, @dmsilvisart, @dragonpressgraphics, @weallneedcastiel @deanandhiscas are just a few people who are so awesome in their own right, you won’t be sorry giving them a follow.

You can also browse my nsfw tag anytime you’re feelin’ it. All the nsfw art I’ve come across/reblogged will be under that tag (you’ll just have to pick through/ignore my art cuz it shows up under there too).

GAWWWWD now I have that horrible nagging feeling I’m leaving a ton of people off, but I can’t think of anyone else at the moment. Start with these wonderful people and maybe I’ll make a more coherent post later. 


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okay but considering this. the scooby gang having a mario kart tournament. who'd win?

i love this ask i’m going to go into detail with this ask

-buffy has no mario kart skills whatsoever and it frustrates her because she was expecting to be really good, but she can’t figure out how to steer for the first two hours especially since everyone else is doing better than her and it’s hard to pay attention to the game when that’s going down. 

-when she Finally gets a handle on it, she’s bumped off the road by xander. xander has literally never won any mario kart game because he’s too busy trying to sabotage everyone else. sort of an “i know i can’t do this so i’m taking you all down with me” kind of strategy

-willow is pretty good!! usually if it’s just the three of them she wins, because buffy and xander are getting fiercely competitive and trying to bump each other off of the road and meanwhile she pulls neatly into first place

-they drag giles into it and they’re all expecting him to be really bad, but he gets the hang of it unnervingly quickly and suddenly he’s destroyed all of them and won first place five times in a row. he still doesn’t get what’s going on. it’s just a fun little driving game why are buffy and xander so upset

-cordelia likes to pretend she’s too cool for video games but she’s really, really not and usually she and xander get caught up in trying to sabotage each other. these are the few games that buffy actually wins

-oz just watches and provides taciturn commentary

-jenny is very strategic. she doesn’t say a word about how far ahead she is and she lets the kids distract themselves while she pulls ahead of them. really it’s a competition between her and willow

-faith plays for fun and actually isn’t very competitive about it. she really enjoys messing with buffy and xander, and sometimes giles. she’s the only one who ever ran him off the course and he was so taken aback that he had to stop playing for a while 

-tara only really wants to play with willow because she knows how competitive the scoobies get, so usually she’s the one making snacks and giggling when buffy and xander yell at each other

-oh my god. anya. anya fucking dominates mario kart. they had to stop her from playing with all of them because she’s so good and she’s so competitive. she fights dirty. one time she tried to tickle xander while still steering her own car so she could distract him. anya doesn’t play to “have fun,” anya plays to Win

I’m so tired of OTHER simblrs/people putting rules and handlebars on OTHER simblrs/peoples creativity.. I’m so tired of all the weird people feeling sooooooo entitled over a damn concept. I know I might just be weird, but if I see someone following a creative trend my first thought Isn’t “Oh God an unpopular person using a common idea lemme go send all my followers after them because im the only one allowed to follow trends blah blah blah im so much better than them blah blah blah” Like even if you have proof that your concept is from an outside source people are still like “Oh God you used neon aesthetics in your post and didn’t tag EVERY simblr thats EVER used neon WOOOOOWWWWWWWW you’re disgusting”. Why the hell should I have to tag people who genuinely played no role in my creative decisons???? Just because a bunch of lemmings assume that I’m “stealing” an idea that has been used for well over a decade??? Sorry, I always forget the giant ass heads and egos on what seems to be everyone here💀

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Could "Actually it's pistachio" be a suitable name for Fishtrid? (Referring to your wonderful tag names for your ships.)

Fishlegs would be quick to correct the line as having been: “First of all, it’s not green. It’s pistachio.” (Quite fitting for the fact that he corrects her color names for a good part of the episode!)

Also, moments after Fishlegs says that line, she has her hand on his hand!


I really love “actually it’s pistachio” as a ship tag so I definitely approve of it! It’s so cute, oh my gods. It’s definitely suitable! 💖

Also, the two of them should eat pistachio ice cream together. 

plan bb

on ao3

a little something i wrote inspired by a tumblr ask :)

for mlflufffiction, which you should totally check the tag for because everything is super cute!!! thank you so so so much for everyone who’s participated. you’re all super lovely. 

shoutout the @mlfanfiction​ fam for helping me out. you’re all the best <3

i did write this all in like two day oh god why so it isn’t my best work but it’s the most productive i’ve been in weeks. to make this as clear as possible, i uploaded it in chapters on ao3, but seeing that some chapters are literally 20 words, it didn’t make sense to post them all here. click the link at the end of this part to be brought to the next part! 


Alya shuts the door with her foot, dumping her bag on the the desk. “Alright, let’s do this people.”

Kim raises a sandwich in the air, chiming in with “Here here!”

Chloé rolls her eyes and goes back to filing her nails.

“Did you really need your laptop for this?” Nino asks, joining Alya on her bench.

“Yes,” she says seriously. “I have documents and color coding. Do not doubt my abilities.” She pulls everything up on her computer before standing up on the top of the desk.

Alix bangs her water bottle against a desk on Alya’s cue.

“The fourth meeting of ‘Get Adrien and Marinette Together Before We Die Goddammit’ is now in session.”

Chloé scoffs. “ This is ridiculous. The fact that we’ve had four meetings is ridiculous. I say we give up,” she says with a shrug. “It’s taking up too much time.”

“And desperately needed brain cells,” Kim whispers to Alix.

Alix snickers as Chloé gives Kim the middle finger.

“We don’t even meet every week,” Mylène points out.

“We don’t even meet every other week,” Juleka mutters. “Just whenever Alya has an idea.”

“And only during lunch,” Nino adds motioning to his bag of chips.

“An idea!” Rose rests her chin in her hands. “Oooooo, Alya do tell!”

Nathanael joins Sabrina and sits on top of a desk. “But what are the chances of it actually working?”

Everyone looks back to Max.

He adjusts his glasses. “Probably higher than when we were leaving them to their own devices.”

“So…” Nino drawls.

Max shrugs. “More than zero.”

Alya claps her hands together. “Good enough for me.” She jumps down from the desk and starts pacing. “Ideas?”

Slowly, all heads turn to Chloé. Surprisingly, she’s often the one to offer up the most ideas.

She scowls and puts down her nail file. “Listen, I don’t spend all my time watching rom coms. You have to look to Rose for that. I’m out of cliches, just lock them in the fucking closet again, why do I care?”

“I still say the closet worked,” Mylène says.

Ivan nods in agreement.

“Yeaahhhh,” Alix says with a smirk. “Cause we have no idea what went on in there.” She wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh my god.” Nino twists around and throws a chip at her.

She easily catches it in her mouth, telling him to go fuck himself as she chews.

“Can I leave?” Nathanael asks.

“Bring me with you,” Chloé demands.

“No one is leaving,” Alya says firmly. “You all came out of your own free will and we’re going to stay here until lunch break ends. No one is required to be here, you all wanted to be here.” Chloé opens her mouth and Alya points at her. “Say another word and you’ll regret it, blondie. Now. Ideas.”

“What have we already done?” Juleka asks. “It’s just been…”

Forever ,” Kim says dramatically.

Alya nods to Nino. “Babe?”

“Plan A was ‘tell them to just ask each other out already’,” Nino reads.

Alix scoffs. “Who the fuck had that idea?”

“To be fair,” Nino says quickly, “that was before Al and I got anyone else involved. We put it down because we honestly didn’t know where to start.”

“Can I see that?” Max asks.

Nino lifts Alya’s laptop so the rest of the room can see.

Rose tilts her head. “Is that…color coded?”

“It is. It’s very important.” Alya walks up to the chalkboard. “So we failed on the straightforward method because neither would do it . What was Plan B?”

Sabrina squints at the computer screen. “That was getting them to work together on a project.”
Alya taps her finger against her lip. “Check my date. Was that before or after the Gamer.”

Max shrinks backwards in his seat.

“…after,” Nino says slowly. “A little bit before we asked everyone for help because we were getting frustrated. I think might’ve been after Volpina, actually.”

Kim let out a whistle. “It took you that long to realize the two need some help?”

Alya shrugs. “I had faith. Then the faith ran out.”

“How did Plan B work anyway?” Nathanael asks.

Alya and Nino exchange a look.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your whole little series with Spike beyond measure, it makes me squeal like an idiot. I just had to share with you, as I reblogged and tagged each one with 'Kageyama's Spike', I suddenly thought of someone saying they wanted to see Kageyama spike the ball, Hinata relaying to him "He wants to see your spike.", and Kageyama happily rushing off to the clubroom or something an returning with his little friend. It made me all happy, so I thought I'd share. XD sorry, it's not a question...

I think I know who you are! (because I stalk all the tags haha) I remember going through your tags on my drawings and thinking something like “oh my this lovely little human bean really loves my comics I’m so touched eep I should really send them a message”

but I didn’t because I was using mobile

and then you sent me this before I could find your blog again haha

Oh my god that’s adorable. Kageyama is so infatuated with his little friend that it wouldn’t even be a surprise if he did something like that. (Luckily the entire team loves Spike so taking Spike to the practice is not a problem haha)

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can you give us more on demon!dave pls?;) like, what is the funniest thing he's ever done?? ((i know the strilondes are old demon badasses, but this is still dave we're talking about here. he must have fallen flat on his face in the midst of an intense battle at /least/ once))

okay omg I need you to understand that demon dave is like the original hoe don’t do it/ oh my god combo out of all of them. He did so many things just because he could that there were a few times that he didn’t ask whether he should that more often the result was inside jokes for centuries at his expense. The most prominent of these jokes is the fucking ‘vive la france’ incident. 

imagine the most badass of moments. a haggard battlefield. a world war. a muddy abandoned trench post battle and a little friendly banter with Rose who had tagged along in the dark of the night to observe Dave and make sure his magnetic need for battle didn’t go on unchecked. And also because she missed being near russia just as much as Dave occasionally missed being near Europe in general. dave had every intention of scaling the side of the abandoned trench and surprise a small group of soldiers passing by and for some ungodly Dave reason decided to shout Vive La France heroically as he made for the wall right after giving a very confident speech to rose about the grace of battle and he was going to show her how to really-

really get his boot stuck in the thick of the mud mid step and slam his face right into the mud wall.

even in modern day, rose will wait months just for the right moment whenever dave’s least expecting it and preparing to do something important, rambling confidently without pause to slip in a soft, “Yes of course. Vive la France, right Dave?”

“ok no fuck you rose”

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Yo! You've answered most of these already, and I loved the answers, so I'll go with 4 and 19.


4. total number of words you wrote this year

According to my AO3 stats page, 315, 881

Which isn’t quite all of them, but is the vast majority. I’ve gotten a bit addicted to the writing thing…

19. any new fics to start next year

Haha, oh god, I should say no! The only one that is in my head is a Legend of Korra one, because I wanted to do the monster girls tag this month. And because vampire Asami and werewolf Korra seems kinda irresistible. I do have a few bits of a fifties detective LiS fic that I kinda want to do something with, but…it’s unlikely at this point.

No doubt, though, lots of annoying ideas will present themselves in 2018 and demand I go write them. That’s kinda been how 2017′s gone down! :)

Thanks for the asks, friend! :)