oh god please let me live

i haven’t even thought about how Check, Please! will probably end with Bitty’s graduation like 93% of me is literally expecting to see the comic go all the way to Next Gen SMH ft. Bitty and Jack’s children touring the Haus and being like “Is it true that the attic is haunted and the ghosts touch your butt” and Bitty going like “Okay honey I know Uncle Ransom has a Ph. D. but not everything he says is true.”

The new frogs find Jack in the kitchen, with a baby on his hip, squinting at a cabinet that has apparently been re-filled with Sriracha bottles, and one of them nearly trips over his own feet and says, “Oh God I’ve been at the library too much I’m hallucinating Jack Zimmermann in my kitchen.” 

Jack: Oh, that’s me. Sorry, your captain let me in? I’m just looking, my husband and I used to live–”
Frog: (incoherent screaming)

It Seemed So Real - Tom Holland

Being Tom’s girlfriend and getting to play his best friend / love interest in the new Spiderman movie, was to say the least, a dream come true.

Everything was perfect, from cuddling in trailers to pissing off our director, Jon Watts because we wouldn’t stop messing around and giggling like idiots.

Tom and I were currently in his trailer, waiting to be call to set, me in sweatpants and Tom still in the Spiderman suit.

I laughed as he jumped around his trailer, pretending to shoot webs everywhere, and making the occasional, “Thwip” sound for effect.

“Are you seriously just gonna wear that all the time?” I asked through my fit of giggles, Tom practically lived in the suit.

“Yep,” He said jumping up onto the small sofa I was sitting on. “I still can’t believe that I’m Spiderman! Spiderman! Me! Can you believe it!”

I looked up at him adoringly, the smile on his face sending joy and butterflies through every inch of my body.

I was beyond proud of Tom, and seeing him so happy made the long and demanding hours worth it. “And you know what the best part is?” He said, sitting beside me, eyes locked on mine.

“I get to work with the love of my life, and kiss her on stage.” He said, leaning in and pecking my lips. “And off stage,” he pecked my cheek, “and in my trailer,” he pecked my nose, I giggled.

“And I’m front of the entire cast, who by the way, found it cute at first, but now it’s just awkward and gross,” a voice said from the door.

Tom and I blushed as Robert stood there, eyebrows raised, a slight grin on his face. “Come on, we need you guys on set,” he said, beckoning us to follow.

“But we’re not scheduled for another 3 hours,” I said. Rob shook his head, “There’s a big rain storm coming soon, and Jon wants to shoot Y/C/N’s death scene in it, he said it’ll look more natural than if we tried to make it ourselves.”

I frowned at the thought of having to die, and not being able to be in Spiderman 2, but Jon had said he’d need me back for a few “flashback” scenes, so I was grateful for that.

I looked at Tom who was also frowning, obviously not too happy our time together got interrupted. “We need you guys down there ASAP, so hurry up,” Rob said, before leaving.

“I found the kids, Jon! They were having sex in Tom’s trailer!” Rob yelled out, causing Tom to blush even harder, and me to burst out into laughter.

“Come on, Tom,” I said, attempting to stand, but he pulled me back down and into his lap, arms wrapped around my waist, and face burried in my neck, “But I wanna just cuddle,” he whined.

I rolled my eyes, “I do too, but we need to go, we can cuddle after, I promise.”

It took a solid five minutes to finally get Tom up, and an hour more to do make-up and costume. By the time everything was finished, it had began pouring outside, the distant sound of thunder echoing through the air.

“I know you wanted this scene in the rain, but don’t you think it’s raining a little hard?” Tom asked, Jon, who replied with, “It’s perfect, don’t worry, you guys will be fine, and it’ll be an awesome scene.”

And hand ruffled my hair from behind, “Hey this took an hour,” I said giggling as Michael, aka Vulture, came into view.

“Alright! Let’s get this going, no telling how long this storm will last!” Jon yelled out, causing everyone to scramble to their places.

Along with the poring rain, it was also extremely cold and dark outside, and as soon as I stepped out into the rain, it got much colder.

Michael also stepped out, dressed fully in his vulture costume, and Tom in his suit, everyone’s hair and clothes were instantly drenched.

We quickly got into places and I ran through the scene in my head.

Vulture had captured my character and was threatening Peter, and would ultimately end of stabbing me with his sharp wings, leaving me to die in Peter’s arms.

A shiver went through my spine as Jon yelled out, “Action!”

“I told you not to interfere with my business Peter,” Vulture said threateningly, his arm was across my chest, holding me tightly.

Fear shot through my body, as I began to fear for my life.

“Please, you don’t have to do this, just let her go,” Peter begged, his voice breaking as he tried to hold back sobs.

“How else will you learn your lesson,” Vulture said. His wings began to whir, and I gasped as his sharp wings pierced my back, all the way through so that the tip could be seen poking out of my stomach.

“NO!” Peter cried out, sprinting to me as Vulture took off. I began to fall, gravity weighing down heavier than ever before.

Before my body could hit the ground, Peter was by my side, catching me. We crumpled to the ground together. Peter cradled me against his chest, rocking back and forth, tears mixing with rain.

“ No. No, Y/C/N, please!” Peter yelled out, his voice seemed so distant.

“P-Peter, it- it hurts. God, I don’t want to die,” I barely got out. A metallic taste lingered on my taste buds, blood staining my lips.

“I don’t know what to do, I don’t- oh god,” Peter began sobbing. “Please, you can’t die, I can’t live without you, please Y/C/N!” He whispered.

I weakly grabbed his hand, giving it a light squeeze, I could feel the life draining from my body.

“Please don’t die, I can’t live without you, I love you,” He continued to cry.

“I lo-” I began to say, but everything went black.

“Y/C/N? Y/C/N!” I hear Tom yell, but I kept my eyes closed, waiting for Tom to finish his lines.

“No!” He let out a blood curdling scream, leaving me to wonder if he would have his voice tomorrow. “Please, wake up, wake up!”

Tom clutched me to his chest, still sobbing, it sounded so real.

“Aaaaand, cut!” Jon yelled out, “That was amazing! Everyone get inside and dry off, that’s a wrap for the day!” People cheered as they filed into the main building.

I opened my eyes and tried to get up, but Tom wouldn’t budge, if anything he held me even tighter to his chest. “We should go inside where it’s warm,” I whispered, but he still wouldn’t let go.

I knew the scene would be intense, but I don’t think any of us had any idea that it would end up like this.

I shifted so I could wrap my arms around Tom, “ It’s okay, it was just acting, it’s not real,” I whispered to him, running my fingers through his wet hair.

I leaned back so I could look at Tom. The cold air and pouring rain no longer mattered, I was only worried about the sobbing mess of a boy that was before me.

His head hung low, his body shaking with sobs, and rain dripping from his hair. I gently cupped his face, and brought it up so that his eyes met mine.

“It was so real,” he whispered, “Seeing you like that, I couldn’t-” another sob broke his sentence. I wrapped my arms around him again, leaning his head against my chest.

“You hear that?” I said, fighting my own tears at seeing Tom like this, “My heart is still beating, I’m alive, I’m okay.” I placed a kiss on the top of his head and continued to stroke his hair, his head still resting on my chest.

I sat there for as long as I could, but the cold and rain was beginning to be unbearable. “Come on,” I said, slowly standing up, bringing Tom up with me, “Let’s get you warmed up and dried off.”

I lead Tom back to his trailer, and he changed immediately into some warm and dry clothes. “I’m gonna go to my trailer real quick and get some dry clothes,” I said to him, but before I could walk away Tom grabbed my arm.

“You can just borrow some of mine,” He offered, his voice weak from all of the screaming and crying he had done. I nodded, understanding that he didn’t want me to leave.

I nodded and he swiftly grabbed a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants from his dresser and handed them to me. I changed quickly in the small bathroom.

Tom’s shirt and pants were huge on me, yet they were comfy and warm.

A soft smile spread across Tom’s face when I came out in his clothes. I joined him on the couch and leaned into him.

At some point we ended up laying sideways on the small couch, bodies squished together comfortably. I let out a relaxed sigh as I melted into Tom, his warmth surrounding me.

Tom’s grip on me tightened, as he gingerly ran his fingers through my damp hair.

“I’m here,” I whispered to him, “I’m safe.”

the thought ‘oh my god, I’m old’ probably passes through Viktor’s head on a semi regular basis, like when it takes more moisturizer than usual to cover the expanse of his forehead or when he’s trapped in a car listening to Yurio’s favorite band of the moment and is this even music???

but what about when he complains about his aching joints during practice and it occurs to Yuuri for the first time, ‘he’s getting older.’ Four years never seemed significant when it was the difference between 23 and 27. But what about 66 and 70 or 76 and 80?  

Nervous late night Google searches reveal that men are at a higher risk for prostate cancer at 50, heart disease at 45. 45! It’s such a small number, and Yuuri doesn’t know the medical history of Viktor’s family which is concerning. He tries to skate around the issue for a while (it’s what he’s best at, after all), but Viktor can’t not notice how his husband has started staring into space for worryingly long intervals or how he’s traded out the contents of their liquor cabinet for red wine. 

Viktor finally intervenes when Yuuri cries over their wedding photos and tries to feed Viktor a plate of broccoli for dinner in the same night. It doesn’t take much persuading (just a hand on Yuuri’s hip and a kiss to his nape with a whispered, “what’s on your mind, my love?”) before Yuuri confesses his worries in a teary, snotty, messy deluge of unintelligible hiccupped whines and slurred words.   

Viktor holds Yuuri in his lap–stroking his hand through his hair–and reminds him that he’s still young, is in very good health, and freak accidents aside, just wants to spend whatever time he’s allotted living happily with the love of his life. 

“How could my heart ever be unhealthy when I have you in it?” Viktor asks, kissing the glistening trail of wetness of Yuuri’s cheek.

“Oh my god,” Yuuri sniffles and chokes on a soggy giggle. “You’re so cheesy.”

“But not so cheesy as to be unhealthy.” Viktor laughs along with Yuuri.

“What started all this, anyway?” He asks when Yuuri’s breathing has returned to a normal rate. ‘Please god don’t let it be my hair.’ “Was it my hair?”

“Vitya,” Yuuri’s tone is scolding. He smiles cheekily and ruffles his fingers through Viktor’s hair, squealing when Viktor grabs him by the waist and wrestles him down on the couch.

Viktor stares into Yuuri’s face–swollen-eyed but beautiful–and feels so very in love. He leans down and pecks Yuuri on the nose. “But seriously, Yura, is it my–”

His words are lost in a kiss, and that’s okay. 

He has plenty of time to ask. 

  • Namjoon: </b> Why the hell do you knock on my door, in the middle of the night?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> I have bad news.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Oh gosh...what is it?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Jin-Hyung feels unloved and cry after you. Yoongi-Hyung will kill him in the next 5 minutes, if you don't come and stop him.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Why the hell, must i tolerate this?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> I'm not finish.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> What else?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Jiminie wants to get divorced.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> He's not married, god dammit!<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Um...yes he is. It was the night before the BBMAs and there was this wonderful typical Las Vegas church and...so it just happened.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> There is something else...<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Let me live...please...<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Jungkookie stands on the balcony and threatens to jump if Jimin want to get divorced.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> WHAT?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> It's because he is drunk. He's blue like the sea, you know?<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> If i kill myself, do you think i would have my peace?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> You are our leader. Do something. NOW!<p/></p>

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I love the idea of a friendship growing between MC and Jaehee at first because they're both the only girls and, like, sometimes you just gotta talk smack about the boys with another girl, but then it blossoms into this really good and deep friendship and I was wondering if you could maybe show how that friendship would manifest with MC's different relationships with the RFA boys and V?

A/N: THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA AND I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH BECAUSE I FEEL IT ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL I WANT JAEHEE AS A BESTIE IN EVERY ROUTE (also i kind of made this how they all reacted to the friendship i hope you dont mind) ~Admin 404


           - I don’t think it’d affect him that much

           -Like yyeess MC I’m so happy you got best friend!!!!

           -Does get a little jealous of her though

           -“MC!!! Wanna come play some LOLOL with me???” “Nah, me and Jaehee are going to go shopping!” “But…the two of you hung out all day yesterday?” “Yeah, and we’re gonna do it again! I’ll text you later!”

           -HE WANTS SOME MC TIME TOO *angry eyebrows*

           -As long as you make time for him, he’s a-okay!

           -But pls tell him secrets too MC he wants to be your other best friend

           -Also lowkey worried because??? What do the two of you talk about?

           -He remembered some of the things his sister and her friends used to talk about and he was nOT EXCITED



           -*Slides into the living room and seductively throws himself over the side of the couch*

           -“Where the two of you talking about me?”

           - yeah talking about how you’re a total fucking DORK

           -He’s good friends with Jaehee too!! Why won’t you let him in the room for talk time ;A;

           -Tried sneaking into the room to listen but the two of you are smarter than that and have to physically throw him out of the room

           -He’s happy that you’re such good friends with her, though!!!

           -Since he’s her friend as well, he knows how badly she needed a friend for some girl talk

           -But?? Still?? He waNTS TO KNOW


           - honestly pouts and sits outside of the door sometimes when the two of you throw him out, blows up your phone until you yell through the door


           -This….is so weird

           -Why is Assistant Kang in his house

           -Tries to hand her work almost every single time

           -Until you kind of knock it out of his hand and it falls to the floor

           -?????? MC????? It’s her job??????

           -“She is here as my GUEST Jumin, YOU do that work”

           -G A S P MC WHAT

           -Overall he’s just so…..awkward when you and Jaehee hang out at home. Otherwise, he could care less if the two of you were close friends. He loves that you have a close friend to talk with! He also doesn’t care if the two of you talk about him, whatever

           -Like how is he supposed to act??? He’s almost two different people. He’s so laid back at home with you and all business when he’s at work with Jaehee. WhaT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO ;A;

           - locks himself in his office when she’s over to avoid the awkwardness


           -*dresses up as a girl*

           -*slides into the room to join the girl talk*

           -*is promptly kicked out by the two of you*

           -The only person he had like that in his life was his brother

           -But they’ve been apart for so long, and with everything that happened….

           -He tries to have that kind of friendship now and Saeran just kind of walks out of the room

           -So!!!! He’s happy for you!!! But also very jealous (though he hides it)

           -You can tell how upset he gets sometimes, and you and Jaehee agree to let him hang out every now and then to make him happy

           - only if he dresses up like a girl

           -When the two of you don’t let him in, he just turns on the CCTV because??? He wants the juicy gossip on all of the members too??? BAD SAEYOUNG


           -Completely respects your privacy

           -Please, MC, you and Jaehee spend all the time you would like together

           -Talk about whatever you would like

           -Your laughter is muSIC TO HIS EARS


           -He couldn’t care less what the two of you talked about

           -Knows that if you want to share with him, you will

           -Plus, Jaehee isn’t really a loud, rowdy person well most of the time

           -So!! She can stay all she wants!!! It doesn’t break the nice relaxed feeling of the house and he appreciates that

           -He even makes the two of you tea and some snacks every now and then!!! hes like a mum omfg


           -What do you mean you’re going out

           -What do you mean I can’t come in and sit in the living room



           - someone please help him he doesn’t understand how this all works

           -Constant reassuring that you’re just going to hang out with Jaehee!! You aren’t mad!!

           -There’s just some things you have to talk about with a girl friend, ya know??

           -If you bring up even a slightly awkward topic he gets flustered and immediately agrees to leave the two of you alone

           -A lot of the time though, Jaehee doesn’t mind if he’s there? He’s actually pretty quiet and uninterested

           -He just likes to talk shit about Saeyoung let him into the conversation every now and then plEASE he needs to get it out

castlevania sentence starters

taken from the first season of the netflix series

  • “i want to heal people.” 
  • “perhaps i could teach you to like people again.” 
  • “i think i might like you.” 
  • “perhaps i’ll say a prayer for her/him. a small one.” 
  • “be better than them.” 
  • “where is my wife/husband?” 
  • “i won’t let you do it.” 
  • “could i get some ale? sorry, it’s just that i think i’m sobering up.” 
  • “never met them.” 
  • “i think you know exactly who’s fault that is.” 
  • “i’m leaving.” 
  • “would you please leave my testicles alone?” 
  • “i’ve never lost a fight to man or fucking beast.” 
  • “oh shit.” 
  • “are you talking back to me?” 
  • “why don’t you go and get that looked at?” 
  • “last warning or this’ll get nasty.” 
  • “i’m out of practice but i’m stone cold sober. someone will get hurt.” 
  • “it sounds weirdly convenient to me, if you know what i mean.” 
  • “reflexes like a cat.” 
  • “god shit’s in my dinner once again.” 
  • “that was rude.” 
  • “i could pee in a bucket and tell him it’s beer.” 
  • “i don’t think i’m allowed into churches.” 
  • “if i enter the church and catch fire or something, it’s your fault.” 
  • “well tough shit.” 
  • “i brought you here to ask questions, not answer them.” 
  • “i swear it just moved.” 
  • “dying has never frightened me.” 
  • “oh for god’s sake.” 
  • “i didn’t do that.” 
  • “i fell down a hole.” 
  • “i know what you are.” 
  • “tell it to your floating vampire jesus here.” 
  • “you’ve got nothing but insults have you.” 
  • “stone the fuck up.” 
  • “please. this isn’t a bar fight, have some class.” 
  • dear god, please don’t let the vampire’s guts ruin my good tunic.” 
  • “i could still rip your throat out.” 
  • “living through it was just a luxury.” 
  • “no one ever told me that.” 

so I’ve always sort of liked the idea that within the communion of saints there the Heavy Hitters, the Career Saints who are invoked widely and in situations of grave need—I’m talking your Catherines and Francises and Theresas, the Twelve Disciples and Michael; the Big Time Major League saints who intercede on behalf of so many, and so are always in conversation with the divine, case managers for the sick and dying and hurting and faithful of the world.

but that also means that there’s a bunch of saints hanging around who are just—minor holy women, lesser martyrs, incidental virgins, doctors of the church who never managed to find a publisher. They’re not prayed to very often, and rarely called on to manage the difficult cases; they have a lot of free time.

so what do you do, if you’re a saint with some free time on your hands? You answer all the not-quite-prayers, the “jesus, don’t turn red don’t turn red’ muttered by cab drivers and the “christ, can you just try it to see this from my point of view?” spat out by a furious girlfriend and all the “oh god please let me make this meeting in time” “please don’t let me fail” “I’m so tired I hope I can get home”

or maybe I just like the idea that every time you mutter “god, let me be okay” there’s some girl killed in 9th century for refusing to marry who falls into step beside you—and though no book or chronicle or living person remembers her name, she squints up at you and says with holy authority, “yeah, you’re going to be fine.”

Post Dark Owl fic

So I really wanted to read a fic with Marinette finding Plagg in her backpack after the whole Dark Owl kwami reveal, but no one was writing one. So when you can’t find something, create it, right? Anyways, I haven’t written a fanfiction in… jeez, almost 10 years? Yikes. Basically, it’s been a while, so please bear with me. And let me know what y’all think! If you want to? I don’t know, live your lives  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“Oh my god. I totally forgot. Can I copy yours?”

Marinette wasn’t unfamiliar with forgetting to do her own homework, and after all the times she had copied Alya’s chem worksheets, she was happy to oblige. “Of course! Do it quick though, Ms. Mendeleiev will be here any second.”

She leaned down and zipped open her backpack. The first thing she saw was Tikki’s alarmed face. Not thinking too much about it, she grabbed her notebook. You can imagine her surprise when she saw another small bodied creature hiding underneath it. Marinette squeaked and and slammed her notebook on the desk. “The homework’s in here! It’s the last page I wrote on! I uh… really have to pee!” She grabbed her backpack and ran out of the room, hardly registering the thank you Alya called after her.

She darted into the nearest bathroom stall and quickly closed the latch behind her. Both Kwami’s flew out and looked at her worryingly.

“Who is this? Who are you? What are you doing here? Why are you in my backpack? What’s happening?!”

Tikki flew over to grab her friend’s arm. “Marinette, this is Plagg. He’s…. Ah, Chat Noir’s Kwami.”

“Pleased to meetcha” Plagg grinned.

“Chat Noir’s? Why is Chat Noir’s Kwami in my backpack?”

“Or not.” Plagg retorted.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m just a little confused. Is he ok? Did something happen?”

“Oh he’s fine. It just gets so boring sitting in a backpack for that many hours, I thought I’d go say hi to Tikki. Now that I know she’s so close by, I-” Tikki quickly flew over and slapped a hand (paw? appendage?) over his mouth, her eyes incredulous.

Marinette took a second to consider this. So close by? What did that mean? Plagg was sitting in a backpack…

“Does Chat Noir go to school here?”

Tikki and Plagg shared a glance.

“Wait… is he in my class?”

Marinette walked back into class with eyes wide at the floor.

Alya looked up at her and was taken aback. “Girl are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” she whispered.

Marinette brought her eyes to Alya and gave her a weak smile and a thumbs up. She set her backpack back down by the side of her desk and before she could stop herself from looking, she saw the small cat fly out of her bag and straight into Adrien’s.


“Sit down, Ms. Dupain-Cheng, class started over 15 minutes ago.”


Link to Part 2!! >>

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Could you do the RFA + the minor trio reacting to an MC who gets hit by a car infront of them but gets up right after claiming they're fine then it turns out they have a broken leg and fractured rib thank you! P.s. I love your blog

OMg!1 Thank you so much anon! Of course!! I giggled a bit when writing this, here you go. It’s kind of long~

You guys had planned a date in the evening, and were going to meet up at a restaurant. On your way there you both saw each other at opposite sides of the street and they were already at the venue, so obviously you’d be the one going to them! You pressed the button and waited for the light to change. Your excitement probably got the best of you and you literally went a second too early…then a drunk driver comes speeding down the street like a mad man, hitting YOU AND YOUR BODY LITERALLY GOES OVER THE CAR IN THE AIR DOING A 360 TURN AND YOU LAND FACE FIRST IN THE CEMENT

Here’s how they react.. (the italics is them and the bold is mc)


  •  Yoosung sprints towards you and shouts “SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE CALL 911 SGJK”
  • *smacks your face*
  •  “NO DON’T LEAVE-“
  •  Your eyes shot open and then you smiled up at him
  •  “oh hey yoosung that was some wild shit lmao”
  •  “shall we go get dinner now” you said as you stood, dusting yourself off
  •  Yoosung.exe has stopped working
  •  He was speechless for the rest of the night, besides asking you if you were okay and you swore that you were, until you got up after you were finished eating and..
  • Oh
  • You collapsed on the floor then were rushed to the hospital
  •  You had a broken leg and a fractured rib cage lmao
  • Now whenever you fell or hit yourself or anything yoosung just rushed you to the hospital lmao


  • It’s like a scene from a movie whatelsedidyouexpectfromhisdramaticass
  • He jets over towards you and drops to his knees, scooping your limp body into his arms
  • *rain starts to pour*
  • *looks up at the sky*
  • “hey why are you screaming”
  • *rain stops*
  • “how..how are you alive?”
  • “uh…idk. That kind of stung.”
  • Mc what
  • “lets go get dinner now! Being hit by a car sure makes you hungry.”
  • Oh I see now
  • “LETS GO”
  • He yanks you up to your feet but you immediately collapse down
  • Oh shit
  • Later you guys found out about your arm and ribcage
  • “hahaha well you may not have the healing powers of a beast, but you sure can take hits like one!”


  • Literally judo kicks and punches everyone out of her way as flips and cartwheels over to you like a fucking superhero
  • Godthiswoman
  • Has her phone out ready to call the fucking government
  •  *eyes flutter open* “im fine”
  •  “um no youre not”
  • “yes”
  •  “no”
  •  “yes”
  • “im taking you to the hospital”
  • *throws your body over her shoulder*
  • Turns out she was right
  • When is she ever wrong tho like
  • Scolds you while she takes care of you but she promises its out of love


  • Doesn’t really know why you wanted to walk there so much when he could’ve just sent driver kim for you
  •  He tried to convince you but you said it was good to get fresh air and enjoy the scenery sometimes
  • Whatever mc
  •  And when he sees you get hit by the car, the first thing he says
  • Is about to come over to you then sees you stand up
  • Doesn’t even question it, neither of you say anything about it and just continue with your date as planned
  • Over dinner you talk about traveling and stock prices lmfao until then you feel a slight sharp pain on your torso
  • you put your hand over it
  • then suddenly your leg goes limp
  • oh dear
  • “what is it honey”
  • “I think I broke a few bones”
  • “oh my okay well let me call up the helicopter so they can take you to the best doctor in the world who is in Singapore”
  • “that’s a good idea or..OR… we can just go to the one a few minutes away”
  • Lmao you’d get treated and that’d be the end of it


  • He’s actually on snapchat because he wanted to record you crossing the street
  • He filmed you crossing then at the last 3 seconds you get hit and all you hear is him screaming “OHG MYGGOD” before it cuts off
  • *accidentally puts it on his story*
  • Zips over to you immediately
  • It’s a dramatic scene, just like Zen
  • “uh..UH!!!”
  • *starts giving you mouth-to-mouth CPR*
  • “Saeyoung stop im fine” you suddenly speak as you push him off of you
  •  “well actually I did enjoy the kiss tho”
  • “OH..but that is kind of cool tho”
  • doyouwantmorecpr
  • You guys end up making out in the middle of the street
  • Until he puts his hand on your ribcage and you start screaming
  • “IM SO SORRY I-“
  • “NOW!!!”
  • This is such a mess
  • “hey if you didn’t feel a car hitting you I wonder what else you won’t feel… wanna try lolol”
  • “lolololol”
  • thisfuckingsadist

Minor trio below!

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To See You With Her (Jughead x Reader)

Hi there :) id like to request an imagine along the lines of jughead finds out you self harm / sees your self harm scars? i totally get it if its way to far over your blogs boundaries. thank you :)

Imagine: You’re hopelessly in love with your best friend, Jughead Jones. Watching him grow close with town sweetheart Betty Cooper breaks you inside every time, so you found a not-so healthy way to cope with the feelings of inferiority. Things go so, so wrong when Jughead finds out.

Warnings: mentions of self harm, self harm scars

You bit your thumbnail, trying and failing to focus on the homework in front of you as the words danced around the page. They blurred out of focus, your peripheral vision zoning in on a familiar dark haired boy sitting across the student lounge. Your best friend, Jughead Jones, in all his sincere glory, sinking into a bean bag chair. He sat next to an equally familiar girl with a blonde ponytail and a sweet smile. He leaned in to her, whispering something. She laughed. They would switch roles and the cycle would continue.

It had been like this for two months now. Ever since Betty Cooper had invited your long-time best friend to write with her on the Blue and Gold, they’d been inseparable.

Which should be a great thing. It really should be.

Your growing separation with Jughead was more than losing just a friend. You no longer had someone to text for hours on end into the night, educate you on classic movies (while you educated him on popular ones), and share milkshakes with. You’d be lying if you said you’d never thought of your friendship becoming something more. For your amused glances to become sweet kisses, for your walks alongside the Sweetwater River to become hand-in-hand, that would make life truly perfect.

Any hope of that was severely crushed by the unexpected introduction of Elizabeth Cooper.

You wanted to hate her. You really did. But she was everything you weren’t, and everything you wanted to be. She was beautiful, with a loving, wealthy family. She was smart, but not rude about it. She was kind indiscriminately, and always fought for what was right. She was a River Vixen, for God’s sake. There wasn’t anything about her to even hate.

She was the girl Jughead deserved, and you tried to be happy for him. You really did.

Sometimes, the pain would be too great to be happy for him. Those times when you’d have a great movie in mind to see, but Jughead had already seen it with Betty. Those times when you’d walk home alone, Jughead staying late at the Blue and Gold office. Those times when you’d see Betty walk down the hallway, practically glowing in her River Vixen uniform,Jughead scurrying closely behind. Those moments made you feel like nothing. Worse than nothing.

The pain became so great you had to release it through self-harm. You would politely excuse yourself whenever Jughead and Betty entered a room when you could help it. You would cut yourself in the bathroom, clean and bandage it quietly, and return, able to tolerate their presence. Your sweater and cardigan sleeves hid your greatest secret.

And no one was supposed to know. They really weren’t.

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BTS Reactions | You Want To Breakup

requests open ♡


Originally posted by vxxngi


His heart shattered more with each word you said, he felt his world collapse. Jin had come to your apartment late, because he was busy a work so you had to push back your dinner date AGAIN. “No y/n” he said, his eyes fixated on your and you could feel the pain he felt. “Jin- I’m sorry but we can’t keep seeing each other when it’s obviously getting in the way of your job, and you’re exhausted and you need rest instead of catching a late ride to my apartment” you justified. You hands gripped the sides of your shirt as you looked down, avoiding his eyes. “no baby, please don’t do this to me, I love you too much to let you go. Give me a chance to fix this, I’ll get better. I promise” he begged as he held your face in his hands, forcing you to look at him. “Jin-“ you tried but he wouldn’t have it. “I’m so sorry that i’ve made you feel neglected and I promise I’ll make it up to you. Just please give me another chance” he sighed, pressing a kiss to your forehead. Your eyes fell shut as you slowly nodded. “I love you Jin” you cried. “I love you too y/n. I’m sorry” he said and hugged you.

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anonymous asked:

Favorite authors??

oxygenlove this is a very hard question to answer because there are LOTS of incredible writers out there, so we’ve decided to name the ones we like but also feel are new and/ or super underrappreciated/underrated! this is not to mean the authors not on this list don’t deserve love and recognition because everyone does! 

Admin I:

  • hanjoooo (purple macarons) - i’m speechless? the writing is so emotive and raw, the build up of tension in the fics is just stunning. i highly recommend this author!
  • kaisoochateau (Heart on Your Sleeve, Running Home) - screams one of my favourite new writers!! i love the creativity, the descriptions and just, everything! guaranteed feels :>
  • hojichadust (The Third Path) - if hojichadust seNPAI doesn’t end up writing actual novels, then the sky isn’t fucking blue. suuuuuper underrated and underappreciated! 
  • xiseoks (Point Zero, Dust to Dust) - definitely the most underrated writer in all of ficdom imo, her talent is really unparalleled! some people are born to write, and xiseoks is one of those people c:
  • alicelittle (a rose by any name) - gorgeous writing like whoa, my jaw drops every time! the ongoing royal!au is just.. incredible 
  • minty-pixie (Mirrors) - another really amazing writer who deserves so much more love ;; more fun and lighthearted writing :>
  • at1stsight (Waxing and Waning: Two Moons) - relatively new writer, with super witty writing. the actual queen of non-au!
  • _ksps_ (The Good the Bad and the Fluffy) - really, really good fluff writer! just something i personally like, their kissing scenes? wow? i actually feel my toes curl!
  • whisperlucifer (Cosmic Fire) - so talented! the worldbuilding is so amazing!
  • crownjules (The Apocalypse Killed the Video Star) - THE QUEEN OF FLUFF!! every single one of her fics are amazing, and i treasure them a lot. GUARANTEED TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAY and make you DIE bc of the tooth-rotting fluff. 
  • nignojmik (Dianthus Boy, priceless) - QUEEN OF FLUFF 2.0 also just, really gorgeous writing that will genuinely move you 
  • aistehtik (Goodbye to a World) - another super underrated author! her writing style is very unique, and it just flows like water (mixed with a lil magic glitter). truly insane talent *cries*

Admin O:  

  • indigomini - so creative but also that versatile kaisoo + everyone has a thing for kyungsoo’s bum help [also size queen!soo is snuck into every thing istg yessss]
  • at1stsight - the wit, i can’t. she’s also mini’s beta and i just, can i be the little sister who follows them around everywhere? THEY’RE WRITING A FIC TOGETHER DREAMS DO COME TRUE.
  • kaisoochateau - i love writing like this, it’s so comfortable and tangible, like i could reach out and touch sometimes. 
  • dokyan - the cute. help. i want to die drowning in this cute. bearnini and penguinsoo are my life.
  • hanjoooo - everything. all of it. this is what i live for. the feels. ㅠㅠ
  • Copperkitty359 - i feel like she should count, i know she has tons of subscribers now but i feel she’s still relatively new? or, am i just trying to find an excuse to tell everyone how much i love her. hmm. is she the first in this list i did that for? probably not.
  • jongdaesang - I JUST FOUND YOU AND I NEED YOU TO LET ME LOVE YOU FOREVER. oh god. every single fic. the characterization is so sweet, so precious. from the cute fluff, to the sexy strippers, to the beautiful gods, someone please help me i am in love. speaking of, anyone know where i can take a crash course on tagalog?
  • fanserviced - you. writer of Juice Pouch. where are you. let me write you love letters. let. me. i think the other admins know lots about you but you are new to me and i just asdfghjkl.
  • [also i’d marry flowergirl if 1. she’d have me and 2. ma chéri[e] wouldn’t kill me for it. 

i got progressively more wordy i’m so sorry. ㅠㅠ the longer we have this ask the longer my list gets asdfghjkl.

Admin R:  

  • Supervium - praise kink fic ended me and omg such amazing writing
  • johnwick - one of the best writers of our generation, tunnel vision is such a beautiful fic I highly rec. Also funny and cute and precious everyone needs to cuddle johnwick. 
  • kyungception -  has great fluffy and smutty fics, the perfect balance 
  • kairousels - I’ve read their space au like 50 times someone help me ;; such a quality author
  • Dyominateyou - topsoo central, what more could you need
  • InariChi - ok I literally love them so much?? all of their fics are amazing I want to cry. They’re not super underrated because SENPAI but they just need all the love and appreciation in the world ok everyone go read their fics please.
  • kaisoochateau - they’re everyones new fav author but omg it’s super well deserved. I love their Catfish fic so much I think about it all the time asnjnrfuthr also they seem like just the cutest person? I want to snuggle them ;;
  • _ksps_ - literally have the ability to suck you into a story and keep you there omg their writing is so addicting. Literally dying over the good the bad and the fluffy for days, one of my current fav fics.
  • unfinishedpages - omg ok admist antenuptials and elevator kisses took over my life ;; I pulled an all nighter reading it I couldn’t stop reading, it was everything I could ever want in a fic. I can’t wait for them to keep writing and growing and getting all the appreciation they deserve
  • CopperKitty359 - omg their kitty hybrid au is also one of my recent fav fics, like, I love it so much. Also the way they write is so perfect like how?? And they’re kinky hello let me love you.

Admin J:   

also look here for our favourite authors! we looooove them all very much ;u;

anonymous asked:

Seungcheol drifter/streetracer au! Please!

oh god this request had me swaying over to seungcheol’s lane

  • seungcheol as a streetracer dear lord keep me from sinning
  • leather jackets everyday
  • leather jackets everywhere
  • just
  • seungcheol in a leather jacket what a concept
  • and he’s literally wearing it all the time (does he even wash it? who knows)
  • except for when he’s fixing his car, then he takes it off and he’s only wearing a black tank underneath like jesus cheol let us live (those arms can choke a bear you feel me)
  • but anyway, your friend Joshua, who’s one of the medics for streetracing events, calls you up one morning asking if you can come over to the show to bring him some supplies because they ran out
  • you had nothing better to do anyway so what the hell, right. you go over to the pharmacy to pick up the few things Joshua listed and finally you meet him under one of the tents by the side.
  • “thanks. oh hey, you know first aid right? great, we’re missing one person please fill in for him I promise you’ll get paid after.” joshua asks
  • and he’s practically begging and he’s always been a reliable friend so you just find yourself being unable to say no (but not before he promises you unlimited chicken next weekend)
  • as you’re putting on the vest that says medic, one of the guys Joshua works with, Jeonghan, he said his name was, walks in with quite possibly the hottest guy you’ve ever seen.
  • “cheol I told you not to move it too much or else it’s gonna get worse, why do you never listen to me.” Jeonghan scolds the man who only gives him a small smile
  • “I had to check if my car’s in good shape before the race!” he defends, laughing.
  • “Jeonghan! Get over here, we need you!” you hear another medic who introduced himself as Jun yell.
  • “Coming! Y/n, can you take care of this please?” Jeonghan says, turning to hand over a bandage and a splinter. 
  • Seungcheol, who noticed you when he walked in with jeonghan, turns to you as you walk over to him.
  • “Hi,” he says, giving you a greasy smile
  • No really, it’s literally greasy because he was checking the oil before he complained about his sprained finger to Jeonghan. He’s got grease on his chin and around his cheeks and it would look disgusting on anyone else but really you just find it attractive (what is wrong with you, y/n, pull yourself together he’s just a guy)
  • “Hey,” you say, avoiding his gaze by dropping your eyes to the hand placed on the table beside his chair. 
  • “What happened?” you ask, placing the splinter underneath the finger and wrapping a bandage around it.
  • “car door.” he says simply. you chance a look at him and he’s still smiling
  • he’s looking at you with those chocolate colored doe eyes and he’s smiling and you feel your knees weaken at his gaze
  • “I’m Seungcheol.” he says once you’re done wrapping his finger. he lifts his uninjured hand in your direction, asking for a handshake.
  • “I’m y/n.” you say, bowing your head to gather the supplies.
  • “Nice to meet you, y/n.” he stands up to help you move some of the boxes around. you slap his hand gently before he makes the injury worse.
  • “wow okay sorry, just trying to help.” he teases, chuckling as you scowl at him.
  • “don’t move around too much you’ll make it worse.” you scold, “does it still hurt?” you ask him.
  • “kinda.” he says and you look over at his injury with worry. he adds, “a kiss might make it better though.”
  • you hurl an empty gauze box at his head and he laughs, ducking out of the way
  • “Hey, how about this,” he says and you turn to face him. He’s walked closer to you, almost chest to chest when you turn around and he’s looking at you intensely, a mischievous smile gracing his face.
  • “If I win today, you agree to go out with me this friday.” he says, hand coming up to tuck a stray hair behind your ear.
  • “Confident, are you?” you tease and honestly you’re surprised at how even your voice sounds even though your heart’s beating faster than Seungcheol can race (and that’s pretty damn fast)
  • “Very.” his voice drops so deep that it’s almost a whisper. he’s leaning closer until you can feel his breath fanning your face
  • Joshua clears his throat and you jump apart, both of your cheeks blazing as red as Seungcheol’s car’s paint job
  • Joshua looks at you with that teasing smile, “Did I interrupt something?” you shake your head and Seungcheol looks away, suddenly shy.
  • “Mmmkay,” Joshua says again with a teasing lilt to his voice. “Y/n, we need you out there. Cheol, you’re done.” and he leaves.
  • the race starts and you find yourself paying attention to the car with a license plate that says “S.COUPS”
  • of course he wins the race and when he’s announced the winner, he takes the announcer’s mic
  • “so, y/n, pick you up at 8?” he says in front of a thousand racing enthusiasts and you blush, feeling Jeonghan’s, Joshua’s, and Jun’s teasing stares at you.
  • you give him a thumb’s up as the camera pans over to you to broadcast the exchange on one of the big screens in the stadium. the crowd cheers.
  • he picks you up in a car much classier than the one he uses to race
  • he picks you up from your door with flowers and he tells you you look beautiful and he opens the car door for you (he’s a gentleman okay Joshua taught him well)
  • you both have a good time and you decide to take a stroll
  • *cue cliche kdrama moment* you shiver and he takes off his leather jacket, putting it around your shoulders
  • It doesn’t smell bad, fyi, it smells like him and that musky cologne he uses. he says he washes it every weekend.
  • he walks you to your door when the date ends and he kisses you softly, just a tiny peck that promises more
  • “I’ll see you again?” he asks, voice deep and husky and you just nod, not trusting your voice not to waver at the way he’s looking at you.
  • “Goodnight, y/n.” he says, giving you one last smile before you close the door. you look at the window beside your door, seeing him pumping his fist up like he would raise a trophy upon winning a race.
  • me: *slaughters entire little villages of monsters who were innocently minding their own damn business*
  • me: *standing over their body parts, blood-encrusted Master Sword in hand* I am the true monster here
  • BotW: *creepy music* 🎶
  • Zelda: The Blood Moon rises once again...
  • Ganon: *resurrects all the countless innocent monsters I murdered*
  • me: oh, thank god
coming home

okay this is literally the longest scenario on earth so don’t hate me for it please.
i’ve had this idea in my head for literally ever and i finally decided to do something with it.
it’s also my first scenario as well, so please go easy on me you guys ;-;

NCT Jaehyun Scenario
you’re going home to visit you parents after moving to Seoul, and your #nasty boyfriend Jung Jaehyun tags along~
a lil fluffy and a lil #nasty bc well jaehyun is #nasty af
adult content at the end; intended for mature audiences only
word count: 2,884 (again, i’m sorry i legit wrote a book lmao)

“Continue on the following road for 47 miles, then take EXIT 38C onto…”

“Oh, Babe, can you turn off the navigation on my phone please? I know how to get home from here,” you interrupted the annoyingly talkative navigation app.

“Are you sure jagi? It wouldn’t be the first time you said you ‘knew’ how to get us somewhere only to get the both of us lost and…”

Oh my god Jaehyun, that was literally like one time. Can you let me live? It’s not my fault the stupid navigation app didn’t want to cooperate with me. Anyway, driving in America isn’t like driving in Seoul; it’s way easier to drive here.”

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