oh god pens

okay @ all of france i really really REALLY need you to go vote in the second round, PLEASE.

if you don’t want le pen to win, vote for macron. it’s that easy.

no “she’ll never win anyway”. that’s how brexit happened.  

no “but he’s not great either”, that’s how trump got elected.

no “I’m abstaining because i want to send a message”, that’s just plain stupid and i hope i don’t have to explain why oh my god. PLEASE.

If Le Pen wins, the EU is finished. Yes I’m german and I’m openly admitting that without France, we can’t do it. 
If she manages to win the election she’ll also be able to get France to leave the EU, and that will be a desaster for everyone involved.
Look up how absolutely fantastic the Brexit negotiations are going if you’re still on the fence about that.

It’s a very similar situation to the one the US was in last year.
“ugh a boring politician they’re not exciting and has ties to the big banks and voting for them won’t change anything god i hate the system”
versus one 
oh look a charismatic fascist who will probably literally kill us all and throw the country, if not the continent, into utter chaos” candidate.

please think twice before you say it’s a choice between two evils. it’s not pest oder cholera, at the very worst it’s a stubbed toe versus lung cancer, and the lung cancer’s best chances lie in people not voting at all.

Also props to Andrew Buchan for his portrayal of Mark. In that church scene it really looked like the only two options left for him were to kill Joe Miller or kill himself - he played him so broken, and so full of rage, it was almost primal. Also I really liked the contrast between how Mark and Beth responded to their suffering. Beth chose to find meaning in it, and help others; she found the light, but Mark is hung up on anger and revenge. He’s trapped in the dark and it’s consuming him. This theme of light v. dark and the rising sun also finds expression in how the church scene was composed. The camera framed Mark and Paul against the west window, away from the chancel and east window. The congregation faces east, towards God in heaven and the rising sun when they worship, but all we saw of the church was the west window and some of the south entrance - towards darkness and the setting sun. It would’ve been so easy to turn the camera around and get that gorgeous view of the light in the east window, but no, we’re forced to look west, into the dark and away from God.

it-hurts-because-it-mattered  asked:

Oh no. Now you've got me thinking about Harry's years as an orphan (and also he didn't seem to have any friends but Elaine as he got older) and how he must remember those Christmases and how he probably makes a special effort to keep Ivy from feeling the same way.

Don’t talk to me about Ivy at Christmas. DON’T DO IT. Especially don’t talk to me about Harry and Ivy at Christmas. Like, I’m from the school that thinks Harry doesn’t care for Christmas. He always feels like Tiny Tim staring through the windows at all the happy families, he dislikes Michael urging him to go to church, he even feels jealous of Karrin complaining about her big Murphy family reunion and all the arguments and fallings out that go with it. But when he meets Ivy, he sees a little girl without a family and with no friends, and so he makes sure to send her a present every year, because as lonely as he is, he can’t let her feel the same way. 

You can be extremely adorable sometimes.

This is gonna be short but it’s gonna be cuTe.

Pennywise had spent the last two days stealing clean pillows and blankets, even some books, white Christmas lights, and an air mattress to set up at a corner in his lair. Why you may ask? Well his lover, Y/n L/n, had complained about hanging out with him in the sewer.

So there he currently was, gently dragging Y/n in one of the many large sewer pipes to his lair.

“What’s got you all excited, penny?” You asked, trying to keep up with him. This boy has long legs, and you’re just a small human with short legs.

“Well,” he giggled, “it’s a surprise! Don’t want to ruin the surprise by telling ya!” Rolling your eyes at him playfully, you continued to try to follow him, without tripping over your own feet.

Once there Pennywise let go of your hand, scrambling to a lit up corner. You jogged over, slowing down at the set up.

“Oh my god, Pen. This is so cute. Where do you get all this stuff?” You asked walking over, picking up a book and reading the cover.

“Oh, ya know, I found them lying around.” He walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around you the best he can.

A laugh escaped your lips. “So this is what you’ve been doing the past few days? Making it comfortable for me to want to come down here more often?” You looked up at him, smiling lovingly at him.

“Yeah..It’s lonely without you down here.” He suddenly turned you around, picking you up, wrapping your legs around the waist and holding you by your thighs.

“Aw Pen. Well, it worked, I’m going to come down here more often. But as long as you don’t eat in front of me we’re good. And also cuddle with me.”

His eyes lit up at that word. “Of course! Of course! I won’t eat in front of you and we get to cuddle!” He swiftly moved to the air mattress, gently throwing you onto it. You squeaked in surprise. Making sure you didn’t fall off into the dirty water a few feet away. He crawled in next you you, wrapping his arms around and you flipping you so that you’re lying on him.

“Sometimes you can be extremely adorable, ya know?” You looked up at him, dragging yourself to peck his lips. “I love you Pennywise.”

“I love you too!!”

ok so i closed to the survey, and i’ll share the results beneath the drop so it doesn’t clog up everyone’s dash because there is a Lot to look at

Disclaimer: Some fans may not like the result/ what was said about them. DO NOT come into my ask box and send me anons if you don’t like it. The commentary comes from other people. Don’t bother trying to argue with me.

so i received 241 responses in total, which is pretty good! here’s how many fans of each team i had (it won’t add up to 241 because people put more than one team.):

  • Anaheim: 1
  • Arizona: 10
  • Boston: 28 
  • Buffalo: 3
  • Calgary: 7
  • Carolina: 18
  • Chicago: 9
  • Colorado: 13
  • Columbus: 15
  • Dallas: 33
  • Detroit: 16
  • Edmonton: 18 
  • Florida: 2
  • L.A.: 3
  • Minnesota: 7
  • Montreal: 20
  • Nashville: 46
  • New Jersey: 7
  • NYI: 2
  • NYR: 12
  • Ottawa: 2
  • Philly: 13
  • Pittsburgh: 36
  • San Jose: 21
  • St Louis: 6
  • Tampa: 16
  • Toronto: 78
  • Vancouver: 6
  • Vegas: 9
  • Washington: 52
  • Winnipeg: 4

The top 3 most represented teams were Toronto (by a landslide), Washington, and Nashville (represent lmao!!!)

Best Fanbase result

  1. Nashville (18.3%, 44 votes)
  2. Carolina (9.5%, 23 votes)
  3. Colorado (9.1%, 22 votes)
  4. Toronto (8.3%, 20 votes)
  5. Vegas (7.5%, 18 votes)
  6. Tampa, Washington, Dallas (11 votes each)
  7. Edmonton, Columbus (9 votes)
  8. Minnesota (8 votes)
  9. San Jose, Montreal, Arizona (7 votes)
  10. Boston, NYR, Florida (5 votes)
  11. Calgary, Buffalo, Chicago (3 votes)
  12. Ottawa, Philadelphia, Detroit (2 votes)
  13. Winnipeg, St. Louis, New Jersey, Vancouver (1 vote)

The only teams to receive no votes were the Ducks, Kings, Islanders, and Penguins. 

as a preds fan, i am extremely flattered, and here are some of the reasons why (if you’re a fan of one of these teams and wanna boost ur own ego by reading them all lmk):

  • Vegas: “everyone’s just happy; Ride Dick jokes”
    • “they’re not real yet”
    • “they just wanna have fun”
  • Boston: “Only ever really shit on Habs fans” (mood tbh)
  • Nashville: “The chants? Did you see the play off run, they were so hype.” (i KNOW!!!!!!)
    • “they all hate the blackhawks”
    • “not annoying. not pissbabies.”
    • “they’re not the pens”
    • “if all those people who bandwagon the preds had bandwagon the bruins i would’ve choked them but preds fans never choked me so i love them.” -ashley pbergeron
  • Colorado: “they’re just happy to be here i think”
    • “no shade but how are they gonna be rude with their record”
    • “their team is bad but they’re here for the softness”
    • “we’re all here to love gabe landeskog and tyson barrie”
    • “shamed into niceness”
  • columbus according to many u are amazingly friendly and chatty and more people should love u
    • “happy to be included tbh”
    • “they’re bros”
  • carolina everyone says you stay in your own lane and it’s appreciated 
  • dallas everyone loves and supports you
  • “the flames because their uniform is red and red is my favorite color”
  • “ottawa is the nicest because they have no fans”
  • “montreal because they’re canadian”
  • “tampa calls half the roster daddy but that ain’t malicious and i ain’t judging”
  • “washington is nice and they hate the pens like me”

Worst Fanbase

I’m just gonna remind y'all that the commentary is NOT mine and that you best not be leaving hate in my ask bc tbh its not my problem if other people don’t like your team

less teams got votes for this one (which is good because it would suck if everyone was terrible)

  1. Chicago (47.7%, 115 votes)
  2. Pittsburgh (35.7%, 86 votes)
  3. Nashville (4.6%, 11 votes)
  4. Toronto (2.9%, 7 votes)
  5. Boston (2.5%, 6 votes)
  6. Anaheim (4 votes)
  7. Winnipeg, Washington, Philadelphia (2 votes)
  8. Ottawa, Montreal, Minnesota, Edmonton, Columbus, St Louis (1 vote)

ok tbh a lot of people put “self-explanatory” or “do i really have to explain” and A LOT of people said “i almost put chicago/pittsburgh but…” but here are some reasons why people hate these teams:


  • “It’s a bunch of rape apologists and people who excuse racism idk what else I could say on it”
  • “no one can match a Blackhawks fan’s persecution complex”
  • “They can’t stay in their fucking lane.”
  • “if i have to see another pk*ne stan in my life im deleting the entire nhl”
  • “In the kindest way possible, they’re dicks. They come to our home games, throw things at our fans, purposely starting fights. And they’re just obnoxious.”
  • “they always up in everyone else’s business and go out of their way to shit on other teams”
  • “One time a white Hawks fan try to tell me, a Native American individual, what I should and shouldn’t find offensive when it comes to Native American issues. They even went so far to use very vulgar expletives in their argument, which in normal circumstances I honestly wouldn’t care about, but I was trying to have a civil discussion and they were clearly too far up Chicago’s racist ass to show me an ounce of respect so. That was fun.” (Y I K E S)
  • “Absolutely trashed Amalie Arena, did not keep a family friendly attitude during public screenings, were antagonistic to Lightning fans whether they won or lost a game. Garbage.”


  • “Entitled, turning into H*wks fans with the whole repeat cups thng. They’re the new “3 cups 5 years” shit.”
  • “They don’t understand that they aren’t the only team??? You can’t say one (1) maybe bad thing about any player with out them jumping on you.”
  • “Oh my god I hate Pens fans. Dear god. They don’t stop whining ever and constantly play the victim over everything, cause drama over nothing, and turn a blind eye to the shit their team pulls. Hawks fans are a close second on the “playing victim” front, but man, Pens fans are total bitches. 0/10. Probably not the Worst fanbase, but the ones I see the most of? Since I kind of block every single Hawk fan I see. Ahem.”
  • “bc they’re not the preds”
  • “obnoxious”
  • “some (not all) tend to be a little arrogant and rude but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”
  • “everywhere, won’t leave you alone, can’t hide, WILL find you + harass you”
  • “win or lose, both online and in person, almost all of them are assholes and crybabies. they always come to my team’s stadium in mass and often start fights. I’ve seen a pen fan push someone down stadium stairs (the victim broke their wrist), I’ve seen one sucker punch someone, I’ve had some of them yell homophobic slurs at me as I walked by- and all of this was at Nationwide Arena. my friends in other fanbases have had similar expirences with them as well, they’re generally aweful people and I wish they would go the fuck away.” (THAT is bad. yikes.)
  • “They’re mean”
  • “Crosby eats jars of mayo and is a dick.”
  • “Kidney crispy and his legion of fans who insist he does nothing wrong ever”
  • “I worked at the joe louis arena and me and all my coworkers dreaded games when we played the pens, hands down no other team has fans so mean/rude/drunk/beligerent “

Nashville (unfortunate tbh.):

  • “Some of the fans are great, but a good number of them have already adopted the   annoying habit of complaining about not having won a cup and being under appreciated. They like to act as if they are just the longest suffering fans and don’t want to acknowledge that it is easy to cheer for a good team and that they haven’t really had the highs and lows that a lot of other fan bases have had at this point. Plus, I have been yelled at and hassled multiple times by Nashville fans when attending games. I really like the team and the city, but the fans are pretty bad.”
  • “fish. whiny babies. fucking carrie underwood pretending to care about hockey. bad country singers attempting the national anthem.” 
  • “i’m a pretty big preds fan as well so this isn’t really a “i love the blackhawks so 4get the preds” response. imo it just seems like there are a handful of people that are diehard preds fans that come across really cruel?? like based on what i’ve seen when they’re indirecting or responding to people- and not just blackhawks fans because i don’t really count “being mean to blackhawks fans” as a cruel thing ajdklsa- but it just seems like their really good energy doesn’t always get used in a positive way on this site that’s all”
  • “the most annoying  for me are Nashville’s fans..i was at one game and i get so much hate because of my jersey, because of who am i supporting and..it just made me sad..i think they’re not all like this..but it happened”
  • “I’ve just met a lot of really mean preds fans in real life and on the internet, which was disappointing because they’re a pretty awesome team.”
  • “They seem to think that they’re good people just because of the player(s)/team(s) they support when they actually treat fans of all other teams like garbage. That seems really wrong and narrow minded to me.“
  • “They’ve just been really rude to me and my friends.”
  • ‘"It’s all your fault"’


  • “They’re just kind of snotty?”


  • “Leafs fans tend to think that Toronto is the center of the universe and that everything has to revolve around their team. They get defensive about every little thing and like to think that their team is better than it actually is sometimes. Unfortunately with a larger fanbase they simply have a larger volume of annoying fans, not necessarily a higher percentage than any other fanbase, and those voices really stick out”
  • “smol bean culture uwu”
  • “some can’t just take the W, sore winners  + they’re everywhere, always up to something (most of them are cool though im just bitter)”
  • “Who is Auston Matthews” (??????????????)
  • “'me stanning the leafs’ makes me want to Kermit sewer slide” (omg……….just @ karina. im screaming.)


  • “The most Extra when their team is losing, literally act like the world is ending if they’re down 1 in the first and they’re always like “wow what must it be like to have a good time” LIKE CALM DOWN it’s infuriating” (just @ ashley omg :/)
  • “They are very violent and loud.”
  • “Boston fans are RACIST.”
  • “A majority of Bruins fans I’ve met/come into contact with are very aggressive and rude towards opposing teams’ fans.”


  • “Entitlement and have done nothing to deserve it”
  • “Massive circlejerk, obnoxious, feel entitled and cocky with absolutely nothing to show for it. Will vilify players/teams without recognizing any of their players are dirty or careless. Laine looks like Donkey from Shrek.”

My personal favorites, the Ducks:

  • “man i fuckin hate the ducks”
  • “I’m gay and I hate the ducks” (i love U)
  • “Are ducks fans even real idk but if they are they’d have to be assholes in order to put up with K*sler”

Ok here’s my two cents: obviously rivalries and stuff make bias. i get that. but you also have to remember that hockey is meant to be competitive, especially come playoff time. people are gonna goalie chant and be rude and yell stuff you may not like about your team. it happens! but it doesn’t mean that the fans are ALWAYS mean. that being said, i wanna say that preds fans aren’t intentionally malicious for no reason and I’m sorry to anyone who had a negative experience.

HOWEVER, for chicago and pittsburgh, before you point fingers, really reevaluate yourselves. obviously no one is perfect, and like i said, hockey is extremely competitive, but if this many people have an issue with you and how you treat others, then its time to take responsibility. I’ve met some great people with the pens as their secondary teams and there are pens fans that tolerate my hating them because they’re nice enough and can handle criticism, but overall, people have a negative view of y'all because you allow the assholes to be the loudest fans. if anyone wants to talk to me, my ask box is open, but like i said: DO NOT SEND ME ANONS ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S COMMENTARY. thank y'all for participating, i really appreciate it!

day 2 out of 14 days of revision
favorite pens for note-taking !!

rilakkuma kuru toga, uniball signo um-151 0.38 (black), muji gel pen 0.38 (lilac, light blue, green), zebra sarasa 0.4 (blue, green, orange), zebra mildliners (orange, pink), muji twin tip highlighter (yellow), mycolor pens (blue, purple, pink). look at what a pen nerd i am


It’s been 3000 years since i didnt draw anything undertale related so ya here’s shitty ddl

Anonymous said Heyo so I wanted to request an imagine where penny is in mating season and the reader is really confused when he starts being super possessive? Just a lil fluffy with some smut pretty please :) love your writing Pennywise x Reader
Warnings/: Language, and as requested, SMUT!!

He walked back and forth, growling at himself. ‘It’s just a headache’ he thought as he kicked at the ground. He was lying to himself, the sore head wasn’t from a headache, the burning body wasn’t from some disease ridden child. It was that, it happened once every 1,000 years and he hated it, but he loved it but it made him sick but it made him feel energetic and alive. He scratched at his skin, the white make-up covered flesh began to peel with his touch. He screeched and howled, pulling the skin from his body like a snake. He fell to his sewer ground, hands in piss water as he shook the skin away.

You sat in the nearest, dankest, smelliest bar in town. Sipping on a rum and coke threw a red straw, VV brown - Shark in the water played on the nearby jukebox, you tapped you’re foot gently on the peg of the stool enjoying the moment while ignorance to two grown ass men wrestling at the pool table over one of them being a cheat. You laughed into your straw causing the drink to bubble, the ice clinking off the side of the glass making the smallest and quietest tinkling sound ever. You swung back in your chair, looking around for some ‘eye-candy’ but only found pre-puberty high school boys and sweaty gross older men. Your eyes tinkled as a man stepped through the door, unsure of his surroundings by the way he clinched his coat tightly around his tall slender body, his attitude suggested he was scared and timid but the way his eyes scanned across the room suggested something a little more suggestive. You leaned back to the bar when he caught you staring, caught you scanning tonight’s prized pig. You slipped the straw between your lips, feeling redder than the straws colour with embarrassment. Sure you came here for a night of entertainment, you did most weekends but never found anyone who even peeked your attention yet here is some stranger, walking in all shy looking but the ‘fuck me’ eyes had you on flames, he wasn’t your type. He wasn’t within your league but his slicked back brown hair and frown made you want to sneak another peek. You leaned back again, he was gone. He wasn’t within sight, you felt disappointment that he probably-. “Probably saw the place was a dive and left” you turned around to your left, the man who disappeared stood beside you. His right eyebrow was raised as he held his hands clasped together on the bar as he stared deeply at his own reflection between the gabs of bottles on the wall behind the bar. You bit your lip as he swung his head around to look at you, he looked bored and uninspired by his surroundings. “Do you always read the minds of strangers?” You asked, batting your eyelashes towards him as you picked your tall glass up and again, slipped the straw between your lips where you bit down on it gently, rolling it seductively. “You’d be surprised” he whispered coming in a little closer, you took the moment to smell him only to be confused by his lack of fragrance, he had no smell what’s so ever. Not even the slightest touch of woman’s perfume. “So, can I get you a drink?” You asked him, sucking in your lower lip as he stared at you seeming stressed for time as he stared between you and the outside world through the window. “Sure” he smiled at you wide, his eyes lit up and lower lip dipped as his cheeks swelled. You had ordered another rum and coke for yourself and a cold beer for the stranger. “I don’t even know your name” you tucked a strand of hair behind you ear and smirked as he slid his coat from his shoulders. You caught glimpse of his collar bones that stuck out and crossed your legs over tightly. He smirked to himself as he folded it over his lap. “I’m Robert” he spoke, unsure of what his own name was. “Is that a lie?” You asked with a raised eyebrow. “Would I lie to you?” He asked. “Would you?” You asked back even quicker. “Only time will tell” he picked up his beer, smelling it from its rim before taking a swig and setting it down. “I actually came here for one thing only tonight”

You gulped down as he stared through you, his fingers ran up and down his bottle slowly. “What’s that?” You asked, leaning in closer and leaning your head on your hand propped on the bar. Robert leaned in, his lips brushing against your earlobe. “I have this throbbing sensation between my legs that I was hoping you could.. rub out” his teeth gently grazed your ear sending a shiver and goosebumps down your neck. You would have slapped a man for speaking to you in such a way but the lingering flash behind his eyes had you hooked. “Only time will tell” you winked, placing your hand on his thigh.

Back at your place, it didn’t take long for you both to get naked and into bed. He was like a fine wine, drunk on his smell.

“You want me baby?” Robert whispered into your ear with a shakey breath moving his hand up and down in small circular motions, “yes” you pouted in a sleepy tipsy voice eyes shut as he eagerly sucked on your neck.

You lifted up your right leg up settling it over his hip giving him more room. “Rob” you whimpered. As he slide his large thick tip against you, using your juices as a lubricant, “yeah, I hear you moaning for me. What you want? Tell me so i can give it to you” Rob nipped your earlobe with a growl as you arched your back to press into him more grinding your hips biting and biting your lip keeping back your pleading groans.

“You know what i want” You playfully laughed, lifting your hips gracefully so he could enter your in an antagonizing speed. Robert grunted outloud gripping onto your shoulders pulling you into his large inflated chest, You was alot tighter than he could remember from before, before it was the simple woman who didn’t know what her bits are but here you are, you know what you want and he’s enjoying this. “Call me penny” he whispered softly, you growled. “Okay” if you were sober you would have laughed but he was making you feel a certain way.

He wrapped his arms around the back of your neck, hands on your shoulders, locking his hands together keeping you in place as you both rocked your hips together as you pulled him forward he went backwards both pushing in together as the slow speed you both seemed to enjoy. The sweat was already forming in his forehead and lightly down your back sticking to the sheets.

Robert couldn’t keep this slow lacking sex going, he didn’t want it slow the animal the beast is rising. Robert doesn’t do passion, Robert doesn’t do patience neither. He felt that beast swell and need to be shown.

'Mmm’ the purring from your lips only set the spark inside his mind ablazing, adding fuel to the fire egging him on. You were taunting him by the way you lick your lips then slowly bite on them or by the way you bounced your hips with his movements.

“Roll over” his hands slip from down your shoulders to your waist gripping his fingers into your soft pudgy skin bruising under his tough, You giggled and let him guide you to how he wants still buried deep inside you. Robert rolls over so he is on his back and his hands hold your body up by the small of your back as you place your leg and feet firmly on either side of his legs and your arms holding up your weight bending at the shoulders, so you could press your breasts on his chest.

Once you were comfortable andsorted and situated not to fall off, Robert went all turbo dick on you, rocking his hips up and down bouncing on the bed back up towards you, the muscles of his arms bulged out holding your weight up trying not to shake from the pleasure.

“Oh God pen-penny” you frustratingly yell as Robert hits all the right spots and at same time by pulling away quickly before the proper electrical charge of pleasure wave could reach your nerve endings, You almost yelled out from the pleasure. “Rob-Robert” you are cut off by his rapid speed erupting inside you. “What?” he asks wrapping his hand around your neck pulling you down to him to kiss and suckling on you neck leaving his mark.

“Play with me” Robert almost whined at your begging of him to take you and play with you. He would have made a snarky remark but he could see your trembling legs and arms, Robert turned you around so he was back on top. You slipped between his neck and those collar bones you couldn’t stop thinking about since the bar.

He got up placed his knees between your legs spreading you wide to the bare all, “this what you want girl?” he asked snaking his left hand down rubbing against your hip bone with his wrist as his fingers slowly found your swollen clitoris (SIDENOTE: this is hilarious), all it took was a tiny flick before you came around him, shuttering like a wreck moaning his name while it got caught in your throat. Once you came down from you own high and breathing back to normal.

He wasted no time in pushing back inside you, you grabbed his hair and tugged it hard as you looked into his green eyes. You pushed your body up, taking him deeper. Robert began gnawing at his lip trying not to blink as sweat rolled down into his eyes, his hands gripped your hips as he slid out of you and turned you over so your ass was in the air. He slapped it harshly before slamming back into you.

“Robert” you tried to speak but he pushed your head into the pillow to shut off your complaining about him going a little to hard and a little to rough, But how can you train a beast to hide if something will always taunt it out?

'Why hide?’

Robert took no mercy with his speed and thrusting, banging hard until you screamed from the pleasure which was clear from the way you tightened around him or the sweet moans from yur mouth.

Robert may have a monster inside, but he is no rapist.

“Like that?” he asked going faster stroking the back of your head bunching your hair up in his first enjoying the feeling of it’s silk. “Mm, harder penny” you whimpered. Robert smirked into the back of your head as he leaned over you. If only you knew how much of a monster he really was, but he could smell you, you smelt of sheer pleasure and bliss, calming and soothing.

Robert grabbed at your hips, slamming into you as hard as he could trying not to break you at the same time. You closed your eyes and groaned loudly in pleasure. Robert had stilled his body, frozen in place. You turned your head around and screamed blue murder. Robert had changed, changed from a pleasure giver to a nightmare maker. “Get off me” you yelled, pushing him away as far as you could. He climbed off you, off the bed. You wrapped yourself in a seat finding it weird watching a clown walking around with his penis flapping about. “See you in your dreams” he winked and waved before disappearing in a flash leaving you cold and wanting, but scared.

'Did he wear a condom?’ You asked yourself with a groan.

Pennywise strutted around his sewer, happy to be home and back in a form he was most comfortable with. He shook his body with a shiver, his bells jingling and making echo music around the pipes. He smiled, no longer feeling sick or sore. Thankfully he won’t have to be back in the human form anytime soon.

Day 3 - The Beatles: Help!

Love and Letter

Member: Dino/Chan
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 1,428

Ba-dum. Ba-dum.

There you were.

Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum.

Was it getting hotter in the room? Chan pulled the collar of his shirt away from his neck and wetted his dry lips with his tongue. He needed something to distract him, and quick. Over time, it has become a bad habit of his to stare at you when you weren’t looking. A hand brushed through his hair out of habit and his fingers grasped onto the first thing they could find- a pen. A sigh left his lips as his thumb repeatedly clicked the pen.

Oh God.

You were laughing at something somebody said and took your assigned seat at the front of the room. Chan’s eyes were drawn to the way your shirt stuck to your shoulders and the shape of your throat. He inhaled deeply and told himself to look away before he got caught, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Too late. He somehow managed to catch your eye and you sent him a small smile.

Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum.

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