oh god my hands

Him: *from the couch* oh look a bear

Me:  *almost certain we’ve had this conversation before* yes its a monk, he lives with 2 bears and a toddler.

Him: *eyebrows almost hit his hairline * What? 

Me: the toddler was left on his doorstep.

Him: *looks at cat for explanation*

Me: you just don’t know how to have fun ]:

Him: he’s a monk! They’re the opposite of fun, it’s  against their religion. 

Me: no, he’s a monk from before the fun parts were taken out ]: he could have a woman if he wanted, he just hasn’t met one he’s more sexually attracted to than the bears, and since i won’t let him bone the bears…

Him: *covers face with hands clearly ashamed* oh my god. 



Harry Styles on SNL: A Recap
  • harry did this cute lil dance with jimmy i couldn’t breathe
  • harry as mick jagger on family feud literally saved the acting industry
  • sign of the times live? the rasp of harry’s voice? the note changes? his high notes??? an absolute masterpiece!!
  • he was teary eyed after the performance and did the prayer hands harry you deserve the whole world
  • harry was a prisoner and basically showed us a preview of dunkirk
  • harry for the life of him cannot keep facial hair on him, not even fake ones
  • EVER SINCE NEW YORK!! “tell me something i don’t already know” is now stuck in all of our heads
  • again!! with his high notes!!!!! he’s full of raw talent and passion!!
  • he did the kiss hands thing oh my god im deceased

Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

  • Lance: Tell us something super bad Keith did when you guys were little
  • Shiro: One time he broke up with his boyfriend
  • Keith: Oh no don't
  • Shiro: By writing 'we're over and u suck'
  • Keith(burying his face in his hands): oh my god
  • Shiro: on a bit of paper and making it into a paper aeroplane and throwing it at him in class
  • Lance: ...
  • Pidge: ...
  • Hunk: ...
  • Coran: ...
  • Literally Everybody: ...
  • Keith: I WAS 14 OKAY?

That hand tho. [x]

And Jared mirroring that adorable scrunched up nose? Too cute.

We know Jensen had a serious case of heart eyes during this but Jared in that third gif… It was right after Jensen’s adorable nose scrunching, so I guess Jared’s all of us in that moment.