oh god she's touching me

Quotes from PurCon 3

Another convention, another quote compilation. (Most of them were written down by yours truly but I couldn’t have done it without these people who live tweeted some of the things the cast said: xFrancy002, hollowcas, Catt_Mohen, odetolizzy, KirschKid, KeptinOnZeBridg, kellysparrow, mishainmydreams and _pigglywiggly.

Opening panel
Rich: I’ve never heard the German language sound so pervy when you say it.
Sebastian (in a pervy voice): Oh yes, we’re gonna have fun together.

Gil and Sebastian
Sebastian (to us): How are you?
Us: Woooo!
Sebastian (to Gil): How are you?
Gil: I’m scared.

Sebastian (sees people leave for Briana and Kim’s photo op): Aaah! Schweinhund! Arschloch!

Sebastian: Did you see The Man in the High Castle? Did you like my German accent? (There are some people who react somewhat negatively.) You are scheisse!

Sebastian (is going through the rows): She just said, (in an awestruck voice) “Oh my god, he touched me.”

Sebastian (from the other end of the panel room): Hello front row! (Front rows wave back.) Fuck you!

Sebastian (talking about Jensen): Everybody gets pregnant in five seconds. (in a high-pitched voice) Oh, my vagina!

Gil: We were working on that scene and Jared and Jensen were doing research on the computer and they turned it around [so I could see the screen] and there was this giant picture of a naked man.

Sebastian (about touching Gil’s arm): I touched it. I felt it. It was good.

Kim and Briana
Briana: I would love to play Crowley. Well, not anymore.

Matt and Ruth
Ruth (talking about the most difficult scene she’s had to do, in a very soft voice): That’s when she tells him– (sees people coming back from a photo op, now dead in the eye) you’re late.

Ruth (talking about Jensen): It’s like looking into the sun.

Rich and Rob
Rich: Cookie Ashley [Chuchichästli].

Fan: You’re my favourite actor ever.
Rich: That woman knows quality.

Rich: I hope you’re happy now, Rob. You made her cry.

Rob: Let me talk about Gabriel as a son. (…) And Michael, of course, my good son.

Rob (watching people leave): They’re really upset about this, Rich.

Rob and Rich: What, there is a guy! (start singing) A guy in the room, a person with a penis (…)!

Rich: You know, I think it would be an ice musical. (People start leaving for Sebastian’s photo op.) Oh Jesus, it wouldn’t be an ice musical! (There’s some babbling, then) GOD DAMMIT!

Fan: If you could be God and Gabriel for one night what would you do?
There’s a long silence.
Rich (bewildered): We are God and Gabriel.

Rich: We all want to ride Sam.

Rich: If you wanna imitate Sebastian–that’s really easy. Find a stationary object and hump it.

Raffle with Kim
Kim: Monika, I hope this sells for a lot on ebay for you.

Auction with Gil and Sebastian
Seb (talking about Rob’s banner): You can sleep with Rob!

Two women have been trying to outbid each other for some minutes now.
Ruth: Maybe they should just wrestle for it.

Matt has put on Rich’s shirt as pants.
Matt: There’s usually just one dick in there. (…) Fifty euros for my two dick shirt!

Sebastian said, “Gil read the book on the loo” and there are only two bidders left.
Sebastian: It’s gonna be a battle of wills. A battle of the toilets. (silence, then) Think of the toilet!

Sebastian: 250 over there in Antarctica! (He means the far end of the panel room.) It must be very cold there. Your nipples must be hard.

The Antarctica bidder just lost.
Sebastian (to the bidder): And your nipples were hard but not hard enough.

Sebastian (talking about Matt’s banner): Holy shit, I wanna fuck him. I mean, who doesn’t. (…) Meine Vagina is on fire!

Sebastian (talking about Matt): He looks like he was built by a toy company. Or a sex shop.

Sebastian: You saved a lot of dogs, cats and rats today … Rats are nice people, too!

Gil and Sebastian
Gil: Jensen told me to say yes when they’d call me. He said, they’d call to ask me about doing conventions and I should just say yes. And I wasn’t even sure they’d call because the episode I was on hadn’t even aired yet. But he just said, “Don’t worry, you’re a Winchester.”

Gil: Being on Supernatural was amazing but the conventions are honestly the best part.

Sebastian: Balthazar would come back as Castiel’s lover. And–wait for it–Castiel would be bottom.
Gil: Obviously.

Sebastian (talking about Balthazar/Castiel fanfiction): You know, when [Misha] and I fake kissed … The nipples got very hard very quickly.

Sebastian: Oh I remember her! She was the funny-feisty one yesterday!
Fan: Thank you, I guess.

Sebastian makes a sexual reference after a fan asked a question.
Gil: She just told you she was a minor!
Sebastian: Oh, a minor! I thought she said she worked in a coal mine!

Sebastian: Entschuldigung für mein Vulgaritat!

Gil: Do you wanna go to Mars?
Sebastian: Who the fuck would wanna go to Mars?! (…) Your balls would freeze in an instant!

Sebastian (points at upper body): I’m half Scottish, (points at loins) half French.

Sebastian: My mum was born in 1939 and she looks great.
Fan (from the audience): My mum too!
Sebastian: Oh, your father too!

Sebastian (to a fan): Do you understand everything?
Gil: Unfortunately.

Sebastian: I am wearing special underwear for old people. So you know, when I say, I’m just shitting, I really mean it.
And of course, Gil is cracking up in the background.

Gil: I’m gonna dream about this panel on my flight back to America.
Sebastian: Dream or nightmare?

Gil asked people whether they’ve ever been to Texas and somebody told them they’ve been to El Paso.
Gil: El Paso? You think it was nice? Oh that’s sweet. Nobody ever says that about El Paso!

Kim, Briana and Ruth
Kim: The good thing about sitting on the floor is … you can’t fall off it.

Ruth: Wait, so there’s porn and then there’s trashporn?! (…) I’m so confused by that trash porn.

Kim: It’s so funny you think that the boys are the dirty ones on Supernatural.

Kim: I ship Jody with literally everybody.

Kim (about women and representation): Fuck, we don’t matter!

Ruth: My heaven looks like hell. (…) I’d be sitting on a red sofa and throw Lindt chocolate papers at a naked Mark Pellegrino.

Kim: If my happiness depends on what other people think about me, I’m fucked.

Kim: I wanted to be a boss. It didn’t really matter of what. I just wanted to be the boss.

Kim: I wanted to become an English teacher but you have to be outgoing and entertaining so I took acting classes in college when I was nineteen aaand I still haven’t become an English teacher.

Fan: How would alternate universe Rowena be like?
Ruth: Ich kann jetzt nicht darüber sprechen, es ist viel zu schmerzhaft.

Kim: It breaks my heart that I live in a world where people can’t be who they truly are.

Matt, Richard and Rob
Apparently, the guys are having problems pronouncing the word “nephilim” so they decided to say “heffalump” instead.
Rich: Jesus is a heffalump.

Fan: Why do your characters always die?
Rich: Because contrary to popular belief you can have too much Dick in your life.

Rich (talking about Sabriel): Let the fans do what the fans wanna do.
Rob: Why am I not in on this?
Rich: You do know I’m your son?

Fan: What happened to your French twitter account, Rich?
Rich: Who? Oh, that’s not me, he just looks like me! But he will probably tweet later today because he just remembered he had that account.

Rob: There you got it. God has spoken.

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Peter falling asleep on MJ... Just like all the time

sorry this took so long anon!!! 

  • the first time peter ever falls asleep on mj she just fucking. pushes him off.
  • because oh my god he’s touching me and im feeling things and what the FUCK is a feeling 
  • so peter ends up on the floor of the library with an unnecessary amount of flailing limbs and how the hell is this clumsy nerd spider-man  
  • the second time is worse somehow because they’re on the bus with all their classmates and she doesn’t want to make a scene but his head lolled onto her shoulder and he looks so cute and peaceful when he’s asleep and-
  • the bus slams to a stop 
  • sending peter fucking flying off her and into the seat in front of them
  • and he pops his head up, hair a mess and eyes blinking in sleepy confusion 
  • and says
  • “are we there yet”
  • in possibly the hottest voice mj has ever heard
  • and she just stares 
  • for what’s probably an uncomfortable amount of time
  • but peter is barely awake and immediately flops down and goes back to sleep
  • the third time it happens they’re studying in peter’s room
  • it’s late and they’ve been at it for hours so mj is reading and peter’s shoulder is pressed up against hers as he flips through a textbook
  • he’s nodding off and she knows she’s in the path of destruction 
  • when his head hits her shoulder she makes no move to get him off because it’s cold and he’s warm and she’s got 300 more pages to go so why not
  • she thinks she’s close to following him in slumber after another hundred pages when suddenly she’s Wide Awake
  • because peter shifts and throws an arm across her abdomen 
  • he snuggles closer onto her chest and it’s suddenly really hard to breathe because oh my god
  • oh my god we’re cuddling and i love it and i want to die
  • she’s not sure what else to do except stay perfectly still and hope he doesn’t wake up
  • but eventually her arm starts to fall asleep and she tries to move it  
  • he jumps awake (damn spidey senses)
  • and practically flies into the wall after realizing their quite compromising position  
  • and then stares at her in a mix of half asleep fear and embarrassment 
  • waiting for some kind of reaction 
  • she doesn’t look up from her book when she says
  • “you drool when you sleep” 
  • and from then on it becomes there thing
  • if mj’s around, peter is probably asleep on her
  • and she takes to playing with his hair when his head ends up in her lap 
  • and ned’s just like “you two are oblivious idiots and i cannot watch this ” 
  • but he snaps a pic anyways because blackmail 

of love and lust, and shattered control


For @youhavemademefree, who requested this now four months ago as of yesterday I believe, for the lovely narutofornepal project, with the prompt: “Sasuke wants to wait for marriage. The two get each other off in as many ways without actually doing the do.“

Long overdue, but since this is quite amazingly long, I’d like to think it makes up for it :)

Beware: this is rated entirely M, and very, very long. 12, 320 words, to be exact. 

He blamed it on the way the light fell upon her flushed face, filtered between the cracks of his old, dusty blinds; blamed it on her parted, red, abused lips, on the desire in those green, green eyes, and the way her hair felt in the spaces between his fingers. She was so absolutely, positively gorgeous, lying there beneath him. And her skin was so, so warm.

But mostly, he blamed it on her hands, and the way she touched him: on his chest, over his back, on his belly. Running over his flesh with hard strokes, the heat of her skin against his making him burn and press his mouth even harder against her own, fingers clenching her hair even tighter. His mind was dizzy with yearning, blood pounding so deafeningly in his head that he couldn’t stand to think. When her hand ran over his chest again, sharp nails scratching at his skin lightly, he couldn’t help himself from grinding down on her, mouth breaking from hers with a clear groan.

He never thought it would feel this way. There had been nights with dreams of wet, hot lust, where he’d wake up sweating and panting for breath—but they never felt something quite like this. This kind of sensation was stifling, coming over him in sharp, powerful waves of shuddering delight that left him tingling everywhere, the flush of his cheeks darkening.

He ground against her again, lips parting as the pulse of pleasure took him, but found himself swiftly snapped out of his haze as a whimper left her lips. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.

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I’m fascinated by who people are, and why they do the things they do. I love film as a medium for showing people the world around them, and I’m so inspired by the books I read and the films I watch. As a kid and teenager, everytime I’d see movie and walk out of the theater thinking, “so this happens to other people and other people feel this way,” it made life easier to understand and therefore I saw more and got more from life.

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Akaashi, Bokuto, Oikawa and Iwaizumi are coming home from college/work (assuming they are 20s), how would they react to the scene of their girlfriend sleeping in their bed with... a girl? (you can choose different reasons for all guys, it may be angsty like cheating or just pillow talks with besties who unfortunetelly fell asleep together) love love love sweetie!

I’m (almost) back from the dead! I decided to take the different scenarios approach for each of the guys, I hope you like it! - Admin Dad

Finals season always hit Akaashi like a brick no matter how many semesters he went through it. This semester was particularly rough. Usually, Akaashi had a balance between Gen Ed and photography classes, but this time it was all studio work. All the isolation in the dark room was really starting to mess with his perception of time. Four in the morning was starting to feel normal to him. Luckily his apartment was right on the edge of campus so he didn’t have too far of a walk so early.

The second he crossed the threshold into the apartment the smell of coffee snapped Akaashi back into full consciousness. Mugs were strewn all across the living room along with notebooks and notecards of all colors. All the lights were on but the apartment was completely silent. Akaashi knew his girlfriend had a big exam the next day—or technically later that day, and she and a friend planned on reviewing the night before. While the evidence of studying was more than apparent, his girlfriend was nowhere to be seen.

Akaashi nearly started to panic until he entered the bedroom. There she was, along with her friend. The two of them had both fallen asleep face first in their textbooks sprawled across the bed. Akaashi shook his head smiling to himself. His girlfriend never took his advice on self-care, especially when it came to sleeping before an exam, but she did look pretty cute drooling on a physics diagram.

He walked over to the bed, careful not to slip on any loose sheets of paper or empty energy drink cans. He nudged his girlfriend as gently as he could but she still jumped at the touch.

“Keiji! Oh my god, you scared me.” Her commotion woke up her friend pretty quickly.

“You fell asleep on your notes again, ______. It’s four in the morning.”

His girlfriend groaned but her friend shot up in terror. “Oh no, it’s four a.m.? I have to get home, maybe I can get some—“

Akaashi waved her off. “Nonsense, it’s too early for you to be walking around half asleep. You should stay here until the exam and make sure you’re well-rested.”

His girlfriend laughed, rolling onto her back. “Aw, Keiji’s in mom-mode.”

Akaashi sighed. “You need to get proper rest as well. We need to clear off the bed, turn off the lights, and I’ll set an alarm so you won’t be late.” His girlfriend opened her mouth to interject, but Akaashi kept going. “Your exam is at eleven, right? I’ll set an alarm for nine so you have plenty of time to get ready and eat breakfast.”

“Really, I couldn’t impose like that,” the friend protested.

“It is no imposition at all. And before you offer, I will sleep on the couch and you two should take the bed. I insist. You both need to get the best sleep possible.”

His girlfriend turned to her friend with a smirk. “There’s no fighting him on this, you can’t beat Mamakaashi. We’ll take the bed.”

The two of them began cleaning up the room a little, making up the bed for sleep. Once they were settled, Akaashi turned off the light and returned to the living room. He sized up the state of the couch, equally buried in study materials and sighed as he pushed them out of the way enough to flop down on the cushions and promptly fall into a deep sleep.

Being a starting player on a top school’s volleyball team had its perks. Players had priority in class registration, the biggest meal plan, and large, comfortable dorms right by the practice gym for easier commutes.

And right now Bokuto was kicking himself for opting out of the dorms so he could share an apartment with his girlfriend halfway across town. Sure, it was nice seeing her every morning and he did love her, but man was it a haul after five grueling hours of practice.

The bus ride was almost too comfortable; the driver knew Bokuto well enough by that point to shake him awake at his stop. Bokuto grumbled something resembling a thank you and slumped off the bus.

He fumbled with his keys before pushing himself through the front door. Miraculously, he’d made it up the entryway stairs without crawling. Bokuto was usually a ball of boundless energy, but after he took his post-practice shower the only thing on his mind was sleep.

He didn’t notice that the bedroom door was slightly ajar and he definitely didn’t notice the body on his side of the bed until he nearly crushed it under his body weight. It took him a while to remember: his girlfriend mentioned something about having a friend over for a girls’ night. This body must belong to the friend; in his half-sleep state Bokuto vaguely recognized her. But shouldn’t she be home asleep in her own bed?

The two girls were lying facing each other, both of their phones in between them. They must have fallen asleep while talking, probably having one of those late-night deep conversations his girlfriend mentioned before.

But now where was Bokuto going to sleep? He was losing his faculties. Fast. He couldn’t wake them up, they both looked so comfortable Really comfortable, on that mattress that fit Bokuto’s spine just right with the extra fluffy comforter…

There was a bit of space between them—not enough for Bokuto’s large body to fit but he couldn’t see that as he flopped down on the mattress, waking up both girls with a shriek.

“Bokuto!” his girlfriend cried. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sleep here…” Bokuto mumbled, trailing off into a light snore.

Both girls were effectively trapped under his arms—Bokuto was a starfish sleeper.

His girlfriend angled her head to whisper to her friend. “I’m sorry about this.”

“It’s fine, really,” she adjusted Bokuto’s arm around her shoulders. “I’m used to it by now.”

Oikawa should have known something was wrong when he saw the porch light on. Usually, his girlfriend was the stickler on lights and leaving the tv on—her name was on the electric bill after all. But she had to have just forgotten; maybe a long, tiring shift drove her into bed without thinking.

But as he stood in the doorway of their bedroom, he knew work wasn’t what dragged her into bed that night.

She was fast asleep on her stomach with her arms loosely looped around her ex-girlfriend’s snoring body. Honestly, it could have been a completely innocent misunderstanding if the two of them weren’t stark naked.

Oikawa knew how serious the two of them were before. On their first date his girlfriend told him how she’d just ended a four-year relationship, a relationship that ended because they couldn’t legally marry each other without leaving the country. Oikawa understood; it didn’t bother him. He’d been engaged once before but he had moved on and he was ready to fall in love with someone else. She said she was too, and he believed her.

He leaned against the doorframe, amused at himself for remembering their first date now of all times. When did her ex even get back into town? She was supposedly still in Kuala Lumpur for work, at least that was the last update his girlfriend told him a few weeks ago. It never bothered them that they kept in touch, but now he wondered if he was a little too naïve.  

Seeing the two of them like this strangely didn’t hurt Oikawa as much as he thought it would. His girlfriend wasn’t a stupid woman, she knew his schedule and she knew he’d be home a little earlier since he had a conference call the next morning. This wasn’t a mistake or purely a crime of passion. This was a message.

Oikawa adjusted his slackened tie before leaving the bedroom. He pulled out his phone and called Iwaizumi, hopefully he’d be on his way out of the office by this hour. And before he walked out of the house, Oikawa made sure to turn off the porch light.

Beer and bed… Beer and bed

Iwaizumi kept repeating the mantra that got him through that grueling Friday all the way from his cubicle to the train to the refrigerator door at his house.

He grabbed the first Sapporo on the shelf and popped in open with the bottle opener on his keychain in one smooth motion.  The first sip released him from his chant, the cool bubbles contrasting with the warm burn of alcohol in the back of his throat. His office was preparing for a corporate audit sometime this month, and the last week truly was a week from Hell.

After making quick work of the beer, Iwaizumi rinsed the bottle and began undoing his shirt as he walked up the stairs. The button down was gone by the time he made it to the bedroom and he was nearly out of his slacks when he noticed an extra figure curled up in the futon.

His girlfriend was there, as he expected, but someone was clinging to her chest. It was too dark to see clearly, so Iwaizumi opened the door to the hallway a little more to let in some light. The person’s face was still obscured, but he could make out that it was a woman. He inched the door open a bit more and the hinges creaked louder than they ever had before. His girlfriend stirred, slowly opening her eyes.

“Hajime? Is that you?”

“Yeah, I just got back from the office.”

The conversation slightly disturbed the other figure, but the woman remained asleep. She rolled over slightly, giving Iwaizumi a clear view of her face. It was his girlfriend’s sister, the one who lived in Kyushu.

“I wanted to tell you,” his girlfriend started, taking note of Iwaizumi’s face scrunched in confusion, “but you’ve been so busy with work and I didn’t know she’d be here until a few hours ago.”

“No, no it’s fine.” Iwaizumi walked over and knelt down beside her. “Is everything okay?”

His girlfriend sighed. “Takeshi ended their engagement yesterday. Chiharu didn’t call me with the news until she had already landed at Sendai Airport this afternoon. She’s not handling this well.”

“What reason could Takeshi have for doing this?” Iwaizumi struggled to keep his voice down. “The wedding is supposed to be next month! That idiot, that dumbass, stupid—“

“Hajime, calm down.” She smiled up at him. “You’re not very good at insults.”

Iwaizumi rubbed the back of his neck. “You’ve helped Chiharu calm down a bit?”

She nodded. “She hasn’t slept in a few days and I finally got her to relax enough and I guess I fell asleep too. I can set up a bed for her in the living room—“

“No, let her stay asleep. She needs it, I’ll sleep downstairs.” Iwaizumi stood up. “I just need pants and I’ll be set.”

His girlfriend yawned, her face settling in a sleepy smile. “I’m sorry, I know work has been really tiring for you lately.”

“Trust me, I could have things a lot worse.” He grabbed the first pair of pajama pants in the drawer and spun back around, bending over to kiss his girlfriend on the cheek. “You get some sleep I’ll see you in the morning.”

Monsta X reaction to you cuddling them!

What if like…. MX had to share a bed with their crush bc they didn’t have enough beds for all of you and like their crush like cuddled up to them in their sleep?


Hyungwon, I feel like, would be kind of awkward. Scratch that. VERY awkward. He’d probably feel so nervous he wouldn’t even want to breathe. “Is she a light sleeper…?” It would take him hours to fall asleep, and even when he does he wouldn’t even dare move.

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This dude ugh. fluffy af. He’d never stop grinning. If you’d shuffle even the slightest, he’d be there to pet your head and hush you, and softly sing a song to you.

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“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Y/n?” He’d poke you gently. When he concludes that you’re a heavy sleeper he’d sigh and give up. “What am I gonna do with you, huh?” He whispers and brushes your hair out of your face admiring your beauty.

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his smile is too much. 


Eeeeee omg he is so cute. >.< He would probably just smile at first, and then pull you in even closer aw. Burying his face into your neck he’d take in your scent and sigh in bliss. “This is why I love you.”

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//Takes deep breath// Ok so Shownu would be like a mix of kihyun and Minhyuk, but a tad more shy. Once he realizes what you’re doing he’d blush super hard. “Ah..Y/n?” He’d try to stop you, but no, as soon as you touch him he’d melt into you. Like Minhyuk he’d cuddle you back. Like Kihyun, he’d hush you and wrap his strong arms around you if you fidget. 

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“Ah, y/n you’re too good to me.” He’d smile and kiss your head nuzzling his head into your neck. “Please be mine, so I have this every day.” What a huge teddy bear.

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He’d be in awe, maybe even a bit panicked. “Oh my God she is touching me. What do I do?” A light pink establishing on his cheeks.. “Okay sorry.” He’d apologize to you when you’d fidget. When he’d calm down and get used to you he’d stare at you intently. “You’re the most beautiful thing in the whole entire world.” He mumbles before pulling you closer to him.

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I hope you liked it!

Gifs aren’t mine.

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How would Bap and Infinite react If a stranger (Woman) Grab their ass Hahahaha ~ pleaseee ♥ (u are at the Park and he went to buy u a smoothie) the woman is 40 and looks like she work in the strip club Hahah :3 √


Daehyun: “What just happened? That wasn’t Y/N!”


Yongguk: “My jagi will take you down! do you want to die?”

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They agreed: Laura wasn't turned. She stayed human, aged, died. Let her die as a human, not live as a demon. No one wanted her to be a demon. They made the most of their years though, her and Carmilla. No matter how long she lived, they were together, and they were happy. And after, Laura woke up, in the next life; the life beyond ours. Her eyes opened, she breathed in, and she knew. Carmilla could never come here; Carmilla would never die. She'd have an eternity without her: each of them, alone


My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake

They start as simple acquaintances who quickly become confidantes.  When Katniss Everdeen’s friendship with a very-married Peeta Mellark morphs into something deeper, mistakes are made that will change their lives forever.

Written for PiP Day 7 -  Dreamscape Week - Thorns (7)

Author’s note at the end

Rated M

Trigger Warning: Infidelity

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this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever done, probably, but here goes!!!

basically, long story short, i deal with crippling anxiety that makes it really hard for me to attend a traditional, brick-and-mortar school, and after months of battling back and forth with the school board, student services, and the court system, i’ve finally gotten the ok to do online school, which is awesome!!however, about a month ago, my abusive, irresponsible mother broke my laptop and has since been unable to/refused to replace it, and i’m running out of options now, because if i’m unable to successfully do online school, things could get pretty nasty!!!

so, that being said, i’m asking for help. i need about $300 as soon as possible to replace my laptop. i’ve put a donate button on my blog, and even if you can’t help, i’d really appreciate it if you could reblog this!!!

  • Paige: *places her hands against Walter's chest and arm* Thank you.
  • Walter's brain: oh God, she's touching me
  • Walter's brain: even her sweat smells like peaches
  • Walter's brain: I should say something. I should say something funny and smart and sweet that will make her smile
  • Walter: Okay.
  • Walter's brain: nailed it

Tessa & Scott || Umbrellas Of Cherbourg

  • ending pose feat. adoring!Scott [x]

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do you think the rizzles attraction to each other happened at first sight? and do you think they equally show how ridiculously head-over-heels they were for each other or does one show it more than the other?

i think their attraction happened at first dislocated nose/eye flirt session and then just kept rolling on from there into bed.

the first season you got a lot more smitten!jane. they were also distinctly different characters then too, which i think is why we got more subtext with Jane. she is more animated and socially sound than Maura’s character. even in that first gif jane’s eyes are conveying something else (along with her facial expression that is a mix somewhere between ’oh god this is going to hurt and oh god she is going to touch me’ ) while Maura is looking at Jane in this very calculated way: she is focused on the problem and fixing it.

in later seasons i think you can certainly say that the subext with maura shows more.. especially in something like this (which is my all time number one subtext scene)

the shifty eyes, i swear.


Ailee - 손대지마 (Don’t Touch Me) teaser