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(Late) OkiKagu Month 2016: Future/Clothes

Theme/Prompt: Future/Clothes

This takes place in between The Gintama Movie: Eternal Glory to the Odd Jobs, after the gang finds out about Otae in the hospital and go their separate ways.

Rating: M (Sexual Content)

Author’s Notes: I can’t believe I wrote this. I’m sorry, again.

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Title: Rekindle
Fandom: Gintama
Pairing: Okita Sougo x Kagura
Rating: R-13
Word Count (MS Word): 2,670
Summary: He could not understand why, as a child, he had always looked at the Moon with longing.

So much cultural context in this fic, I am gomen orz

I’ve taken so much liberties with the interpretation too, so yeah, there’s a huge chance of them being out of character… orz

It’s been a while I wrote a slightly serious fic, so I hope it’s still good enough.

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Sting v. Kagura and Other Tales of Woe

Summary: Kagura, in need of relationship advice, has a very intrusive interpretation of “your life belongs to me." 

Yukino sucked in a breath and fisted the sheets beneath her tightly as the blond dragon slayer traced lazy patterns onto her neck with his tongue. "Mmm,” she hummed, and arched her back allowing him more access. 

He then moved lower, leaving a trail of kisses and love bites on her collar bone, between her breasts, and down the toned surface of her stomach. Yukino squirmed when his lips lingered in the space below her belly button but just above the waistband of her underwear. 

A liquid heat pooled within her as she met his smirking electric blue eyes. He was going to tease her. She knew it. 

Sting-sama,” she whined. “Don’t do this to me." 

But he had already taken her right leg and started kissing it from the ankle up. "Do what?” the dragon slayer nibbled at the soft, supple skin of her inner thigh. He was only getting her warmed up. 

After a minute more of this, he succumbed to her pouting and placed her legs on top of his shoulders. “Alright alright,” he laughed. 

Just then, as he began to slide the light blue panties down her hips, the door swung open. 

“Yukino, I need to talk to you about…” It took a clearly distraught Kagura Mikazuchi a moment to register what she was seeing. “Oh my god!" 

"Kagura-sama! I…I…you saw…” Her face beet red, Yukino dove beneath the covers and started to put her discarded nightgown back on.  

Sting’s eye began to twitch with sheer annoyance. “There’s a fucking doorbell…I mean, what the hell are you even doing here? Get the fuck out, god dammit!”

“Tread carefully.” Kagura touched her sword instinctively. No one spoke to her in such a rude manner and lived to tell the tale. “I am actually in the right-”

“No,” Sting interrupted, “you’re really not." 

"First of all,” she pointed her sword at him menacingly. “Her life belongs to me and I will consult her as I see fit. Second, it is the middle of the day. Don’t you have a guild to run,” into the ground, she thought, “or something? And third, knowing the breadth of your idiocy, you probably wouldn’t be able to pleasure her anyway." 

That was it. Rogue’s girlfriend (kind of), Yukino’s friend (again, kind of) – he did not care who she was at this point. "Alright, listen you crazy bi-" 

Before he could finish the sentence, Yukino’s lips crashed on top of his in what had to be the most passionate shut-up kiss in the history of mankind. The celestial spirit mage remembered all too clearly what had transpired the last time he called the swords woman a crazy bitch, and did not care to have it repeated in her apartment. 

She kept swirling and flicking her tongue in the dragon slayer’s mouth until she was certain he’d lost his train of thought and then, albeit reluctantly, ended the kiss. "We’ll continue this later,” she breathed into his ear, nibbling briefly on the lobe. “Right where you left off.”

Kagura did all she could to keep from gaping at the couple. Who would have thought that Yukino had such…passion in her? And for that idiot, no less? 

After he was gone, the pale haired mage sighed, trying to reign in her irritation. “Is there something you need Kagura-sama?” Something more important than the bliss she could have been experiencing this very moment. 

“Well,” the swords woman blushed, looking a lot less frightening than she did less than a minute before. “I have a date with Rogue tonight and, well…you see, I’ve never been on a real date before. I was hoping that you could help me." 

Yukino smiled, reminding herself that she probably sounded the same way to Lucy and Mirajane when she and Sting had first started seeing each other. "That’s exciting. Where are you two going?" 

"We’re having dinner at this hibachi grill downtown and then going back to his place to watch movies." 

The celestial mage reminded herself, for about the hundredth time in the past few minutes, that the moment was gone and she might as well be supportive. "Do you know how you’re going to wear your hair?" 

"No…” Kagura realized, panic creeping into her voice. “I haven’t thought about that at all. How do you think he’d like it?" 

"Hold on,” Yukino said. “I’ll get the curling iron.”

“I know that face,” Minerva drawled as a scowling Sting Eucliffe entered the guild hall. “You ever lost a fight, or you’re suffering from severe blue balls.”

“I’m not in the mood, Minerva." 

"What, no ‘lady’?” she laughed. She couldn’t recall a time he’d ever been that pissed off. “Definitely the latter, then." 

Rufus shook his head, smirking. He would definitely be getting the full story from Yukino later. 

Just then, the shadow dragon slayer spotted his friend and came over. "Oh, Sting I wanted to ask you something?" 

"What?” This whole thing had been partially his fault. He could sense it. 

Rogue was too elated to pick up on his partner’s surly mood. “I was wondering what kind of flowers I should get for Kagura tonight. What do you think?”

“One with an angry wasp in it." 

"Huh?” Rogue looked at him dumbfounded. “What are you talking about?" 

"Just tell your crazy girlfriend to stop busting into Yukino’s apartment like she owns the place." 

So that’s what it was about. Rogue shook his head, smiling despite himself.

She was so cute.