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imagine: Stanley and Lefou adopt a lil baby girl in the future and some pretentious asshole is being whiny like "they couldn't possibly know how to care for a young lady! could you just imagine what they'd dress the poor girl in!?" And Stanley just fuckin whips out this already prepared collection of the BEST outfits a baby girl could possibly own like "BITCH YOU THOUGHT" (cue the bimbettes and lefou "oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!"ing in the background)


And oh my god they’d be such amazing dads and support their daughter through anything and the bimbettes are like her aunts and she’d have some beautiful name like Angelique and she helps out Lefou at his flower shop and soon the town has a new golden girl (the next Disney princess tbh)

markhyuck hogwarts!au

if you read my renle hogwarts au ignore everything i said about them in that ok bYE

-donghyuck’s a slytherin and mARK’S A GRYFFINDOR OOooOoOOOooOoOooh

-they were friends before they became students at hogwarts right but nobody knows that

-like, the dream team is still alive and well

-but like, it’s lowkey af

-it’s split up into two groups but they all love each other like family

-mark has jaemin and chenle

-hyuck has renjun, jisung and jeno

-the friendship between mark and the rest of the dream team (except hyuck) isnt lowkey and the same goes for hyuck but markhyuck just pretend to hate each other

-they glare at each other whenever they see each other in the halls

-whenever someone mentions the other’s name, they get really pissed and change the subject

-one time they got into a fight and hyuck got a split lip and mark’s cheek was bruised





-their parents (who’re muggles btw) never got along so they had to pretend to hate each other at muggle school too

-and they had to make sure they would NEVER find out so they just had to pretend to hate each other for as long as they could lmfao

-they have most of their dates in the room of requirement tbh lmao

-on hogsmeade weekend trips, they’d try their best to meet up somewhere but they rarely do :///

-they buy a shit ton of candy to share on dates back at hogwarts tho lmfao

-markhyuck gotta keep the slytherin x gryffindor rivalry alive man

-they’re both the captains of their quidditch teams and whenever there’s a match between the two houses, EVERYBODY’S there to see what kinda shit the two of them pull

-theyre infamous for their rivalry, it makes hyuck laugh really hard

-on like christmas trips back, the dream team lets them ride in their own cart omg

-they literally just cuddle the entire time and look at memes on tumblr bYE

-the dream team helps them hide their relationship from their parents oh my god

-but it doesnt always work

-it failed once and ONLY ONCE but it was really bad

-mark’s parents caught them together once and were FUCKING FURIOUS

-they were calling hyuck alllll sorts of bad shit

-and mark was slowly losing his cool

-him and hyuck were holding hands and mark was squeezing hyuck’s hand harder and harder trying to control himself

-hyuck was like trying to peel mark’s hand away awkwardly bc he was about to bolt away and like die

-hyuck’s the type to think theyre all badass but like, he cant fight without magic and he isnt going to use magic to fight his boyfriend’s parents lmfao

-but long story short, mark bleW THE FUCK UP

-he was screaming on and on about how his parents were fucking awful and how hyuck was better than either of them could ever be like the most emo kid youll ever see

-and to be like a lil bitch mark told them how him and hyuck had been best friends for years

-and boLTED OFF 

-listen, hyuck had seen mark be ‘mad’ a bunch of times but never for real

-mark’s a really laid-back guy so it was rare to see him actually mad

-so seeing mark being all mad and angry and defensive all for hyuck made him feel so special it melted his lil slytherin heart

-and like, mark is such a sucker for his parents, he wouldnt do ANYTHING to hurt them

-if hyuck wasnt completely whipped for mark yet, he was now bYE

-so after that, if anybody mentioned the word ‘parents’ around mark, hyuck had to be held back or else he wouldve murdered someone

-they are SO protective of each other

-when they see someone blatantly flirting with the other, it takes everything in them not to figHT THEM

-hyuck probably gets jealous really easily

-ok so the yule ball was coming up right

-and this ravenclaw chick asked mark to the ball

-and mark was like “oh hahaha… uh… sure….”

-mark was too nice to say no and he’s pretty sure if he did, she’d jinx him or something

-hyuck saw all of it B Y E

-he was F U R I O U S

-he was so pissed off but deep down he was hella hurt even tho there was no way they could go together anyway

-see i see slytherins like big hamsters with snake costumes

-soft as heck on the inside and wannabe toughs on the outside

-so hyuck didnt wanna talk to mark and end up telling him the truth

-so he just avoided him bc that’s what he does when he doesnt want anyone to find out what he’s feeling

-it happened for like an entire week until the yule ball came up

-during the week, mark would see hyuck and try to silently communicate

-and he KNOWS hyuck noticed him but he just ignored him

-and like, hyuck can make mark’s day by just being in his presence

-mark went from “ccccccccccccccc:” to “:////////////////////////”

-mark had to go to renjun and ask him if something was up with hyuck

-”?? no?? he seems ok??”

-”oh… is he ignoring you or not talking to you?”

-”no?? we talk like usual. is something wrong?”

-mark’s lil heart broke oh my gOD

-”oh… nothing.. nothing’s wrong i just wanted to ask”

-poor baby 

-so they didnt talk for an entire week (longest time theyve never not spoken!!!)

-and at the yule ball, mark cornered hyuck

-and hyuck being hyuck paniCKED

-”what are you doing??? people are staring!!! at least tell me if we’re gonna fight omg!!!”

-”why do you keep avoiding me?”

-”im not!! just go!!”

-and mark finally realizes people are looking (even tho hyuck mentioned it smh) and drags hyuck to the room of requirement

-”i know youre avoiding me”

-”mark im really not, can i just go?”

-”tell me why youre avoiding me.”

-”i just really fucking hate the fact that you said yes to that bitch ravenclaw after we decided not to go with anyone.”

-theyre still holding hands btw mark fuckin refused to let go lmfao

-”you couldve just told me…”

-”that’s dumb”

-”youre dumb”

-poor bby mark is more careful to not hurt his dumb boyfriend’s feelings anymore

-the end i don’t know how to end things

12X07 "Rock Never Dies" SPOILERS

Dean using the word Twerking

Cas will never be spelled “Cass” I don’t care if it’s canon its Cas.

Cas’ awkward smile while on the phone with his boyfriend

Agent Beyoncé and Jay Z back at it

The dad from K.C Undercover is working for Crowley? …ok cool


Dean holding a whole convo with Sam wearing headphones and lying about listening to Ladyheart and calling it research and getting embarrassed and defensive about it

Reference to Season 2 scary movie episode in LA

“Is Vince Bae, Nae, or Daddy?” im screECHING OH MY GOD THEY KNOW WHAT WE DO


Crowley calling Cas “Feathers”

Crowley’s sunglasses indoors


Crazy fan girl

“Yay.” -The Most Done Angel in the Garrison

Scary Crowley *swoon*

“I’m on keys!” -Cute lil Sammy

Sam and Dean in leather hOLY



While answering his phone Misha had a cut on his hand. UM I WANT ANSWERS? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY??

Cas thinking Luci is his responsibility makes me sad

Poor Tommy never wanted this

Crowley: The Little Rascal

Sam and Dean are probably the tallest people in this whole crowd

“Step off Dad” -Punk kid to Dean

Jurassic Park reference




Crowley looking a lil bit like Glenn from the Walking Dead

Not the Winchesters, the Slowlylosingchesters

Poor Sammy one of his favorite bands are dead

**Promo Bonus**

The midsession finale is next week already?!


Jay Z and Beyoncé working the case at the coroners office WITH Sam and Dean


fingers crossed we get to use the grenade launcher next week

BTS Telling the Fans You’re Pregnant With His Child

Song Suggestion: Dream - Suzy & Baekhyun

Wifivandal Requested: Could you possibly do a bts imagine where they tell their fans that you’re pregnant with their child and they’re super happy and proud and stuff :D please please please 

I gotchu fam 

~Admin S

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Jin:  Honestly, this boy I swear. He would be absolutely ecstatic about your pregnancy, and you know how he would show it? Through a dad joke. He would tell a joke so horrible so terrible it would make you cringe, and it’s precisely how he would want to introduce his little baby to be to the fans. “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Underwear.” “Underwear who?” “Underwear my baby is tonight?” He would scratch his head a few times and then a look of surprise would cross his features “That’s right,” ”He would mutter, still loud enough for the fans to hear though “My baby’s in Y/Ns stomach!” The fans would no doubt be shocked, but Jin would just casually and calmly continue on with the event, not referring back to the pregnancy other than with the huge grin spread across all of his features the rest of the night. As time went on though, he would bring up your pregnancy more frequently in interviews and variety shows, making sure everyone knew he was going to be a father, and the father of your child at that.He would introduce your child with a dad joke and you better get used to the dad jokes cause this dork was not about to let up anytime soon.

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Suga: The two of you were only dating at the time when you became pregnant, so you were quite concerned with both how Yoongi would react to finding out and how the fans would react if news got out. And boy did news get out, just not quite the news you were expecting…. Apparently you hadn’t thrown away the positive pregnancy test you had taken. Either that or Yoongi just so happened to see it sitting in the bathroom trashcan. However he found out, he knew that you were pregnant and taking it as good an opportunity as any, Yoongi wanted to make IT known to the public, known to the world how much you mean to him. Yep, if you haven’t guessed it already, he proposed. Taking you put for a nice dinner, black tie dress, when desert came about he was on one knee and you were nearly in tears. Now with the proposal being shock enough to fans, the two of you decided to wait a bit before exposing the news of your pregnancy as well. Still when the two you did reveal you were carrying his child, Yoongi was every bit of happy as when he first found out to share the news.

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Rap Monster: Cautious. Extremely cautious. And when extremely is said, that is by no means an overstatement, an understatement if anything. Being the leader of the group, Namjoon has a lot of responsibility on his shoulder, having to look after both the younger and older members of the group, God he was so excited when he found out you were pregnant. He would have his own little bundle of joy to look after and hold and love, but he also had the group’s reputation to think about. He couldn’t risk the groups image and choose emotions over logic. This would most likely end up in a fight between the two of you, but eventually you guys would work it out, resulting in Namjoon eventually telling the fans, but in a very calculative manner that would damage Bangtan’s image in the least, potentially even using his little unborn child to help their image. When it all came down to it though, Namjoon loved you more than anything and that little bean you were carrying that he helped create, he loved you even more.

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J-hope:  I see him telling the fans about your pregnancy over a radio cast. It was a special Bangtan was doing to promote some of their most recent releases. It was one of those radio shows that was broadcasted live through the internet as well as on air. At the end of the show, the host would ask for final thoughts and right after Namjoon thanked the host and Armies for tuning in, Hoseok would jump in right before the host wrapped up the entire. “By the way everyone Y/N’s carrying my child, bye~!” He would finalize it with a little peace sign and a wink, as the rest of Bangtan just stared at him a little shocked. Rapmon would be a little pissed as Hoseok hadn’t let him know beforehand that he was going to abruptly tell the fans the news, and all of their social media accounts and fansites would be flooded wit comments, questions, concerns, words of support. It would be a mess, but eventually everything would die down and you bet Hoseok would be coming home to you after that broadcast with an enormous grin and about a million tummy kisses.

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Jimin: No doubt, Jimin would get very very emotional. His eyes would well up threatening to spill over and his fingers would lace together as if he were pleading the fans to accept you and his child. He would chuckle a bit and also let a tear or two slip. He would be so so scared that the fans would be upset, but as soon as he told the fans about his little bundle of joy to be a huge weight would be lifted off of his chest. Still, of course, some fans would be upset and some would even lash out or give hate on social media, but he knew together the two of you would make it through anything. Besides, he just couldn’t wait for his little prince or princess to pop into the world and to hold him or her in his arms.

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V: Taehyung loves kids. He absolutely adores them. When the love of his life finally got pregnant and is now carrying HIS baby, he would be simply ecstatic. !!He !!would !!just !!be !!so !!excited!!! Although, with Tae’s lack of common sense in mind, he would probably do something mildly thoughtless and end up accidentally telling his fans about your pregnancy. He would probably end up uploading a picture of him kissing your stomach to social media and cause an uproar that way. Oops… guess he forgot that the fans didn’t know yet. He would probably follow up with a vapp broadcast later on to officially let everyone know what was going on, letting the entire world know just how excited he was to be a father in the process.

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Jungkook: Precious baby bean, OH my god he was going to be a father. The child himself was going to have a child of his own. Oh my god am I gonna be a good father? Am I going to be able to see my child when he or she is born? Am I going to be able to spend enough time with him or her?? The poor little maknae would have so many concerns and be kinda a lil bit of a nervous wreck, but he would be so excited too. He would most likely end up letting the fans know after a show or a signing event through social media or something. He had been off the entire event and the fans had taken notice , worrying that he was overworking himself. In reality he was sick to his stomach with concerns about being a good father. In the end he would tell the fans about your pregnancy and his worries so they would no longer be as concerned for him. And then once he finally stopped being so concerned about being the best father possible, the excitement would set in. He was going to be a father. He was young to be the father of YOUR child. And he couldn’t be happier.

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Hello. So I'm a fan of ELO and would like to know more about them, like who the members are (besides Jeff Lynne, of course) and you seem it know your stuff about them. 😉 thanks, and I wish you the best.

u have come to the right place my child ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i have no idea what ur prior knowledge is so this is gonna be a lengthy ass introductory course (sorry if this is not what u r looking for but i hope it will be helpful)

hokay first we are gonna look at the main members who were there for the Popular Times (this specific lineup lasted from 75-79 but some of the members were there earlier/later too)

  • bev bevan
  • his name is literally beverley its great
  • drummer
  • Large and Sturdy
  • has the face of a disney princess but a v deep & scary voice
  • member the whole time until 1986
  • one of the founding members from pre-elo band the move
  • hes a big jackass who likes breaking down doors
  • started elo part 2 after 86 bc he just couldnt fuckin let go. it isnt as bad as u would expect
  • richard tandy
  • aka babyboy
  • keyboard child (but he played bass in the beginning)
  • was there from p early on
  • hes smol & hes tired & hes jeffreys right hand man
  • watches too much tv
  • literally adorable & super serious
  • after elo he teamed up with massive dork dave morgan (we will get to him later bc im going that deep) & they had the tandy morgan band it was great
  • mik kaminski
  • ho my god hes so cute
  • violin guy
  • blue violin bc hes stylish
  • does a super aggressive violin dance
  • hes so shy & everyone loves him bc hes wondrous
  • his side band was violinski which was surprisingly weird but they have some catchy songs. also features mike de albuquerque (more on him later)
  • also he was in elo part 2 & post-elo part 2 band called the orchestra & a band called orkestra with kelly (see below)
  • kelly groucutt
  • literal ray of sunshine
  • bass player for the majority of the time
  • when they first met him they thought he was gonna be tall bc he looked big on stage but hes supre smol he was just wearing big boots
  • likes to climb on people????????
  • was in elo part 2 & the orchestra & orkestra (he n mik just follow each other everywhere tbh)
  • also he had a solo album in like 1980-ish i think?? its p good
  • hes dead now :(
  • hugh mcdowell
  • a cello man
  • fucking bananas honestly
  • he fuckin runs around & throws his goddamn cello all over the place
  • a fuckening troublemaker 
  • the life of the party
  • the youngest
  • he was in wizzard for a little while too but then he came back to elo
  • melvyn gale
  • cello fellow & resident pretty boy
  • literally joined the band by accident holy shit i love him
  • unlike hugh he just kinda sits there like a brick
  • he was so freaked out when he first saw hughs antics & realized he was supposed to move around
  • kinda tried to do weird shit like hugh but its just awkward pls stop
  • after elo he did this group with his homie frank wilson called wilson gale & co, they had like one album its p good i think hugh played on it too

hokay so thats that lineup but theres some other p important people from the baby days & the 80s so im gonna talk about a few of them 

  • roy wood
  • like jeff & bev, was one of the fuckers who started the band from the move
  • he left tho like right when they were getting started & they were like ????????? tf 
  • played a whole bunch of shit
  • had wizzard after elo, stole hugh briefly, also stole the cool ass french horn player bill hunt to play keyboards in wizzard 
  • literally so weird but hes adorable hes a shy lil ray of sunshine
  • wilf gibson
  • this fucking guy
  • violin dude before mik
  • wore capes a lot
  • contrapposto at all times
  • he wanted more dollars than they wanted to give him so they kicked his ass out
  • hes dead now unfortunately
  • also before him there was a violin player named steve woolam but he committed suicide its really sad oh my god everyone forgot about him he doesnt even have a wikipedia page my poor baby pls dont forget about steve woolam he deserves recognition 
  • mike de albuquerque
  • bass guy before kelly
  • a little bit ridiculous
  • v fancy & large
  • has like one outfit
  • was in violinski like i said 3 hours ago
  • solo work is funky af its good
  • mike edwards
  • one of many cello people in the early days
  • we arent gonna talk about all of them dont worry
  • others are andy craig & colin walker they arent that cool (also they made wilf play cello once he was so offended) (and they needed more cellists in the beginning than they had so they had to make roadies pretend to play cello it was a shitshow)
  • this guy is always dressed for like a fuckin wedding
  • did cool shit like played w an orange or had an exploding cello (it only worked like half the time tho)
  • he died in a horrible accident
  • also he was like 5 feet tall hes so tiny
  • dave morgan (seen here with richard who is in front)
  • he & richard were in a bunch of bands together before elo & one after elo
  • he played guitar & shit in elo in the 80s but outside of elo hes an amazing singer & a great songwriter
  • he sings cool jesus music now with his wife mandy shes adorable theyre adorable
  • literally such a huge dork i love him
  • louis clark
  • was important already in the 70s but wasnt an official member until like the 80s
  • conductor & shit, helped w string arrangement & shit
  • also played keyboards in the 80s
  • he was in elo part 2 and the orchestra 
  • deserves love god dammit

and thats all the most important members theres probably a couple other background people i missed but i aint gonna talk about em rn anyway sorry this is so long & i hope its sufficient !!! it was all off the top of my head i hope i didnt skip anything & sorry if this wasnt what u were looking for

ASTRO as Toddlers

First headcanon to give everyone an example of the types of stuff we do. These boys are such babies, imagine them as actual toddlers haha. 

-Admin CC (posting on behalf of MayHay since she is turning in for the night!) 


  • let’s be real he’s still a toddler and his antics probably haven’t changed that much
  • like he’s totally the kids that shoved macaroni up his nose to make a funny face
  • he’d always be a Mess oh my god
  • he’s the child you have to strip down before every meal bc he ruins all of his clothes
  • probably loses all of his shoes somehow
  • is the kid that gets a toy and has more fun with the packaging than he does with the toy itself
  • never naps oh my god his poor mother
  • goes out of his way to avoid his naps like he stays up for as long as toddler-ly possible
  • leads to him crashing SO HARD omg
  • is the baby that passes out on the floor with his lil butt up in the air
  • probably draws on the walls


  • he would be so SLEEPY ALL THE TIME OH MY GOD
  • literally the cuddliest of babies omg
  • always wants to be held. always. he’s the kid that’s attached to his mother’s hip
  • is willing to be held by anyone and everyone like he literally doesn’t care as long as he’s being held
  • also the baby that doesn’t shut up like he doesn’t know a lot of words but he babbles non-stop
  • is probably the kid that overhears adults talking and learns cuss words first lol
  • really loves digging in sandboxes and dirt
  • fascinated by worms and bugs
  • he’s probably that kid that has shockingly good fine motor control like he can use spoons all on his own and not make a huge mess


  • so small and cute but so serious all the time
  • probably can already read he’s the tiny toddler that sits in a chair with a book that takes up his entire lap
  • lol he’s also the tiny manipulator like he’ll want candy or something and he’ll ask for the thing bigger than what he wants 
  • when you tell him no he’ll pout and you’ll be like “how about the little one”
  • he’ll pretend to think about it and then agree what a smart tiny brat
  • is absolutely spoiled with toys lol his bedroom is overflowing 
  • probably actually manages to play with all of them tho
  • is the baby that has a very consistent schedule
  • he always falls asleep at the exact same time in the afternoon for his nap it doesn’t matter what’s happening
  • at home? in the store? at a party or some other fun place that’s loud with a lot of people? doesn’t matter he’s conked out


  • just want to mention that we’ve seen videos and pics of him as a toddler and HIS CHEEKS
  • totally knows he’s adorable
  • is either really happy or really whiny there is no in between
  • is totally the baby that gets super grumpy when he needs a nap but will stubbornly deny that he’s tired
  • as soon as you put him in bed or give him a plushie he’s gonna be out like a light tho
  • is the kid that carries around a favorite stuffed animal 24/7
  • really clingy like he’s always holding someone’s hand or wrapped around a leg or in someone’s lap
  • when he’s happy he’s an unstoppable force of energy
  • always giggling/smiling
  • most likely to challenge everyone to races
  • also most likely to play pretend as a knight like he’ll pick up a stick and make someone else a dragon that he has to slay


  • is the toddler that never talks
  • his preferred way of getting attention is toddling up to an adult and tugging on clothing and pointing until he gets what he wants
  • even tho he doesn’t talk he’s super expressive omg
  • imagine a baby version of the seal laugh/clap combo
  • always?? ends up inexplicably covered in dirt???
  • like he’ll be outside for literally less than five minutes and you’ll turn around and somehow he’s found the only muddy spot in the entire area and is now covered from head to toe in mud
  • lol he’s the kid that only heats like five foods but eats and Ton of them
  • is completely unafraid of bugs and animals
  • will pick up lizards and spiders and then carry them over to his mom/caretaker to scare them
  • is probably a pretty good listener
  • you’ll tell him it’s time for a nap and he’ll just shrug and go find his blankie
  • loves being rocked and cuddled


  • oh my god he’d be so loud
  • always screaming
  • you’ll hear him start and rush into the room thinking he’s hurt but it’s actually just that he’s proud of his block castle
  • he’s a runner like taking him out in public is Exhausting bc he always tries to make a break for it
  • likes to climb things
  • he’s that kid that when left unsupervised ends up on top of a dresser with no knowledge of how he got up there
  • has to be rescued all the time bc he gets scared and can’t come down
  • is an actual energizer bunny like his energy knows no bounds
  • probably like mj in that he avoids naps until the Last Possible Moment and then crashes hard
  • sucks his thumb in his sleep
  • cuddling is a 50/50 shot sometimes he’s all for it and snuggle and other times he’ll squirm and kick until he’s put down and let roam free
  • is totally the toddler that climbs out of his bed after he’s been put to sleep
  • you’ll be sitting on the couch and out he’ll wander in his pjs with a pacifier in his mouth and climb up next to you even as you say “you’re supposed to be asleep”

So a couple of big Larrie blogs are for some reason tumblr suggested posts for me.

Basically these posts are absolutely delighted at these horrible custody battle rumours and, honestly, this makes me sick.

How in the damn hell can you call yourselves supporters of Louis if you’re gleefully shouting about how much of a good thing this is and how ‘it’s finally happening’. I am presuming that your finally happening is an admittance that the baby is fake and that he’s in love with Harry. Can you really not see how utterly absurd that sentence is?!

It literally sounds like something from a wattpad Fic. If you truly have Louis’ best interests at heart then you’d be supportive during what, if these rumours are true, is going to be an undoubtedly difficult time for him.

As for you non Larries that are immediately choosing to believe that Briana is a money hungry beast and oh god my poor lil Louis. Ya nasty. We know nothing, we’re not entitled to know anything and gossip rags are patriarchal bias bullshit. The women ALWAYS gets made out to be gross in these situations because these magazines know that that is what sells their rags.