oh god she's so cute i love her so much help

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So guess what my idiot tc did. She dropped her phone down the toilet, panicked , and in her panic flushed the toilet. So she shoved her hand down the toilet, grabbed the phone, and got her hand stuck. Why do love this idiot so much. (She had to wait twenty minutes for her roommate to come home and help her get her hand out of the toilet.)

No way oh my god, that’s actually hilarious :’)
Tbh that’s something I’d love my TC for cause that’s so cute!!


Oh my goodness. Is the goal each week to cause me extreme pain and anxiety? Because that’s what happens. They have me fucked up with all these cliffhangers this season. I loved this episode so much though! We’re getting so close to the resolution! I’m probably going to need rehab when this season is over. It was acknowledged that the pack is pack together, which helped Scott finally heal! Coach is back! He makes me so happy. Kira was amazing, but also terrifying and problematic; she looks gorgeous when she fights and her fox takes over. Stiles was finally getting to be funny again! Liam was so cute and brave! Hayden wants to be with the pack and Liam, thankfully! Brett was amazing and sassy, like usual. Mason and Corey were adorable and worked so well together. Parrish and his whole story during this episode was brilliant! Malia admitting that she was going to kill her mother brought me so much joy. And Lydia! Oh my God. Lydia Martin is back! She looked so healthy and normal and beautiful.