oh god olivia


Across the room, you could clearly hear the conversation she was having with Elsa Bjergsen and Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis. As the “popular” girls, her vapid friends made a point to talk loud enough so that everyone else could hear.

“Oh, and did you hear about that total burnout that went missing? All these people freaking out, like how are we all not acting like this was a good thing?”  Elsa laughed her ugly fake laugh.

“Oh my god, yes.”  Olivia chimed in. “God, what was his name, like Alex or Austin or something. That awful green hair, I’d go missing too. What a loser.”

It didn’t take long for Salem to put two and two together. She had already been scanning the room for him, and this wasn’t the explanation for his absence she was hoping for. “Uh… Green hair? Is that what you said?”


Olivia and George Harrison, London, 5 February 1990 (as dated by Getty Images)

Photos © Tom Wargacki/Getty Images; Newscom

“I told Olivia, ‘Oh God, girl, you’ve meant so much to his life, you’ve just totaled him out, and it’s just wonderful.’ They’re beautiful people…” - Carl Perkins on George and Olivia Harrison, Goldmine, 6 November 1998 [x]


You’re here because you worship her. You want to be her. You think if you’re near her, if you stand in her light, then you’ll finally do stuff that matters. Because you need to believe that there’s something greater than a nine to five crap job, that there’s a higher purpose, that your life has meaning. Because the world feels big and you feel lost, am I right? Olivia Pope fixes things; that’s who she is. You need fixing. I don’t know your story. I don’t need to know, we all have a story. Everyone in this office has a story. You’re a stray dog and Olivia took you in. Don’t question it. Don’t cry. We don’t cry, ever.

  • David Tennant: Aye, we're not allowed to speak to him! He's locked in a room. He's got Jane Featherstone the executive producer with a cattle prod, just pushing him back to the computer screen
  • Olivia Colman: He writes standing up!
  • David Tennant: He does!
  • Olivia Colman: I think that adds to the whole - [mimes typing under pressure]
Open Tor and Olivia Starter! (Random and I thought this was funny)

Olivia popped into the office, seeing Tormoned with nothing to do as she said “Hey Tor! Can i ask you for something?” His eyes raised up at her, a rather involved look with the papers below him as he remarked “Sure?…”

Olivia moved to him, leaning over him as she said without haste or fear “I’d like you to give me a breast cancer check.” Tormoned paused, then slowly raised his eyes to the ceiling as his voice replied “Oh god Olivia please… Are you serious?” Olivia just hung over him as she said “I’m serious, I felt something today and i’m worried! Please dude just check!” Tormoned got up and slowly pushed her out of his office as he said “I did it twice for you already Olivia, please stop and go see a doctor in the hospital cause i’m not comfortable with this anymore!”

He sighed, rubbing his face as he moved to his phone, calling a number and as it was answered he said “Hey, I’m looking at that "ad” you put out. I’m wondering if you’d like “some backup” on that job of yours.“ After a few minutes, he opened the door, moving Olivia with him outside his apartment as he said "We’ve got work.”


Scans - George and Olivia Harrison [x]; and in 2001 [x]; scanned from I Me Mine, The Beatles - In Their Own Words After The Break-Up, and Hello!.

Photo 1 © Michael Simon

“I felt [Olivia] was the perfect partner for George. She supported him in all his business endeavors, looked after him during his illness, stood by his side whenever he needed her, and also gave him the freedom he so desperately required. And all inconspicuously in the background, without pushing into the spotlight.” - Klaus Voormann, translated from Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weißen Klavier, John? [x]

“I was in heaven over there with him [George]. I won’t ever be able to thoroughly explain the feeling to see him so healthy, to see him happy, to see his little boy bring his girlfriend to the house [Friar Park]. I told Olivia, ‘Oh God, girl, you’ve meant so much to his life, you’ve just totaled him out, and it’s just wonderful.’ They’re beautiful people.” - Carl Perkins, Goldmine, 6 November 1998 [x]

“Olivia had the hardest job in the world, because she loved George more than all of us, and she really took care of him and cleared the path in front of him, behind him, and inherited that crazy life, you know.” - Tom Petty, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002 [x]

“Olivia came into the picture at just the right time, a crazy, dark time. She is a strong person, and when he fell for her we all agreed that was a good thing. It wasn’t good for him to be on his own, and without her things would have got worse.” - Jim Keltner, Mojo, November 2014 [x]

“When I saw him, he was obviously struggling with his disease, but he had the strength of a warrior, and always displayed an impressive love of life. His wife Olivia was another great warrior by George’s side.” - Emerson Fittipaldi, The Beatles Book [x]

“I think people change one another when they become husband and wife. He certainly seems happier than he was before. George and Olivia are very domesticated. They really vibrate on the same wavelength.” - Mukunda Goswami, 1988

“[…] George was always fearless, and he manifested this quality right up to the end of his life. His wife Olivia’s strength, patience, and loving attention was deeply inspiring […].” - Gary Wright, Dream Weaver: Music, Meditation, And My Friendship With George Harrison [x]

“The admiration for his wife and family was not hard to spot!” - Ian Paice, translated from GoodTimes, 6/2011 [x]

“He loved his gardening, he loved his wife, he loved his kid, he loved his house, Friar Park, and he restored that house as much as he could.” - Elton John, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002 [x]

“I got an e-mail from Liv the other day saying she thought George performing ‘The Pirate Song’ on Rutland Weekend Televison was the bravest thing he ever did and that she wanted to be a pirate, too. Well, his dark sweet lady was the love of his life, and I know how much he loved her; a braver, finer, lovelier companion no man could ever find, and it breaks my heart to think of these last […] years.” - Eric Idle, The Greedy Bastard Diary [x]