oh god my otp lives


All my favorite fanfictions: Past Lives by earthseraph

Steven Grant Rogers: Male, 32 years old, former Army Captain, present day art professor at NYU.

James Grant: Male, 33 years old, mysterious writer of a book that sounds a lot like Steve and Bucky’s life, told from Bucky’s point of view.

But Bucky’s dead. He died in action during the Iraq war- didn’t he?

(Or: The one where Bucky’s supposed to be dead, Steve’s supposed to have moved on, but there’s a book and two very amused friends.)

“Not an option. No. Halfborn Gunderson, I hate you so much.”

“I hate you too, Mallory Keen.”

What do you mean this didn’t happen in that scene. I’m sure you’re mistaken. You must have read wrong. They totally kissed cause they hate each other SO MUCH.


Just look at these two ♥


“I promise you, nothing will come between us.”