oh god looking at it now it looks weird

did tara ever mention to willow that faith figured out they were lesbianing after like five seconds of hanging out because oh my god 

James: “Taste on my tongue, I don’t wanna wash away the night before.” (x)

Harry: *touches lips and preens* I know nothing why are you looking at me Lou I didn’t ask you to write a sex song I don’t do anything weird okay

Liam: what you doing James we’re dead, Louis you shit stop writing sex songs about your boyfriend Harry you shit stop smirking,Niall you’re giving the game away you little shit where is Zayn is this why you left Zayn

Louis:*giggles* haha omg do people know this is about Harry,Harold you insatiable prat I hope you’re happy now aww look at my boy doesn’t he look good..oh my god why is he touching his lips like that OH MY GOD look away look away ABORT ABORT

Niall:*looks at Harry,looks at Louis,laughs,rinse and repeat* THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING my ship is so real YES DRAG THEM JAMES drag them..Louis you arsehole this is for all the times you did it above me bunk bed on the bus.

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at first glance ur new icon looked like a headless woman with a weird boob leaning back and waving her arms and now that i realised what's actually going on i can't stop laughing


Exeggutor Sprite Review

The 10th Pokemon ever programmed. Could have done better. A shorter boy back then, looks bad.  They all look just as confused as I am. Can it get any worse?

Yes, yes it can get worse. They look like they’re in pain and about to do some messed up stuff. Probably just needs a hug but if someone sent this thing out in a Pokemon battle I as scream

Bit of a bigger boy. Expressions still look weird, big lips. The one on the far right looks like that one old meme. Still looks like a bunch of confused coconuts

The one facing you that’s giving you a smile. I guess I appreciate it tying to smile at me in the heat of battle, but still this looks pretty creepy 

They look really scared and confused. What’s wrong eggplant man? 

Oh god that one is animated now. Shaking his head because he doesn’t want to be involved in this shit. Leaf twitch is okay touch be still a little ehhh

Unlike the other back sprite, the egg facing you doesn’t trust you and your decisions.

Doing a little dance! Faces still look a little creepy but they look genuinely happy this time around. Actually kind of cute tbh


They look high. They probably are. Still keeping the leggy up.

Put the leg down and looks like they’re telling you to stop. Will I? No.

Stick the leg up again. Not smiling this time around though except for that smug ass one again on the right. Middle eggo looks concerned.

Kind of wish they kept the leg kick dance one from the animated sprite. But this one does look a little more content and like he’s ready to battle! More of a bouncy dance

Not as bouncy or dancy as it should be. At least he’s swaying but the more energetic bounce is better. 

And finally

L O N G  B O Y

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Oliver is shaking Matt, patting his arm and crying, he had fell onto one of the eggs and was now covered in weird goo and what he hoped wasn't blood, a broken egg on the bed "d-daddy! Wa'up!" He hiccups, "I b-broke it daddy it was an ashident!" (Ollie-oats)

Matt blinks awake, having accidentally fallen asleep for a while. He looks at Ollie, frowning, then his stomach drops. “O-Ollie!” He yelps, picking him up and looking at the egg in terror, “oh god…” The egg is broken, nothing inside of it. It’s just the liquid, without any other color or objects inside. He starts visibly shaking, holding Ollie to his chest and getting the goo on his clothes. @ollie-oats

  • PHIL: The sun has gone down and they can just see us with a video camera pointed at the bed, it looks a bit...weird.
  • DAN: Go close the curtains!
  • PHIL: Yeah.
  • DAN: I think we're giving the management of this hotel the WRONG idea, if you know what I'm saying.
  • PHIL: Now I've shut the curtains and it looks even more dodgy.
  • DAN: Now it looks like we're asking for privacy OH MY GOD.
  • IN OTHER WORDS: This entire hotel thinks we're a shady gay couple making porn.

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I hope this doesn't sound weird but I'm super jealous of how masculine you look? I'm trans too and wow if going on T makes me look as masc as you do I'll be very happy

Oh my god, this is amazing…thank you Anon <3

Honestly it does have a massive effect, I was much softer and rounder and more feminine a year ago than I am now…I literally started at the exact opposite end of the spectrum as far as my looks, so have hope, even if you’re the prettiest boy on earth right now!

Royal Pirates: When he catches you singing along loudly to their songs Risky Business style while wearing one of his shirts.

Oh god this idea was hilarious and so cute to think of–plus it gave me an excuse to watch the original movie again (>W<)!! Hope you enjoy~

Moon: …Are you having fun?–S/He looks really good in my clothes…it’s actually pretty sexy now that I’m giving her/him a closer look.

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James: Is this the reason why you always offer to do my laundry before I leave?–Awe, so cute!~

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Sooyoon: My love…you’re so weird!!!–Haha, but in a good way of course!… But seriously though, how often do you do this? *Laughs*

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The Signs as Things My Friends Said
  • Aries: "You wanna see what I have?" *looks down at pants*
  • Taurus: "Should I post this to insta?"
  • Gemini: "Hiiiii, I fell down 2 minutes ago, but I'm okay now."
  • Cancer: "Every time I love someone, he takes something from me when he leaves."
  • Leo: "Oh my god, look at her, I'm so much better than her!"
  • Virgo: "He hugged me and I just started crying."
  • Libra: "I HATE EVERYONE!!!!"
  • Scorpio: "I'm sorry I hooked up with her, I don't even like her."
  • Sagittarius: " I'm just gonna show him how it's done"
  • Capricorn: "I'm sorry I acted weird, it happens sometimes"
  • Aquarius: "You know I don't care, so why are you even trying?"
  • Pisces: "I can ruin her life if I want to."

MCU Ladies Week Day 4
Actor Appreciation: Chloe Bennet 

“I absolutely got up this morning and groaned. I have a bruised tailbone, bruises down my leg, it’s a mess. The press has picked up on my jumpsuit phase, but it’s because of all my bruises! It’s funny because Clark hates them now which I think is fantastic.

We all walk away with bruises. It’s a weird day on set if someone isn’t walking around casually without bruises, bloody noses, or sick looking. There will be some days when I’ll forget I have makeup on and be walking around Whole Foods and people will look at me like ‘Oh my god what happened to that poor girl?!’” (x)

the twilight zone’s iconic "eye of the beholder" people are really ugly

DOCTOR: I’ve removed the bandages from your head. You can look in the mirror. But be warned, your new, deformed appearance may shock you.

PATIENT: Oh my God!

DOCTOR: I’m sorry. The plastic surgery could only do so much.

PATIENT: No, I look fine. It’s you. Your face is totally fucked up.

DOCTOR: What do you mean?

PATIENT:  You have a pig nose and a weird mouth.

DOCTOR: Yes, but everyone in this world looks like me. So I’m “normal.” It’s you who, by our standards, are now “unattractive.”

PATIENT: No, I’m pretty sure I’m hot. You’re ugly.

DOCTOR: I’m not ugly. Because beauty is relative. Do you understand?

PATIENT: You’re wearing a mask?

DOCTOR: I’m not wearing a mask. This is my real face.


DOCTOR: Okay, that’s… hostile. Just, imagine you’ve never seen a human face before. Not even your own. If someone asked you to choose the “prettier” face and showed you two photos: one of me-

PATIENT: The photo of me.

DOCTOR: Let me finish. One of me, and one of you. Which would you say is the more attractive one?

PATIENT: The photo of me.

DOCTOR: With zero basis for comparison?! Really?! You’d just instinctively know you’re more attractive?! How?

PATIENT: My nose isn’t a snout, my mouth isn’t gross, my-

DOCTOR: Fuck you! I’ll have you know I’m a ten in this universe. Okay? I’m hot. I’m a doctor. I married the fucking Prom Queen.

PATIENT: Really?


PATIENT: Was it like a pity thing?


PATIENT: Does she look like you?


PATIENT: Don’t have kids.

DOCTOR: Whatever, you’re the one who’s doomed to a twisted, ironic fate.

PATIENT: Tell me about it. I’m trapped in a world of ugly people.

DOCTOR: You’re ugly!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @knittinggiantbeanies!

Er, early at least. If you’re wondering why I’m a few days early, it’s because I’ll be at the beach on the 20th and yeah :/ But still! When the time comes, I hope you have the best day ever! You deserve it!! :D